Oh Boy
Chapter 1

Caution: This Incest Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa, Consensual, Sports, Incest, Mother, Son, First, Oral Sex, Squirting,

Desc: Incest Sex Story: Chapter 1 - A baseball story from T-ball to majors. I love baseball.

"So you wanna' be a ballplayer? You know there are a lot of things in life that you want but you have to give up something or work hard at something in order to get it. I can help you get where you want to go, but you're gonna' have to bust your butt to get it. Are you willing to work your ass off? Huh?"

I looked up at the big man, the coach, and without hesitating, said, "I want it, Coach. I'll work at it and work hard at it. Teach me to get there."

The smile the big man gave me told me that I would learn a lot, but he would not be lenient with me or would he favor me over the other kids who wanted the same thing. I somehow knew I could be and would be a ballplayer in the future. Heck, I've already played since Pee Wee league from five years old until now. I'm fourteen, in high school, and want to make the team.

The coach, in a gentler voice, said, "You know there is more to life than baseball, so you'll have to be book smart as well as baseball smart. You need to be the best in your classes just like you want to be the best on the field. Your teachers say you're a good student, so remember that a good ballplayer should also be a good student."

"Yes sir, Coach."

"Okay, Kid, let's load Nelly up and you hit a few. I'll keep her slow at about fourty to fifty, and you show me how you hit. She's set up to throw straight and to the plate every pitch, so I want you to hit one then bunt two. You have greater value if you're a good bunter, and especially when you have no outs and a man on first or second, so let's work on bunts as well as hitting the ball."

I think I surprised him as I was really connecting when it was hitting time, and was laying down decent bunts almost every time. I very seldom popped bunts up or fouled them, but almost always lay the ball down on the line with enough spin to put the ball into the infield. My dad, God rest his soul, had taught me since I was big enough to toss a ball back to him. He was lost to my mom and me early in the Iraq war. He tutored me through Pee Wee and on through my elementary school years, before his reserve unit was called up again and again. He didn't come home the last time the way we sent him off, alive.

Mom was tough. She probably pampered me more than other kids, but I sure knew I was loved. Mom got a job as a cashier at Walmart. She was promoted to lead cashier on the night shift within the first year. She was faithful to the job, was promoted again to head cashier, and worked days so that I was able to see a lot more of her.

I had to get up, make my own breakfast, make my lunch, and get to school when she worked nights. We lived close to the junior high and high schools, so I could ride my bike or run. I loved to run, so I often left the bike at home and ran to school. After school was another story. I was usually tired and didn't want to walk home, so I rode the bus.

We got up about the same time when Mom started working days, and I usually had something ready for her to eat before she went to work. It was neat to be home when she came in and I almost always had supper started. I could make supper and do my homework at the same time. I figured out how to use the slow cooker during baseball seasons, and started it before I went to school and whatever I was cooking was ready by the time Mom and I were home together. She would often come to watch and cheer on the nights I had games. You couldn't ask for more support than I received.

We lost both sides of grandmas and grandpas during all of this. There was some good side to the sadness, as they both left us some help to live on, and toward my future college education. My mom didn't know it, but I was determined to get a scholarship when it was time. I knew the school I wanted to attend, and even e-mailed the scouts for that school to come watch me.

The high school coach was a rough, tough, former pro ballplayer who wanted to teach kids to play. I think he would have rather been coaching in the minors, or even the majors, but as he always said, "It is what it is."

The coach was lobbying with the college I wanted to attend when I was a senior in high school, although I think I was going to make it on my own, since I played all the infield positions and even pitched. I was a pretty good pitcher, but would even prefer to be playing right field. However, I learned right field can be a lot tougher than people think. There are a lot of right-handed batters who can't catch up to a fast fall and hit it straight out to right field. The lefties don't have the same problem for some reason and almost always pull the ball to far right. I shift for them even when the coach is trying to wave me back.

I played well in high school all in all, and learned from the coach. He taught me a lot about how to handle many things. Since I didn't have a man in my life, I sort of looked to coach for direction.

This brings me to talk about some fun time with the coach that I didn't expect. One day when I was a sophomore, the coach had me stay after practice and I met him in his office. He told me, "Go get a shower and we'll talk."

I went to the locker room and stripped. I threw my stuff into my bag to take home to wash, grabbed my towel, and headed to the big shower room.

All of the other players were leaving, so the coach said, "Let me lock up the outside doors so we can be comfortable."

He was only gone a minute while I was finishing washing my buzz cut. The coach was in the shower nozzle next to me. I couldn't help noticing he had what looked like a monster cock. The man smiled at me and asked, "Are you checking out what a grown man looks like? What you're probably going to be packing in a few years?"

I looked up at the coach after staring at him. My dad had been big, and I had seen him many times, but this guy looked bigger than Dad.

Coach said, "You know, there are a lot of people who would object to you and I showering together alone the way we are, but part of the reason we're doing it is because you don't have a dad at home to talk to you about stuff. I want you to know that I will answer your questions and try to keep you in the right direction."

I told the man in the shower with me, "You teach me baseball and teach me how to be a regular guy. You need to teach me about girls. My dad used to tell me stuff but he's gone now so I have a lot of questions."

"Okay, Kid, we'll take some time to have some talks. There's a lot to learn."

I had missed the bus to get home, but I was so wound up that it was easy to run home. I was sweaty when I arrived, so I checked the supper in the slow cooker and headed to the shower.

Mom came home while I was in the shower. She hollered that she was home and told me, "I'm going to get a shower too; get supper ready so we can eat and you can do homework."'

My thoughts ran to my mom who was a really good-looking babe. I'm sure she was flirted with and asked out daily, but she never said a word. She didn't go out and the most she did was go to the movies with me almost every weekend. I told her many times that she should try to date as Dad had been gone a long time and I'm sure he would want her to be happy. She always shrugged it off because she thought she needed to devote her free time to me.

Mom told me that I should probably try to get a job when school was out in May that year, or see if I could take some extra credit courses toward college. I didn't want to work in a burger joint, and the other places I applied had already hired, so I took two extra credit courses that were considered AP or college courses thinking that might help get a scholarship.

In the process of doing this, Coach saw that I was in school every day and invited me to do some off season workouts. He had me get into a Babe Ruth baseball league and worked with me and the teams. I was ecstatic that I was learning more in school and more on the field.

Coach and I had a lot of long discussions about girls and women and what you do with them. He really spent a lot of time trying to instruct me to always treat women with respect and courtesy. He said, "That's the best way to be friends with a girl. You have to be a friend before you can ask them out on a date, of course and you have to go out on a date to ever even get to kiss a girl. So it starts with respect and courtesy."

Now comes the fun part. I kept thinking my mom was a fox. What I really thought was that she was a real MILF if the truth were known, but everyone left us and her alone for the most part because they knew we had lost Dad at war.

I wanted Mom to have fun, so I invited Coach to our house for supper. I had asked Mom on Wednesday if I could ask Coach to supper for Friday and she said that was nice that I would do that. Well, I asked Coach and he said yes, so I was going to show them that I could give them a nice evening.

Coach was pushing us and running with us when he was giving me some training on the field with the other players on Friday. I told him, "You need to save some of that energy for my mom. I want you to treat her like a lady, then treat her like the woman underneath. I'll get out of your way and you do your best to make Mom happy okay?"

The coach looked at me strange, "You really mean this, don't you? Do you really think a woman like your Mom would think twice about a guy like me?"

"Try her, Coach. Be the gentleman you tell me to be, and I know you can be and treat this as a first date or whatever it turns out to be. My mom needs some attention just like you do, but she doesn't have many real close friends."

The Coach laughed before saying, "I'll do my best, Kid. I will treat her like a lady and hope she enjoys it."

Friday supper was really good. I had put some fish in the oven and we had salad and veggies with the fish over rice. My plan was working, as the two of them were enjoying their conversation with the topic being me. Mom always wanted to talk about me, and the coach was right there with her. I used the corkscrew to open a bottle of wine that the wine guide said was good with fish.

We had the salad, then the fish with a lot of wine. The two of them finished the entire bottle by the time I had served them a small bowl of ice cream. I told both of them, "Go into the living room and I'll clean up real quick. I need to meet a couple of buddies for a movie later, so enjoy talking and quit talking about me."

I was through with the kitchen in minutes and went in to give Mom a kiss before I left. I shook hands with Coach and winked at him before heading out.

My buddies really weren't going to meet me at the theater, but I went there anyway. Thankfully I had enough cash for the movie and a box of popcorn. As I stood in the line to be let in for the next showing of a new movie, a couple of the girls in my classes came up and asked, "Can we get in line with you? We want to be sure to get in the top row at the back. That's the best place in the theater. Want to sit with us?"

Duh, that was a silly question.

"Sure, I'd love to. You can share my popcorn."

Sherry, a tall brunette with piercing eyes asked me, "Who are you going out with now, Matt? No one knows who you go out with because you're always messing with baseball."

"No one, Sherry. Who are you going with?"

Sherry grinned real big and pointed to Jeannie and said, "I guess it's Jeannie. We do everything together, so I guess I go out with her."

I laughed and suggested, "Well, you two should make me your person so you'll have some male influence. I would love to escort the two of you around."

Jeannie said, "Good idea, Matt. We could use someone to keep all of those guys from thinking we're gay for each other."

It was Sherry who said, "We are sort of queer for each other, of course, but we don't get many chances to show it or play a lot. We need a place to play other than our homes. Both our mothers are house mouses and don't work. We can't get away doing anything except when we have sleepovers and we can't do that often enough."

"Sherry, Jeannie, how about coming to my house to study after school. You two can play a little and we can study together. I have to get good grades to get a college scholarship. I can be home by four after ball practice. Want to do that?"

I was sitting between the two girls and Sherry leaned in front of me and whispered to Jeannie. Jeannie was nodding her head so I tried to just watch the trailers that were being shown on the big screen. Sherry sat up and kissed my cheek at the same time Jeannie did the same from the other side. Sherry said, "If you let us do that, we'll show you what else we've learned."

I wanted to tell them about what I had been told, but thought I should keep it to myself. This was exciting as I knew the girls, and knew that they were not only good looking, but smart, so I could benefit from their help.

The girls lived in the same direction as I did and we walked toward our neighborhood together. I made sure both were at their homes then walked home. I now had both girls' phone numbers in my cell phone contact list.

Coach's car was still in the driveway, so I tried to be quiet when I entered the back door. I guess I must have been very quiet as I could hear a lot of huffing and puffing going on along with the sound of skin slapping skin. Mom's voice was kept saying "More, more, more, do me harder, more."

Being especially quiet, I went up to my room, stripped to my shorts and went to bed. The knowledge of Coach's dick going in and out of my mom had me stiff as a board. I used my T-shirt to catch thejuice I shot thinking about the two of them fucking. I tried to sleep, but heard Mom squeal again and knew they were still at it. That made me think of Jeannie and Sherry, and wondering how they enjoyed each other. I'd looked at XTUBE on the Internet and saw how the women would suck on each other's titties and each other's pussy's, but other than that, I didn't know what they did.

I know it was a couple of hours later when my door opened, and through half closed eyes, I saw Mom look in on me. The door softly closed, and I head her say, "Well, he must have heard and maybe seen, so you might as well stay, Earl. We can talk to him in the morning if we need to."

I smiled to myself knowing Mom had enjoyed her evening and was going to enjoy the night and morning too. I'm glad for Coach, as I knew he was lonely for company as well.

I was up early and ate cereal as usual the next morning. Saturday is always yard day for me, so I did what I always do. I mowed the front and back lawns, and did the trimming and edging. Mom had a lot of flowers in front that had to be weeded. She always said she would do it, but I tried to get it done for her. I put the mower and the other tools away when they were cleaned, oiled, and gassed. It was now almost eleven, so I went to the kitchen to make a sandwich. I figured on one now, followed by some soup and another sandwich a little later. I had a Babe Ruth ballgame at four, but I couldn't go for pre-game practice and warm-up until two thirty.

Strangely, Mom wasn't down yet and Coach's car was still in the drive. I suppose they may be sleeping really late or they have worn themselves out again. That gave me a smile as well as a boner.

I saw that my cell phone had a message when I went to my room to take a shower. Jeannie and Sherry had both texted me. Jeannie's text said, "Call me to tell me if we can get together at your house this afternoon."

Sherry's text said, "Can Jeannie and I come over to visit today?"

I texted both back about my game but said, "How about coming over this evening after supper and watch TV with me. I think my mom may be busy tonight, so we should be alone."

It was only seconds later that I heard from both. I thought this as silly and called Jeannie. I told her to hang on as soon as she answered while I brought Sherry into the conversation. I told both of them, "I'd really enjoy having you over this evening. Would you like to come over for hot dogs and baked beans if my mom goes out for dinner? I think we have some potato salad too."

Jeannie said, "I'm sure I can get away. How about you, Sherry?"

Sherry said, "My mom might have a date. She doesn't like me to go out when she's gone but she might let me because the two of us are going to Matt's. Hang on, let me ask."

While Sherry was gone, Jeannie told me that her step-dad was always asking her if she was queer for Sherry. She said that she hated the man because he was always so rude. She told me he never talked that way in front of her mother, so she couldn't complain to her. Her mom wouldn't believe her.

Sherry came back to the phone and giggled, "Mom said that if I had a date with Matt that it was good that I was going out. She told me to not do anything crazy, but to make sure I treat Matt right and to not tease him. Can you believe her?"

Jeannie said, "Oh my. I suppose that means we can only tease Matt a little huh?'

"Oh, we'll tease Matt a lot, but I'll bet he'll like it," Sherry said, with some mystery in her voice.

It was my turn to laugh, "Ah, guys or that would be girls, you do know that I'm on the line. I'll text you when you should come. My ballgame should be over by six so I'll be home and cleaned up by seven. Should I come and get you?"

Both girls said no. They would need me to walk them home, but not coming to my house.

I sat back smiling, thinking that in less than a day I had two new friends who were girls and they were going to come to my house.

The time was approaching for me to go to the ballpark, so I was dressed in my uniform but had tennis shoes on instead of my spikes. My baseball shoes, gloves, and bat were in my carry bag ready to go.

Mom came into the kitchen where I was and gave me a hug and kiss. "You are so sweet to not bother me all day while I entertained Earl, Matt. I really like him. He's a lot like your father was. I hope you aren't angry that I enjoyed being with a man."

"I love you Mom and want you to be happy. I know Coach was lonely, so I thought the two of you might enjoy each other."

"Oh we did, Matt. We enjoyed each other so much I don't think I can walk without being bowlegged, and he can hardly hold his head up. The two of us enjoyed a whole lot of sex, Matt. We'll talk about it later or tomorrow. We need to talk about that stuff."

"I'm going to have a couple of girls over to watch TV tonight, Mom. I thought we might have hot dogs, the potato salad in the fridge, and some baked beans. Is that alright?"

"That's a surprise, Matt; you don't ever go out with girls and now you have two coming over tonight? Wow, you don't mess around when you decide to find women, do you?"

"Oh, Mom, they're friends who I watched a movie with last night. We thought it would be neat to watch a movie on TV tonight, so I asked them over. Are you going to be home or are you and Coach going out to eat?"

"We weren't going to do anything, but I'll make sure we go out to eat and then to his place. You enjoy yourself and be a gentleman. Make sure you walk the girls home if they live close. Who is coming?"

"You know Sherry. She has been in my class since kindergarten. The other girl is Jeannie who moved here when I was in junior high."

"That's great, Matt. Just be a gentleman and remember what you know about biology."

"Oh, Mom, you know I don't know anything about that stuff. I do enjoy having two girls as friends though."

"I'll teach you all about what you don't know, Matt, but before that, just be a gentleman."

"Yes, Ma'am." The thought picture of Mom showing me all about that stuff flooded my mind.

I went to the ballpark and loosened up. A lot of the guys in this league wanted to go farther, but a lot of the others couldn't care less. The only thing I wanted was to win every game, and every game was important. There was only one higher league I could play in, and that was what is called the "Big" league for kids up through eighteen. I was working hard to get invited to the "Big" league sponsored by the American Legion Posts.

Our coach put me at third when game time came, as a lot of guys only wanted short or second. A lot of players thought third and first were lesser positions, but I figured it took nine guys to make a team and nine guys to win a game.

What was funny was that the first baseman, a long-armed tall guy, and I were the two most instrumental players of the game. I made at least a dozen outs fielding grounders toward me, and the first baseman made me look good as he scooped up some of my bad throws.

The good thing was that Mom and Coach were sitting in the stands cheering. I went five for five with a couple of doubles, a bunt single, and a steal. I wish I could hit that home run ball, but it just wasn't in the cards for me yet as I was too thin.

Mom and Coach gave me a ride home after the game, and told me they were going out to supper and would probably do something else later. Mom was really telling me she was probably going to stay the night with the coach. I gave her a hug and kiss and the coach a handshake before running into the house to shower and get ready for company.

The dogs were in the fridge ready to be nuked with ketchup, mustard, and relish out on the counter. The buns were in their wrapper and the beans were warming on the stove. I had paper plates out and had made sure there was sufficient Coke and Mountain Dew in the fridge for guests. I had a bag of popcorn out ready to put in the microwave for later.

The two girls showed up together and rang the doorbell.

I opened the door and smiled, "Hey, glad to have you come visit. Come on in and get comfortable. We can eat now or later. You guys are the guests and you can tell me."

Sherry gave me a hug and Jeannie gave me a kiss on the cheek. Sherry said, "How about Jeannie and me play around a little on the couch for a while then we'll eat. Jeannie and I will actually eat a lot before then."

Duh, I was confused and dumb. They would eat a lot before we ate? How does that work?"

I found out.

Jeannie asked me, "Can you get a bunch of towels so we don't get the couch wet. We tend to leak a lot."

I had no idea what she meant when she said they leaked a lot. Did they pee on themselves? Or did they do something like I do when sexy stuff happens? I ran for a stack of towels that the girls spread over the couch and floor in front of the couch.

Sherry and Jeannie blended into a very passionate kiss and continued kissing while shedding outer garments until they were both naked, laying on the couch. They didn't seem to mind me watching as I sat with my chin in my lap. The two of them kissed, licked, bit, nibbled, and kissed some more until I could actually see juices squirt out of Jeannie. Holy smokes. I didn't know women did that.

Jeannie was all over Sherry shortly after that, and kept licking and sucking on Sherry until she began to squirt juices too. Whoa, this was awesome and I desperately wanted to taste what they were squirting. Sherry sat up a little, and crooked her finger at me to get me to come closer. She said, "Strip, big boy. I want you to taste what we give each other, and then we're going to taste what you give us."

Oh boy, this is better than my fantasies.

I was stripped to my shorts and on my knees between the thighs of the real blonde sweetheart, Jeannie. She pulled her pussy lips apart and pointed at a spot and said, "Lick right there, Matt. I think you'll like it."

I no sooner began licking that place with the little hard spot than juices began running down my chin. Streams of female juices began squirting out of the top of her pussy a couple of seconds later. Wow, that was awesome and tasted good too. Jeannie pulled me up by my ears as my hair had a buzz cut. The good-looking blonde gave me so many kisses that I was dizzy from the attention. She hugged me and said, "Now do that to Sherry."

Sherry didn't have the rack that Jeannie did, but she was a real looker and commanded attention from every guy in school. That I had her on my couch with her legs over my shoulders as I bent to make love to her sweet spot could make me a legend. I didn't think I would broadcast that and gave the pussy in front of me everything I could to see if it would respond the way Jeannie's had.

Well, it did, and she was even more effluent than Jeannie as she soaked my face, chest, and legs. My shorts were totally soaked. That girl could squirt and was screaming as she kept pumping more and more juices on me. That taste is so addicting I didn't want to stop. Jeannie pulled me from Sherry and said, "Give her a break, Matt. She's almost passed out."

I sat back on my knees as Jeannie gave me kisses. Sherry became coherent and pulled me to her for a lot of kisses. Her hand snuck down between us and pulled me toward her. I went from virgin to just-fucked in a split second, as Sherry pulled me into her. With an "Ugh" from Sherry, and a happy groan from me, we were connected. Sherry whispered in my ear, "You're my first, Matt. You just got my cherry. Fuck me, Stud, fuck me and dump enough cum in me to breed the whole damn high school."

Wow, was this really happening? I was kneeling in front of the gorgeous Sherry with my dick sticking out plunging into her pussy. I began to feel the urge to come but didn't want to yet. I told Sherry, "Wait a second, I want to be totally naked like you two. I need to cool off so I don't come so fast."

Sherry grinned at me and said, "You're young and in good shape. I'll bet you can come over and over if we keep you excited. Both of us are taking the pill to keep our monthlies on time so we won't get pregnant. Just put it in and fuck me hard and fast, and then you can do Jeannie the same way."

Oh man, this was better than any fantasy that I could come up with. I was glad that I didn't beat off earlier when I was thinking about the two girls and when I was thinking about Coach using his dick on mom.

I kissed Sherry's pleasure center again when I was as naked as the two girls, until she begged me to push into her. I effortlessly slid in this time. Our pubic bones were mashed together as I tried to rotate around and around along with plunging in and out. Sherry began moaning then almost crying as she hugged me so tight that I could hardly move. Her legs were wrapped around me while she was pounding my butt with her heels. She was going nuts and I was making her do it as I had delayed my come just enough that I was able to hold on until Sherry was going crazy.

I moaned to Sherry, "It's coming. I'm going to really unload in you. You are about to swim in my stuff."

I shot load after load into Sherry while she screamed and moaned the whole time. Her parts were squirting the same as mine, but mine was deep inside her, while hers was soaking me.

I leaned over Sherry when I was totally drained, and kissed her as tenderly as I could. She looked up at me with tears in her eyes and whispered, "Oh, Matt, you just made me a real woman and a very happy real woman. You and I will never forget this night."

As my dick began shrinking and slid from Sherry, she pushed me off her and looked down as a large glob of cum oozed from her pussy. Sherry reached down and swabbed a finger through it and tasted her finger. "Not bad. Try some, Jeannie."

I let Jeannie get a taste then dove into Sherry's pussy. It was my stuff and I didn't mind it at all. I had Sherry coming and squirting again in seconds as I cleaned up all of the good stuff that was leaking out of her.

Jeannie pummeled me on the shoulder, "Hey, leave some of it for me, will ya? I want to do that to Sherry."

When Jeannie leaned over between Sherry's thighs again, I got behind Jeannie and began kissing her back and butt cheeks. I kept doing that to Jeannie and she groaned loud enough for Sherry to ask what was the matter.

"Our boy toy is kissing my butt. He just licked my butt hole on the way to my pussy. Oh, Sherry, that feels so good. You know how I like to stick things up my butt."

I smiled to myself as I continued to lick Jeannie's pucker and then on forward to probe my tongue into her juicy pussy, trying to get at her hard little bump. Sherry must have pushed Jeannie away from her pussy, since Jeannie turned and lay down on the floor with her legs spread and held her arms up to me.

"Make me a woman too, Matt. Sherry won the toss, so she was first, but now it's my turn and I want all that stuff pumped into me. Do me, Matt, fuck me."

I looked at Jeannie and said, "That sounds so crude. I want our loving to be just that. I want to make love to you the way I think I made love to Sherry. Please let me."

Jeannie looked at me before grabbing me in a hug and was almost sobbing. She whispered, "You make me feel so good and so loved. Make love to me, Matt. Make me feel like I'm the most loved woman on earth."

Okay, now what do I do?

Instead of worrying about it, I began playing with Jeannie's larger breasts by kissing and nibbling on her nipples. I would go from kissing her lips, nose, ears, and eyelids to her nipples again. I kept going back to her lips to get one of those sensuous kisses that tingle all the way down to your toes. It took a long, long time to get down to the blonde's red fuzzed pussy. I was able to lick and tongue all over it once down there, until I found that little hard thing sticking out of the folds of her pussy. Jeannie raised her hips to get more contact and began leaking juices again as soon as I tongued it.

Sherry was kissing Jeannie and sucking her big breasts and nipples as I devoured her pussy. I thought it might be fun to let a finger do some exploring, so I used my forefinger to penetrate Jeannie's pussy as I sucked on the good spots. I must have found a button or something, as streams of juices were squirting me in the face all of sudden. It tasted so good that I continued to rub the spot inside her and suck on her pussy lips and the little hard spot.

The only reason Jeannie wasn't screaming loud enough for the cops to come is that Sherry was kissing her hard enough to stifle her screams. She broke away from Sherry and pulled me up by my ears. "You have to stop or I'm going to go crazy, Matt. I think I want you in me now. Make love to me like a man should do a woman. I know you've already really made love to me, but now you have to put it in me and love me that way."

I had always heard that girls had a hard time accepting a cock in their pussies the first time they fucked but Sherry didn't have a problem and Jeannie's pussy flowered and opened up for me to go to the bottom in just a couple of thrusts. Jeannie began moaning and juicing as soon as I was deeply seated. She kept saying, "I love it, Matt; I think I love you, Matt; Oh, I love the way you fuck me, fuck, fuck, fuck me."

Sherry was kissing my neck and caressing my back and butt while I thrust into Jeannie over and over again as she had her hips raised off the towels on the floor. Her body motions became almost like a shudder as she was doing several thrusts at me for every one that I pushed into her. That kind of activity had me rapidly losing control. The signals were there in just a few minutes. I was going to shoot a billion sperm into this beautiful blonde.

"Oh, here it comes, Jeannie, get ready. You're going to drown from this one."

Jeannie kept right on thumping back at me and squirting her juices as I shot all of my good stuff deep into her. There was so much that some was leaking out beside my dick.

I looked down to see cum squeezing out on the sides and I could actually see her pussy open and close on my dick. This was wild and educational too.

Jeannie was grinning as I pulled out. She reached down and used three fingers to scoop up a mass of the thick juice that was leaking from her pussy. Sherry was face first into the Jeannie's messy pussy before I could lean over to do to Jeannie what I had done to Sherry. I moved around and kissed Jeannie as she arched her back as she came again and again from Sherry's attention.

Jeannie grabbed me in a hug and pulled me to her. "Oh, that was so special, Matt. Now I know what it feels like and I know why my mom is such a slut. That is so good. I know she squirts the same as me since her bed is always soaked after my step-dad comes home after he's been gone a few days.

Sherry said, "I think we should set my mom up with Matt so he can screw her senseless the way he just did us. She hardly ever goes out but I know she thinks about it all the time. She's always looking at porn on the computer and is always watching naughty videos. She needs a man. Maybe the date she's on tonight will be a good one."

I thought that I would love to work on Sherry's mom. She's a looker the same a Sherry. She had a walk that drives me nuts. I can watch her walk across the room and almost cum in my pants. She has the slither that drives men nuts. Sherry sometimes does it too, but really tries to walk like a model all the time. I wish she would walk like her Mom. That would be really cool.

The three of us were sitting on the floor on wet towels leaning against the couch. Sherry said, "I guess we didn't tease you too much, did we?"

I had to smile when I answered, "You can tease me like that any time you want. I just fulfilled about a year's worth of fantasies with you two. Say, how about something to eat? I have hot dogs, the beans are warm, and there's potato salad."

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