Nick, High School
Chapter 1

Caution: This Coming of Age Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including mt/ft, mt/Fa, Fa/Fa, ft/ft, Consensual, Fiction, Humor, DomSub, Light Bond, Swinging, School,

Desc: Coming of Age Sex Story: Chapter 1 - This is a coming of age story about a boy that is sent away to a co-ed boarding school and the lessons that are learned or taught while he is there.

"Stroke, Stroke, Stroke, Stroke."

If I think about that as the beginning, maybe it's the wrong place to start this story. Let me take you back a bit, so I can give you some background. My name is Nicholas Duke, son of Mary and Alexander Duke. Although I was born in Paris, I'm sad to say that I don't remember anything about France. After our short stay in France, we moved to Denmark for four years until I was six. Next, my father found out that we'd be moving our family to Japan. What caused all this uprooting was that he was a United States Ambassador. Before I was born they had him stationed in Morocco, so this current move to Japan, is the fourth country where he has served as the US Ambassador.

I'm an only child, but have many friends from school, and from other families also attached to the embassy. I tend to have older friends based on the demographics, and the small population of other kids around my age. My best friend in Japan is Billy Carter. His father is head of Embassy Security, and he has been in Japan longer than we have. Because Billy is three years older than I am, I try to act older and more mature. I keep my mouth closed, and listen most of the time, because that's what my family has always taught me to do. My parents weren't the lovey-dovey parent types, but they were the type that always wanted to see me succeed. As such, I always found them in training mode to help me learn about life's lessons.

Billy took me under his wing, so I learned about girls and sex through magazines, and talking with the more experienced boys. He had sex his first time at fourteen, and I was only eleven at the time. As we matured, he told me all about it, and his other experiences. Because we both had diplomatic immunity, it meant that we didn't need to sweat the small stuff.

Mom was always correcting me about right and wrong. She didn't want me to become the cause for the start of World War III. When she was around, she was always teaching me one thing or another. Another constant was that Dad was always in one meeting or another. Daily, he not only took care of the American citizens living in Japan, but he also worked with the Japanese government regarding US-Japanese relations. The reason they made Dad an Ambassador, was because he not only had the family connections, but he also had the appropriate education and the money to fit in the role.

Both of my parents came from old money, so neither needed to work for a living. This was their way that their family could give something back to the country. At least that was what they told me. Dad had gone to Harvard Business School and Wharton for his MBA. He attended high school at Emerson Academy in southeast New Hampshire. Mom went there as well, and even had a dorm named after her family in recognition of their contributions to the school's endowment fund. They also paid for the building. Mom came from a family that was in banking. Up until they merged with another larger bank a few years ago, her family's name graced some of the tallest buildings in some of the most familiar skylines.

While we stayed in Tokyo, I spent my days learning at the American School, and my afternoons playing. I was on the basketball team, the swim team, and the cross-country team. My dad also had an exercise contraption that he called an 'Erg'. He had it set up in the embassy residence, so he could hop on it for thirty minutes a day, and then he would force me on it for an hour. It was essentially a high-tech rowing machine that worked the muscles in your arms, legs, back, and stomach. It also gave you an undeniable cardiovascular workout.

Every school day in the afternoon PE class, I would work out in the weight room for the different teams I was a member. But both of my parents were still adamant that I do my Erg workout every morning before I left for school. They didn't care how late I stayed up, studying, or reading. Every morning they forced me to pull that damn handle! What I realized was since I was already in great shape, and the early morning endorphins helped me feel good before I left for school, I really didn't hate doing it, as much as being made to do it.

The American School had from grades K to 12, so Billy and I rode together every day on the train to and from school. He played the same sports that I did, but on different aged and skilled teams. I didn't have a girlfriend, but had a few friends that were girls. I'd talk with the girls during school, and, if needed, I could always find a date for the school dances, or if I wanted to go on a date. Those were usually double dates with Billy, and I found that he and his date usually did more than my young date was willing to do.

As I got to middle school age, things started to change. At the same time, Billy was getting further in high school. He started to use me as an excuse so he could convince his parents to let him out more. At the same time, I used him as a chaperone to watch over me, and to convince my parents to release their hold on me. When he received permission to take one of the embassy cars, I realized that I now had my first opportunity to kick off the 'parent shackles', and to see more of the world. He ended up taking one of the embassy cars and I could get out on my own. I also spent time watching him make out with his girlfriend. At first, she felt a little freaked out, but it also turned her on. When I reached the age of fourteen, and I was in eighth grade, I had my favorite girl with me, and although I was still a virgin, I was getting to second and third base quite often. The alcohol was never a problem with the local police as they just looked the other way.

After graduating from eighth grade, my family informed me that I'd be going to high school in the United States. The Emerson School was a tradition in our family since it opened in the late 1800's. The school has a great history in two areas; its excellent academics and strong athletic programs. It wasn't a cheap school and actually cost more than most colleges. It was also a co-ed boarding school, so kids came from all over the world to obtain the best education and form relationships that would help them for the rest of their life. I was a kid, so for me it meant leaving my parents, leaving the country that I lived in and leaving my friends.

This was a big turning point in my life, not only for the reasons I just mentioned, but this is the time that my mother made sure that I understood the facts of life. When she told me that, I thought that she meant the birds and the bees, but I was far from correct with that thought.

Since there were time differences, which the school year started and ended in Japan and America, my Japanese school finished in March. Once I returned to America, I wouldn't start back to school until September, just after Labor Day. This meant that I'd enjoy a six-month vacation, or, so I thought. I spent the first month goofing off, and then, unexpectedly, my world turned upside down.

One afternoon, when I came in from playing basketball in the park, my mother let me know that we'd be having company for dinner. In embassy terms that meant they expected me to wear a coat and a tie to dinner, and be on my best behavior. It was a common thing for me with all the functions that my dad attended. So, without much ado, I stylishly went to my room, showered, and changed for dinner.

Our guests that evening were Mr. Hiraku Nara, his wife Jun Nara, and their daughter Mika Nara. Mika was a very pretty girl around my age, and from what I could tell, she was a little on the shy side. Mr. Nara was the Minister of Economy, Trade, and Industry. Over the last few years, he'd been working hard to improve the trade agreements with the US. He'd been speaking with my father one day, and happened to see my picture on his office desk. As they started talking about their children and their schools, my father mentioned that I'd be going to Emerson in the United States. Mr. Nara seemed to have some interest in the idea, and asked if my father could give him some information about the school. After he looked in to the school, he decided to send his daughter there. They set up this latest meeting to discuss the school, and to introduce me to Mika, so that we'd know each other, or at least we'd know someone at the school.

Her father and my parents did most of the talking while I ate, and sneaked peeks at Mika and her pretty mother. At that point, in my life, I was fourteen, and a walking hormone. Mrs. Nara asked a few questions, but mostly listened. The subject-matter taught at the school was a given. My parents then continued by mentioning the significant number of activities, clubs, teams, and outings that the school made available to the students. It was close to the coast, but for winter activities, it was also near the mountains of New Hampshire and Vermont. Boston was an hour by car, so in a day you could have city, country, mountains, and ocean.

After some time, I excused Mika and myself. I wanted to walk her around the embassy, and show her the parts that I knew I could show her. We started a discussion about school, and being away from home and our families. We also talked about the adventure of being in a new country with new possibilities. When she finally loosened up a bit, I found that she had a very pretty smile and a cute laugh. After we returned to the residence, she and her family stayed only long enough to let me know that we'd see them in the states just before the start of school.

I, however, would be leaving soon on a trip. The facts-of-life trip started, as most vacations normally do. Our first leg was a plane flight to the Philippines, so we could enjoy the beaches. With Dad along for the trip, before we could check in to the hotel and enjoy the beaches, we had to make our first stop the capital. Once there we visited the US Embassy, said our hellos and went to check in. Once we settled in, I spent most of my time swimming and playing in the waves. One day, Dad took me aside. He wanted to go over the birds and the bees. After that, we talked about our family history. His side of the family was very big in business, and as such, they were very wealthy. He talked about the advantages and obligations that came along with such wealth. Along with that, he told me what to expect at school.

Some of the smartest kids in the country were there on scholarship. They attended, so they could take part in the education offered at the school. There would also be certain kids from some of the richest families from round the world. Some would have more money than others would, but most of the families were from very rich families. Some parents sent their children to the school for the education or relationships that they would develop. Others would send them just to remove their problem children from their house, and make them someone else's problems.

They told me that I shouldn't create a situation where the school viewed me as a problem. However, I should take every opportunity to spread my wings, and try new things. They encouraged me to push boundaries, but that I understood where the line was, and not to cross it. My dad, who is usually a very laid back person, told me that he loved me and was proud of me, both as a person, and with what I had accomplished so far in school and sports. He made me promise to keep up my work on the Erg. After two weeks on the beach, my father went back to work, and I continued my lessons with my mother.

To do that, she wanted to return to civilization, so we arranged to fly to Italy. When we arrived and settled in, we spent most of our time touring the country. We went from Naples to Rome to Florence and finally settled in for a few days in Venice. This is where Mom started her lessons on class. Upper class, middle class and lower class was the topic of the day. Givers, takers, workers, managers and owners were the pieces laid out on the chessboard.

She told me how, under normal circumstances, most people start with about the same opportunities. But in the end, people turn out differently. This was not necessarily true today, but this is the way it was back in the days when her family was alive. Some were gamblers, or risk takers, and some were conservative. Some were smart, or not so smart. It came down to how people looked at opportunities and accepted or rejected them. Some people saved and invested, others spent and wasted their income. Many people lived paycheck to paycheck. Some of them had more debt than they cared to admit to having. Others owned companies that paid them more than they could spend with no debt, or worries about money.

We were the upper class, and with that came privileges and responsibilities. She told me about economics, and that supply and demand didn't just apply to widgets. People will pay for what they want, and there's nothing wrong with making a profit. She went through some scenarios with me. If you met a man, who wanted to trade a dollar bill, for four quarters, then that would be a fair trade. If that same man was very thirsty and wanted a soda from a machine that only took quarters, and each soda was a quarter, he might settle for three quarters for his dollar. Would it be better for him to have a soda, and for me to make a quarter, or have him thirsty since I only had three.

She taught me that people make most decisions on three things, money, power, or sex. So for the rest of the trip, I learned all that I could about power, money, and sex. We covered love and friendship, but they were minor sub-notes to the main lesson plan.

An example she provided was, if you walk in a gas station, and buy a candy bar, it will cost you a quarter. You can go to the grocery store, and buy ten for a dollar. If you take ten candy bars to school, the kids will pay fifty cents each or five dollars for the ten. A short-term thinker will buy one at school last minute, or one on the way to school. A long-term thinker will buy ten, sell eight, give one to the prettiest girl, and eat the last one. In the end game, he'll have the candy, the girl, and pocket three dollars profit.

We spent a couple of days discussing 'power'. Mom gave me lectures on governments, business, media, land, cash, the banking system, and the power of sex. The original talk took place on the train to France, but carried over, as we continued our trip. Each time we talked the basic economic concepts of supply and demand kept coming up in each area. What do you want, what do you have, what's available, and how available is it? Put everything on a scale, and figure out what it's worth. These were the most important lessons on power that she taught me and were ones that would help me for many years to come.

She told me that every transaction in life is a negotiation. You'll find that the result will usually vary, and most often, the basis for the difference would be on what you receive from the transaction, and what you have to give. We want to ride on the train, the owners of the train want money, so we pay the fare, and we acquire the opportunity to ride. Although the owners have the prices posted, we have an undefined option. We can pay those prices, or negotiate for something better.

I asked, "Mom how do you negotiate a fixed fare?"

"It's harder in the back of the train, but when you're paying more, unless the train is full then there's wiggle room." The next trip was from France to Germany. We walked into the station, and Mom went to the first class window. "Excuse me, I'm traveling with my son, and wish to travel to Berlin."

The clerk named the price for a sleeper car since we'd be traveling at night.

Mom asked, "Does that include meals?" even knowing that it didn't.

"No Ma-am, that's just for the passage, meals are extra."

"I'll pay your rate but, I want it to include our meals, and a bottle of brandy after supper."

He knew that he couldn't approve such a request, and the last thing he wanted to do was upset a first class traveler, he spoke to his manager. He in turn spoke with Mom for a minute. After that, he agreed to provide the meals and two glasses of brandy after supper. "If you don't ask you'll never know if they'll give you what you want, and the worst thing that could happen is that they say 'No'."

We boarded the train and had an enjoyable meal. After supper, they gave each of us a snifter of brandy. The fact that it was free made it that much more enjoyable. We went back to our sleeper cabin. As I was going to prepare for bed my mom dropped a bombshell when she asked, "Do you masturbate often?"

The question really caught me off-guard. I wasn't ready for it and found that I couldn't speak. She waited a bit and she then repeated the question. I thought about how to respond. The one thing that came back to me was our family didn't lie to each other. In fact, we didn't hide things from each other, and we cared about each other. I'd give up some dignity for my mother's benefit.

"Yes, I'm fourteen. I spend all day seeing girls, and end-up with my hormones churned in to a panic. It's the only thing that lets me sleep at night."

"I want to watch you. Please take off your clothes, and take care of yourself."

This was quite odd, and I felt myself start to freak out. I started to think back at the last few weeks traveling, and the lessons that they were teaching me. Was this a test; was she drunk; what should I do? After some deep thought, I finally said, "Since we're negotiating for you to watch me masturbate, I think that a fair exchange would be for you to also undress. This way you can either masturbate yourself while I watch, or let me spew my load on you when I cum."

She smiled from ear to ear. "You gave up the information, because I asked you as your mother. But being so smart, you figured out that you should receive something in return for your performance. That's very astute. Now I have to decide if I should walk away, take your offer, or counter offer. I don't think that I'm ready to let you watch me take care of my needs, but I think that letting you see me would be a fair exchange."

"You can take it on your body, or in your mouth, but I'm not catching it when it starts to fly if you're just going to sit there, and watch."

"My dirty little boy, where did you learn about that kind of stuff?"

"That really isn't important. What's important is 'What'll it be?'"

"You can make your mess on me, but let me go to the bathroom, and bring back a towel, so I can clean up when you're done."

She came back, sat on the sofa, and gave me the signal to start. I took off my shirt, and she just watched. The sports and my workouts on the Erg had made my chest and shoulders smooth, as the skin stretched taut over the muscle underneath. She'd seen me at the beach, so this was nothing new. I motioned for her, and again she felt delighted with my directness. She pulled the sweater off that she was wearing, and then looked back at me. I motioned to her bra, and it was at that moment, when we realized that we had just stepped over the line of normal.

She removed her bra, and then looked towards me. Since I had previously taken off my shoes and socks, I just had on some chino pants and my boxers. So I undid my belt and slid the pants down my legs. I then stepped out of them before straightening up, and putting them off to the side. When my mom saw my seven-inch hard-on, her mouth came open, as she was expecting something much smaller from her fourteen-year-old boy.

My hard-on was jutting out from the hole in the front of my boxers, and it rather bounced, as it settled in place. I pushed the boxers off my butt, and let them fall to the floor before using my foot to place it with my pants and shirt. I now stood naked in front of my mom with a slight rock back and forth of the train, as we rolled toward Berlin. She was removing her skirt and panties by leaning back, and raising her hips. This moved her mound in to the air, and gave me an extremely sexy sight. My hand went to my penis, and I started to stroke. My eyes never left my mom. I briefly looked at her eyes. But since she'd trimmed her pubic hair making it close to her body and not wild as the girl Amie that I went to the movies with, I focused my attention on her mound.

As I continued stroking, I moved my eyes to her breasts. They weren't huge, but they sat up nice and full on her chest. She was beautiful to look at, and with such beauty in front of me, it only took me a short time to unload. Why did it happen so fast? I had to curtail my normal four times a day masturbation practices, because of my constant travel with my mom. With that in mind, you can only imagine the load that left my body. It was a triple volume load that kept coming and coming, which resulted in a puddle on her stomach, gobs on her pubic hair, gobs on her breasts, and splatter on her face and neck. I had hosed her down, and it looked hot.

When I looked at her, she was panting, and her hands instinctively went to rub the semen in to her skin before she ended up reaching for the towel, and cleaning her body. I could see by the look on her face that what she had just witnessed had completely thrown her off. What she was expecting was a boy, and what she found was a young man; a young man hung like a full-grown man. In her mind, she was wondering how big it would become when I stopped growing.

"That was very nice. This will be a good start to what you have to learn before you move in at school."

We both dressed in our nightclothes before retiring to separate beds. We spent a couple of days in West Berlin, and then took another train to Amsterdam. Once we checked in to a suite, mom told me that she had another lesson for me. After dinner, she stopped at the counter of the café, and they gave her a small brown bag. On the way back to the hotel, after she told me to wait for her, she walked across the street, and stopped to talk to a young girl.

When she finished her conversation, she came back to me with a young girl named Izabella. We all walked back to our hotel, and then rode up to our two-bedroom suite with a sitting room and a bar. Izabella was a working girl, and it was at that point that I learned that she was now my new teacher. Mom gave her instructions, and for the next hour, we spent time alone in my room. I received my first blowjob from the hot blonde. Then she gave me the tour of her body, pointing out all the things a good lover should know. She taught me the basics of cunnilingus, but I realized that I'd need a lot of practice before anyone would consider calling me an expert. I found that after the end of that lesson, I was hard and ready for my first fuck. We got in the missionary position, and after she used her hand to line me up, I slowly sunk in to her waiting pussy. It felt great, and I was soon pounding away at her, and having a great time.

After cleaning me up, she told me to put on my boxers, and we went out to the sitting room. There I found some food and drink that we all shared. Mom and Izabella had a powwow about my progress, and skill assessment. Mom then lit up a joint, and passed it around. That's what she got when she picked up the brown bag at the café. Her plan was to use this moment, as a learning experience, so I knew what being stoned was all about. Izabella stayed the night, and then after she took a trip home to feed her cat, or something like that, she was back. She was now my sex tutor. We kept at it until she was confident to proclaim that I was now more than competent. I had to work my way up to, and through anal sex. I found it interesting that Billy never mentioned that single item during, what I now considered his much less fun classes on sex.

Mom paid Izabella, and gave her a nice tip for her efforts. She was proud of me, and I wasn't half as embarrassed, as I thought I'd be when we finished the learning process. Mom came, gave me a big hug, and wanted to talk about all that I learned.

"Nick, boys have this bad reputation about wanting and thinking about sex, all the time. But understand that women have those same feelings. God gave us those feelings and urges. What's most interesting is that we arrive on this earth designed as humans to populate the earth. Man feels the need to impregnate women, and women feel the need to become pregnant. The good news is that men and women can find the good feelings, and enjoy the act without actually getting pregnant. When you were having sex with Izabella, she was the one that took the steps to make sure that she couldn't become pregnant. By doing so, she was also making sure that you couldn't cause her to become pregnant. It's very important though that you make sure that if the girl hasn't taken the proper protection steps that you do."

"I understand."

"Another thing that you'll find is that women naturally look for men who can give them security. Back in the days of the cavemen, the best hunters, or fighters that ended up with the best women. Today, the men who have the money are the ones that end up with the great women. You'll notice that the men wait longer, and explore their options before choosing a mate. Women look for a man who's secure in his career, and financially stable, so that they and their kids will always feel protected."

"That's why you're younger than Dad?"

"Yes, we also have more time between generations to let the wealth continue to build and grow on itself. If you look at some of the poorer people, they have kids while they're still kids, and never give their money time to work for them and to grow. They are too busy buying food and diapers before they have any chance to buy a house, and a retirement fund."

"What if I find the right girl for me when I'm young?"

"If it happens, we'll be happy for you. But don't make it your goal in life. Not until you've had your fun, and are ready to give up your time and energy to a family."

We left Amsterdam, and went to London for a week to see the city. Mom had friends that lived in London, so we found that they invited us to a few parties. Mom watched me, and after the parties, she'd make comments on what things I did right, and where I needed to improve. There was no question that I was learning my place in society based on my mother's belief system. Right, or wrong, she was very passionate in her beliefs. During this entire time, I learned that she was a snob, but with a conscience.

It was on a Saturday afternoon that my mom informed me of a party that evening. She told me that when we arrived at the party, she would point out a girl that she wanted me to seduce. The girl was fourteen, and was on the edge of living in the right circle of friends. Her father had the necessary position and title, but the family didn't know how to handle his money. My mom was friends with her mom. By me seducing the girl it would indicate to others that the girl and her family were worthy of remaining in the societal circle

Her name was Belinda Rothburn. Her father was now in the midst of trying to rebuild the family name. It appears that his father had lost most of his wealth and respect with his uncontrolled gambling. Her mom and mine had gone to school together, and this would help the family with their social standing. Belinda was a sweet girl, but was young for fourteen. By the looks of it, she was going to end up being a late bloomer with small buds on her chest and slim hips. She wasn't skinny, or fat, but was just in that in between area.

We sat together, talked about school, and where, in the next few weeks, we expected we'd be going. She told me about what things she liked to do, and about some of her friends. I'm not sure what the girl knew, or didn't know about the prior arrangements. But after we continued our talk, we strolled through the gardens, and eventually ended up back in the house for a few dances. When we finished that, I led her upstairs, and found an empty guest bedroom. When we entered, I kissed her. She seemed nervous, but not reluctant to kiss me back. She didn't resist when I started to unzip her dress, so I proceeded to undress her.

It wasn't long before I had her lying on the bed, and I was kissing and sucking on her nubile breasts while my hand explored her moist folds. When she was humping back at my hand, I freed my cock, and settled between her legs. I wasn't sure if she was a virgin, so I asked. She nodded her head, and said, "Please be gentle."

It turned out that her hymen wasn't intact. It seemed that prior to the party, she or her mother had prepared her before they arrived. I went slow at first, but slowly built up to a pace that would be enjoyable for each of us. I was big for her, but she quickly became accustomed to the size. With the help of my kissing her nipples and fingering her clit, she had an orgasm before I finished inside of her and the condom.

I rolled off, and lightly raked my fingertips across her body, as she got her breath back. She turned to give me a light kiss, and said, "Thank you for making it so enjoyable. You were my first, and it was better than I expected it was going to feel."

I nodded, helped her up, and walked her to the bathroom to clean up, so that we could return to the party. I made sure that the proper people noted our entrance. Then I got a drink for Belinda before she excused herself to catch up with her mother and mine about what had taken place. The hostess of the party stopped to ask me if I was enjoying myself. I told her that I was having a great time, and that she had some very nice friends at the party that I had the pleasure to meet.

Later in the room my mother said, "Thank you for helping out with Belinda. It will go a long way to helping them become accepted at more social functions."

"I don't think that I did a very good job negotiating that time. I just gave it away for free, as a favor to you."

"Didn't you enjoy yourself?"

"I did, but that was not the point. I'm glad it wasn't Penelope Sanders, because she had the face of a horse."

"That's one of the reasons we have the doggy style position. Would you have slept with her for a million dollars?"

"Sure, I could always close my eyes."

"So, we've now discovered that you, like everyone else, is a whore at heart. The only thing you need to do is just determine your price. By the way that Penelope Sanders could afford the million dollars."

"I'll keep that in mind if I'm ever down on my luck."

"One of the reasons that I've been exposing you to sex is that it is like currency. It has value. You're a good-looking guy, and have an above average size penis. Don't pay too much, for what you need sexually. If you're with a girl who expects you to jet set her around the world for a quick roll in the bed, you might be better off calling an escort for a couple hundred bucks."

"You'd want me to hire a hooker?"

"I just said that we all have our prices. Don't give away your power for some pussy. You're a Duke, and Dukes' don't grovel, or beg. If a pretty girl wants too much for a ride on her hide, go to someone who gives you a better deal."

"What do you mean by too much?"

"If you enjoy a girls' company, and find that you are attracted to her, then spend the time, and enjoy the company. If you find a girl who is gorgeous, and you just lust after her body, then every time you take her out you're paying a price. Dinner, movies, trips, and gifts all add up to a total price. I don't know how much she's worth, but make sure you don't end up over paying for it. Be assured that plenty of girls will want you just for your personality, looks, money, or position. Once the word gets out about your penis, you'll be in great demand, so don't sell yourself short. You can also reduce your worth by acting like a stuck up snob, or bragging about your encounters."

"You just said that the 'word would get out'. What do you mean?"

"It will, because women talk, not you. You keep your mouth shut about the women with whom you share a relationship. Women love a handsome boy that's good in bed, and discrete. You'll be surprised what a reputation like that will bring to you with no strings attached."

"It seems like this is getting more complicated every day."

"It's like a dance. Anyone can do it, but the more you practice the better you get. Before you know it you're a good dancer, and your partners will look forward to being in your arms."

"I feel like I'm still on the box step, and have to watch my feet not to step on my partner's toes."

"We're flying to Bermuda in the morning, and will be staying there for the next five days. After that, we're going to New York to welcome Mika and her mom to the 'States. One of the reasons that she's going to school at Emerson is, so she can live near you, and become friends with you. They can talk all they want about the great education she'll obtain while she's at Emerson. But the real reason is that her father wants more leverage, as he negotiates with your father for trade deals."

"So you want me to stay away from her?"

"No, use her however you wish. In fact, make sure that she knows that you know what her intentions are, and that you have a price for that relationship. If you're truly friends, then that's a different story. But if she writes home to tell about you, so her father can use it in the talks with your father, then that's worth something."

"I've never thought this way before, and I find it a little disturbing."

"You live in a different class with different rules. When you arrive at school, you'll be living in Chase Hall. My maiden name is Chase. You'll have a room that they built for the Chases'. It's on the top floor. You'll still have a roommate since that's a rule, but you'll have twice the space of other dorms with a private bathroom and a small kitchen. It's similar to what the teachers live in that oversee the dorms."

"Who'll be my roommate?"

"I don't know. If you knew someone, then we could arrange it, but first we'll need to see whom they select as your roommate. They're remodeling the room over the summer, and your dad had them put in an Erg for you. I made sure you got a Jacuzzi tub for after your hard day at school."

"I should groan about the Erg, but the rowing machine is a great workout. I actually enjoy the exercise time since it gives me time to think."

"You look good too. It has really paid off. When you arrive at Emerson, I think that your father wants you to go out for the crew team, and you'll be more than ready with your training. He also wants you to find the girls, and, with your body, you should have no problems catching their eyes. I think you'll be thanking him for a while even after the evil thoughts you've had of him for the last five years."

"I don't hate it, or him. I just wanted to sleep more, and play more. I see the benefits, and think that rowing will be a good sport for me."

In the morning, we packed, and as our last stop, flew to Bermuda, before returning to the United States. I was fourteen, and Mom was thirty-nine. Dad was fifty-four. All of my grandparents had passed away. I remember my mom's mother, Yaya, but she passed away when I was eleven. That was the last time I was in the States. It's my country of citizenship, but I had almost no knowledge of it except from a few visits, and my history books.

Mom was young looking for thirty-nine, but she wasn't going to pass, as a sister, or girlfriend. But that's what her intent was while we were in Bermuda. She told me that due to his age, my father couldn't keep an erection up, as often as she liked. The other part of the problem was that when he had one, his secretary stole some of those occasions for herself. Her plan was that she wanted to spend a week alone with me, not as lovers but as close friends. This way, we could continue my education, and enjoy her time before she had to return to Japan.

After a day on the beach and then a nice dinner out, we'd return to the hotel. She was a beautiful woman, and my admiration for her gave her confidence and pride that she gave back to me with her loving attitude. One day, while we were lying together resting that she talked about family. She talked about the various positions of families, and secrets that each family had. Belinda's grandfather was an addicted gambler. Mr. Jones liked to sleep with boys. All husbands cheated on their wives. Most wives cheated on their husbands. They accepted the practice and observed it, but they did not speak about it unless it got out of hand. Discretion in this class was a key to the normal balance of power.

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