An Anthropologist's Coming of Age in Washington
Chapter 1

Caution: This Coming of Age Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa, Fa/Fa, Consensual, Romantic, BiSexual, Fiction, Humor, Mother, Son, FemaleDom, Spanking, Group Sex, Orgy, First, Oral Sex, Anal Sex, Masturbation, Petting, Fisting, Cream Pie, Spitting, Exhibitionism, Voyeurism, Leg Fetish, Porn Theatre,

Desc: Coming of Age Sex Story: Chapter 1 - Charley is an anthropologist coming of age, not in Margaret Mead's Samoa but in the even more dangerous wilds of Washington, DC. His mother is also an anthropologist, who has a second career as a high-mileage nude dancer. How will they deal with his virginity?

It's only when a man tames his own demons that he becomes the king of himself if not of the world.

Joseph Campbell

It will help to have read "Green Berets for the Sexual Revolution" to become familiar with the characters.

This story has discussion, but no physical activity, of mother-son incest. I really haven't decided how to resolve it, and want reader feedback. I will change this noticed based on that response, and my reflections. The mother and son are adults and are seriously exploring their feelings.

The "creampie" codeword means that men actually may taste semen. Obviously, they were conceived without it.

Two cats periodically comment, but do not stoop to sexual contact with mere humans.

At our apartment, after Charley had been sent to rest up rather than go to the club, I took Carol and Marie to talk with Betty. "A few days ago, I never thought I'd be talking about my life this way, but things are feeling so natural." That brought big, big smiles. Marie, sitting next to her on the couch, gently pulled Betty to her own breasts.

"Betty dear, I'm sure that many people want to put their head into your amazing breasts, but isn't it nice for you to be able to do that?"

"Very much so, Marie. And thank you, Curt and Carol, for being part of my sharing something extremely personal, and getting good advice on something that is progressing very rapidly, and I hope hasn't gotten out of hand. You three seem to have some background in anthropology." We nodded. "I need to talk about some very complex coming of age, but here, not in Samoa."

"Let me review some things. Carol, I grew up as a Texas cheerleader, but, like you, I struggled with keeping my intellect."

I tried to think of Betty as a cheerleader, but didn't do well with it. It was easy, however, to picture her on the cover of a fashion magazine, with skin that was both of a woman in her forties and utterly glowing. When she sat up and crossed her legs, it reminded me of a similar act of Sharon Stone in a movie of the future, but done with elegance rather than challenge. Neither Sharon nor Betty wore panties.

"An inheritance let me break loose from my parents and go to college at Smith, where I majored in anthropology. I did my junior year in India, and I've kept fluent in Hindi. I write both Hindi and Urdu. For that matter, I also speak Spanish and French. I met my husband, Algernon, in my senior year, when he was a new Army officer. We married when we both were 22. I became pregnant almost immediately, not intentionally, but never regretted it. After Charley was born, it was unlikely I could have more children, and was sick for a while. The Army was nice enough to give him a Washington assignment while I recovered. We both started on graduate degrees. By pure accident, he saved an Indian diplomat in a nasty street confrontation, and they invited him to study there. We took that. I didn't need to help him very long with the languages, as he may have more talent in languages than I do. Since I was already fluent, I was able to go directly into graduate studies in their sexual traditions, which is a perfectly acceptable field of study.

"Napoleon used to ask, before promoting an officer to the highest rank, if he was lucky. Al was both talented and lucky. While he was there, he was an observer during one of the Indo-Pakistani border clashes. First, he was professionally respected. Later, though, as one skirmish was winding down, he jumped into fire and rescued both an Indian and a Pakistani officer. He's one of the few people to be decorated by both countries. Charley was exposed to Hindi as a baby and little boy, and seemed to have a talent for it.

"On the US side, he was found to be an excellent planner and analyst, and moved up quickly. The State Department kept trying to get him, because he had become recognized as an honest broker by both sides in South Asia. Especially in India, where women are more welcome, I also got a great reception and many contacts.

"We attended some Tantric workshops together, and it became a part of our lives. He became a mixture of warrior-scholar-diplomat, and had been selected for the War College here, which says you're on the path to stars. We were very sexually experimental, which might have been a concern for security clearances. At some point, US intelligence decided that we couldn't be blackmailed about it and let Al keep his clearances, after we got involved in swinging. Charley adapted well to all the travel, and shared our interest in the region. Then, Al got sick with a neurological disease that's not fully understood. He is partially paralyzed and has great difficulty speaking, but the mind is still there. He's medically retired.

"With his disease, Al became increasingly limited sexually. Now, we had always had an open marriage. We learned that he could get a lot of pleasure watching me have sex, both with women and men. As his disabilities increased, sometimes I'd set up sex shows for him during which I'd stimulate him.

"In lots of respects, Charley is an ideal son. He's working on a doctorate in cultural anthropology. You've seen him -- damn good looking, I think." Female heads nodded. "He's not a jock, but he stays fit, and it doesn't hurt a man to be a tall blue-eyed blonde. He gets along with people, but doesn't seem to have close friends. At one point recently, though, he told me that he was still a virgin and didn't want to be. By now, there's no question in my mind that he knows that we had--have--an open marriage.

"He and I are both anthropologists. One of the most important books in the field is Margaret Mead's Coming of Age in Samoa Can I deny that his sexual coming of age is on my mind? No. I'm also a sex worker and sex enthusiast. Does it cross my mind that I could initiate him? To be honest, yes. Does he think about that? Probably. Boys often fantasize about mothers.

"As you can imagine, I want to be very careful that my son, young adult but virgin that he is, develops his sexuality. Once, I thought I should be the one to initiate him, but my instincts say not. As with Oedipus Rex, it's a fundamental taboo in our society, and when things are that fundamental, there's probably a reason for it."

I couldn't resist. "Was it Harry Golden, talking about Yiddish in America, who quoted a yenta as Oedipus schmedipus, as long as a boy loves his mother. Everyone laughed at that. It did, I hope, lighten some tension.

"Is it a different thing for me to be sexually encouraging, and perhaps even active in his presence? Sexual contact later? I'm not sure. Hell, he's a hunk!"

"Betty," said Marie, "I'm glad you're looking at those thoughts. Unless you examine them, there's no way even to ask for advice."

"He knows that I write on sexuality, and has at least an idea that a healthy Al and I were swingers. He also has an idea that I've done what either is formal sex work, or, as is more the case, did sex work because it turned on Algernon and myself, not that we needed the money. I didn't dress all that outrageously in the house, although he may well have seen me going out with no underwear.

"Still, I can't forget Oedipus. Am I rationalizing to say that it's less dangerous if the house grew up sexually open? Is that more like some of the South Pacific societies where it does happen? I don't think he ever saw his father and I making love, but certainly saw us display lots of affection. Somehow, I worry that he is keeping himself inactive in sympathy with his father's disability."

Marie agreed, cautiously. "Yes, I think guidance can work done. Many societies, including ours in Colonial and frontier times, had no privacy in bedrooms, and children were certainly aware of parental sex. It's the direct participation by a parent that's in question

"To a certain extent, I guided Carol and Curt, although Carol was a non-virgin and, in the sense of intercourse, Curt remained so until he left New Jersey. I regret that I didn't arrange things with Carol, which would have been best, or done it myself. I wasn't formally a teacher and authority figure, but as a librarian, I was close, and a lot of people would say I exploited them.

"I suspect any of the dancers would be loving and supportive with him. Only as a guess, I think it will be Gerri or Cathy. Tana is also a possibility. After all, we sent him to Tana for rest--she can be exceptionally supportive. Most of the dancers had problem childhoods. As opposed to the dancers, though, Charley doesn't seem to have grown up in a traumatic way. He's just shy. Before he does it with me, I'd like him to play with Iris, where she'd be a proxy for me or in the role of his sister."

"Betty, do you personally want to initiate him?"

"Marie, only at a fantasy level. It might be wonderful, but there's so much cultural taboo that I don't want to plan to do it. At the same time, I wonder, could it happen spontaneously? Now, as someone sexually open, have I noticed Charley is a very attractive man that I love? I'd be dishonest not to say yes. Would I forbid him to see my act? I'd be a hypocrite to do that. So with our club, our theater, developing, I doubt he'd avoid seeing me have sex. If he gets active, I'll be likely to see him do it. The situation with his father's disability makes it even more complex."

Marie nodded. "I think it's important to know that you admit, to yourself, are thinking of possibly fucking in the future. I'm using that verb deliberately. I also hear that you're sensitive to vulnerabilities. My thought would be that if it does look like physical sex will happen, talk it through with a neutral party. It might even be good for some third party to talk to Charley about what he'd think of it."

Carol and I looked at one another. I observed something that we had discussed: "Neither Carol nor I had affectionate, or even caring parents. Had one gotten involved in positive sexuality, it would have been very different, I think. Instead, both our sets of parents left us sexually stunted, although we've overcome it. Just be careful."

Betty looked at them. "We should be having this next discussion along with Iris, but I think Charley is also aware that I've been doing my best to provide sexual gratification to his father. Algernon can't always speak, but I can tell that his mind is still there. He does like watching women with each other. Sometimes, I can get him hard and give him oral or a handjob, but I haven't always been able to get two or more women for him to watch, as well as playing with me. One of his neurologists told me that stimulating him anally often could get him hard or even take him to orgasm, and she was right."

Marie had a thought. "Brother-sister incest seems pretty common. Do you think that Iris might fit that role, to some extent? At least get him talking?"

Carol spoke. "Well, Betty, I'd be delighted to make it with you in front of him, and I'm sure some of the others would as well. Marie might be limited, but there in spirit. If nothing else, Cathy and I, and maybe Melina, are going to practice some stage fights. Maybe he'd like them. How do you feel about other women stimulating him?"

"If it involves women that we both know, and that will be returning, that's fine with me, and might be for him. There is one woman that we met while swinging who did touch him, but she's moved away. Maybe I'm just hypersexual, and criticizing him unfairly. Maybe his destiny is to go to the altar with another virgin, and have a wonderful monogamous relationship. Certainly, losing my husband for most physical attention affects me.

"I ... just ... don't ... know."

We hugged her, feeling her sincerity.

Carol had an inspiration, and went to her wine cabinet. She returned with the most appropriate of beverages for talking about coming of age: Mead.

When Charley arrived at Tana's apartment, she welcomed him with a warm hug. "Charley, I'd imagine that the day so far has been fun, but stressful. You deserve some relaxation before another round, don't you?" She wore a silky dark green robe, against which her fall of fiery red hair contrasted dramatically.

He grinned, as she took him into the living room. "Oh yes. I don't think I've ever been with so many sexy women all at once, much less sexy women making passes at me, each other, and a couple of friendly men."

"Charley, at your age, you can cum repeatedly, although you might not last long at first. Now, you can go straight to bed, and I can cuddle you there. The hot tub is burbling away, and we can bathe you before bed. If you want, I'm good at massages. While I'm sure we'll fuck sometime in the future, I'd be happy to bring you off to get you relaxed, with hands or mouth or boobs." She giggled a little. "Sometimes, I have to be reminded about my figure, because I've spent so much time in dry accountant mode. Does it help you to remember that the biggest boobs in this clan are mine, your mother's, maybe Iris', and Melody's? You may not have met Melody yet."

"Um ... er ... you have a spectacular figure. It probably makes some of the dancers jealous."

Tana laughed happily. "The nice thing about this group is that there doesn't seem to be any jealousy. I'm sure that some guys like pocket-sized women like Betty and Iris. Others like athletes such as Cathy and Melina and Carol. While all are actually intelligent and don't use drugs, Gerri and Edie have acts that suggest they're bimbo sluts. Anyway, let me get you relaxed. I've put out some snacks if you like. Otherwise, how about a massage to start?"

He agreed, and she took him to her massage table, in the giant bathroom next to the hot tub. Charley was a little shocked when Tana began to undress him. She asked, "does this help?" and slipped out of her robe, under which she wore nothing but her shoes. She made eye contact and asked if he wanted her to throw him, fully dressed, into the water. That got him cooperating and laughing hysterically.

"OK, mister. First, into the shower with you. There's plenty of room in the shower stall -- may I join you and help?"

Charley, while trying not to be ostentatious, couldn't take his eyes off Tana. "Um ... yes."

"Charley. Look at me. Do you really think I'd be naked before you if I didn't expect you to look at me? I'm confident that I'll be admired. Mind you, Carol had to help me get into that mindspace. When I ran administration for a medical clinic, I dressed very conservatively, even pinning up my hair."

She took his hand and led him to the shower. It was a complex and luxurious one, with water jets that would go everywhere. She adjusted the water temperature from the main jet. "I'll turn on the others when we get inside and close the door. Sorry, I don't have a cat shower."

"Yes, that's one with a giant tongue instead of a spray faucet." He groaned. They stepped into the shower.

Tana soaped him with fragrant almond soap. When his chest hair was well lathered, she slipped behind him, and began to rub her tits against his back. He groaned again, but in a very different way. She reached around and lightly touched. "I'm so glad I make you so hard. You can cum here, but I think it would be better to wait a bit. But how about washing me?"

Charley concentrated. "Let me be honest. I'm working hard to appreciate you as more than perfect tits." Sliding his hands along her sides, he found a sensitive spot just below her lowest rib. She shivered. "Amazing. You really do have a tiny waist."

She moved his hands back to the spot he had discovered, urging him to press. "Honest to God, you've found a new trigger spot that no one ever found before. Stroke, press there, and I just might cum with your hands alone, and the novelty of it. If you can find new things on this poor old body, you're a great lover."

"Old? You're what, six or nine years older than I am?" Charley was getting comfortable with Tana, as a friend.

She shut the water, led him out, and helped him into the whirlpool. "Charley, the water is pretty hot, although it may not feel that way since you came straight from the shower. If you don't get fully erect, that's a normal result of the water temperature. There's nothing wrong with you."

"Thanks, Tana. I'm not totally inexperienced, but I had been in a hot tub before but wondered about that. Oh, hell. I've cum with girls, but I'm a technical virgin."

They relaxed in the water. "Tana, I'm glad to have a chance to talk to you, knowing that I don't need to worry about getting hard. I know everyone means well, and I really do want to be more sexual, but I feel a bit pressured at times. Just being relaxed with you helps me enormously. Can I ask you a personal question?"

"Of course. With the way the sisterhood is treating you, turnabout is fair play."

"I know that you are a trained accountant and manager, but, as I think of all the dancers, no one is more attractive than you are. How come you don't dance? I assume you don't."

"Fair question. First, Carol and Marie first got me involved professionally. The first time Carol and I went to the gym together, and she saw me undress, her eyes just about popped out of her head. When she met me, it was at a community event, where I wore my usual oversize sweatshirt and loose jeans. A little later, she met me in my work outfit, which was a conservative business suit, with a bra that flattened me. Accounting was a natural field for someone as shy as I was, and I had some religious family that suggested that we were immaculately conceived. I'd had a couple of affairs, but to be honest, Charley, I'm not all that sexually experienced. Carol and Marie have been introducing me to things. In particular, Carol took me to a swing club where I could be anonymous yet experiment, with her right there.

"Before she took me there, she took me into her dressing room, and pulled out an underground comic book. She told me to look in the mirror, naked, and then she held up this book. It had a character called Jessica Rabbit."

"Hey! I've seen that comic. No kidding. There's a resemblance between you and Jessica, although you obviously aren't a cartoon."

"That's what Carol said. She was prepared -- she had a stretchy, low-cut dress waiting for me, even though she hadn't had a chance to measure. I'll tell you that I gasped when I saw myself in the mirror with it on. I had thought that I had too-big breasts that had to be controlled, but I realized they were delicious without a bra. She didn't do much with my hair besides brush it out. She helped me with makeup, and suddenly, there was this other woman in the mirror. I started to mutter something about having my mind respected, and she dashed out of the room, came back with a history journal, and bopped me over the head with a paper she had written.

With utter sincerity, Tana looked into Charley's eyes, "Don't assume that I'm all that experienced. My guess is that I'm only a little ahead of you on the path of exploration. Could we do some of that together?"

"Oh, Lord. Yes."

"Charley, I will do literally anything with you. That said, I suspect it might be better if you give your virginity to one of the more experienced women, who knows better what she's doing. Later, though, I want to fuck the hell out of you!"

"Let me get a promise then. You didn't mention, in Carol giving you a makeover, that you have a fantastic butt. Will you take my anal virginity?"

She laughed in delight. "Yep. You got right to the bottom of things, didn't you?"

They got out of the tub, dried one another, exchanged light massages, and went to bed.

Carol and I left the club early, to set up the party. We put out a buffet, and stuck robes and towels into the warming closet. Along with the people buffet, the kitchen sent up cat-sized bites of shrimp and chicken. We also set out the ingredients for the ceremonial drink.

The club was getting quiet, so Gerri, Mara, Edie, Cathy, and Ray left just afterwards us. They took small suitcases. We stopped at Marie's apartment to take her to ours; she was walking much more but the wheelchair let her conserve her strength. I laughed a little to find that she had put on an electric blue dress, about the same color as Betty and Iris' preferred shade. It occurred to me that I had always admired Marie in an overcoat of the same color.

"Marie, are you trying to make me think of Picasso's Blue Period?"

"I'm not sure, Curt. Wasn't he a man? Did he have periods?"

Gerri chimed in, "Well, maybe he was blue because women around him were having periods." Curt moaned, and made a hand gesture indicating that Marie and Gerri had scored.

When we got to the apartment, the women discussed how to make Charley welcome. Carol suggested that things start with lots of touching and even a hug line. "Let Charley pick one or two women at first, but have Ray and Curt get visible with others. The goal is to make him feel that sexuality is totally OK. I'm confident that Tana will have done a lot of that, or, if she hasn't, she'll alert us.

"Let me make some suggestions. Gerri, my thought is that you clean up your dissipated preppy look to sharp preppy."

Gerri nodded. "Yes, that's about what I had in mind. He and I may have some common interests in social science."

"Mara, sexy secretary or sexy librarian. Do talk politics with him."

"Edie, like Gerri, take the messy, disorganized, out of your act. I can't really come up with a single word. Bimbo is too demeaning. Office seductress, but friendly? Where your character might accidentally give a glimpse of panty, you flash him and make it clear that you're flashing him?"

"I don't think all-out cheerleader works well, since..." Carol looked for confirmation to Betty "He's not a jock. Gerri and Mara, maybe something that complements your looks, and I'll be visible with Curt? For that matter, Ray, you pick after he seems to select a couple of women. While Cathy's more of an athlete than he is, she's also closest to his height -- well, if Abie isn't around."

"Marie, be the touchy-feely mother influence. You're the best to ... oh, I'm not sure of the right word ... to pose? explain?"

"Anyway, I hope Tana will call before bringing him here. If she does -- we should have prearranged -- I'm going to ask if she has him relaxed. If so, we can start with a hug line."

"Now, would you like to massage me, or go right to the hot tub? Oh, massage or not, would you like to titty-fuck me or have me give you a blowjob?"

She set a clock, and took him into her arms, stroking. He relaxed and fell asleep. Tana felt soft toward him, and herself relaxed.

The William Tell Overture grew in intensity. As Charley started to move, he jumped, as Tana stuck her tongue in his ear and giggled. She slipped away to make coffee.

"Let's wake up gently, Charley. With the coffee, though, let me give you some wonderful cookies. Appropriately enough, they're cherries and cream. Now, you can help me get ready. I was going to put on one of my stretch dresses, but is there something that you'd like?"

"I don't know enough about fashion to pick. Before you get dressed, though, don't forget your promise. I'm going to ask something that's wild for me. Could I please kiss your beautiful ass?"

"Oh, Charley! I'd love that. Can I do yours too before we get dressed?"

Both of them avoided orgasm, but thoroughly energized one another before dressing.

Charley was not in a mad rush to get to the waiting women, but neither was he afraid of it. "Tana, I'm glad we talked a bit. It's not at all that I'm afraid of women or sex. It's more that I am shy. With no false modesty, I got some great genes from my parents. I might be even better at languages. Graduate studies have been easy. People tell me that I look good, and they certainly did.

"My biggest difference is that I saw them, as I grew up, having social skills that I never would. My father had command presence, but also was empathetic. My mother doesn't just stop traffic with her looks, but women often don't feel like they can compete with her as the men flock around her. Can it be that all three of us are attractive, but they are sexy and I'm not? I'm shy. It sounds like that was true for you as well."

"Let's go look in the mirror, Charley. Do you know more attractive couples?"

"No, I can't say that I do."

"I like being next to you. I think we're going to be true friends, whatever else. Think about how I'm restraining you a little when it comes to sex between us. One thing that's helped me personally is having sex with more than two people, who are friends. That might be good for you. From what I've heard, your mother prefers one-on-one, maybe because that's easier to control. You don't seem to have the urge for control that I see in her.

"She has said she finds you physically attractive, but between her control stuff, and her concern about hurting you, she's asked for help in not jumping your bones. You find her attractive, don't you? Literally a MILF?"

"Sure. That might be part of it. Few women that I meet, until I've been around this bunch, even come close to her attractiveness."

"My guess is that you two will, sometime in the future, make it together and you both will be so damn careful that it will work. I have no idea if it would be one-time-only, but you're not going to replace your father."

"Tana, that's also been scaring me. Loyalty to Dad."

"At the same time, Mom and I are anthropologists. Dad's knowledgeable in the field. She obviously knows that I know that one of the standard textbooks is Margaret Mead's Coming of Age in Samoa. She's going to be sensitive to what she might consider my slow coming of age.

"What's the right thing to do? I ... just ... don't ... know."

Women began to return to the living room after changing. Gerri, indeed, had a polished preppy yet seductive look. Just a bit of deep blue bra showed through the neck of her blue oxford shirt. Her tartan kilt was short, with a large pin still allowing the slit to reveal flashes of thigh, and perhaps tan stocking. Her dark blue cashmere cardigan, tied around her neck, looked incredibly soft.

Mara wore her large-lensed horn-rimmed sexy librarian glasses, which actually had neutral lenses. Her white blouse was high-necked, with a black choker and cameo. Her pencil skirt had two side slits, significantly unbuttoned.

Edie had transformed from semi-sloppy bimbo to provocative casual. On top, she wore a red cowboy shirt with a turquoise necklace. Between the open buttons and the bouncing, it was obvious that she wore no bra. A turquoise and silver concha belt nipped in her waist over a blue denim miniskirt. She wore black hose and ankle-strapped pumps with a very high heel.

Carol picked something between gym bunny and dancewear. Her dark orange bodysuit had a deep V cut, laced, to below her navel. A deep chocolate neck scarf matched a tiny cover-up micro skirt. Heels weren't essential with legs as fine as hers, so she wore bright sneakers with white socks. After all, it was her apartment. She kept an assortment of kinky shoes in the living room, bed area, and anywhere where she might want them for a scene.

A bit lighter than her deep tan, Cathy's leather halter revealed her rippling yet feminine belly muscles, with a leather mini and high-heeled boots. She'd be able to look Charley, for all his height, in the eye.

Carol and Curt met Tana and Charley at the door. My love was as outgoing and vivacious as I have ever seen her; I will ever want to be greeted so enthusiastically. As the door closed behind them, Ray rolled Marie to them. "Charley, am I close enough to your mother's favorite electric blue? She won't be here tonight, but asked me to be sure you enjoyed yourself. Can you live with a redhead rather than a blonde?"

Edie yelled out, "Blonde jokes? I resemble that!"

Marie beckoned him close, and was happy to see that he instinctively moved to the eye level of a person in a wheelchair. "Charley, seriously, I did talk with your mother. We know this might feel overwhelming, but above all, we want you to be comfortable. Let me be frank. Every woman here would be eager to make love to you, including gently introducing you. None of them wants to pressure you in any way."

"I'm nervous, but in a good way. I feel safe."

"Then very good. You've met all, or most of us, at lunch. We decided that was better than the dark of the club. We still want you to see us clearly, but now we can show off more than at a restaurant. We know you're new to this. The answer to touching will always be yes, and an enthusiastic yes. This is a two-way street; we know you've been brought up as a decent human being. Your mother worries a lot that you may have been stressed by her sexuality. She does love you very much and wants only the best. May I have a kiss?" He moved to her, as she brought a soft hand to the back of his head.

"We're all going to introduce ourselves again. I'm Marie. Sometimes, they call me the Godmother, as I've been in at the creation of our extended family and joint venture, and long have been a guide to Carol, Curt, Shelly, and Iris. Professionally, I'm a librarian and have worked on historical research with Curt and Carol.

"Let me be open and say that I am, I hope, returning to health slowly, in experimental treatment for a blood disease. Obviously, I'm not back to full strength, but it's been getting steadily better. Even though I don't personally know your father, I know that chronic illness can be rough on everyone. As I've said, I've long known Carol. It's not unfair to say we are spiritual sisters, although with a bit of incest."

Carol took Charley's hands. "I know what it is to feel pressured. In high school, I was a cheerleader, and expected to be in the popular crowd. I had to hide my intellect and only could let it out when Marie gave me the privacy to do it with she and Curt. First, though, we want to drink our ceremonial toast to you.

Ray, Mara, and Edie made the drinks. Into the glasses went tomato juice, vodka, celery salt, lemon, and Worcestershire sauce. With the gravity of a priestess, Carol went to each glass, and, with due inspection, dropped two cocktail onions into each glass. "Ladies and gentlemen, I give you the Bloody Charley, in honor of our Charley. If any of you don't know it, a Bloody Charley is a Bloody Mary, but with balls."

The company toasted Charley.

Tana nodded. "I've told him about the way I was pressured, as well." Gerri and Mara agreed.

"I went my own way, but as a student-athlete. My parents were reasonably supportive, but I didn't have much time for sex." Cathy smiled. "Now I do."

In a thoughtful tone, Edie said, "I played bimbo through school. My parents weren't involved, and, I suppose, I don't have great trauma. At the same time, I drifted a lot."

"I suppose I'm the mistress of ceremonies. Charley, would you go down this line of lovely ladies and give them as much of a hug, kiss, and feel that you feel comfortable with right now?" Marie thought for a moment, and raised her skirt over thin but lovely stockinged legs. "I can't be as physical as the others, yet, but I can certainly be decorative. Charley, why don't you start with me, not hugging so much as really looking at me, and, if you like, asking me to pose?" She giggled. "Remember, there are some acts that a seated lady can do very well."

Charley shuddered a little. "You know, Marie, it's weird but fun to be encouraged to be examining your legs? I don't know why some guys are so fixated on boobs. Boobs can be very nice, mind you, but they just aren't the first thing I look at. Legs are the second, after faces." He grinned.

After he rather ostentatiously looked from her shoes to her hips, Cathy strode over, and carefully placed a foot on a footstool. "These, Charley, I believe, are the longest legs in the group. You can, of course, just look, but wouldn't you like to feel, and be sure they go all the way to my hips?" He laughed, and began to relax a little as he stroked her thigh, and then moved his hand under her skirt.

"Oh yes. They indeed go all the way up." She shifted and pressed her pantied mound into his hand. As he sucked in his breath, Carol moved behind Cathy, cupped her breasts, and licked her ear. She had to move quickly to steady Cathy when she jumped in response. Charley snickered a bit.

Sitting on a couch, Gerri had crossed her legs, allowing one black-stockinged leg to be displayed by the opening in her kilt. Her white skin glowed above the stocking top. "Charley, would you like to come over here, and help me adjust my bra?"

Edie threw a pillow at Gerri. "What, sister, you can't manage your tits without a bra?"

Gerri giggled back. "OK, OK. This bra is a sexual aid. Are either of us wearing black stockings because we need to hide our legs, or is it to make them more mysterious and show off the skin above them?" Edie made a "scored" gesture. Gerri leaned back and fetchingly stretched her legs.

Ray had been exchanging increasingly sultry glances with Mara. Before long, she was on his lap, his hand sliding through the slit in her skirt, fondling her legs as their lips met and tongues danced. The two sent more sexual energy into the air. I glanced at Carol, nodded to the two of them, and we exchanged our own glance. As we had hoped, there would be overt sexuality elsewhere in the room, to encourage Charley along with the women directly interacting with him. I was watching him closely, from the perspective of a man who sometimes didn't pick up female signals and who then felt pressured. I didn't see that from him.

A smiling Cathy whispered to Charley, and then led him to Gerri. "Charley, I'm an engineer. I'm looking at Gerri and noting that she really doesn't need a bra. Looking further and doing some more structural analysis, her demi-bra doesn't even cover her nipples. It's not there to correct anything, but to act like a picture frame. See how the black makes her skin glow even more? Now, think of adjusting a picture frame. Reach in and adjust it to show off the subject. Here, let me demonstrate." She reached in and slightly adjusted one cup, but spent much more time adjusting Gerri's boob, as if her nipple was an adjusting knob. Few pictures, however, emit excited sighs when adjusted. As Cathy talked, Gerri first stuck her tongue out at her, and then slowly licked her arm. Cathy shuddered, and Charley knelt to get a better view of Gerri's head and chest. Without much thought, his hand moved to her leg, opening her kilt.

Apropos of Edie's comment about sexual aids, he soon discovered that not only did Gerri wear black stockings, but a garter belt as well, which was even more of a picture frame for her mound. He drew in his breath sharply when he discovered that she had shaved her quite pretty pussy. His instincts started to serve him well, as he bent his head to kiss it, give it a quick lick, and then rose to passionately kiss Gerri.

In the background, Edie drew in her breath sharply, raised her mini to her waist, and sensually growled, "yes, Charley. She and I are the bleached blondes around here. We selected different ways to flaunt ourselves for male pleasure." Edie moved closer, and, with a theatrical snarl, gently bit Cathy's neck.

Cathy reached out and touched Gerri's nether lips. "Male alone?"

"OK, OK. The point is, Charley, is that both of us want to look sexually inviting."

Gerri giggled. "True enough. But I am a natural honey blonde who likes the platinum look." Charley laughed happily, louder and louder, gesturing at Edie, Cathy, and Gerri. He clearly was relaxing. Carol, not immediately involved in their play, glanced at Tana, who joined her in moving to Charley's side and starting to undress him. They whispered to him to keep enjoying what he was doing.

I wondered if this was the right direction to go, as Carol and I had thought that Charley's first experience might be easiest with a single woman. As Cathy teasingly helped him gain access to Gerri, and Edie raucously but affectionately coached, the four of them seemed moving in a very nice direction. When I looked at Carol and Tana, they nodded, as did Marie. I got up, went to the music controls for the master bedroom, and started Ravel's Bolero.

Kneeling for a moment, Cathy kissed Gerri and Charley. She turned Charley to her, and stood, taking him along as she embraced him and rubbed her body against his. "Charley, I'm as tall and lean as you are. Soon, I want to feel your naked body against mine, skin against skin. But first, I sense you are connecting with Gerri. May Edie and I help you two for a first round?"

Charley smiled at Cathy, and, to her pleasant surprise, bent her back in a tango-style kiss. "I should be honored to have your assistance, milady." He turned, with visible confidence, to Gerri, and simply swept her up in his arms. "Edie, please come with us."

Gerri, also pleasantly surprised, leaned back in Charley's arms. He moved to the bedroom, with an honor guard of Cathy and Edie. Edie closed the door behind them.

I looked at Carol, Tana, and Marie. "I think that's going very well."

Tana agreed. "His face is calm yet triumphant. He's with some warm women that seem to have fun and affection flowing among them. I think it will be good for all of them."

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