Betty's Boobs
Chapter 1

Caution: This Erotica Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa, Consensual, Romantic, Heterosexual, Fiction, Wife Watching, First, Safe Sex, Big Breasts,

Desc: Erotica Sex Story: Chapter 1 - A buxom girl/woman happily surrenders her virginity on her 18th birthday.

I inherited many of my mother's qualities, particularly her body, her looks and certainly her love of life. And sexuality. She was always open about how her and Daddy enjoyed a full and varied sex life and their love for each other was apparent in the way they would touch and embrace frequently about the house so I and my siblings grew up in a loving, happy home.

I was the middle child of Mum's three. My brothers and I were good friends all through my childhood. Oh we had the usual childish fights but never anything serious or long-lasting: we soon made up and played happily together as if nothing had happened.

Mummy and I were particularly close and she would share 'secrets' with me so, even from a young age, I knew what happened in her bedroom when we kids had gone to bed. Sex was never a taboo subject at home and our parents would answer our childish questions without embarrassment on either side. Even so, I was still a virgin coming up to my 18th birthday because Mummy and Daddy both told me they would prefer that I wait until that age when my body had fully matured and I was able to make rational decisions about such things.

About a week before my birthday, Mummy and Daddy took the occasion to talk to me when Peter and Tony (elder and younger brother) were away at a weekend scouts' camp.

"On Friday you will turn 18," Daddy told me, "and we're all going to have a party here to celebrate your becoming an adult. Aunt Mary and Uncle John would like to come and, if you would like, you can go back and spend the weekend with them."

Let me tell you about Aunt Mary and Uncle John. First, they were Aunt and Uncle purely as a childhood convention. Mary and Mummy had been best friends all the way through school and were still best friends, but, even to this day, they were still Aunt Mary and Uncle John to me. They were both fun people to be with: they would babysit us when we were younger and Mummy and Daddy would babysit their Steve who was a few months older than me.

As I grew up they would sometimes spend the weekend at our house but only later did I learn that they and my parents shared the master bedroom, with all that implied. Lately I had noticed Uncle John checking me out. Well, with my figure and particularly my boobs, lots of boys would do the same so I knew the signs. Uncle John was a handsome specimen: he and Aunt Mary kept themselves fit by going for a long jog at least twice a week so Uncle John had a healthy leanness about him. He was not too tall, standing at about 5'9" with dark, wavy hair and piercingly blue eyes set in an angular face. I had also checked him out from his firmly sculpted biceps to his trim bum. He was sexy.

"Are you trying to tell me something?" I asked, curious as to why Mummy and Daddy had sat me down for a serious talk.

It was Mummy who replied, "Well, we know you have not slept with a man before. Uncle John is somebody whom we trust implicitly and, if you would like it, he would love to sleep with you. But only if you want, we're not trying to push you onto him." Here my mother took hold of my hand,. "Betty, we are so proud that you have kept yourself pure and we want your first time to be a happy, loving thing. John is an experienced and considerate lover. We both think it would be a good start for you."

"You have all week to think about it," continued Daddy, "and it will only happen if you want it to happen. Don't worry about Mary, either. She is happy about the situation and will be nearby if you need her. We just want the very best for you."

Both my parents smiled at me then Mummy said, "Whatever you want, you have our blessing. You're an adult, you make your own mind up. If you would rather have somebody nearer your age, we would fully understand and you would still have our blessing."

I stood up and walked towards the patio door then looked back at them, "Let me think this through." I opened the door and walked through to the back garden. It was warm, maybe too hot, in the sun so I sought the shade of the big old apple tree down near the bottom fence and stretched myself out on the lounger, deep in thought.

There were several boys my age who would be only too glad to deflower me. One or two were serious possibilities who looked past my DD42 boobs and the generous curves of my old fashioned hour-glass figure to the shy and sensitive me that was underneath my physical outer shell. Billy Atherton, now he was interested in the real me and he had taken me out on a date several times but respected my decision not go beyond passionate kissing. If it were to be any of my would-be suitors, it would probably be Billy.

But other girls in my class had told me that their first time was not too good: fumbled clutching in the back seat of a car or behind the old headstones in the churchyard, with the boy too eager and shooting off as soon as he was inside, leaving his partner high and dry. Did I want that to be a first experience for me? No way. Like a true romantic, I wanted my first time to be beautiful. Maybe I should think about Uncle John. Physically I was not repulsed by the idea. He was a lovely man with a lovely personality but how would I feel when Uncle John became John the lover? My lover?

As I lay there in the shade of the tree, I was tossing the two about in my mind, Billy or John, Billy or John and fell into a doze, half dreaming of giving up my virginity but my visions were more of John.

"Tea's ready, Betty." I sat up with a start as I heard my mother call again, "Come and get it." I felt frustrated that Mummy had called me out of a very erotic dream in which Uncle John was about to take my cherry after an age of tender caresses. I looked down at my chest and noticed my nipples engorged and pushing the front of my dress out in bumps. I felt a curious dampness around my private parts as I rose from the lounger and made my way back inside. Suddenly I stopped in mid stride. It was Uncle John, the lover in my dream. Maybe my body was trying to tell me something.

Nothing more was said about my coming weekend but I did give the matter some thought and had decided that Uncle John would be the one. There would always be time for Billy later. On Thursday Mummy and I were washing the pots after our evening meal. "I think I'll go back with Aunt Mary and Uncle John tomorrow." I half whispered. "But Mummy, I'm so nervous."

She turned, flung the tea towel aside and pulled me to her in a tender hug. "Of course you're nervous, my Baby. Every girl is at this time. But I'm sure John will look after you and make it wonderful for you. Try to relax and when you come back to us on Sunday evening, you'll be different, you'll be a fulfilled woman, not my little Baby any more." Mummy held my face in my arms and kissed me. "Just enjoy yourself. You've been taking your pill every day?"

Mummy had got the doctor to put me on contraception two months ago in anticipation of my 18th birthday. "Yes, Mummy, every morning when I brush my teeth."

"Good girl. We wouldn't want anything to happen, so just relax. I'll phone Mary later."

Friday morning dawned, bright and sunny. I woke to the sound of birds chirping and quarrelling around the seed table. I yawned loudly and stretched exquisitely before throwing off the loose cover and wandered to the bathroom in my 'jamas.

"Happy birthday," my siblings chorused as I passed their open bedroom door. I looked in and smiled my thanks to them then continued to the bathroom where I luxuriated under the shower. Returning to my room, I dressed in plain cotton panties and bra, a pair of tight short shorts which, I knew, showed my bum in all its glory and a tight-fitting tee shirt which stopped at my navel. I felt good, knowing I looked good. I brushed my blonde locks into a pony tail and went downstairs to the kitchen for breakfast. Both boys whistled and clapped at my appearance. They often fooled around like that so I posed in the doorway and preened myself, laughing as I made my way to the table. Even Daddy gave me appreciating glances as he wished me Happy Birthday. Mummy hugged me from behind my chair as she placed a cereal bowl in front of me.

Some envelopes were by my plate, cards from my family. In my parents' envelope I found a bundle of £20 notes. I riffled through them and counted 25 notes. £500 was a fortune! Happy Birthday, Baby Girl," said Daddy as he and Mummy smiled at me.

Tony's card was a lovely flowery concoction and just held the message 'Have a good one, Sis.' He handed me a package which, when opened, revealed a box containing all the make-up items I usually used. I'm sure Mummy must have put it together because Tony knew zip about such things but it was a lovely thought. I got up from my seat and went round to give him a hug and a big sloppy kiss on the cheek which made him blush and squirm, wiping the kiss off with the back of his hand.

Peter's card was one of his loveliest hand made cards. It was a hobby he had taken up in his early teens one miserable winter's day and he had developed his skills over the years. He was very much in demand by all his mates and worked for weeks before Valentine's fulfilling orders. He charged all the market would bear and was putting his earnings towards a new car. His present was a latest model mobile phone complete with a one year contract. Peter, too, got a big hug and sloppy kiss. He blushed as much as his brother had but didn't wipe the kiss away. He tossed his car keys to me and said I could borrow it for the day.

"When you've finished your breakfast you can go to the Mall and spend some of that birthday money," Mummy told me. " I don't want you under my feet while I prepare for this evening. Get yourself some nice clothes."

"Yes, Mummy. I'll see if Jenny wants to come."

I called my best friend Jenny on my new phone after I had spent an hour transferring all my numbers over and discovering all the functions on the new one. I picked her up at her place and drove to the Mall. I told her where I was going for the weekend and why. Jenny got all excited for me and said I had to buy some really sexy underwear and clothes so we spent a couple of hours just browsing through the shops as I picked out in my mind some of the things I wanted.

We stopped for a break and shared a big pizza at the food hall then started on another circuit of the shops where I had seen what I wanted. I had a fabulous time trying on all the clothes that had caught my eye and Jenny always came into the changing cubicles with me to check them out and offer her advice. Jenny has a good sense for clothes so I trusted her judgement if she said something was not quite right.

It was she who picked out what I should wear for the party that evening. It was a sleeveless dress in flimsy powder blue satin overlaid with a heavy black lace which plunged at the front, hugged my figure everywhere and fell to mid-calf. It had a split right up one side to my hip. So we went shopping for the underwear to complement the dress. Black lace it had to be, declared Jenny. Well, with my DD 42 bust, we had to search high and low for something to satisfy Jenny's demands, all the usual shops had fairly basic stuff in my size: not sexy enough for my mentor.

Eventually we decided to drive to another town where I knew there was a Bravissimo shop so we jumped into the car to drive the 25 miles. We found a bra which Jenny described as 'perfect'. Black, almost see-through lace, low cups with a cute red bow between them. It was sturdy enough to give me a measure of support and 'push'. "With tits like yours, Betty," she said, "you've just got to show them to their best advantage to a man you want to attract. If he's anything of a tit man he'll be drooling over them."

The bra had a matching high-sided thong which went into the bag along with a suspender belt to complete the set. My shopping trip had cost me well over half the birthday money but what the hell. Today was a big and special day for me and we had both enjoyed our trip. Jenny chattered away nineteen to the dozen on the drive back home but I was happy to let her. I was thinking about my night to come and was getting more and more nervous, the closer we got to home.

There was a large banner fluttering in the light breeze as we turned into our cul-de-sac. 'HAPPY BIRTHDAY JENNY 18 TODAY' it read and our house was festooned with balloons and streamers. Mum must have seen the car pull up outside the house because she was there with the door open to let us in with all my shopping bags which we carried straight up to my bedroom. "You have an hour and a half to get ready," Mummy called after us. "Make her beautiful, Jenny," she instructed my friend.

We put away all but the clothes I would be wearing for the party then Jenny hustled me out to the bathroom where I took a quick shower before returning to my room. There, my friend took charge. She has done quite a lot of work experience in a hair and beauty parlour she knew what she about so I subjected myself to her ministrations. First she pulled my bathrobe off and surveyed my naked form before passing the bra round me, then the suspender belt followed by the thong. Sitting me down by my dressing table she started in on my nails, buffing, filing and polishing them before painting them a delicate pink.

Next she worked for what seemed ages on my makeup: just enough to look desirable, she said, but not slutty and she took it all the way to my bosom, blending the colours in. She made me sit still while she rolled my black stockings up my legs. They were seamed at the back so she fussed with them to get the seams straight before attaching them to the dangling suspenders. Then the dress was slipped over my head and zipped up. Jenny took her time on brushing and shaping my hair, which helped the butterflies in my tummy. When she was done she used a black alice band to keep it out of my face. She produced a pair of black patent leather shoes with a three inch heel and slipped them onto my feet then sprayed me with a perfume I had bought especially for tonight. She opened the wardrobe door so I could see myself in the full-length mirror.

I was amazed how incredibly beautiful was the woman looking back at me. "Let's hope your man doesn't have a heart attack when he sees you," she quipped. I was almost hyperventilating with excitement and watched my bosom heaving up and down with each breath. She made me sit down while she quickly changed into her own dress which she had brought with her for the party. She looked very pretty.

"Come on you slowcoaches," we heard my Mum call up the stairs.

Goodness, how the time had flown. Jenny held my trembling frame, kissed me lightly on the cheek and half-whispered, "Time to party. You'll knock 'em all out!" She opened the door, ushered me out and walked ahead of me down the stairs. Opening the door to our living room, she called everybody's attention with a load "Ta Da" and gently pushed me into the room.

I froze as everybody stared at me for a long second before Daddy came over, kissed me on the cheek and said, "When did my little Baby grow up into a beautiful lady?" Then suddenly they were all clapping. My brothers and Steve were whistling, clapping and stomping their feet which startled me out of my paralysis so Daddy led me to a comfortable armchair and sat me down.

I was handed a glass of wine: I gulped the first half glass down quickly then just sipped at it. I'm not much of a drinker because of my age but the wine helped me calm down. Even the boys were allowed wine so soon everybody was having a good time. Mummy had loaded the dining table with lots of finger buffet bits and pieces and Daddy had created a well-equipped bar on the sideboard and loaded the sound system with an eclectic mix of music, both classical and modern, suitable for dancing or just as a background.

All the furniture had been pushed back to the wall, leaving an empty area in the middle to make space for dancing, Jenny was there with Tony, Aunt Mary and Daddy were there too but it was Uncle John who came over to my chair and offered me his hand. I rose and slipped into his arms. My heart was thumping as he held me away from his body and looked up and down my figure.

"You look so beautiful tonight," he whispered before pulling me close as we shuffled round the room. I could feel my breasts flattening against his chest and that felt fine. I was conscious of the faint spicy smell of his hair and body as I relaxed against him. He was nice to dance with and he made no intimate advances, just held me close as we waltzed slowly to the sound of Andy Williams singing Moon River. When the music faded away he kissed me on the cheek, thanked me and returned me to my chair, heart beating in my chest.

I got myself a plate of snacks and Daddy gave me another glass of wine. "Enjoying yourself?" he asked with a gleaming smile.

"Yes, I'm having a lovely time. Thank you Daddy."

"You and John looked good dancing together."

"He's a lovely dancer, Daddy."

"Well, you just have a good time and enjoy your birthday party."

Everybody seemed to be enjoying the party: there was always one or two couples dancing, I danced with my all the boys, with Daddy and had a wild upbeat dance with John. "I love watching your boobs bounce about when you're dancing like that," he whispered as he escorted me back to my seat. After about an hour somebody turned off the main lights and the room was only dimly lit by a table lamp in the corner as Mummy came from the kitchen carrying a cake ablaze with eighteen candles. Everybody was singing 'Happy birthday to you... '

Taking a deep breath, I managed to blow out all the candles as the company chanted "Make a wish."

I looked around at all the smiling faces and focussed on John who slowly closed his eyes and dipped his head in my direction. I closed my eyes as I formed the wish and said to myself, "I wish ... I wish that John will make this the best night of my life."

With a deep sigh, I opened my eyes and again noticed John's kindly, inviting, smile. I only had eyes for him and smiled back shyly. It seemed, in that brief moment, silent promises were made between us. Gone were any last lingering doubts, my mind was totally made up. John would make love to me tonight. My thoughts were interrupted by the sound of a champagne cork popping and we all had a glass. The company all toasted me and again wished me a happy birthday.

For the rest of the evening I was with my lover-to-be exclusively. We sat side by side, he flirted mildly with me and, as we talked, my inhibitions slowly melted away. We danced together several times until finally he asked me if I was ready to leave now. This was it! I was going home with him and give him my precious virginity. My heart was thumping as he led me out to his car with Mary close behind. Steve, apparently, was not coming with us.

It was Mary who got behind the wheel for the ten minute drive while John and I sat in the back seat. He held my hand and leaned in to kiss me on the lips. Not pushing himself, just a gentle kiss, waiting for me to respond. After a short time I found myself kissing him back and his own kissing became more animated. His hand was on my waist and felt warm as he stroked up and down the side of my body. He made no intimate moves apart from our kissing but, at each movement the back of his hand came in brief contact with the swell of my breast then was gone again as the hand moved back down to my hip.

Soon, too soon, Mary parked up in their drive. She got out and opened the door to their house while John helped me out of the car and, arm around my waist, guided me into the house. With a big smile on her face, Mary closed the door behind us. "Would you like another glass of wine, Betty? We are having one."

"Yes, please." I needed something to calm my nerves. She left us briefly while John sat me on the sofa and cuddled in, hand around the back of my head as we kissed, getting quite passionate. My heart was beating fast and I could hear the blood pumping through my ears. I was trembling a little as his hand ran through my hair and pushed my mouth into his, only stopping when Mary returned with three glasses of wine. She handed them out and sat in an easy chair, sipping at her wine and watching us, benignly smiling her approval.

John's hand was still around my shoulders while the other raised his glass to his lips. He took a couple of sips, put the glass down and rested his hand on my knee, gently stroking it and sending shivers up my spine.

"You look so beautiful, Betty. I love these," he said quietly while moving his hand to the swell of my breasts showing above my dress. "So lovely." He planted a kiss on each breast, right where his hand had touched and I felt myself blushing madly. But I felt my nipples getting hard and wanted him to continue.

I turned my face to his and we kissed, his tongue probed gently at my lips and I opened my mouth to admit it, slowly using my own tongue to play with his. Our kissing got more passionate and I wrapped my hands around the back of his head pulling him as close as I could before, eventually, pulling back panting.

Taking a breather to compose myself again, I grabbed my glass and gulped the contents down. It was John who rose, took all three of our empty glasses and left the room. "Are you happy with me sitting here?" asked Mary. "I'll leave you two alone if you prefer."

Somehow her presence was a comfort to me at this momentous time, almost like a guardian angel, she was a welcome figure. "No, Aunt Mary, please stay."

She smiled. "John loves beautiful women and he has a particular love of big breasts - just like your magnificent pair. I don't know what he sees in mine!" and here she cupped her own breasts which were only maybe a B cup. She shrugged, but seemed happy enough with her lot.

"I love all breasts, big and small," the returning John said with a chuckle. "Yours are magnificent, my darling Betty, but Mary's are just as lovely in their own way." He passed our refilled glasses back to us with a gentle warning to me: "Don't have too much, darling. I want you to be relaxed but don't pass out on me." He softened the gentle caution with a broad smile.

I was already feeling a little tipsy but decided I was still OK, nice and relaxed. I was looking forward to my lover taking up where he had left off.

This he did as soon as he sat down. His hand went straight to my breast, cupping and squeezing it, moulding it in his hand while, in a half-whisper, "Beautiful, just beautiful." His hand went from one breast to the other and back again, massaging each in turn.

After a heavenly few minutes of this, he encouraged me to stand up. "Shall we get rid of the dress?" he asked and I nodded my acquiescence but he made no move to undress me, he just held me close and kissed me but I felt the zip being pulled down anyway then the shoulders of my dress pulled to one side. John broke off the kiss and stepped back while Mary, for it was she who had unzipped me, slipped the dress down my arms and let it fall to a pool around my feet. I was left standing in front of them both in just my all-too-brief underwear. Their stares were of admiration before Mary broke the silence: "Oh you look so lovely in that lingerie. Did you buy it for this night?" I just nodded.

"You bought well," said John. "You look just so sexy, I could eat you up." He had me sit down and we kissed again, deeply, very passionately, as he went to work on my aching breasts again. Soon he slipped a hand inside my bra and his hand almost seared the bare flesh where it touched. He found my nipple which seemed more sensitive than I had ever known and when he pinched it lightly, I felt the spark all the way to my clitoris, making me jump.

We never stopped kissing as his hands made free with my breasts but I jumped again when his hand went down to stroke my thigh, smoothing up and down from my knee to the bare flesh above my stockings, tweaking at the suspender strap. His hand slipped between my legs: I kept them closed although not clamped as he cupped the top of my thigh and squeezed then he pulled his hand away, almost accidentally brushing against my thong on its journey back to my breasts.

Taking hold of one breast in both hands he kissed my nipple through my bra before putting his hand inside and scooping my breast out from the confines of its covering. Now he had one free, he concentrated on that breast with both hands and mouth. He kissed it all over as he was squeezing and moulding it and when his lips sank over the engorged nipple I squealed as he suckled and pulled it into his mouth.

Now I decided it was time I did something myself rather than sitting there passively. Tentatively I moved my hand to his thigh and stroked it up and down, copying his earlier actions. Meanwhile he had unfettered my other breast and that was receiving the same attention as the first. I moved my hand further up his thigh and came into contact with the hard lump of his penis. Quickly, as if caught in some forbidden act I moved away from the 'danger zone' but it was not too long before curiosity got the better of me so I returned to the lump and let my hand rest on it. I flinched when it suddenly twitched in my hand but he seemed in no discomfort so bravely, as I thought, I took hold of it through his trousers. It felt so big as it throbbed in my hand.

Leaving my breasts, John passed me my wine glass and suggested I finish it off, which I did. He stood me up with the words which sent my tummy all aquiver, "Time for bed, Darling." He held me steady as he and Mary guided me through to their bedroom and stood me by the side of the bed. Working as a team, they stripped me of all my underwear and invited me to lay on the bed. I was glad to do that because my head was spinning a little. Mary asked me kindly if I would prefer her to leave or stay, not putting any pressure on me either way. Somehow I had found her unobtrusive presence comforting and asked her if she could stay. She smiled and said, "Back in a moment, I just need to change."

While she was gone, John removed first his shoes and socks, his shirt then his pants and stood by the bed in just his boxers which seemed to me to be of red silk. I sat up on the bed and watched in fascination as he slowly pulled down his shorts and his hard penis came into sight for the first time. Oh god, I thought, it's so big. How will that ever fit inside me? He held it in his hand and slowly stroked it up and down as I watched. Right at the tip of it, I noticed a bead of some colourless liquid and wondered if that was normal but he did not seem at all concerned about it.

Just them Mary re-entered the room, now dressed in a short filmy nightie with a pair of matching panties underneath, but everything was transparent and I clearly saw her breasts bobbling with each step she took and the dark bush of her pubic hairs. She came over to the bed, kissed me on my lips and told me to relax and let John do all the work. She sat down on the chair near the bed and we both watched as John climbed beside me.

"This is it!" I thought, "here goes my virginity. He's going to push his penis into me. It's too big, he'll split me wide open." I was trembling all over, wanting yet fearing the inevitable. But John just kissed my lips while his tongue started to penetrate. This part I knew and was happy to continue as his mobile tongue explored the roof of my mouth, round inside my cheeks and under my tongue which duelled with his briefly. His lips traced my jaw with soft fluttering kisses until he reached my ear. He sucked my earlobe between his lips and gently blew in before kissing it again. His lips and tongue trailed slowly down my neck to where it joined my shoulder and he gently sucked. I felt the heat rising where his lips touched but he soon moved on, down over the swell of my breast which he held softly in his hand as he kissed all around it, circling ever closer to my nipple with his tongue and leaving a wet track. Then I felt his mouth closing on my nipple, suckling and nibbling, sending sparks shooting through my body.

His hand was caressing my side, feeling out the softness of my flesh, the swell of my breast, the curve of my hip as he took the other breast in his mouth. His hand moved across my tummy lightly, barely making contact with my skin, just fluttering back and forth, circling my navel briefly before moving south where he brushed lightly over my mound although never quite reaching my pussy, before making a slow journey back up my body, caressing all the sensitive spots I never knew I had. Again each breast was lovingly fondled, each nipple suckled and teased before he kissed up my neck, my jaw and then his mouth closed on mine and our tongues danced together.

He ran his fingers through my hair, pulling me closer to his kiss, then his mouth made its slow passage back down to my breasts but he did not linger there. He nuzzled at my navel, pushing his tongue into the small crater then more butterfly kisses over my abdomen, getting closer to my secret part. He licked at my tangle of pubes then pushed my legs gently apart before kneeling between them.

Stretching up, he kissed my mouth, trailed his tongue down between my breasts, over my navel and all the way down between my legs. I could feel the juices leaking out of my pussy and felt there was something I needed: quite what, I wasn't sure but my body was on fire and I realised I was mewling like a cat. When his tongue traced all the way up my pussy lips, it felt like I was being seared by a red hot iron. I screeched and bucked my hips but John hung onto me and clamped his mouth to my pussy, lapping at my lips, probing just inside.

When my jerking spasm was over, he spread my pussy lips with his fingers and ran his tongue inside me, lapping like a cat with a bowl of cream. Oh, it was so lovely, feeling the silky touch of his tongue, that I raised my hips in time with each stroke. I had another small shock as he lifted and parted the hood of my clitoris with his thumbs and, when his mouth closed over that little nub and sucked it in, I screamed as my orgasm came over in wave after wave, it felt like my whole body was burning up in a most exquisite fire.

When my senses returned to something like normal, I felt him move up my body and reached hungrily for his kiss. His face was wet everywhere, his mouth tasted different and I realised that the taste was my own juices. I was vaguely conscious of my secretions leaking between my legs and down over my anus. I decided I liked the taste of myself and almost devoured his face as we kissed passionately.

Now John positioned his tool against the entrance to my pussy and nudged gently until the bulbous head of his penis, generously lubricated by my flow, penetrated me, an invasion I welcomed as more of him slid up my pulsating passage. I felt him nudge up against the blockage. This was it, my virginity was about to be surrendered. One quick thrust caused me a twinge of pain for a brief moment then I felt his full length gliding up inside me.

John pulled back and thrust again. All pain gone and forgotten, I took his full length and revelled in my achievement. He was now surging in and out, his movements growing with an urgency which was overwhelming me. I felt him now pounding into me and raised my hips wanting more. I felt him with every nerve in my body, my muscles straining to meet his every thrust.

My breaths were coming short and fast as I called his name over and over again and dimly heard him calling to me until, at last, I felt a final huge thrust and was overtaken by paroxysms of inexpressible pleasure and release as I felt my lover pumping his seed deep inside my womb before he collapsed, tenderly hugging and kissing me. I felt his weight on my body, I felt his now quiescent manhood slowly shrinking and I didn't want to lose it, I wanted to keep it inside me forever, this flesh which had given me so much. I wanted this magical moment to last forever and clung to him tightly until the inevitable happened and his shrinking member slipped out, leaving me bereft.

"Oh John," I sobbed through the tears of my passion and joy, "John, how do you know my body so well?"

My lover raised himself on one arm and with his free hand he smoothed the loose tendrils of my hair from my face, caressed my eyelids with his thumb, stroked the beads of moisture from my forehead, softly, lovingly, kissed my mouth then rolled to one side and gently moulded my breasts, sending little shivers of aftershocks through my body as his hands brushed lightly across my engorged nipples. I closed my eyes, just enjoying his final embrace until I felt him rolling off the bed.

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