Chapter 1

Caution: This Incest Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Mother, Father, Daughter,

Desc: Incest Sex Story: Chapter 1 - A Man's wife goes blind and loses her sexual appetite. Then she has her husband go down on their teen daughter. With a couple of conditions. One he is to leave her cherry alone and two she is to be in the room whenever they do anything sexual together. But after losing a very active sex life with his wife will he be able to stay away from taking his daughter's virginity?

It all started when my wife went blind. Technically, it actually started some time before that point. Let me tell you how it started.

My daughter had been trying to talk me into getting into bed with her for about a year without any success. However, unbeknownst to her, the antics she used to try to get me into bed with her left me with no other choice than to find ways to relieve myself. Sometimes it was in the comfort of the master bathroom all alone. But only on the rare occasions my wife was unavailable. My wife and I had a very, and I do mean a VERY active sex life. And I do believe that is the main reason I could resist my daughter for so long. But sadly, our active sex life was cut short. In a way, I wasn't left any choice but to comply with my daughter's wishes.

"Come on Daddy. Please. I've never wanted anything more than this. It's my birthday. Doesn't that count for something? I'll never ask you for anything else as long as I..." she paused and with a mischievous grin on her face added, "Well as long as you live, since I am way younger than you and the male life span is much shorter than that of women."

I looked my daughter over. She looked very cute for her age. A lot more so than her mother had at that age. Despite the fact that her hair was colored dark blue. It was the only color we would let her use, because it was the closest to her natural color. She had the most stunning black hair that if the light hit it in a special way, it almost did look blue and that was without the dye. It was the hair that ran through my bloodline. Although I have to say it looked a lot more amazing on her than it did any of us.

I saw her cute smile, and my heart melted, but then I remembered what our argument was about, and sternly said, "No honey, there is no way in this world I am going to screw you in your little butt or Pussy. I would be more likely to let you give me a blow job." She had a giant smile after I said that, "And I'm definitely not going to let that happen." The smile vanished, "I'm not going to say another word on this matter ever again."

With that, my daughter ran off trying to hide her crying. I didn't hear from her for some time after that. Soon my wife came charging through the house and left saying she would be back in a while. I was just left wondering what that was all about. Because she didn't leave me any time to ask about it. A few thoughts had dreadfully occurred to me, and some of those thoughts were that she had found out that my daughter was trying to seduce me, or that she thought I was trying to seduce Ash. And that she was going to her lawyer brother to get divorce papers and the cops.

It was just a few minutes over two hours later that we got a call. My wife had been in an auto accident not far from where her brother lived. Well more like she was hit by a car while walking along the sidewalk. I'll spare you all the complicated details and tell you that she ended up with a few cuts, casts over half of her body, lots of bruises, and of course she was now blind. Our son Dave a 17-year-old wannabe football star retreated into his room to his studies and effectively hiding from the world and giving up any chance of being the football star he most certainly could have been. And our youngest child Ashley devoted her time to exercising and helping everyone around the house out a lot, especially her mother.

Ashley went from being just this slightly skinny girl to being in really good shape. That combined with the lack of a sex life with my wife made it really hard to resist her. So I was glad that she lessened her advances on me.

Finally when Ash was 15 and a half, my wife had Ash and I sit down in the living room. Luckily, our son had graduated early and was off to college, because I wouldn't want him to hear this conversation.

"Since the night of Ashley's 15th birthday "ACCIDENT' there's been something I have been keeping inside that I just can't keep hidden anymore," said my wife.

It was hard to hear because she sounded so sad and angry. We all knew that she believed the event that took her sight had been no accident. Up until the accident, she had always been so happy and cheerful. My heart ached for her thinking; she was going to reveal something drastic. Maybe that she now hated her life and was depressed over being blind. She did reveal something and it was BIG, but it wasn't what I was expecting.

"That day of the accident when Ashley came crying down the hall. I called out to her to come to me. It took a lot of coaxing but I finally got her to tell me what was wrong. And let me tell you I was ticked off," said Alice. "I wasn't mad at her, but I was mad at you my husband. She had gone to you with a perfectly good request. And you turned her down. That was a bit rude don't you think? What kind of father would turn his daughter down like that?"

Shocked from her last confession, I practically shouted, "What about her request was good? Are you sure she told you the real thing? What she really asked me to do? That's not natural, and I believe that makes me a good father for saying no."

Sternly my wife replied, "Of course, course I'm sure she was honest. And everything is natural about a girl wanting to suck her own father's cock and to have him make sweet love to her. I mean how do you think I was so good at blowjobs when we met?"

I couldn't say anything. But fortunately or unfortunately for me, my daughter did, "So you let Grandpa Oscar have sex with you? You never told me that part."

"Actually no I never did that part with my father, although I did try to talk him into it. He and I only stuck to me sucking him off and the other way around. He was very good at eating me out. Mmmm," there was silence for a few seconds, "But my brothers, on the other hand, would always do anal with me. It was only anal and oral for a long time. Until shortly before I started dating your father. One day, my youngest brother finally took my cherry. And after that all my brothers would get into a group and pound away at me, sometimes at the same time and others separately. After that I never went a single day without vaginal and every kind of sex from one of my brothers, until the day I married your dad. And I literally mean the day I married him. All of them had their way with me that day. There were many times I had wished they would just stick to the blowjobs. I never wanted to have sex with them. Well not at that age."

Even though my wife couldn't see anymore she still turned her head in my direction and said, "Honey you need to do what Ashley has asked. You need to let her suck you off and pound her ass. And pound her good. Don't let her go through life without knowing the pleasure of knowing her father's physical love like I did. I regret that even more than losing my eyesight and my other virginities to my brothers."

My daughter was practically beaming; she had the biggest smile on her face. It was one that went from ear to ear. Well not literally but you get the picture. It was one that I could never refuse under normal circumstances.

"Thank you Mommy. Thanks for this. I'll make sure to give Papa great pleasure," said Ash, as she hugged her mother.

"There is one more thing." My wife held our daughter's face in her hands, "Your father is to stay away from your precious little cunt. Neither he nor your brother or anyone is to take your virginity. Not until you're of legal age. Do you understand? And to make sure he does stay away from your cunt you two are to only to be together while I'm in the room. I know I can't keep an eye on you but you two will be near me at all times and to help me work out my sexual frustrations one of you will also be playing with me. In other words, you Ashley could have your arms around me hugging me or licking and sucking my nipples and maybe even my cunt. And your father can do the same. And if he were to try to go near your cunt, you are to let me know. Is that understood you two? I will also need you to keep your cunt within reach of my hand if he's pounding your ass. That way, I can make sure he's staying away from areas he's supposed to stay away from."

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