Two Wives
Chapter 1

Caution: This Fiction Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa, Consensual, Heterosexual, Fiction, Cheating, Slut Wife, First, Oral Sex, Anal Sex, Double Penetration,

Desc: Fiction Sex Story: Chapter 1 - Two unhappy wives look for sex with younger men..

Cynthia got all wide eyed and placed her coffee cup down before she spilled the dark brew. Stammering Cynthia said "You're not saying you really did it? You did do it didn't you? You really did I see it in your eyes. Oh god. Now you're going to have to tell me all about it."

Wilda leaned back smiled and with a quick movement of her shoulders she gave a giggle to her well formed double D's and said

"He turned out to be a tit man. What can I say? He wanted me and I let him have me. After all if screwing around is good enough for that jerk off husband of mine its good enough for me."

Wilda; paused for a long time to let her dear friend think about it. Cynthia is a big girl so round and plump yet happily married some thought with one small daughter. Wilda knew that Cynthia was not really all that happy with her Navy husband either. Wilda let Cynthia think about it and Wilda knew Cynthia would also think maybe it would be fun to do screwing around.

Cynthia did think about it and wondered how it would feel to be in the arms of a stranger and let him climb on her slipping down between her legs. It had been so long Cynthia thought. Too fucking long Cynthia blinked the tears back as she told Wilda to go on.

Wilda said "Hub, short for Hubby, had gone to work and I needed gas so I drove off base to that little station behind the M&N bar. M&N standing for Marine and Navy. The minute I pulled in Denny was all over me wanting to pump my gas, clean the wind shield and check the tires.

After all that he asked me to come around the back and he would put the car up on the rack and check the under side. I knew what he wanted to check so I let him put the car up on the rack and when he asked me to come in and wait in the office I let him see my crotch as I got out and gave him a good look down my front as I bent over before standing up. Denny stood there right in front of me and let me see he had a full erection punching out his trousers.

I smiled up at him just to let him know I noticed it. He took me in the back office and locked the door. The other guy the old man knew what Denny was going to do so he took care of the station for the next hour.

Denny locked the door and took me in his arms. He has very strong arms. He's also a great kisser and we kissed for a good three minutes getting a good feel of my tits as we did. I was getting hot so I grabbed his dick and felt the heat right through his jeans.

He was a real gentleman too. He stepped into the little wash room and washed his hands, took a piss and washed off his cock. He did not close the door so I could see every thing. He came out naked from the waist down. I was impressed too. You know I screwed around a lot before I met Hub. I've seen a few cocks in my time and as I said I was impressed. He came right up to stand in front of me. I was sitting on the sofa. I knew what he wanted so I did it. I looked him straight in the eye grabbed his cock and pulled him close. Cynthia I tell you it was all I could do to get his cock in my mouth. I think you would like him too. I know you like to suck cock or so you've told me. Any way I sucked his cock until I felt it start to swell and get even harder than it was. I pulled back and stood up. He wanted me to finish him off but I was not gong to do that the first time. I wanted to feel that fucking rod in me. He got the idea and quickly turned me around pulled down my panties and lifted my skirt up over my ass and rammed me full of hard cock. He fucked the hell out me doggie for five minutes grabbing my hips jerking me back on that fucking hard rod.

I tell you Cynthia it felt so good and I was so hot I came three times before he got off. He filled me up with so much joy juice it was running down my legs. Part of that juice was mine too of course.

But he had a hell of a load. He was still hard as a rock when I fell forward pulling free. I turned as I sat down on the sofa and there he was still hard and his cock was dripping with our joined juices. I had no qualms about what I was going to do.

I grabbed his cock and sucked it as deep in my mouth as I could and jerked on the shaft making him come again just that quick as I could. I wanted him to cum in my mouth and when he did it was the sweetest semen I had ever tasted. I mean it was real sweet. Kind of like the nectars of the gods in reverse. He cum again with another load nearly as large as she first. I jerk and milked his cock of every drop swallowing it like honey. When I fell back on the sofa he was still hard. I mean his cock was just as hard as it was before we started.

He pulled me to my feet and got me as naked as he was accept he had my top off and my bra was some where in the corner. He was happily lifting and caressing my tits and pulling on the nipples. I had hold of his cock playing with it and in total awe of this wonderful cock. I wondered what it was going to take to get him soft. But at the same time I did not what him to go soft. I wanted to feel him between my legs with that cock pumping more of his juice into me. I was so horny I could not believe it.

He was having a great time playing with my tits. Finely he pushed me down on the sofa and got on top. I lifted my legs and he was in me like a rabbit. He pumped so fast I was shaking all over and bouncing all around he was up on straight arms so he could see my tits flying around. He said "Oh, fuck, oh fuck what great tits. I love your tits. Oh fuck." Then he came again for the last time. After he came he moved up so his cock was between my tits all slimy and wet. I let him fuck my tits until he finely went soft.

We cleaned up and I got out of there feeling really well fucked for the first time in years. I mean I was shot, wasted and badly shook up. I knew he liked me and I was in love. If not with him then it was with his cock.

Cynthia was wide eyed and almost drooling as she listened. Cynthia said "You're going to see him again I can tell. So when is it gong to be? Are you gong back to the station or is it going to be some where else?"

Wilda said "Yes I'm gong to see him again and I'm going over to his apartment. But there is one more thing. I want you to go along. I talked to him about you and he said he would love to had a three way with the both of us. He said he loves big girls. When I told him your husband had already rimed your ass hole he got all excited and said he loved a good ass fuck. I told him we both love to suck cock and if he wanted to watch I'd go down on you after he filled you with a load of his cum. So what do you think?"

Cynthia blinked and said "You'd really go down on me? You'd lick my pussy after he fucked me? God Wilda that sounds so fucking sexy. It been a long time since a girl licked me. You've made me so hot maybe we could go in and fool around some. Just the two of us. What do you say?"

Wilda smiled and said "Sure why not. We could even do a sixty nine."

Cynthia rolled over on her back breathing heavily. "Wilda that was wonderful. It had been a long time since I've had a climax that wonderful. I felt really alive. I was thinking all the while that it would be so much fun to share your friend and I also thought that if I licked you out after he had filled you up maybe he like to do me back there while I tasted his semen."

Wilda took a deep breath and said "Cynthia I think you got off not only because I was licking you but I think you liked my fingers in your pussy and my thumb in your ass. I think your ass is really sensitive to my touch. I'll bet that you getting your ass fucked was your first adventure into sex. Many girls let there first boy do them in the ass so they will not get pregnant. Is that what happened to you?"

Cynthia smiled and said "Kind da. Your right my virgin ass was taken long before my first real fuck. Lenny was not the first but I've always told him he was. He never knew the difference. My first boy friend would finger my ass while I sucked him off. I loved the combination of the two feelings. The first time he fingered my ass I got so hot I cum even though I was still virgin."

Wilda said "I think you'd love a three-way with Denny."

Cynthia had driven off leaving Wilda with visions and thoughts so exciting she thought about fingering herself but she decided to go out for a drive instead after she showered.

When she started out she had no intentions of going by the gas station but there she was driving down the alley behind the mall. She parked where she could see the back of the station and the car lift. There was a shinny red convertible sports car up on the lift and the office door was closed. Wilda felt a pang then she smiled as she recognized the shiny red spots car. Wilda almost laughed out loud thinking of an unfriendly neighbor that was so snotty and uppity. Wilda thought I should go over there and knock on the door and see how god-damn snotty she is with her pants down. But she had to laugh when she remembered the digital camera in the glove box. Wilda waited for thirty minutes for the door to open and then she started clicking pictures as fast as she could.

Wilda laughed as she watched the Snotty bitch get a kiss, a caress of her tit, a grab of his crotch and lips being licked wet. Then when the shinny spots car was on the ground she got the best picture of all.

Snotty sat on the seat of the bright little red sports car pulled Denny close and pulled out his cock for one more quick suck before driving away.

Wilda was so excited she felt a warm elation all the way home where she was about to load up her computer with picture for, for what? Surely not black mail. No these pictures were going to be used to put Mrs. Norma (Snotty) Caldwell in her proper place. In the trash can where she belongs. Wilda laughed and thought "This could be fun."

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