The Researcher
Chapter 1: The Start

Caution: This Erotica Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa, Fa/Fa, Consensual, Romantic, Reluctant, BiSexual, Fiction, MaleDom, FemaleDom, Spanking, Light Bond, Humiliation, First, Oral Sex, Anal Sex, Masturbation, Petting, Sex Toys, Enema, Exhibitionism, Hairy, Porn Theatre,

Desc: Erotica Sex Story: Chapter 1: The Start - A young graduate in Gothic Art and practices is seduced by her tutor and taught to become a first class courtesan with her full acceptance. Her naive, shy and submissive nature make her the perfect subject. At no time is she raped: this is a true romance.

When the others left she sat with her back to him between his thighs, her head tilted to look up at him as he played with her thick blonde hair. He smiled into her trusting blue eyes. They had been through a lot together and now she worshipped him. It had started when she had been his student in her third year and he had helped her throughout the year, slowly bending her mind to the complexities of romantic fiction and more, to the delights of the gothic romance of the eighteenth and nineteenth century. She had passed with flying colours getting a first.

During the time of instruction she had learnt many things, but she had also learned to love, nay revere this man of letters and at the celebration dinner he gave in her honour she gave her heart and body to him. Not so unusual for a very highly intelligent girl who had spent her time mainly on research, she was very naïve. From the very beginning it had been a true gothic style romance and she had accepted the idea of personal slavery very happily, looking after his needs both domestically and as a lover. The latter slowly progressed to a deep infatuation for and with constraint and bondage and was moving towards masochism.

It had taken many days, each step forward a step towards his complete domination of her. It was a path she had trod willingly, albeit uncertainly at times, especially when his strange moods would leave her frustrated. When he had first suggested she come to live with him, she had been so infatuated that she saw herself as his lover, his housekeeper, his soul mate, sharing long discussions on the subject which so fascinated her, the subject of Gothic imagery and sexual morès.

The very first night had been after her party to celebrate her getting a first. She had drunk quite a lot of wine, had been toasted by all her friends and colleagues and had watched them all leave, in no hurry to return to her digs shared with Rita and Charlene. In fact, Charlene, an American student from her digs had given her a wink and whispered 'Go to it, baby. Good luck!' – she had known Kim's infatuation with her tutor, old enough to be her father.

She felt warm and happy and when they were finally alone and he had whispered that perhaps she should stay the night as it was so late she had turned to him and said simply 'May I? I want to stay forever!'

He had kissed her, that first time. Long lingering kisses and held her close. She felt so happy and hugged him to her. Then he had held her away from him 'You're very beautiful, much too like a witch. That's what you are, a witch. In the seventeenth century they used to put witches on a ducking stool.' he smiled and kissed her again. 'Later, they burnt them at the stake. You are much too good for the stake! What shall we do with you?'

She felt so happy, slightly tipsy but warm in his arms.

'If you stay you will have a forfeit to pay, little witch!' He murmured, his hands smoothing her hair before dropping to her shoulders. 'Are you ready to pay a forfeit, I wonder?' He asked. He slid a palm down over the rise of her breast and back to her neck. She shivered with pleasure, and lowering her head, kissed the back of his hand.

'Well, are you?' he asked, his hand dropping again, this time to cup her breast very gently, his thumb circling her nipple which had risen up hard. Her breathing was shortened as she tried to stay still under his hand.

'Yes.' She breathed.

'You know I do not like arguments. If you stay you must obey me, absolutely.' He spoke very seriously, his eyes studying hers as his hand continued to excite her. She struggled a little in his arms and tried to raise hers, imprisoned within his embrace. He shook his head firmly. 'Stand still.' He said, 'and kiss me.'

Shivering with growing excitement she moved her head to kiss him and opened her lips to his tongue.

'I want to see you' he said and waited, releasing his hold a little. 'My friends have gone now, there's just us. I want to see you, understand?'

'But I've never... '

'Then now is the time. Do you want to stay? Then obey me and let me see you.'

Slowly she unfastened the buttons on her blouse and drew it off her shoulders. He looked at the snow white bra which she had put on new for the party. He looked up at her face, smiled and nodded, still holding her loosely, his hands resting on the swell of her buttocks.

Blushing, she reached behind her and slipped the fastening of her bra, drawing it off her arms. Her nipples were stiff peaks of desire and there were blotches of colour at the slope of her breasts, indicating her excitement. He leant to her and took a nipple in his mouth, nibbling it and then gently biting it. He began to kiss both breasts, for a moment trying to get as much as he could into his mouth.

'You are much too pretty to cover these up. If you want to stay here, you must not wear a bra anymore unless it is front fastening, one I can open easily. I want to think of you always available to me.' He took up the bra and leaning toward the fire, threw the flimsy garment into the flames. She gasped. 'But... '

'No, no buts. You will obey me, yes?'

She looked into his deep blue eyes and felt all her resolve melt. 'Yes' she whispered, longing for him to take her. 'Please, can we go to bed?'

That was the start of her introduction into his ways, a slow, certain path of indoctrination into blind obedience. His lovemaking had been wonderful and at first she had been happy to follow his wishes by not wearing underclothes, just longing for the times he would take her and make violent love to her. Then, when they once had friends for dinner she decided she felt too uncomfortable to be without any protection. This was because the man coming was one of those who liked to leer at her and mentally undress her, a man she never felt at ease with but one whom John sometimes brought back with him. On this occasion she wore briefs. During the meal, John, sitting beside her, had slid his hand up her thigh, something he often did at the table, though never when there were guests, and discovered the thin cloth.

'Why are you wearing pants?' he asked, oblivious to the stares of his friends.

Kim blushed violently. 'John... ' she began, ready to remonstrate.

'Go upstairs, at once. Excuse us' he said to his friends.

Kim ran from the room and he followed her to the bedroom. 'Take them off, ' he shouted as she turned to him.

'But John... '

He grabbed her, threw her onto the bed, pushed up her skirt and pulled off the offending pants. Then, holding her down he started to spank her hard. She cried out and tried to stop him but he ignored her pleas and continued to thrash her. The pain was awful and soon she was crying and begging him to stop.

'I shall go on until you promise to obey me. You said you would but I can't trust you.' His hand continued the torrent.

'Please, John. I'm sorry, I'm sorry' she yelled.

'Do you want me to send Sid up to carry on?' he asked.

'Oh please, no, no no.'

'Will you apologise?'

'You can't make me. Ow! Ow!'


She was snivelling. 'Can't I stay here?' she wheedled.

'Of course not. You must come down and apologise. Wash you face, quickly.'

She rose from the bed and washed her face with cold water. 'What shall I say?'

'Just tell them you are sorry you were wearing knickers. That I don't like you to wear them.'

'But I can't say that. They'll think... '

'Does it matter what they think. It matters what I think and I want you to apologise, understand?'

They returned to the dining room and Kim looked at Sid, who was smirking and at his wife Janet. 'I'm sorry about that.' She glanced at John, then continued hurriedly. 'I was wearing pants and John doesn't like me to.'

'Knickers!' said John.

John doesn't like me to wear knickers' she said, glancing at him and seeing him nod.

Sid grinned. 'I wish I could stop Janet wearing them!' he said.

Janet glowered at him. 'You've never had the nerve to mention it. Still, I don't see why Kim should suffer alone.'

She stood up and reaching under her skirt drew off her panties and handed them to John. 'I'm sure Sid would rather have Kim's.'

'Go and get them, Kim, and give them to Sid, there's a good girl. And give him a kiss as you hand them over, just to show no hard feelings.' said John. 'You shall have these later.'

Kim departed, blushing furiously and soon returned with the pants that she held out to Sid. 'Give him a friendly kiss, Kim, ' said John and grinned when he saw Sid hold her for a moment with a wet probing kiss.

The dinner party broke up soon after and telling Kim to leave the table to be cleared in the morning he took her to bed. He took the pants that Janet had discarded, rolled them into a ball and made Kim put them in her mouth while they made love and they had the most violent and exciting sex that she ever remembered. That was the start of her full education, the start of her spanking that soon became an almost nightly forerunner to their lovemaking. Sid and Janet became fairly regular dinner guests and slowly Kim became used to the probing kisses and wandering hands of the cockney tutor whenever John was out of the room. She had learnt early on that it was useless to complain and that John expected her to welcome such attentions. If she did complain she would only be beaten yet again and he threatened to let Sid beat her. She and Janet became friends and she soon discovered that Janet had come to terms with Sid's interests with other women and had stopped caring. She told Kim that if Kim wanted, she could have Sid anytime. Of course, Kim did not want!

That night she told John what Janet had said, curious to see his reaction. It was not what she had expected. 'Sid is a jerk and doesn't deserve a woman like Janet, and certainly not a girl like you.'

'But I thought you wanted me to like him.' she said.

'My darling child. You just don't understand, do you? I want to see you lusted after by other men. It makes you even more desirable to me. To have a girl admired by all your friends, a girl they would like to bed, well that's the best feeling for a man who wants his girl to look beautiful and desirable. I like men to look at you. I like men to want you and I like even more the feelings of insecurity it brings to you when they show their desire. That does not mean I have to like the men. It does not mean you have to like the men either!'

'But that's cruel, ' she complained.

'Of course it isn't. Just imagine how excited you felt when I made you apologise to Sid. See what it did for Janet who took off her knickers - you made her night too!' He laughed 'Yes, and that made ours too. Have you still got them?'

She knew what he meant and nodded. 'Shall I give them back?'

'Do you want to? Who would you give them to, eh? No, keep them as a keepsake. If ever I lend you to Sid you can wear them and then tell him you were bringing them home.'

'Lend me ... you wouldn't!' she paused as he smiled. 'Would you?'

He laughed outright and took her in his arms. 'Of course not, not to Sid. I told you, I think he's a cretin'

She shivered in his arms and thought 'not to Sid' - could that mean what she thought it might mean. She tried not to think about it.

'What about Frank?' he asked. Frank was a biology lecturer whom John had recently invited to dinner, a tall, dark featured man with very long thin fingers. 'Frank thought you were wonderful. Did you like it when he admired you?'

She thought about Frank who had quite simply stared at her with open admiration. As usual for their dinner parties she wore a rather short skirt and frilly blouse with the low neckline that John preferred; quite different from the slacks and sweaters she had been used to wearing and still wore in the town. She had to admit that Frank was attractive and she had not minded his sincere appraisal, it had none of the rather slithery overtones of the salivating Sid.

'He made me think of him dissecting me like a frog.' she giggled. 'The way he looked at me - it was as though he was wondering if I was the right specimen. I expect that's because you told me he was a biologist.'

John burst out laughing. 'Oh, I shall have to tell him that. How delightful' He hugged her closer. 'I shan't tell him that you don't wear any undies. You can tell that yourself!' He laughed again at her obvious distress and hugged her anew. 'I told you I loved it when you blushed. You'll have to think of a way of telling him, a way that sounds natural, not easy to one used to making dissections, I suppose, just one less layer of epidermis to get through, eh? I tell you what, lets suggest a dinner party. Its time I took you out and I owe Frank a favour. I'll book a table at the Curzon. How about that? We'll have to think of something for you to wear. A frog!!' he laughed again and then, releasing her picked up a sketch pad and sat down.

He had this marvellous ability to sketch objects so vividly that they almost seemed to crawl off the page with their own dynamism. He illustrated his stories about gothic torture systems and his victims could almost be heard screeching from the drawing, so realistic were they. He worked very quickly and Kim saw him draw the outlines of a dress, knee length on an effigy of herself - she recognised that at once - and proceeded to embellish it with a myriad small buttons, first down the front and then, as an afterthought, across each bosom. He torn off the sketch and put it in his wallet before taking her off to bed.

The next day Kim called at her old digs to collect any mail and later John found her reading a letter. 'It's from my Aunt's nurse. She's writing to remind me that it's Margaret's birthday in a fortnight and would I be going up. Of course I hadn't forgotten but there isn't much point in travelling all that way. She doesn't know who I am anymore.'

'Tell me about her' said John and she explained that it was her mother's older sister. "After Mother died, Dad and I moved into Aunt Margaret's house. I would have been about seven. Dad wasn't well either and his old batman had come to live with us and look after him. Our own house wasn't really big enough for me, Dad and Charlie, the batman so Auntie, who had a large house, invited us to move in. After Dad died she and I lived there alone until I came to uni. Then later she started to suffer from Alzheimer's and we had a nurse move in to look after her.'

'Who pays for her nursing? Surely you can't?'

'Oh no. She has money of her own. I suppose I ought to go up but I can't see that it would do any good.' Kim looked at John for guidance, John who reminded her so clearly of her late father.

'Where does she live?' He asked.

'In Yorkshire. I always think of the county as being cold. It must have been all that grey stone in the buildings, that and the dry stone walls.'

'Well if it's in a fortnight I don't think you'll be free. I have some plans for you! And no, I won't tell you yet, you'll have to wait and see. But write and say you have an appointment and send something nice. Give me the address and I'll arrange to have some flowers sent with your name on. How about that?'

That night in bed he asked her about her family. 'I lost my mother when I was seven. She had breast cancer but luckily for her, it was all over quickly. After that I lived with my father and Aunt but he got M.S. when I was thirteen. At first I could look after him but when that became impossible he remembered his old batman, Charlie.' She snuggled up to John, happy in the warmth of his embrace as she relived the past.

'Charlie was a few years younger than Dad but he was glad of a job and we employed him as a handyman and housekeeper. He was used to dad. They were used to each other and after Dad had gone to bed Charlie used to tell me war stories about Korea, of how dad had been so brave he had won the MC.' She paused to consider the past. 'Apparently their platoon was bogged down under an enemy machine gun post and they couldn't move forward. Dad spoke to his men, made a plan and then crept in the dark to a point above the enemy dug out. He had been a scout as a boy and had learnt how to move silently in the dark. He found their lookout and Charlie said he 'neutralised him' which meant, I suppose, that he killed him. Then dad found an old tree that was above their bunker and he managed to climb it unheard. He pulled the pin thing out of a grenade and waited until the last minute and then dropped it into the bunker. Charlie said that when they heard the explosion the men ran up the hill and finished of the two men left. They found Dad still in the tree. A piece of shrapnel from the grenade had come up and cut his head and he was unconscious. Charlie lifted him down and carried him back to the first aid post. He reckoned that may have been why Dad got M.S. later in life. My father felt he owed his life to Charlie 'cos the rest of the platoon were killed when the enemy came back at them...

John looked at her as she stayed locked in the past. 'Go on. Tell me about Charlie?' He had noticed that when she mentioned the name she had stumbled a couple of times.

You don't want to know any more!' she said. 'Dad died when I was sixteen, and Charlie went then, too.'

John would not let go. 'And Charlie, did you like him?'

There was a long pause. 'Yes – no, please don't ask any more. When my father died my aunt said that I should stay with her. She was well then, so Charlie went and I began to work hard at school, I had to do something to fill the void and I soon became interested in early history – the stories Dad told me ... My Aunt is my only living relative.

'If I could find Sam, would you like to see him again?' he asked, but she shook her head and kissed him.

A fortnight later, there was a parcel waiting for her when she got home. On opening it she found a wonderful green silk dress, a copy of the dress that John had so quickly drawn. It was magnificent, covered with the little green buttons she had seen on the drawing and literally covered with yards of braid sewn on to look like folds and creases. It was a very dark green but parts were slightly bleached to give a warmer appearance. The whole thing looked alive. Then the phone rang and it was John.

'Has it arrived?' he asked. 'Put it on and then ring me back to say if it fits. There are stockings, a belt and gloves to go with it.' He rang off so she took the box into the bedroom and after first stripping off her outdoor working clothes, took a shower and then returned to the dress. It was very heavy and hung beautifully. It must have cost a fortune, not only in materials but also in the immense amount of work that must have gone into making it. Kim had once known an outworker for a Mayfair shop whose job it was to sew sequins onto a ball gown and she knew how long it took to make such pieces up. That woman had played the Mandolin when she needed a break from the long hours of sewing, and as Kim modelled the dress it was as though she could hear again the tones of that Mandolin.

The strips and swirls of braid had the effect of looking like creases and folds. The neck was very high with a choker collar and the flaps over the bosom, when unbuttoned were fitted with gussets so that although the breast would be bared, it would be surrounded by silk cloth both below and on the sides. It looked most erotic as she viewed herself in the mirror. The accessories were also green. She rang John.

'Does it fit?' he asked.

'Oh, John, it's beautiful. It's perfect. Oh darling, what can I say?'

'Keep it on. We are going out to dinner and I've booked a table at the Curzon. I have some special lipstick for you. Be with you soon. Love you... '

She sat, waiting for him, amazed as ever at his skill and ingenuity, his single-mindedness. She guessed who would join them for dinner and once again marvelled to think that she was living which such a wonderful and exciting man. What would he think of next?

When John arrived he took a long look, smiled warmly and said 'Yes, I like it. My little frog! Tonight you are going to meet your dissection master. I hope he likes what he sees. I've booked for the Curzon for eight but after dinner we will come back here for coffee. Two of John's students will join us, he wants to demonstrate something. Now I want you to be a very good girl and behave. I do not want to have to spank you but if I did I have got something to do it with. I put it on the dressing table. Go and look and then come back here and tell me that you understand. If you don't and want to leave now, then you must say so, take off the dress and go home to Rita. I have phoned her and said you just might be going back.'

Kim looked at him aghast. 'But why, what have I done.'

'You haven't done anything yet. Just go and look and tell me that you understand, that's all!' He kissed her, patted her bottom and pointed her towards the bedroom. On the dressing table was a crop, and tied to the handle was a note. 'For Kim when she is disobedient.' The girl gasped and shivered before feeling the surge of excitement in her loins that accompanied his more outlandish ideas. She understood only too well. Either go along with what he wanted and possibly, very probably, be whipped or back out now and return to her more humdrum existence. She felt the silk under her fingers. Who else would treat her to such wonderful things? Who else did she know who could make life so exciting and take away from her the feelings of guilt she might otherwise have felt? Tonight was to be a turning point, she knew that. After tonight nothing would ever be quite the same again. Was this what she really wanted? She picked up the whip and noticed that the handle was in the shape of a penis. She slid her hands over it, feeling the slight ridge of veins on the perfect carving.

'It does have other uses' came a voice over her shoulder and she shivered again. 'Do you like it?' he asked, sliding his hands round her chest to cradle her breasts. He put his cheek against hers.

'Yes' she whispered and then turned into his arms and kissed him.

'And you understand?' he insisted, raising his head to look at her.

'Oh yes, John. I love you.' and she pulled his lips down to her hungry mouth, feeling him hard against her.

After a moment he pushed her away. 'Later.' he said. 'Let me see your legs.'

She raised the material of the skirt right up until her pubis was revealed, her legs slightly parted. The cloth was heavy and she wanted to drop it but stood obediently as he put his fingers into her bush. His fingers emerged wet and shining. 'Yes, drop your dress. You will do very well but why not get a tissue and dry yourself. First, clean my fingers.' He held out his hand towards her mouth. She looked at him wonderingly, then as she realised what he meant she blushed but let his fingers between her lips. He had a camera recording this and another would be ready for later in the evening. They had asked for evidence and he knew that what he got would be not only proof of his ability but also a good investment, both as a moral lever but more importantly, as a very good earner: there was a wealthy clientele ready and eager for such films. He was a firm believer of 'one step at a time'. In the days he studied so avidly he knew that the torturers never used their most painful treatments until all the lesser methods had been well and truly understood by the victims. They were led step by step to their final torments and in Kim's place, her descent to being a trained plaything must be gentle and gradual or she might revolt. If the steps were sufficiently gradual she would hardly notice that her body was being trained to satisfy the most jaded of palates, but eventually she would allow any and every use of her body in the constant search for further excitement and lust. He could wait and take his time. It would be well worth it, both financially and sensually.

'I got you some green nail varnish' he said. 'Clean your nails, toes as well, and put the varnish on. It will be perfect. Then I have a small present for you'.

She had come a long way since she had joined him just three months ago and he reckoned that another three months would be sufficient for what they had in mind. The others would take care of the final training but meanwhile it was up to him. He had yet to introduce her to fellatio but after tonight that too might be achieved. He had had no need to prime Frank. Frank would see what was happening and would go at his own pace. All John had said was that Kim was interested in dissection and would he bring his tools. He had told Frank of her fantasy and Frank had been both amused and excited. When told he could bring two of his more discreet students to the demonstration he had been overjoyed. He had invited a couple who were very keen on each other but he suspected that the boy had not yet the bottle to know how to deal with the girl. John had suggested that before the night was out the boy would lose his inhibitions.

When Kim re-joined him, her hands tipped with bright green nails, he stood her away from him and drank in the vision of loveliness she made. Her soft blond hair atop the strange, hauntingly moving dress with the matching stockings and gloves vanishing within the sleeves of the dress was like a saintly halo. He held out a box to her and on opening it she found a choker in gold encrusted with emeralds. 'It's beautiful, ' she breathed.

'Of course its costume jewellery but it should finish you off nicely.' He said, putting it round her neck. It was deep enough to make her have to hold her head up high, but that in turn showed off her figure to advantage.

At the restaurant they met Frank who was astonished and delighted with her dress. She began to raise her hand to greet him but John stopped her. 'I'm afraid Kim has had an accident today. She cannot use her arms so we will have to feed her.'

Kim was astonished and Frank, who had witnessed both her involuntary gesture and John's restraining hand, realised this was some charade for his benefit. So be it. They moved to a table guided by a large, fat waiter and as he moved out the chair for Kim it was Frank who guided her down. Before Frank sat he picked up her napkin, shook it out for her and then tucked it in her neckband before smoothing the damask over her chest, his fingers lightly feeling the shape of her bosom. The waiter remained standing opposite her and smiled at her. Kim looked at John who was also smiling at her and then turned to Frank. 'Thank you Frank, ' she said, 'I'm sorry to be so useless.'

'To lose the use of one arm is bad enough but to lose the use of two! How did that come about?'

John butted it. 'She doesn't like to talk about it, she was careless, weren't you darling? Of course it has led to one difficulty hasn't it?'

She looked at him and his eyes slid to her waist and back. She smiled at him and turned to Frank. 'John means that I have had to leave my underwear off. No bra or p - knickers!'

She felt John's hand on her thigh, giving her a salutary squeeze. She had done well. As the waiter moved from behind her chair she realised that he had also heard her declaration. From then on the two men took it in turns to feed her and strangely Kim felt both pampered and excited. She had to will herself to keep her hands still and vowed to suggest to John that if he did this again then her arms should be tied. The fact that she actually considered the situation re-occurring was a measure of the completeness of her training.

Once when the spoon slipped and some food spilt down the front of her dress, it was Frank who took up a napkin and turning to John said, 'May I?' to be told 'be my guest' and Kim had felt his fingers both clearing away the mess but also making a knowing contact with her bosom so that her nipples rose like hard thorns and she knew the man was aware of her excitement. The waiter was there almost at once with a replacement napkin. Kim realised that he must have been watching them very closely.

John had laughed. 'I bet she enjoyed that!' he had said and Frank had grinned back. 'Oh yes, I am sure she did, ' he replied.

When they came to leave the waiter came quickly to ease Kim's chair away from the table. 'I am so sorry for your troubles, Miss. I hope we may see you all again, Sir!' He turned to John who gave him a ten pound note as a tip.

'Oh, I think you can be assured of that. Perhaps a more er - private table next time, my niece is very shy.'

'I think that can easily be arranged sir. We have a private room upstairs for special customers. Another gentleman uses it quite frequently when his, er, niece is visiting. Perhaps you should make a reservation first, Sir.' He smiled at Kim, his eyes moving over her figure with obvious delight.

John looked at him and again delved in his wallet. 'Would you be in attendance?' he asked and the waiter, his eyes on the note being withdrawn said 'Oh, yes sir. That would be no problem and my pleasure.'

John gave him the note. 'Good. I see you have experience with shy young women!'

'Oh yes, sir' said the man, rubbing his thick palms together and eyeing Kim. 'I have a young 'niece' of my own, sir, and she too has problems. Sometimes I have to get a soft cushion for her to sit on.'

'Related?' asked John, brusquely.

The waiter turned to him. 'Yes sir, intimately.'

John handed him a card. 'Contact me some time. We may be able to help each other.'

They returned to the house just before the two students came, a lovely young brunette whom Kim had seen on the campus and a pimply faced youngster with enormous hands.

When they had all removed their outdoor things John fetched them all drinks, helping Kim drink a small sherry and explained that Kim was interested in dissection but had sadly lost the use of her arms for the day. 'How come?' asked Simon and John had laughed, 'because I forbid it!'

The boy looked shocked and then grinned, obviously not believing what he had heard. 'Come on, what's wrong?'

Before Kim could speak Frank spoke up. 'It's true. John has forbidden her to use her arms. You will see why in a minute. The best way to learn about dissection, as you two know, is to practise it on something you can easily handle, like a frog for instance, or with a friend. Now John is lending Kim, who wants to know, and to stop her inadvertently getting her hands in the way John has forbidden her the use of them. We are going to dissect Kim and she will see how we do it, muscle by muscle, section by section and you two are here to help me, understand. Now first, we have to arrange the specimen. I want a long table, John.'

'Bring her into the dining room and I'll get a pillow for her head. We don't want our specimen too uncomfortable, now do we, and it will help her understand if she can see you at work.' and he kissed the pale faced Kim. Once on the table and laid back with just her head raised Frank suggested that they tie her arms and legs. 'As you both know' he said to the blushing girl and avid young man, 'the specimen sometimes has a muscle spasm and to prevent damage it is as well to anchor the arms or legs to prevent accidents. Simon, would you mind. John will give you some cord.'

Kim felt her arms and legs tied to the legs of the table so that she was incapable of movement. John smiled down at her reassuringly. 'Don't worry, no one will hurt you' he said.

Frank also smiled at her. 'First we start to remove the muscles of the arms, like so.' With a thin scalpel he began to unstitch the braid from her arms so that soon there was only the silk of her dress. The young girl was fascinated, her eyes never leaving the scalpel. 'Next, the thorax and abdomen.' and again the little knife sliced away all the stitching and braid off the body of the dress. Of course this meant considerable handling of the specimen and Kim was very aware of his hands on her breasts and abdomen.

'Now', he beamed 'we move to the body cavity. We would normally start at the neck, but first we must just release all this extra material here.' His fingers touched first one breast and then the other. He began to nick off the buttons of the breast flaps. When all the buttons were removed he slowly lifted the flaps to reveal the swollen breasts, nipples engorged with excitement. He leant over and kissed first one and then the other. 'See how warm they are. We have not yet interfered with the main arteries and the body is warm. Try it Simon, and you, Helen.'

He and John watched the two youngsters as both looked at the revealed flesh. 'Get used to your material. Feel it, hold it, see the resilience, go on, it won't bight you.'

Kim lay there, watching them, her excitement growing until she could feel the tremor of an incipient orgasm. She started to take deep breaths to stave off the inevitable.

Both students felt the flesh, the girl soon desisting but the boy carrying on with great pleasure.

'Right, that's enough. You both now know what the body feels like, but you have only sampled a small part. I expect that like most students you want to go further?'

Simon's eyes gleamed. 'Oh yes, I'm ready.'

'What about you, Helen? Had enough?'

'Doesn't she mind?' she asked.

'Ask her!' he said. 'This specimen can talk and if she wants to stop she only has to say so'

Helen looked at Kim. 'Do you mind?' and Kim, after a momentary pause and seeing John's face above the girl, guessing what they would do next and actually wishing it to happen, shook her head.

'Let's get on then.' Said Frank and began to nick off the buttons on her dress one at a time, each time easing the dress back, first to reveal a shoulder, then the slope of a breast, then the full breasts. Down to the navel. Here he paused and looked at John who merely nodded, his eyes on his lover's body being slowly revealed in this extraordinary way to three strangers. Frank turned to the girl. 'Come on Helen, try your hand.' She shrank away from him and Simon pushed forward, ready to carry on but Frank wasn't having this. 'Come on Helen. I will not have squeamishness in my class.'

Reluctantly she moved forward and took the knife. Her hand was trembling and at first she had difficulty in cutting the cotton threads but then the mood got to her and she began to snip in earnest. There, before her eyes where she had been expecting to see silken underwear was the figured cloth of a garter belt, very narrow and below, the onset of a fair pubic mound, the fount of Venus. Her fingers were shaking as she finally cut through the last buttons to reveal a nude girl dressed only in garter belt and stockings.

'My my, a fungus' said Frank, pointing to the pubic hair. 'This is rare in frogs and I want it for my specimen cupboard. What do you say, John?'

There came a gasp from Kim 'Please... ' she began but John interrupted her. 'Of course, we cannot have a frog with a fungus. Will you use the scalpel or do you want a razor?'

'A razor, I think, but first, this saddle of muscle'. He cut through the suspender belt and pulled it out. 'There, Simon. There's a keepsake for you. Now, the leg filaments will peel off, see? We just cut them round the ankle like that and voila, it is done.' He had removed her stockings that were left hanging from the rope ties.

John had returned with a razor, a shaving mug and some soap. 'Helen, will you rub the soap into the fungus for me, ' said Frank. 'Don't want to cut the specimen any more than we must. Loosen the leg ties, Simon and raise the legs. Good. Now, hold them well apart.' he was then about to shave her as she lay in the most ignominious position possible. Her excitement reached boiling point and she cried out as the orgasm overtook her, causing her to arch her back off the table and scream her release.

John glanced up at the miniature camera above the table: it was all being recorded and would be worth a great deal of money. He could imagine future voyeurs watching, seeing the girl's orgasm, hoping for the knife to slip, hoping the girl student would get to use it more, wondering what would happen to the prostrate blonde next.

When Kim had been completely shaved, John called a halt. 'That's the end of the lesson.' he said. 'Lets all go and have a drink.' He first untied Kim and suggested she went and put a gown on. 'Tomorrow you will have the job of sewing all those buttons and braid back on again, darling!' he said and patted her bottom. 'It's the weekend so you'll have plenty of time, all ready for the next lesson. Perhaps next time you would let Simon do the dissection, eh?' and he had laughed at Kim's stricken face. Kim was no seamstress either!

The others left with many thanks for their evening and promises of keeping in touch. Helen could not meet Kim's eyes but held her hand longer than was really necessary. Simon wanted to kiss her but she managed to just offer him a cheek. Frank was more successful and ensured that he kissed her fully, murmuring 'if only all my subjects were as attractive as you, little frog.'

John sat in the deep armchair and pulled her onto the floor to sit between his thighs, to play with her golden locks. His mind was re-living what had happened a short while before.

Kim looked up at him from the floor. 'Do I really have to repair that dress'?

He continued to stroke her hair. 'Oh, yes, I think so. You have the whole week end, no plans except bed and we can't spend all our time there! Any time someone spoils your clothes you must do your best to mend them. Just think, when some ape tears off your blouse you'll be thinking of the time it will take to repair, that is, if you can take your mind off whatever he's doing!'

'But I'm no good at dress making!' she complained, and then paused, taking in what he had said. 'What do you mean 'if some ape tears my blouse?'

He laughed at her. 'Yes, there will be others. Surely you know by now that pleasure and pain go together! No laundresses, no Seamstresses! At least you won't have to make your clothes, will you. I'll have them made up to my designs - for me and for others - yes, others, to enjoy, and sometimes to spoil. Tomorrow morning, get out your needle and thread!' He turned her head to him, and leaning down, kissed her trembling lips. He raised his face enough to whisper 'Yes, there will be others' before again kissing her and feeling her tongue feverishly searching for his. He was thinking of the fat waiter who perhaps had a daughter or ward. A temporary exchange might be possible. Kim was truly sensuous and he knew how to make her blossom under his tutelage.

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