Mr. Buckley
Chapter 1

Caution: This Erotica Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa, Ma/ft, Teenagers, Consensual, Heterosexual, Fiction, Mother, Son, Daughter, Spanking, Anal Sex, Oral Sex,

Desc: Erotica Sex Story: Chapter 1 - At the request of the neighborhood's single moms Jack Buckley would punish their children with bare bottom spankings. Of course this led to something more......

Patricia was not alone on Brick St. It was Saturday morning and many people were out and about. She didn't stop to talk to anyone. She smiled and waved at people as she hurried along. She only had ten minutes to get to Mr. Buckley's house on Grace St, one over from Brick.

Patricia was dressed as her Mother had requested. She wore her prettiest 'go to church' loose pale blue jumper dress. Her modest two inch heels gave her an awkward gate as she stretched her legs farther out to increase her speed. She had been warned not to be late or else!

She had never been sent to Mr. Buckley before but she knew that he was going to punish her. She carried a sealed note from her Mother explaining Patricia's transgressions which she was to deliver to Mr. Buckley. Many of the single Mothers in their small neighborhood sent their children, both boys and girls, to the fifty year old Buckley for his specific style of discipline that only a man can deliver properly. The Mothers had discussed it to length before approaching the bachelor with their requests for help with the disciplining of their children.

Jack Buckley had agreed to discipline the neighborhood children as long as the women agreed that their kids would be spanked on their bare bottoms. Most of them agreed quickly realizing that it was probably the only way to get the children to start behaving. A couple of them, including Patricia's Mother Karen, had balked at a strange man spanking their son's and daughter's bare behinds but eventually they all agreed that it needed to be done and that they could trust Buckley to moderate the punishments appropriately.

Buckley, on he other hand, was in spanko heaven. As long as he didn't get carried away and have sex with the children sent to him he could spank and stare at their naked ass' to his hearts content. He didn't like young children although he did spank them at the request of their mothers. His preference was the teenagers, boys or girls didn't matter to him. The sounds of his hand or belt smacking their bottoms, the gradual reddening of their pale skin was what aroused him. He always got hard while he administered the spankings.

Patricia rang the doorbell at exactly one minute of nine. She was a bit out of breath because she had been rushing but she was on time. Mr. Buckley let her in. He also noticed that the fourteen year old was on time. He preferred when they were late so he could add extra strokes to their spankings or in some other way escalated his punishment of the children. She was the first of three he had scheduled for that Saturday. He had never punished this particular teen before and was looking forward to a new bottom to bare.

Buckley led the young girl to an armless chair in the middle of his spacious living room, where he sat down in front of the frightened Patricia. "Show me your note Patricia." He commanded as she held out the sealed envelope. "Open it and read it to me."

She nervously opened the envelope and unfolded the short note and haltingly read it aloud as the smiling Mr. Buckley looked on. He was already getting hard as the scene slowly unfolded for him. He liked dragging out the punishment as it meant that his pleasure was also lengthened. "Dear Mr. Buckley, " Patricia read. "Patricia was caught cheating on her math test this week. She knows how wrong it is to cheat and understands that she must be punished for it. She knows that I require her ask you to spank her. I know you will administer her punishment on her bare bottom and" Patricia's face was red from embarrassment as she continued. "please make sure you spank her sufficiently hard and as many times as you think is appropriate."

She let the note fall to the floor as he said. "Well?"

Softly Patricia spoke to the stern man seated in front of her. "Please spank me Mr. Buckley."

"Spank you how girl?" Buckle was enjoying forcing the squirming girl to expand on her request. This was a form of foreplay for Jack Buckley. His cock was straining against the front of his trousers as he waited for the girl to continue.

Patricia instinctively knew what Mr. Buckley wanted of her. "Please spank me Mr. Buckley. Spank me on my bare bottom for being such a bad girl."

"Better young lady. Getting spanked is one thing but asking for it means that you understand the seriousness of your transgression. "Raise your dress to your waist Patricia."

She had expected to have him pull her over his lap and raise her dress and lower her panties in preparation for the spanking but this was an unexpected request. She didn't dare refuse. Patricia grabbed the hem of her dress with both hands and slowly pulled it up past her knees before stopping.

He grinned." That's it. Nice and slow. Now pull it up more so I can see what color panties you are wearing. You are wearing underpants aren't you girl?"

She nodded in the affirmative and pulled her dress up more revealing her pale blue panties that matched her dress color perfectly. No man had seen her in her panties before and here she was exposing herself to a grown man while he sat and had a good look at the thin material covering her womanhood. She had just enough pubic hair to push out the crotch of her panties in a way that Buckley found very provocative. This girl doesn't even know how much she is turning me on. Buckley though as he continued to smile at the young girl.

"Hold that dress up around your waist. Don't let it drop or I will have to add strokes to your punishment." Saying that he reached his hands out and gripped the elastic waist band of her panties."

Patricia was caught by surprise when Buckley grabbed her panties and she let the dress drop, covering his hands. "That won't do Patricia. I'm going to have to increase your punishment for disobeying me. Now pull that dress back up before I decide that you need to be completely naked for your spanking."

Patricia yanked her dress back up to her waist afraid of antagonizing him any further. Buckley's hands were still gripping her blue panties which he slowly and deliberately pulled down to her knees exposing her virgin pussy to his lecherous gaze. Nice little teenage cunt! Buckley mused to himself, enjoying the way his erection was pulsating beneath his thin slacks. He expected that he wouldn't last long enough to masturbate after the girl's spanking. He was probably going to shoot in his pants. How he would enjoy it if he could slide his cock into the youngster and cum deep in her young twat. But he knew he couldn't do that. Any kind of sexual funny business reported by his spankee's would stop his wonderful punishment sessions forever.

Patricia had never felt humiliation to match her standing in front of a grown man with her skirt up and her panties down around her knees. She closed her eyes to avoid seeing the want and lust on Mr. Buckley's face. How could her mother allow this to happen to her?

The lecherous Jack Buckley took a long look at the young girl's virgin pussy before he tugged her close to him and pulled the girl down onto his lap enjoying the feeling of her body sliding across his erect penis. Somehow she had never let go of her dress until Buckley told her to after she was in position on his lap. He was sure the young girl could feel his hard cock, thinly veiled by his cotton slacks, on her naked stomach. He didn't care. He liked the feeling she was giving him down there. Even if she told her mother how hard he was when she received her spanking he would explain to her mother as he had done to others how it was impossible not to become aroused while spanking a young lady's naked bottom. He convinced the mothers that it was his cross to bear being constantly aroused with no relief available. They all knew that Jack would not dare touch their children inappropriately. And a couple of the mother's tsk, tsk'd to each other about how poor Mr. Buckley had to persevere with a stiff penis while he disciplined their sons and daughters.

Jack rested his right hand on Patricia's snow white bottom before raising it high and bringing it down with a loud Crack causing an involuntary yelp from the young girl and a pink spot where his hand had landed on her bottom. He loved the way her firm bottom quivered with each of his spanks. Crack! Crack! Jack used his left hand to hold the young girl's firm body tight against him, and his unyielding cock, as his right hand continued to punish Patricia's reddening bare bottom.

Finally his cock exploded in his pants. Jack made no pretense of trying to stop his orgasm but continued to spank the teens bottom as his cock spewed it's hot juices into his underwear. Spurt! Spurt! Spurt! He stopped spanking the girl but continued to hold her tight as the spasms in his pants slowed and stopped. He was sure that the girl could feel the wetness from his cock seeping through his thin slacks and onto her bare flat belly. He was sure that he would be receiving a inquisitive call from her mother later when she revealed what she had experienced with Mr. Buckley and his stiff wet penis resting against her belly. He would worry about that when the time came.

Jack let the girl up and as she was adjusting her clothing he picked up her fallen note and using the pen from his shirt pocket initialed the note with a large JB letting her mother know that she had been properly punished. When the girl left Jack rushed to his room. He had to change his pants and underwear before the next miscreant arrived for their correction punishment.

Jack had only two more punishments to deal with that afternoon. Both boys and they were a disappointment after his bare bottom spanking of the pretty teen Patricia. The first was little Sammy Jones. He was young and cried throughout his spanking. He had a cute little hairless bottom. Jack had enjoyed delivering the medium hard spanks to the boy's naked backside but it only made his cock partially hard. After seeing Patricia's sweet little ass and her precious young pussy surrounded by soft brown pubic hair it was a let down. His cock started rising as he remembered how wonderful the young girl had looked just standing in front of him holding her dress up to her waist exposing her privates to him. He had enjoyed how red in the face with embarrassment she had gotten while he stared unabashedly at her nude lower half.

He finished the young boy's spanking, signed his return note and waited for his third victim's arrival. He didn't look forward to his next spankee. Ryan was not a little boy. He was seventeen years old and as big as Jack himself. Way to big for an over the knee style spanking with his hand.

He had explained to the young man's mother that Ryan was too old and too big for a hand spanking and that she should consider punishing him by taking away some of his privileges, but Gloria Raynor insisted that a spanking is what he needed. After a session with Jack young Ryan was well behaved for two or three weeks before he needed a reminder punishment session.

It was Gloria that suggested that Jack use a belt on the boy to insure that he would be properly chastised. Ryan appeared at Jack's doorstep once or twice a month with a note from his mother usually only stating the amount of strokes of his belt she felt the boy deserved. Ten or sometimes even Twenty the boy would read out loud with a smirk on his face.

Ryan had that amused smirk on his face because he enjoyed the beatings. Without hesitation Ryan would drop his pants and briefs to his ankles before bending over the back of an armchair presenting his hairy bottom to Jack. Jack never got an erection spanking this big hairy teenage boy but Ryan did. Every time Jack finished striping the boy's ass with his thick leather belt he would tell the boy to pull up his pants because he was done with his punishment. Ryan would always turn to face Jack before pulling up his pants and underwear exposing his raging erection to him. Jack tried not to look but it was hard to avoid the sight of the pulsing teen cock in front of him.

Jack Buckley didn't know if the thrashing of his bottom by his belt caused the boy to become erect or maybe the kid enjoyed bending over in front of him, exposing his little brown hole to another male. Whatever the reason he was glad to see Ryan leave for home with his note. Jack had to wonder if his mother made him drop his pants when he got home and show her how good of a job Jack did on his backside with the belt. He suspected that she might just do that not suspecting that instead of embarrassing her son Ryan also enjoyed baring his ass to his mother.

Later after eating a light supper Jack took a long hot shower. After drying himself with one of his big soft bath towels he didn't bother dressing. He put on his favorite comfortable white terry cloth robe and slippers, poured himself three fingers of bourbon over two large ice cubes and sat down in his favorite easy chair, in the same room that he punished the children in. He was planning on sipping his warming liquor and putting his hand under his robe to fondle his generous sized cock while he replayed in his mind the exceptional spanking session he had with young Patricia that afternoon. He expected that he would have several masturbation sessions while he imagined that young girl and her sweet little pussy standing in front of him. His cock was already stiff with anticipation as the first swallow of his bourbon burned his throat on the way to his stomach. He reached inside of his robe and lightly gripped his cock, just holding it while he closed his eyes trying to get the image of the girl's lightly haired pussy to appear.

Ring! Ring! Ring!

Irritated Jack released his grip on his engorged prick and reached for the phone on the adjoining table next to his after shower cocktail. "Hello." He said, the irritation obvious in his voice.

"He ... He ... Hello. Mr. Buckley?"

It was a women's voice. He didn't recognize it but suspected that Patricia had complained to her mother about wetting her stomach with his cum and now Karen Raynor was calling to scold him. "Yes, this is Jack Buckley."

His suspicions were correct. "Good evening Mr. Buckley. This is Karen Simpson. Do you have the time to talk to me?"

Well at least she was being civil about this situation. "Of course Mrs. Simpson..."

She interrupted immediately. "Please call me Karen Mr. Buckley."

"Sure Karen." Jack was again surprised by Patricia's mother asking to be addressed by her first name. What kind of a scolding was she going to give him?

"Well Mr. Buckley I'm not sure how to start but Patricia came home and complained to me that when you spanked her you got her stomach wet with 'your stuff'."

Here it comes. He thought. Out loud he said. "I'm sorry Karen. It was purely an accident."

"No, no ... Mr. Buckley. I am calling to apologize to you. I should have realized that a virile man like yourself would become excited when you spanked my daughter's bare bottom. I know my own father use to have erections when he punished me but after he began training me to be more compliant to his wishes that wasn't a problem any longer. I don't have a husband and my father passed away before Patricia was old enough for him to train her." There was a long silence before Karen spoke again. "She is in dire need of male supervision. Perhaps, if it isn't too much trouble for you, you could help with Patricia's training."

What the fuck! Buckley was taken aback. He had expected to be scolded and yelled at for being a pervert and now this pretty girl's mother was asking him to train her. He stuttered an answer. "Uh ... I ... I'm not sure what you mean Karen."

"Patricia and I are outside of your house right now If you let us in I will try to explain everything to you."

"Sure Karen. I'll be at the door presently."

Jack tightened the sash holding his robe closed and thought that maybe he should get dressed but he was already at the door. He opened it and there stood the two of them. Patricia was wearing a loose shift style dress, white socks and black patent leather shoes. Her mother who matched her daughter's height precisely also wore a dress but hers was more of a cocktail style that flared out from her narrow hips with the bodice clinging tightly to her orange size breasts. It was obvious to Jack that neither the fourteen year old Patricia or her thirty something mother were wearing bras.

Jack's cock was fully erect once more as he held the door open to allow mother and daughter to enter his living room. "Please make yourselves comfortable while I put on some clothes."

Karen sat on the couch across from Jack's favorite chair. "Don't bother getting dressed Mr. Buckley. You are fine the way you are. It's your house and you should always be comfortable here."

Jack offered refreshments but Karen declined. Patricia was still standing with downcast eyes near her seated mother. She didn't look at Jack as he seated himself and took a short sip of his drink. It was hard to believe but it was just a couple of hours ago that Jack was staring at this teenage girl's exposed cunt as she held her dress up for him. He wanted to touch his hard cock, but he refrained and looking at Karen asked her. "Just what can I do for you Karen?"

Karen blushed talking in a slow soft and deliberate tone. "Well, Mr. Buckley." She began. Jack did not interrupt and ask her to call him by his first name. He felt that her calling him Mister he would maintain control of the situation. She continued by pointing to a spot directly in front of Jack. "Stand right here Patricia and keep silent unless asked a question."

Patricia gave her mother a furtive look before obeying by moving directly in front of Jack, her hands fluttering at her side as if unsure what to do with them. "Stop fidgeting and keep your hands by your sides." She told her daughter before turning to Jack. "Sir, as you can see this young woman needs to be trained. I was brought up learning to obey my father and any other man immediately and without question. Patricia needs to learn that lesson and having no husband and with my father being deceased I need help. A woman training her would not be he same. She needs a man's touch to insure that she will become a proper young woman who has enough sense to be compliant to a male's needs."

Jack's cock was becoming harder and it was and throbbing with desire. "Say it woman. What is it exactly that you want me to do?" Jack spat it out tiring of Karen dancing around what she wanted of him. He had somewhat of an idea and was impatient to get on with it. She obviously wants me to spank her daughter again ... and probably watch while I do it.

But Karen continued slowly getting to the point of her visit. As I think I already told you my father started my training when I was about Patricia's age. He would make me stand in front of him like Patricia is doing now but I had to be stripped naked while he lectured me before my discipline would start. "Patricia," Karen commanded. "remove your dress." When Patricia gave her mother an angry look Karen added. "Right now girl. Do as your told." She looked at Jack. "See what I mean. She has no discipline what so ever."

Jack took his cue. "Didn't you hear your mother Patricia? Strip now or your punishment will be severe." Boy did his cock ache. There was only a slight hesitation before Patricia reached for the hem of her shift and pulled it straight up and over her head in a swift motion obeying Jack's demand. She stood in front of Jack totally nude except for her shoes and when Karen pointed to them Jack added. "Shoe's too. I want you completely naked young lady." Jack was really getting into his new role.

His first look at the young girl's bare breasts almost made him cum without touching himself. They looked to be the same size as her mother's covered breasts, the size of ripe oranges. Tearing his eyes from the wonderful sight of the naked girl he looked at Karen and said. "So you had to stand in front of your father naked just as Patricia is doing right now?"

Karen blushed as she nodded her head in the affirmative. Jack had a question that needed answering immediately. "So, Karen, if I were to demand that you stand before me naked would you comply?"

She blushed once more and nodded her once head again before answering. "Of course I would Mr. Buckley. I would do whatever you wanted of me as I have been taught."

"Good Karen. Patricia, please go and stand facing that bookshelf between those two windows. You will remain still and quiet as a mouse while I speak to your mother about her request." Patricia was glad not to stay standing in front of this grown man with her breasts and pussy on display to him. She did as she was told. Jack watched her young well muscled buttocks roll and sway as she obeyed the older man. She stood between the two windows and realized if anyone should climb the three steps to the porch they would be able to see into the living room and see her, with the light from the windows, standing there naked and ashamed.

Karen with a lowered voice so he daughter wouldn't hear her words said to Jack. "You are probably very excited by now. Do you want me to help you out a bit?"

"Help me out? What do you mean Karen?"

Karen blushed yet again. "You know. Take care of your problem so when you spank Patricia you don't mess yourself."

The fifty year old man did know what she meant but wanted to hear her say the words. "Exactly how will you 'take care of my problem' Karen?"

She blushed a crimson red at his words. She knew the game. Her father also wanted her to say exactly what she planned on doing when she had to satisfy him. "I can use my hand or my mouth to relieve you Mr. Buckley. It will make you feel much better and allow you to concentrate on spanking my pretty fourteen year old daughter's naked backside."

"Please me with your mouth." Jack told her. It had been almost four years since he had received a blow job from one of his girlfriends. Jill had not been very adept at mouthing his cock but it felt good none the less. She didn't let him cum in her mouth which was a disappointment to Jack. When he was ready to cum she would stroke him with her hand until his semen gushed all over her hand and his stomach. It made a mess but the orgasm was always welcomed by them both.

Jade, his last friend with benefits had never sucked his cock and not allowed him to mouth her pussy. She was very uptight but at that point in his life Jack satisfied himself with their once a week fuck session. He couldn't recall his last good blow job. He was confident that if Karen had been trained by her father she probably knew precisely how to satisfy his needs.

Karen moved from the couch and kneeled in front of her neighbor. She hadn't had a cock in her mouth since her father passed away. Her few dates since then had not turned out well. She needed a dominant male in her life and it seemed no matter how virile her dates seemed to be, they all turned out to be pansies, unawares of how a woman needed to be treated. She wouldn't suck them only because they didn't ask her to do it. She would have gladly suckled their cocks if they had only asked, or better yet ordered her to put their pricks in her mouth.

With a deliberate slow motion movement of both her hands she untied the belt on his bathrobe and slowly separated the two sides of the garment until his hardened penis was on display to her. She smiled as she looked at Jack's impressive member. It was thick and an imposing seven inches long. Karen leaned her head in close to Jack's already drooling prick and blew her breath lightly on his member invoking a shudder from Jack and a twitch from his cock.

Jack gripped the arms of his chair tightly, wanting a sip of his drink but afraid to move and spoil the moment. He was sure that this thirty year old woman would be able to please him like no other woman had ever had. He watched as her tongue slipped out of her tiny mouth and flicked at the precum oozing from his over stimulated prick. She enjoyed the taste of his clear juices slathering the head of his cock until it was all gone, then she used her tongue to caress the underside of his stiff cock until she heard him moan with an impending ejaculation.

She used her thumb to apply pressure to the underside of his cock closing off his tube before the semen could pass to his pea hole and squirt out onto Karen's face. Jack was gasping as she abruptly stopped his orgasm. When the feeling passed she opened her mouth as far as she could and worked her lips over his large cockhead. She was able to get about two thirds of his considerable flesh tube into her mouth before she started bobbing her head in his crotch. Jack loved the feeling this woman was giving his erection and tried to hold back his orgasm but it was to no avail.

He knew instinctively that he didn't have to warn Karen of his impending eruption. He also knew that he wouldn't have to tell her to swallow it either. He was right! His cock exploded in Karen's small mouth and she gulped down his jism as fast as it spurted from his cock and into her mouth as her father had taught her. Good girl! Jack said under his breath fully appreciating the wonderful cum Karen had given him.

Patricia didn't dare look but she could hear slurping noises and the groans of Mr. Buckley. She had a good idea of what her mother was doing to him. Will I have to do sex things with him also? Young Patricia thought to herself as she continued to stand facing the wall, naked and vulnerable. She was confused because she could feel a tingling between her legs and that private area of hers was beginning to become damp with her secretions.

As Karen started to pull her mouth off of Jack's already softening prick he gently took hold of her head with one hand and whispered to her. "Leave it in your mouth for a bit. It feels so good." Karen was pleased to do so. It was nice that Jack appreciated what she had just done for him. She moved her tongue gently up and down his velvety soft penis enjoying his male taste and aroma. Her pussy was wet, not just from sucking his cock but for the need she felt in the older man. She was sure that Mr. Buckley would welcome her ministrations and more so training her young daughter in the art of pleasing a man, not some boy, but a man with man sized needs.

While Karen's mouth felt wonderful it was the sight of the naked teen standing between the two windows that caused his cock to start hardening. When it was fully engorged he told Karen to return to her seat on the couch. This was so much better than spanking children, then jerking off to relieve himself. This was the beginning of his new, more pleasurable life.

He closed and fastened his robe before telling young Patricia to turn around. He was glad that Karen had relieved him so well otherwise the sight of the teen's naked breasts and lightly furred pussy would have put him over the edge. Karen's eyes widened when she saw Mr. Buckley remove one of his slippers and put it on the table next to his drink. He took a healthy swallow of his bourbon before speaking. "Come to me Patricia. It's time for another spanking on that cute bottom of yours."

The girl walked to him slowly to prolong her inevitable punishment, not realizing that Jack was enjoying looking at her nude body all the slow way. Finally she stood inches from Mr. Buckley and the hidden hard monster under his robe. Jack pulled her over his lap enjoying the pressure she put on his erect cock. Even through his heavy robe Patricia could feel the hardness against her stomach.

"Ready?" He asked as he picked up the slipper but he didn't wait for an answer before striking her left cheek with the hard sole of the implement. Crack! Caught by surprise Patricia whimpered. Crack! Her other ass cheek felt the slipper. Crack. Crack. Crack.Crack. Jack alternated slipper spanking the young girl and didn't stop until both of her bare cheeks were a crimson color and he could feel the heat emanating from her chastised bottom. He dropped the slipper to the floor and with one hand spread the teens legs about a foot apart then used just one finger of his other hand to separate the fine hairs hiding her teenage pussy so he could use that finger to delve beyond her cunt lips and into her as far as he could. She wasn't wet but she wasn't dry either. With the proper training this young girl would respond better after a punishment. She needed to have a sopping wet pussy so he could use his man cock on her little virgin pussy. Only a matter of time! Jack thought to himself.

He looked over at Karen who was sitting still watching Jack finger her daughter's virgin cunt with wide and excited eyes. She needed cock at this point. She was over excited with a drooling cunt wanting his cock in her pussy Oh yes! All three of their lives were changed as of this day.

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