Charles and Wendy
Chapter 1

Caution: This Romantic Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa, Romantic, Oral Sex, Anal Sex,

Desc: Romantic Sex Story: Chapter 1 - This story is a prequel to 'Janice and Shelly' and is the story of Janice's dad and step-mum. Charles lost his first wife to a drunken driver, and he found love and lust when he least expected it.

The story starts on 23rd September 1989

"Dust to Dust, Ashes to Ashes," the Vicar droned on. I know I should have been listening, but I wasn't. I was lost in my own thoughts.

I was standing at the graveside of my wife, Margaret. At 35, I was now a widower after being married for almost 6 years. My daughter, Janice, nearly 4, stood beside me without any idea what was going on.

My parents and Margaret's parents had helped arranged the funeral. Apart from my eulogy, I had really had just been a bystander; not from choice, I just felt paralysed. I didn't know what was expected of me.

The wake was held at our house, and somehow or other I got through it. When the mourners had gone only my parents were left. Margaret's parents had to return home to Scotland because they were struggling to run a hotel just outside Oban. Duncan had taken a redundancy package from his job as an accountant at the shipyard in Glasgow. They had ploughed their savings and his redundancy money into the hotel but it wasn't going well.

I was sitting in my office, playing around with my computer. It was a state of the art system, with an 80486 processor, one of the first such models available in the UK.

Janice wandered in and came up to my desk. In a very solemn voice she said "Mummy isn't coming back is she? I know, I heard Gran and Gramps talking." This was the wake up call I needed. I sat Janice on my knee and explained as best I could that a bad man had been drinking and crashed his car into Mummy's car, and she was badly hurt and had gone to heaven. She cried, I cried, and I took her to her room and settled her into bed.

I decided I needed to have a talk with my Dad. He was always the practical one. Mum was brilliant, don't get me wrong, but I knew that she'd pfaff about and try to soften the blow. I needed to hear it like it was.

I found Dad sitting with Mum in the living room. I asked him if he would come to my office. Mum looked expectant, but I said "It's business stuff" and she said, "OK I'll go and check on Janice in a bit, and start clearing up here." There were still empty glasses and plates in odd corners from the wake.

Dad sat down in my office and looked at me expectantly. I said "Dad, I need a plan to see me through." He knew what I wanted; to be told what to do, not in some overbearing way but to help me get through the next few months.

We sat at my desk to develop a plan. Dad didn't understand computers; and he wouldn't use one for this job. He would write a list with a good old fashioned pen and a pad.

The first heading he wrote was 'Janice' and then he said, "You are going to have to get a full time nanny. There is no way you can manage a business and look after a small child."

I protested but he insisted, "I know you don't like it, but think of it this way. If you have a nanny/housekeeper the drudge jobs are sorted for you. The time you have with Janice is quality time, not time spent trying to be a housewife."

"OK Dad, you're right again."

So under Janice went 'Find Nanny/Housekeeper'. Then he said "Juliet (my Mum) is 63 this year. She can look after Janice short term but there is no way she can cope indefinitely with a youngster full time. That operation she had earlier in the year set her back more than she admits."

He then added 'Live in' to the list. Again I pulled a face but he said "What happens when you have to be away overnight on business?" I saw his point, so I didn't say anything this time.

He then put 'School' under 'Janice' and said "I know Margaret wanted Janice to go to the primary school in the village but St Mary's the independent school will be far more flexible. As a single dad you may need that. Also, Janice is going to miss her Mum, so I think the small classes and the one-to-one that they offer will help; better than being in a class with 30 others." I nodded and he wrote 'Contact St Mary's for a place next September.'

We carried on like this for about 3 hours. It was harrowing, recognising the impacts of Margaret's death on our lives, but Dad seemed to have given things some thought. When I considered the various points I could see that almost all of his suggestions were sensible.

We had several headings when we had finished. When we got to 'Business' he pointed out that 140 people depended on me for their livelihood. I would be failing them if I couldn't get my life back onto some sort of even keel.

When we got to 'Housekeeping' he pointed out that a nanny could only do so much and suggested that I should employ a cleaner to spread the load.

We then got to 'Duncan and Janet' and he said, "They are going to fall flat on their face with this Hotel venture. Don't pour your money into it because it will become a bottomless pit if you do. If, as I expect, they do go belly up by all means set them up with a home and a bit of a nest egg, with conditions. I know you won't miss the money, but the hotel thing is doomed. I know Duncan hasn't got his heart in it, so best to let it fold quietly and then step in to help."

He then added a topic which surprised me, 'Revenge'. He said, "Revenge is a dish best served cold. At the moment you are angry. A good way to channel that is some limited revenge. Don't listen to the do-gooders who tell you otherwise." I asked what he had in mind. He carried on, "It depends. The courts will probably give him a slapped wrist and tell him not to do it again, unless he ends up being charged with manslaughter, which is doubtful. We can talk about this again but, whatever you do, don't discuss it with your Mother."

It was now nearly 10pm. Mum came in and asked how we were getting on. Dad said, "I think Charles has a better idea of what he needs to do." Dad then ran through his list with the pair of us. Mum raised her eyebrows a few times but he was able to convince Mum that his plan was for the best, using the same arguments he used on me. In the end she agreed. She then turned to me and said to me, "It's your life he's rearranging. Are you OK with it?"

I said "Every point he's made is sensible. I don't feel able to make decisions yet, so I am going along with Dad's ideas"

I went to bed, and tossed and turned for ages before falling into a disturbed sleep. In my sleep I dreamt about Margaret and Dad and they were arguing as they had on more than one occasion. Margaret stopped suddenly and said. "Why am I arguing? Janice is more important." She then went up to Dad and gave him a hug. It was a weird dream, really vivid, and it stayed with me after I woke the next morning.

I got up at 7am and in spite the disturbed night I felt OK. I went downstairs, made breakfast, and got Janice up. By this time Mum and Dad were up. I said that I was going into the office this morning and would be back at lunchtime. Dad's response was typical, "Good lad. Show them you are still in charge." I felt I needed to make an appearance at work to reassure the staff that the business wouldn't suffer but I needed to take the afternoon off because I intended to make a start on the new domestic arrangements.

I arrived at the office just before 9am. Everyone was a bit surprised to see me and seemed to be walking on eggshells round me. However, within the hour I had slotted back into my old routine and had got updates from all my senior managers. I told everyone I would be back to normal hours from Monday, so no shirking.

I got home at lunchtime and immediately placed an advert in the local paper for a cleaner/home help and another in the 'Lady' magazine for a live in nanny. I then decided to tidy the bedroom Margaret and I had shared. It was hard to deal with Margaret's things, but worse to look at them every day. I didn't want to erase all signs of Margaret but, for example, seeing her dirty knickers at the bottom of the laundry basket every day was disturbing. So I spent a difficult hour and then called Mum into the bedroom. I told what I had done and she had a look round. She thought I had got it right, not erasing the memory but getting rid of some the obvious stuff.

The next milestone was about a week later, the ad coming out for the cleaner/home help. I ended up getting well over twenty applications which I quickly whittled down to three. I soon decided on employing a woman in her mid to late fifties, Ethel Skinner, who had just taken early retirement from being a school teacher. At first I thought she was over qualified but she said she was lonely because her husband had died last year. She wanted something to occupy herself and she only lived five minutes walk away in the village of Tarvin. I told her she could start straight away and we agreed that she would start by working three days a week, for about six hours each day, and we would see how that went. Mum agreed to show her the ropes and told me later that Ethel only applied for the job because she had been bored since her retirement.

The advert for the nanny came out a week later, and again I had a lot of replies. They were from all over the country as the position was live in. Again, I short-listed three, with Mum and Dad's help. This was far more important than the cleaner so I arranged for the 3 we selected to attend for an interview. We decided that Janice should be around but we didn't tell Janice what was going on.

In the end we decided on employing a recently divorced woman as the nanny. She had been a nanny before she was married and came with good references. Her name was Susan Croft and she was 31, the same age as Margaret was when she was killed.

She started work on Monday of the following week which was just as well as Mum was looking quite tired. It was the fact that she could start immediately that swayed us to employ her. Mum was not well again. I think the strain of Margaret's death and then looking after Janice most days had taken its toll.

Mum and Dad went back to their house in Chester on the Wednesday and I started to fall into a routine. Ethel was a treasure. She took on the whole running of the house, cleaning etc. I was so impressed with her work that I raised her pay after a month, which pleased her no end. Susan was more of an enigma. She had bonded well with Janice and certainly made sure my time with Janice was quality time, but I didn't take to her.

The next problem was my sex drive. Margaret and I had enjoyed a varied and active sex life. Unless I was away on business we still made love most evenings and she was always as horny as I, so once the immediate pain went I needed some female company. Just before Xmas Susan had obviously read the signs and thought she could become the next Mrs. Hammings.

One night I had gone to bed early. At about 10.30pm I heard the bedroom open and I caught the outline of Susan coming into to the room. I assumed something was wrong with Janice and turned to put the light on. As I did so Susan started to climb into bed with me. I asked, "What are you doing?" and she replied, "I am going to shag your brains out".

With the light on and Susan naked, I got a good eye full. She was certainly attractive. Her brown hair was cut into a bob, which framed an attractive face. She had a pair of perky boobs, not big, but well defined and she was shaved between her legs which was unusual in the UK 20 years ago. In spite of myself my dick was hardening. She immediately scooted down the bed and started to suck me. I tried to move her into a 69 but she either didn't know what I wanted or didn't want me to suck her. Her sucking was OK but it was like a blow job off a pro, not one off a lover. I was hard though and after a few minutes she got on her back and opened her legs. I got on top and started to fuck her. She was wet but seemed disinterested, like it was a means to an end. It was three months since I last had sex and I came quickly.

I know she didn't have an orgasm, even although she tried to fake one. I tried to kiss and snuggle up to her. I intended to go again, thinking that maybe she would get more into it but she just got up and went to the toilet, "to clean up" as she put it. When she came out she put her nightgown on and went back to her bedroom. After she left I went to sleep quickly.

When I awoke the next morning I immediately thought about what had happened, and I regretted it. It was definitely a case of 'Little head overruling Big Head'. Susan came down a few minutes later with Janice and I couldn't say anything. I would have an opportunity to talk to Susan a little bit later because Janice was now at nursery school for 2 hours, twice a week. I decided to talk to Susan when she returned from dropping Janice at nursery.

Ethel Skinner turned out to be my saviour. She arrived while Susan was taking Janice to the nursery and before I left for the office. I decided to be blunt with her. I was extremely embarrassed to discuss my sex life and it took some guts but I knew she talked to Susan a lot.

I went into the kitchen and said, "I need to talk to you about Susan."

Ethel turned and gave me a smile and said, "Why? What's been going on?"

I paused for a minute and then said, "Does Susan have feelings for me?"

Ethel replied, "I really don't know. I do know that she would like to be the next Mrs. Hammings but I think that may be different from having feelings for you. Why do ask?"

I wasn't sure what to say at this point; I sat there looking blank. Eventually Ethel said, "She came to your bed last night, didn't she? I knew it. I knew she was planning something."

"Yes, she did."

Ethel then asked, "Well?", and I was silent again for a bit. I just sat at the kitchen table, staring into space. Ethel came over to me and put a hand on my shoulder. She said, "Look, I lost my husband last year so I know how you must feel. We had a healthy sex life until the day he died. If you and Margaret were the same you must be missing that now. So if an attractive woman comes to your bed you are going to do what comes naturally and then regret it later. I am sorry to say that I think that's what Susan was hoping for. Not so much the regretting it, but the rest, hoping she could then worm her way in. I may now be speaking out of turn but I think she realises you are a rich man and she is a gold digger. I believe that once she has what she wants she will withdraw sex, or make it unpleasant."

I was surprised at her candour and I was also concerned, because I had to consider what was best for Janice as well. I thought again and Ethel stood beside me with her hand on my shoulder. Finally I confessed, "I don't know what to do."

Ethel replied quickly, "I think you should tell her that last night was a mistake. Tell her you don't feel ready to get involved with anyone yet and put the onus back on her. Say that if she doesn't feel able to continue to work here that is fine, you understand, and will give her 2 month's money and a good reference. After all, it may be a cheap escape."

I got up and gave Ethel a peck on the cheek, and said that I would talk to her again.

I rang the office and told them I wouldn't be in until after lunch and waited for Susan. She got back about 10am after dropping Janice at the nursery, and I called her to my office. She came in all smiles but as soon as I started my little speech her face dropped. I told her that I thought that last night was a mistake. It was too soon for me and she didn't seem to have her heart in it last night. She started to cry and say she was sorry, that she had never done anything like it before. I asked her about the sex, if she enjoyed it, and she said no. I told her that it couldn't happen again, and I gave her the option of leaving with 2 month's pay and a good reference. I didn't feel it was fair to just sack her. I'd played a part too and, after all, she had been good with Janice.

She then surprised me. She said, "I think the world of Janice. She probably represents the child I haven't had. I think your offer is fair but I would like to stay for the time being. After all I have nowhere to go other than back to my parents and they won't be too pleased to see me back under their roof at the age of 31. I promise I won't try anything like that again."

So Sue was sorted. Ethel asked me what had happened the next time she saw me and I told her what Susan told me and the how we had agreed that she could continue to be nanny to Janice. She smiled and said. "Why don't you come over for a chat one evening after Janice has gone to bed?"

I walked down to Ethel's cottage the next evening and knocked on the door. She opened the door and looked pleased to see me. She asked me into her sitting room. It was cosy, with a log fire in the grate, and I sat on the sofa. The TV was on but the only other light was from the fire. She offered me a drink and I asked for a beer or a whisky. She appeared a few minutes later with a bottle of Islay malt and some glasses, water and ice.

We were both drinking the whisky and chatting about all sorts of things. Even though she was 56 she was an attractive woman and she had her hair down, which made her look less severe. She also had an impressive pair of tits which seemed to look much bigger when she wasn't wearing a house coat over her other clothes.

She noticed me talking to her chest and I think the whisky was having an effect because she said, "I never thought I would have a young man staring at my chest at my age."

I replied "I haven't been called a young man for 20 years. I'm sorry for staring."

She pushed her chest out and looked down at my trousers, where I was trying to conceal the beginnings of a hard on. Even though she was 20 years older than me, she was a sensuous woman and she was turning me on, the little touches, the looks.

She gave me an odd look and then hesitated for a minute. All of a sudden she pulled me in for a kiss. This quickly turned into a grope; she was feeling my prick, and I was rubbing her tits. She stopped and asked, "Do you want this? I am not a young woman." I didn't know what to say.

I asked, "Do all your bits work?" It was a stupid question but Ethel took it the right way. She stood up and slid her knickers down, sat down again and put my hand at the top of her thighs, under her skirt. Well I soon found her slit and discovered that she was very wet. I pushed her skirt up, got down between her knees and started to lick her pussy. I soon found her clit. She had a full bush but that didn't bother me and I started to work on her in earnest. She came after a few minutes and got up. She lifted her dress over her head, took her bra off and then told me to stand up. She then undressed me slowly. When I was naked she dropped to her knees and started to suck me. I came quickly and she swallowed it all.

She then took my hand and led me upstairs, leaving our clothes scattered around the floor. When we got to her bedroom I was able to get a good look at her and found that she was much sexier than I would have expected. She had large breasts with prominent nipples and large areolae. Her bush was completely untrimmed. She had a bit of a belly but she was a large lady and she looked good.

I joined her on the bed and we got into a 69, with her on top. As soon as I was hard again she got off me and said, "Come on, fuck me." I didn't need asking twice, and sunk in balls to arse on the first thrust. She thrust back at me. We fucked for what seemed like ages but was probably only 10 minutes. We both came together and then lay there, stroking each other.

Ethel said, "I enjoyed that and I hope you did too. I know I am 20 years older than you but I still enjoy sex."

I told her she was sexy and we chatted on about sex for a while. She told me she found KY jelly in Susan's night stand. That would explain why she was "wet" when she came to me that night. Ethel commented that Susan probably didn't take it up arse which in her view was the only use for KY.

"The front hole should look after itself if you are turned on." Her choice of words surprised me and I must have shown it. She said, "Why is it every generation thinks they have invented all the sex acts and that the previous generation wouldn't do anything like that?"

One thing led to another. She produced a tub of Vaseline and asked, "Come on, did you ever fuck Margaret's arse?" I admitted that I had, so Ethel said, "Well, what's wrong with mine then?" and handed me the Vaseline. So by the time I left at about 10.30pm I had been 'round the world' with Ethel. As I left she told me, "We will keep this quiet. We can just be fuck buddies." It was the first time I had heard that expression.

Ethel and I continued to fuck regularly over and after Christmas and New Year but we both realised that it was a temporary arrangement. Even so, we both cared about each other. Ethel was well into sex; she wanted to try everything. Apparently she and Hugh had been swingers and were very open about sex.

It was strange really. Ethel was a wonderful lover, sensuous and sexy; in bed she was like a 20 year old. We never saw ourselves as being in love; I suppose it was a lust thing but there was more than that. It's hard to describe, a mutual respect and a friendship, with good sex thrown in. More like best friends but we had only known each other 4 months.

The next problem was Susan. To be fair, despite our talk she had continued to be really good with Janice. In fact, I think she would happily become Janice's step mum; she just wasn't comfortable with the other duties Mrs Hammings would need to perform. Anyway to cut a long story short, when she returned from the New Year holiday she gave one month's notice. She had met a man at home over Christmas and wanted to move in with him. I didn't ask any questions as I didn't want to pry.

This put me back to square one and I asked Ethel if she could fill the gap left by Susan in the short term and she agreed that she would. She got on really well with Janice, so I didn't expect any great dramas.

I couldn't ask my Mum to help out as she was now ill again, back in hospital, due for another operation. Susan worked her notice out and she and Janice both cried when it was time for her to go. What effect Susan's departure was having on Janice I dreaded to think but I could only play the cards I was dealt and try and make the best of it.

A few days later, it was the beginning of February, Ethel arrived with a visitor when she returned from a trip into town. When I got in from work Ethel was sat at the kitchen table with a young woman. She waved me into the kitchen and introduced her. "Wendy, this is Charles Hammings. Charles, this is Wendy Scott". I held out my hand to shake hands but the picture of teenage rebellion just sat there, and ignored me. I would have trusted Ethel with my life but I had to ask what was going on.

Wendy looked like a cross between a cheap street prostitute and a bag lady. She had long red hair, which was matted and knotted, a short very grubby skirt with knee length boots, and multi coloured leggings. Her top looked 2 sizes too small and was a lurid pink but grubby and I caught the sharp odour of BO.

Ethel said firmly to Wendy, "I need to speak to Mr Hammings. Drink that tea and I will show you where the bathroom is when I have done"

Ethel then followed me into my office. I sat down and she sat in the other armchair. I didn't look happy and Ethel said, "OK, I will explain. Do you trust me?"

"Yes," I replied

Ethel then explained.

She had taught Wendy 2 years ago, in her last year before she retired and Wendy had given every one cause for concern. At that time she was 15, and bringing up 3 younger sisters single handed, as her mum had walked out 2 years before that. Her father was in and out of work and was drunk most of the time. Ethel had seen her in Chester when she went shopping this afternoon and recognised her. She was worried about her. At first Wendy wouldn't talk, but Ethel persisted and said, "Come on, let's go for a coffee and something to eat." Wendy then proceeded to eat a full lunch and a pudding. She was obviously hungry. Ethel asked again how she was, and Wendy suddenly burst into tears and the whole story came out.

Her Dad had brought a woman into the house, and this woman and Wendy didn't get on. Her sisters still looked to Wendy for their 'mothering' and ignored her dad's new girlfriend, who was another drunkard. Wendy and the girlfriend had loads of rows and two days ago the girlfriend gave Wendy's dad a ultimatum, her or me. He chose his new girlfriend and threw Wendy out.

Ethel then carried on to propose a solution. First she explained that, with Susan gone, she found that it was too difficult to look after Janice, on top of the house work. She needed help. She suggested that it would probably be another month before I found a new nanny. She thought that Wendy could stay at her cottage and help her to look after Janice and with the housekeeping through the day. Perhaps I could give Wendy a week's trial, and pay her if the arrangement worked out. Ethel then surprised me with her next statement. "I will take responsibility for her. She's had a raw deal and had to grow up too quickly when her mum walked out. I know she's OK and if someone gives her a chance she will do OK. The trouble is, in her current state, homeless and so on, she will just end up on drugs and worse, perhaps."

I thought for a minute and I couldn't really see any problem, even although I suppose deep down I was unhappy about it. After all, if Ethel had her staying at her cottage, she was the one taking most of the risks. It would put paid to our twice weekly fucking sessions but since Susan had gone these had been on hold anyway because I was unwilling to leave Janice on her own. Anyway I said, "OK. I'm not happy but I will trust you. But you need to make sure that Wendy understands that if she puts one foot wrong, she is down the road."

Ethel came up to me and gave a full on kiss and said, "I know she won't let you down. Even she realises that she is in the last chance saloon, through no fault of her own. Thanks."

We walked back into the kitchen where Wendy sat talking to Janice. As we walked in, Janice told us, "Wendy gave me toast and chocolate spread."

Ethel said to her, "Janice, go and show your Dad your paintings from nursery." Janice came over to me and took me to her room to find her bag. As we went upstairs Janice said, "Wendy's nice but she talks funny and she smells." Kids, you've got love them! At that age they just blurt out what is in their mind. I replied, "I think Auntie Ethel is giving her a bath. She won't smell after that."

Five minutes later Wendy and Ethel came upstairs and Ethel said to Janice, "Bath for you, young lady. As a special treat you can use the bathroom in Dad's room." She then said to Wendy, "You can use the house bathroom. Call me when your clothes are ready for the washer." She then said to me, "Can I have a look round for some clothes that Wendy can wear now." This was a euphemism for going through Margaret's stuff. I wasn't sure how well it would fit because Wendy appeared to have a lot more on top than Margaret, but was taller and thinner otherwise. Anyway, I replied "OK" and went downstairs to make tea for everyone. Ethel called out that she had made a shepherds pie earlier and we would all have that.

Wendy and Ethel appeared downstairs after about half an hour. Wendy was dressed in a pair of Margaret's sweat pants and one of my sweat shirts. Margaret's tops didn't fit.

Tea passed off OK. Wendy didn't talk much but answered when she was spoken too. However, Janice was determined to jabber away to her and was asking her all sorts of questions, some way too personal, but Wendy didn't seem to mind.

After tea we all sat in the living room and at 7pm I said, "Janice, bedtime." She then shocked me by saying "I want Wendy to put me to bed." I looked at Ethel and Wendy and just shrugged. Wendy stood up and said, "Come on then, beddy byes," and took Janice by the hand. As soon as they had left the room I said to Ethel "Well?"

Ethel said "I am not surprised Janice has taken to her. Wendy has been raising her three sisters for four years, and they are 10, 12 and 14. She has graduated through the school of hard knocks but probably has as much practical experience as any of the nannies who applied."

I said, "OK, now that she's cleaned up and changed out of her tart clothes, she looks less scary so she can have a week's trial. I will pay her £120 a week, and give you £30 towards her keep, if you think that's fair."

Ethel acknowledged, "That's more than fair."

I asked who was going to explain house rules and Ethel said I should.

Wendy came down about half an hour later and said "Mr Hammings, Janice is asleep now. I told her a story."

I replied "Thanks, Wendy. Ethel has spoken to me about your situation and I have agreed to give you a week's trial. I will pay you £120 a week and I am giving her £30 towards your keep at her cottage. Ethel will organise your jobs while you're here. House rules: no smoking in the house; local phone calls are fine, STD calls to be timed and paid for; no drinking alcohol before the evening meal. Don't touch the computers in my office. If you want to use a computer, there is one in the snug." Really I was making it up as I went along. Ethel had said that I would be best to lay things down now.

Shortly afterwards, another of those things happened that derailed my plans; my mother died. It was a couple of days after Ethel had turned up with Wendy. Mum had been in a lot of pain and collapsed at home. When the ambulance turned up she was pronounced dead at the scene.

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