The Second Chance
Chapter 1

Caution: This Romantic Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa, Teenagers, Consensual, Heterosexual, Fiction, First, Oral Sex,

Desc: Romantic Sex Story: Chapter 1 - Romantic Classmate seeks to save suicidal beautiful but suicidal teenager, will he succeed

She sat in the car and poured the wine into her glass. As she did so she laughed at herself, and thought, standards have to be maintained. If I am going to go out, I might as well do it in style. At that, she turned the key in the engine of her little Porsche and it burst into a fruity roar. As it did so, she smelt the first whiff of exhaust fumes seeping into the car.

This served to remind her of all the things she sought to leave behind. In the back of her mind, she was aware that most people would be surprised at her actions. She was a girl who seemed to have everything.

Her grandparents on her father's side had died in a plane crash two years ago. Having realized that her mother and father were wealthy and did not need money from them, they had left everything to her, thus avoiding one set of death duties before she might have inherited it from her parents. This thought reminded her that she had not bothered to make a will. Well, that would not be a problem; her mother was a highflying corporate lawyer and would no doubt be able to take care of that triviality.

Even at home she never felt loved. Oh, they liked to boast about her achievements and appeared to be proud of her. She was after all, in the running for valedictorian. By the time she got up for school in the morning they were leaving for work. In the evenings they worked late and she ate alone the meal cook had prepared for her. This too, left her feeling even more unloved and unwanted.

By the time she had finished the first bottle of wine the combination of the alcohol and the carbon monoxide seeping from the exhaust was making her feel very drowsy. Despite this, she managed to open the second bottle, but this time her hands were not steady enough to pour from the bottle. Never mind the class she thought with a giggle, as she put the bottle to her mouth, and her thoughts continued to ramble.

She knew that despite the fact that boys sought her out, they were after the wealth she represented rather than wanting her for the person she was. She had never met anyone who would sweep her off her feet and make her feel wanted and needed. As a result she was still a virgin. With a giggle she thought, maybe I should have let one of them have me, and then I might have known what sex was like.

It was a nice cool Friday evening and Rory was enjoying his run through the path in the wood that began just a mile down the road from his home. In his head, he was planning what he would do when I got back to the house. His mum, who was a widow, was out with her boyfriend. Before she had left for her date that evening she had phoned and asked to have a word with him.

What she had to say came as no surprise since she and Hugh had been dating for months now.

"Rory, would you think badly of me if I don't come home but spend the weekend at Hugh's place?"

"No mum, I have seen this coming for some weeks now, I just wish it was me asking you if I could stay with my girlfriend. If I ever find one that is," he had replied with a rueful grin.

Having received his consent she rang off and left him wondering why she needed to ask in the first place. He supposed it was due to the close relationship they had developed since his dad died. His dad was killed when a drunk driver ran a red light and smashed into his car. The resulting insurance settlement had left his mum comfortably off and meant that he could afford any university fees he might incur.

Since he was in the running for valedictorian, though, it was more than likely he would not need to pay his way. He would probably be offered a full ride to the University of his choice, but being one of the brainiest people in the school meant he was also a bit of a loner. He didn't get much hassle though, as he was just less than six feet tall and he ran and lifted weights. He also did Tai Chi and practiced the martial art that springs from this discipline.

In his fresher year had a confrontation with a couple of bullies who tried to relieve him of his dinner money. With his skills he had taken them down with out doing them too much damage. This was not witnessed by any of the teachers but was seen by more than a few of his fellow students. This gained him a bit of a reputation and he had never been troubled in that way since.

Suddenly his reverie was broken when he heard an engine start up. He looked through the trees in the direction of the sound and saw that a small sports car had driven down one of the firebreaks and was now parked in a clearing.

He expected it to begin reversing out, but it remained stationary and there was no revving of the engine. He recognised the car as belonging to the girl who was going to be His main rival for valedictorian. Wondering what she was up to he decided to go over and speak to her.

He had to run past the clearing where the car was parked before cutting across to the track on which it had entered the wood. This meant that he now approached the car from the rear and his eyes caught sight of a tube running from the exhaust and in through the car window. He immediately realized what this meant and pulled the car door open.

He observed the empty wine bottled and the fact that she had started on the second and knew that she was probably drunk and probably would not be able to get herself out of the car. But before he could do anything she yelled at him in a slurred voice.

"Go away; leave me alone!"

"I can't do that Jenny," he told her as he reached over, undid her safety belt and pulled her from the car.

Her legs would not support her so he sat her on the grass, leaned into the car and turned off the engine as she sat there sobbing. He went round the rear of the car and removed the tubing and flung it into the trees before turning his attention back to the girl.

"I don't know why you were trying to do this Jenny, but I heard your engine start up so you have not breathed in enough carbon monoxide to do yourself any real harm."

He knelt down beside her and took the sobbing girl in his arms and pulled her to his chest an said to her softly,

"You are not fit to drive though, so I am going to drive you home, but you need to know I will have to tell your parents you were trying to commit suicide."

He managed to get her into the passenger seat of her car and it was a good job he was fit. She was a dead weight because of the alcohol she had consumed. As she slumped in before dropping off she mumbled something, but he got the gist of it. She had managed to tell him her parents were away staying with friends for a long weekend and would not be back until the Tuesday.

Now what am I going to do? He wondered. He certainly could not leave her alone and he didn't want to take her to hospital and get her involved it some kind of psychiatric assessment unless he and her parents felt she really needed it. In the end, since his mum wasn't going to be at home, he decided to take her back to his place.

Once he got her back to the house he struggled to get her to wake up, but managed to half carry and half walk her into the living room. There she once again collapsed on the sofa. He stretched her out and then covered her with a throw and sat down to think about what he was going to do next.

He decided that once she was conscious he would try to talk to her about the reasons why she wanted to kill herself. If he could get her to open up about it, he might be in a better position to decide if she to be taken to hospital or not. If he felt he was unable to cope he would do that, so she could get professional help. He would much rather that he parents would be the one to make that kind of decision though.

His thoughts on the matter were interrupted as she suddenly sat upright and cried out that she was going to be sick. He rushed to help get her to her feet and tried to make the bathroom. He did get her inside the bathroom door where she vomited all over herself. Fortunately the bathroom had a tiled floor and would be easily cleaned.

It was obvious from the contents and colour that the wine had caused her to bring up the contents of her stomach. He helped her over to the toilet bowl and she knelt in front of it and rested her head on the seat lid. He worried in case there was more to it than just the wine, but he did not think so. She brought up some more and then began to cry.

"Have you taken anything else besides the wine you drank, like sleeping pills or something?" he asked her.

She shook her head to let him know that she hadn't done anything like that and he accepted her word.

"Stay where you are for a bit," he told her. "Then if you are sure you are not going to be sick again, we will see about getting you cleaned up. I will run a bath and while we are waiting for it to fill I will go and see if I can find something for you to wear?"

He stayed with her as the bath was running and waited to see if she was going to throw up again. She had a few dry heaves but nothing more came from her stomach. When he felt there was enough water in the bath he made sure the temperature was right before turning off the taps.

"Will you manage to undress and get into the bath by yourself?" Rory asked. She stood, but was pretty shaky on her feet so he decided that she was probably going to need some help.

"I know it is going to be pretty embarrassing for you, but I am going to help you undress. If I help you to get down to your bra and panties, then if you think you can manage the rest by yourself, I will leave you to it."

Jenny did not make any protest. She was too sick to care so he helped her off with her skirt and blouse and kicked them aside. She was still pretty wobbly so he unclipped her bra and she slipped it from her shoulders and then he slid down her panties and helped her to step out of them. Holding on to him she managed to climb into the bath.

Strangely enough, he was so concerned about her safety and worried about what she might do, that although he was getting a wonderful view of a very beautiful young woman, his cock did not respond and remained soft. Making sure she was all right he collected up her clothes and took them through to the laundry room.

Once there he stuck them in the washing machine and started it up. Then he collected a bucket of hot water and a washcloth and went back to the mop up the sick. When he finished she was lying back in the bath with her eyes shut. Rory checked that she wasn't sleeping and told her to give him a shout when she was ready to come out. She looked at him with a wan smile and affirmed that she would do that.

He peeped in a few times to make sure she was still awake and after about ten minutes she called him. He came back with a pair of long legged running shorts with a drawstring that would enable her to pull them tight and keep them up. He also had a very long round necked tee shirt, which would come down over her bum and act as a substitute for night attire

With one of his best fluffy towels he helped her to dry off and get into the outfit he had brought for her. It was now after eight in the evening and he knew she would not feel like eating. This being the case Rory decided to take her through to his bedroom, which contained a king sized bed. Having done so he then and helped her into it.

"This is my bed," he told her, "And I am going to sleep with you tonight. I want to make sure you don't slip out and try to finish the job you started earlier on. I will try not to touch you or embarrass you, but I am going to make sure that you can't do anything without me being aware of it."

"I did not want your help," Jenny said softly, "But I think your actions so far makes me think I can trust you."

"I am glad you feel like that," Rory told her, and then he sat with her till her breathing deepened and he was sure that she really had fallen asleep.

He checked on her several times before coming to bed himself. He had taken the cord from one of his dressing gowns and prepared a slipknot at one end. This he gently slipped over the arm that would be nearest to him, and as he lay down he tied the other end round his body. He was confident if she tried to get up she would not do so without wakening him. This being the case he was soon fast asleep himself.

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