Jessica's Nipples
Chapter 1

Caution: This Incest Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including mt/ft, ft/ft, Mult, Teenagers, Consensual, Reluctant, Slavery, BiSexual, Heterosexual, Incest, Brother, Sister, DomSub, MaleDom, Humiliation, Swinging, Gang Bang, Group Sex, Orgy, First, Oral Sex, Anal Sex, Fisting, Sex Toys, Water Sports, Enema, Exhibitionism, Double Penetration,

Desc: Incest Sex Story: Chapter 1 - This is a light-hearted sexual romp with a little serious twist at the end. Read the codes! Don't look for any serious content here.

I think my sister tried to be normal but there was something about her that always kept that from happening. Jessica is sixteen years old. She would be skinny except for her boobs. They are big being a thirty-four D. I know because I have read the size from her bra. She wasn't tall being only about two inches over five feet tall. Buying clothes was a struggle for her. Dresses were impossible because either the top or the bottom would never fit.

When my parents started letting her date, more difficulties began. She was easy. My mother got her on the pill because she really did have trouble with her periods but it was good she was on the pill because one touch of a nipple had her hot to trot. From that point, she wasn't just willing to have sex but wanted to have sex.

I'm her brother, Ethan, and I have her a few times a week. I discovered her situation about a year ago not long after I had turned fourteen. We lived in an old house in the subdivision. The subdivision was made from an old farm and we lived in the old farmhouse that my parents had renovated. There was still a barn on a corner of our bit of land. I was hanging around in the loft when she walked in with Bryan, a buddy of mine though he was her age.

He had his arm around her and was trying to kiss her and she was gently fighting him off. He wiped his hand across her boobs and her whole attitude changed. She began to breathe heavily. She let him kiss her. While kissing her, he felt her boobs and she moaned and shook. She put her hands on his crotch and moaned, "I want it!" Bryan was quick to get her clothes off and was pulling at his until they were both naked. She lay on some hay and he got on top.

She guided his prick into her cunt! She moaned as he went in all the way and began to thrust. Bryan was okay in the size department but I could see that I was both longer and thicker. He pumped her and mauled her boobs while she had orgasm after orgasm. He shot his load into her and, after enjoying the feeling for a moment, pulled out. He said, "Thanks, Jess. That was good." He pulled his clothes on and left with my sister lying back on that hay with her legs still spread and his cum leaking from her cunt.

I was horny so I snuck down and pulled off my pants. I took my meat in my hand and pushed it into my sister's cunt. Her eyes flashed open and she moaned and then began to wiggle to get me off her. I reached forward and grabbed her tits and thumbed her nipples. She changed! She began to meet my thrusts with her own pulling me deeper into her cunt. I pounded her hard until I shot my load into her. I pulled out and made her suck me. I had continued to play with her tits and she took me in her mouth and then pushed me out of her mouth saying, "Ethan, fuck me! Fuck me again, Bro'!"

I put the meat to her pounding her hard. She was grunting with me saying, "Fuck! Shit! Fuck!" She started repeating herself, as she got closer to her orgasm. Finally, all she said was, "Fuck! Fuck! Fuck!" She repeated that until she came screaming and howling like a wolf! I dumped my second load in her cunt. When I pulled out, I shuffled up to her mouth and had her suck me clean of cum and juices. Then I let her up.

"Ethan, you little bastard! You fucked me and made me suck you! I'm going to tell. I wiped my hand across her nipples and she moaned.

"Sis, you will let me fuck you any time because you love it. I've got a great cock and you won't get caught with me because Mom and Dad will never suspect we're doing anything. Besides, they know you fuck." I gave her nipple a twist. "You understand me, Jess. You are my slut. You'll fuck anybody I say." I reached over and tweaked the other nipple and she groaned. "Are we clear?"

I raised my hand and slapped the end of her left tit. She moaned from pain but the nipple hardened even more. I raised my hand again. She moaned, "Yes! I'm your slut! I'll do anything! Just fuck me! Fuck me hard! Slap my other tit!" I was hard again so I stuffed my cock back into her cunt and pounded her again for a long time before I shot my third load into her sloppy cunt. I slapped both her tits and tweaked her nipples. When I pulled out, she moved around to suck me clean without a word from me and without a complaint from her.

I said, "Get cleaned up. It's almost time to go inside and eat."

She did and we went inside for supper. It was just Mom and the two of us that night. Dad traveled in his job and was away again. After supper, we watched television until time for bed. We gave Mom a kiss good night and headed to our rooms. I usually wore boxers at night. After Mom came upstairs and peaked in on each of us to say good night again, I lay back to get some sleep.

I hadn't been asleep long when Jessica came into my room wearing a tee shirt and panties. She closed the door and crawled on my bed. She whispered, "Am I really your slut, Ethan?"

"Yes. I'll fuck you any time and any way I want. Now, get naked. Sluts don't enter their master's room wearing clothes." She wasted no time removing her tee shirt and panties dropping them on the floor. "Suck my cock. Swallow my load!"

She leaned over my crotch. She pulled my prick from the fly hole of my boxers and sucked me into her mouth. She was bobbing up and down. I let her do that for a few moments. I placed one hand to the back of her head and firmly pushed her face down to my boxers forcing my prick into her throat making her gag. I held her down and she wiggled on my cock like a hooked fish. When I loosened my grip, she came up coughing but didn't take the head of my prick out of her mouth.

As soon as she caught her breath, she descended to take me deep. I could feel her swallowing as the head of my prick entered her throat. She began to fuck her face on my prick taking it deep and holding her face to my crotch when it went deep each time. Her throat would convulse as she swallowed repeatedly.

I was getting close and didn't warn her just shot my load down her throat. When she pulled back, I continued to shoot and she kept swallowing. She didn't miss a drop licking my entire cock and balls. She came up to my chest. "Ethan, was I okay?"

"You were adequate, my little bitch. You must practice. You should always take cocks deep and swallow every drop of cum a guy is nice enough to shoot in you."

"May I stay with you tonight?"

"Yes, Jess." I went to sleep on my back with Jessica draped over my body. When the alarm woke us, she grabbed her discarded clothing and scurried out of my bedroom and into her own.

I'm now fifteen and she's sixteen. I've been playing with her for over a year. I keep her out of trouble with our parents and she does everything and everyone I tell her to do.

Leslie is my current girl friend. She wasn't a virgin when we met and we enjoy sex every time we can. She was trying to be used to me having my sister as my personal slut. After a few months, she adapted and became my second slut. Jess sucks my cock after I pull it from Leslie's hole and then sucks her hole to get my cum out. Sometimes when I'm busy, Leslie will have Jess eat her out to bring her to orgasm after orgasm.

Leslie is Jess' friend as well as my girl friend. Leslie spends a lot of nights at our house supposedly sleeping in Jess' room. It's good to have her there because I get to fuck her holes and she gets her holes sucked clean after I shoot my load into her willing body. She rarely gave Jess any sucking without me telling her though will work her nipples frequently and fuck one of her holes with a dildo. I had purchased a butt plug. Frequently, we will make Jess wear it all day at school.

At breakfast Mom said, "Since it's Saturday, what are you planning to do?

I said, "I need to mow the grass then I guess we'll hang out at the mall."

Jess said, "I thought I would wash clothes. You are going into work for the day?"

"Yes. With your father out of town, I need to watch the company and we are trying to finish a couple of projects before the end of the month. Mom and Dad owned an engineering company together and both were engineers. Mom left in her usual work outfit of khakis and a blouse. She wasn't blessed like Jessica but did have a very nice figure.

Leslie was there and asked, "May I continue to stay, Missus Deal?"

"Yes, Leslie. Be sure to clear it with your mother."

Mom got in the car and pulled out. As soon as her car was out of sight, I looked at the two and said, "Get 'em off. No clothes unless I say you can." Jess started to object and I swiped a hand across her tits. Leslie pulled her top and shorts off to reveal her naked body. Jess removed her clothes until she only was wearing her flip-flops.

I had Jess stand next to me on one side with her legs spread. On my other side, Leslie was in the same position. I began to finger their cunts with one finger and then added another and another. At that point, Leslie groaned and was very tight. When I added my pinkie, Jess groaned with her opening being stretched wide. Neither of them objected or moved away.

I folded my thumb into the palm of my hand and tried to push my whole hand into Jess's cunt. She was panting until I got to the knuckles. She wouldn't stretch enough. Her painful moans told me that I would have to stretch her more before that fantasy could be fulfilled. Using four fingers, I fucked her cunt until she was moaning with pleasure and then came hard when I wiggled my fingers. She might have fallen but for my fingers in her cunt.

"Thank you, master." She smiled at me. "Ethan, I love being your slut!"

Leslie came to the three fingers in her hole.

I pulled my fingers out and gave them each to the other to suck clean. They did without hesitation. "Do you like how you taste, my sluts?"

"Yes, master. Thank you, master."

I stood and went outside to crank the riding mower and began to ride through the yard. I was almost finished when Leslie came out. She was in her short shorts and a tank top.

She went back inside. I finished the yard and went inside where they were. I found them naked in a sixty-nine with Leslie on top. I dropped my shorts and put my prick at the entrance of Leslie's ass and pushed hard. She moaned. My prick burned as it entered her butt without lube. Jess kept eating her cunt while I pounded Leslie's ass going for a cum. I pounded her good with Jess's mouth and my prick taking her to multiple orgasms before I erupted in her ass holding my prick in her ass as deeply as I could get it.

When I pulled out, my softening prick fell on Jess's face. She sucked me getting my cock nice and clean. I moved back and Leslie leaned up and planted her butt hole on Jess's face. Jess sucked my cum load out Leslie's ass until there was none left.

Leslie stood up with me and said, "Are we going to the mall?"

"Yeah, slut. We can get some lunch and play some more."

She pulled her clothes on. That took almost no time. She never wore panties and her top had a built-in bra, not that she needed one.

"Ethan, am I your slut, too?"

"Yes, you will have no limits just as Jess has no limits."

Jess smiled to know that Leslie would get fucked by more guys than me. She pulled her jeans mini skirt on and a tank top over her head. Flip-flops completed her wardrobe. Leslie had her short shorts and a halter top. The mall wasn't far if you took the shortcut through the woods.

We got in the middle of the woods and Leslie pulled Jess's top up and rubbed her nipples. She dropped her shorts and lay down. "Munch my rug, Jess! Jess went to her knees over Leslie. I got behind my sister and slammed my cock into her ass making her groan with the pain and her arousal from being taken. I didn't even have to flip her nipples again. She was still horny. We fucked until Leslie squirted into her face and I pumped a load into her butt. I made her suck my cock and Leslie lick my load from my sister's ass.

We went into the mall and Leslie took my hand. Jess had to trail along behind us. Jeremy and Chase came around a corner. We talked for a time. Both of them looked Jess over. I said, "Do you two want a piece of her today?"

"Yeah! Sure!" were the quick replies. Jess looked unhappy but stood behind Leslie and I waiting. I whispered to Leslie, "They'll d. p. her. Swipe your hand over her nipples and watch!"

She turned and swiped Jess's nipples with her hand without showing much gentleness. Jess moaned and seemed to quiver. I said, "Jess, Jeremy and Chase will take you into the men's room and fuck your cunt and ass. Be sure to clean their cocks with your mouth before and after."

She looked ashamed but didn't hold back when Chase took her hand and began to lead her away. Leslie watched and then asked, "Will she really do that?"

"Of course. I had you swipe her nipples and she is my slave. She will do anything I tell her to do. She ate you out earlier while I butt fucked her. You will do what you're told now, won't you?" Leslie nodded.

"If I told her to do it, she would strip out here in public and take on anybody who wanted a piece of her." So would you.

"Shit, Ethan! That would be hot but your parents and mine would have cows!"

"Yeah, my mom suspects but doesn't want to know unless she's forced to acknowledge what's happening with Jess."

"Les, do you want to see something hot and really depraved?"


"Remind me to detour the three of us down by the little creek on the way home. It will blow your mind!"

We had walked around aimlessly but in the general direction of the food court when Jess caught up with us. I asked, "What took so long, Jess?"

"After Jeremy and Chase finished, there was a line of four more. They ran a train on my ass. Chase had to get my top from one of them while I cleaned my holes in a stall.

"Ethan, my butt is really sore. Give it a rest and use my cunt or mouth for the rest of the day, please."

"I'll think about it ... I may let you rest until we head home." Actually, I did let her relax for the remainder of our mall visit including lunch. The three of us headed back through the woods. I led us on a slightly different path since we had entered the woods from the mall at a different point. We came to the creek and I stopped. I slid my hand over Jess' nipples making her moan.

I said, "Strip, my slut." She immediately removed her tank top and her skirt leaving her only wearing her flip-flops. "Lie down. It's time for a shower. I dropped my shorts and stepped out of them. I motioned for Leslie to do the same. She pulled her shorts off exposing her body below the waist.

I stood over Jess and let my bladder loose spraying her face and getting a fair bit in her mouth. I then sprayed her tits paying attention to each of her nipples. Last, I sprayed her cunt while she opened her legs to let my stream hit her cunt.

Leslie watched with an open mouth as I finished. Before I could shake my prick, Jess sat up before me and sucked my prick deeply getting any last drops in her mouth. She pulled off my prick and gave it one last kiss.

I motioned and Jess lay back down. Leslie stood over my sister and released her bladder over Jess's face. Jess opened her mouth to receive her golden shower. Straddling Jess's body, Leslie let her stream go all over Jess's torso, making sure Jess was covered in piss. When her discharge had stopped, Leslie said, "Suck me dry, little bitch ... Jess lifted her face and torso to lick and suck Leslie's cunt to clean her of any residual piss...

Jess said, "Thank you, Master, Mistress." She went to the creek to clean her body of most of the piss and stink. She used her skirt to dry off as best she could. She carried her skirt over an arm and her tank top in her other hand until we reached the edge of the woods. She stopped to dress and we walked into the house with Jess going upstairs to truly clean up her body and put on fresh clothes.

Mom came home long enough to change and pack a suitcase. She said, to us, "Kids, I have to go to a job site. My plane leaves shortly. Here's a credit card and fifty dollars. Be good. Leslie, you are welcome to stay on with Jessica if your parents approve. I have to go. Stay out of trouble. I'll be back Monday night or Tuesday afternoon." We each gave her a hug and a kiss.

She got in her car and, after the motor faded, Jessica and Leslie stood and removed their clothes without being told.

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