Snow on the Roof
Chapter 1

Caution: This Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa, Consensual, Romantic,

Desc: Sex Story: Chapter 1 - Hair turning gray on a man does not mean he is losing his interest in having sex. Fortunately there are older women who also maintain a similar interest

Tom Martin was a believer in the peak and valley theory. He thought that throughout one’s life there were an equal number of good times called peaks and the same number of bad times called valleys. The length or longevity of the peaks and valleys were equal to each other and balanced out. There wasn’t a doubt in his mind that he was in one long valley and hoped it would end soon.

This valley for Tom started when he answered the door on his condo and saw a police officer standing there. He had the thought that something had happened to his car and later wish that’s what it only was.

“Mr. Martin?”


“May I come in?”

“Yes, what is this about?”

“Sir there has been an automobile accident which involved your wife Kathy”

“Is she hurt?”

“Sir I am sorry to tell you that she is dead. It appears that she was killed instantly.”

“Oh my God” Tom said as he slumped down into a chair. How could this be he thought. This had to be a bad dream he was having.

The officer went on to explain how the accident happened and that Kathy’s body was at All Saints Hospital.

Tom said he wanted to see her and left to go to the hospital to view Kathy. There he saw that she looked like she was asleep and at rest. He cried as he said a few prayers and just continuously thought, “How could this be, how could this be?”

Composing himself he left the hospital and phoned their only son Brian who lived in Kansas City and broke the sad news to him. Brian was devastated by the news.

Brian asked how the accident happened and Tom relayed to him what the police officer told him. He said that Kathy was on the expressway when a car to her left apparently did not see Kathy’s car and changed lanes without signaling and struck Kathy’s car. The impact caused Kathy to lose control, swerve to her right and strike a bridge support head on. There were two drivers behind Kathy who were witnesses to what happened and stopped to see if they could help.

That night was just a blur with Tom thinking about Kathy and their thirty four years of marriage. To say it was the saddest time in his life was without a doubt a gross understatement.

The next day Tom made arrangements for the wake and funeral. Because of Kathy’s popularity it was expected that there would be a large turnout of mourners and there were. All of them expressed their condolences and spoke of Kathy’s passing as a great loss.

Tom was faced with disposing of Kathy’s clothes which he donated to some charities. He really didn’t want to do it but knew that he had to. He also had to adjust to now being a widower and knew he needed to get on with his life. He sadly remembered a discussion he once had with Kathy. They both agreed that if something happened to one of them that the other should move on and try to be happy. If that meant finding another companion then they should do it. They each loved the other so much that they wanted the other to be happy.

Tom had owned a large insurance agency which he had just sold in anticipation of retiring and doing some traveling with Kathy. She had just retired from teaching and said they should see the world as you never know what can happen. In anticipation of doing this traveling they had made a big step in selling their house and downsizing into a condo. Tom wasn’t overly enthused with doing a lot of traveling but if that’s what Kathy wanted, that’s what they were going to do.

Because of Tom’s work background he thought he wouldn’t need an attorney and he could settle the claim for her death directly with the insurance company. It was a major insurance company who insured the other driver involved in the accident. Just as Tom anticipated what would happen did happen. The claim adjustor made an offer of settlement that was just short of the liability policy limits arguing that Tom didn’t need to pay an attorney one third of the settlement so he was money ahead. This was an effort on the claim adjustor’s part in trying to save a few dollars and it pissed Tom off.

Tom said he was aware of how things operated in the claim business and he would only consider a settlement if the full policy limits were offered. Not offering the full policy limits would cause him to file suit alleging bad faith on the insurance company’s part. The claim adjustor said he would get back to him on that.

In talking to George Pilot who was a golfing buddy of Tom’s and someone Tom had known since elementary school, Tom discussed the negotiations he was having with the insurance company.

George said, “I have known you and Kathy a long time. Why don’t you let me file a law suit and maybe take a deposition from the other driver just to see what shakes out. This could inspire them to pay you the limits. I won’t take a third of the settlement as a fee, just what my costs are. Let me do this for Kathy.”

Tom gave George the go ahead and has it turned out it was fortunate that he did give him permission to file suit.

George after a few months had passed told him that in taking the deposition of the driver it revealed that the other driver worked for a large pharmaceutical company and at the time was going from one client to call on another client. George said the principal of agency applied and because of that the employer was also responsible for what had happened. The employer could be brought in to share in the settlement of the claim. This large corporation now involved created what was called a target insured. While the existence of insurance could not be mentioned in front of a jury, a large corporation transcended that and the existence of money being available to pay for the injury was something that a jury assumed. As luck would have it, it was the same insurance company who insured the pharmaceutical company who also insured the driver. The settlement of the claim now went into the seven figures. The insurance company in trying to save a few dollars wound up paying out considerably more.

The claim settlement coupled with the funds from the sale of his insurance agency, Kathy’s reduced pension, life insurance, Ira’s, personal investments and annuities, plus future social security payments, put Tom in an enviable financial position. The income generated from these funds invested would provide Tom with more than enough for a comfortable life style. It was too bad he thought that Kathy wasn’t there to share in it with him.

Among the many things Tom missed was the love making he did with Kathy. She was an excellent lover and while they didn’t make love every night, they do enough to where Tom was satisfied sexually. He wondered if he would ever be that way again.

Tom’s friends, both the married and the single ones started to mention to Tom about some of the single women they knew. They mentioned to Tom that he would be pursued by women after a suitable mourning time had passed. Tom told his friends that they were nuts but in a way he hoped it turned out to be true. The problem was that in Tom’s circle of friends, the single women he knew just did not attract him. They were nice people but he didn’t want to take any of them to bed. He probably was too particular because he wanted the woman to be good looking just as Kathy was and he wasn’t interested in any of them if they weren’t. That he knew was somewhat chauvinistic on his part but that’s just the way he was.

One example of this was Tina Andrews, a widow and a friend of Kathy’s. Tina was about the same sixty two years of age Tom was and did have a slim figure. Facially, the time she had spent in the sun had taken its toll on her skin in giving it many wrinkles. He wasn’t attracted to her physically but at her suggestion he had taken her out to dinner.

It turned out that taking her out to dinner was a big mistake. She started to suggest they start doing things together and Tom thought he should nip this right in the bud. She didn’t take it that well when he told her to cool it as he wasn’t looking to have a relationship with her. She apparently thought they were destined to be together and didn’t take it well by things she said when she realized that wouldn’t happen.

Besides taking on some additional household chores that he didn’t do before, he did have things to keep him busy. Golfing, managing his investments, reading, shopping and surfing the web, all combined did make the time go by. It was the quiet evenings that were bad because that’s when the loneliness affected him the most.

Tom had become involved in investing long ago at his father’s suggestion. He had become a self-taught investor who learned by picking other people’s brains and doing a lot of self-studying. Some of the extensive research published by academics to him was interesting and yet he thought they said what common sense told him. Some of the conclusions they reached, in particular the one that investors purchased stocks for the dividends they paid or anticipate they will pay just didn’t make complete sense to him. He thought the perceived growth and increased profitability of a company which would increase the price of the stock was a significant reason stocks are purchased. Economists he thought overlook this factor in the investor psyche as they pushed the dividend reason. Tom had to admit that some older investors purchased stocks because of the dividends they pay but most people he thought purchased stocks to see the share prices rise.

One evening in checking his email he saw that he had received an email saying that Wendy Solis’s mother had passed away and what the funeral arrangements were. He had known Wendy for a long time and felt an obligation to attend the wake which was Thursday with funeral being Friday.

Based on the cars he saw in the parking lot at the chapel it didn’t appear that there was a large turnout for the wake. Maybe there was a larger turnout earlier that day as it was already eight in the evening and the wake was slated to end at nine.

Once inside he expressed his condolences to Wendy. She told him that her mother was in failing health and in a way this was a blessing as the pain she had been enduring would now stop. Wendy thanked him for coming.

As he was walking by some of the mourners who were sitting a lady stood up and said, “Tom Martin, you haven’t changed at all.”

He looked at this attractive lady saying, “Do I know you” and then he recognized her.

Hesitating a little he said, “Jill Mathews isn’t it? I haven’t seen you in thirty years. You haven’t changed at all.”

“You were always a flatterer Tom. It’s Jill Conway now and yes I have changed. It’s so nice to see you.”

“What brings you here? Do you live in the area?”

“No I live just outside of Reno, Nevada. I came in for the funeral as Wendy’s mother was my godmother. Wendy has brought me up to date on things that have happened to people I knew when I lived here. I was shocked to hear about what happened to Kathy. How are you coping with that?”

“As good as can be expected but it was a big shock and loss. We were married for thirty four years and those were good years. We have one son who is married and I have two grandchildren. You?”

“I am married, two daughters and one grandchild. My kids live in California so I do spend some time there being a doting grandmother.”

They wanted to talk some more but saw that the wake was ending and people were leaving. Jill said she was staying at the Holiday Inn that was just down the road about two miles and asked Tom if he would go there and they could get a drink in the lounge and continue to reminisce. Tom said he would meet her there.

On the drive to the Holiday Inn, Tom had time to think about Jill. He had taken Jill out a few times before he met Kathy. His friends then were telling him he should date her because she was sweet on him.

He fondly remembered one time after they went to a wedding reception for a mutual friend that he took her back to her apartment and made love to her. She was very receptive and encouraging of his advances by how she acted. When they made love it seemed that she was somewhat experienced, at least more experienced than he was at the time. After some kissing foreplay he mounted her missionary style and in a short time needed to withdraw his shaft to deposit his spend on her stomach as she was not on birth control. In a little while later she without any urging from him gave him some head and he was able to mount her again for a repeat performance. He often thought about her and what had happened that night.

When he left her that evening he said he would phone her but he never did because shortly afterwards he met and started dating Kathy. He heard Jill had left the area but to where or what happened to her remained a mystery till now.

In the lounge they had one and then another drink as they brought each other up to date on what had happened in their lives. They also discussed what had happened or what was going on with friends they both knew when they were younger. Tom enjoyed talking to Jill and from the looks she was giving him it seemed that she was enjoying talking to him. Maybe there was a little more in the looks she was giving him, but he wasn’t sure on that.

During the conversation Jill said, “You know I was a little angry at Kathy when she started dating you. I thought we had something going but I guess I was misreading that. I know I did enjoy that wedding reception we went to and what happened afterwards. I still think about it every now and then.”

“So do I, you were a good looking and an exciting woman then and I can see you still are.”

There was a quiet lull in the conversation after Tom said that. Then seemingly coming to a decision Jill said with her eyes burning into his, “Let’s go to my room.”

Tom followed Jill to her room walking behind her. He knew when he dated her that she had a nice backside and she still did with a nice jiggle to it as she walked.

Opening the door to her room she flipped on a light and after placing her purse on the desk turned toward Tom. She put her arms over his shoulders to bring his face to her and gave him an open mouth kiss that was filled with passion. It was a long kiss into which she incorporated a little rubbing of her body against his.

When the kiss ended she moved her head back a little from his head and said, “That was nice. I wonder if you remember the words I said to you the last time we were together.”

“You said the zipper for your dress was on your right side.”

With a smile on her face she said, “You did remember!” Continuing she said, “Nothing has changed, the zipper for this dress is also on my right side.”

Tom moved to give her another kiss and at the same time his left hand pulled down the zipper on her dress. Jill moved back to let the dress slide down her arms and her hips before it puddled on the floor. Tom reached behind her and unclasped her bra discarding to a chair.

Moving back from Tom, Jill went to lie down on the bed saying, “Your clothes Tom lose them.”

Tom undressed and as he was doing this he was looking at Jill. She still had a nice figure and probably weighed the same as she did when he dated her. There was sag to her breasts but that was to be expected because of her age. The one thing he also noticed was that where she did have public hair in the past, now there was only a little tuff above her slit.

He reclined on the bed alongside Jill and resumed kissing her while at the same time fondling her breasts and flicking their erect nipples. Jill would moan a little as he did this flicking. While he had been somewhat of a novice the last time he made love to her, this time it was a little different. He moved down her body to do some suckling of her nipples but continued on down in between her spread thighs to where he licked and teased her clit.

By her reactions and the words she was periodically saying he could tell she enjoyed what he was doing. Her hands were on the top of his head directing his efforts in pleasuring her. When she came and he could tell she came a few times because of the pressure on his head as she closed her thighs trapping his head while she shuddered. Giving her this pleasure was giving him pleasure in seeing how she reacted.

Saying she was exhausted, she asked him to make love to her in the traditional manner by saying, “Will you please fuck me?”

He moved up in between thighs where she clasped and directed his shaft to enter her. He pushed into her opening which he found to be extremely wet but surprisingly tight. When he sensed she was accustomed to his intrusion he started to move his hips plunging his shaft back and forth into her. She wrapped her arms and her legs around him and quietly told him she loved what he was doing.

It had been a while since Tom had made love so it didn’t take that long before he was depositing a warm load of his sperm into her. Because of her age, birth control was no longer a concern as it had been in the past.

He uncoupled from her and lay alongside her. The only words spoken were Jill’s when she said, “That was good. For some reason I always knew you would be a good lover.”

Their hands were lightly caressing each other. In a short time Jill moved down and took his shaft into her mouth to give him head. While she was doing this her eyes were burning into his eyes. When his shaft became erect she straddled his hips and inserted his shaft into her. Moving her hips in a slow figure eight while still going up and down, she was looking down and smiling at him.

She said, “I noticed that you learned a few things since the last time we made love. I want to show you that I learned a few things as well.”

Jill then stopped her hip movements and while looking at him he could feel her internal muscles milking him. He knew he was going to come shortly and not wanting to be outdone by her he reached around her hips and put a finger up her butt.

“Oh My! I never” she said as she collapsed on him giving him a kiss as she felt another of his warm discharge going into her.

“Where did you learn to do that? Don’t bother to say where you did but can you stay the night?”

“If you want me to, I will.”

“Oh yes, I want more of this in the morning.”

There still was more kissing and cuddling to be done but eventually they fell asleep.

In the morning it seemed they both awoke at the same time. Each of them used the facilities to take care of their morning business.

Back in bed they cuddled with Jill saying, “I hope you don’t think badly of me but this is the first time I have made love with someone other than my husband since I have been married. He seems to have lost interest in making love with me. I don’t think he has anything going for him on the side but I am not sure. Seeing you brought back some nice memories and I couldn’t let this opportunity go to waste. I hope you understand.”

“Jill, making love with you was great. I do know that if you lived closer I would be knocking on your door wanting to do this again. That being said are you ready to have another go at it because you have got me excited.”

With a smile on her face as she was spreading her legs she said, “Go for it you big stud.”

He did and it was as good as it was last night.

As they were dressing Tom said he wasn’t planning on going to the funeral. Jill said she was and her flight back to Reno was later that afternoon. They both exchanged contact information telling the other that if one of them where ever in the others vicinity they should get in contact.

Jill said, “I would like to see you again,” emphasizing the word see.

Tom gave Jill one last kiss with a solid grope of her butt and he was on his way.

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