Art Class Preempted
Section 1

Caution: This Coming of Age Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa, Ma/ft, Teenagers, Consensual, Reluctant, Heterosexual, Fiction, Humor, Brother, Sister, Cousins, Light Bond, Harem, Black Female, White Male, White Female, Oriental Female, First, Exhibitionism, Public Sex, Workplace, School, Nudism,

Desc: Coming of Age Sex Story: Section 1 - Part Two of Art Class Interrupted. Art becomes life as innocence is lost in school. Strange becomes normal. Innocents go and come often. The models stage a stylistic coup d'etat. Bystanders are conscripted as symmetry is maintained. The population of Bizarro World grows in spurts and fits perfectly for reasons unvoiced but known only in popular fantasy.

(This will make more sense if you have read ‘Art Class Interrupted’. Chapter numbers are arbitrary.)

Marcie’s mind was a whirlwind by the time she got home. More changes in her life had been wrought this afternoon and evening than in all the eighteen years before. She was no longer a virgin, that overrated status lost in a rather spectacular fashion. Could getting fucked for the first time ever, accidentally, in a classroom full of art students, naked in public with a guy, albeit a handsome and very nice guy, with the instructor taking pictures of the biggest, most intense orgasm a girl ever had, be described as anything less than spectacular?

The nuns, in their delicate understated way, would have said that she had become a woman of compromised virtue, Marcie thought with a huge inner grin. Marcie knew the world had gotten much larger and more interesting. Her place in that world was redefined.

Karen was not home when Marcie arrived. She showered and reviewed the plan to exact a little delicious payback on the roommate who set this whole affair in motion. Marcie was sure Karen could be tempted to ‘volunteer’ to pose with her and Phil, especially on the weekends and most especially for the excellent pay. She chose not to reveal the fine details of the afternoon, but to emphasize the real humiliation of having to pose naked for the first time.

Meanwhile, Phil went back to the Art building and found Amy still in her studio, studying the photos taken during the session. She seemed a bit flustered to see Phil enter the room.

“Sorry to interrupt, Amy, but I want to talk about the class today.”

Amy was afraid he was going to quit the job. She was sure he could break the employment contract due to the extreme nature of the poses upon which she had insisted. By any stretch, the poses were outrageous, actually bordering on the obscene. If he complained, or worse, filed a grievance, she could lose her job, Prof. Martin would be furious and her career would be history. She went from being aroused at the explicit nature of the pictures to being in a panic over Phil’s request for a ‘talk’.

She forced herself to calm down. “Come in, Phil. What can I do for you?”

“Today was very interesting, to put it mildly. We were shocked at how suddenly things progressed. Marcie had a very hard time. The times we wore the Grecian costumes stressed her a lot, but we soldiered through. Today embarrassed her beyond imagining. I think she just divorced herself from reality enough to do it. Your crisp and curt manner was the push she needed. She suffered from a quite repressive background and, if the loss of the job wouldn’t put her in a bind, Marcie would have quit on the spot. I helped her through it and we talked later. I think she will be OK in the future if we can make a small change.”

Amy’s relief was palpable. At this point, she would have given away the farm to avoid controversy. Trying not to appear too eager, she asked, “I will have to clear any changes with the Department Chair, but we might come to an agreement. What do you suggest?”

“Marcie thinks she might be more comfortable if we had another girl pose with us. It would give her the comfort of knowing she was not the center of attention and also let her have another girl to share the experience. We talk, of course, but a girl would sympathize more closely.”

Amy, knowing in her heart that a bullet had been dodged, was pleased to see a way out of a potential nightmare. “You two have been the best models we have had in ages. Prof. Martin has noticed an improvement in the quality of work being produced since you started posing. She probably will be amenable to another model if we can find a person compatible, who can blend into the atmosphere you have created.”

“That is good to hear. Marcie’s roommate would be perfect. She is cute, about Marcie’s size and build, platinum blonde with dark blue eyes. I think Marcie said she played basketball in high school, so she must be in good shape. Like Marcie, she is barely five feet tall.”

“How old is she and can she work for the university, specifically, this department?” Amy was getting enthused. “Are you aware of any restrictions she might have?”

“Karen Wilson is a scholarship biology student. The scholarship requires her to be a TA. The hours are long and the pay is the minimum the department can get away with. That makes her an employee of the university already or, more accurately, an indentured servant. Marcie will talk to her tonight to see if she will do it.”

“I will talk to the academic and financial counselors as soon as possible to see what can be done. We will need to interview Karen officially as soon as Prof. Martin makes her decision.” Amy promised to meet with Martin tomorrow and email the answer by the evening.

Feeling the conference with the instructor went too easy, perhaps indicating that propriety really had been pushed beyond the usual that afternoon, Phil seized the upper hand. “That would be good. The addition of another model will go a long way toward easing our concerns in the future. A model with whom we are comfortable will surely help avoid any further emotional difficulties on our part. Thank you for listening. We look forward to the responses.”

He left the studio and made his way home, intending to call Marcie later on.

Amy immediately called Prof. Martin. “Marian, I should save this request for tomorrow, but I think we need to move quickly. The new models did their first nude session today and the tension was through the roof in a good way. The class was spellbound and the preliminary sketches were amazing. You have seen the results from the sessions with the sculpture, pottery and photography students and agreed that the improvement is remarkable. Just wait until you review the drawings the kids did today.”

“Amy. Slow down. What is this thing we need to move quickly?”

“Sorry. I met after class with the young man. He wanted to discuss their potential discomfort with the nudity and suggest a very pleasant solution. He is aware of the contractual obligations, as is she, but their sense of shyness might be a problem. One solution seems to be the addition of a familiar model to the equation sharing the exposure so to speak, sharing the attention and giving the temporary illusion that they are not the sole focus of concentration. He admits it is a placebo but will make Marcie more willing to pose in the future. And, to our benefit, it will present more of a challenge for the students to capture the group dynamic.”

“They are valuable to the department, I’ll warrant, but we have to make sure we have the upper hand here. What have you said so far?”

Amy went over the details of the discussion with Phil, omitting her panic attack, but stressing her feeling that the person chosen to fill the role would be perfect. When she got to the part of Karen’s academic/financial situation, Prof. Martin went ballistic.

“Those guys in the sciences are simply thugs in lab coats! We pay our interns and models a very good wage. The students get full credit for their work and the work-study students are allowed to set reasonable hours. Those clowns steal research, work the TAs to death and pay almost nothing, holding evaluations over their heads like a sword of judgment, and expect them to act grateful!”

Marian Martin was on a roll. “I will get with the counselors first thing in the morning. We might not fix it completely but we can at least give the girl a chance to work for us. Tell Mr. Swenson and Ms Patterson to have Ms Wilson call me tomorrow.”

“Thanks, Marian. You are doing a good thing. It’s about time someone exposed the fiefdoms over there. Those guys should have to share the grant money with the people who earned it in the first place.”

Marian waited until the end of the conversation to drop the bombshell. “This is not common knowledge Amy, so keep it close to the vest. We have decided to have the end-of-year faculty and graduating seniors’ shows revolve around these models as the central theme. Every discipline; drawing, painting, sculpture, metalwork, photography, jewelry making, and every style; realist, surreal, impressionist, modern, postmodern. We expect it to be a theme-and-variations tour d’force.”

She continued. “What we have seen so far has been outstanding. These kids have some mysterious ability to inspire the students. Wwe can’t explain it, but it works. They work primarily for you, so you get credit for bringing them along. The pressure is also on you to keep them happy.”

“They genuinely like each other and it shows. They aren’t jaded and all blasé about the job. It’s seems more like a weird personal-growth adventure for them. The body language during the first nude session was incredible. You could see the tension, embarrassment and emotion boiling over. I thought Marcie Patterson was going to melt. But she did what she signed on to do. I’m going to have to push them to the limits of their comfort zones to keep the edge. Adding Karen will help and may add another element. I need you to have my back if I have to bend or break the odd rule here and there.”

“Do what you have to do to keep getting the results. I’ll come by the studio tomorrow after I meet with Ms Wilson to look over the latest drawings.” Marian said, “I might even put some pieces in the faculty show myself.”

As she and Marian said their goodbyes, Amy realized that her future still depended on Phil and Marcie’s ability to convince Karen to become a model. She looked up his number and called.

“Phil. It’s Amy. I wanted to let you know that Prof. Martin has agreed to hire Karen and look into the possibility of modifying her scholarship work requirements. Perhaps it will make it easier to find time to pose. Even the professor is looking forward to having her as part of the team.”

“That is great news! I’ll let Marcie know. Will Karen have the same income as we do?”

“Of course. And with any luck, she will have the same hours. That should quarter her workload and triple her income. Prof. Martin will meet with the advisors and work the details. Have Ms Wilson call me tomorrow around noon for the particulars.”

Phil told her they appreciated the fast work and that someone would contact the department in the morning. He was beginning to think that there was more to this little ‘get even with Karen’ plot than they planned. No matter, the money was good, Marcie was sweet and he was getting new housemates. Even if the deal with Karen did not work out, he was ahead.

He didn’t mention the lack of a mortgage when he was telling Marcie about his home. He owned the house outright. That inheritance from his grandparents came in handy but he was still uneasy about letting others know of his wealth. Asking the girls to pay a portion of the fictitious mortgage and utilities avoided the appearance of charity. It helped them immensely and reduced their costs at the same time. He would probably spend the money they gave him on them anyway.

While Phil talked to Amy, Marcie was telling her tale of embarrassment and humiliation to Karen. “You can’t imagine what I had to endure to keep a roof over our heads! I thought posing for the class was difficult before. It was nothing compared to what I had to do today. Phil and I were naked! In front of a dozen people, staring at us being naked on the platform.”

“Oh. My. God.” Karen gawked. “You were naked with Phil! How did you get the nerve? The two-piece bathing suit was too much for you. This is way more than I ever guessed you would have do.”

“Me too. I kept thinking about the trouble we would be in if I chickened out. Homeless is not cool. I thought of you on the street and decided to swallow my fear and stripped down for the world to see. Phil tried to keep me distracted but being naked with him was distraction enough. All I could think of was how he felt against my skin. He felt better than he looked and he looked sooo good. It helped and didn’t help at all. It was like having an out-of-body experience. I was scared, embarrassed and excited at once and together. If the instructor had not taken charge and put us in the poses she wanted, I would still be frozen in the classroom.”

“Wow. That was so brave of you. Can you do it naked again if they ask? Will Phil do it? Will you have to do it often?”

“Not so much brave as necessary. I was doing it for us to keep our home. I will have to do it again if they ask because I signed a contract. Phil will probably do it for me but he is not so body-shy as me. He is used to wearing a tiny suit in swimming competitions. And I will have to do it as often as required.”

“I hate that you have to go through this for me. You know that I would do the same for you if I had to.”

Marcie smiled inwardly. Karen had committed herself and would never take it back in a thousand years. She always kept her word.

They continued the conversation as they made dinner and spread out later to study. Karen learned exactly how much Marcie got paid. “You made $350 for three hours work? I get a TA stipend at $100.00 a week and work like a dog to earn it. You make twice that without posing naked and have to be there only four hours a week!”

“But there’s the naked part. Normally it’s fifty an hour with overtime, rounded to the next hour. Double that whenever they tell to get naked.”

Marcie’s phone chimed. It was Phil so she took the call in her bedroom for privacy. “So what’s up? I thought we would talk Thursday. Can’t stay away from me already?”

“As much as I want to nail your hot bod to the nearest flat surface, we need to take a day off. You are going to be a tender little sexpot for the next day or so. Right now, I want to bring you up-to-date. I spoke to Amy about having Karen pose with us. She seemed too eager to make it happen and even got Prof. Martin involved. Now, Martin is on a mini-crusade to get the science guys to quit acting like slave drivers. She will probably use Karen as a test case.”

“Is this going to cause trouble? If could mess things up if it backfires.”

“According to Amy, Martin is going to talk to the counselors and financial aid people to have hours spent in the Art Department count toward the scholarship requirements. I think the worst that can happen is Karen will lose the stipend but still have to TA some lab classes. CV wise, she comes out smelling like a rose. How many sophomores, barely eighteen, are teachers’ assistants? Aren’t most of them post grads?” Phil explained, “She must be crazy smart.”

“That much is true. After I told her some of the details of our day, she committed herself to do the same for me if she had to. She has no idea what is in store.” Marcie wondered, “This degree of involvement is great and all, but why are they so hot to get Karen on board? It seems very weird to me.”

“There is more you should know. When I went back to present the idea of a third model to make us more comfortable during nude sessions, Amy acted a little worried and used really defensive body language. Maybe she went too far in the poses and was afraid we would try to break the contract. In any event, the department loves us because we inspire some of their best work.” Phil said, “They seem willing to accommodate small requests, at least. And they don’t have to.”

“Can I tell Karen about the offer to share your house? You know it will take the pressure to pose with us away if her expenses go down. We still have our nefarious plot to consider.” Marcie whispered. “I still tingle when thinking about us today. Bringing her into the mix can only make it better.”

“Be quiet about the house. Karen needs to call Amy tomorrow around noon. It is very likely that she will be offered a job after a pro forma interview. Can she fit Wednesday and Friday sessions into her class schedule?”

“Yes. She has no classes then, but usually the professors have her doing their grunt work so they can play golf or something. Her labs are early in the day. She can’t change the TA hours, but the real TA stuff doesn’t take that much time. It’s the cheap, extorted labor that makes her life miserable.”

“Well, that part will come to an end if Professor Martin has her way. The Sciences, as a rule, don’t respect the Humanities, but the University does. And the Art Department brings a lot of prestige to the school and even more grant money. Chances are that our crusading professor will get her way.”

“So, I tell her to call Amy tomorrow and make it sound like a condition of our continued employment?”

Yes, that will work. Except that we are not in any danger, but the department seems to think they are. It’s a tad deceptive, but not really a lie. And, as you put it, the nefarious plot is still on the table. Are you going to tell her how and when you lost your cherry in public?”

“I’ll save that for later, maybe after she gets popped. Make no mistake; I really want you to fuck her like you did me. It will be better as a surprise. Much better. She knows we posed naked and I did it partially for her and that it was very hard to do. That’s enough for now. She can paint her own pictures.”

“Assuming she poses with us on Friday, we’ll discuss the move to my house then. It will allow time for the new income arrangements to set in. We still don’t know for sure how the Biology Department will deal with this.” Phil admitted, “The offer will be good whatever happens, but a little pressure never hurt. It is, as you say, an evil plot to corrupt your innocent and virginal friend in the most spectacular way imaginable.”

He added, “Since there was no mention of another nude session, Friday will be more or less normal. They might have costumes ready even as we speak. Amy will want to ease a new model into the routine gently like she did us. I will ask her to tell me before we pose naked again so we can break the news to Karen ourselves.”

“And we break the news right before class. She’ll be a wreck just like I was with no way out. You are a bad, bad boy, Phil. We are going to be great friends!” She cackled in laughter. “Getting my cherry popped in a crowded room and then becoming great friends seems to be the proper order of behavior in our bizarro world. Why does this not sound strange?”

“I think we have redefined strange. Call me tomorrow night when the dust settles. I will be in class all day and will not have the chance to talk. See you Friday anyway.”

“Till then. Meanwhile, I’ll work on Karen between classes. See ya.”

Thursday went better than they could have hoped. Marcie was not as sore as she expected to be. Prof. Martin discovered Karen’s scholarship was not tied to extra hours spent in the department. The TA position was an honor seldom granted to an underclassman. She it earned on her academic performance alone, it was not a favor given by her professors to get the stipend.

The stipend was built into the scholarship and could not be taken away as long as her GPA was maintained. That detail was glossed over when she accepted the scholarship. That was not a problem. Karen opted to keep the TA position for the resume value (and she liked doing it). Her chief professor had to admit that he regularly abused his students and was forced to release her from bondage officially. The Faculty Review Board made it clear that Ms Wilson’s grades would be monitored to insure that no retribution occurred. “Either a student knows the material or they don’t. There are no subjective shades of gray in biology.” He was informed in no uncertain terms that any attempt to get even would reflect badly on him.

Karen signed the standard contract with the Art Department, registered her new status at the Admin Building, kept the stipend and became a figure drawing model before she knew what was happening. She was to start Friday.

Marcie spent most of Thursday evening and night coaching Karen. She emphasized the costumes and poses, downplaying the necessary nudity. “In all the times we have posed, we had to get naked only once and we were warned in advance. I hardly noticed the art students and actually I don’t think it will happen often. I can’t say posing naked will ever be easy, but it may get less difficult, especially with the help of my friends.”

She kept talking, changing the focus, “Every other time, we wore costumes from the Drama Department or swimwear. It is a lot like playing ‘dress-up’ when I was a little girl.”

“That doesn’t sound so hard. Might be kinda fun. The bathing suit isn’t bad either, but I will be a little self conscious being watched so closely.”

“Don’t worry. You’re cute and have a great figure. They will love you.” Marcie reassured her roommate. “Once you realize they see you as an object to be drawn as a project and not as a person so much, it gets easier in general. The biggest problem is learning to hold the pose without moving. Sometimes the dresses are quite heavy and uncomfortable, but we do get breaks and snacks between poses. That eases the stress and makes it less tiring.”

“It sure beats grading tests and dealing with the sexist crap in the biology building. The old school guys are not convinced that girls can be any more than secretaries and flunkies.”

“Think of it this way: you might be using your body to earn an income but it is upfront and cool. It is the job description. You can be smart and sexy at the same time with no negative baggage.”

The girl decided after a while that the only way for Karen to get real answers was to wait until Friday at 3:00. That settled, they finished their class work and went to bed.

Friday went pretty normally for all three of them. Marcie had a minor pop test on Norse themes in Germanic epic poetry, after her required Math class. In Comp Sci., Phil tweaked a new scheduling spreadsheet for the University, cruised through Calculus III and taught a class at the dojo. Karen was happily ignored by the Botany Chairman, worked on her hybrid orchid DNA analysis project and led two freshman bromeliad taxonomy lab sections.

Just another day at school.

The models met in the changing room a few minutes early. Marcie introduced Phil and Karen officially. “It’s nice to finally meet the girl being saved from homelessness. If you’re half the person she describes, it will be a pleasure posing with you.”

Amy entered from the studio and told them that the theme was Ancient Rome. Phil got a pair of sandals with criss-cross straps up to his knees and a short pleated linen skirt-looking thing with a wide belt and a sword. Accessories were a gold headband and matching bicep garters.

Marcie and Karen were given leather flip-flops and short togas that left one shoulder bare. They also got headbands and waist sashes. Where Phil’s costume was linen, theirs were mostly opaque silk, very clingy silk. He figured it was not really authentic, more Greco-Roman-Hollywood. Close enough for figure drawing.

Amy insisted they go ‘commando’ to avoid the dreaded VPL (visible panty lines).

Phil turned his back toward the girls and began to strip down. “Don’t worry Karen. I know we just met. I promise not to peep until you are ready.”

The girls turned around. “In for a penny, in for a pound.” Marcie sighed, acting bolder than she really was. “Better coverage than the bikini at least and kinda cute.” Last Wednesday’s euphoria was fading. The cheery bravado was as much for her as Karen.

“I guess it will be OK if I sit carefully. It is very short however.” Karen noted, nerves showing. “I hope the studio is warm.”

“Sitting carefully is not your choice. The instructor puts us where she wants. Her concern is the challenge to the students and not our comfort or modesty. Amy isn’t likely to intentionally embarrass us, but her attention is on the class.” Marcie said, “Remember I told you we were just objects to draw and interpret.”

Phil added, “They pick up on our mood and try to capture it in the art. If you act shy or scared, it will show. I think today, we are supposed to be proud, noble young Romans. Amy will pose us as she will. Our part is attitude projection. Chin up, proud expressions and clear piercing eyes. Let’s own the room like real world conquerors.”

Amy, listening at the studio door, was amazed at the pep talk. These guys are more than clay puppets she thought, they truly get into the roles. She was glad the prop was a massive armchair today. They were going to pose as a young Caesar and his mates.

She started to suspect Phil and Marcie actually had sex on the platform last Wednesday. Method acting.

She did not know the role immersion was the way the kids distanced themselves from the situation to keep their nerves at bay. Marcie, who suffered near terminal modesty, had trembles whenever she thought people were staring at her.

Amy called them into the empty classroom and placed all three on the platform. “Phil, sit all the way back in the chair. Put the sword, pointy end down between your legs with both hands, palm down on the hilt. Good. Hold that pose.”

“Girls, sit on the arm rests with your legs at a right angle to the chair. Marcie, your right shoulder is bare, so you sit on Phil’s left. Karen, you take the right. Put your front foot on the support bar connecting the chair legs. Now cross your rear leg, ladylike, over the front at the knee. Good. Now turn your upper body about 45º forward. Place your rear arm in your lap and your front hand on Phil’s nearest elbow. OK.”

“Phil, keep your face forward and your eyes up so you are staring over the crowds at the base of your throne. Karen and Marcie, keep the same proud, disdainful look, but at the imaginary masses on the sides. Your sightlines should be at a 45º angle from his.”

Amy did her usual walk-around/photo routine while cautioning the girls to be careful to keep the togas in place. “Be very still. Any motion will cause a breast to pop out. If that happens before the break, you must ignore it. A little areola color can be expected and is no big deal.” She took one more look and said, “Showtime”.

Moving quickly, she opened the doors and let the students set up. “Charcoals and pastels today. Roman scene. Realism. Capture what you see. You have 45 minutes.”

She moved from easel to easel, making suggestions and comments, giving praise for most of the work. Criticism was withheld for later, when the artists themselves deemed the drawings complete, and confined to technique, never for interpretation.

By now, both girls had an entire titty exposed to the students. Of this, they were not aware. Their erect nipples, however, were acutely aware.

Thirty minutes into the pose, she checked on the models. “I know this is a stressful pose. I don’t think we can reset it exactly after a break. Please tell me you can hold out for another fifteen minutes. I promise a longer break, plenty liquids and our thanks for the extra effort. The students are in the zone and I hate to shatter the mood.”

The models whispered that they could go a bit longer, but the twist on the upper body and the arm positions were a lot like yoga. Phil sneaked a peek at his partners and saw that the near tit on each girl totally exposed. The one-shouldered togas had acted precisely as designed by the Romans, courtesy of the Drama Department. This escaped notice because the silk was so light they couldn’t feel it anyway. And, being obedient models, they never looked away from the spot the instructor had indicated. No wonder Amy wanted to extend. He had an idea.

He signaled the instructor to come close and whispered with a small wink, “Amy, before you do the last photo record, will you get the empty SD card out of my shirt pocket and make a set for me? I want to print a few for Karen and Marcie to remember their first session together.” He decided to add as a test, “And since this is a ‘partial’ and you are aware of it, we should get paid time and a half. Double time pay is for ‘full’, right?”

“No problem. I will adjust the time cards and get the memory card now.” She was just glad he was nice, if a bit direct, about it. The students were drawing crazy good stuff. Even the gay guys, who usually concentrated on Phil, were doing exemplary work on the girls.

They looked so imperious, so strong and authentic, she could not bring herself to interrupt the class and have the girls cover the girls. Luckily, Phil was giving her an ‘out’. Marcie would be embarrassed, but she had at least performed simulated, if not actual, sex two days ago. Phil could probably mollify her feelings. Karen was a wild card. However, the girl did sign the contract. But if she quit, the department might lose Marcie and Phil and she knew what the blowback from that would bring.

Phil realized that, for whatever reason, Amy was yielding the controlling hand to him. She could have refused the pay arrangement or at least negotiated, but didn’t hesitate to agree. Prof. Martin’s going to bat for Karen immediately, apparently based on his request for another model, was another disconnect. That didn’t happen every day no matter what Amy said. Something was going on behind the scene. Even if this ‘something’ was to their advantage, a little info would give the trio tools to ride the tide fully. It’s not like they could improve their position, or would even try, if they knew the backstory.

He did have, after all, some computer skills. Maybe this called for a little ‘research’. Curiosity was killing him.

Time finally ran down, Amy took the photos and, after discretely draping a robe over the girls’ shoulders and turning their backs to the class, called for a break. She hoped the girls, when they discovered their uncovered tits, would blame the exposure on the sudden motion. She had to get in one more pose for her class and an extra hour for some of the faculty. Prof. Martin, Lanie (clay sculpture), Rachael (stone) and Janice (mixed metals) wanted to do some preliminary sketches and take some Polaroids for reference.

She sent the trio to the changing room to towel off and hydrate. Sandwiches, Gatorade, water and candy bars were already set out on a card table. She insisted that they eat something.

“People, this first break will be twenty minutes. Make sure you drink plenty liquid. We will probably go well into a third hour tonight because several senior faculty members want to observe and participate in this session.”

Phil raised an eyebrow and the girls looked very jumpy.

“I know the togas are a bit risqué. The faculty will be all women. Lanie, Janice and Rachael. Phil and Marcie have posed for them before. Also, Prof. Martin may attend and bring Dana from the jewelry design section.” She added, “It is Friday night, so we hope the extra time won’t be an issue. And if any ‘accidental’ partial nudity occurs, you will be compensated at the proper rates. As I said at the beginning, if it happens, it happens. You may not readjust the costumes.”

With that parting statement, she left the room to speak to the students.

“What do you think of the glamorous life of the art model now, Karen?” Phil asked.

“Sitting still is as hard as playing soccer.” She responded between bites of chicken salad on whole wheat. “I’m going to have to stay in good shape.”

“Keep yourself hydrated, and stay away from the caffeine. It will make you want to go to the little girl’s room.” Phil advised. “But do mix the Gatorade, 50-50, with water when we do these long poses. I could be wrong, but peeing on the platform is not the way they want the set to end.”

“You should try to do some mild isometrics during the session. I tightened and released my legs and arms to keep the muscle definition and to increase circulation. It does help a lot.” Marcie offered.

“If I flexed much, I think my boobs would have been out for everyone to see! As it was, I couldn’t tell because the toga is so light.” Karen sputtered.

“I think my tit was out before I put the robe on.” Marcie whispered to her roommate, “And might have been out for a while. I was afraid to look. It was weirdly exciting not knowing if the students could see how hard my nipples were getting.”

“Oh my god! Do you think I was out, too?”

“If my boob was out, yours probably was. Same pose, same costume, same size. Do the math.” Marcie moved behind Karen and gripped the girl’s arms gently at the wrist. “We’re out now. Phil can see your cute little titty and my titty, too”

Karen tried to cover up, but Marcie held her arms still. “Let him look. He will see that and more before too long. Get used to it.” She ramped up the torture. “Are your nipples as hard as mine?”

Karen was staring directly at Phil when she answered softly. “Yes.”

There was a loud knock on the studio door. “Two minutes, people.” Amy shouted before she opened the door “A simple pose this time. Save your strength for the last ones.”

Amy could feel the tension in the room. She noted that the two girls had not covered their breasts and that both were flushed pink from their hairline to their very erect nipples. This gets stranger by the second, she thought. There has to be a way to take advantage of this.

Karen and Marcie, after covering their tits, followed Phil and the instructor back to the classroom.

“The pose is this: Phil standing in the middle, legs apart, arms akimbo. Think of the Colossus of Rhodes in the cheesy old movie. Marcie, you stand on his left, Karen, on his left, both slightly behind so that his arms are in front of you. Good. Now position your outside arms like his but wrap the other arm around his waist from behind.”

“Spread your legs so the outside of your feet touch exactly between his. The other leg should be parallel to his. Marcie, press your left breast against Phil’s elbow. Karen, do the same with your right. Lean your heads on his upper arms.” She fiddled with the pose, shifting arms and legs slightly back and forth until all the limb lines were as parallel as she could get them.

Stepping away, Amy took up the camera and took a few shots. “Oops. Wrinkles.” She tugged down on the togas until they draped to her satisfaction, her satisfaction defined by Phil’s arms framing the newly bared titties. “A little closer to Phil, ladies. Stop. Excellent!” Now, the erect little pink nipples were as perfectly centered in the arms akimbo triangle as she could get them. “Remember to keep that noble, disinterested demeanor. “You are proud Romans, above the riff-raff.”

Amy asked if they could hold the pose for a while and they answered that it would be easy compared to the other one. She took a lot of photos. It needed something, maybe a secondary focus. Looking at the students, she made the decision to stretch the envelope a bit harder. Now to choose a victim. Polly, the young office assistant, would work if she could be convinced to participate.

She signaled a girl who Phil recognized as Art Girl, the person who checked the model applicants in at the original interview. “The rest of you, think about the scene on the platform. Decide how you want to interpret what you see. Choose among charcoals, pastels, India ink, pencils or a mix. Make the medium work with the subject. I want your best.” They went into the changing room.

In the privacy of the changing room, she said, “Polly, I need a huge favor. I’m willing to have the department pay for your supplies for the rest of the semester and pay you the hourly modeling wage for the night, with a chance for more time later at the rate Marcie, Karen and Phil get, if you can do what I’m about to ask.”

Polly was getting nervous and curious at the same time. Speaking hesitantly, she said. “That incentive is hard to turn down. I’m almost afraid to ask, but what is the ‘favor’?”

“Feel free to say ‘no’ at any time, but I’m asking you pose with the three on the podium. The scene needs a counterpoint. You be a submissive, naked slave girl. I will bind your wrists behind you and have you on your knees, sitting back on your calves, looking up at Phil.”

Polly gasped. Amy pushed on. “You can disrobe in here. I will tie your arms loosely with a cloth belt and cover you with one of the model robes before we enter the studio. You’ll have your back to the other students while I put you in place. When I remove the robe, they will see nothing but your back and derriere.”

“But the models will see my rear end. Ms Zander, I have to say this. I’m just barely eighteen and not as ‘experienced’ as you seem to think. Skipping grades got me to college early so I’m younger than the other sophs.” Polly took a deep breath, shaking all over, but continued. “No one has seen my body except Mom and some girls in high school gym. They made us shower together and that alone embarrassed me to pieces.”

“Can you at least try? Your natural shy embarrassment is exactly what the scene needs. A virginal young slave girl must do as she is told or suffer terrible punishment. That is what I want you to project. The emotional tension will be over the top. Artistically, it will be incredible! Please say you will try.”

Polly shuddered. “I can’t believe and don’t know why I’m saying this, but I’ll at least try. But you have to let me run away if I panic.”

Amy couldn’t believe her luck. What is it with these shy girls? Are they all closet exhibitionists, willing to be coerced into doing what they were too shy to do themselves?

She hurried the blushing girl until she was naked, bound her hands with the sash and draped the robe around her shoulders, gripping it closed in the front. Pulling the robe like a handle, Amy led the trembling young slave up the steps to the platform.

Amy positioned her in the classic submissive fashion, sitting back on her calves, knees apart, toes pointed at the classroom about three feet away from Phil. When Polly was in place, Amy moved behind her and hypnotically spoke as she removed the robe, “Look up at your owners. He is your Master and is as a God to you. Pray to whatever Deity you worship that you are pleasing to his eyes. His pleasure is your reason for life. Your body is his to use in any way. They are your Mistresses and have the power to give you untold pleasure or terrible pain. You are helpless to resist their every whim. Present your naked body to them to use as they will. Know and understand the consequences for failure.”

She signed for the other students to begin working, seeing them so enraptured that they appeared to forget why they were there. Taking the reference pictures, Amy really inspected the young, innocent girl on the stage. Frizzy, light brown hair, pale green eyes, about the same height as the other two, slim waisted, narrow-hipped with slender legs. Polly, surprisingly, was clean-shaven down below.

Her complexion was flawless. Porcelain white, no tan lines, tiny rose-colored nipples, Polly could have been made of the finest china. At the moment, she was in a full body blush with her breasts thrust forward. It looked like she was lost in her own fantasy world. Perhaps that fantasy matched the scene in front of her. She shuddered under the cold stare Phil was giving her. Marcie and Karen appeared archly amused.

Surface appearances aside, Amy could see four nipples that could cut glass and one slightly tented costume.

For twenty minutes, the only sounds in the room were the slight scratching of the tools putting the vision on paper. Amy slipped from easel to easel silently, inspecting the drawings but never saying a word. The mood was too precious to risk by talking.

She saw the door begin to open in the rear and rushed to intercept the visiting faculty before they had a chance to enter. Marian, Dana, Lanie, Rachael, Janice and Beth (mosaics and frescoes) awaited an explanation.

“Please be as quite as you can. I have easels and media ready for you to start. This session is pure magic. I’m absolutely positive you’ll agree if you will just begin to draw what is on the platform. The models are in their own reality. I want to keep them there as long as possible. And yes, the slave girl is our Polly. She is terrified but you cannot tell if it is really her personal terror or her naked, helpless slave girl fantasy terror. Maybe both. And Karen, the new model, fits perfectly.”

No one on the platform noticed the arrivals. Karen and Marcie’s eyes were riveted on Polly. Phil made no secret that her was looking at her titties. Polly kept her eyes glued to the bulge inside Phil’s linen wrap.

All six of the women picked up the attitude saturating the air and began to draw as well as they could. They were trained, talented pros and were not going to waste this rare opportunity. Even Marian, who had seen almost everything in the art world, had no trouble imagining herself in the courtyard of the Roman villa created by the models.

The pose lasted halfway into the third hour of the class. Amy slowly climbed to the platform and took a huge chance. She nudged the models apart and stripped Phil, Marcie and Karen naked. Karen was in a trance. Leaving Phil in place, she turned Polly until she faced the class, still in the submissive position. Marcie and Karen were placed beside and touching Phil the length of their bodies, legs together, inside arms around his back with their hands resting on his shoulders. She had the two standing girls grip Polly’s hair on either side and pull her head back until she was looking straight up at Phil. Her head was pressed back into his erection, concealing it from the artists down in front of the platform.

Porcelain skin turned bright red as Polly appeared to be in the middle of an extended orgasm. Marcie and Karen were not far behind.

The effect on the room was electric. Page after page was covered and turned. Nearly every stroke was a keeper. Amy took dozens of photos from every angle. The faculty observers were drawing faster than the students. None were the same. All were fine.

Well into the fourth hour, Amy called a halt to the session. “The models have to be exhausted, people. They have been posing since 3:00 and it is nearly 7:00. If they are up for it, we can continue tomorrow, probably in a different setting.”

The three official models relaxed, nervously aware of but not covering their nudity. Polly, on the other hand, seemed to be waiting for Phil to tell her what to do, unable to shed the submissive slave persona. Or maybe finally coming fully into that persona, Phil thought. He let her stew.

Amy ushered the naked and overheated teenagers to the changing room, giving Phil his memory card and returning to the studio where the artists were discussing their drawings. Beth was talking to the gay men about reinterpreting some of their pastels in a mosaic installation. Lanie and Rachael were talking about how they could recreate the charged atmosphere in 3-D. Dana and Janice discussed the appropriate metals to use for large and tiny treatments of the themes. Prof. Martin was considering flexing her chops by asking for a collaboration with Amy. Maybe it’s time to blow the dust off my Photoshop® and Illustrator® skills, she thought. Time to let the young smartasses in the digital lab know that they do not own the universe.

The students and instructors were sure the reach for excellence would take them to the edge, but the effort would yield astonishing results.

In the dressing room, the teens dried the perspiration. Before they began to dress, Phil informed them that they would be moving into his house on University Drive Sunday morning. He was not asking. “It is my house, one block from the gate to the main academic buildings. You will share the utilities, property taxes and expenses. We share the cooking, and you three split the housework. I do the yard and pool and any serious repairs. There are three large bedrooms and two bathrooms, plus a common room upstairs. Living room, kitchen and dining room and the study room are on the first floor. Bicycles can be kept in the attached, two-car garage. The full basement has a playroom, storage area and exercise equipment. It is accessible from the in-ground pool in the backyard. There is also a twelve-foot privacy fence around my double sized lot.”

The three girls were stunned but silent.

“Marcie, you and Karen will tell your landlord that you are moving. I will pay the balance of the month’s rent. If he balks, tell me. If the apartment rental rates are any indication, the demand for space is high. He should have no problem finding new tenants.”

“Polly, where did you live?”

“In a dorm. Three girls in a two-girl room. But I had to pay room and board as if there were only two, paid by the semester.”

“Start packing tonight. I will discuss a refund of the balance with the art department administration. Keep the meal plan. Understand?”

“Yes, Phil.”

“Now, everybody get dressed and go home. Get some rest and start packing to move. We will meet at noon at my house to divvy up space and decide if we will be working Saturday evening. I, for one, have class work to do tonight but Saturday is free.” He added, “In case you have not figured it out yet, the four of us earned a total $1700.00 in four hours tonight. Clearly, they value our services.”

Polly spoke up. “I overheard heard a rumor that the department was basing the year-end Faculty and Senior Art Shows on pieces inspired by the new models. I’m pretty sure you, maybe us, are the only ones in the entire art school.”

“That’s good if true. It means a steady, but crazy embarrassing job. In case it is a rumor or if they change their minds, we can’t push our luck. Lets just do as we have so far, whatever Amy wants.”

Out in the studio, Prof. Martin was giving her staff their marching orders. “The Drama Department is staging a reprise of ‘The Thin Man’. I think Nick and Nora’s bedroom set is on stage right now. Amy, you and Dana double-team the Director and Stage Manager tonight. Tell them we need to use the set and costumes Saturday evening. Be pushy, full court press. The Director is my brother-in-law. On second thought, I’ll strong-arm him with my sister. You two coerce the Stage Manager. We also need to borrow one tech to run the light panel. If they do their rehearsal in the practice rooms, we will design and print the publicity posters in our commercial art sections for free. All I want is the theatre for a day and full credit for the student designers in their program.”

“The rest of you, inform your seniors, best underclassmen and teaching staff that there will be mandatory session in the theatre. Start the phone tree and email notices immediately. Tablet computers, iPads, and cell phones are banned from the premises. No recording devices whatsoever. Drawing boards with sketch pads only. Any violation will result in expulsion from the department. There will be no exceptions.”

“That’s pretty harsh, Prof. Martin.” Rachael dared to say.

“Not really. The department makes the rules. We are training artists to think with their heads and hands. We are training neither stenographers nor Facebook contributors. A tweet is not gallery art. Make it clear that this is a test of their skills, not their Internet use.”

Marian Martin sent them on their way, expecting tomorrow to proceed as she planned.

By this time, the models had dressed and were on their way home. Amy, Dana and Lanie closed and locked the building and retired to Lanie’s office.

“That was the most intense session I’ve ever seen!” Lanie blurted. “Can they keep it up?”

Dana commented, “The role playing was phenomenal. The four of them were totally immersed in their own private zone. Was this really Polly’s first time on the platform? Who is this woman-child and what has she done with our shy and demure little office assistant?”

“Yes. It was her first time. It was Karen’s also. The interactions among Phil, Marcie and Karen are amazing enough. I’m almost sure Marcie lost her virginity in public Wednesday night. Karen will probably give it up to him soon. But when I kidnapped Polly, stripped her naked and made her the helpless slave girl, I apparently played directly into a submissive fantasy. I don’t think she was acting. She might even consider herself Phil’s property. I can’t wait to see what he does to her.”

“You think Marcie got fucked in front of the class? Really? Pardon my bluntness, I’m gobsmacked here.” Lanie gasped. “Actual sex in public?”

“I’m no clinical expert, but some things you can’t fake. Their body language screamed the second he popped her cherry. Her expression was priceless and I have the moment of truth on a memory card. But somehow, it was not obscene; it was a magical, private act, except for the fact it was played out in front of a dozen spellbound artists.”

“How did you arrange that episode?” Dana had to know.

“I don’t do anything other than push them past their comfort zone and make it possible. They took it from there on their own volition.” Amy answered, “Like tonight. I stripped them naked on the platform, Karen for the first time ever, but they let me. I told Polly she would be facing away from her classmates, but she allowed me to turn her blushing naked body to a full frontal exposure.”

“Whatever you’re doing, keep it up. This is great material. Anyone in this department who doesn’t get it should drop out and go to trade school and be a plumber.” Dana laughed. “Now it’s our turn. Pull out the phones. We have work to do.”

Amy’s first call was to Phil. “Hi, Phil. Prof. Martin wants us on stage at the theatre tomorrow at the usual time. You will be wearing Thirties period formal and lounge wear. Think of William Powell and Myrna Loy in ‘The Thin Man’ movies as Nick and Nora Charles, with their New York society friends in a Park Avenue setting. It will be easy and stress-free. Please tell me you’ll be there. This is really important to Prof. Martin.”

“You talked me into it, Amy. I’ll take care of the girls. I might have to tutor them a bit to make sure they keep their grades up, but the modeling doesn’t take any more time than Karen’s grunt work did in the Biology Department and I speak several of the languages Marcie uses in her European mythology class. Polly can use the photos and her memories to get her sketches done.”

“I’ll see you all at 3:00 on stage. Later” She cut the connection and breathed a sigh of relief. Part one, done. Check. Next.

They contacted the Stage Manager only to discover that the Director had already approved the change. The Director also arranged for the lighting designer to run the board. “Damn, Marian works fast. I’ll bet she did threaten to sic her sister on him if he didn’t come around.” Lanie chuckled. “Fred would have done it anyway, but involving his force-of-nature wife is tantamount to taking the nuclear option. He never had a chance.”

“Let’s get to the phones again, ladies. We have a few dozen students to call before bedtime.” Dana said. “We can get most of them before date night starts if we hurry.”

Phil jumped into his F-250 Twin Cab and zipped to the nearest mall. He found some very thin, sleeveless summer dresses with drawstrings at the bust and waist. “Size small, in pale green, white, pink, sky blue and pale yellow, three each.” He told the clerk. “Put it on my AmEx.”

He waited briefly and signed the receipt. On the way home, he picked up a pepperoni and prosciutto Stromboli with a side salad to go for supper.

While eating he did his Calc III assignments, then debugged his simulation engine program for his Game Theory class. Afterwards, he showered and went to bed. As he listened to ‘Prelude to the Afternoon of a Fawn’, sleep claimed him and the dreams were quite vivid and pleasant.

Mick Jagger woke Phil at 6:30, singing about not forgetting “to put roses on her grave”. He switched the radio to NPR as the coffee dripped. Breakfast was a toasted bagel with cream cheese and smoked salmon.

‘The Thin Man’ downloaded while he spent an hour on the weight machines in the basement. A five-mile jog later sent him to the shower. Phil called the three girls on a conference call, asking them to come over at 11:30 instead of noon. He told them that Prof. Martin insisted they do an easy modeling session at 3:00 in the big theatre. He would give the details over brunch at his house. He promised to help them with any course work they had due in the near future.

“Prof. Martin made it clear that our attendance was expected. Bring a change of clothes. Dinner tonight is my treat. You all pick the place.”

He had omelet makings prepped, bacon broiled and melons sliced when the girls arrived a few minutes early. They were munching happily a quarter hour later.

“This hits the spot.” Marcie said between bites. “You do good work.”

“I like real food and my mama taught me good.” Phil laughed. “I can build this faster than I can get breakfast to go. It’s better, I don’t have to get dressed in the morning and I know what is in it. The dishwasher works harder than I do. What’s not to like?”

After eating. Phil took them upstairs to the big bathroom. “There are towels on the linen rack. A tube of ultra gentle Nair®, assorted soaps and shampoos are in the shower. When you are all polished and shiny, meet me in the bedroom through that door. I have new dresses for you to wear to the auditorium after we see the classic movie the professor wants us to emulate.”

“May we ask what the movie is?” Polly wanted to know.

“You can ask but I won’t answer. It is a surprise. I think you will enjoy it, however. It will run for 90 minutes and we have to allow travel time, so we have to start the show by 1:00. That leaves you about forty minutes to get it done. I’ll see you in the next room.”

He went down to the living room and set the 60’ TV up for the movie. He dressed in white boxer briefs, black gym shorts and a snug white tank top. Phil packed a pair of dark socks in a small kit bag with a gray polo shirt and a pair of khaki slacks. He was going to wear walking shoes.

Back upstairs, he selected the green sundress for Marcie, the blue for Karen and the white for Polly. Very soon he heard the hair dryers stop and the girls came into the room, wrapped in towels. The first thing he did was remove the towels and manually inspect their clits and nipples. The teens were shocked into immobility, unable to resist his gentle caresses.

“Yes, very smooth and soft. Very beautiful, especially when you blush so sweetly. Most especially when your nipples are so hard.” He whispered to them. “Men and women want to make love to you, yearn to touch you.” He fondled Polly and Karen at the same time.

“Marcie, tell them when you lost your virginity.” Karen inhaled sharply. Polly nearly fainted.

“I got fucked for the first time on the platform while we were posing for the whole class, Wednesday. Phil took my cherry with the whole class watching me come forever and stayed in me when he carried me to the changing room, where he finished me off on the bench. I came so hard I nearly passed out three times before he came inside of me.” She panted, “You will let him fuck you when he is ready, wherever and whenever.”

Polly and Karen came hard, at the same time, and collapsed together on the floor. Phil used one of the towels to clean and dry their drippy thighs. He then did the same for Marcie, after making her come, too, while the other girls watched.

‘Ok, my sweeties, put on these little covers. Green is for Marcie, blue for Karen and white for my little slave girl, Polly. Do not tie the drawstrings tight. Just enough to stay up, barely, if your nipples are hard. No panties. That is what I have chosen for you to wear for the trip to the theatre. The costumers will give you everything else you will need for the afternoon.”

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