The Best Therapy
Chapter 1

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Incest Sex Story: Chapter 1 - Mary Ann Parker is a caring mother, a beautiful and faithful wife and a good christian. When her 16 year old son is injured in an accident she has to take care of him. She would do anything to make him feel better but how far is she willing to go? This experience will change her family in a way she never expected.

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The best word to describe Mary Ann Parker would be "luscious". It all began when she was just 10 years old and she started to grow breasts. Being the only girl with breasts, the boys in school started to tease her and tried to feel her up. She didn't understand their sudden behavior when she had been getting along great with them in the past. But the worst part for Mary Ann was how the other girls reacted. They were mean to her and started to call her names, like cow, tramp or slut. Rumors started to spread that she put out during dates. Many guys tried to date her but a rumor spread saying she only dated older boys. Her mother told her it was just jealousy and it would stop when the other girls went through puberty.

Unfortunately for Mary, things only got worse as she matured. By the time some of the girls started to show tiny bumps on their chests, Mary Ann already had an impressive pair of udders. The boys were still obsessed with her and now even grown men couldn't keep their eyes off her.

By the time she turned 18 she such huge breasts that could just barely be contained by her 36J bra, and they couldn't be concealed by any means. She was 5'8" and 124 pounds, with a thin waist and a round-shaped ass. Between her huge breasts, her great ass and her long shapely legs, her angelic face with its luscious lips and hazel eyes framed by her long brown hair often went unnoticed.

During all her teenage years, every boy or man she met had his eyes locked on her breasts. On the few dates she agreed to go, the boys tried to get to second base every two minutes. For those reasons and, as years went by, she grew to hate sex and all that was related to it.

Her only solace was religion. Every Sunday, she would go to church with her parents and the sermons about sin really hit home. She began to be more active in church activities and since people were nicer there she felt at home. Unbeknownst to her, a lot of people still talked behind her back despite being polite in front of her.

It was during an event at church that she met Carlisle, her future husband. She was 17 at the time and he was 31. For her, he was the perfect man. He told Mary he was a virgin like her. He strongly believed premarital sex was wrong and hadn't found a woman he wanted to marry yet, so he had yet to have sex with a woman. When Mary Ann heard that she didn't believe him at first, but after weeks of seeing each other he never made any improper move toward her. He just gave her a chaste kiss on the lips at the end of their dates. In her mind, she was living a fairy tale.

But what really sold her was the fact he thought sex was only needed for procreation. He was perfect for her because she had grown to hold the same belief.

Two weeks after her graduation from high school they were married, and nine months later she gave birth to a girl they named Christine. Mary was glad she got pregnant on her wedding night because that night didn't make her change her attitude towards sex, it only accentuated it. The act lasted no more than two minutes and gave her absolutely no pleasure. She initially thought it would at least be a little fun because everyone else seemed obsessed by sex. After that experience she would ask herself why people would do anything for sex despite it being a sin, and not even a pleasurable one.

Unfortunately for her, Carlisle absolutely wanted a son, a male heir. So she had to endure another night of sex, but like the previous time, one try was enough to do the trick. In both occasions, Carlisle and Mary Ann had timed their sexual encounter to match the most fertile days in her cycle. Two years after Christine was born, Mary gave birth to a boy they named Bradley. Carlisle was happy with Bradley and never bothered Mary for another child or another intimate moment again. That was why, unlike other women, she didn't have to tie her tubes or get on the pill to avoid getting pregnant. You simply couldn't get pregnant without sex.

Mary finally had the life she had always desired.

Carlisle was a very active father at first but when he received a promotion at work he started to work longer hours and went out of town a few days per month. He tried to be present for the kids but with each promotion he spent more and more time on the road. Thank God his best friend and partner Jason White always went with him on their business trips, so he wasn't alone.

To compensate for his long absences, he was spending a lot of time with the kids when he was in town, especially with Brad. But by the time Brad turned 14, his father was away on business 11 months of the year, leaving Mary to raise the children by herself. Since both Christine and Brad were already teenagers, it didn't bother her very much, until one fateful day.

She had gone shopping for a dress that day. It usually took her hours to find a decent and pretty dress. All the dresses nowadays were too slutty for her taste. Why couldn't they sell dresses without cleavage, with the hem below the knees and which didn't cling to her body? She wanted to look nice without having all the men drooling over her. It was for her daughter's Confirmation, and she didn't want to wear an old dress for such an occasion.

She was extremely lucky that day because the first store she tried had an exceedingly beautiful dress that looked decent on her and even made her breasts look slightly smaller. It was impossible to hide the fact that she was very well endowed, no matter what she tried. That's was why she was able to return home only one hour after she had left.

The house was quiet so she assumed Brad and Christine were out. Mary went to the laundry room to put her new dress in the washing machine. The clothes on the hanger were dry so she ironed them. Thirty minutes later she was done and climbed the stairs to put the clean clothes in her kids' rooms. Without knocking, she entered Brad's room and froze. He was on his bed, naked, with his hands on his penis. He was masturbating! Upon seeing his mom Brad immediately attempted to hide his penis from view with the magazine he was reading.

"Bradley James Parker, what on earth are you doing?" she spat at him angrily. "I didn't raise you to do something so disgusting."

"Hey Mom, I ... I was..." he tried to say, but she cut him off.

"I don't want to hear anything from you now. Put on some clothes and come downstairs," she said before turning back.

Five minutes later, Brad came downstairs. His head was low and he was looking at his feet. Mary was sitting on a chair in the living room. As soon as she saw him she told him.

"I've called Reverend Moore and he has agreed to see you in an hour. I can't believe you did such a despicable thing but he will surely straighten you out. I'm really disappointed in you Brad. You have let me down." She was slowly shaking her head when she said that. She was really disappointed because she thought her son was perfect and he had just proved her wrong.

"But mom I ... I ... I had to," Brad told her hesitantly.

"You had to? Why? Because you're just an animal?" she answered furious.

"N ... no, it just ... hurts when I don't do it," he said ashamed.

She looked at him speechless. Did he just use that lame "blue balls" excuse on her?

"You really think I will believe such a pathetic excuse? You have to molest yourself to relieve your pain? I beg you, Bradley, don't take me for a fool," she said, still furious.

"But I swear mom! If I don't do it every day it hurts like hell!" he said desperately.

She was even more shocked now.

"Every single day? You do th ... that every day? It's worse than a nightmare." There was a note of despair in her voice.

Bradley started to cry. He knew he had sinned but he couldn't help himself.

"You have to believe me, Mom. I tried to stop, but it hurts so much I want to tear my ... my ... my thing off," he said sobbing.

Mary was lost. It wasn't normal for Brad to crumble the way he did. She considered her son a fairly smart and mature kid for his age. On the one hand, she was concerned for her son who could be really suffering, but on the other she was having a hard time believing him. He had never lied to her, but her image of Brad being the perfect son had just been shattered and now she was doubting him. She was almost certain he was lying but she couldn't be sure. As long as there was a small possibility he was telling the truth she just couldn't ignore it. Fortunately, there was a simple solution to resolve this issue.

"Alright Bradley, I'll call the doctor to make an appointment. But Lord as my witness, you will regret this if you have lied to me," she said before grabbing the telephone and making the call.

The next day, Mary and her son had an appointment with Dr. Leeman. He was a male family doctor. Mary made sure her husband and her son had a male doctor and she and Christine had a female doctor. For one, she thought it wasn't appropriate to be seen naked by the opposite sex, and two, that way she felt more at ease as she believed any doctor was better qualified to examine a patient of the same gender.

After a few background questions, he examined Brad's penis behind a curtain to block Mary from viewing her son's genitals. Then he took some blood samples and asked Brad for a sperm sample too. He led Brad to the toilet and handed him a cup.

It took only five minutes for Brad to collect the sample and he came back with the cup completely full. Both Mary and the doctor were surprised by the volume of sperm he had produced when Brad returned the cup back to Dr. Leeman.

"How many times did you do it in there kid?" Dr. Leeman joked.

"Just once Doc, why?" Brad truthfully answered.

"And is it always this much?" the doctor inquired.

"Yes," Brad confirmed.

"And how many times a day do you use to masturbate?" the doctor continued questioning.

Brad sheepishly looked at his mother as he answered the doctor question with a whisper.

"Four or five times, I guess"

"Well, that surely confirms my early diagnosis. I'll have to wait for the results of the tests to make a final diagnosis but I think your son has hyperspermia," Dr. Leeman told Mary.

"What is it?" Mary asked, concerned. Her son apparently wasn't lying, so now her motherly instincts were kicking in and she really was worried.

"Mrs. Parker, your son produces much more semen than average. From what I see here, it's 20 or 30 times average," Dr. Leeman told her while signaling the cup Brad has jusr filled to the brim with his man juice.

"And what can we do doctor?" she asked.

"Nothing, Mrs. Parker. Hyperspermia is not a bad thing. Bradley just has a much higher sex drive than other men, plus he is probably experiencing an inflammation of his seminal vesicle, which produces about 70% of the volume of every ejaculation, but judging from the size of his testicles and the amount of ejaculate, it's highly probable that the rest of his sexual organs are naturally much bigger than those of the average male. I'm referring to the accessory glands, the prostate gland and the bulbourethral glands. However, I don't think he has anything to worry about at the moment," Dr. Leeman answered her in the most professional way.

"But what about the pain, doctor?" Mary asked.

"Well, men produce semen continually and when they have sex or masturbate they only relieve a small amount of what they store. But Bradley here can't store very much compared to what he produces, because he produces too much sperm, which is built up and stored in his testicles. It's my guess his testicles can only store 12 to 16 hours of sperm production and when they are full, the pain just acts as a reminder to empty them," the doctor explained.

"But he doesn't have to masturbate, right doctor?" Brad's mom wanted to know.

"No he DOES NOT have to masturbate. He'll just suffer from excruciating pain and his body, in a bid to stop the pain, will probably cease to produce sperm. It could take weeks of torture for your son and he will be sterile as a result. What's more, it's not unheard of that such a clinical picture can evolve into prostate cancer in certain cases if not treated properly. If that is what you actually want, he can stop masturbating," the doctor said sarcastically. He couldn't stand religious nut jobs like her who thought anything that brings pleasure was a sin. He was a good Christian and went to church every Sunday, but his church was not as narrow-minded as some. The world evolves, so does Christianity, Dr. Leeman believed.

That comment shut Mary up for good. She had no reason whatsoever to doubt the doctor's judgment. After all, she was the one who had picked him as the family doctor to treat Carlisle and Brad.

On the way home, Mary was feeling very guilty. Her son had been suffering for some time and she hadn't noticed anything. What kind of mother didn't know when her child was ill? A bad one, she shamefully thought.

"Brad," she called out to her son, "I'm sorry I doubted you yesterday. I didn't know such a disease existed and I thought you just did what you did to feel pleasure. I'm so sorry, son."

"It's OK, Mom. I know what it must have looked like to you and I'm glad you brought me to the doctor. I thought some demon had taken possession of my body and forced me to commit a sin. I thought I was doomed for eternity," he explained to his mother.

"Oh, Honey," she sympathized with him. "You should have told me earlier and we could have dealt with it together. Don't you know I'm always here for you, no matter what?"

"Sorry, Mom. I swear the next time something happens, I'll come to you," Brad promised to his mother. He didn't point out that she would have probably tried to make him stop if he had gone to talk to her about his masturbation habit in the first place.

When they came back home, they went straight to the study room. The family computer was there, but only Mary used it. Brad and Christine both had a computer in their own rooms and Carlisle never went anywhere without his laptop. Mary wanted to know what to expect from Brad's hyperspermia condition so she had Brad do some research on the subject on the Internet. There were many websites that talked about hyperspermia but none of them was very useful. Apart from learning it was a condition which made men ejaculate much more than average they couldn't find any more useful data. They were only able to learn that a lot of men wished they had that condition because Brad found a lot of websites that pretended they could help induce hyperspermia. If men wanted that condition, it couldn't be so bad to suffer of it, though Brad.

Mary was a little concerned when she saw on a forum a quote about low sperm count but, a few days later, Dr. Leeman called to confirm his diagnosis and told her Brad had the highest semen volume and sperm count he had ever seen. The doctor was afraid that such a high amount of semen produced could affect the sperm count and become a problem when Brad tried to become a father, but it looked like that wasn't the case. Brad was going to be just fine as long as he ejaculated several times a day.

From that day on, Mary closed her eyes to her son's constant masturbation since the tests finally confirmed the doctor's diagnosis. She avoided going into his room if she didn't see him leave the house and always asked Brad to wash his hands whenever he left his room, had he masturbated or not.

Their lives went on that way for two years, until the fateful day when Mary's son became a hero.

Brad was on a school trip at the time. Mary was sleeping when the phone rang at two in the morning. The jarring sound roused Mary out of a deep sleep and immediately brought panic with it. It was a call from a hospital near the place her son was staying with his school, informing her that Brad had been in an accident. He had suffered some physical injuries, but his life was not in danger. She woke up Christine and the two of them drove in a hurry to the hospital. Both Christine and she were in a state of panic during the drive to the hospital. When they arrived, a nurse informed them that Brad had suffered burns and was asleep due to the medication they had given him to ease the pain. His condition was stable and his injuries weren't life threatening but the doctor would tell her more in the morning.

When they entered Brad's room, Mary and Christine rushed to his bed but were careful not to touch him. He was covered with bandages and his hands seemed to have five of six layer of them. Despite that, he seemed to be sleeping peacefully. Mary hugged her daughter while they both cried, worrying about Brad's health. The nurse said his life wasn't in danger, but it didn't make them feel much better because they still didn't know what had happened to him. They knew he was burned but not how bad it really was. Mary tried to comfort Christine by telling her everything would be alright even if neither of them believed it yet. Exhausted from having been woken up at 2 in the morning and worrying about her brother, Christine managed to take a nap while Mary still watched her son sleep. She was very concerned about her dear son's injuries. She had never been so scared in her life and sleep wouldn't come to her, regardless of how exhausted she felt. During the night Mrs. Abbot, Brad's English teacher and the trip supervisor, came to see Mary.

"Mrs. Parker, your son is a hero," she stated before giving Mary some explanations. "Some boys were smoking in a closet before bed and tossed their cigarette butts without putting them out when they thought they were going to be found. Unfortunately, the closet was filled with cleaning supplies. The firemen told me a mop caught fire and with all the chemicals in that closet the fire grew out of control very fast. In a moment, the area around the closet was on fire. The boys in Brad's room woke up from the heat and left the room in a hurry. When they were nearly out of the building Brad noticed James Kovolsky wasn't with them and headed back alone. The other boys were too afraid and assumed James was already out. But he wasn't! He was the last to leave his room and a beam had fell on him. He had one foot trapped under the beam. Brad tried to lift the beam but couldn't so he apparently used a metal rod he found nearby as leverage. With the fire, the rod was boiling hot, but he managed to lift the beam. It cost him severe burns on his hands but he saved James' life. James also suffers from burns and his ankle is broken, but he is alive thanks to Brad. Your son is a hero, Mrs. Parker. You should be proud of him."

Mary was extremely proud indeed, but she was overcome with worry. That was her main emotion. The nurse had told Mary the injuries weren't life threatening, but nothing said he would be able to use his hands like he did before or that the rest of his body would fully recover. She talked with Mrs. Abbot for an hour before the teacher had to go to supervise the rest of the students. Mary stared at her son with a mixture of anguish and admiration for a long time. She already knew he was a kind boy who was nice to everybody and was faithful to his friends, but she had no idea he would risk his own life to save someone. She was proud of him and hoped he would never have to do that again. Her heart wouldn't be able to handle it if anything happened to any of her children.

Around 8 a.m., a doctor, who looked to be about 60 years old, came into the room. He shook Mary's hand and spoke to her.

"Hi Mrs. Parker, I'm Dr. Crane. I'm sure you must be worried, so let's get down to business. Your son suffers from second degree burns on his hands and first degree burns on other parts of his body. I want to reassure you that nothing suggests he will not fully recover and I consider he can even go home today. The minor burns will heal in the next week or so but his hands will take a month to recover enough for him to at least start to use them. Do you plan on taking care of him yourself or hire a nurse? The treatment is easy enough but your son will need constant assistance because he can't use his hands so I would recommend a nurse. It would be expen..."

"Of course I'll take care of him, doctor," Mary interrupted Dr. Crane.

The doctor gave her specific instructions on the care Brad would need. She was to apply lotion on his body for the next five days and keep the bandages on his hands for no less than 10 days, and then go see a doctor to follow-up. If everything went according to plan, she would have to apply lotion on his hands for another two to three weeks.

Mary was relieved to know Brad would be okay. All night, she had had a sick feeling at the pit of her stomach worrying he would lose the use of his hands or that his body would be scarred for life. Fortunately, that would not be the case as long as she followed the doctor's instructions.

Later that day, Mary and her two children returned home. Christine managed to tell Brad she was jealous he would be missing a month of school. She couldn't look at him for more than five seconds before breaking down and cry. She couldn't handle to see her brother looking like he had been on the brink of death. Brad wasn't so thrilled because he would have to spend a whole month without playing video games or shooting hoops with his friends and team mates. He was sure he would be bored to death for an entire month just watching TV.

At home, Mary made sure to check on Brad constantly. She even bought a baby monitor in case he needed to call her during the night. It was after dinner on their first evening back at home that the effect of the meds finally wore off. Brad started to feel a little pain from his hands but an even worse pain coming from his groin. He hadn't masturbated since the previous day and his testicles were full. He went to see his mother, the only one besides the doctor who knew about his problem.

"Mom, it hurts," he said to her.

"Does it hurt a lot? Dr. Crane said you'd have some pain in your hands but to use pain killers only if the pain is unbearable," she responded.

"No, Mom. My hands hurt but I can handle it, it's down here that really hurts," he said to her, using his bandaged hand to indicate his penis.

"Ohh," she said, now that she understood.

"Can you help me, Mom?" he asked her.

"Help you? You want me to ... to... ," she couldn't even finish the sentence.

"I don't know mom. Can you call the doctor to ask him?"

Call the doctor? Of course he wanted her to call the doctor. Her sweet son wouldn't ask her to do something so disgusting, would he?

The call to the doctor was quick and straight to the point. Dr. Leeman worked late every day so he was still in his office to pick up the phone. His answer was simple: the only way to remove the pain was masturbation and he couldn't ask a nurse to do it. She had to find someone to do it. It was easy to say but who could Mary ask? She had a lot of friends from church but it would be humiliating to ask one of them. If Carlisle were here she'd ask him, but he would be away on business for at least another three months. She had called him in the morning to tell him about Brad's incident. He told her he would try to go home immediately. It would cost him the promotion he was expecting but his family was more important than that. Mary convinced him to stay where he was because she knew how hard he had worked to get that promotion. She was convinced she could take care of Brad by herself. He reluctantly agreed with her before saying goodbye and ending the call.

Her contemplation was cut off by Christine, who told her she was going out to see her friends and would be back home by 9. For the past year, Christine was spending most of her free time out of the house. She was just home for dinner every day and would be out past 9 if Mary did allow it. It was bothering Mary a lot because she was losing touch with her princess but, no matter how much she tried, she couldn't make Christine confess to her why she was behaving like that. Mary didn't have a problem with her daughter's friends, whom she even liked, and would be glad to have them coming over like they used to when they were younger, but they hadn't visited for the past year and she didn't know why. Brad wasn't of any help either. Mary had asked him if he knew what was going on with his sister, and considering how close Brad and Christine were she thought he might have known, but he didn't. Every time he had tried to do something with his older sister she had told him she had plans and bailed on him.

Mary climbed the stairs to see if Brad was alright. She hoped he could wait so she could find someone to help him. Unfortunately, he was rolled into a ball on his bed, trying to make the pain go away. Seeing her son so distressed made the decision for her. She would sacrifice herself to help her son. She hoped God would understand.

"Alright, Brad. I called Dr. Leeman and there is only one way to help you. You have to be masturbated and nurses don't do that, so I'll have to do it," she told him.

He looked up at her in surprise. His mother would jerk him off? It was crazy, but he was in so much pain he didn't really care if she was his mother or a monkey, as long as he could cum.

"Now stand up. I'm going to touch your penis in a way a mother shouldn't touch her son, but don't you dare show me anything other than respect after that or I won't do it again. And I don't care if you become sterile," she threatened him.

Mary knelt between her son's legs, unzipped his jeans and took them off. There was a huge bulge in his boxers. When she drew his boxers down she couldn't believe what she saw. Her son's penis looked huge and very thick. It was the first penis she had actually seen erect and it looked to be about 9 inches long and 2 to 3 inches in diameter. The two times she had had sex with her husband they had done it in the dark. She wasn't sure how long her husband was but she was sure he wasn't nearly as thick as Brad or she would have felt it. She took a deep breath to settle her nerves but the odor of her son's penis struck her at the same time. It was a nice smell, a smell that made her feel really good, in fact.

She tentatively grabbed his penis. It was so hard and so hot. She started to stroke it but Brad stopped her.

"Mom, you have to lubricate my dick before you jerk me off," he said to her.

"Language, Brad! It's a penis and I masturbate you. It's already awful enough for me, I don't want you to use crude language as well," she scolded him.

"Sorry Mom, but everybody talks like that nowadays. I have even heard people at church use those words," Brad told her.

"Alright, you can use that crude language when I'm touching you down there. I know men can't help themselves when they are excited, but only when I'm helping you, ok? Now, what do I use for lubricant?" she asked him.

"Just use my pre-cum. I produce a lot so it's enough to cover my entire dick," he explained.

With that knowledge she reached for his dick head and spread his pre-cum all over his penis. Once it was slick she resumed her hand job. It was much easier for her now. She was actually fascinated by her son's dick. She had never found the penises she saw in pictures pretty. But, if she had to be honest, she would say her son's dick was beautiful and very manly. Her strokes became faster and only five minutes after she started Brad felt he was about to cum.

"Mom, I'm cuuuuuuuuummmmmmmmmiiiiiiiinnng," he shouted.

This being the first hand job she had ever given, Mary had not thought about where her son was going to ejaculate. That's why when Brad shouted he was cumming Mary didn't know what to do and just remained still, kneeling on the floor. Brad's dick began to spit load after load of white, creamy cum. The first four spurts hit her right on the face. Surprised, she backed out a little and bent his dick downward so that the next blows landed on her breasts, which were covered by her blouse.

When he was finished Brad looked down at his mom and saw her literally covered in cum. Her face had a white mask on it and even her hair was matted by cum. The top of her red blouse was now white and a lot of cum was dripping on her jeans. She looked so hot at that moment his view of her started to change. She used to be just "Mom" and not a woman, but now, seeing her drenched in cum, he began to see her as a woman - and a hot one at that. However, all this took place in his subconscious mind so he didn't notice it.

For Mary, the experience was humiliating. Her son had just ejaculated on her. She was covered by her son's semen. What's more, part of the first spurt had landed in her mouth and to avoid having more in it she closed it without spitting it out first. At first she wanted to spit it out once he was finished but it tasted so good she swallowed it by accident. There was just one thing that made the fact she was covered by semen bearable, and it was the smell. At least it smelled good and didn't cause her to want to vomit as she would've thought just minutes earlier.

Not knowing what to say, she stood up and left the room. Once in her bathroom she took her clothes off and jumped in the shower. She spent 30 minutes just washing her hair and face because the water transformed the semen into a sticky paste. Her shower finished, she put her pajamas on and went downstairs to the laundry room. She put her blouse, jeans, bra and panties in the machine, not caring for one second that she shouldn't put delicates in with regular clothes. She programmed the hotter temperature and started it up. The experience was so dreadful that she had apparently even sweated around her crotch area. She noticed her panties were drenched before putting them in the machine too.

Meanwhile, Brad was lying on his bed, thinking. Because of his condition he had grown up differently than his sister. Christine was like their mom. She didn't date much because boys were only after one thing - the thing she would only give her husband. Brad didn't think his sister masturbated because it was forbidden in the house, and Christine deeply admired their mother, so she wouldn't do anything to disappoint her. He, on the other hand, was allowed to jerk off so he had a completely different view of sex. He knew his mother didn't want to acknowledge the fact he jerked off a lot and to keep being blind to that fact she only went into his room to put his clean clothes on his bed. She used to put them away in his closet, but now she was afraid to find dirty magazines in it so she just left his clean clothes on his bed. Thanks to that he had managed to store a lot of porn in his room. He hid, not very well, magazines and some DVDs under his bed, but his main source of porn was his computer. He had an entire hard disk drive filled with it. He had it all: pictures, comics, movies, stories, hentai videos and comics, etc.

Unlike his sister, he was quite popular in school. Christine could be the high school prom queen with her beauty if she wanted. However, just like her mom, she wore nice clothes, but nothing remotely sexy. She wasn't friendly with the popular girls because they liked to party, date a lot and were sexually active. The boys didn't chase her because even her big breasts and her pretty face didn't make up for the fact that she was a prude. Everybody knew a date with her never included even a single kiss. Christine mostly remained with her small group of friends and didn't care about the rest.

Brad, on the other hand, was on the basketball team and was pretty good at it. He was already on the varsity team even though he rode the bench. He was tall and muscular. His handsome face made him really popular with the girls, but he didn't date much. With his sister being in the same school she would know if he went out with a girl, and she and his mom considered every girl in school a harlot because wearing a dress above knee length qualified them for the title. He really wanted to date at least some of those girls because they represented 95% of the female population at school and all the pretty ones were in that group, with the only exception of his sister. But doing so would piss his mother off big time. He loved his mother and didn't want to disappoint her, and what's worse, home would be a living hell. That's why his only girlfriend had been a girl he had met at church camp last year, and their activities never went beyond kissing, except on the last night of camp when she allowed him to touch her tits. They were little but still great.

He used to be like Christine and his friends were geeks who were more interested in Star Wars than girls. He liked them and their interests for movies and video games were the same as his, but there was one thing missing. Since he was little, his father was playing sports with him when he had time. When Brad was a kid it meant daily games with his father. They played football, baseball, basketball and sometimes hockey, but he soon discovered his passion for basketball. Carlisle had installed a hoop above the garage door and they played a lot of games just the two of them. His father taught him everything he could about sport and they went together to games regularly. Even now that his father was away on business a lot they went to see a game or two when he was home.

When he entered high school, Brad joined the basketball team and he made new friends. He learned a lot about sex from them because they talked about it all the time. At first, Brad was uneasy talking about sex but as time went by he realized the guys were just like him. His view about sex and religion started to change and he came to think of things his mother and religion taught him as stupid. He also knew that some of his friends' behavior was stupid and he was smart enough not to act like them. They sometimes liked to bully nerds and he always tried to dissuade them.

Brad's geeky friends disapproved of his new pals and gradually shut him out. They didn't realize how much he loved to play basketball and that for the first time he could play with teammates and not just 1 on 1. He was sad to lose his old comrades, but he made efforts to remain friends. They just didn't care because they now saw him as a jock.

He used to invite his nerdy friends over a lot. He had planned to do the same with his jock friends but he knew his mother wouldn't approve of them, so he had to do it carefully. However his plan changed when he started to go to his friends' house. They always commented on each other's mothers whenever they were invited to one of their houses. It was said as a joke, but the crude remarks about someone mom's ass and tits was totally disrespectful. And their mothers weren't even that pretty! He noticed that the more beautiful a mother was, the less they were invited to come over. That's the reason why he had never invited his jock friends over. His mother was prettier than anyone else's and he knew that her enormous breasts and astounding ass would be the source of a lot of teasing. So he said to his friends that his mother was a neat freak and didn't allow him to invite friends. His sister could because she invited girls, but boys were messy according to his mother. It was a lie that was close to the truth, his mother was really a neat freak.

To his mother, Brad said that one of his friends had a better pool, another had a better game console or another lived closer to a basketball court. That's why he didn't invite his friends and this arrangement he planned worked perfectly for him.

He had just earned the right to brag to his friends but he wouldn't. He had gone further with a girl than ever before ... And not just any girl, but his own mother! His friends would be jealous if he had done that to another girl. However, even if he could tell them, he wouldn't. His family had taught him better than just 'kiss and tell'. He was a good kid at heart and he would never do that. After all, he had just received his first hand job from his mom. He couldn't believe it. He had even given her a facial - something he'd always wanted to do to a girl but never thought one would actually let him. He didn't know if his mother had let him do that or if she had just been surprised by his powerful ejaculation. She had seemed to be a little lost for what to do when she jerked him off. That wasn't strange because she must have not done something like that for a long time. Surely it couldn't have been her first time. He knew his parents hadn't had sex since he was little though. They had slept in different bedrooms ever since he could remember and he hadn't heard anything sexual from the moment he knew what sex was about.

Even with his bandaged hands he managed to put his boxers back on. It was painful but he did it. His mother was probably freaked out by what had happened and it would be less awkward for her if he had his underwear on when she came back to help him put his pants back on.

The rest of the evening was spent in silence after that. She helped him pee and even washed him in the shower. It wasn't easy for her because Brad got hard during the shower and she had to masturbate him once again. The rest of the shower was easy enough. After wrapping his bandages with waterproof plastic bags she just had to wash his hair and scrub his body with a special soap. It reminded her of the time when he was little. The difference was the long tube of meat which rose between his legs. Strangely the second hand job was more awkward for her. She stroked his penis from the side and let him ejaculate in the shower. But this position was odd for her. It was so impersonal and clinical, she immediately disliked it. She chose not to hire a nurse who wouldn't treat him with love. She didn't want the treatment to become soulless, and masturbating him in the shower like that felt wrong. If he thought she felt forced to help him it could create a rift between them. She didn't want that so she determined that the position she was in earlier was much better. It even felt more natural. She just had to find somewhere else for him to blast his seed.

The next morning Brad woke up with a piss hard on. He called his mom with the baby monitor and she came to his room carrying a bowl. She took his pajamas and boxers down and knelt between his legs. She began to stroke his dick and told him to warn her before he spurted his manly discharge. He really was full because it only took two minutes for him to announce he was ready. She took the bowl and aimed his dick toward it. She watched him discharge what felt like gallons of semen into the bowl. At the end, the bowl was one-tenth full. She took a tissue and carefully wiped his dick. Once he was clean, she put his clothes back on.

"That was quick honey," she remarked.

"Yeah, it's always fast when I wake up but I will need to cum again after breakfast and that one will surely take a while," he replied.

She chose not to say anything about his use of the word "cum". Kids these days spoke like that and scolding her son while she gave him a hand job wouldn't have had much of an effect. As long as the words 'fuck' and 'cock' weren't used in her presence she didn't really mind his language. It even seemed appropriate, all things considered.

He was right about the next masturbation session. It took her nearly 30 minutes to make him blast his semen. While she stroked him she was surprised to enjoy the experience. The only inconvenience was her knees, which hurt because she stayed in that position for a long time. Next time, she silently reminded herself, she would bring a cushion. She didn't consider sitting with him on the bed because kneeling in front of Brad just seemed right. What she was really starting to like was the pleasure she brought to her son with her hands. She always thought masturbation was a shameful and nasty act, but maybe she was wrong. It wasn't nasty at all because a penis could be beautiful and the smell was very nice.

Once again she was amazed by the volume of semen he shot each and every time. He always seemed to fill one-tenth of the bowl. Again, she cleaned his penis with a tissue and put his pants back on. She went to the bathroom to clean the bowl but once the door closed behind her she remembered how his semen had tasted the day before. She couldn't really like the taste of semen, could she? She had to verify it again because it had haunted her since the previous evening, so she dipped one finger into the bowl and then put it in her mouth. It was surprisingly delicious. She had never tasted anything so good! Before she knew it she had brought the bowl to her mouth and drank its contents. After that, she felt a shiver go through her body and her sex burning, but once she put down the bowl those feelings were followed by guilt and shame. She couldn't believe she had just drunk her son's spermy load. She finally cleaned the bowl and went to her room, where she cried over what she had done.

But she couldn't stay all day in her room. She had to help Brad pee and then she had to prepare lunch. As part of her duties, Mary also had to feed Brad, but that was a task that lifted her spirits because it reminded her of the years when Brad was a baby. She didn't eat much herself because, for some reason, she wasn't hungry. Brad asked for another hand job right after lunch. Mary brought a cushion but she was emotionally uncomfortable the whole time. She still enjoyed the session but she thought she shouldn't. She would have to confess the next time she went to church. That time and all the other times she masturbated her son she flushed his semen down the toilet.

When she went to sleep that night she couldn't believe she had masturbated her son seven times in a day. And the volume of semen he produced was almost identical each time. Absolutely unbelievable! However, she now understood why he was in pain when he didn't play with himself. His organs were just big enough for holding one ejaculation so if he didn't relieve himself often enough his testicles would swell up big time. No wonder he couldn't stand the pain.

That night she dreamt of her son's muscular body and his big and thick penis. In the morning, she noticed her panties were wet once again, as if she had peed a little during the night. "Weird," she thought.

For the next two days the pattern mother and son followed was the same except, the masturbation sessions lasted longer and longer every time. She felt like her days were filled with hand jobs and nothing else. She barely had the time to cook, but she couldn't properly clean, so the house got dirtier every day. She had to call in reinforcements, so she called her mom, Eleanor, and asked her for help.

Eleanor, who lived over a hundred miles from Mary, would be sleeping in the guest room until Brad was healed. Her plan was to ask her mom to do the cleaning and cooking while Mary took care of her son. Hopefully Eleanor wouldn't learn about the masturbation.

Eleanor Tanner was shocked when she learned about her grandson's injury. It had taken Mary three days to call her to tell her the news. And it was only because she needed help. She was more than happy to help Bradley because she loved him dearly and got along very well with him. Eleanor considered her grandson the only "normal" person in her daughter's family and she was fairly sure she knew him better than his own mother. For years, she had wished to have him stay with her during school vacations but Mary would never agree. She was afraid of what her mother's influence would make him a pervert just like Eleanor was to Mary. She didn't know he didn't need his grandmother's influence to be a pervert. Being a teenage boy was enough for that. Eleanor rarely saw Christine or Brad because Mary practically never visited and only invited her mother for the holidays. But for the last two years, Brad and Eleanor became closer because he was calling her when he had questions he couldn't ask to his mother. Since he knew his mother wouldn't approve, he tried not to call his grandmother too often. He only called when he had girl issues or a question about sex. But thanks to that, Eleanor knew things about Brad that Mary would have never suspected. She just wished she could be as close with Christine to counter Mary's influence on her.

Like most mothers and daughters, Mary had issues with her mom. Mary thought her mother changed for the worse after her father died.

Eleanor considered herself a good Christian though. She lost her virginity at 16, the night of her wedding. Sex was a pleasure for her, and her husband Bill was a good lover. During the first years of their marriage they had sex every day and often several times a day. The only times they didn't have sex was when she couldn't due to her pregnancies or periods. After five years of marriage and three babies they reduced their love making to five times a week, because taking care of a family was rather exhausting, and that number didn't change until Bill passed away seven years ago. It even increased as their children grew up and left the house. After that, she had a two year relationship with a man her age that started four years after Bill passed away. Charles was a good man and Mary accepted his relationship with Eleanor after a few resentful months. However, she ended up leaving Charles for Rick, a man 10 years younger than Eleanor. Eleanor changed a lot during her time with Rick. She quit wearing pants and only wore short skirts or short dresses. Her cleavage became much wider and stockings were mandatory. She also wore five inch heels at least. Eleanor also became more comfortable with talking about sex in intimate detail.

Eleanor and Mary didn't get along well when Bill was still alive but they still saw each other regularly. However, since Eleanor started dating Rick, Mary didn't make any effort to see her mother much. Even when Rick dumped Eleanor for a younger woman, Mary's behavior didn't change so she still tried to avoid her mother.

Eleanor had always tried to change her daughter's point of view about sex. When Bill was still alive she encouraged her to have sex with her husband on a regular basis. According to her, restraining one's sexual urges could be dangerous. Mary believed it to be a lot of nonsense. But since Eleanor started dating Rick, her sex talk became even more detailed. Eleanor thought that seeing sex as fun would maybe change her daughter's point of view on the matter. She had tried everything and failed, so why not try this method.

Eleanor was now 55 and thanks to a lot of exercise she was still fit. The only things that gave her age away were her gray hair, her sagging huge breasts and a few wrinkles on her face. But a hazel brown dye hid her gray hair and a little cosmetic surgery made the wrinkles disappear and her breasts bigger and perkier. She didn't go overboard with the surgery, so only the bigger wrinkles disappeared and she only gained a cup size for her breasts, aiming for them to become firmer. It happened during her fling with Rick and it was an attempt to keep him attracted to her. It was foolish but the results were great, so she had no regrets.

When Eleanor arrived at her daughter's house she was greeted warmly by Brad. He gave her a hug and asked her why she was there. When she told him she was there to help his mother take care of him he blushed and remained silent. Apart from his hands, he looked alright so she wondered why Mary needed help.

Mary and Christine came to say hello. They were more reserved in their greeting than Brad. A light hug and a kiss on the cheek were all Eleanor received from them. It pained her not to be closer to her daughter and granddaughter. She had been as close to Mary as she had been with her other children when they were little, but since she entered puberty their relationship changed for the worse. Mary became introverted and lost her friends. She found solace in the Church and it only made things more awkward between them. Eleanor knew the reason for this change but even though she tried everything she came up with she couldn't get through to her daughter. Eleanor was a beautiful woman and she experienced what her daughter was going through during puberty, just to a lesser degree than her daughter. Mary was not just beautiful, she also had a body men would qualify as made for sex. At 14 she was already a D-cup and grown men would hit on her very crudely at times. Every man she met stared at her with lust. Even her teachers couldn't stop staring at her with their perverted eyes. Her girlfriends were jealous because even though they were interested in boys, all the boys only had eyes for Mary. Her mother kept telling her it was normal for boys to be obsessed by boobs and girls would always be jealous but she had to learn to deal with it. As long as no adult did anything inappropriate to her and no boy was forcing himself on her, she should enjoy the attention and learn how to use her charms to manipulate those males. She shouldn't be afraid of her own sexuality. Unfortunately, Eleanor never realized how bad things really were for Mary.

At 10, her friends' fathers, who were so nice with their daughters, looked at her like she was made of candy. It was very uncomfortable and she didn't understand why she was treated differently. As she grew up and her breasts became bigger, high school boys would always be making crude comments about her tits and ass. They would ask her if they could play with her tits or at least to let them see them. She already wasn't comfortable about dealing with boys her age so she was even more scared of the older boys and what they could do to her. She grew to be afraid of men and the thing that made nice fathers become perverts: sex. Her mother, who had said sex was a wonderful thing and didn't fully condemn the behavior of the boys and men, became the example of how Mary wouldn't behave.

Instead of trying to resolve the issue with her friends she spent less and less time with them, so of course the rumors started. No one thought she spent that time alone in her room so they made up reasons for her not being with them. The rumors about her being a slut emerged and Mary's solution for all that was to dress unflatteringly and pray to God.

Christine was not as beautiful as Mary when she was a teenager and only experienced what a normal teenage girl was going through during puberty, but she had been brainwashed by Mary since she was a little girl. So, in the end, she was just like her mom, despite not having experienced what her mom did. She might dress prettier than her mother did but her attitude toward sex seemed the same.

With Eleanor there Mary started to spend most of her time with Brad. Masturbating him five or six times a day quickly turned into ten times or more. It seemed to her that she could do it 10 times an hour and he wouldn't run out of semen! Eleanor took care of the groceries, the cleaning and the cooking, and rarely managed to see Brad or Mary. They spent most of their days in his room and when she asked them why they spent so much time up there they told her that Mary had to massage Brad a lot during the day to ease his pain. It smelled fishy to her and when she asked Christine, she, too, had no idea of what was happening up in Brad's room. However she was spending most of her time out of the house, so it would be normal if she hadn't noticed anything strange. Eleanor tried to go into his room when they were there but it was locked. That's why she went on the Internet to learn how to jam a lock open. The next time Mary drove Brad to the doctor for a checkup she jammed his door lock so that it wouldn't lock anymore.

Meanwhile, Mary and Brad were at the hospital. It had been a week since he had gone home and the doctor wanted to see how he was healing. His hands looked much better so the doctor took the bandages off. Brad would still have to be careful because his skin was very fragile and could crack and bleed at any moment. Furthermore, he still couldn't move his fingers much without pain. He received a prescription for a lotion. On the way home, Brad turned to his mom.

"Mom, I really could use your help, if you know what I mean."

Mary knew, of course.

"We just have to stop at the pharmacy but once we're home we'll go straight to your room," she replied.

Eleanor heard the car pull into the driveway while she was preparing lunch. She didn't even have the time to wash her hands to greet them before she saw her daughter and grandson rushing up the stairs. She waited for five minutes before going upstairs. Once in front of his room she suddenly opened the door and what she witnessed seemed horrifying. Her daughter Mary was on her knees in front of Brad, with his dick in her hand. Mary was jerking off her son!

"Oh my god," she said, before rushing out of the room and the house.

Mary and Brad were shocked and remained frozen in the position they had been caught in. The tension gradually diminished and Mary finally released his penis.

"That's not good," Mary concluded.

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