The Sinner

He could smell the burning flesh and he knew that it was his own. He looked at the man standing in front of him with fear

"You know I don't have it" ... He murmured

"I know you have it, give me the book or I will burn every bit of flesh on your body" ... He roared at him

"Please No! How can I lie to you? I can see my demise in your eyes, how can I lie in this situation" ... He pleaded once again

"You are such a bastard I know you very well, you are a bloody loser you didn't used it your entire life, I know you will prefer to die rather than giving it to me" ... He poured few more drops of acid on him

"I m not lying to you, there is no book, he burnt it before his death" ... He cried out of agony, he knew he can't take any more of that acid now

"Too bad, it means you are no more useful"

"No Please for the love of God"

"I don't believe in God, I'm a SINNER"

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Ma/Fa / NonConsensual / Rape / Blackmail / Fiction / Menstrual Play /