Island of the Matriarchs
Chapter 1

Caution: This BDSM Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa, Consensual, NonConsensual, Reluctant, Coercion, Slavery, Heterosexual, High Fantasy, BDSM, DomSub, FemaleDom, Spanking, Rough, Humiliation, Sadistic, Torture, Oral Sex, Anal Sex, Masturbation,

Desc: BDSM Sex Story: Chapter 1 - In a bustling port in an unknown world with uncharted oceans, a mariner signs up for a daring adventure. His sexual desire is driven by a lust for submission to females and he finds heaven in port before leaving on a risky voyage. His yearning to return to the woman whos has made him her own is tempered by what awaits him across the unknown ocean; a world only his erotic dreams could conjure up becomes a reality, he may never return, he may never be allowed to return.

The crisp saline breeze fluttered Faro's hair as he walked from the boat, he was happy to be back again after a relatively profitable venture, but deep inside he was far from content. His shipmates made public the lewd promises of those lustful ladies who awaited them on shore, and Faro would also find solace with feminine company to sate the longing in his loins after eight weeks afloat, but the woman he yearned for in his dreams remained as elusive as the fabled land of gold that all the mariners sought.

The bustling port of Verdano was situated at the south west tip of the cape which pointed down from the great continent, directing its inhabitants toward the cobalt coloured ocean and its restless waters, much of which was still uncharted. The port was fronted with shipyards and warehouses which jostled for position around the quay, and beyond that lay a host of shops and taverns; the latter being Faro's immediate destination. He entered the smoky interior of The Serpent Inn and dumped his bag at the bar. The sailors next to him ogled the slender young barmaid as she pulled pints, Faro's eyes also drawn to her shapely body. One of the sailors extended an arm to fondle the underside of her pert breasts making her spill the ale, she frowned a little and a plump mature woman appeared from further down the bar.

'Behave yourselves! You're not at sea now, I'm your captain here, behave or leave!' The sailors laughed at her but touched their caps and behaved just as ordered. Faro's eyes left the young girl and marveled at the older woman who was not given a second glance by the other randy seamen. Her rebuke had made his cock swell and her authority excited something within him. She gave him a broad but stern smile as he looked at her full breasts which stood firm in her black blouse, her attractive mature face with hair in a tight bun somehow magnificent to him. She smiled at him knowingly.

'I take it you'll not give me any trouble, what would you like young man?' He thought on what he would really like for a moment then replied.

'I'd like a pint of that ale first, but I'm looking for board for a few days too.' She smiled and was only too pleased to accommodate him.

'I have a room you can have; you're not local?'

'I live in the Wendo valley, some five miles off, but I'm anxious to secure another venture before I return home, and to err ... relax a little.' She smiled at him and took his money.

'I have a room close to mine; it has a nice comfortable double bed. I am sure you will enjoy your stay. My name is Serena by the way.' She grinned as she handed him the pint and he watched the jostle of her rounded arse as she walked away to serve others.

Faro was a well-built man who could look after himself amongst other men, he had once had his mariners licence suspended for sending a first mate overboard with a right hook, so his as yet not fully awoken preference for certain women was not something those who knew him would have imagined. His dreams had taken him into a world where he was led, bound by females; this occurred often in his sleep and was no nightmare, he had felt content within the dream, his cock stiff at the prospect, though he had yet to fully understand why this should be. He supped on the pint and spied several fellow mariners in a corner, his ears pricked up as the conversation escalated with an alcohol fuelled enthusiasm. Old Devro, an aging sea dog was belittling Bardolo a man of a similar age to Faro.

'It can't be done I tell ye! You shan't come back if you venture south o' the Ghost Islands; why d'yah think them got the name? I've heard all the tales of riches beyond the needs of any man but no one has come back with any. No one comes back at all, only Tranto of Dendo Vale has been beyond and back, found drifting on a raft by sheer luck just north o' the passage, his mind gone along with the boat he was on.' Bardolo gulped his pint and gave Devro a look of contempt.

'Someone's got to venture through the Ghost Island passage and come back at some point; it's only more ocean after all. Captain Ventee is looking for those brave enough for the venture and the Cresta is a nice sized ship. I'm fed up with scratching a living spending months at sea for a few bags of copra and the odd pearl.' Faro put the remnants of his pint on the table and Devro smiled up at him.

'Faro of Wendo! Have you chinned any mates lately? I hear Purkiss is a lot kinder with his crew since you had him inspect the barnacles under the Star of Fortune.' The others laughed as he took a seat.

'Something I would rather forget thank you, but I like the sound of the Cresta venture; does Ventee require more hands Bardolo? I would love the opportunity.' Bardolo grinned and added Faro to the list he was making on a notepad.

'He would be more than happy to have you aboard the Cresta come Tuesday ready for the morning tide Faro, just three days off. He's no lover of the Star of Fortune so your actions there will hold you in good stead.' Bardolo finished his drink and he and two others stood.

'We're going over Enterprise Lane way for a little err ... entertainment, you coming Faro? I expect you may be in need of a little comfort after your time away.' Faro grinned and nodded his approval. He went back with his bag and handed it to the bar girl, mentioning the room he had booked and she handed him the key from a rack on the wall behind. As he left with the others he glanced back toward the bar. The mature Serena stood smiling softly at him, her fingers toying with the space in the rack where his key had been and Faro's cock rose with the look she gave him; there was something about her which made him yearn to spend his seed. Bardolo pulled him forward and they left for Enterprise Lane in the soft evening twilight.

The lane was a red-light area oft frequented by randy seamen in need of spending both the money they'd earned and their bodily fluids retained from trips; the bars and taverns intertwined with bordellos inhabited by lusty females who were a great deal wealthier than most of their clients. The men sat in the the Wild Rose tavern, one of the most popular, eyeing the lewd females who strutted and posed vying for business as they discussed the coming venture aboard the Cresta. Granbone, a thick-set navigator played with his cock through his leggings as he lusted in two minds for an immediate adventure and the prospect of the one on Tuesday.

'I'm up for coming back with untold riches to show the likes of Devro and those old farts how stupid they've been, then I'm gonna spend a week with one of these ladies!' Bardolo laughed as he finished yet another pint and felt the softness of a hairless feminine arm curl about his upper body, a slim and inviting blonde enticing him to her room upstairs.

'I'm certainly up too! I shall see you fellows Tuesday!' He left with the blonde and headed for the stairway. One by one the men left with chosen females, and though Faro was aroused he was also tired and lusted for something more than the pretty wares on offer at the Rose; he waved away disappointed girls and made his way back to the Serpent. The usual sea-dogs sat quietly smoking their pipes as Faro walked through the bar area and was about to ascend the stairs to the boarding rooms, looking over in the hope that Serena may give him another smile. The bar girl smiled warmly and waved the bag he had left earlier at him, he took it and looked hopefully down again as he went up but Serena was not there.

He unlocked his room, entered and locked it leaving the key on the available hook, and washed in the basin before getting into the comfort of the double bed, his restless cock bobbing semi-erect as he nestled into the softness of the bedding. He had not extinguished the bedside lamp and was stroking his cock amid a fantasy involving a mature woman when he was startled by the sound of his door being unlocked, he sat bolt upright as the figure of a full woman entered and locked it once more. His cock lifted the sheets as Serena stepped slowly toward him and dropped the shawl she wore, naked to the waist, with full length skirt covering her lower body, cane in hand and showing him her huge breasts with nipples protruding in a state of arousal. She gave him a stern smile.

'You have not thanked me personally for allowing you to sleep in my house. You will kneel before me and do so right now.' Faro scrambled from the bed speechless, his cock bone hard and pointing rudely upwards as he knelt at her feet and looked up at the superb woman. She smiled smugly with satisfaction and flicked her eyebrows urging his worship.

'Thank you for allowing me to stay in your house Serena.' She undid her skirt which fell to her feet. Faro's balls tingled as he viewed the large hips and thighs before him, framing the delicious mound of her womanhood which glistened with arousal. The assertive woman toyed with his erect cock with her cane, and smiled triumphantly down as he waited oh so naturally to be commanded.

'Yes you may sniff me, after kissing my feet and admitting you wish to be under my control.' He bent to kiss her feet, then looked up at her.

'How did you know?... ' She gently smiled and eased his face into the cleft of her hot pussy.

'Oh I know a submissive male when I see one, and I find you very desirable. I will make you mine whenever you are in Verdano. I know your balls will be ripe for spending after your voyage; you will give up your cream for me several times before I allow you to sleep. You will begin by wanking at my feet before I allow you to pleasure my pussy and arsehole on the bed, I will rid you of your immediate impatience and teach you how to worship correctly, any disobedience will warrant the cane.' Faro gasped and eagerly stroked his cock as he looked up at the curves of the dominant woman who would own him; she laughed contemptuously as he groaned in ecstasy and willingly pulsed hot semen over her feet and ankles. She pointed to her feet with the cane.

'Lick them clean!' It was to be a long night.

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