Chapter 1

Caution: This Werewolves Fantasy Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa, Fa/Fa, Consensual, Romantic, Rape, Magic, Slavery, Heterosexual, High Fantasy, Were animal, Polygamy/Polyamory, Oral Sex, Petting, Pregnancy,

Desc: Werewolves Fantasy Sex Story: Chapter 1 - The breeze brought the scent of the women to Conrad. The first whiff left him interested, the second left him intrigued. It was several minutes later when he caught the scent of their pursuers.

The following characters appear in the first chapters:

Conrad Turner

Prime of the Plains Magic Council, 6'-6" tall, 250 pounds, 38 years old, broad shoulders, black hair, green eyes


Laura's twin, 5'-4" tall, 120 pounds, 36C-23-34, 19 years old, dark blond hair, gray eyes, very cute


Lesia's twin, 5'-4" tall, 120 pounds, 36C-23-34, 19 years old, dark blond hair, gray eyes, very cute

I moved easily along the ridge through the brush and the few trees just below the crest, as I had no desire to be seen outlined against the sky at the top of the ridge should anyone be in the area. It was fall and I had been out for a few days on a hunting trip and had detected the coming changes in the weather this morning. It was now late afternoon, and I was nearly back to the cabin that I had here in the western mountains of Wyoming.

Being close to my destination now, I was particularly watchful for anyone who might be in the area, as I had no desire to be seen in my present form near the cabin. It would raise too many questions that I didn't want to answer.

Thus alert, I detected the two girls moving along the floor of the valley below me. I actually detected their scents on the breeze before I saw them moving along a trail that followed the stream running down the valley.

"A tasty treat!" I thought to myself before examining their scent in more detail and realizing just what they were. "There would be no tasty treat, but what are they doing out here by themselves?" I asked myself. I stopped then and allowed them to move farther up the valley, so I could scent the breeze following them. It required several minutes before I picked up the scent of three males following them but at a considerable distance.

"What is going on here?" I wondered before moving swiftly in the direction that the women had taken. It was also the direction to where I had hidden my normal clothing. It wasn't difficult to get ahead of the women who were proceeding rather slowly. I also picked up the scent of rising panic and fear coming from them as the afternoon was drawing to a close.

I easily reached the boulders where I had left my backpack with my clothes and quickly changed into them. I would need to be more careful now that my senses were reduced, but they were still better than those of normal people.

After dressing, I transferred down to the floor of the valley to intercept the two women. They were easy to locate, as they had continued to follow the path along the stream. I could soon hear their voices even with my diminished human hearing. I stopped beside a large tree and waited for them to appear. This close, I could smell their panic and fear as they blundered along the animal track that followed the stream. They soon came into view.

It was instantly apparent that they were twins. They appeared to be about 5'-4" tall and maybe around 120 pounds with 36C-23-34 figures. Their hair was a dark blond, but I couldn't make out the color of their eyes yet. They appeared to be around nineteen years old and were very cute. Their clothing appeared to be a bit light for the current weather and would be inadequate for what my senses had indicated was coming. Their clothing was also torn and muddy from their passage through the thick brush, trees, and the stream in the valley. That passage was about as quiet as a startled herd of wild pigs would have been, at least to my ears. Additionally, they appeared to be quite upset. I waited until they were nearly to where I waited before speaking to them.

"Are you ladies lost?" I inquired. The pair jumped in shock at the sound of my voice and a look of panic appeared on their already frightened faces, as they grabbed a hold of each other. I stepped away from the tree where I had waited for them in the lengthening afternoon shadows.

"I didn't mean to startle you," I told them. "Do you need help?" I added.

"Yes!" the one answered on recovering, as her Sister clung to her in fear. "We're lost and have no idea of how to get back to civilization. We thought this stream would lead out of the valley."

"You are traveling in the wrong direction for this particular stream to take you out of the valley. I have a cabin near here. I was out hunting and heard you. There is a storm coming, and you will never be out of the area before it arrives. I will be glad to take you in until the storm has passed, and the weather is better," I told them. Now that they had stopped their panicked flight, they began cooling down and noticed how much the temperature had dropped in the last few hours. They began to shiver as the cold penetrated their awareness.

"Who ... who are you? How do we know that we can trust you?" the first girl asked. Her Sister hadn't said anything yet and appeared quite frightened.

"I'm Conrad Turner. I have a cabin near here where you are welcome to sit out the storm," I told them again before asking, "Who are you?"

"I'm Laura and my Sister is Lesia," the first girl told me. "What kind of storm is coming?" she asked fearfully.

"A snow storm with strong winds and dropping temperatures," I informed them. "You are not dressed to survive it," I added.

"Can ... can we trust you? Where is this cabin?" Lesia asked timidly.

"Do you have a choice?" I demanded. "Would you rather be found by those pursuing you or freeze to death in the storm?" Panic returned to their faces when I mentioned that they were being pursued.

"How do you know that we are being followed?" Lesia squeaked in terror.

"I saw them from up on the ridge shortly after I spotted the two of you," I told her.

"The ... the ridge?" she asked in fright, turning to look at the side of the mountain on the other side of the valley. She looked up and up until she could see the ridge in the gathering clouds.

"All of the way up there?" she asked in a whisper.

"Just below the crest," I told her.

"But ... but how could you get down here so quickly?" she asked in confusion.

"I am used to traveling in this country and can move quite quickly in it," I told her without actually explaining how I had done it. That could come later, if I decided to keep them that is. They certainly were cute enough.

"We will go with you for now. Will you tell us how to get back to civilization when the storm has passed?" Laura asked quietly.

"Yes, I will take you to the closest town after the storm. My hunting trip was supposed to be over this weekend, but the storm may prevent that for several days," I told them.

"Where is the cabin? Will the others be able to find it?" she asked.

"It's a mile or so from here near another stream," I told them. "Those following you will not be able to find it."

"Will it take long to reach it?" she asked as she began to shiver.

"No, not long. I have a blanket with me, and you two are welcome to use it to keep warm on the way there," I told them, as I removed the backpack and took the blanket out of it. I folded it the long way so it would reach around both young women. I moved over behind them to drape it over their shoulders. Lesia shrank away from me in fear.

"Is your Sister all right?" I asked.

"Yes, but she is very fearful," Laura answered before turning to her Sister. "It's all right, Lesia. The blanket will keep us warm. Don't be afraid." Lesia didn't answer but drew in a frightened breath as I placed the blanket around the shoulders of both of them. It was long enough to cover both easily, and Laura grasped the ends in her hands to keep it closed.

"We will need to move through the brush and the trees to reach the cabin. Move over behind that tree and wait while I erase your footprints," I told them. They moved to the indicated tree, and I removed all traces of their passage for a short distance down the path to an area where it would have been easy for them to have crossed the stream or walked down it. I made sure that I left no evidence of my own passage also.

On reaching the tree and the women again, I made sure there were no footprints left there either before we moved out toward the cabin. I stopped them every so often to ensure that there was no trace of our passage through the area. It required some little time to move the mile or so to the cabin in this way. We finally reached the area where the cabin was.

"When will we be there?" Laura asked anxiously when we stopped again while I checked our back trail.

"We are here," I told her.

"There is no cabin here!!" she squealed in distress looking around for a cabin. Lesia, who had said very little on the way here, began to sob and moan.

"You just can't see it," I told her. "Take my hand and I will lead you to it." She switched both ends of the blanket to her left hand and extended her right hand. I took it and got a pleasant surprise. It was the first time that I had actually touched either of them.

"Right this way," I told them and started forward.

"But ... but those are large sticker bushes!" Laura objected in fear.

"They only look like large dense bramble bushes," I told her. "Trust me," I asked and started forward again, stepping through the glamour that surrounded the area of the cabin. Laura was shocked by the sudden transition as she moved through the glamour.

"How?" she asked in amazement on looking around at the cabin, the equipment shed, the well and the large supply of firewood stacked near the cabin.

"The bramble bushes are just a minor spell that I use to keep strangers away," I told her. The cabin was a log structure of twenty-four by thirty feet. It was not your old fashioned log house however. It was made of the latest in milled log construction with tight joints, and tight fitting modern windows and doors. I lowered my wards around it before we reached the door so that the women could enter.

I opened the door and allowed the women to enter first. They seemed very tentative as they approached the doorway and held firmly to each other under the blanket. The thirty-six inch wide door was easy for them to negotiate together, and they stared around them for a short time once over the threshold.

"It's ... it's almost like a regular house!" Laura said in surprise on seeing the interior of the cabin.

"Yes! What were you expecting?" I asked.

"Something more ... more primitive," Laura answered, but she appeared to be extremely tired.

"Why don't you ladies sit on the sofa while I start a fire in the wood stove to warm the cabin up some," I told them. I had been gone for over three days and the cabin had cooled down over that time, though it was still warmer than it was presently outside. They sat together on the sofa along the south wall of the cabin and spread the blanket I had given them around their fronts and legs with their backs against the sofa pillows.

I cleaned out the ashes from the previous fire and placed seasoned wood on the grate in the stove before using a fire spell to start it burning. When I turned around, both women were leaning against each other under the blanket and nearly asleep.

"Would you ladies like to clean up before taking a nap?" I asked on seeing them.

"Do you have a toilet ... an inside toilet? We need to go also," Laura told me.

"Certainly, the wash area and the toilet are on the other side of the cabin," I told her before leading them over to the north side of the cabin and through the doorway to the area where the bathing and toilet facilities were located. That area also gave access to the bunk beds where friends slept when they came with me. The mattresses were rolled up and the beds were not ready for use presently.

"Oh ... you have a lot of beds!" Laura said in surprise on noticing the bunk beds.

"Yes, sometimes friends come with me to hunt, but I came alone this time," I told her before indicating the facilities.

"The toilet is the composting type and doesn't require the use of any additional water," I informed them before indicating the large ceramic tank that held the water for washing up.

"The water is rather cold at present," I reminded them before leaving them by themselves. I went to the wardrobe on the south wall near the bed where I normally slept to see what clothing I had that might fit them. There weren't that many choices.

I am a large man at 6'-6' tall and 250 pounds, and they were much smaller women. All of my clothes would be overly large for them. Fortunately, I had a good supply of clothes here, as I tend to be a bit hard on clothing. I removed several of my flannel shirts. I wear an XXL size shirt and had a number of them on hand. I selected two of the thickest ones for them to wear.

While the shirts would be long enough to maintain their modesty, I needed something to keep the shirts closed. The women would be swimming in them since they were so large. What I needed was a sash of some kind, but didn't think that I had anything suitable here. It wasn't like women came out here with us when we hunted. My friends didn't bring their wives with them.

I was still wondering what I could use when I remembered that one of my friends had left the extra straps from his backpack when he was here last fall. They were nylon and had plastic connectors on each end. More importantly, they were adjustable for length, and should be more than long enough to fit the two young women. I retrieved them from the drawer at the bottom of the wardrobe. They certainly appeared to be more than long enough.

I laid out the shirts and the straps on the bed and then retrieved two pair of my long wool boot socks from another drawer for them to put on their feet, as I had no house slippers for them to wear. The women soon returned from cleaning up.

"I'm afraid that all I have to replace your worn and dirty clothes are these shirts and some socks," I told them, indicating the items lying on the bed. "I'll get each of you a blanket also," I added. Laura picked up one of the shirts, saw how long it was and smiled.

"Yes, these will work nicely," she said quietly.

"We can wash and repair your other clothes tomorrow," I assured them before adding, "I'll go get the blankets while you change. Call me when you finish," I told them and headed for the bunk room where the extra blankets were stored along with the extra pillows and sheets. I quickly retrieved two large thick wool blankets and two pillows with cases.

"We're finished!" I heard shortly, and returned to the main room to find several surprises. The first was that it was now snowing. Through the front window of the cabin, I could see the flurry of flakes coming down. The second was that the women had the shirts and socks on, but were still trying to deal with the size of the shirts.

"Allow me to help you," I suggested as I approached them and placed the blankets and pillows on the bed. "You seem to be having a little problem," I added with a smile. They had the shirts on and had managed to button the buttons, but it was obvious that both of them could have fit into just one of the shirts, as they were that much too large. The sleeves also hung down well below their hands.

"Let me roll up the sleeves for you and then you can use the straps on the bed to wrap the shirts around you more tightly," I told them. Laura held out her arms, and I began rolling up the sleeves of her shirt. She was smiling happily.

"Will you be able to adjust the straps by yourself?" I asked her.

"Yes, I think so," she answered quietly. I then turned to Lesia to roll up her sleeves, and she recoiled from my touch with a look of abject fear on her face.

"What's wrong?" I asked, startled by her reaction.

"She is afraid of you," Laura answered, turning back to me with the strap in her hand.

"But why?" I asked, confused.

"Our master beat her often. He was usually nice to me, but when he was upset or angry about something, he would beat Lesia and sometimes me. She fears that you will beat her also," Laura told me.

"But I would never do that!" I protested. Laura turned to her Sister.

"It will be all right. He will not hurt you. You can allow him to help with your sleeves," Laura assured her. Lesia hesitantly approached me and held out her arms with the sleeves hanging down over the ends of her hands. I reached out and started rolling up her sleeves. Laura had adjusted the other strap while I was doing the sleeves and folded her Sister's shirt over the same way that she had done her own.

"I would never hurt you Lesia," I told her in a very quiet voice after finishing the sleeves, but she was still shaking with fear.

"Come to bed Lesia," Laura called from the bed after that. She had moved the new pillows to the head of the bed and had moved my pillow out of the way. She had also opened the two blankets on the bed. Lesia moved to the bed and lay down. Laura wrapped her in a blanket before pulling her own blanket around herself. They snuggled up together and were soon asleep.

It was quite dark in the cabin now because of the lateness of the day and also the snow coming down. The wind had also picked up and was blowing the falling snow around. I lit the Aladdin oil lamp hanging over the table and then the table lamp near the stove and food preparation area so I could see easily while making dinner. The wood stove was doing a nice job of warming up the cabin by now.

I set about preparing some food for the three of us. It had been some time since I had eaten and I was ready for a good meal. The problem was there was very little meat left presently. I would need to correct that problem but later. For now, I would use what little meat was available to make a stew ... a venison stew.

I started by cutting up the available venison, about two pounds worth, into small chunks before putting them in a frying pan with some olive oil to saute. I chopped up a yellow onion and peeled some potatoes while the meat was browning. When the meat was done to my satisfaction, I placed it on a plate, and started the onions frying.

I opened two cans of cream of mushroom soup and emptied them into a large pot along with a foil packet of french onion soup mix. To this I added canned corn, canned carrots, canned tomatoes, and canned peas. I used some of the juice from the canned vegetables to clean out the soup cans. Next I added the sauteed venison and fried onions along with the juice left in the frying pan. This was followed by some crushed garlic, salt and fresh ground black pepper. It was all put on the stove then to simmer and be stirred occasionally.

Following that, I made some biscuits and popped them into the oven. After a time I added the potatoes to the stew as I didn't want them to be overcooked and mushy. When the stew was nearly ready, I added some flour-in-water to thicken the liquid in the pot and turn it into a real thick, delicious stew. Everything was finished at nearly the same time, and I ladled some of the stew into a large bowl and placed several biscuits on a plate. I also ladled stew into two smaller bowls and placed them in the warming oven at the top of the stove along with a number of biscuits for the women when they awoke.

Sitting at the table, I leisurely ate my evening meal and relaxed for the first time since spotting the women in the valley. I had no idea what had happened to those following them, but wasn't terribly concerned unless they should show up here. While I was reasonable full when finished, the meal hadn't really satisfied my hunger for meat ... lots of meat. That would have to wait until later however. I could only spend a short time relaxing, as there were things that still needed to be attended to before I could go to bed.

There was wood for the stove to be brought in, and water from the well to be drawn and brought in. The hot water from the tank on the side of the stove needed to be replaced with cold water. I would use the hot water to temper the cold water in the bath area to shower with. I could also hear that the wind had picked up even more by now. It looked like this was turning into the first major storm of the winter, and not just some minor squall. I was glad that I had found these young women. They would have never survived this storm alone. I also needed to find out what Laura meant when she said that their 'master' had beat Lesia. What master and why hadn't they left him sooner, I wondered?

The firewood wasn't a problem, as I have a small door in the north wall near the bunk room for access to the stacks of firewood behind the cabin there. I quickly brought in some additional firewood. The water was more difficult. I have several plastic five gallon buckets that are used for water. After putting on a heavy coat, I took two of them out to the well to fill them. The snow was still falling and the wind was still strong. Additionally, there had been a significant drop in temperature.

I filled the buckets with well water which was quite cold but not freezing and returned to the house as quickly as possible. Back in the house, part of the water went into the glass reservoir for use as drinking and cooking water. I then drew off five gallons of hot water from the storage tank on the side of the stove and replaced it with cold well water.

I took the hot water and the empty container to the shower area. I withdrew cold water from the tank there into the empty container and then tempered it with some of the hot water to shower with. A metal bowl was used to pour the water over me before I soaped up and then to rinse the soap off. It was a bit primitive, but was a relatively easy solution in an area without electricity or other modern conveniences, like running water.

After toweling off and redressing in clean clothes, I felt like a new man and was ready to relax until going to bed for the night, but that was when the women woke up.

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