Chapter 1

Caution: This Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa, Consensual, Coercion, Fiction, Cheating, Voyeurism,

Desc: Sex Story: Chapter 1 - A woman is having an affair and finds that she is being tracked by a private investigator. But all is not as she is led to believe.

Mark and Simon had been friends at school and now, in their late twenties, they shared a flat in town. They were very different personalities, Mark being outgoing and successful with women, whereas Simon was into IT and computer stuff and not very good at talking with anyone, let alone girls. They did share some interests, like sailing and travel, but mostly when at home they kept to their own rooms. When not dating girls, Mark watched a lot of TV in the living room, whereas Simon mostly stayed in his room playing on his computer. Mark assumed he watched porn in there, but neither of them discussed such things

They had reached comfortable a lifestyle that suited both, with one very special shared activity. Whenever Mark took a girl to his room and had sex, he would try to make the girl respond as noisily as possible. Simon would stay in his room, listening and masturbating quietly, until the girl left, then the two of them would go to the pub and Mark would thrill Simon with a detailed description of the girl and what they did together.

It was after a lovely but rather older woman called Andrea had left that things evolved dramatically. At first their conversation in the pub that evening was much the same as normal. Mark knew very little about her, he was sure that she was married but had refused to discuss her personal situation.

"Was she good in bed, Mark?"

"Oh yeah."

"I wish you would let me watch!"

"You think she will let you sit beside the bed while we fuck? You are crazy Simon."

"Would you let me hide a camera in your room?"

"Jesus!" Mark looked at his friend in astonishment. "Are you serious?"

"Why not? Even if she sees it, what can she do? You say you think she is married. Just tell her that the camera recorded her last visit and threaten to send the pics of it to her husband. Who is she going to complain to?"

"My god Simon that is so kinky! You think you could do it?"

"Easy to hide the camera, how long do I have, when is she coming round next?"

"She is very horny, I don't think she gets much from her husband and she definitely likes my dick. But she says she can only come on Fridays, presumably she has some regular excuse on that day that he accepts. I pretended I had other commitments next week but then relented and said she could come. She was quite deliciously grateful."

"That gives me a week. Should be enough."

Simon went to get in another round of beer. When he returned Mark was looking less enthusiastic. After thinking about it, he could see huge holes in Simon's plan.

"Suppose she calls my bluff? How can I send the pics to her husband? I don't know her name or where she lives or works or anything. It's just been pure sex every time we've met. We could threaten to put the pics on the internet but she might just laugh at us."

"All we are asking is that I be allowed to be present when you two fuck. Surely any woman would prefer that to being posted on the net. I'm not asking to join in or anything."

"Dunno. It's a nice idea. Go ahead and fit the camera in my bedroom anyway, I would like to have the pics for my own amusement even if it doesn't lead anywhere."

After finishing their beers they stood up intending to walk home. But Simon had a thought. "Get another round in, Mark, I have thought of something, need to think it through."

When Mark returned, Simon sipped the fresh beer and grinned at his friend. "Does she know anything about me?"

"No, nothing, she hasn't noticed you in your room and I just don't talk about my domestic arrangements. Basically she arrives, we fuck, and she leaves."

"So she wouldn't recognise me if she met me in the street or anything?"

"No, of course not. But I thought you wanted to join us when we are having sex."

"All in good time!" Simon sat back and put his hands behind his head, smiled, and said softly, "I'm contemplating following her home, finding out where she lives."

"Shit no, Si, that's too dangerous. Anyway I'm sure it's not that easy to follow someone. She might live miles away, have you ever tried to follow another car without being spotted?"

They sat in silence for a few minutes more, then Simon took a deep breath. "Okay, Mike, have you noticed what sort of phone she has?"

"An IPhone, why?"

"Tell me where she undresses before sex."

"Either in the lounge or the bedroom, why, where are you going with all these questions?"

"Not sure yet, just thinking. I will let you know if I come up with any good solution."

So they walked home contentedly, Mark reliving an afternoon of delicious sex, and Simon contemplating options for the future.

A few days later, Simon showed Mark three digital desktop clocks he had purchased off the internet. He placed one in the living room, on a shelf of the bookcase. He asked Mark if he could put one in Mark's bedroom, and chose a spot on a side table. The third clock he took into his own room. Mark, naturally suspicious, examined his clock carefully but couldn't see anything obviously sinister, except there was a sort of small glass button on the front panel with no obvious function.

When Andrea arrived on the Friday afternoon, Simon was in his room. Mark invited Andrea in, took her coat and her handbag, and suggested she sit and relax with a glass of wine before going to the bedroom. After a few minutes he led her off and shut the bedroom door. Simon waited until he was sure they had started having sex before sneaking out, grabbing her handbag, and retiring to his room. Sure enough, Andrea's phone was an IPhone, and it took only a few minutes to install the tracking app that Simon had been practicing with all week. When Andrea finally left the bedroom, she was relaxed and well satisfied, and if her handbag had been moved she didn't notice. She kissed Mark again as she put on her coat, picked up her bag, and left the apartment.

Banging on Simon's door, Mark called out, "Right, you ready to come to the pub and hear all about my screwing the lovely Andrea?"

"Just do me a favour first, swap this clock for the one that's in your room. Then give me a few minutes. I will have something to show you before we go out."

Mark obeyed, curious, and already half sure of what was going on. Ten minutes later Simon invited him in, and showed him a slideshow appearing on his computer. There appeared an endless procession of pics of Andrea and Mark having sex, as seen by the hidden camera on Mark's table top.

Mark said, "You dirty sod, so this is what you wanted with those clocks."

"I've already downloaded them onto my IPad, would you like to go look at them a bit more slowly in the pub?"

Mark did want to! The two of them sat in a cubicle with the IPad raised so others couldn't see what they were looking at.

When they got home, Mark went off to bed, but Simon stayed up and activated the tracking algorithm in Andrea's IPhone. It was stationary, presumably at her house, so he Googled the location to see what sort of house Andrea lived in. A large house on a big block of land, with a pool! So her husband was wealthy! How interesting. Next day she went out, visiting a shopping mall, but nothing very interesting. Simon, with his IPad, followed her into and around the mall, watching her from a distance, but taking care to keep far enough away so she wouldn't notice him. It was easy to stalk her when she was carrying her IPhone like a homing beacon in her bag! If she disappeared into a shop or a lady's toilet, he just sat outside watching his IPad until it showed movement again,

Without telling Mark anything about it, Simon tracked Andrea's movements all next week, and was pleased to see her going to a local school each morning and afternoon, clearly picking up her children. So on Thursday he got there before she did, and surreptitiously took photographs of her with her kids.

He was particularly thrilled on Friday as he tracked her driving over for her next session with Mark. It was fun knowing almost to the minute when she would ring the door bell. Again after she left, Simon swapped the clocks, downloaded the new set of pics, and went with Mark to look at them on his IPad.

That Saturday Andrea again went shopping and again Simon followed her. This time when she went into a café for a coffee, Simon walked over and asked if he could sit down. Andrea looked up, clearly intending to tell him to get lost. Before she could speak, Simon calmly said, "You are very pretty Andrea, I can see why David is so suspicious of you."

By now Simon had discovered a lot about Andrea and the man he assumed was her husband. He had gone into real estate databases to find who the owner of the property was, and found it to be registered to a Mr David Pollock. And he knew from her driving licence that her name was Andrea Pollock, so David was presumably her husband or maybe her dad.

Andrea was looking shaken as she asked, "How do you know my name? Who are you?"

He knew he had to be careful not to make a mistake that would alert her. So he just smiled, lent down so he could whisper in her ear, and said softly, "I am a private detective. David has hired me to track you, he suspects that you are having an affair."

Andrea went pale and did not protest as Simon sat beside her at her table. The waitress came over and he asked for a coffee, and they sat in silence until it had arrived, Andrea obviously turning over in her mind what her options were.

"What have you found out?"

"You mean about your Friday assignations? A lot, Andrea. I installed a spy camera in your lover's bedroom and have a lot of photographs of you with him."

Andrea put her head in her hands and started crying. He left her to her misery for a few minutes then Simon reached for one of her hands and drew it to him, and said kindly, "It's okay, I haven't told David yet, I wanted to talk with you first."

She kept her head down, looking at the coffee cup in front of her. "But you are going to tell him?" Her voice quivered, and he saw she was biting her lip nervously.

"It's my job, I'm afraid."

"Please don't." At last she raised her head, turned to him, looked him in the eyes. "Please don't tell him."

"What would David do, if he finds out about your lover?"

"Divorce me, probably."

Ah, thought Simon, so David is her husband, not her dad or anything else. "Yes, I suppose so, and he would get custody of the kids, I am sure."

This started Andrea crying again, but rather than showing disgust with Simon for betraying her, he noticed she was gripping his hand tightly.

At last she sat up, wiped her tears with her free hand, and turned to look earnestly at Simon. "Do you have to tell him?"

"I suppose, for the sake of your kids, we should explore alternatives."

She kept looking at him, and he knew she realised he might be about to demand sex. He was pretty sure she would agree! But he didn't want to make it quite that easy for her.

Nothing was said for a couple of minutes, then Simon broke the silence by asking, "Another cup of coffee, Andrea?" She nodded and he beckoned for the waitress. Again they sat silently until the fresh coffee arrived.

"I told you I have photographs of you having sex with that man, Mark?" Andrea shuddered, but nodded. "I notice that you never touch his cock, not with your hands or your mouth."

Andrea looked down at the table, and muttered, "I don't like doing that."

"What about with your husband?"

"David? No way!" She said it quite vehemently. Simon wondered if maybe David had ever tried to make her do it.

"Have you ever had a cock in your mouth?" She shook her head, looking down again, her cheeks flushing.

"Okay here's my proposal. I want to cum in your mouth, and in return I won't mention Mark in my reports to David."

"Oh god," Andrea said softly, shuddering.

Simon sipped his coffee, struggling to look calm whereas his heart was pounding, he wasn't sure if what he was doing was illegal but it was certainly the most exciting and dangerous thing he had ever done in his life.

After several minutes Andrea finally nodded her head. "Okay."

"I suggest we go now to your car, and you can give me a blow job in the back seat, get it over with, and you can go back to your family and forget it happened."

"In my car? You mean here in the car park?"

"Believe me Andrea, it happens a lot in shopping mall car parks. But if you prefer we can go to some quiet place in the country."

"No, as you say let's get it done."

As they stepped out of the lift, Andrea whispered, "Please, not in my car, can we use your car?"

"I'm sorry darling but I can't let you see my car. I daren't risk you being able to tell David anything about me. If you don't want to do it in your car, then come with me."

Simon had scouted the car park earlier, and led her to a quiet corner with a large van in the end parking space. He drew Andrea round behind the van, and gently pushed her to her knees. He unzipped, pushed his pants down to mid thigh, and used his hand to pull Andrea's head towards his cock. "Hands behind your back, darling, I want you to use just your mouth for this. Take as long as you like."

After so much build-up, it wasn't surprising that it didn't take long! Andrea had no idea what to do, but Simon used his hands to move her head as he fucked her mouth, then held her tight up against his belly as he spunked, holding her and saying softly, "Swallow it all, darling."

Then he pushed her gently back onto her heels, and zipped himself up. "Don't spit it out, doing that is considered to be very rude."

He watched as she struggled to swallow what was left in her mouth, allowed her to wipe her mouth with the back of a hand, then helped her to her feet and gently took her in his arms. To his delight she sagged against him as though exhausted.

"You promise David won't ever find out?"

"I promise. And I want you to go on seeing Mark, all I ask is that you give me another blow job after each visit to him."


"You had better go home now. If you do see Mark again, don't give him a blow job, if he ever asks, just say no. I want you to reserve your mouth for me." She didn't reply, just turned and walked away to her car. He wondered if he or Mark would ever see her again.

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