My Cousin Mae
Chapter 1

Caution: This Erotica Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa, Consensual, Heterosexual, Fiction, Cousins, Oral Sex, Anal Sex, Enema,

Desc: Erotica Sex Story: Chapter 1 - Jon is a successful investment analyst. He learns from his elderly Aunt Dora that his cousin Mae, with whom he grew up in the same house, is in financial distress. Jon files to give her a hand and ends up helping her move to his town and move in with him. Jon inadvertently glimpses Mae giving herself an enema and the sight invokes his long-repressed desire for her. He is astonished when she admits her desire for him.

I dragged my luggage to the rental counter and picked up the keys to a Chrysler 200. Following the directions Aunt Dora provided I headed toward the outskirts of town and found myself in a cluster of buildings, each housing a half-dozen townhouse apartments. Scanning the doors I found the one marked 12-B. After parking in the driveway I headed up the walk and rang the bell.

Mae answered it. We regarded each other for a long moment. My cousin Mae was a solidly built woman, about five foot eight. She always had been on the chunky side, with a round face, apple cheeks, intense blue eyes and a hint of a double chin. Her reddish-brown hair was cut in a short bob and she had patches of freckles on either side of her pert, upturned nose. She was wearing a pair of cutoff shorts and a hoodie sweatshirt over a pink tee. "Jon," she finally said.

"Hello, Mae. It's been a long time."

"Ten years," she replied, nervously. "I'm surprised you came."

"Didn't Aunt Dora tell you I was coming?"

"She did. I told her I'd believe it when I saw you."

"Well..." I pinched and tugged at my cheek. "Here I am, in the flesh. You look good, Mae. Have you lost weight?"

"Some," she replied icily.

"May I come in?"

She opened the door and I stepped inside to an empty apartment. I looked around. Some cardboard cartons were stacked near the archway leading to the kitchen. "Don't you have any furniture?"

"It's in there." She pointed to a storage pod sitting across from the unit in a parking stall. "When I told my landlord I was leaving, he filed a lien on it and impounded it. It's to make sure I pay what I owe."

"How much do you owe?"

She looked at the ceiling and bit her lip. "With the back rent, the cost of the lien ... About five thousand." Mae looked me in the eye, hers brimming. "Don't lecture me, Jon."

"Aunt Dora said you were in trouble..."

"The bank I worked for was bought by Allied. They determined my department was redundant. After six loyal years, I was out on my ass. Do you have any idea what that does to your sense of worth?"

I shook my head. "Luckily, I don't."

"Easy for you to say ... successful investment banker."

"I'm an investment analyst," I replied. "You've looked for work?"

"Of course. There's nothing in this town. My severance ran out, my savings are gone ... my credit cards maxed out. I spent ten months looking and came up empty. That's why Aunt Dora suggested..."

"You give my town a try. Well ... I do know that Kyle always is looking for talent. I can't make any promises. At least it's not a one-horse town like this one. I was going to rent a U-Haul and was trying to get a fix on how big of one we'll need."

"There are some boxes upstairs and these here ... and, what's in the pod."

"Okay. That gives me an idea. Do you have a car?"

She nodded. Yes ... but..."

"But, what?"

"It's not very reliable. It's okay as an around-town car but I wouldn't take it on a cross-country trip."

"Then, we'll need a towing rig," I said. "Maybe in the morning I can make arrangements for a cashier's check to get your furniture out of hock. Where do you sleep?"

"I have a sleeping bag."

"I was going to get a motel room. Maybe you'd like to bunk with me tonight."

"It's better than sleeping on the floor."

The next day was a busy one. After a trip to the bank I had a cashier's check; then we rented a truck and tow dolly. I drove the truck to Mae's town house. She met with her landlord, who unlocked the storage pod.

Finally we had her furniture, lamps, boxes and luggage in the back of the truck. After returning the rental car the last order of business was loading and firmly strapping down her car onto the tow dolly.

We drove the U-Haul to the motel and I crashed on one of the beds. Mae stepped from the bathroom in a knit sleep tee and folded down the covers on the other bed in the room.

I lay on my back, looking up in the darkened room. My thoughts wandered, back to when Mae and I were kids. She was the same age as I ... although, she was two years behind me in school. We grew up in the same house. My parents were killed in a plane crash when I was an infant -- I never knew them. Aunt Dora was my father's aunt -- his mother's spinster sister -- and she took me in. Mae's mother was my father's sister. When I was five, Aunt Dora took Mae in, too.

"Thanks again for helping me out," I heard Mae say in the darkness. "I will pay you back, Jon. I promise."

"Right..." I pondered for a moment. "Mae -- is there anybody else you owe money to?"

"No ... Well..."

"You said you maxed out your credit cards."


"Are any of those overdue?" Silence. I drew in a breath. "Mae?"

"Yes, I'm late on them."

"How late? Sixty days?"


"Ninety days?"

"No. One of them will be in a week or so."

"What's your outstanding balance?" More silence. "Mae?"

She drew in an exasperated sigh. "Altogether ... twenty thousand." I let out a low whistle. "Jon -- I don't expect you to help me out. I got into this jam. I'll get out of it."

"Right ... Try to get some sleep. It's about a twelve-hour drive."

Sleep was evading me. I couldn't help think about Mae's situation. I remember the merger between Allied and Lowes and Harding -- the bank Mae had worked for. It was the last, large, local bank in this town. I remember going over the L&H balance sheets and looking at their stock price. The place was ripe for a picking, I thought, and recommended our traders start buying shares ... discretely. A few months later the tender offer came and our L&H shares converted to Allied. Part of my bonus last year was based on that call.

Now, I was seeing the collateral damage that merger caused. Mae, and others, were out of work. It was a buyer's job market. This was putting a human face on it...

"Mae," I said, hoping she still was awake.

"What, Jon?"

"Any of those credit cards been referred to collections departments?"

"What do you mean?"

"Have you been getting calls?"

"A few ... before the phone was disconnected."

I winced. "Your cell still works..."

"It's my lifeline," she replied.

"Any legal action?"

"No. Not so far."

"That's good at least."

"Jon -- talking about this is making it hard for me to get to sleep."

"Okay ... sorry."

"I know it's my fault..."

"It's not your fault that you were laid off."

"But I should've looked harder. I should've taken any job -- Walmart greeter, burger flipper ... anything to pay the bills. I just didn't want to ... after being a professional..."

"I understand. I'm not blaming you, Mae. What's done is done and it's time to move on. Try to relax and get some sleep."

"All right. Good night, Jon."

"Good night, Mae."

Driving the U-Haul while towing Mae's car was more daunting than I had bargained for. Backing up was out of the question and I had to remind myself in making turns that the truck was now a whole car-length longer.

We decided to break the twelve-hour drive into three, four-hour shifts. I would take the first and third. With Mae in the passenger seat we headed toward the interstate.

"Mae," I said while accelerating onto the boulevard leading out of town.


"We've gotta fix this credit card business. Do you have current statements?"

"Yeah ... They're in the box with stuff from my desk."

"When we get home, first thing is to dig them out so we can deal with them."

"Deal with them, how?" she asked.

"I'll sell some assets..."

"Please, Jon -- you don't need to go into hock on my account."

"Some assets out of my portfolio," I replied. "Next rest stop, I'll call my broker. As soon as we get home, we'll cut checks and overnight the payments."

"Jon ... Really ... I got into this all by myself."

"You do know that employers are doing more due diligence with new hires these days. They do background checks ... and credit history is part of that. Thirty days late is no big deal. Sixty ... that's bad enough. Ninety starts to look really shady."

"I never thought of it that way."

"We need to head this off at the pass, Mae. I consider this a loan. You'll still owe the money, except you'll owe it to me, now. What are those gougers charging you in interest? Thirty percent?"

"About ... maybe more."

"I'll charge you a tenth of that. We'll work out a payment schedule you can live with ... and, stick to. Got it?"

"Yes, Jon..."

"Until it's paid off -- no credit cards. You can get a bank account with a debit card, but stay away from those gougers. Understand?"

"Yes, Jon..."

I heard her sniffling, turned and saw her brushing tears from her face. "You're going way beyond the call of duty."

"Blood's thicker than water," I replied. I figured, fronting her some money might assuage my feelings of guilt a bit. "Also -- I've got plenty of room since the divorce. You can stay at my place 'til you're on your feet and ready to find one of your own."

"Thanks, Jon. I'll try not to get underfoot."

I pulled onto the on-ramp, merged into the right-hand lane and brought the rig up to cruising speed. Mae was staring at me. I could feel it. "Something wrong?"

"Jon -- why are you doing this?"

"Because ... Aunt Dora called and said you needed help. I'm helping."

"Are you doing this for her or for me?"

"I'm doing this because it's the right thing to do," I replied. "You're family. You're my cousin ... almost like a sister."

"With almost the operative word ... What happened, Jon? We were such good friends as kids. Then ... when you went into Junior High is when we ... stopped getting along. I couldn't understand why you started picking on me ... teasing me about my weight ... my interests ... my friends."

She was right. About the time Mae started to bloom and I was entering puberty we were at each others throats -- all the time, it seemed.

"You teased me about being behind in school," she said. "You knew it wasn't my fault."

"Yes, Aunt Dora told me the whole story ... about your mother and abusive father ... the separation, the restraining order ... how he slit her throat and kidnapped you. I know none of that was anything over which you had any control. I'm impressed you put it all behind you and succeeded as you did."

"Then, why? Why were you so mean to me?"

"I don't know," I replied. "I truly don't and I do regret it. Maybe teenage hormones raging had something to do with it."

"Why did you stay away?" she asked. "You went away to college and never came home. Your room is the way you left it." I rubbed my forehead. "Is it because of me? You hated me -- didn't you?"

I sighed. "No, Mae. I never hated you."

"Was it something I did?"

"No ... nothing you did. It's ... complicated. I guess I'm a work-o-holic. I finished college in 3 years ... did internships over the summers. I got my CFA. It's important work I do ... I can't be taking time off."

"Not even to visit on Thanksgiving or Christmas? Aunt Dora would love to see you, Jon. She's not getting any younger. She'll be eighty-nine in October."

"I'm not so sure she would've gotten along with Michelle."

"You never gave us a chance. Now, Michelle is out of the picture."

"You know how difficult it is to arrange travel into that town."

"That's an excuse. It's not a reason."

Mae was right. It wasn't a reason. At first, working my way up in a demanding organization didn't leave me free time. My relationships suffered. Eventually it just became easier to bury myself in my work. That was what ended my marriage with Michelle.

The road noise and the rhythm of the pavement was having a lulling effect on Mae. She leaned her head against the window and dozed as the miles whizzed by.

The sun was setting when we reached the house. I unhooked the tow dolly and we parked the truck and Mae's car in the drive. "I'll call for pizza delivery," I said. "Then we can turn in. We can unload the truck in the morning."

"I want to get my overnight case," she said. "It's in the trunk of my car."

I unlocked the front door and we stepped inside. "Nice place," she said.

"Yeah ... I had to buy out Michelle's interest in it in order to keep it."

"It's only money," she replied, tartly, "and, you've got plenty of it."

I ordered dinner and while we awaited its delivery I showed her around. "The master suite is over here ... You're welcome to move into it." She followed me into the empty master bedroom. "The one thing Michelle demanded was the bedroom furniture. I was happy to let her take it -- I never cared for it."

"I see ... It's quite roomy."

"There's an attached bath over there ... plenty of closet space. We can set your bed up in here."

"Where do you sleep?" she asked.

"There's a guest room upstairs. I have a bed set up in there. It more than satisfies my needs. There's another room upstairs I use as an office, plus the main bath."

"Then we shouldn't be under each other's feet," she remarked.

"I'm too beat to unpack the truck and I'll need my tools to put your bed together. We'll deal with that tomorrow. Tonight, you can sleep on the sofa. It's actually quite comfortable. I should know -- I spent plenty a night on it."

"Okay ... I prefer sleeping in my own bed, but I'll be fine for one night. It beats a sleeping bag on the floor."

We were both tired and hungry and we polished the pizza in no time. Mae headed into the bathroom to ready herself for bed while I took the back cushions off the sofa and spread out a comforter. From a closet I retrieved a pillow.

She emerged from the bathroom in her cotton sleep tee. The hem cut across the upper third of her thighs. Mae's legs were heavy but taut and shapely, with nicely formed calves and cherub-faced knees. Her nightshirt's bodice hugged her full bosom and I realized that she had lost perhaps twenty pounds since I had last seen her, all those years ago.

She reclined on the sofa and pulled the comforter around her shoulders. "This is quite comfy," she remarked. "I'm so exhausted I won't have any trouble sleeping."

"I'm going to turn in ... Mae -- do you have a resume?"

"Of course I have a resume. I don't have a copy with me -- it's on my laptop."

"Will you let me look at it? Maybe I can suggest some ... fine-tuning so it'll appeal to Kyle."

"Fine. My laptop's in the truck."

"It doesn't have to be tonight. Good night, Mae."

"Jon ... wait."


"I'm really happy we're back together. Aunt Dora's happy, too."

"So am I."

"Really?" she asked.

"Really, Mae. Good night."

"Good night."

The next day we started unpacking the truck. The boxes we stacked wherever they'd fit. Mae had a small sofa -- loveseat sized, a dresser and a queen-sized four-poster bed with curtain rails. These all fit into the master bedroom. She also had a small kitchen table and four chairs, a side chair and some bookshelves. These we stashed in the garage for the time being. I figured we'd probably need to rent a storage unit. I returned the truck and tow dolly to the local U-Haul outlet.

I sat at my desk in my study working on a document. "Mae," I called and heard her climbing the stairs. She poked her head in and I gestured her to my desk. "I figure with your back rent, closing out that lien and paying off your credit card balances, I'm fronting you just a bit north of thirty grand." I turned my laptop toward her. "I can't charge you interest less than the prime rate, which is pretty low right at the moment. These figures are based on three and a half percent. This shows how many years and what a monthly payment would be. If you tried to pay me back in five years, you'd owe me about six hundred a month."

"Six hundred!"

"Can you afford that?"

"It depends on what kind of a job I can get, doesn't it?"

"If we stretch it out the payments go down, but there are more of them and you actually owe me more. For example, if we stretch it to ten years, your payments drop to around three-fifty, but you're paying me more than double the interest."

Mae chewed her lip and her eyes brimmed. "Jon -- why are you being such a hard-ass about this? Maybe Aunt Dora is right -- you do care more for your job and money than your family."

"Did Aunt Dora really say that?"

"No ... I did."

"Mae -- I'm not being a hard-ass. The IRS is the hard-ass. This is too big a sum to be considered a gift or an IOU. If the IRS got wind of it, you'd need to treat it as income and owe taxes on it. By making it a formal loan, we have documentation to the contrary. That's why I have to charge you at least the prime rate that's in effect when the loan is made. In fact, I become liable for taxes on the interest I collect from you. I'm looking out for your interests, Mae."

"Oh, God, Jon -- I'm sorry. You're right -- you're the finance expert. You know these sorts of things and I don't. After all, it is your money and you deserve to get something back for y our trouble."

"Let's do this ... I'll write up a demand note. We'll figure a ten year life and if you can do better, we'll true it up at the end. Okay?"

"Whatever satisfies the legal aspects ... Do whatever makes sense, Jon."

"Will do. You do realize you'll need to keep current on the payments. It's part of making this a legitimate loan."

Mae swallowed hard and nodded. "Understood. You can trust me, Jon."

"Good." I typed the terms into the document and printed it. Then, I showed her three Express Mail envelopes -- to Visa, MasterCard and Discover. "Let's go over to the bank and get this notarized. We can drop these off at the post office on the way. That'll be a relief -- won't it?"

She nodded. "Yes ... a relief."

"Then we can both think about more pleasant things than money."

She followed me to my car and we headed toward downtown. Once home, Mae dug out her laptop and copied her resume to a thumb drive. While she unpacked boxes and moved in I started reviewing it. I headed downstairs carrying a tablet. She approached me wearing her nightshirt. "Well?"

I turned the tablet so she could see her resume on the screen. "I think it reads well. I made some cosmetic changes to give it some eye appeal." I looked up into her round face. "I've filled Kyle in on your experience and situation. My firm has a policy against nepotism. I'm not sure if cousins fall under it; however, there's no reason to mention that you and I are related."

"We have different last names," she remarked.

"Yeah. I haven't told Kyle you're my cousin so let's keep that quiet. If he asks how we know each other, just tell him we knew each other as kids."


"Are you nervous about tomorrow?"

"A little."

"You'll do fine."

Mae approached me wearing a gray skirt, matching jacket and a white blouse. "Do I look okay?" she asked.

I scanned her up and down. "That suit looks good on you," I said. "Very professional."

"It's my only suit."

"If this works out and you get an offer -- we can go wardrobe shopping."

"Jon -- you've done so much already..."

"How do you expect to pay off that note you signed if you don't have a job to hold down? What if that job requires a wardrobe?"

"Yeah ... You're right."

"I look at this as an investment."

"You're ever the prudent investor," she remarked. She smiled and wrinkled her nose to make sure I understood her remark was well-intended.

I regarded her legs and feet. She was wearing black, low-heeled shoes. "Do you have any stockings or hose to wear?"

"None without runs in them," she replied. "I thought it would be better to go without."

"Kirk likes to see ladies in skirts and stockings. When's your interview?"

"Eleven. I was going to just hang around your office until then."

"Hubbard's department store is within waking distance and they open at ten. Maybe you could go over there and obtain something."

"Okay ... How does my hair look? My makeup?"

"It's fine. Just a hint of eyeliner is perfect. I wouldn't want you to go out looking like a raccoon."

"I never wear heavy makeup," she replied.

"All right -- let's go." I escorted Mae to my car, she sat in the passenger seat and we headed into town.

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