Hunter: the Last Mission
Chapter 1

Caution: This Mind Control Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa, Mind Control, Heterosexual,

Desc: Mind Control Sex Story: Chapter 1 - Hunter tracks down and eliminates evil mind controlling bastards and there are none better. But his latest enemy may be more than he bargained for. Can Hunter protect those he cares about and take out this threat while struggling against inner demons of his own making?

The man huffed in the taxi's clammy environment. The wheezing air conditioner doing it's best, but unable to fully defeat the oppressive tropical heat and humidity.

His dark, piercing eyes wandered about the scenery creeping by.

Dirty fucking place, he seethed. Nasty fucking people wearing their t-shirts, for those that bothered with them, bunched up revealing brown stomachs and cut off shorts made from all manner of different trousers. He peered through the taxi window trying to figure out what sort of garbage they were frying in those big pans perched precariously above open wood fires in food stands that had taken over the rightmost lane of the major thoroughfare making traffic even more congested than it already was.

Who the hell would eat such unsanitary refuse, he wondered, and who in the hell would actually be willing to pay for it! He suspected most of them were a bit touched in the head.

He had already determined his driver was insane, nosing his cab into gaps in traffic, even when there were no gaps; passing those stupid little motorcycles with those silly garish side cars while oncoming vehicles threatened to ram them head on and leaning on his horn every two to three seconds. He was certain the only reason they hadn't died already was that the heavy, congested traffic prevented anyone from going over twenty kilometers an hour, if that. Other car and truck horns blared, sending his nerves on edge and worsening his already foul mood.

He just knew that each and every one of those disgusting sub-humans on the street, whether shuffling along on paper thin flip-flops or in a vehicle, would just as soon slit his throat as look at him. Even his cab driver was more than likely planning to pad his fare by driving a circuitous route to the hotel that probably wouldn't have hot water, or if it did, the water would be teaming with all manner of filthy bacteria.

He saw an attractive woman walking up the sidewalk talking on a cell phone and he took a few moments away from his lamentations to imagine all the things he could do to her, all the ways he could hurt her. He envisioned her lovely face contorted with fear and pain and he could almost feel her terror seeping into every pore of his being, invigorating him. Her straight, silky black hair was long enough he could weave it into a rope and strangle her without ripping it from her head first – though he probably would. His cock began to swell at the thoughts.

He could hardly wait to collect his harem and relocate to the cleaner tourist resorts on one of the smaller islands making up the over seven thousand islands of the Philippines. He could hardly wait to get get out of this loathsome third world slum that seemed to be the entirety of Manila. But mostly he could hardly wait to begin the rituals that would bring horror to his women and much needed release to him.

On a whim, he touched the driver's mind, deciding that if he were planning on ripping him off he would suffer greatly for his impertinence.

All he found was man trying to support his extended family while adhering to the teachings of his so-called God. He was scrupulously honest.

The stupidity of such honesty in a place like this irritated the man even more.

The slow traffic gave him plenty of time to make adjustments and by the time they had reached his hotel the driver's future was determined.

The man almost chortled as the lean Filipino struggled with his bags, wearing a silly smile and spewing his excessive sir this, sir that. Within a month, he would be drinking heavily, gambling away most of his money on cock fights and visiting prostitutes of the lowest order with what he had left. The man's mood was elevated by the thought of how many diseases the driver would contract and spread as his life spiraled into despair.

Who was this fucker's God now? He thought, almost laughing out loud.

He managed to smile back at the swarthy man while counting out the exact fare in the colorful play money – he didn't give a tip. He never tipped – in this life you only deserverd what you could earn or take. He'd tried the earning route ... now he was a taker.

Checking in was interminably slow and he kept his temper under control by focusing on the attractive desk clerk's delicate hands, imagining what his nut-cracker could do to her pretty little knuckles.

Despite her ineptness, she was gorgeous, but he shook off the desire to make her come up to his room for a little one on one time. Her disappearance would likely draw attention, at least more attention than the disappearances of his usual prey, and one on one time with him invariably led to the girl's disappearance. That is, until the body was found.

Attention was one thing he didn't want. He was king of the world, as long as nobody else knew it. He'd recently had a close call with one of the council's trackers. Not a big problem as he'd killed the stupid bastard. They hadn't caught him then and he was confident he would prevail no matter what – they were all idiots, but there was no reason to tempt fate.

Once in his room, he found that there was no electricity, thereby no air conditioning, unless he inserted his one and only room key into a small box on the wall. The cheap bastards didn't want tourists leaving their rooms with things turned on, meaning that if he spent any significant time away from his room it would be insufferably hot when he returned.

But, he was smarter than them. He was smarter than everyone. He was clever enough to know that any plastic card shoved into that box would keep the power on and he decided that he would turn on every light and gadget in the room and max out the air conditioning while he was gone – just to make them pay for their arrogance.

He perused the room service menu wondering how far he could trust the food. Maybe it would be brought to him by a pretty bellhop. He could short circuit her brain's ability to make new memories and rape her. But sex, even rape, wasn't really any fun without the torture, and that left marks, disabling marks – which would draw attention.

Outwardly calm, yet simmering with rage at how unfair the world was, he sat down to peruse the resort pamphlets on the desk, trying to determine where he would take his, soon to be acquired, doomed collection of playthings.

Hunter The Last Mission By Billy_Ray77

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