Right Under Your Nose
Chapter 1

Caution: This BDSM Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa, Consensual, Romantic, Fiction, BDSM, DomSub, MaleDom, Spanking, Light Bond, Oral Sex, Anal Sex, Exhibitionism,

Desc: BDSM Sex Story: Chapter 1 - John decides to turn over a new leaf and his best friend Anna wants to help. What happens next surprises them both. Sometimes what you most need is right under your nose. A slow starting romantic love story with some D/s thrown in for good measure.


"John, we need to talk"

The words that every man dreads. Shit. I didn't expect to hear THAT this morning. Jenny and I had only been dating for 6 months, and I guess it wasn't going as well as I thought. She walked into the kitchen toweling her hair and stood over me while I sat at the table responding to some work email on a Saturday morning.

"Ok. Let's talk. Where? The couch?"

"No," She sat down across from me. Now I knew it was serious. "We ... John..." She started, then with a sigh. "I'm not sure this is working out."

I nodded, thinking that she'd already made up her mind and I was just to be the recipient of bad news. I was taken by surprise because we'd had a nice time last night, you know, drinks, dinner, and then a nice walk in the moonlight, followed by some amazing sex in the early hours of the morning. At least I thought it was amazing. Maybe I was the only one.

Unlike a lot of these stories, I'm not a genius, millionaire, ex-special forces guy with a 8" cock and women begging me to bed them. I'm just a guy, you know? I'm in my mid 20's, heavier than I'd like but thankfully not too much fat. I'm just a big guy. My friend Anna calls me a big teddy bear when she's being nice, and Sasquatch the rest of the time, but then I call her a pixie so all's fair.

Let's see, I had a normal adolescence, in a normal little town then went off to a state school nearby. Since I'd been interested in computers since I was 9, I fell into a nice IT gig after college. Last year I went solo, and work out of my apartment. It's not glamorous but it pays for my apartment, and my school loans, and I'm still able to put a fair amount away. It's easy and secure, which is better than most people get.

Jenny, sitting stiffly in her chair, didn't talk. She just looked at me and then down at her hands then back at me. Her eyebrows were doing a little dance from worried to angry to worried again. I couldn't really make sense of it, so I sat and waited.

"Damn it John! Say something."

"Jenny ... I don't know what to say, you said we needed to talk, and clearly you have a lot on your mind. Why don't we start with that." "That's exactly it! I come in and say 'it's not working out' and you sit there like a fucking statue! You never argue, you never get mad. It's ... just ... WEIRD!" She shouted. Apparently, she had worked herself up to have a big blowout fight, something she was known for among our friends, but I'm not really wired that way. She's always been ... dramatic. I think that was one of the attractions for me. I like people with fire, with passion, even if I don't show much myself. It doesn't mean it's not there, it's just well hidden. And fighting about a breakup, when it comes out of the blue, seemed silly to me. Obviously she wasn't happy, when I thought she was, so maybe it was better if things ended.

'"God damn it John. Don't get all stoic on me. SAY SOMETHING!"

"Um ... OK. Why do you think it's not working?" I said with as much calm as I could muster.

"Because, it's been 6 months, and I swear at times I feel like we're practically strangers!"

'What the hell?' I thought. This was not at all what I was expecting. From the moment she started talking, I'd been running through the possibilities of what could be wrong. Maybe she fell in love with someone else, maybe I was lousy in the sack, maybe she wanted someone skinnier & more attractive. But that we were strangers? That's a new one, even for me.

Granted, I haven't always been lucky in love. I've had a few girlfriends over the years, most drifted off after a year or two either moving away for a better job, or falling in love with someone else. For whatever reason, there just never seemed to be a compelling reason to stick with me. I was still in contact with most of my ex's and consider most of them good friends, and they seemed to reciprocate, but being dumped was something I was all too used to. I realized, as I sat there staring at Jenny, while she stared at her fidgeting hands, that I'd never broken up with anybody. It all went the other way. Why was that, I wondered.

"Strangers? I don't understand." I said quietly, almost reflexively, as my mind was occupied trying to figure out root causes for my string of one-sided break-ups.

"John, look, you're a great guy. Sweet, gentle, easy to get along with. And honestly, I thought I needed that after Evan. But you're a hard guy to get to know. You're a closed book and I don't know how to change that."

Evan was her previous boyfriend. The two of them were legendary for their fights, especially at parties. Screaming, throwing stuff, all that nonsense. Evan has a jealous streak a mile wide, and seemed to be the instigator. But maybe, I realized too late, Jenny fed off that conflict just like he did.

"I'm sorry," I murmured, then with a deep sigh, "I didn't realize I was that hard to get along with. I'm just quiet, I guess." I didn't really believe that was the problem, but I felt like I had to say something.

"No John, I'm sorry. I really do think the world of you, but it's hard..." she sat back, clearly thinking of what to say next. "You are a rock, John. You are always there to help people, but you don't give yourself to anyone. I'm sorry, but that won't work for me. Not long term." She sighed again. "Look I'd like to remain friends ... but I should head home. You can call if you want to talk about it, but..." she trailed off. Then seemed to settle her mind, got up and picked up a bag that she'd apparently packed while I'd been dealing with work.

"Good bye John. I really do think you're a nice guy, just not my nice guy. You understand?"

"Yeah. I guess I do. Take care of yourself. No hard feelings?"

"No..." She seemed to think about saying something else. Then gave me a slight smile that didn't reach her eyes, turned and walked out the door.

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