Making a baby for Linda
Chapter 1

Caution: This Drama Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa, Consensual, Coercion, Fiction, Cuckold, Humiliation, Oral Sex, Anal Sex, Voyeurism, Workplace,

Desc: Drama Sex Story: Chapter 1 - A married couple can't have babies and want to try IVF. But they can't afford it, so the husband steals money from his company. He is caught, and his boss offers not to prosecute if he signs his wife over to him for a very personal form of fertilisation, which the husband has to attend. But the company wants others to assist with making Linda's baby.

Martin phoned his wife and asked her to come to meet him at the office. "Dress nicely, darling, the boss wants to meet you." But he wouldn't tell her anything more. When she arrived she was looking lovely. Her long blonde hair was down around her shoulders, and she was wearing a smart black dress, mid thigh length, fairly low cut neckline, high heels, and shiny stockings or tights that showed her legs off nicely.

Martin smiled approvingly, but she felt he was looking nervous, and assumed that was because he was worried about why the boss suddenly wanted to see her.

"Do you think this is about your pay rise?"

A few weeks ago Linda had persuaded Martin to request a pay increase, he hadn't had one for a long time. "I hope so, but he didn't say anything when he arranged this meeting. Just said he wanted to talk to us both."

"Does he know we want to start IVF?"

Linda was 27, Martin four years older. They had been married for three years but despite trying all that time they still had no children. Tests had finally shown that it was Martin's problem, a low sperm count! Now they were contemplating trying IVF, but it was going to be very expensive!

"No, darling, I haven't told him about that. I'm sure he would say that it's our problem, and not a reason for the company to pay me more. Don't worry, dear, I'm sure we can find the money for the programme."

Linda smiled gratefully. Since she first suggested IVF he had promised that he would find the money for it, and she trusted him. When they first got married she wanted to buy a house, and somehow Martin had managed to raise the deposit, although she hadn't any idea where the money had suddenly come from.

Martin was one of the firm's accountants, sharing an office with other employees in the finance department. Linda had never been to his desk, indeed she had never been inside the building beyond the reception desk before, so she was quite excited when Martin met her there and led her to his desk. Not very prestigious but it was nice knowing where he spent his days. "You arrived a bit early, which was good. And you are looking sensational, I love that dress."

She smiled, noticing that several of his co-workers were looking at her appreciatively. At last it was time to go see the boss, and he led her to the executive elevator, and pressed the button for the top floor of the building. Outside his boss's office, he introduced his wife to Mr Seymour's secretary, Sandra, who smiled politely and said, "He is expecting you, I will tell him you are here."

Mr Seymour's office was huge and expensively furnished. He came out from behind his large wooden desk to greet them, but Linda felt he was quite curt with Martin. However he was nice to Linda, taking her hand and saying, "Hello Mrs Lang."

She of course said, "Please call me Linda, Mr Seymour," expecting him to invite her to use his first name, but he didn't, he just smiled and invited them both to sit down, in two upright chairs facing his desk. He went back around his desk and sat down, then with no more pleasantries he said, "I will get straight to the point. Martin, I suspect you already know why you are here. Linda, I asked to have you present when I put certain things to your husband, because I want to see how much you know about what he has been doing."

Martin groaned, and Linda looked at him in confusion. She realised this was not a social visit at all!

"Martin, I know how you have been taking money from the company over the last few years; how you could afford your big house on the salary I was paying you. Would you like to explain it to your wife?"

"Look, sir, Linda knows nothing about this."

Mr Seymour raised an eyebrow, and smiled, but there was nothing humorous about the look he gave to his employee. "About what, Martin? If you tell me everything, I might be a bit more lenient in deciding what action to take. But if you try to deny it, then I will have the Fraud Squad brought in and you will go to prison."

"NOOOOO," wailed Linda, unable to believe what he had just said.

Martin sat motionless for several minutes while Linda sobbed and Mr Seymour, stony faced, waited for his decision. At last Martin took a deep breath and turned to his wife.

"Darling, we could never have bought the house, and all the nice furniture, on my salary. So not long after we married I started fiddling the books."

He turned to face his boss, almost accusing Mr Seymour as he said, "It was too easy, sir, your checks and auditing systems are pathetic. So, yes, I created a few false accounts and paid invoices submitted from those accounts. I only took enough to cover the deposit on the house, and then some for the furniture we needed, but I could easily have taken much more. Maybe if you had given me the pay rises I kept asking for, I wouldn't have needed to steal anything."

Martin reached over and took his wife's hand in his. "I'm sorry, darling, I just wanted you to be happy." She pressed her free hand to face, but said nothing.

After a few moment's silence, Mr Seymour spoke. "Martin, you are a very good accountant, although not very good at hiding your tracks when you try to steal from me. I've been monitoring what you took for a long time, and long ago I decided that it was better to let you go on taking small amounts rather than give you the equivalent pay rise, which you definitely did deserve. To be honest it amused me. And I knew that if I was keeping tabs on you then I could make sure you never went too far without me knowing."

Martin was shaking as he listened to his boss. Linda was quietly crying, tears running down her face.

"Something changed though. A week ago you transferred a much larger sum of money than before, enough so I can't go on ignoring it. What was that for, Martin?"

Martin's voice quivered as he explained. "We want to start a family, but it seems I can't father a child, I have low sperm count. We enquired about IVF, but it's very expensive."

"Ahhh I see." Mr Seymour sat back and put his hands behind his head and surveyed the unhappy pair in front of him. Nothing was said for some time. After a few minutes Mr Seymour stood up and walked around the room, as though deep in thought.

"Let me be quite clear. When I asked you to come here I intended to listen to Martin's excuses then report him to the authorities. You too, Linda, if I had decided you were involved in the fraud. As well as sending Martin to prison, we would have demanded that you return the money that he stole, including that recent large amount that you say was for the IVF, and what you took several years ago for the house deposit. So as well as losing your husband, Linda, I fear you would have needed to sell the house. Sadly, through no fault of yours, you would have found yourself alone with no husband, no house, and still no baby."

For some time he stood behind them, neither daring to turn around to look at him. Finally Linda spoke. "Sir, please, there must be something we can do to avoid all that."

He stepped close beside Linda and put his hand on her shoulder, and said softly, "Don't cry, Linda, I am sure we can work this out."

She struggled to control her sobs, and twisted in her seat trying to smile a thank you.

Finally Mr Seymour sat down again, but this time leaning forward, his elbows on his desk.

"Maybe there is an alternative. Martin, you need to be punished. I need an incentive for not reporting you. And Linda, you need to be inseminated with good quality sperm."

He sat silently for another lengthy pause to let his words sink in, especially the last sentence. Then Linda asked, "What are you proposing?" Linda's voice was strained; she was gripping Martin's hand tightly, and wiping her face with her free hand.

"Many women use surrogate mothers to rear babies, using their husband's sperm inserted into a fertile woman and taking the baby when it is born. But Linda, we assume you are fertile, we know it's your husband who can't impregnate you. So, Linda, you need to use a surrogate father to get you pregnant. I am offering my services."

From their faces it was clear that both of them understood exactly what he meant. Linda was the first to respond. "You want to give me a baby?"

"Yes dear, but not using test tubes and not sneaking into your bed while Martin is away. I propose to impregnate you in the classical manner with your husband's full knowledge."

"I see. Oh my god! When do you propose to do this?"

"Why not start right now? Obviously you aren't on the pill, so with any luck I can get you pregnant quite quickly."


"Lots of women have sex over a desk. If you haven't done it that way, you might find it interesting."


"Why wait? We need to resolve Martin's criminal activities, and I am sure you would like to conceive as quickly as possible."

Linda looked at her husband, and said softly, "Martin, go wait outside, don't come back until I call you." Martin looked at his wife for a minute, shocked that she was accepting Mr Seymour's proposal so easily, then he stood up and was about to walk off when Mr Seymour stopped him.

"No, Linda, Martin is not going to wait outside. This is going to be Martin's baby as well as yours. I am sure you will want him to be present at the birth. Well, you should also want him to be present at the conception."

"Oh no please, I couldn't do that."

"You prefer Martin to go to prison for fraud? I need to decide now whether to prosecute him." She sat looking at him, her mouth open, visibly panting. Martin was still standing by the door, not sure who to obey, not daring to move without an instruction.

"Stand up. Linda." She obeyed, although she felt her knees might give way. Her face was pale but her cheek bones were flushed. Her breasts were visibly rising with each laboured breath.

"So tell me, Linda, do you want your husband to go to prison?" She shook her head violently. "Do you want to keep the house?" She nodded. "Do you want me to give you a baby?"

For nearly a minute Linda stood there, looking at Mr Seymour, deliberately not looking at her husband. Neither man could have understood how desperately she wanted to have a baby. And she knew she wanted it however it was given to her. Finally, and very deliberately, she nodded. "Yes please, Mr Seymour."

"Unzip your wife's dress for her Martin. Then go sit down on that sofa by the wall, you might as well be comfortable as you watch your baby being made." Without a word, Martin unzipped his wife then took the seat indicated. Mr Seymour's eyes never left Linda, roaming over her legs, her bosom, her face. "Take off your dress," he said, and watched approvingly as Linda drew the dress off over her head. "Very lovely. Take the dress over to your husband." She did so, reluctantly looking at him for the first time since agreeing to let Mr Seymour fuck her. "Only thing is, I don't like pantyhose. Martin, take it off your wife, please."

Linda kicked off her shoes then stood in front of Martin while he peeled the hose down off her hips then down her legs. Linda was standing with her back to Mr Seymour, Martin bending forward to push the hose off his wife's feet. When Martin sat back holding the discarded tights, Linda turned back to face Mr Seymour, her face flushed with embarrassment. When she dressed earlier that day, it had never occurred to her that Mr Seymour would see what she was wearing under her dress! Having messed up about the panty hose, she hoped he would like her black bra and panties.

"Put the heels back on Linda, you have lovely legs and high heels show them off to perfection." He waited while she did so. "Lovely. Come round here, Linda."

She walked nervously over to him, going around the desk until she was standing close to Mr Seymour's knees. "Turn around." Again she was forced to look at her husband, as his boss smoothed his hands over her pantied bottom.

She was finding it strangely exciting to be obeying these orders from a complete stranger. And oddly, it was more exciting knowing that her husband was sitting watching her humiliation! Her face was flushed, and she could feel her nipples hardening and her pussy getting wet, as she turned back to face her husband's boss, the man that she knew was about to fuck her, hopefully make a baby in her.

Mr Seymour reached out and ran his hands over her bra, down her belly, over her panties, in between her legs. "Take off the bra. Drop it on the desk." She obeyed. "Lovely breasts," he said softly, and Linda felt a surge of sexual excitement. He tweaked her nipples and her body jerked. He stood and kissed her gently on the mouth and ran his hands over her breasts.

He sat down again, looking up at her body. "Remove the panties." She was blushing as she obeyed, pushing her knickers down and bending to step out of them. He told her to sit on the edge of the desk, and she obeyed, naked now except for the heels, very aware of her husband sitting in the corner watching. "Open your legs." He sat looking at her, and said softly, "I want you to stop shaving down there. I prefer a bush."

Now she knew this wasn't going to be one single act of sex. He intended to go on seeing her. The idea was humiliating but also incredibly exciting.

"Take my cock out of my trousers, Linda; let's see how good you are at giving head. But you understand of course that I intend to cum inside you, now and many more times, until I get you pregnant."

She slipped to her knees between his thighs and fumbled with his trouser fastenings, got his cock out, knelt for a moment looking at it. It had been some time since she saw any cock other than her husband's. Mr Seymour's cock was a lot bigger than Martin's. She knew he was waiting for her to start, so she bent forward and took it in her mouth. He let her suck him for a few minutes. "Nice, but you need more practice. Do you do that for your husband?"

"No, sir."

"I want you to start doing it for him, every day from now on, you need to become more skilled at it."

She nodded, her mouth full.

"But don't let him cum without my permission."

"Okay," she whispered around his cock.

"You hear that, Martin? I'm going to be coming to your house in future, in the evenings, that will be easier than fucking your wife here in my office. She can practice on your cock while you wait for me to arrive."

Linda continued to suck Mr Seymour's cock until he gently pushed her back and made her sit on the edge of the desk again, but now leaning back with her elbows on the desk behind her. Then he stood up, stepped close between her thighs, and slid his cock into her. She moaned.

"Martin, come close and watch your baby being made."

Linda was biting her lip, trying not to show her arousal, as her husband walked over and stood beside his boss, watching as Mr Seymour's cock moved slowly in and out. Mr Seymour told Linda to lie flat on the desk, and sent Martin around to stand by her head. Linda looked up at her husband, and wondered if she would be able to cope if Mr Seymour told her to suck Martin's cock while the boss fucked her.

But no, Mr Seymour wasn't yet ready to make her go that far. "Play with her nipples, Martin." Martin bent forward over his wife's head, very aware how close his cock was to her mouth, but Linda was not thinking of that at all. She was awash with lust as the boss fucked her slowly and steadily.

Almost as soon as her husband started twisting her nipples, Linda orgasmed quite dramatically! "Good girl, I think you needed that. Now sit up and kiss me while I finish inside you. Wrap your legs around me. Watch closely Martin." He had his hands under her bottom, lifting her, pressing her tight against him, as he gave one last thrust and groaned as he spunked up inside the girl he had only met half an hour before.

He gently lowered her back onto the desk, extracted his cock, and stepped away. "Get dressed, Linda. Martin, take your wife home, then come in to see me tomorrow morning first thing. I will have a contract drawn up ready for you to sign, assigning your wife to me in exchange for your your freedom from prosecution."

As he and Martin watched Linda getting dressed, Mr Seymour said softly, "Bring a spare front door key with you tomorrow, once you have signed the contract I will want free access to your house as well as to your wife."

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