Stein Um Stein
Chapter 1

Copyright© 2014 by Colin the Dogg

Sex Story: Chapter 1 - A man chooses to die after he finds out things about his wife

Caution: This Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa   Cheating   Revenge  

Martin Stein sat in his car, impatiently waiting for some movement. Eventually he heard the metallic sound signifying the release of the hydraulic rams holding the ferry doors closed then accompanied by creaks and whines he saw a crack appear in the bow bulkhead before him. He watched the bow open and the ramp lower and extend into place, he then had to wait his turn to drive onto dry land, then the long trail through customs before he could honestly say he was back in England.

He pulled into the customs area and wound down his window, the cold night air slapping him around the face.

"Anything to declare" Asked the uniformed man, as he took Martins Passport.

"I've got some fags and booze" Martin replied. "But I've only been to Holland, bought it there."

"Could you pull over to that spot there Mr Stein, we would like to examine your vehicle" The customs officer pointed at an empty bay as he spoke.

Martin Stein couldn't believe it, he had made the trip many times, and never been stopped before. Annoyed at the inconvenience, grumbling to himself he pulled over to the designated bay, closed his window and waited.

Almost fifteen minutes went by as Martin pondered his wisdom of using the ferry and road system as opposed to the much quicker and easier option of flying. Booze and Fags, simply that. He could make money from the booze and fags, but if customs appropriated this load then that wiped his profit for the last three months.

"Bugger." he mumbled to himself. "Bugger, bugger, bugger."

His personal admonishments were interrupted by a tap on his window.

"Mr Stein, would you follow me." A tall man in a slightly wrinkled brown suit spoke. Martin knew it wasn't a request. He got out of his car, locked it and turned to follow the man.

He was led inside a large building, and through some corridors and up two flights of stairs before eventually he was shown into a room.

"Would you mind waiting here for a moment sir." Again, not a question. Martin entered the room. It was furnished with a metal framed table, its Formica covered top showing scars from years of abuse. Two chairs of matching framework stood, one either side, Martin sat in the one furthest from, and facing the door.

Eventually the door opened and the man that had led him there returned. He carried with him a large file and a laptop case.

"Mr Stein, may I call you Martin?" before Martin could answer he said "Good. You have just returned from Holland, have you not?" Again not waiting for an answer he continued. " There you travelled to Amsterdam where you met with Mr Eric van der Zwart, to whom you delivered two million pounds worth of blood diamonds." He watched Martin intently as he spoke, the colour had started draining from him at the mention of Amsterdam, his face was completely ashen at the precise mention of the diamonds.

Martin kept quiet, trying to work out what was going on. He knew he had been doing something dodgy, he had always assumed that he could say he had been unaware he was a courier for illegal diamonds. Although now it was spelled out for him, it couldn't really have been anything else. He would have had to have been stupid to not know what he was carrying. He had suspected that first time, it was the second that he first cracked the combination lock on the case he had carried. He did it every time after that, mostly to keep him occupied on the long ferry crossings, dreaming of the day he would have the balls to cut and run.

He dismissed that for now, and weighed up his current situation. He hadn't been arrested, he hadn't been cautioned and this bloke in the suit hadn't given his name. Martin had enough nous to understand something was not normal about this, so he just sat and waited for the other man to speak again.

As the colour was returning to Martin Stein, Inspector Grey watched him.

"Now Mr Stein, Martin. I think we are in a position to help one another." He stared at Martin, measuring the bewilderment that appeared on his face.

"As you may have guessed by now, I am investigating your employer, and no, before you make yourself look ridiculous. I do not mean Charles and Curtis Chiswick for whom you work as an accountant. I of course Mean Mr Francois Grimard, dear old Mr Grimm himself. The one that you run errands for, the one whom your employers farm you out to."

Martin had regained his former white complexion and now his head drooped in defeat.

"If you are, as I expect, able to enlighten me and help me with my enquiries, I have been authorised to give you an out."

Martin raised his head and looked at the inspector, and was surprised to see concern on his face.

"I am offering you witness protection, if you turn Queens evidence."

"Yeah like you did to Derek Bennet, that did him a lot of good didn't it?" Spat out Martin, the first time he had spoken since he got inside the building. Why don't you just beat me to a pulp and chop me up for the pigs yourself?"

"We were actually thinking of blowing you up." Offered the policeman.

If Martin had looked bewildered before, then now his visage could only be called dumbfounded.

"Of course if you refuse, we will pick you up on your next trip, on your way to Amsterdam of course, or even worse for you, ehm, your replacement."

Martin physically shuddered at the thought. He knew he was in trouble. If he said nothing the best thing he had to look forward to was being picked up and done for smuggling, then when the next shipment went over and was intercepted, word would be out he was a grass. If he went to Grimm, he would probably just "silence" him, and again when the next guy was picked up, who would blame Grimm for offing him? That left two choices, take their offer or run. Running would be difficult. He would have to convince Angie to run with him. They would need new identities. That was do-able he had done enough for the Grimm to know who the documents could be purchased from, but what would be the point. Grimm could easily find out from those that supplied the ID his new name. Martin slumped in his chair, he had no room to move, no escape. He was deep up the proverbial shit creek and no paddle to be seen.

Seeing his defeat the Inspector continued. He outlined the procedure of witness protection and Martin listened carefully. Martin asked a few questions and was disappointed with the answers, he was not convinced things would go the way he was being told, but every question he threw out, the Inspector had an answer for, then Martin asked the question that changed his attitude to the whole experience.

"So where would Angie and I be going?" he asked innocently.

The Inspector looked at him in surprise.

"Before I agree to this I have to talk it over with her, and we will have to agree as to where we will go. I know you said we could have no knowledge of where we could go, but still I have to make sure she is okay with it." Martin spoke carefully.

"You can't be serious, she is the last person you need to know where you are." exclaimed Grey.

Martin looked at him incredulously.

"You don't know?" The inspector asked.

Martin looked at him slowly shaking his head.

"Wait here." said Grey as he left the room. He returned carrying some printed sheets of paper, he handed them to Martin.

"Sign these and then I will show you something."

Martin carefully read through the documents, signed one and passed the other back without signing.

"The dates wrong, by over three months, it's dated last January." he explained.

The inspector looked annoyed. "Just fucking sign it will you."

Martin made no move to comply.

"Listen up, we have got court orders for phone taps and bugs on nearly every house, building and business that Mr Francois fucking Grimard has anything to do with. In all of these, we have been unable to get any information of any value. In fact everything we find out from these, shows him to be a fine upstanding citizen. I know he's paying off someone to keep him informed about the investigation."

Martin said nothing.

"We became aware that he was using you to do more than keep books, and I had just started to fill in the paperwork to request a court order to bug your house. When I realised that I needed another way to get information." His voice lowered to a whisper. "I broke the law, I got a shady P.I. to bug your house from the date on the form. I thought if he didn't know it was bugged he might say something. I was right, he is all but running his illicit business dealings from yours, and two other stupid bitches houses."

Martin became both interested and fearful about what he was going to hear. "Go on."

"I need you to sign this contract, it just about makes things legal." Grey said, sliding the papers over to him.

Martin made no move to sign them.

"We, or rather I have found out many things, things about Francois, his business, your wife and of course you Martin."

Martins face had turned scarlet, he was both angry and ashamed. Angry because of the intrusion into his personal life, ashamed as he knew what had happened over the last six months in his marriage.

"When was the last time you made love with your wife Martin?"

"It seems you already know, a week last Monday, the last time I returned from a trip abroad."

"You made love, or you went down on her and she gave you a handjob?"

Martin said nothing and squirmed uncomfortably in his chair.

"In fact, that has been the norm for your lovelife since we have been monitoring your house, you return home, eat your wife out, and sometimes get a handjob in return. Why is that do you think?"

Martin mumbled." She thinks I am shagging whores."

"Who do you think told her that?"

Martin shrugged and mumbled again. "Dunno, some stupid idea she got into her head."

"You really don't have a clue do you?" Grey slammed his hand on the unsigned documents. " Just fucking sign them."

Martin jumped at the sudden noise, but still made no move to sign.

"You wife has been fucking Mr Francois Fucking big cock Grimm before you get home every time you have been away, why do you think she has always been so wet when you go down on her?"

As realisation hit Martin about what he had just been told, the colour drained from his face again as he bent over and threw up. Inspector Grey looked at him, the vomit sprayed over the table and floor ruining the documents, he didn't have it in him to be disgusted at him or the scene. Martin retched and retched until he had nothing left and his stomach spasms kept on coming.

Grey left him to finish and pull himself together, returning with a bucket and mop and cleaned up the mess, he left and returned again with cloths and disinfectant, he helped Martin clean himself off, he left again and returned with a beaker of water and some duplicate forms, Martin took both and after drinking some water signed the forms.

"What time are you expected home tonight?"Asked Grey as he did something on his laptop voices started coming from it.

Looking at his watch, Martin replied. "About half an hour."

"Here is live feed from your house, I can only say I am sorry." said Grey as he turned his laptop around and placed it on the table in front of Martin."You can point the camera with the mouse pad and zoom with the plus and minus keys."

On the screen Martin recognised his bedroom, and the two occupants, One was Francois Grimard, the other was his darling wife Angie.

Martins stomach again started to convulse, but Martin couldn't take his eyes from the screen. Another day, another subject Martin would have been impressed by the clarity of the HD picture. Today all he felt was revulsion.

His beloved wife had just started cleaning the huge flaccid cock of the Grimm as he stood by her head, It became obvious that he had just fucked her arsehole. What he had thought were brown veins disappeared as she took his cock into her mouth, his stomach convulsed again as he realised there was shit on his cock and she was sucking it of his cock like the chocolate off a Mars bar. He then noticed something between her legs and using the pad moved the camera.

She had a plate underneath her bottom, he could see her anus was leaking sperm onto the plate. His curiosity replaced the disgust, the hurt he felt.

"So little dick hasn't fucked you for what is it now, nearly a year?" Francois voice came over the speaker.

"It'll be eight months next Tuesday, but he has been slurping you out of me for nearly a year. Angie said with a giggle after she took his cock from her mouth.

"No, he's not like you, all the blood rushes from his brain when he has an erection, he is just glad to get the odd handjob now and again, he doesn't even get that very often now."

Francois moved from her and began to get dressed, "I'll send him back to Amsterdam a week Friday, I'll make sure he is gone all weekend, I would like you to entertain a few friends of mine while he is gone." There was no emotion in his voice as he spoke.

Angie didn't answer immediately. "But Franky, what I feel for you is special, I thought you only wanted you to be inside me. That's why you told me to stop sleeping with Marty."

"I said I would like you to entertain my friends." This time when he spoke there was an air of menace.

"Anything for you Franky, you know that, it's just tha..."

"Thats all good then, you had better get more syringes." he said with a laugh as he tied his tie. With that he turned and left. Martin noticed a small window open up in the top left corner of the screen and "Franky's'" exit was followed out by other cameras. The look on his wife's face showed him she was not happy with her orders.

Angie farted, more spunk splattered from her arsehole and she lay back and rubbed her sex, bringing herself to orgasm. She lay enjoying her bliss for a while, then pulling herself together she took a syringe from the bedside cabinet and sucked up most of the liquid on the plate.

As Martin wondered what she was going to do with it she moved from the bed.

"You do seem to like your salad dressing." she giggled to herself as she picked up the plate and headed out of the bedroom and down the stairs.

The system automatically followed her movement, switching camera's and rooms as she walked down the stairs to the kitchen naked.

He watched her chop the vegetables to make a mixed salad add some herbs then scrape her lovers leavings from the plate over the bowl of salad, he watched with disgust and anger as she tossed it, spreading the faecal stained ejaculate uniformly over his food. She then arranged it on the same plate, nibbling morsels from it, a look of glee on her face as she did so.

"I am really sorry about that." said Inspector Grey. "No man deserves that, but as you have just seen his cock is not much different in size to yours."

Why he added that, he didn't really know.

Martin understood he was trying to bolster up his feelings. "Anything."Martin choked out. "Anything you want, just get me the fuck away from her."

Grey understood, he felt bad about showing him the truth, but he needed him on board, he needed him to take Francois Grimard down.

Martin was shaking with anger, he had loved Angie, he had loved her until he saw those events unfolding before him, now that love had been replaced with hate, a hate like he had never felt for anyone before.

"I have to ask, I know I will regret it but what is the syringe about."

"Grey looked at him with sorrow, he really wished he hadn't asked, he tried several times to answer him, but the words would not come, he took the laptop and clicked on a file and handed it back to him.

It was a video feed again, it was from the last time Martin had got home, Grey had run it forward to see Martin tucking into a salad. As he watched Martin felt sick again but his stomach had no more to give.

"I wish you would stay away from those whores, I really want that big cock of yours inside me again." Angie said to him.

"But I don't go near them babe, why won't you believe me?" Martin gasped he had no idea until them at how pitiful he sounded.

He watched her face, he hadn't noticed the evil smile on her face as she had accused him yet again, of sleeping with whores, he would have known then had he not already have been aware that she was doing it purely to keep her unfaithful body for her lover, her pimp. If she walked into the room now he would have ripped her faithless heart from her chest, pulled her adulterous head from her neck.

"That was lovely dear." he heard himself saying, it was even worse because he had meant it, it had been a lovely meal, but he knew in his heart he would never be able to look at a lettuce ever again.

"You go freshen up darling and get ready for me, I'll be up in a minute." He had clicked to another camera feed and rewound, she had her back to him as she spoke that evil smile was on her face as she said it.

The small window followed Martin up the stairs and into the bathroom, he watched as he showered himself thinking, "Little dick what do they mean? Yes a little bit smaller than big black cock Grimard, but really?" He watched himself towel himself dry, go into his bedroom and lay on his bed. Embarrassed at his actions he watched as he absent mindedly stroked himself erect. Angie grabbed a handbag and came up the stairs, outside the bedroom door she took out the syringe and squirted it deep into herself. Martin watched as she put it back into her bag and came into the bedroom. In a flash she was sitting astride his head.

"Lick me you bastard, lick me like one of your whores." she was saying. Martin had heard her speaking at the time, infact whenever she sat on his face recently, but he had never been sure of what she had said, her hands had covered his ears as she pulled his mouth to her. "Suck me, suck me hard, suck his come, swallow it, suck more, suck harder, harder." He watched her as she came, again and again, until that moment he had been proud of his oral skills, proud that he was able to get her off so many times. Now he knew it wasn't him getting her off, it was his degradation. He closed the laptop and pushed it to the policeman.

"I have seen enough." he spat, showing his rage. "What do you need me to do?"

"First I need to know that you can go home and act naturally, as if nothing is wrong." Grey said.

"After what I have just seen, no fucking way, but no I won't mention our little chat, I won't give anything away."

"You know your life probably depends on it don't you?" he stated then asked. "you don't have to report back do you?"

Shaking his head Martin said. "Don't worry about me, right now I don't care if I live or die, what I do care about is getting my own back on that cunt and that fucking slag I married."

"Well, as long as you can keep that to yourself, you will apparently be killed trying to escape in Holland, you will then be held in protective custody until after the court case, then you will be set up with your new life."

Martin nodded and asked, "Can I go now?"

Inspector Grey thought for a minute. "Yes but you need to have a believable excuse for being late." he said as he nodded and walked to the door.

"Yes, I thought being stopped by customs would do it." Martin replied as they left the room.

"Yes, such a lengthy stop," he paused for effect. "and yet you come through it with all your booze and fags." the Inspector said, his suggestion not being missed by Martin.

Martin stopped dead in his tracks, "What? You delay me for two hours, kill my marriage and generally destroy my life and now you want to steal my perfectly legal goods." He shouted.

"All for the greater good I assure you." Grey smiled the smile of a predator as he spoke. The rest of the journey back to Martins car was spent in silence.

Martin was shocked to find his car had been emptied, his clothes and other sundries were stacked none too neatly near the boot. His "contraband" stacked with care on a trolley next to them.

"Sorry, all for appearances, we don't think you have a chaperone but still we can't be sure." Grey explained.

Martin picked up his clothes threw them into his suitcase and opened the boot and put it in.

"See you soon." Offered the Inspector.

"Fuck off." replied Martin and got in his car. He didn't even light a cigarette before pulling off.

"We will be watching you at home, but we can't be with you everywhere, good luck." said Grey, trying to show some support, he knew the next week and a half was going to be very difficult for the man.

Martin drove off, he was pissed off. He was pissed off with everything, his life, his wife, the delay, Mr Franky not so big dick Grimm, and as he saw it, that thieving bastard copper.

He didn't pay much attention to speed on his way home, what was the point? he would be dead in ten days time.

An hour later he pulled into his driveway, the usually reassuring crunch of the gravel under his wheels only served to fuel his anger. He stopped the engine and sat for a few moments to gather himself before getting out and retrieving his suitcase. He locked the car and with a deep breath he headed inside.

"Hello dear, you're later than I expected." her voice was frosty.

Martin glared at her, remembering Greys instruction, behave normally he said.

"I said you are late." she said her voice taking on the manner of a school mistress chastising a pupil.

"Yes I fucking heard you, thanks for stating the fucking obvious." he spat back. "I've been stuck with fucking customs if you must know, and the bastards robbed me."

"There's no need to take that tone with me."

"Isn't there? Well let me tell you now Missy, I have had it up to here." he was almost shouting now as he held his hand above his head. "I am pissed off with all this travelling, fucking customs and what's more, I have had enough of all this bullshit you keep giving me about everything, you keep accusing me of fucking whores well you fucking listen and you fucking listen good, the last whore I fucked was you and it was a fucking long time ago, now what have you got for me to eat?"

Angie's eyes were wide open with shock, Martin had never shouted at her, never raised his voice, he very rarely swore and never before had he sworn at her.

"Th' theres a salad in the fridge fo..."

"That's another thing I have had enough of," he shouted walking into the kitchen. He slammed open the fridge door and pulled out the salad, then dumping it in the bin still on the plate, he turned to her. "Now fucking cook me something proper."

"I will not." She shouted back angrily. In fact I will do nothing for you until you apologi..."

The sound of the slap echoed through the house.

"Now bitch, get me something to eat, or you can fuck off out of my house now. I told you I am pissed off, and one of the things I am pissed off with is your fucking attitude towards me."

Still rubbing her cheek she knew he was serious and began bustling around, looking in the freezer, she found very little that leant itself to a fast meal.

"Would bacon eggs and some of your black pudding be alright?"she sobbed, now frightened of this man. Her husband that had walked through the door fifteen minutes earlier, the man she thought she knew, the man she suddenly found herself liking a little more than she had earlier.

"Yes but no fucking salad okay."

Angie nodded wiping tears with her wrist.

Martin poured himself a large scotch and walked back into the kitchen, Angie had a steak thawing in water. "Chips maybe some grilled tomato?" she asked.

"That'll be lovely" he replied and sat down with the daily paper."Apart from the tomatoes, I'll have beans"

Angie said nothing to him, trying not to cry. Normally he would be eating his way through his spunk dressed salad and she would be getting him worked up ready to eat her semen filled snatch. Today she knew it would not be like that, and part of her was glad, part of her liked this new side to Martin. She turned on the fryer and as it warmed, she started peeling the potatoes for chips.

Soon Martin was tucking into his breakfast and, twice fried chips, two thick slabs of bread covered in a generous amount of butter. The black pudding he loved, he had learned to make it from his father, a butcher. He didn't like the mass produced stuff so he still made his own, he had a few regular customers too. He bought a gallon of fresh blood about every five weeks from his old schoolmate Graham, who owned a pig farm.

"Thankyou dear, that is probably the best meal you have cooked me for well over six months." he said as he placed his knife and fork on the plate. "Now toddle off upstairs and have a shower, it's time you started behaving like my wife again." he said, any sign of anger now gone from his voice. He noticed her eyes dart to her handbag and a flush in her cheeks, he also noticed she made no move to pick it up as she left him.

I should have done this months ago he thought as he checked the syringe was still in her handbag before following her upstairs twenty minutes later.

She was laying on the bed waiting for him he walked over to where he had seen "Franky" stand earlier and pulled her head to his groin. Without a word of protest she took him into her mouth, he responded to her touch and grew erect, he watched her and could see the surprise on her face, He wondered whether she had started to believe this tripe about his little dick. He held her tightly, until she swallowed his length down her throat. She did that easier than I remember, she must have been practising he mused. Then he moved from her and climbed between her legs, pulling them up and placing them over his shoulders.

"You don't seem as wet as you normally are when I get home from Europe, but you don't seem as tight as I remember, so it's probably for the best." he observed as he pounded into her.

She knew he was lying, there was nothing between them size wise. But his words tonight had cut her, the crack about the best meal in six months, her wetness or lack of it, they hurt because she knew it was the truth. Now her husband is just taking her as the slut she is, her juices started to flow and her excitement grew as she headed to an orgasm. He watched as he pounded her, oddly devoid of pleasure he felt nothing for her and when he saw she was responding to him he pulled out and then slammed into her arse. He bottomed out in one push.

"Funny I thought arseholes were supposed to be tight, yours feels looser than your fanny, what have you been sticking up there?" he said, a caustic edge to his voice.

"N' nothing." spluttered Angie again the words cut through her.

Martin didn't reply, he knew that if there was any lubrication it came from Francois fucking Grimard, but he resolved he was going to dry hump her arse every day till he died, which was about nine by his reckoning.

Eventually he came, pumping two weeks of semen into her bowels. Once he finished discharging he held her in place, taking a small amount of pleasure from her discomfort till he slipped from her.

"Go clean yourself up, then you can get me ready for round two." he told her She surprised him by complying without a word of protest and moved to the bathroom.

As she started to wash herself she wondered what had just happened. He had been so different. She had to admit she had been pleasantly surprised, if not shocked at the size of her husbands member. It wasn't small. Why had she thought it was?

She began to wonder why she had become involved with Francois, he used her like meat, he didn't make love to her, he used her body to masturbate with. Yes those first few couplings had been exciting, the rule breaking, the subterfuge, the sneaking, and the danger, yes the danger. That had been the draw of Francois Grimard, and she would be a liar if she didn't admit his blackness added to the experience, but she had been a fool. He was too dangerous, and for the first time, in nearly a year she knew she was in over her head. What had started as an fling, and for her at least, had turned into an affair. An affair that had doomed her. She was only just realising, not only had she been a whore for her lover. He was about to turn her into a real whore. How long? She wondered, before she would literally be working the streets?

When her mind moved forward to the things Franky had got her to do to her husband, she froze, the horror and vindictiveness of her actions filling her with shame as she looked at her face in the mirror.

She looked at the face in the mirror, age had been treating her kindly, she had thought herself still beautiful. Now the face that stared back at her looked ugly and depraved.

She wasn't aware how long she stayed in the bathroom, only that she had moved her bowels and washed for a second time before returning to bed.

She found her husband asleep on his back, and obediently as he had told her, she moved her head to him and sucked his cock clean, she sucked him to completion and swallowed. She was unsure whether he had woken, as not a word, not a sound did he utter, as she worked his erection and again sucked it dry.

The following morning he bent her over the arm of the sofa, and again flooded her bowels with his seed. The pair of them wishing he had been treating her in this manner all their married life. Both understanding in their own way, that they mightn't not be making the decisions they were being forced to make now.

Martin left for work, physically satisfied for the first time in nearly a year, as he all but ran out to his car, he remembered her had to restrain himself. He had to give his usual air of depression that had governed his thinking for so long. He had to maintain the appearance of a downtrodden husband, doing what he needs to make a life for himself. As he drove to work he thought of what he once thought he had, how it had been destroyed by his unfaithful wife and that scheming, manipulative bastard Francois Grimard.

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