A Journey Through Pleasure
Chapter 1

Caution: This Erotica Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa, Fa/Fa, Ma/Ma, Consensual, Lesbian, BiSexual, Fiction, Swinging, Group Sex, Orgy, Polygamy/Polyamory, Safe Sex, Oral Sex, Double Penetration,

Desc: Erotica Sex Story: Chapter 1 - A night full of pleasure for Sara, which completely changed her life and opinion. It leads her to the road of sinful pleasures.

I, Sara was getting ready to go out with her friend for a wild night. My friend Rebecca had managed two VIP passes for one of the exotic and exclusive club, for one of the best night they held once in every month. Only members and people invited by the members can enter the club, thanks the gods that I have Rebecca to take me there. No matter how much I was excited, there was nervousness in my body and I was trying to gain control over it.

Checking myself in the mirror for the hundredth time I looked at myself. Long wavy platinum blonde, green eyes and pale complexion, I stood at 5'10? making me taller than most of the other girls I know. I was wearing a black halter top which was hugging my curvy yet lean body making my curves more prominent than they were. I walked out of the bathroom and than the apartment, locking it, going down the elevator to the outside to the waiting limousine.

Rebecca whistles at me as I made my way out of the building, "Someone is looking seriously hot. Are you planning to rob all the guys for yourself tonight?" Rebecca teased me.

My reply to her was instant, "You are looking eatable enough and I'm sure you will work yourself with girls too if you don't get a guy.", my reply was full of tease since everyone knows that Rebecca is bi although she is too shy to admit it. We settled down in the rented limousine, both of us feeling pretty excited about the night ahead.

When we come out on the road, speeding on the free-way, night was as bright as day. That's the speciality of Vegas, it is awake during night. Everything was lit up, different lights lightning up the sky. People were going to the casinos, clubs or every other places which were accessible by everyone during night. Hookers were also there, winking at people, luring them into their web of sinister desires.

It was all too common for me here that I am totally comfortable with it unlike ten years before when I had moved into the sin city. I was in business industries, working as an executive director in a company which makes sex toys.

It was actually a good job, making me earn in five digits every year with few other benefits too. I got to test every new sex toy which is available in the market and that is the reason I have a closet full of them. Dildos, rabbits, strap ons, vibrators or anything you name them and I have it.

This is another reason I have not pursuit a relationship yet. First of all I don't have time to date and secondly toys almost fills my appetite and when I needs some fun than these types of night usually comes to my rescue.

"Back to earth Sara... !!!" Rebecca's chirping voice pulls me out of my thoughts.

I smiled at her, "I was just thinking how to get down on you." I again teased her, grinning devilishly at her.

"I will let you get down on me one day." Rebecca's reply came out as fast as I stopped talking.

The rest of the journey was full of girly jokes and teasing and I felt all the nervousness easing out of my body and I relaxed against the warm comfort of posh leather seat of limo, sipping the expensive red wine which Rebecca insisted is from France itself.

After an hour or so, we stopped in front of the entrance of private club, The Devil's insides. People were milling around and going into the club. We quickly went to the gate and Rebecca showed her ID and membership card, getting us entry.

As we entered the club, darkness enveloped us into nothingness and we followed a light trail quickly, getting to the main area. People were dancing on the dance floor, air filled with sexual electricity and couples grinding against each other.

On the other side of the floor was a bar with rounded stools, expensive looking wood covering the top and few bald waiters entertaining the crowd with their skills and serving them with their exotic mixtures. That was one of the speciality about the club, their waiters always comes up with new and foreign mixtures of drinks.

I started to walk towards the bar only to be stopped by Rebecca. "We have to go there. Remember?" She points to the set of stairs which was leading up.

I nodded and both of us walked up and showed our passes to another bouncer. once satisfied he led us into a room where few girls, who obviously works there were waiting for them or for any guest who are ought to come there.

Girls quickly stripped us down, without saying anything and dressed us into Roman choga like clothing. I felt a little self conscious again since I was not wearing any undergarments. But as one of the girl point out that the choga was the dress code, I tried to relax.

We were than led through another narrow hallway, coming into a huge room. It was huge in every way, it was hard to tell whether the room was rectangle or square or circle.

But the ceiling was in a shape of dome with the top depicting like it was open, fake stars shining above. I realized that it must be some electronically controlled dome, but the most important and fascinating thing was ongoing orgy around us. Wherever I can see were couples or gangs indulging in every type of sexual activity. Whether it was love making, gang banging or BDSM stuff.

"You can join anyone with their consent but you can't interrupt a scene. If you can't find a partner than one of us from our team shall entertain you. Feel free to ask for help." One of the guy who had accompanied me and Rebecca told us. After a little time I noticed a slight difference. Everyone was dressed in the same choga dress but few of the girls and guys were wearing choga with a strip of purple along their hem.

"Yeah we knows the rule." Rebecca drools her words, tugging me away from them. My eyes fall in the middle where one girl was getting pleasured by two guys, who were tall and built with rippling muscles. I felt my pussy dampening at the scene as one of them was fucking her rear while the other guy was filling her mouth.

Instinctively a moan escaped my lips and I felt a force to go there but than remembered the no disturbance rule. As on cue the girl looked up and locked her eyes with me and winks playfully, wiggling her finger towards her to come to her. I turned around to see Rebecca but she already was drooling over some guys, sandwiched between them when I was so much under the trance, so I went to the trio.

The two guys looked up and smiled at me, "Hey hotness you wanna join?" One of them asked me but my voice must have disappeared as the only sound which came out of my lips was a primal growl.

"Is that a no?" The same guy asked me again,

But the girl who was in the middle hit him on the head, "Don't be a douche Jake of course she wants to." The woman said and lust parted it's way from my eyes as I noticed the woman, the way she was still stroking them.

She must be in her early thirties and had fierce red hair and her brows were red too and to check her more my eyes travels down her nude body and saw a thin patch of red hair near her cunt.

She was a natural redhead and have bluest of blue eyes and big breasts, big enough to be 36D. Her skin was pale just like mine while both the guys have olive skin and one of them have grey eyes while the other had deep brown eyes.

Woman's chuckling sound bring me out of my daze and I instantly blushed realizing I was staring at them. "Ohhh she blushes too, I wants her." One of the guy said, what was his name? Jake maybe as I was lost in my lusty thoughts to remember his name.

The perky woman gets away from the guys and walked up to me, closing the distance between us. "You wants it honey?" She asked as her hand tugged at the choga.

I moans out loudly, no coherent words forming in my mind as cold air hit my skin making my nipples stood up. Bending down the woman took my nipple in her mouth, tugging it with her teeth softly.

My hands were in the woman's hair tugging her closer. "What's your name?" At last some words came out of my lips and let out a purr as her mouth left my nipple, making me miss the hot warmth of the her mouth.

"I'm Reghanne and he is Jake and he is Austin and you?" She points out to the brown eyed guy first and than the grey eyed guy.

"Sara..." I replied pulling Reghanne for a kiss, our mouths slanting against each other and she pushed her tongue deep into my mouth, duelling her tongue with mine. I heard two different groans as one of the guy moved behind me and another behind Reghanne, sandwiching both of us between them.

A moan escaped through my lips and my hands travelled to her breasts, tugging at her nipples, kneading the globe of flesh between my hand. I felt a thick finger probing at my entrance as it rubbed at my labias making me lick my lips in anticipation.

I looked up and saw Austin behind Reghanne that means the other one, Jake was behind me rubbing my slit and pressing thumb on my pleasure button.

Reghanne dragged me to the bed, pushing me on my back displaying my whole body for whole of them to see. I looked sideways to see Rebecca between four guys getting her every whole filled. Unknowingly I let out a moan and Austin lifted me a little so that my face was levelled to his thighs and with my back pressed against headboard.

Reghanne dipped her head between my thighs and licked along my slit making me squirm and I wrapped my hand around thick and bulging shaft of Austin, his dick head purple like an angry beast and I licked it tasting salt there.

My moans increased as Reghanne licked me with expertise, delving her tongue inside my folds like she was searching a needle in hay. Austin without waiting for any approval or encouragement pushed his dick into my mouth, making me gag a little and I tried to take him in as much as I can without gagging again, cupping his balls and playing with them.

Just than Reghanne moaned loudly and it hit me that that Jake had pushed himself into her, his grunting coming to me. For the first time in a long time I was feeling like the night will be in total bliss and whatever doubt I had before went away with the act were were indulging into. Austin started to push inside my mouth as hard as he can, a thin line of saliva running down my chin, face fucking me hard. I she rubbed my tongue along his shaft's underside.

Reghanne's administrations started to bear fruit as I felt a wave travelling through my body and I cummed hard in Reghanne's mouth, who lapped all my cum and kept on licking at my pussy, bringing out some mini orgasm from my pussy too.

I shudders in the aftermath of orgasm, basking in the blissful post orgasmic bliss. But how wrong I was that a break was on its way as Austin lined up at my pussy, pushing into my tight hot cunt in one thrust, filling me up to brim. I can feel his pulsating veins, his girth stretching me to limits. In every words he was huge and undoubtedly he can tore my cunt during hard fucking.

A series of moans escaped my lips as both of us developed a rhythm, rotating our hips, grinding against each other. By our side Reghanne and Jake had joined us in their rutting, Reghanne mewling like a wild cat. Austin's hands were at my waist and breasts, pleasuring me and my body beyond measures.

I turned my head a little, catching Reghanne's lips with mine, tongues dancing and licking at each other. Both of us were rocking along with the bed and moaning into each other's mouth. "SWAP!!!!!" I heard someone calling out and than an emptiness followed which made me sigh out in protest.

Soon again a new cock was inside my pussy, making me quiver and moan. It was as huge as the previous cock, now thrusting inside me. A hot mouth was on my nipple suckling from it like a new born as Jake put my legs above his shoulder and started to hammer into me. "Ohhhh Ahhhh Unghhh fu ... ck me harder." I moaned feeling Reghanne's hand on my clit rubbing furiously.

Reghanne was getting fucked pretty hard too and she still had power to rub me, pleasure me. It surprised me and I locked her legs around Jakes neck, driving him closer. With a high pitched scream I cummed again, as I couldn't take the double torture any more. My whole body shook with the intensity of it, my body lifting off the bed.

My orgasm gave Jake more encouragement and with the sounds he was making, I was sure he is edging closer too. "Oh yeah Jake fill me with your hot seed. Put my cunt on fire and make me cum again." I started calling out, rubbing my own clit, wanting to get off one more time. Words proved too much for him and I felt a hot thick rope inside my cunt followed by others.

The hotness combined with rubbing, made me cum again, Reghanne approaching her own peek, and Austin cummed inside her at the same time. I felt Jake's cum dripping down my thighs and I looped it up in my hand, licking it once, tasting our mixed cum, which had a salty and tangy taste to it.

Than I held out her hand for Reghanne, which make her smile and she started to lick my hand, holding her own cum filled hand for me to lick. We both than licked clean each other hand, to be follow it with a tongue filled kiss.

Rest of the night was heaven, with guys fucking us into oblivion, in every possible position. Even Reghanne took her turn in taking me with a strap on. In the morning, we share personal information and promised to meet each other soon.

As I made her way towards the exit, Rebecca joined me on the way, her skin literally glowing. "Hey chicky, you had rather good company." She chirped, looking at me with a sultry smile

To this I replied with a blush, "Yeah they were pretty amazing, I am looking forward for another time."

"Oooh if you have it again, invite me too, don't be greedy and take all the cake for yourself. I wants a bite of that redhead." Rebecca was beaming at me, as I informed her Reghanne's name and we both went to our home with a dream and possibility of another erotic night with the trio.

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