Locker Room
Chapter 1

Caution: This Erotica Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa, Fa/Fa, Consensual, Slavery, BiSexual, Heterosexual, Fiction, Light Bond, Group Sex, Harem, Oral Sex, Masturbation, Public Sex,

Desc: Erotica Sex Story: Chapter 1 - A surreal encounter in the locker room.

The men's locker room at my gym was deserted. There was no reason for that; it was lunchtime, and the gym was usually packed then.

I stripped my sweat-heavy t shirt off and tossed it into the laundry bin. Then I heard footsteps, coming from the direction of the shower stalls.

Those footsteps clicked, like high heels. They were slow, precise. It sounded like there was more than one person coming my way.

Two women rounded the corner and continued to walk toward me. One of them was blonde, the other was Chinese. Both of them were in short, tight red dresses, which ended well above mid thigh, showing off their slim, elegant legs. The dresses hugged their figures like a glove, showing off their curves and their well proportioned breasts.

I gave them a quizzical look, and waited for them to pass. Perhaps they had walked into the wrong locker room, or perhaps they were members of the gym staff attending to some matter or problem.

They came to a halt in front of me, smiling warmly. The blonde, who was wearing a badge that said 'Stacey', said: "Let me help you with the rest of that." She then wrapped her long, slender fingers around the waistband of my shorts, and tugged them down. Speechless, and not sure of what to do, I cooperated, stepping out of my shorts. I was completely naked.

The Asian woman, whose badge said 'Lin', smiled at me and reached out one hand to gently stroke my cock. "Let's get you cleaned up," she said, and, with her other hand, unzipped the back of Stacey's dress.

I couldn't believe what was happening, and didn't want to do anything that might cause everything to stop. Lin's lips were luscious and red, and she ran her tongue over them delicately as she watched herself stroke my cock, which had quickly stiffened in her delicate hand.

Stacey stepped out of her dress and tossed it into the laundry bin as well. She had no bra on, and her breasts were high and pert on her chest. She wore only a black g-string which left very little to the imagination. Her blonde hair hung in curled tresses over her shoulders, ending just around her nipples, which had hardened into stiff points.

Getting on her knees, Stacey took my cock from Lin, and shook her hair out of her eyes with a tiny toss of her head. With her eyes opened wide and looking at me with a mixture of desire and amusement, she parted her lips and ran her tongue from the base of my cock to its tip, licking it like an ice cream stick, and sending a shiver of pleasure down my spine.

Lin reached around to unzip herself, and removed her dress to reveal a lithe figure with breasts around the same size as Stacey's, and a matching g-string in red. She got on her knees next to Stacey, and made a sound halfway between a moan and a purr. With practised ease, Stacey rubbed my cock, now fully erect and as stiff as a rod, over Lin's lips, which were pursed in a pout. The sensation of Lin's moist lips brushing against my cock head was incredible, and intensified once Lin began to run her tongue over my cock as Stacey brushed it languorously against her lips. With her other hand, Stacey cupped my balls and began to massage them very gently.

After less than a minute of rubbing my cock against Lin's lips, Stacey wrapped her lips around it and began to slowly pump it in and out of her mouth, while making little moans. Her other hand, which had left my balls, was now playing with her nipples, alternating between each of them. Meanwhile, Lin had stood up and moved behind me. She placed her hands on my shoulders and gently pushed me down into a sitting position on the bench behind me, and pressed her breasts against my back while running her hands over my chest. I could feel her hot breath on my neck, and her nipples pressed against me.

Stacey began to plunge my cock deeper and deeper into her mouth, continuing to moan, plaintively. She no longer held on to my cock; instead, she used both of her hands to pinch her nipples at the same time. Her blue eyes were wide open, staring up at me imploringly. It almost sounded as though she was begging, gently, for me to cum inside her mouth.

My mind was a blank. I couldn't think straight: all I could fixate on was the feeling of Stacey's lips moving up and down the length of my cock, and her moist tongue running itself around my cock head. The strangeness of the situation held me just shy of approaching a climax; but I didn't just want to cum. I wanted to fuck both of these nymphs one by one; to take my time with them and to ram my cock into each of their pussies over and over again. I didn't know if I would get to do that though; I didn't know if this would end in a blowjob from Stacey. I had no idea how this started, and what was going on.

"Dump your cum into Stacey's mouth," Lin whispered to me, her breath ticklish against my ear. "This is just the beginning." Those words sent a lightning bolt of thrill through me, as Lin stepped in front of me, with Stacey at her feet, still intent on pinching her nipples and sucking my cock.

Lin turned around and bent over, displaying her firm and taut ass to me as she took off her g-string, revealing a pair of shaved pussy lips glistening with her juices. Instead of turning back to face me, she raised her hands over her head and placed them against the wall of lockers in front of her and stuck her butt out at me. Her legs were parted in a V, displaying the inviting sight of her pussy lips and her puckered anus to me.

Lin's words, and the sight of her standing there waiting to be fucked by me, drove me over the edge. I looked down at Stacey, who had started rubbing herself through her g-string with one hand, and groaned: "I'm gonna cum!" Stacey's wet, lush lips pumped up and down my cock even faster, and pleasure flooded my body as I shot my load into her mouth. She swallowed it in one gulp, and, taking my cock out of her mouth, began to gently lick me clean. In between licks, she looked up at me, smiled shyly, and whispered: "I hope you fuck me after you're done with Lin, Master. I need your cock inside me so badly."

After a few more tender and slow licks up and down my semi-deflated cock, Stacey got to her feet and turned to Lin, who was still standing with her back arched and her pussy presented invitingly towards me. Stacey licked her fingers and ran them down Lin's back, causing her to shiver with pleasure, and then began to tease Lin's pussy gently, her caresses lubricated by Lin's pussy juices.

"Uhhhh that feels so good," moaned Lin, as she began to rotate her ass so that her clit rubbed harder against Stacey's fingers. "Go take a shower, Master. Stacey will keep me hot and horny until you're back."

That was the second time the women had addressed me as "Master". I had no idea why they were doing so, but assumed that it was part of the "experience", or whatever it is was going on. A shower sounded like a good idea, so I grabbed my towel and, after taking another moment to enjoy the sight of Stacey playing with Lin's pussy, walked briskly towards the shower stalls.

Little did I know what awaited me there.

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