First Public Dare
Chapter 1

Caution: This Erotica Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa, Consensual, Heterosexual, Fiction, Humor, Swinging, Group Sex, Interracial, Oral Sex, Masturbation, Exhibitionism, Voyeurism, Public Sex, School, Porn Theatre,

Desc: Erotica Sex Story: Chapter 1 - This is the story of a group of friends that grew up together, formed a club, and started playing dares on each other. Eventually progressing to the point of sex in any way that would appeal to their imaginations. This first story is of the first dare to be done outside of the club.

How in the hell did I get into this situation? Here I was standing stark naked in front of a bunch of college girls I didn't know with my dick hard and I was stroking it. This was all Erin's fault!

You see a group of friends and I have a kind of club. We all grew up together and we did everything together, and after a while things get kind of boring because we had done everything together and talked about everything together, most people would have gone out and found new friend to add to the group but we were so tightly bonded that anyone we tried to bring into the group just didn't fit, they didn't get our jokes, they didn't do things the way we did, and they just plain disrupted the whole group dynamics. So eventually we started doing things that maybe weren't publicly acceptable. It started out as kind of a truth or dare kind of thing but since we all knew everything about everyone it just evolved into a dare game. At first it was just I dare you to show us your tits, dick, pussy, and whatever parts of your body we haven't seen yet. Then we started into doing things, first solo, we really love to watch each other masturbate, and we've masturbated each other and we've even seen how many guys a girl can get off at one time and vise a versa. None of us are interested in our own sex so we have stayed away from guy on guy or girl on girl, even though us guys have talked about daring the girls to do that, it was pointed out that they would probably dare us back the same thing and if that happened I told them that they could count me out, I like the opposite sex too much to be fooling around with other guys.

So one night we're playing our game and Erin had just finished taking a face full of cum from each of us guys as the latest dare, and because she completed her dare it was her turn to dare someone else, and she turned to me, Rick it's your turn, fine I think she's going to have me do something to each of the girls, I was kind of looking forward to it because I love eating pussy. "I dare you to jack off in front of a bunch of women you've never met", my jaw hit the floor, all I could think about was, this could get me arrested, I looked at Erin to see if she were kidding but despite the cum dripping off her chin, down on to her tits she was dead serious. What was really different about this dare was that it was outside of our group, we've always kept it between us, so I asked how she wanted me to do this dare, and she explained that there was a woman's sexuality class at the college and she heard that the instructor wanted a volunteer to demonstrate certain bodily functions for the class. Erin explained that she had already talked to the instructor and set it up for me next Monday.

I was stuck, this was a legitimate dare and I couldn't turn it down, not that we had any punishment if you did, but it would probably mean that the game would end and none of us were ready for that yet. Besides by opening it up to public displays it would make the game a lot more interesting. At that thought I started fantasying about what could happen during this dare I would be the only guy with a bunch of women, me naked, and in my fantasy, all it would take would be to get the women naked and an orgy could ensue. Of course it would be me naked, and usually that's the easy part in getting an orgy started, but I was just fantasizing after all, worst come to worst, I would be naked and pounding my pud in front of a bunch of girls I'll never see again.

So Monday comes and I arrive at the college a hour before the class is scheduled to start so that I could meet the instructor and go over what was needed for the class, as I walked into the classroom there was a coed already in the room. Great I thought I have to do a striptease for the class as well as jacking off for them, so I asked the coed where the instructor was and she pointed at herself! You could have knocked me over, I was flabbergasted, I had been envisioning a mid forties women libber type who loved to see a man get humiliated. It turned out that this wasn't the case at all, Susan turned out to be her name and she wasn't very much older than us. To help make it easier for me to do my thing she was going to demonstrate female masturbation first on herself. As I looked her over my last worry about this demonstration disappeared, I had worried that I wouldn't be able to get it up because I was too nervous, if I couldn't get it up while a hot naked female exhibitionist was masturbating in front of me, then it was time to join a monastery. Susan had me change into a robe and when I dropped my pants she gave me a good look over, "would you mind being naked while I masturbate so the girls can see you get erect?" "Um, no the biggest problem might be not getting stiff before I drop the robe" "Maybe I can help with that," and at that she removed her clothes and I couldn't help but get hard, she dropped to her knees, grabbed my dick and started rubbing it explaining that if I got off now, later it would take longer for me to get hard and would last longer while masturbating, looking at the clock she commented that time was getting short and class would start pretty soon, so she had to finish this, she leaned over and put my cock in her mouth. As her warm wet lips wrapped around the head of my cock she looked up into my eyes and that was all it took and I shot off, I could tell that she was no stranger to cock sucking the way she milked me for every last drop of cum. I just about fell over I was so drained, she stood up and licked her lips cleaning the last of my cum that had escaped her swallowing and thanked me, "I was worried that I wouldn't be able to get myself off in front of the class but you've got me so hot now I might just show them multiple orgasms." Even after that fantastic blowjob she almost got me hard again.

We quickly threw on robes that she had there for this purpose, and while we waited for the class to show, we chatted about out lives and how we got to where we were sitting nearly naked in a classroom at college. After explaining how Erin had dared me to do this demonstration, without going into too much detail about our little group, she asked me if Erin was my girlfriend. Quickly I let her know I was a free agent, and that Erin, while very important to me was just a very good friend. She told me about while she was growing up she lead a very sheltered life and her mother believed that sex was a woman's duty to her husband for having children, and when she got to college and learned about all she had missed out on she went wild and overdid it, "I was the college slut if you couldn't get into my pants you were either dead or you hadn't met me yet. I almost quit college and became a prostitute. Luckily I met a prostitute who had been on the street for several years, at first I thought she was everything I wanted to be, but as I got to know her I found that things weren't as exciting as I had thought. Even thought she was still a very attractive woman she looked at least 10 years older than she really was, and one time she came home from a job and the john had beaten the shit out of her, when I tried to take her to the hospital she wouldn't let me because they would have to report it to the cops and she couldn't afford to be arrested again so she took her chances that she wasn't seriously hurt and suffered at home. She explained to me that that was part of the lifestyle of a prostitute and after a few years a woman looses her looks, the amount of money she could earn dropped so that if a girl hadn't saved money when she first started she ended up living in poverty. After the things she told me and I saw for myself I decided to stay in college and go into teaching to help other girls learn about sex and make the right decisions." She explained that this was her first year teaching and she was worried that maybe she was going overboard by showing them things that they would normally only see in a porn movie or experience themselves without any kind of guidance in a very embarrassing and touchy subject. By bringing a man in to show the girls a real penis and a how a guy masturbates she was hoping that when the real thing happened to them it would be without the nervousness and awkwardness that usually went along with their first time.

By this time the girls started to filter in and as they noticed that I was there dressed in a robe they started whispering and giggling amongst themselves. When they noticed that their teacher was dressed the same as me the whispering and giggling got even louder and I started coloring up because I realized that they were guessing that their teacher and I might have had sex before they had come in and they were right! I've never had sex and have others find out about it afterwards, and I found that I was more embarrassed about that then I was about the fact that shortly I would be naked as it gets and jerking off. Soon Susan called the class to order and had one of the students close and lock the door, because we really didn't anyone to walk in on us while we were demonstrating. Then she handed out release forms, stating that each girl was there willingly and of their own free will. I sat there trying to keep from flashing the students in my short robe. Then Susan turned to me and said that it was time, and took her robe off, even though I had just seen her naked and even gotten a blowjob from her just a few minutes ago the act of doing it in front of others was such a turn on it took my breath away and it took me a few seconds to get myself together and realize that she was standing there looking at me and waiting for me to drop my robe and expose myself to the class. So I stood up and faced the class and opened my robe and my cock was half hard and waving at the class, the girls started to giggle and whisper again, and because no guy wants to show his stuff and be giggled at I went limp. Susan noticed and gave me a grin that was half apology and half laughing at my expense. Susan then explained to the class that she would go first and show them female masturbation not, that they weren't already familiar with it but this would give them the chance to see what it looked like to others because some times boyfriends would ask you to do it in front of them so they could see what it would look like, or in place of actual penetration, if you aren't ready, at this Susan explained that it could be a good idea to do this so the girls partners could see what they liked to get stimulated. Also Susan might show the girls some new ways of masturbating that they either hadn't tried before or that they hadn't thought of to do to themselves. Susan then laid down on a table with a angled pillow so that Susan was tilted up and the class could see everything from her pretty painted toes to the top of her beautiful blond head, when she got in position she called me over and angled me so I could see everything she did and the class could still see my dick, as she was positioning me she touched me on the butt and I started getting excited again. Then she told the class to also watch me and observe my dick as it would be getting stiff while she was doing her demonstration, with a laugh she said at least she hoped what she was doing would get me hard, at that the class laughed and she reached over and gave me a quick tug and the class took a quick breath in. Then Susan brought her hands back to herself and with a grin she ran them up her sides and cupped her breasts together and gave a shaky breath out holding her breasts up she started circling her nipples with her index fingers, her nipples were already hard and I though to myself that I caused that, they were a beautiful dark pink color and stood out about half and inch and then she put her finger in her mouth and wet it started rubbing it on her nipple and then she lifted it and licked it several times while she was massaging her tits I looked out at the class and several of the girls were watching Susan very closely but most of them were looking at my dick and when I realized this it jumped and almost got fully hard and the girls watching me gave a gasp and the rest of the class looked over at me and gasped also, Susan looked over and gave me a sexy grin and moved one of her hands down to her thighs and started rubbing them, all the while looking over at me and my cock, which at this time was getting very hard, then she reached between her legs and spread her pussy lips showing me her inner lips and I saw that they were puffy, red, and moist, by this time I was very glad that Susan had given me a blowjob because I would have blown then and there if not. She then really started to go at it dipping her finger into her cunt and started running it in and out when her finger was really wet she lifted it out and lifted it up to my face and I took an big whiff and then I took it in my mouth and sucked her juices off her finger, at that the class let out a collective groan. I think Susan had forgotten what she was suppose to be doing and the classes exclamation reminded her because she jerked her hand back and put it back in her cunt and started sawing it in and out. Soon she pulled it out again and started rubbing the wet finger around and across her clit which at this point was standing out proud and strong soon she stopped her clit play and went back to putting a finger in her cunt after a while she added another finger and then another as she sawed her fingers in and out, her juices started flowing, dripping down her thighs, and pooling on the table. Then she pulled her hand out and started on her clit again. Soon she closed her eyes and let out a loud groan and started shaking, in the middle of this she took her hand and inserted 4 fingers into her cunt and screamed. Pretty soon she settled down and when the squishing sound from between her legs slowed down and she gave a huge sigh and her legs fell open to the sides and she laid there panting. The whole class sat there stunned at what they had just witnessed. It was all I could do to not grab my dick and tug one off right then and there.

When her panting settled down she turned to me and looking me in the eye she said "Your turn" she then dropped her eyes to my dick and licked her lips with a hungry look in her eye. In a husky voice she asked me if I needed any lube "No thanks" my dick was already dripping pre-cum which I collected in my fingers and coated it with. As I finished that I looked out into the class and I had thought that Susan's demonstration had had their full attention, but instead it looked like they were settling down for the main event. Every eye was on my cock and I finally realized what women meant when they felt like a piece of meat when guys looked at them. For a moment I froze as it really hit me what I was here to do, Susan cleared her throat and gave me a look like what are you waiting for? So I started stroking it slowly at first enjoying the sensation looking at Susan's naked fully exposed body, then I looked out at the class and I caught 3 of the girls that were wearing skirts had hiked them up and pushed their panties aside and had their fingers in their cunts the idea that I was exciting them that way made my hand speed up and my other hand reach down and grab my balls and rub them, they were already wet and I wasn't sure whether it was from pre-cum or the blow-job Susan had given me earlier. Soon I was grunting and my hand was moving as fast as it had ever moved on my dick, I was looking at the girls that were masturbating watching me, soon they noticed that I was looking at them and the first two looked embarrassed and pulled their finger out and adjusted their skirts, but the third one just spread her legs wider grinned and winked at me, after the wink she tensed up her fingers speeded up and she let out a little squeak. Then she pulled her fingers out but instead of covering herself she grabbed her pussy lip and pulled them apart like telling me to stick it in here. At that I went over the edge and I started cumming, Erin had chosen me for this dare because I could ejaculate farther than the other guys and since the girl was providing me a target I aimed for her pussy she was about 5 feet in front of me. I think she was startled when she felt my first hot splash of cum on her pussy, because she sat up quickly and snapped her legs shut with an audible slap of her bare thighs. When she realized what it was she felt down there she got a look of wonder on her face and spread her legs again and reached down and rubbed it in and just when I was finishing pumping cum all over the floor she brought her fingers up to her mouth and licked off the cum mixed with her juices, which made me pump one more time as hard as the first this time hitting her on her blouse and the whole class screamed when they saw that I could hit them with my sperm. They all jumped up like a mouse was in the room and fled to the back of the room, all except the girl I had hit she just sat their with a look on her face like she wasn't sure whether to be mad, impressed, or just plain horny, I immediately stepped forward to apologize and offer to pay to clean her blouse. At first she told me never mind, then with a look of realization on her face she told me in a quiet voice that I could make it up to her another way, when I asked how she looked at my still dripping and semi hard cock ripped out a piece of paper and told me to call her and we would discuss it.

About then Susan came over and asked Jane if she was all right which turned out to be the girls name. she said she'd be fine and Susan told her their was some wet wipes on the table in the front if she wanted to wipe my cum off her blouse. Jane got up and went to get the wipes and Susan turned to the rest of the class and asked them to take their seats. Jane came back with the wipes and handed me some and watched as I cleaned myself up. Then I retrieved my robe and as I slipped it on a look of disappointment went over the face of some of the girls. Susan thanked the girls and went over a few more items before letting them go for the evening. As she walked out the door Jane gave me a look and pantomimed making a phone call and lipped "call me".

As soon as the class was empty Susan and I got dressed and she asked me if I was hungry " the least I can do is buy you dinner after how you helped me out tonight.", " I thought I was already well compensated by what you did for me before the class." she waved her hand "that was nothing" and with a gleam in her eye she said " if we had more time I can do a much better job than that for you" since I was enjoying being with Susan and didn't want to end my time with her I agreed to go to dinner with her. When she asked me what I was hungry for I almost replied her, but I wasn't sure I was reading her signals to me correctly so I just said anywhere you want I'm not picky. Soon I found myself out in my car following her to a place she knew served up something I would really like. She finally pulled into a drive way and got out of her car and waving me as in she went into the front door. When I got there the door was open and I hear her from a room in the back to close the door and come back here, when I got to the kitchen I found her laying on the kitchen table buck naked her legs spread rubbing her pussy, "is there anything on the menu that looks good to you she asked with a big grin on her face" as I dropped my clothes in a pile no longer wondering if I was reading her signals right I leered back " it all looks so good I'm going to have to sample everything as I drove my again hard cock into her sopping wet pussy. As we fucked she looked me in the eye and apologized "I was so horny after doing my demo that I just about jumped you instead of letting you do your thing for the girls and I didn't want to take a chance that you wouldn't come back here and give me a good fucking so I hope you don't mind me bringing you here under false pretenses " I chuckled and kept fucking her I grunted "it's alright but you'll have to return the favor later" she gave me a big grin and went concentrating on getting fucked, thought I don't think she realized what I meant. In the back of my mind it occurred to me that she could help me with further dares for my friends I wasn't sure how yet but I shoved it to the back of my mind and concentrated on giving her the best I could. It was obvious that she was very experienced in sex I could feel her pussy grab my cock when I pulled it out and opened up when I drove in, I wasn't going to last long at this rate, and after Cumming twice already tonight I didn't think there would be another go around tonight, so I pulled out and after a quick NOOO! Susan opened her eyes and ask what was wrong, " nothing I just thought I try something else on the menu" as I bent down and took a slow lick of her juicy cunt and with a hissed YESSSSS! She closed her eyes and concentrated on the tongue licking her cunt lips and all around her clit. She grabbed my head and tried to pull me in to her clit but I stayed away until she was whining and begging for me to lick her clit, then I opened my mouth and sucked her clit in my mouth and she exploded shaking and hollering, she wailed her orgasm into the night. After I gave her a few minutes to collect herself, I asked her if she had someplace more comfortable where we could finish what we started. She jumped up and grabbed me by the cock and pulled me to her bedroom. We fell into her bed and I finished what I started in the kitchen. I laid her on her back and backed up until my cock was aimed at her pussy, she started to whine and moan and grabbed my hips and tried to pull me into her but I wasn't going to rush things so I grabbed my cock and rubbed the tip up and down the folds of her pussy, she started to shake and finally screamed "would you just FUCK me you bastard" so I slammed it into her as hard as I could, she screamed again, this time in relief, as I continued pounding into her, soon her feet were resting on my shoulders while I gave her pussy the best I could. Soon she started to shake again and I could tell she was about to cum again, so I gave into my own pleasure and when her cunt started to pulse around my cock, I let myself go and I shot pulse after pulse into her, when she felt me erupt she came and I hoped her bedroom was soundproofed because she was as loud as I've ever heard anyone in the height of passion.

I laid on her kissing and hugging her until my cock lost its hardness and slipped out of her. I rolled over and laid next to her trying to get my breath under control. "would you settle for breakfast instead of dinner?" she laughed just before we drifted off to sleep.

In the morning we started with a shower but ended back in bed since there was no school that morning we didn't stop until around noon. Then we went out for pancakes and got to know each other better. The next time the dare club got together they all wanted to know how it went and what had happened, of course they were all there when Erin had dared me so they knew what I was going to do, but they wanted all the juicy details. After I told them everything, and I do mean everything, I know I shouldn't kiss and tell but 1st Susan was an exhibitionist and she knew that I was going to tell my friends everything, and if anything she was even more excited and looking forward to more adventures with us, 2nd these were my best friends, and even more than that, it was almost like a marriage, and over the years we had become so close that we didn't hide anything from each other. In the back of my head I worried what would happen if I found someone outside of our group that I might want to spend the rest of my life with and how it would affect my relationship with the others. I also wondered what my response would be to any guy one of the girls got serious with.

After I filled everyone in on my dare I issued my own dare, usually the pattern was after you finished a dare, it was your turn to dare someone in return, and it was an unwritten rule that you didn't dare the person that had given you your last dare, so I wouldn't dare Erin directly, but I think I had a way around that, also usually you dared someone of the opposite sex, but because of something Susan and I had worked out I needed to dare another guy. So as they waited for me to issue my next dare the girls all looked a little nervous, even more than usual because my dare had involved more than our little group and that made daring each other to show things off in public acceptable. So when I told Joe he was the subject of the next dare he jumped as if bit by a snake, he knew that his time would come but not this quick.

Omygod, Omygod, Omygod, thought Joe what the hell is he doing picking me. "Rick what the hell!", "Calm down, Joe! This next dare is for a couple, and they've already seen a white guy, so I thought I'd give them some variety, but the dare is to have sex in front of the class and demonstrate the different positions. I thought I'd let you pick your partner." at that Joe realized that Rick was giving him a weird look and a bell went off in my head, "OK, I know who I'll pick, Erin, I believe you started this so I think you can join me.", the look on Erin's face was priceless, and the look of gratitude on Rick's face was enough to know that he owed me a big one. So after the shock wore off he gave us the information of where and when and what we were expected to do.

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