Chapter 1: Home for the summer

Caution: This Erotica Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa, mt/ft, Consensual, Incest, First, Oral Sex, Masturbation, Petting, Exhibitionism, Voyeurism, Nudism,

Desc: Erotica Sex Story: Chapter 1: Home for the summer - Sometimes, the girl next door is the one, and parents can surprise you when they approve. Please note the codes. If parents watching children and vice versa bothers you, this is a good story to skip. Otherwise, enjoy.

The end of Spring Quarter couldn't have come sooner. My freshman year, and I already had a D in Geology I. Fucking rocks. I mean, who cares? The only good thing to come this spring was the latest news about Emily. Emily's doc still wasn't saying, but Alma told me he was smiling on their last visit. After weeks of work, Emily had earned that smile.

That Saturday afternoon when I got home I tossed my bags, except for the small one with a change of clothes, in the hall and walked through the living room into the garden. I knew Mom and Dad were out of town until tomorrow, so I kept going to the gate between our yard and Emily's garden. Joseph looked up and smiled when I closed the gate behind me, but I put my finger to my lips before he could speak. Emily's wheelchair on the deck at the shallow end of the pool and the choppy water told me Emily was well into her afternoon workout. She was kicking as hard as she could, her eyes shut tight, her arms extended to Alma. A one-in-a-million surfing accident. Hell, probably one in ten million, but it had happened to Emily on her first time out.

I stripped to my boxers, waved to Joseph, and eased myself into the water. A couple of steps and I was behind Alma, my hands on her hips. I pressed myself against her bottom in greeting. Out of the corner of my eye I saw Joseph watching. He gave me a thumbs up. I slid my arms around Alma under her breasts and shushed her before she could speak, kissed her, and held her against me as we watched Emily kick. After a moment I patted her shoulder and moved around beside her and extended my arms. When Alma let go I took Emily's hands and Alma stepped back.

Emily opened her eyes when she felt her mother release her.


She pulled herself to me and released my hands and hugged me as hard as she could, a warm wet wriggle, and tried to clasp her legs around me. She made it, if only for a moment.


She pressed her cheek against me, then kissed me once, twice, and again on the other cheek, and once more, but quick and light, on my lips. I hugged her and held her, one hand on her bottom to hold her up, the other around her back as I kissed her on the lips and cheek.

"Did you see me? Did you?"

She was irresistible, like a little kid, not the high school senior she was. I laughed.

"I sure did, Emily. Looking good!"

Over Emily's shoulder I saw Alma smiling and nodding. I squeezed Emily's bottom and she hugged me as hard as she could while her mom stifled a giggle.

Emily brushed her lips against mine and pulled herself closer. I felt her lips against my ear.

"Remember Christmas?"

I did. I could feel myself harden as I remembered.

"Tell you a secret?"

She wriggled again in my arms and I stiffened some more. She giggled.

"I still work."

I rubbed her bottom.

"You gonna show me?"

Emily's giggle was my answer. She followed the giggle up with a squeeze. In return, I pulled her harder against me. After a moment I lowered Emily into the water and handed her back to Alma. I gave Alma's rear end a pat in farewell, sloshed to the steps and grabbed a towel on my way over to sit beside Joseph. He eyed my semi-erection.

"Is that for Alma or for Emily?"

I laughed.

"Both, I think, Joseph. Remember Christmas?"

Emily's dad smiled. Adjusted himself.

"Yes, I do."

I stayed for dinner, Chinese delivered from my favorite Szechuan place. Alma said it was in honor of my return from school.

"Can Daniel help me with my shower tonight, Mom?"

I looked at Emily. She winked. Alma smiled.


"It would be my honor, milady," I said as I took Emily's hand and raised it to my lips, turned it, and kissed her palm. Emily stretched as far as she could and stroked my cheek.

"Off you go, you two, and mind the turns." Joseph had taken to this joke in the weeks since Emily's accident. Everyone was too tired of it to groan.

Emily was getting her strength and balance back but she was still unsteady enough that she needed the wheelchair for almost everything, so I rolled her down the hall to the large bathroom her parents had built when they remodeled the far end of the house. "Getting ready for our old age," they said.

"Toilet first?"


I braked her chair beside the toilet and removed the footrests. It was taking a chance, but Emily is slender and she was making enough progress so I skipped the gait belt. I helped Emily shrug off her robe, braced myself, back straight, and pivoted her up and over to the toilet seat. I moved over to the sink while she did her business.

"OK, Daniel, your turn."

I stripped. There's no way to help someone in a wheelchair in the shower without getting wet yourself. In our case, of course, it was an extra pleasure, and my appreciation of Emily was pretty obvious when I helped her back into the chair and rolled her into the shower area. Her wheelchair is waterproof but Emily hates it, so we use the teak shower bench instead. One more transfer, and this time my erection brushed Emily's breasts. She giggled and ran her palm up my cock and cupped my balls with her other hand. She looked up at me and grinned.

"Me first."

God bless the inventor of the tankless water heater, I thought, as I soaped Emily's hair, rinsed, and repeated with conditioner. From there it was all downhill, so to speak, and all fun, as I soaped her up and rinsed her off with the hand spray. She wriggled and cooed when I got to all the good parts, and she began panting after I hung up the spray and knelt between her legs. I knew all the right spots. Emily had taught me well and Annie had given me a post-graduate education on the finer points, so Emily didn't stand a chance as my tongue and fingers turned her wriggles to shakes and squirms and her "Ah ah ah ah," signaled her end. Her goofy smile after a minute or two said I'd done pretty well. Emily's glance at my persistent boner made me even harder, and she reached out her hand.

"Give me some soap, Daniel."

In a moment she was pumping me and I stepped close between her parted thighs as I neared my own climax.

"On me, OK?"

I throbbed and spurted and covered her breasts and tummy. We cleaned up a second time and joined her folks in the living room, Emily in her robe and me in my clean boxers and t-shirt with her mother on the sofa, me in the middle, her dad in his favorite chair.

Alma put her hand on my thigh. "So, Daniel, tell us about Annie?"

"I think you'll like her, Alma."

I turned to Emily.

"You, too, kiddo."

Emily poked me. I elbowed her back, not too hard. She put her hand on my thigh and began stroking.

"Does she know about us?"

The million-dollar question. Joseph had muted the music and he and Alma were looking at me.

"She knows my family and yours like to swim nude, in our pools and at the beach, and she knows we're sometimes nude around the house, all of us, together. She knows about me and Emily."

I stopped for a minute. This was tricky.

"I haven't told her the rest of it. About us. About last Christmas, I mean, or about my Uncle Charlie and Aunt Rosemary. She's got to meet us, my mom and dad, and you all, first."

I stopped again. Annie was someone special to me, yeah, but it was transitory, I knew that. It wasn't something for life. Emily had already answered that question for me.

"She'll have to know about us. About you, Emily, and you, Alma." I kissed each one of them. "And you, Joseph." I blew him a kiss and he made a show of wiping his cheek off, but I knew he didn't mean it. How could he, after ... well, maybe later.

I took Alma's hand and Emily's hand in mine.

"There's more. Annie hasn't come out and said it yet, but she's hinted there's things to know about her family, too. To tell you the truth, I don't think she'll be surprised when she visits in a few weeks."

I released Alma and Emily and sat back against the sofa cushion. Emily turned to me and covered my lips with hers and took her time. When she released me, I had no time to recover before Alma did the same. I tried my best to give back, my hand on Alma's breast, holding, not squeezing, and the kiss left me panting...

"Mom, Dad. I'm ready for bed."

Emily twisted toward me as far as she could. "Read to me, Daniel?"


I got up and turned and leaned over Alma, my hands on the back of the sofa on either side of her. I kissed her again.

"Good night, Alma."

"'Night, Daniel."

I walked over to Emily's dad and made like I was going to kiss him, too. He flinched.


I stuck out my hand, but he pulled me down for a hug.

"Welcome home, Daniel."

"Thanks, Joseph."

Another lift and pivot and I wheeled Emily down the hall to her bedroom. After a bathroom stop for toothbrushing and other necessaries we were in Emily's room for one more transfer onto her bed. I helped her out of her robe and, with some scooching and a grin or two from her, into her panties and t-shirt to sleep. Emily patted the blanket beside her.

"Come on, Daniel, up here. I want to snuggle while you read."

I grabbed her novel off the nightstand and turned to the page she'd bookmarked.

"Is this right?"

Emily stretched her neck to look.


She tugged at my shirt.

"C'mon. Slide down a little."

I did. Emily put her head on my shoulder, and I began where Emily had marked.

Nervously Dany gathered the reins in her hands and slid her feet into the short stirrups. She was only a fair rider; she had spent far more time traveling by ship and wagon and palanquin than by horseback. Praying that she would not fall off and disgrace herself, she gave the filly the lightest and most timid touch with her knees.

And for the first time in hours, she forgot to be afraid. Or perhaps it was for the first time ever.

Emily sighed and burrowed deeper into my shoulder. Her hand moved to my thigh.

"I love Daenerys. She's my favorite of all of them."

I read a couple of more pages as Emily's warm hand stroked my thigh. I stopped when she put her hand through the fly of my boxers and held me. She looked up and smiled.

"That's enough for tonight, Daniel."

I leaned down to kiss her. She broke the kiss all too soon.

"Straddle me."

I swung my leg over her, and she tugged at my boxers.


I freed myself and her hands on my hips guided me to her mouth. Her tongue was wet and hot and for a minute I kept myself still while she thoroughly wet me with small movements. When she pulled on my hips I began to move. Her tongue encouraged more and I gave her what she wanted, fucking her mouth slowly, sliding on her warm wet tongue. Even so, I didn't last, and when I began to erupt Emily held my hips and swallowed and swallowed. She released me as I began to shrink, licked her lips, and grinned.

"Kiss me goodnight."

I did, and stretched out beside her, my arms around her, and her breathing evened out as she slept. I dozed until I felt a gentle tap on my shoulder. Alma stood over me, the sweetest smile on her face. She leaned down to kiss me.

"She loves you, Daniel."

"I know, Alma. I love her."

"Let her sleep."


I made my way out to the garden and through the gate and into my own house and up to my room, thinking about Emily and Alma and Joseph and Annie. My last thought for the night was that Joseph and I were going to be outnumbered later in the summer, especially if my mom and dad were otherwise occupied.

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