The Courtship Gift

Caution: This Fantasy Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Slavery, Fiction, Rough, Torture, Snuff, Caution, Violent, Cannibalism,

Desc: Fantasy Sex Story: Preface - A South Sea Cannibal opera, preceded by an instructive first-hand report by a British lady traveler on the Brinala archipelago and the strange customs of both its savage and civilized tribes.

Author's Note

Part 1 โ€” The Wrapper

- Editor's Preface

- The Letter by Lady A. to RB

- The Essay on Brinala, by Lady A.

-- The Archipelago

-- The Population

-- The Brinali Opera

-- The Courtship Gift

Part 2 โ€” The Courtship Gift

Opera in Three Acts, of Two Scenes Each

- Act 1

-- Scene 1

-- Scene 2

- Act 2

-- Scene 1

-- Scene 2

- Act 3

-- Scene 1

-- Scene 2


The Humiliated Courtship Gift (original vignette by S. Ireland)

Author's Note

The main part of this story is based upon a story idea (included here as an appendix) by my friend S., and is set in a world that has been created by her, though in several ways adapted to fit my own literary purposes. In her original concept, this world occupies its own universe (and therefore is much larger in scope, richer in detail and more varied than it is depicted here) โ€” for the purpose of this story, I have connected it more closely to our own reality and located it on our planet. I thank the Creatrix of that world not only for the inspiration she has provided, but also for her attentive and patient proofreading and editing, doubly needed since neither is English my first language, nor have I ever truly been to Brinala. The character of "Lady A." I have introduced in homage to Mary Kingsley (1862-1900), who has written about her adventures among cannibals in her fascinating book Travels in West Africa.

R. C. Smith

Part 1 ยป

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