Blood Quest
Chapter 1

Meeting the Mistress

"Help me!" a voice said from the dark beyond. The voice sounded weak, but it echoed through the cave so Jerry couldn't even tell how close it was. He pointed his flashlight back at the clothed skeleton at his feet, and then to the depths of the cave in front of him.

"Help me, please!" the voice repeated. It was the voice of a girl or a young woman, but he still debated. He wasn't here to help anyone. He hadn't come here to find a decayed body and he wasn't here to help anyone. He was up inside the belly of this mountain to reconnect with his youth. To find memories of a better time—a time before Alimony and child support and a time before job related stress.

And the cage? What was that all about? He didn't know for sure. Whoever the bones had originally belonged to had come up here with what appeared to be a rabbit in a cage. The rabbit was as dead and decayed as the corpse was and because there wasn't a shred of flesh on either of them he could only assume they had both died a long time ago.

So how is the owner of the voice still alive huh? Jerry's mind taunted. If what you are thinking is true? If the bone man was bringing someone their dinner than how is that someone still alive? You can't live for long without food.

Jerry didn't know the answer to that question. All he knew was that the place felt dangerous. All he had brought with him was a flashlight and some water and that was it. He had nothing to defend himself with. But the voice belonged to a girl. The voice sounded young. Weak, but yet somehow vibrant.

"Please!" the voice begged. "Come and help me! Bring the keys. I know you've probably seen him! Right? He's lying out there dead! He kept me captive in here! Please help me," the voice continued.

Was she the same age as his daughter Misha? He wasn't sure, but that sounded possible. And if it was Misha held captive in an abandoned Pennsylvania cave wouldn't he want whoever to found her to rescue her. There was probably a father out there somewhere that was worried sick about their little girl.

He took a few steps forward and then shined his light back at the skeletal corpse. Its bony fist was clenched over its chest. A heart attack then? Probably so. He finally decided to move in further. He had to at least investigate. He still wasn't sure that he was going to do a damn thing about it because the truth was he didn't care any more about anything and he didn't want the attention. He just wanted to search. He wanted to search for himself—to find whatever part of himself that he'd apparently lost along the way and he didn't give two shits about helping anyone.

His feeling of danger increased as he went further in. He guided himself with his flashlight and the walls of the cave seemed to close in on him as he went.

"Oh God thank you!" the girl said when he got to her, but he couldn't reply to her right away. He was way too busy scooping his jaw off the hard rock floor.

The girl was naked and chained to the rock wall of the opening. Her arms were stretched out as far as they could reach and her legs were chained more than shoulder width apart. She had a black hood over her head, but as he shined the light there to investigate he could see that there was a hole cut out of her hood around her mouth.

But her teeth!

Never mind her teeth Jerry! Just get the fuck out of here. Forget you ever saw her, turn around and leave. Go back home to your fucked up daughter, pull every fucking hard liquor you have out of your cupboards and get very, very drunk. That's all you need to do.

"Did you bring the keys?" the voice asked him. The girl sounded foreign, but he couldn't place the accent. She wasn't English, or French, but not German either. The accent had a German or Russian sound to it, but he knew that wasn't exactly right either. Polish maybe? He couldn't be sure, becausehe'd never really knowingly heard a Polish accent before, but that was possible.

"No I didn't," he said. He trailed the light over her body again. She was thin and her stomach looked empty, but yet her body still had a somewhat healthy look to it. Her breasts were full and her legs still had plenty of muscle on them. That dead body had been there a very long time by the looks of it which meant she had been hanging here for just as long. How could she possibly still be alive?

"Please. I know it's probably gross digging through the pockets of a dead body, but I have to get out of here."

She jerked her arms against the chains and that caused him to move his light to her hands. Her teeth weren't the only terrifying thing about the girl. She didn't have fingernails on the ends of her fingers. She had claws. Her fingers looked perfectly normal, but there were claws on the ends of them. Sharp, black claws and his impression of sharp was razor sharp. It looked like she could tear him apart in seconds with those things and then sink her...

Don't think of the teeth Jerry. Think of anything else, but those teeth.

"I'm not here to help you," Jerry said mustering his courage. He didn't want to help her and he really didn't want a long and dragged out drama with police and rescue and questions, but that didn't mean that he was a bad guy. He just didn't have the will to be drug through another ordeal. Was that what his divorce was to him now? An ordeal?

Pretty much.

"Really! All you have to do is get the fucking keys prick! Is that really asking so much? To get the fucking keys and set me free? Am I really troubling you so fucking much for that?" Her words came out in a near hiss, and her hiss made her sound ... not human. But her words also pissed him off a little. Her attitude reminded him of his wife and he had come to hate that bitch. He had spent his entire adult life working to make that cunt happy and no matter how hard he tried she was never happy. Not ever.

"When's the last time you saw your Goddamn teeth? Brush them fuckers lately?"

The girl snapped her mouth shut, but it wasn't really a snap. She couldn't really snap them because of her teeth. She had a mouth full of teeth and every one of them looked sharper than her claws. Most of them didn't even look like teeth. They looked like needles--all of them except for her incisors. Those were way longer than the rest of them.

"Come on," she begged. "Hey ... I know. I'll let you fuck me first if you want. My pussy could use a good pounding anyway. My father used to do that and I loved it, but you saw what happened to him. The old fucker up and died on me. He didn't even have the courtesy to give me my last meal first. Whaddaya say. You wanna wet your prick first?" she said. She thrust her hips at him as she finished and his light instinctively went to the V between her legs. There wasn't a single pubic hair on her cunt which was also odd. She was hanging in a cave by herself. How could she shave down there?

"No thanks," Jerry replied. "I'm not into fucking teenagers."

"Shit! I'm way older than you are prick! Give this pussy some loving and then go get the keys. I've got a few fish to fry and I can't do it from in here."

Her attitude was starting to remind him of his daughter. Misha also had a way with words, (sarcastically speaking), and Misha's attitude often reminded him of his ex-wife, who also had a shitty man-hating way with words. Shit! Even when he bumped into a damsel in distress she turned out to be a she-bitch.

He turned away from the girl and started to walk away. He'd had enough abuse from women to last him a lifetime. His wife took all of his money, his daughter took all of his energy and he wasn't going to let this cunt take anything from him. He was done.

"Fine leave! But before you go can you just do one thing? Just take off my hood. Just do that one thing. You can leave me chained up in this cave, but don't make me die like a fucking masked freak!"

And what harm could that do? She still wouldn't be free from her bondage and couldn't use those claws or teeth to hurt a damned fly. So why not? Fuck it. If it was going to shut her up then he might as well. He turned back around and when he did he saw a lantern sitting there. He guessed he could give her some light too while he was at it.

He bent down and picked the lantern up, pulled his trusty zippo from his pocket, which reminded him. It was about time for another J. The lantern was an old fashioned job with a wick. He lifted the glass, and lit it, then dialed up the flame so the open area that they were in was lit up.

The light didn't chase away the creepiness of the cave. The stalagmites and stalactites hanging and protruding still chilled him and the girl, beautiful body or not, still sent chills down his spine. He approached her carefully and slowly. He brought his hand to the knot around her neck, which held the hood in place, and began to untie it. The girl stiffened, his mind told him it was fear that gave him tension, but his gut said it was something else.

Anticipation maybe.

When the knot was loose he reached up and tore the hood free from her. The moment it was free he took three quick steps back and nearly tripped over a stalagmite. That didn't stop her from having him—especially with the light—she snatched him with her eyes and her grasp on him was unshakable.

"Set the light down," she commanded.

"Yes my sweet," Jerry answered. "Anything for you my love." He sat the lantern back onto the cavern floor and stood back up to face her.

"Good," she said. "Now take out your prick and come back over here. Mama has been neglected for damn near a year and her pussy is hungry."

Jerry barely heard her words. All he knew was that she had uttered a command and the chance to fulfill her desire and to make her happy was all he cared about. He unzipped his fly and took himself out. The moment his dick hit the stale cavern air he began to stiffen.

"Mmmm!" she said. "Mama sees you are blessed. It's been a long time since I've had one that big. My father's prick was so tiny compared to yours. Come stretch me out a little. That'll feel ... lovely."

Jerry came forward. The girl arched her back and presented her hips for him. He brought his package to her and so he could satisfy whatever her need was. He slid himself into her opening, and stopped.

"Mmmm, good!" she said. "Now look into my eyes while you slide it into me."

Jerry looked her in the eyes. He thought they were so beautiful. They were light blue and swam in her sockets. It almost looked like her pupils were spinning in circles like little whirlpools. Her lips were rosy red against her pale sun depraved skin but they were full and they looked like they needed to be kissed. He could see her teeth and they looked so lovely and oh how wonderful it would feel to have those teeth sinking into his tongue.

"Hmmm!" she said. "I can see you have a daughter of your own. And she's a little rebel too isn't she. She wears dark makeup around her eyes, and has her hair cut short. She wants tattoos? She wants to smoke your weed, and she wants to show the world how different she is. She has a dark side that scares you and you want to fix her, but you can't because she's strong willed. She loves her daddy, but she does it in her own way. She doesn't hate you Jerry. She loves her daddy. She's trying to prove that she's as brave as you are. Silly boy. She's not like your wife. She's like you were when you were a kid. Full of spunk and a desire for adventure. That's why your hear right? To find that little boy in you the one that used to love to explore? Explore my pussy Jerry. Slide that hunk of meat into me and imagine I'm Misha. I think Misha would love to have her daddy in her."

"Yes my love," he replied and he slid himself into her. He couldn't disobey his mistress so as he explored the cavern of his new love and he did imagine Misha. He reached around and grabbed the girl's ass and humped into her. She fucked him back but in his mind it was his daughter that was humping him back, and he could hear his daughter begging for more of daddy's love. He came quickly and he came a lot.

"Now lick it up," she demanded. He bent and did as he was told.

"Good boy," she commended. "Now go get me the keys."

Jerry left her. He didn't want to because being around her felt so wonderful, but she needed him to help her and he wanted to make her happy. He returned as quickly as he could so that he could be with her again, and he didn't squander any time. He loosed the oversized shackles that had her bound to the walls of the cave. She rubbed her wrists and ankles for a moment and returned her gaze to him. He felt thankful to have her eyes on him again.

"I should just suck you dry and leave your corpse to rot with my father's. I should do that and I will if you ask me to. Or ... I could turn you. I will leave the decision up to you."

Jerry could feel the trance on him lessen. That's exactly what it was too—a trance. Somehow she had taken complete control of him in a flash. The moment he saw her eyes he was done for, but she had the ability, if she wanted to, to release him from her spell. She was and he could feel his own thoughts coming back to him.

She didn't let him go completely. If she had he would have turned and double timed it out of the cave. She kept him under her control just enough so that he wouldn't flee, but she wanted him to make a choice. Death or turning? Whatever turning meant. He had an idea that it meant becoming whatever it was that she was. The thought made his skin crawl. Those claws and those teeth, and he wasn't stupid enough to forget that it meant something else too. Being turned would mean something morbid like living off of the blood of others.

So he had a choice. He could ask that she drain him. He could sacrifice his life so that he wouldn't be cursed to walk the world seeking out victims to keep himself alive.

Most of him wanted to make that choice. The idea of being undead was too much for his brain to handle. He was angry and he was hurt. He hated his ex-wife because she had spent the last twelve years essentially draining him, but that didn't mean that he wanted to spend a pathetic life draining others.

She had told him something else too hadn't she? She had told him that his daughter didn't hate him like he thought she did. Was that true? Did he somehow have that wrong? His daughter had been so difficult. He and his daughter had so many arguments. They were almost always yelling at each other. How was it possible that he had it wrong? How could she possibly feel anything for him but hate?

He wasn't sure, but he had to find out.

"I'm waiting. I'm very thirsty and I'm waiting for your answer. Now give me one or I will just drain you and be done with it."

"Turn me," he said. "I want to see my daughter again."

"Good choice!" The girl said. "Pull out your prick again and get it hard for me."

"Huh?" Jerry said. "What are you gonna do?"

She flashed her face full of teeth at him in an evil grin. Then she stuck one of her finger in her mouth and clamped down on it.

Jerry was repulsed by the idea. Those teeth would tear his meat to shreds, but at the same time a part of him wanted to feel those razor sharp teeth clamping onto him, and a sicker part of him thought he might actually enjoy having his skin ripped away by her teeth. His dick began to harden as he imagined what it would be like to feel her teeth sinking into him.

She got down on her knees and brought her face close to his groin. His erection throbbed and bobbed in front of her pretty white face. She opened her mouth wide. A second later her tongue darted out and he was reminded of what it looked like when a frog snatched a fly from the air. Her tongue wasn't any more normal than her fingernails or her teeth. She had the tongue of a frog and on the end of it were sharp little talons. Her tongue literally seized then end of his helmet. It stuck to the end of it like a suction cup and there were tendons extending from the cup with little talons that snatched onto the shaft of his prick. He wasn't going anywhere without ripping off the end of his dick.

She retracted her tongue and pulled all ten inches of him into her mouth and he could feel her razor sharp teeth sinking into his flesh.

And he liked it.

She began to suck blood from him but he could feel something else happening too. She wasn't just taking blood from him. She was also transferring her infection into him. He could feel it beginning to course through his veins as she continued to suckle on his penis. Draining him and supplying him at the same time. He could feel her needle teeth sinking in further as she kept going. He placed his hands on her head and enjoyed how her teeth felt. He had to resist the temptation of yanking her head back just so he could feel her teeth ripping him to shreds. For some odd reason he really wanted that.

And he felt so aroused. He came into her tongue and he could feel the suction cup end drinking his sperm greedily as if it were a little vacuum cleaner draining his seed.

"Now I feed," she said when that part was over. "Whether or not you survive this part will be up to you because once I have my teeth sunk into you I can't stop myself and bear in mind. Feeding is horny work. If you don't fuck me good enough I will rip you to shreds. So you better fuck me like your life depends on it because it really does."

Her words terrified him and he wanted to run, but at the same time he didn't. She had her eyes focused on his neck and that tongue kept flashing out at him and he wanted her to have his neck. He wanted her to sink her teeth into it and he wanted to give her as much of his life force as she needed.

He dropped to his knees before her, cocked his head to the side and presented her target to her. She fell on him and he did what she instructed. He was seized by fear as her teeth sunk into the flesh surrounding his main blood vein, but he didn't allow his fear to dominate him enough to lose his life. He forced her to the ground as she fed, spread her legs, and fucked her as if his life depended on it. He fucked her and loved how she was draining him. He spread her legs and thrust himself into her deeply and he could feel how horny she was as she began to drain him. She loved the idea of sucking away his life force and he could see how feeding really was horny work so he fucked her hard. He pounded into her with everything he had because he knew if he slowed his pace her horniness would take over and she would rip him to shreds.

It got to the point that he was losing his energy. He could feel his blood leaving him and as it did he could feel his desire to sleep increase. The idea was so absolutely horrifying that he fought desperately to stay awake. If he fell asleep at that point he was dead for sure. Just before he passed out he yanked back from her mouth and fortunately for him none of his flesh stayed with her.

Then he passed out.

Author's note:

I wanted to try something a little different. I'm sure that there are plenty of vampire stories on this site, but I personally haven't run into them here.

I've never written an actual vampire story myself but I've always wanted to experiment with it. So far this was fun for me, but I'm far from an expert on the subject so I don't really know how I did. I may keep it going if enough people comment that I hit the mark on this one, but if that doesn't happen I will assume that It's a miss and let it go.

If I do continue this story I have to warn that it will get morbid at times. There will be death and there will be blood and some of the ideas for this story will be a little fucked up. Maybe that's okay because it's a vampire story and it's supposed to have some evil intent in it. I don't really know for sure so I'd love it if a few vamp fans threw me some suggestions.



P.S. This is just a test run so I didn't really do much proofing or editing. If there are a lot of mistakes I apologize for that.

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