The Adventures of Alice
Chapter 1

Caution: This Erotica Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa, Mult, Consensual, Reluctant, Slut Wife, MaleDom, Gang Bang, Group Sex, Orgy, Interracial, White Male, Oral Sex, Anal Sex, Petting, Exhibitionism, Double Penetration, Hairy, Big Breasts,

Desc: Erotica Sex Story: Chapter 1 - A middle age woman attends a financial lecture and meets three men. She finds them good company and enjoys their attention not realizing that they hope to fuck her. - read on

Alice was a middle aged and well groomed woman. She always wanted to make herself appear attractive and did spend some time with her cosmetics but as far as impressing her husband it was a waste of time although she always asked him if what she was wearing suited her, the general response was a grunt.

She pulled into the parking lot of the resort hotel where the lecture was being held. It was an invitation for pensioners with superannuation and other investments to attend because there could be changes in their finances due to the recently handed down federal budget. The invitation was for her husband as well but he declined because of a cold virus that was still lingering. She entered the reception area and asked where the lecture was being held. "Straight down that corridor Madam", the receptionists said. "There is a double door marked 'gaming room', the lecture is being held there". She thanked the woman and proceeded down the allocated corridor

Inside the room she was asked for her invitation and told where to sit. She passed an array of tables where the afternoon tea was to be put that now just had the urns and an array of cup and saucers. The area was filling fast and women were very much in the minority, she took her seat and quickly was joined by two well dressed men who introduced themselves. They were business advisors from Sydney and were staying in the resort. "I'm Merv and my friend is Rex", she was told. "I'm Alice" she replied with a smile. In those seconds the seat on her left was filled by the blackest man she had ever come across, however, he seemed to know the men she has just been introduced to. They exchanged greetings and then she was introduced to the new arrival. "Alice", Merv said. "This is Omo he is our firm's representative here in Melbourne. The black smiled with an array of teeth that were very white and in perfect condition. She smiled and accepted his handshake that was firm but not uncomfortable. She found herself being included in the general chit-chat and she was asked what she found interesting about the invitation, she told them that as a pensioner with other investments she wanted to know how the budget would affect her. The men smiled and said that although they were not in her position they were also interested in how the budget would effect their investments, especially in the tax field.

The meeting was called to order and for the next hour the figures came thick and thin. How much she would loose or gain, what tax she would have to pay if any, so much information that she whispered to Merv. "I'm so confused that I don't know whether I'm coming or going". He smiled and put a hand on her thigh. "It is nearly time for afternoon tea", he replied. "Any question that you have rattling around Alice, I will attempt to answer, if I don't know the answer I'm sure either Rex or Omo will have the answer". She smiled but her mind had suddenly being ripped from finances to the fact that her thigh was still being held and that she hadn't reacted, something in her being was actually enjoying the sensation, for it was a sensation that was absent in her married life. "Thank you Merv", she purred. "I would appreciate that". In those seconds a bell sounded and the lecturer announced time for a break.

"Tea or coffee Alice", Merv asked as they joined the crowd at the afternoon spread. "Coffee thank you Merv", she replied with a smile for the sensation of her thigh being grasped was still lingering. She wasn't standing alone as Merv manoeuvred himself to the urns, Omo joined her. He had noticed her lack of reaction as Merv grasped her thigh and his immediate thought was 'is she available'. That same thought was in Rex's mind as he joined Merv as he poured out the drinks. "You are going to try and fuck her aren't you?" Rex asked. "I noticed you give her thigh a touch up and the interesting thing is that she didn't push you away, maybe with a little more encouragement she could drop her panties". Merv smiled as he headed off but with a passing comment. "Grab an array of eats. I do have what you suggested on my mind, so let's butter her up and maybe, just maybe this lecture could end with her legs well spread".

Alice had many friends, but generally she was more involved with the wives and rarely did she get into conversation with the men, however, this afternoon she found herself the centre of attention and to be frank she was enjoying herself. These men were making her feel good in herself and giving her confidence in the way her finances were being administrated; the fact that she was being buttered up to be fucked didn't enter her mind. She was enjoying being the centre of their attention, an attention that her husband never gave her.

The thought on the minds of the men was how to get her so heated up that she wouldn't need an invitation to visit their rooms but go willingly. The opportunity came so quickly that if the thought of seduction hadn't been on Merv's mind those seconds of action would have been missed. Just as they were about to sit down, Alice dropped her bag, Merv bent down to pick it up, he did but at the same time driving his hand up under her dress, travelling up her smooth thigh that told him she wasn't wearing stockings to reach the target, her groin and the spongy landing of a well haired cunt.

She almost was lifted off the floor, her gasp of 'OHHHH! was more of a hiss but in those vital seconds she was seated, but with a hand pressed hard against her groin and a few more actions that made what was happening unnoticed and in that position the lecturer began to deliver his speech, a speech that when totally over her head, her mind was hovering between an array of pleasures that she hadn't experienced in years. One minute she gripped the handles of her hand bag or grasped the hand of Omo and squeezed as she desperately tried to control her feeling for it was an effort to stop her cry echoing over the room; subconsciously she opened her legs so that thrusting could even have more room to increase her pleasure; she pushed her self forward so more of that invader could go for greater depth. So in that position the lecturer finally finished and she was sure she had wet her pants for they felt so damp and she gladly accepted the tissue Omo gave her to wipe the saliva that had dribbled out of her mouth.

She hung to Merv as he guided her up to his room, Rex carried her bag. Foreplay had been done, once in the room Omo standing behind her gripped her tits and they were not small, Merv pulled down her panties, revealing a cunt covered in hair but glittering from moisture. She was carried to the bed and her thighs were pulled apart and seconds later her voice could pronounce what had been suppressed as for the first time in years a cock was rammed up her cunt and the art of fucking began. She bucked and rose, working in rhyme as her gasps and cries bounced off the wall as that ravishing cock did things to her that she really had not experienced before. Sure her husband had mounted her, but it was cold, an automatic reaction, but nothing with pleasure. A comment he had said about a woman saying 'he had the sex appeal of a piece of concrete' would have been spot on; her husband was cold it was as though he had no idea how to seduce or pleasure a woman and eventually had ceased to even attempt it.

But now she was making up for those years of neglect, now she was responding to someone who knew how to fuck, now she could voice her delight and work in rhyme, hoping for, with every thrust just another inch. Her blouse and bra were removed now not only could she enjoy that working length between her thighs but the massage and sucking of her tits. Her head rolled from side to side, saliva dribbled from her mouth but when her mouth opened for her next cry it was suddenly filled; for seconds she was startled as she realised a cock was in her mouth but as she reacted, her head was pulled further into a groin covered in hair and a sharp command. "Suck it, Suck my cock Alice' gave her no alternative but to do just that and for the first time ever, she began to suck a cock.

Merv blew and she rose to receive the full burst of his exploding balls. However, she didn't get a chance to close her thighs, but in reality it didn't occur to her. Rex quickly filled the void and although rougher she responded, now fully aroused it became a question as to who was fucking who. Rex rode, pumping with almost desperation, burying his mouth over those saliva but aroused nipples, dragging them into his mouth as Alice pushed his head further into those mounds of flesh, while responding to the thrusting of his cock and at the same time managing to accommodate the black thickness of Omo's cock half way down her throat.

Omo would have loved her to suck him dry, but he wanted a fuck. He wanted to shove his cock up the cunt of a white woman, so he controlled the urging of his balls, but secretly begging Rex to finish and get off. Finally Rex gave the thrust and a gasp of relief and again Alice rose to receive her reward. Omo eased his cock out of her mouth and with it covered in her saliva replaced Rex and not wasting a minute shoved the cock head into an already cum covered cunt and thrust. This time Alice rose, her backside inches off the bed and her cry was more vocal for Omo was not small and in one thrust he buried his entire length of nearly a foot of hardened meat to the very depth of her cunt and Alice felt ever inch.

He fucked for well over ten minutes and Alice experienced one organism after another, this was a fuck she would not forget so when he emptied his balls she was in another world, a world of total delight, a world that she didn't want to leave.

They carried her to the shower; she was exhausted; after all she had been continually fucked for nearly an hour. Merv washed and dried her and only then did she recover enough to stagger into the lounge room. She didn't dress, just came out naked, her tits bearing the signs of continous mauling but on her face was a grin of absolute satisfaction. "Coffee or tea Alice?" Merv asked as he got up and put on the kettle, like her and the others he was naked, his cock swinging back and forth. "I'm fucked, I'm truly fucked". Alice said as she flopped onto Rex's lap. An action that Rex wasn't going to deter, she was silent but no attempt to stop him moving to her tits and beginning to play with her now permanently erect nipples.

As he handed her the coffee he asked. "Are you free Alice? The lecture ended sometime after three and it is now five, would your husband be concerned, for if you are free I would love you to suck me off, take a load in your mouth and just let it dribble out, I find that a real turn on". She finished the coffee before responding for she could feel Rex's cock growing against her backside. "Yes I have a husband", she said as she wriggled against that growing length. "Fuck him. I have never experienced what you men have given me before. My husband is putting it mildly – 'fucking useless'. I will suck you off Merv, in fact I will suck you all off", she concluded with a giggle as Merv moved towards her with a now throbbing erection.

"What about a cock up the bum?" Rex asked as his cock slipped between the cheeks of her bottom, a manoeuvre that Alice felt and appreciated. She turned and gave him a kiss as she lifted herself up so that Rex could put it, no doubt where his desire was at that moment. "Yes I'll even take a cock up the bum", she said just as Merv pushed his cock against her opening mouth and Rex thrust upward, burying his cock between the cheeks of her bum and opening her up for a fuck that was going to take her off the planet.

Rex used her tits to pull her up and down on his ravishing cock while Merv pulled her head hard into his groin and gave off groans of delight as she sucked. "All of it Alice", he groaned. "Suck me dry" and suck she did. He came with a gasp and thrust driving her face totally into his groin and burying his cock totally down her throat and held her, despite cum and saliva dripping from the corners of her mouth, till she had drained him. She gasped as he pulled out, but barely did she get her breath before Omo pushed his length into her still cum loaded mouth. His cock slid in with ease and although she gargled, he held her till she had accommodated as much of his length as possible, and all the time Rex pumped that delightful bum.

Rex blew just as Omo emptied his load. Alice erupted for never before has she had a cock explode up her bum and also she hadn't taken a mouth full as great as Omo emptied; she was like a jumping jack but they held her till they were totally satisfied. "Fuck!" was the word she attempted to say but it was more of a gargle. Merv handed her a wet towel to wipe the deluge of cum and saliva that was flowing from her mouth. "You best go and wash your mouth Alice", Omo said as he deliberately wiped his still cum covered cock over her sweat covered tits. She slowly rose off Rex's cock, managing to smile as it gave a pop sound as it fell out of her bottom. "When you get back Alice I think you should ring your husband. I don't want cops coming, seeking you out", she gave a nod as she headed towards the bathroom.

They heard the shower. "You know Merv", Rex said. "That is one very accommodating woman. I just wish we could just keep fucking her. What is she like at sucking?" he asked for he was the only one that she hadn't sucked off. "I would say it was as good as you experienced with your cock up her backside", Merv replied. "You had a grin a mile wide, but to answer your question her mouth is fantastic. I have had women suck me off many times, but this Alice works the muscles of her mouth to such an extent that all you want is for her to just keep sucking", he concluded as they heard the shower turn off.

Alice dried herself, rubbing her tits for they were still a bit sore, but the soreness was worth the pleasure she received as they were mauled. She came out, wiping her hair; she threw the towel onto a chair and then said. "Give me the phone I'll ring my useless husband and tell him I'm at Mary's and will be staying for dinner. He won't question that because he knows Mary likes company and I have had a meal at her place before", she concluded with a smile. The call was quick and to the point and then Merv said. "Well with that finalized how about we order a pizza. I'll get room service to bring up a couple of bottles while we wait for the pizza. What do you fancy Alice, wine or beer?

"I would just prefer a soft drink Merv for I have to drive home. I gather we are going to continue fucking so I don't want to be drunk as well", she replied with a bit of a giggle.

The pizza was finished as well as a bottle of wine. Alice finished her soft drink as Rex stood up and walked over towards her. "You ... you haven't sucked me", he stammered for the wine was taking effect. She smiled and went down level with his throbbing cock and as he picked up another glass, she gripped his balls and pulled his cock into her mouth and began to suck while Merv taking the opportunity her position offered mounted her from behind and inserted his cock between the cheeks of her bum and as Rex's cock slid down her throat, he gave a thrust and the bum fuck began. Rex groaned in delight for as Merv drove his cock to his balls Alice was thrust forward and what cock was still out of her mouth, vanished and he held her head, crushing her face into his groin and held her till his balls exploded and only then did he release her, cum and saliva poured out of her mouth but Merv was still fucking so Omo filled that vacant hole and Alice sucked again.

Finally totally exhausted and feeling like a lamp post had been shoved up her bum, for Omo had mounted her and shoved that monster as far up her bottom as possible. Alice managed to dress and leaving her bra and panties as a souvenir bid these men, who had given her so much pleasure a goodnight. "I wish your stay could be extended", she said as she reached the door. "You men have made me feel again the pleasure of being a woman, this afternoon you took me on an adventure that I will always treasure". She then took a card out of her bag and just as she closed the door put the card on a small table besides the door. "My mobile if you are again in town". With that she departed.

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