Rob and Gail
Chapter 1

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Sex Story: Chapter 1 - He paid a price.

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I realize now that it was my own fault. I could have been a little more rebellious when I was young and not made promises that I would have to keep. And I could have shown a little more backbone when I when I met Gail, but that is all water over the dam now.

My mom was always pushing virtue at me and kept trying to impress upon me the importance of entering married life pure and she made me promise to remain a virgin until my wedding day.

To be honest it wasn't all that hard for me to do. I was pretty shy around girls and I wasn't the most attractive guy around. I was overweight and near-sighted. The bad eyes had me wearing heavy horn-rimmed glasses. I didn't have much of a social life all the way through high school and I didn't even go to the prom.

Things changed in college. My roommate in the dorm took one look at me and decided that I had to change. He was a horn dog and figured that if I was going to be around and we were going to be seen together he didn't want the girls running the other way when they saw us.

He browbeat me into doing an exercise program and practically forced me at gun point into running with him every morning. He convinced me to dump the horn rims and get contacts and by spring break you could see the results. I'd lost twenty-five pounds (still had fifteen to go) and I felt better about myself.

I was still shy around girls and Mike decided to help me there also although I didn't know about it until way later. What Mike decided was that I was shy around girls because I'd never interacted with them on any level so he started arranging things to give me more exposure to them. What he did was fix me up without letting me know he was fixing me up.

Typical would be something like, "Hey Rob; I need a huge favor. I have a date with Carol, but she called and told me she had to cancel because her (cousin, sister, best friend – pick one) just came to town. I'm hot for the girl Rob and I almost had her on our last date. I need to keep the pressure on. Help me out here bud."

"What can I do?"

"Date her (fill I the blank) so my date doesn't get cancelled."

I'd hem and haw and he would keep on me until I gave in.

Another one was, "Hey Rob; you doing anything Friday night?"


"I've been invited to a party at Jerry's and I know that Gloria is going to be there. I need a wingman in case she is with one of her sorority sisters. I just know that if I can get her alone I can score. Can you help me out?"

And he would keep after me until I would say yes.

The thing is that it did work. The more time I spent in the company of the opposite sex the more comfortable I became around them, but I still lacked the nerve to go after one, but I was no longer shy.

Girls started coming up to me when I was sitting in the school cafeteria and asking if they could join me. They would make small talk about classes and instructors and drop subtle hints that they didn't have dates for this or that party and ask if I was going. Since I wasn't totally brain dead I would pick up on what they wanted and I would ask them out. I even had a few flat out ask me for a date. As a result I did have a decent social life and I did gain enough confidence in myself that I did finally start asking girls out.

By my junior year I had entered into a relationship with a couple of different girls and I had some pretty hot make out sessions, but as weird as it may sound both relationships ended when I wouldn't go all the way. I would finger fuck them and Lucinda Welch taught me to eat her pussy, but the most I would allow where my penis was concerned was a hand job. I guess those things weren't exactly pure, but I interpreted my mom as meaning I should remain a virgin – as in not having actual intercourse – until I married. Even at twenty my mom's influence still held sway.

"Go to your marriage bed pure Robbie; I'm telling you that you won't regret it."

And her influence stayed current because I was back living at home. Even though Mike wasn't my roommate anymore (you were only required to live in the dorms your freshman year) we still stayed close. We double dated a lot (still a lot of that "Help me out Rob" going on) and things were going well for me.

I was doing well in class with my GPA hanging around 3.85 and my social life was much better than I ever expected that it would be given my high school history.

It was at a frat/sorority mixer during the third week of my senior year that my life was turned upside down and inside out. I was with Mike, his date and her cousin from out of town when I saw a vision on the other side of the room. It was one of those life defining moments. From the second I laid eyes on Gail Marcella Luoma no one else in the world existed for me.

I abandoned my date and moved closer to the vision and then followed her, keeping some distance between us, as she moved around the sorority house. Her voice was throaty and sent chills up and down my spine when I heard her speak. Her laugh was musical and she moved with a grace that was enchanting. I was absolutely mesmerized.

It was inevitable that she would notice me – I was that obvious – and when she did she came over to me.

"Why are you following me around?"

I was caught red handed and I didn't know what to say and before I had a chance to think of something she said:

"I don't know who you are and I don't want to know you so knock it off or I'll turn you in to campus security for stalking. Do you understand?"

I nodded a yes and she turned and walked away. I had understood her, but I didn't care. I stopped trying to get close and just watched her from the other side of the room. She noticed, but what could she do. I was a legitimate guest at the party and if we just happened to be in the same room at the same time there was nothing she could do about it and as far as campus security? Fuck them! There was no law against looking at beautiful women.

Mike came up to me and asked me what had captured my interest and I pointed Gail out to him.

"Go up to her and ask her out."

I told him about our small confrontation and he chuckled, said "Faint heart never won fair lady" and went back to the party.

I made note of the people that Gail talked to and I knew a few of them so I made a mental note to pump them for information about her.

The party started breaking up and we left. Mike's date's cousin had hooked up with some guy and had left with him earlier so Mike dropped me off at my place and he and his date took off to do whatever it was that they were going to do.

Over the next couple of days I talked with every one I knew who I'd seen talking with Gail at the party. By the end of the third day I knew her class schedule, what her major was (Business Management), where she lived and what some of her likes and dislikes were. Armed with that information I started putting myself in places where she would likely be. Stalking? Yeah; I guess technically it was, but I had it bad! I needed to see her. I was a junkie and I needed my fix.

It was three weeks after the party where she had basically told me to fuck off and die and I was in Marvin's Malt Shoppe having lunch when Gail walked in to the place. The place was packed and the only empty seat in the house was the bench seat across from me in my booth. Gail looked around, saw me and the empty seat and I saw a bit of hesitation in her. She started to turn and leave but then abruptly turned back and headed my way.

My first thought was that she couldn't accuse me of stalking because I was already there when she came in and then she was at my booth.

"May I join you?"

"Please do."

She sat down across from me and said, "What's your story? Why have you been dogging me and don't bother denying it. People have been telling me that you have been asking all kinds of questions about me and it seems like I see you almost every where I go."

That caught me flat-footed and I lamely replied, "Hi. I'm Rob."

"You already know who I am. Are you going to answer my question or not?"

Just then the waitress came up to take Gail's order which gave me time to get my head on straight. When the waitress left I said:

"I'll answer the question, but only if you promise not to laugh."

"Why would I laugh? All I want to know is what is going on."

I took a deep breath and then explained what had happened to me the first time I saw her, the way I felt and my need to keep seeing her.

"Love at first sight? There is no such thing, but if I have that effect on you why haven't you tried to get together with me?"

"After the way you unloaded on me at the party?"

"I guess I was a little harsh, but I had just broken up with my boyfriend and I wasn't feeling all that kindly toward the opposite sex at the time."

Her order arrived and she dug into it. Between bites she asked me what I had intended to do with al the information I'd dug up on her.

"Just use it to be where you might be so I can see you."

"You do know that you are sounding like a weirdo right?"

I shrugged and then she said, "So where are we going on our first date?"

My jaw must have fallen halfway to the floor when I heard that and she said:

"Come on Rob; not a difficult question. Where are we going and when?"

I took a breath, got myself together and said, "Tonight if possible and whatever you would like to do."

"I think a first date should be kept simple so how about a movie?"

"Works for me."

She finished her lunch, opened her purse and took out a note pad and a pen. She wrote on the pad, tore off the page and handed it to me.

"About six okay? Got to run or I'll be late for class."

As Gail walked out of Marvin's I watched her go and wondered what in the hell had just happened. It made no sense at all to me that she could have gone from the girl at the party to the girl who had just pretty much asked me out. I couldn't figure it out, but I wasn't going to look a gift horse in the mouth either.

Not wanting anything to keep the date from happening I made sure that I was in Gail's neighborhood a half an hour early. I wasn't going to let an accident or a traffic jam get in the way. I sat in my car one block over from Gail's place until five to six and then I started up and drove over to her place.

I rang the doorbell right at six and when Gail opened the door the sight of her took my breath away she was so beautiful. I offered her my arm and walked her to the car, opened the door and helped her in. Once I was inside the car I asked her what movie she would like to see and was not surprised when she chose a chick flick. I don't even remember the name of it I was so enthralled just to be sitting next to her. I've mentioned that I had it bad right?

After the show I asked her if she was hungry and she said she could stand a bite to eat so I drove over to the malt shop for burgers and fries and then I took her home. I walked her to her door, she kissed me on the cheek and then said:

"Don't be a stranger. Call me; okay?"

She went into the house and I stood there looking at the closed door as I tried to digest the fact that she wanted me to call her. ME! She wanted ME to call her. I don't even remember walking back to the car. SHE wanted ME to call her!

When I got up the next morning I took pen in hand and made a list of the things people had told me that she liked and was interested in and then I went looking for them.

She liked art and I found that a gallery in town was having a showing of a new artist so I called and got dates and times. She liked classical music so I went on line and got the schedule for the concert hall. She liked nature and she liked hiking and my parents had a cabin in the mountains so I called my dad, asked him if I could use it and found out the dates that he wouldn't be there.

Gail was also a bi of a speed freak. She liked NASCAR, dirt track and drag racing and I had a problem with that in that there wasn't a raceway within two hundred miles of us. I was sure that she had other likes and I was just going to have to dig them out. I checked out my list and noticed that one of the gallery showings was in two days. I went on line and found out all that I could about Francis Wheatly (the artist).

I didn't have any shared classes with Gail, but I knew that she usually showed up at the school cafeteria sometime between eleven-forty and eleven fifty-five so I made sure that I was there by eleven-thirty. When I saw Gail come through the line I waited until she looked my way and I waved at her. I wasn't sure, but I thought I saw a trace of annoyance on her face before she smiled and headed for my table. She sat down and I asked her how she was and she said she was fine.

"I was going to call you tonight, but your being here saves me a phone call. Do you know where the Heritage Gallery is?"

"I do."

They are having a show for a new artist named Francis Wheatly. I've heard some good things about him and I was thinking of attending the exhibition. Would you like to go?"

"I would love to. When is it?"

"Tomorrow at seven. Would you like to have dinner before we go?"

"They usually have plenty of munchies ay a showing."

"I know and they are usually pretty fattening and that is why I like to eat before I go. I can usually pass on the freebies if I've just eaten."

"Good point. Yes; I would like to have dinner before we go"

"Pick you up at five?"

"That'll work for me."

We made the date and then made small talk until we finished lunch and then we headed off to our classes.

When I got home I called James, a friend of mine who was into art, and found out what showings were like and what some of the dos and don'ts were when you attended one.

We had dinner at Tricocci's and over dinner she asked what I knew about the artist and I parroted what I'd read when I Googled his name. She listened and then said:

"I would never have figured you for the type that went to art galleries."

"My parents thought that they should see to it that I was raised with some 'couth' as they called it and I was drug along to a whole bunch of things and some of it actually took. I never could get into ballet or opera, but I did develop a taste for classical music."

"Oh? You have any favorites?"

"Beethoven. I like almost every thing he did."

"What is your favorite piece?"

"His concerto for violin and orchestra is by far my favorite, but a close second is his concerto number five. The Emperor."

That was seventy-five percent bullshit as my parents never did anything to expose me to culture, but it was twenty-five percent true because I really did like classical music.

Then we talked about what we were going to do when we graduated. I told her I would be going into the family business and would probably take it over when my father retired. She told me that she was most probably going to go for an MBA and wouldn't even start thinking about a job until she was almost done with her degree program.

The exhibition was interesting, but I didn't much care for Mr. Wheatly's work. He was what was called an impressionist and his stuff had no appeal to me. It did however have some appeal for Gail and there was on piece that she really liked. It had a $500 price tag on it, but James had explained to me how that worked. If you didn't like the price you could have a quiet word with one of the gallery people and put a bid in on the piece. If the piece didn't sell by the end of the show and the artist didn't hold firm on the price the gallery would call the high bidder and offer the item to him. While Gail was using the bathroom I put in a bid for $325. It really wasn't worth that much as far as I was concerned, but I would try to get it for Gail if I could. I had enough in savings that I could have paid full price, but my dad had taught me not to pay the asking price for anything. "Always bargain" was his motto and he had ingrained it in me.

I paid attention to whatever dad told me because he had never steered me wrong. When I was eight or so and kids were calling me fatso and four eyes and I got into pushing and shoving matches with them dad took me aside and taught me some of the basics of judo and told me to just defend myself and not be the attacker and things would straighten out in a hurry and he was right. I only had to use what he taught me twice and I was never bothered again.

When I took Gail home I walked her to the door and she kissed me on the cheek, thanked me for a wonderful weekend and told me to make sure that I called her again.

"I will, but it probably won't be until next week sometime. My folks have a cabin up in the mountains and I told dad I would go up there this weekend and make sure that it was ready for fall. I know for a fact that I'll have to replace some boards on the deck and caulk the windows."

"You are going to the mountains and you aren't going to ask me to go with you?"

"It never occurred to me that you would like to go."

"I love the outdoors. Are there any trails up there to hike?"

"No trails as such, but you can pretty much walk where ever you want."

"Sounds perfect."

"Would you like to go? I'm leaving Friday right after my last class. I need to warn you though. I won't be coming back until Sunday evening and we will be alone for the two nights that we are there."

"And so?"

"Your reputation. You want people knowing that you spent two nights with a guy all alone?"

"Who is going to know? I'm not going to tell anyone. Are you?"

"Of course not."

"I think that you are just afraid to be alone with me."

"There is that."

She kissed me on the cheek again and said, "Call me tomorrow and we can set up the details."

The next day after our first class Mike said he'd heard I'd gone out with Gail.

"Getting anywhere?"

"Two dates so far and I'm seeing her this weekend."

"Well all I can say is hang in there bro. I think she might be worth the effort it takes to get her."

I thought that was an odd thing to say, but wrote it off as Mike being Mike.

As the time got closer for my weekend with Gail I spent hour after hour worrying about it. I'd never spent a weekend alone with a girl before let alone with a girl that gave me the feelings that Gail did. I was pretty close to being a nervous wreck when I pulled up in front of Gail's place on Friday, but it all went away when I saw Gail's beaming smile when she opened her front door.

On the two hour drive to the cabin we talked about the cabin and the surrounding area and what there was to see and do. I explained to her that we would be truly roughing it. There was no running water or electricity. We carried our water in with us in five gallon jugs and used propane bottles for lighting, cooking and heating. The facilities consisted of an outhouse about a hundred feet from the cabin.

"All it is is a nice quiet place for a two, three or four day getaway."

"Sounds perfect. Sounds like the kind of place I'd like to get for myself someday."

When we got there she got out of the pickup, looked around and then said:

"You didn't tell me about the view. It is fantastic."

"That's what it is all about. Dad bought the property and then built the cabin just so he could sit on the deck and enjoy the view."

We carried our stuff inside and she looked around. What she saw was a twelve by twenty foot room with a stair case at the south end that led up into a loft. There were couches against the north and east wall and a table built onto the loft stairway on which a four burner propane stove sat. There was a pot-bellied wood stove in the south east corner and the floor was the stone of the mountain with a couple of throw rugs on it, but plenty of rock still showed.

After looking around Gail asked what the sleeping arrangements were.

"You get the bed up in the loft. The sofa on the south wall is a pullout sofa bed and that's where I'll bunk."

She gave me what I thought was a contemplative glance and then carried her bag up to the loft. I fired up the propane stove and fixed us a simple dinner of chicken noodle soup and grilled cheese sandwiches after which we went out and sat on the deck to enjoy the view.

I pointed out a hawk circling off to the east and we watched it for a bit before it suddenly dropped like a rock.

"I guess it is his dinner time too."

I pointed out where my dad had placed a couple of salt blocks near the end of the property and told her that if we were lucky we might see a couple of deer before the weekend was over. The words were no sooner out of my mouth that two does and a fawn came out of the trees and approached the salt blocks. I looked over at Gail and she was enthralled. I kept my mouth shut and didn't distract her from what she was watching. After a bit the three critters wandered back into the trees and Gail asked:

"Does that happen often up here?"

Maybe one out of every three times we come up."

By then it was turning dark and the stars started coming out. There is nothing like a star filled sky when you are in the mountains at 8900 feet and with no city lights to muddy up the view. I pointed out the Big and Little Dipper and a couple of points of light that I knew were man made satellites and while we were looking up and airliner with flashing position lights crossed the sky. He was so far up that the sound of his jet engines never reached us.

"I wouldn't have any problem with living up here full time" Gail said.

"It is rather peaceful" I replied.

We sat there in silence for another half hour and then I got up and went inside the cabin and lit two propane lanterns and then pulled out the bed part of the sofa bed and made it up. Gail came in and I gave her one of the lanterns and told her goodnight. She gave me a funny look and then took the lantern and headed up to the loft.

The next morning I was up, had the coffee on and was fixing scrambled eggs and bacon when Gail came down the stairs. I poured her a cup of coffee and she sat on the couch and watched me at the stove.

"I can't believe how well I slept last night."

"The clear mountain air does it every time."

"What's on for today?"

"You enjoy yourself while I replace the five bad deck boards and caulk all the windows. Hike around, throw a blanket down and work on your tan, but if you do that use plenty of sunscreen. The sun can get intense in the thinner air up this high."

As we ate our bacon and eggs Gail asked me if I needed any help with what I had to do.

"I didn't bring you up here to work you."

"I would like to hike around, but I don't know the area. I'd rather you walked with me so if I can help you it will let you get done sooner and you can go with me."

"If you put it that way I guess I will let you help."

With Gail's help we finished around two and then took off on a hike that lasted a little over three hours.

"You hungry yet" I asked Gail when we were back and sitting on the deck.


There was a stone lined fire pit just off to the side of the deck and I got a fire going and handed Gail a two foot long sharpened stick.

"What's this for?"

"It is your cooking utensil."

I went into the cabin and came back with a package of hot dogs, a package of hot dog buns and a couple of cold beers. I slid a hot dog onto my sharpened stick and stuck the dog in the fire. Gail followed suit as I said:

"We have marsh mellows for desert."

We were sitting there turning our sticks to cook the dogs evenly when suddenly Gail said:

"Look" and pointed up. I looked up and saw a circling hawk. "You think it might be the same one from yesterday?"

"It could be. I read somewhere that hawks are territorial so it could be the one we saw or its mate."

We watched as it circled, but it didn't seem to be finding dinner.

After dinner clean up was quick and simple. We broke up the roasting sticks and tossed them into the fire and put the empty beer bottles in the back of the truck. I got two more out of the cooler and we sat on the deck and took in the view. It turned dark and the stars came out and after a bit Gail asked:

"Do you think there is life up there?"

"Maybe not as we know it, but yes I do believe there is life on other planets. I read somewhere that scientists have identified over eleven hundred planets that have the same relationship with their sun that we have with ours. Roughly the same distance from the sun they revolve around. If you accept the theory of evolution it would seem impossible that there isn't some kind of life form there."

We sat there in silence for another half hour and then I said it was time for me to turn in. Gail headed for the loft and I settled down on the sofa bed.

The next morning after another breakfast of bacon and eggs we went on another three hour hike and then we packed up and headed home. Gail was silent and spent a lot of the drive home looking out the passenger side window. When we got to her place she said:

"We just spent two nights in a very romantic setting, but you never tried to hold my hand, put your arm around me or try and kiss me. Why?"

I was silent for a couple of seconds and then said, "Fear."

"Fear? Fear of what?"

"Of doing something that might scare you away. Of doing something that might make you not want me around."

"You can't be serious."

"Of course I am. Don't forget our first meeting and don't forget that you have already said that I come across as a weirdo."

"Jesus! I can't believe that you wasted an entire weekend for something as silly as that."

She slid over next to me, put a hand behind my head and pulled our lips together. She gave me a scorcher of a kiss and when she broke it she said:

"Not bad. Needs some work though. I'm free tomorrow if you want to practice."

"You roller skate?"

"I haven't in years, but yes, I think I can keep my feet under me."

"My last class is at three so how about I pick you up at five?"

"That works for me as far as tomorrow is concerned, but it is still early. Pull up and go around the corner."


"Get us away from the front of the house. I don't want my parents watching me make out."

I pulled around the corner and for the next half hour we did our best to steam up the windows of the truck.

The next date at Skate City was followed by six more dates each followed by a steamy make out session. It all ended following a date at the Concert Hall. The date was followed by the usual make out session during which Gail rubbed the lump in my trousers and told me to find a motel room.

I don't think I will ever forget the stunned expression on Gail's face when I said no to her suggestion and then explained why. I don't think it was the 'why' that stunned her. It was more likely the 'no' that she heard. I doubt that any guy had ever said no to her.

She pulled away from me, tucked her breasts back into her bra and then told me to take her home. I walked her to her door and for the first time since I started dating her I didn't get a kiss or a "Call me."

She might not have said call me, but of course I did call her. Her mother answered the phone and when I asked for Gail her mom said she would check and see if Gail was there. I heard voices in the background and then her mother came back on the phone and told me that Gail wasn't home. She asked me if I would like to leave a message and I told her no. I mean what would be the point? One of the voices I heard while mom was 'seeing' if Gail was home or not was Gail's.

The next day I was sitting at a table in the cafeteria when Gail came in. She saw me and then turned around and left. The same thing happened the next day. Friday when she came in and saw me she didn't turn and leave. She did keep an eye on me as she went through the line and I wondered if she was going to join me and tell me what was going on, but I should have known better. When she paid the cashier she took her tray and headed for an empty table on the other side of the room.

As I watched her walk toward the table she had chosen I knew that there was no need for her to tell me what was going on because it had happened to me before. Twice! Two other times I'd told a girl no when she had wanted sex and both times I'd been dropped like a hot rock. I watched her sit down and when two other girls joined her I got up and headed for my next class.

Gail may have dropped me, but she still had a hold on me that couldn't be broken. I still had the need to see her and so I started back up with showing up at places where I was likely to see her.

It was three weeks before graduation and I was wondering how I was going to handle my need to see Gail once I had graduated and was working full time.

I was at a party at Norm Miller's and Gail was there also. She was with a date and he had gotten smashed and had passed out. Some guy I'd never seen before decided to move in on her, but she wasn't having any of it. Every time he would go up to her she would walk away from him.

Then he fucked up. He walked up to her and started talking and Gail gave him a disgusted look and turned to walk away from him and he reached out, grabbed her arm and pulled her back, Gail tried to get loose from him, but he wouldn't let go. I walked up and said:

"I think the lady wants you to let go of her."

"But out dickhead. This ain't none of your business."

"I'm making it my business. Let go of her."

He let Gail go and turned toward me and swung at me. I hadn't had to use the judo my father had taught me since I was eight, but I remembered what to do and the guy ended up on the floor with my knee in the middle of his back and his right arm in a hammer lock.

"Are you going to leave the party quietly or am I going to have to break your arm?"

"Fuck you! My dad's a cop and when..."

"Okay. Broken arm it is" and I began to push his arm up. He yelled in pain and then said:

"Okay okay I'll leave."

"I'll walk you to the door."

I let him up and I could see that he wanted to take another shot at me and I set myself for it. I guess he noticed and decided that it wouldn't be a good idea and he turned and headed for the front door. I followed along to see that he did leave and I watched until he got in his car and drove away.

Once he was gone I decided that it was time for me to leave and I went looking for Norm, found him and thanked him for the invite. I told him that I'd had a good time and I reminded him that we had a golf date the next morning. He laughed and told me he was going to invite me to every party from now on so he would have some one to put out the trash.

I saw Gail watching us, but I didn't pay any attention to her and left the party shortly thereafter.

I didn't realize it at the time, but others had taken note of my infatuation with Gail and had also witnessed what I'd done at the party and the word had gone out that you should not mess with Gail if I was around. Not that you couldn't date her, but best that you didn't get pushy or grab her if she clearly didn't want it.

Over the next several days I'd be in the cafeteria when Gail would occasionally come in and while she never approached me she sat where she could see me and she watched me or at least it seemed to me that she did.

It was two weeks after Norm's party and I was at a kegger at the Kappa Tau house. We were having a pre-graduation party a week before the big day and an hour into the party Gail came in with Joel Mack. Joel was on the basketball team and he was good. Probably pro quality and he had an inflated ego. He thought he was King Shit if you know what I mean.

Joel proceeded to get drunk on his ass and the drunker he got the more he treated Gail like she was his to do with as he pleased. As his behavior got worse it was obvious that Gail was getting more and more pissed at him and it finally reached the point where he said something to her and she slapped his face. He yelled "You fucking bitch" and he went to hit her.

I'd been doing my watching thing as usual and as things had gotten louder between Gail and Joel I had moved closer and I was close enough that when he raised his hand to hit her I was close enough to jump forward and grab his arm. Keep in mind here that all I was thinking of was protecting Gail and wasn't thinking of anything else. Things like I was only five eleven and Joel was six eight and two twenty to my one eighty-five and even drunk he had good reflexes. The result was me on the floor on my ass with a bloody nose. Fortunately for me there were cooler heads present and they acted. A drunken brawl could put the house on probation and cause the star of the basketball team to be suspended so several guys grabbed Joel and hustled him out of the house.

I didn't look at Gail as I got up and headed for the bathroom to clean up and put a cold rag on my nose. I got the bleeding stopped and when I came out of the bathroom I quickly left the house. I didn't want to face the sneers and jeers I expected to be sent my way.

The party had been on a Friday so it was Monday before I was back to school. I expected some finger pointing and laughter and was surprised when I didn't get any.

I was in the cafeteria at lunch; sitting by myself as usual when Mike joined me.

"Hear you got into it with that idiot basketball player."

"Don't know how much into it I got. All I know is that my ass hit the floor."

"Whatever dude, but I hear that all the ladies there are thinking pretty highly of you right now."

"I doubt that. I must have looked like a clown sitting on the floor with blood running down my face."

"It wasn't what you looked like that got to them dude. It is what you did that got you put on the floor. You took on a dude twice your size to stop him from hitting a girl."

"Yeah bro; they will all flock to me now. I can just see it. In my dreams."

I changed the subject and a couple of minutes later I saw Gail come into the cafeteria. She saw me sitting with Mike and I expected her to find a table on the other side of the room, but when she left the cashier she headed right for my table. Mike saw her coming and said:

"I'll get out of here so she can sit with her knight in shining armor."

"Yeah! Right!"

He got up and left and Gail came up and asked me if she could join me. I was going to ay no? She sat down, looked at me in silence for several seconds and then said:

"How are you going to protect me after we graduate and the two of us don't go to the same places anymore?"

I didn't know what to say so I just looked at her. She waited and when I didn't say anything she said:

"We need to talk Rob and I don't mean a short conversation here at the table. Can you pick me up tonight around six? We can go some place for a bite and have a serious talk."

I sat there trying to think of what she was planning to do to me when she said:

"Come on Rob; say something."

I finally got myself together and said, "I don't know that we have anything to talk about. The way you dropped me pretty much told me where I stand with you. I don't know if I can put up with another put down."

"That's what we need to talk about. Come on Rob. A couple of hours with me won't kill you."

"That's what you think" I told myself. The truth was a couple of hours with her that ended like our last date did could very well kill me. Or kill my spirit anyway. But I was so hooked on her that regardless of what she might do I had to say yes just to spend some time in her presence. I told her I would pick her up at six and then I got up and headed for class.

To say I was curious as to what Gail wanted to talk about would be an understatement. The way she had dumped me without a word was sitting heavily on me, but then I had to remember the girl had a way with sudden surprises. I thought back to our initial meeting followed by her basically asking me out.

I had no idea of what to expect when I walked up on her porch and rang her doorbell. She opened the door, gave me a dazzling smile and said:

"Right on time as usual. I guess there is something to be said for someone so reliable. Where are we going?"

"This is your idea so I thought I'd let you choose."

"Then I choose Tricocci's. I like their Veal Marcella."

"On the way to the restaurant we talked about what we would be doing when we ended the school portion of our lives and the conversation carried on over dinner. Once the meal was out of the way and over coffee Gail said:''

"I really do like you Rob and my feelings were well on the way to being stronger – much stronger – than just like and then you hit me with the promise that you made your mother."

I started to say something, but she cut me off.

"Just let me talk Rob. You can speak your piece when I get done, but I want to get it all out without interruptions. You telling me that you wouldn't engage in love making until you got married caused me to pull back from you. I haven't been a virgin since I turned eighteen Rob and I like sex. Hell, I adore sex and I can barely go a week without having some. That's the problem Rob; I need sex and you just won't do it. If you were to ask me to marry you tonight and I were to say yes it would take my mom six months to plan the wedding and there is no way in hell that I could go six months without sex.

"Finger fucking and hand jobs are not sex as far as I'm concerned; they are merely foreplay. To be blunt Rob I need to be fucked and I need it on a regular basis and because of your promise to your mother I can't get it from you."

"That is why you wanted me to take you out tonight? So you could tell me this?"

"Yes. I guess you could say I'm trying to set you free."

"Trying to set me free?"

"It is obvious from what happened at Norm's party and what happened at the frat house that you are always going to try and be around me so I am telling you that you are wasting your time. You have no chance with me. Well, maybe one. If we could get married in the next three or four days, but that can never happen because my mom would kill me if I didn't let her go all out in planning the wedding.

"So what this date is about is my trying to keep you from wasting your time. Don't get me wrong. I think it is sweet that you care for me as much as you do and if it wasn't for your promise to your mother I think we would be good together. Actually I think we would be great together."

"You say you can barely go a week without making love, but you dated me for a couple of weeks and we didn't have sex."

"You didn't, but I did."

What that meant hit me right in the pit of my stomach.

"You mean..."

"I didn't go out with you every night Rob and I rarely stayed home on those nights."

She saw the look on my face and said, "Don't be that way Rob. We were just dating. We were not going steady or anything like that. We had no commitment to each other."

"No hope for me at all?"

"I'm sorry Rob; I really am. I wish I could say that there was, but there isn't. I know me too well to even try and go from now until we could get married without having sex."

I called for the tab, paid it and then drove Gail home in silence. I walked her to her door and when she went up on her toes to kiss me I turned my head so the kiss landed on my cheek and then I turned and left. When I got home there was a message for me on the answering machine. The gallery had called to let me know that my bid on the painting Gail had liked had been accepted.

"Great timing" I thought. "Just fucking great."

Saturday I went to the gallery, paid for the painting and then paid extra to have the painting packaged and shipped to Gail. I hoped that she would think of me every time she looked at it and wonder about what could have been.

Thursday I walked across the stage, received my sheepskin and headed into the next portion of my life. My parent's graduation present to me was a one year lease on a two bedroom condo and the furniture to fill it. I spent the weekend moving in and on Monday I started my full time job in the family business.

I'd worked there summers since I was fourteen so there wasn't any 'new guy' break in period. I already knew the people that I would be working with so I was able to hit the ground running. And speaking of running; I'd never stopped since Mike got me started. I ran nearly every morning and I was in the best physical shape of my life. I knew that sitting behind a desk all day wasn't going to help me stay in that shape and that just running wasn't going to be enough.

There was a gym two blocks from the office and I joined and started working out on my lunch hours on Monday, Wednesday and Friday. Turns out that one hour just wasn't enough time for a work out when you subtracted the time it took to get there, the time it took to shower after the work out and the time it took to get back to the office so I started going in at five in the morning when they opened. It worked out so well for me that I started going in every morning.

The gym also had classes during the day and in the evenings for everything from spinning to tai chi chuan and I decided to take the class on tai chi two nights a week when I got off work.

The Fates or whatever Gods that be must get some sort of perverse pleasure out of fucking over mere mortals like me.

It was the third week since I started the tai chi class and I got to the gym at my normal time and on the way to the men's locker room I had to pass by the circuit machine and free weights area. I happened to glance in and saw Gail working out on the seated leg press. She saw me and I looked away from her and hurried to the locker room.

That night's tai chi class was wasted on me. Tai chi is all about concentrating on your inner core and I could not concentrate for shit. As hard as it was to do I'd thought I had made some progress on putting Gail behind me and now here she was back in the forefront of my mind. Luckily she was gone when I got out of class and I didn't have to try and avoid her.

On my way home I wondered if I was going to have to drop the class to keep from having to see there which was a one hundred and eighty degree change from when I was in school and did everything in my power to be where I could see her. The difference of course was that back then I had hope. However thin it was it was still hope, but she had crushed that hope on our last date.

The Fates and the Gods were not done with me yet.

The next day at work I was in my office reviewing contracts when Marva, the secretary I shared with three others, called me on the inter-com and told me that there was some one from Ferris Industries there to see me. I was expecting a contract from Ferris and I had thought it was going to be sent over by messenger, but I guess that John over at Ferris thought that it was important enough to be hand delivered. I told Marva to send the visitor in.

The door opened and I moaned, "Fuck me."

"I'd love to" Gail said as she walked into my office. "May I sit down?"

"Please do" I said.

"First off" Gail said, "I had no idea I would be delivering this contract to you" she said as she handed me the envelope. "I didn't even know that you worked here. But I'm glad because now I can thank you for the painting you sent me. I didn't even realize that you knew I liked it. I do have a question for you though. How did you find out I worked at the gym?"

"I didn't know. I work out there every morning and I only started taking the evening tai chi class a few weeks ago."

"Why am I having a hard time believing that?"

"Maybe because you don't want to believe it."

"Why would I not want to believe it?"

"Maybe you got used to me being close by and it bothers you that I haven't been since graduation. Maybe you don't want to believe it because you are wishing that I would be around. I don't know if either of those is true or not, but you can check with Nancy, the morning girl behind the entry desk, and she can tell you when I joined and when I come in to work out."

"You might be right. Maybe I'm having a hard time believing that some one so desperate to just see me that he hung around every place he thought I would be could just quit and disappear."

"Quit and disappear? Have you forgotten our last date? You did the verbal equivalent of kicking me in the balls. Of course I got the message. The night you dropped me like a hot rock added to what you laid on me on our last date came through loud and clear. Believe me lady; if I had known that you worked out at that gym I never would have joined."

"That from a guy so desperate to see me that he became my shadow?"

"No. That from a guy who could not bear to look at you knowing that there was absolutely no hope for him. It was one thing when there was a smidgen of hope. It was something else again to know that there was absolutely none."

"You would have rather I'd said nothing so you could go on wasting your time?"

I just shrugged and said, "Thank you for bringing the contract. Tell Mr. Stiles I'll review it and get back to him sometime tomorrow afternoon."

Gail sat there and looked at me for several seconds and then she got up and left.

"Why me God" I said to myself as the door closed behind her. "Why don't you go and fuck with someone else."

My friendship with Mike had continued after graduation and I had dinner with him that evening after work.

"You seem down" he said as I picked away at my meal.

"I had a bummer of a day."

"Hey dude, it is only work. You get to walk away from it at five o'clock."

"It wasn't work. Gail stopped in at the office today. I was making progress at getting over her and then there she was sitting across from me in my office."

"I'm sorry Rob."

"What do you have to be sorry for?"

"For getting you mixed up with her."

"What do you mean by that?"

"Nothing bud."

"Oh no you don't Mike. You can't say that and expect me to just let it pass. What did you mean when you said you were sorry for getting me mixed up with her?"

He was silent and I said, "Come on Mike; spit it out."

He shrugged and then said, "You know I'm a horn dog and a bit of an asshole where girls are concerned right?"

I nodded a yes.

"The reason I went through so many girls had nothing to do with my manly charm. To put it bluntly I'm rather well hung. I didn't have to chase the girls. Mostly they chased me. I guess girls talk among themselves the same as guys do. Anyway, the word spread about my package and girls would come up to me and ask if it was true and my response was always "There is only one way you will find out" and four out of every five said "Lets get to it."

"Gail was one of the girls who came to me and asked the question. I knew you were hung up on her and you had already told me about the first time she had talked to you so instead of giving her my standard response I told her the only way she would ever find out was if she did me a favor and cut you a break."

"Cut me a break?"

"Yeah. Talk to you. Be civil and like that."

"So after she made nice with me she came back to you and sampled the goods?"

"No bud; I'm an asshole, but not that big of an asshole. I screw the babes, not my buds. She did come back though, but only to cuss me out."

"For what?"

"Messing with her mind. She said I'd set her up with a good guy even though I knew it wouldn't go anywhere. She was really pissed when she told me that and I didn't have a clue as to what she was talking about."

"I guess that explains it. I wondered at her sudden turn around. Now I know."

Suddenly it dawned on me that Gail wasn't the first one Mike had sent my way. I remembered back to when girls started coming up to me in the cafeteria and asking if they could join me. I didn't know if I should scream at Mike for helping fuck my life up or thank him for making it possible for getting what little I did get.

The next trick the Fates and the Gods played on me was the next morning. I showed up at the gym at ten to five and I was standing there waiting for Nancy to open the door when a voice behind me said:

"Good morning."

I turned and saw Gail standing there.

"I decided that early mornings would work better for me."

"I don't believe it. I think you just want to torment me."

Before she could reply Nancy opened the doors and we followed her to the front desk. "Decided to bring your wife with you" Nancy asked.

Gail laughed and said, "He wishes."

I said nothing and just swiped my membership card through the card reader and headed for the men's locker room. I had no idea what Gail's program was, but I hoped that she worked the circuit machines first. That way I could avoid her because I usually started with cardio on the treadmill which was at the other end of the building from the circuit and free weight area.

Naturally I didn't get what I wanted. There were five treadmills in the cardio section and Gail was on the one in the center which meant that no matter which of the other four I chose Gail was going to be almost right next to me. I could have just turned and gone to the circuit area, but why? I needed to face up to the fact that if Gail was going to be around the only way to avoid her would be to quit working out at the gym and find another one.

But who did I think I was kidding. Certainly not myself. Yes, I had started trying to put Gail behind me after graduation, but she was still there in my mind and I thought of her often. I was able to survive her dropping me and still go where I could manage to see her and now here she was only eight feet away. I knew that nothing would come of it, but she was where I could be around her now so I was going to take the gift that the Fates and the Gods had given me.

I did my usual fifteen minutes on the treadmill and then moved to the circuit area to begin the rest of my workout. I was not at all surprised when a couple of minutes later Gail showed up. We hadn't said a word to each other when we were on the treadmills and we didn't talk as we worked our way through the fourteen machines. Didn't talk, but I watched her and she knew I didn't take my eyes off of her.

When I finished my routine I headed for the locker room and changed into my swimming trunks and went to the steam room where I spent just over eight minutes before heading for the hot tub. I'd no sooner sat down in the 105 degree water when Gail showed up and joined me in the tub. She was wearing a bikini and seeing her in it gave me instant wood. Fortunately with all the bubbles and the swirling water Gail couldn't see it, but I would have been willing to bet big money that she knew it was there.

"We seemed destined to run into each other" she said.

I could have just shrugged and kept my mouth shut, but I decided that sticking my head in the sand and pretending that she wasn't there would be a waste of time since she knew that I was hung up on her so I said:

"I'm not going to complain, but couldn't you at least toned down the impact by wearing a tank suit instead of that bikini?"

"Tone it down? Why would I do that? This suit was designed to get attention and that is why I wear it."

"I thought that you didn't want my attention. At least that was the impression I got when you stopped dating me."

She was silent for a few seconds and then in a soft voice said:

"Things change."

"In what way?"

"I told you on our last date that my feelings for you were getting stronger than just like and I guess that they were stronger than I realized. I've not gone a day since that last date that I haven't thought of you. It was a happy surprise to find out that we belong to the same gym, but it wasn't by accident that I delivered that contract to you. I knew you worked there and when my boss told me to call the messenger service to send over the contract I told him I knew you and that I would like to bring it over so I could say hi."


"To put myself in a place where communication could happen."

"Again, why?"

"Do I have to carve it into your chest?! I've missed you dummy! That's why!"

"I've missed you too, but nothing has changed. I still intend to keep my promise to my mother."

"I admit that is a problem, but maybe we can work around it."

"How do we do that?"

"We will think of something. So! Do you ask me or do I have to ask you?"

"Ask what?"

"For a date you blockhead!"

"A date? You and me?"

"No. Me and your mother. Of course you and me."

I have to admit that I was surprised and I just sat there and looked at her as I tried to process what had just happened. I don't know how she took my silence, but apparently she thought I wasn't going to ask her so she said:

"Okay. I'll do it. Would you like to have dinner with me tonight?"

I might have been sitting there confused, but I'm not a complete dummy so I answered:

"Of course I would."

"Pick me up at six?"

"I'll be there."

I rang her doorbell right at six and when she opened the door she took my breath away the same as she did the first time I'd picked her up. I remembered how much she had enjoyed the Veal Marcella at Tricocci's so that is where I took her.

Over dinner we talked about adjusting to life after sixteen years of school. She had decided against going for an MBA and she liked her job and was looking for a place of her own. I was almost tempted to tell her she could move into my spare bedroom, but I didn't because I was afraid she would think I was pushing too hard and it might push her away and that is the last thing I wanted to happen.

We had both turned twenty-one since our last date and so I took her to The Pit for drinks and dancing. God but did I ever like the feel of her in my arms and her body pressing against mine had predictable results and she felt it, smiled and said:

"I don't think your mother would approve of that."

I wisely did not respond to that.

We left the lounge around ten-thirty and she had me pull over and park a block from her house. She slid over next to me and said "Kiss me" and I did. I did for the next twenty minutes. When I walked her to her door she kissed me again and said:

"I have something I need to do tomorrow, but I'm free the rest of the week."

"Day after tomorrow?"

"You have a date" and she kissed me again.

By the end of our fourth date we were back to finger fucking and hand jobs. It was on our tenth date and I was parked the usual block from her house when she asked me:

"How do you interpret virginity?"

"I beg your pardon?"

"Easy enough question sugar. How do you define virginity?"

The question stumped me because I'd never given any thought to it.

"Let me help you out a little bit. You don't seem to mind playing with my pussy and you haven't shoved my hands away when I give you hand jobs. Do you see putting your dick into my pussy as the only way to lose your cherry?"

"I've never thought on it."

"Then let me ask you this. Would my giving you a blow job be any different than my giving you a hand job?"

I thought for a minute and then said, "I don't honestly know. I guess I've always assumed that making love for the first time is when you give up your virginity."

"That's the way I see it too. I've already told you about my high sex drive and that I can't go without sex for as long as it would take my mother to plan the wedding. I think I can get by if you eat my pussy. If you will do that I will of course suck your dick. It is the orgasms that I get from having sex that drive me. If you can give me those orgasms by eating me I should be okay. What do you think?"

"I don't know. I've only done it a couple of times so I don't really know how good I'd be at it."

"I can teach you how sugar. It isn't a hard thing to do. Want to give it a try?"

I thought about it for a bit and then said, "I'm willing to try."


My answer was to start the truck and drive past her house as I headed for my condo. I had never mentioned my condo to Gail so she was surprised when we got there.

"I thought you still lived at home at that we were on our way to a motel."

"Mom and dad kicked me out. This is their bribe to get me to leave without a fuss."

Once inside she looked around and then said, "That painting that you gave me would look just right on that wall" and she pointed at the east wall of the living room. I'd been meaning to get some art work for the walls and so I said:

"Maybe, but it is your picture so if I was to put it on that wall you would have to come with it."

"It could happen sugar, but a few things have to happen first."

"Like what?"

"Let's count them off. First a proposal and a ring. Next we tell my mom so she can get started on the wedding she has been expecting to give me since I was sixteen. There is one other thing that comes between the proposal and us telling my mom but I will leave it for later."


"Because I need to lock you in and make sure that we are firmly attached before bringing it up. Now, would you care to sit down on the couch with me and neck until we get hot enough to do what we came here for?"

I found out that I enjoy the hell out of blow jobs and I also found out that Gail thinks I have talent when it comes to eating pussy. Following her instructions I was able to get her off. Twice!

Following that night we saw each other three or four times a week and after a month and a half of joint oral sex I bowed to the inevitable and bought a ring.

We were at my condo following and evening of dinner, drinks and dancing I took a knee and asked the question.

I did not get the response I expected.

"I would love to sugar. I would love to and I really do want to, but I have a condition and I don't know if you will be willing to meet it."

"We won't know until you tell me what it is."

"Remember way back when I told you that I couldn't go a week without sex? Well that hasn't changed any. I thought that the orgasms from oral would hold me, but they haven't."


"Let me finish sugar. I need to get this out into the open. I want you. I really do want to be your wife, but you are holding steadfast to the promise you made your mom. That by the way is one of the things I love about you. The fact that you have integrity. But it is also a curse because it keeps you from giving me the sex I need. I'm not lying when I say that it will probably take my mom six months to plan and put the wedding together and I can not go six months without sex. You are fantastic when it comes to eating my pussy, but it isn't enough to hold me.

"There are some things I will not do and cheating is one of them. My seeing other guys and having sex with them is not cheating because, at least not yet, you and I are not in a committed relationship so my seeing others is not cheating on you. At least it isn't as far as I'm concerned. If I say yes and accept your ring and still saw other guys for the sex I need it would be cheating. It would be cheating unless you were okay with it. If I say yes you would have to be okay with me seeing someone else once or twice a week until we could consummate our marriage and I honestly do not think that you can do that."

"You mean you have been making love with other guys all the time we have been dating?"

"No sugar; not making love, just fucking and believe it or not there is a difference."

I knelt there, ring in hand, and tried not to show how pissed off and angry I was. I stood, put the ring in my pocket and offered my hand to Gail. She gave me a questioning look, took my hand and I pulled her up off the couch and walked her to the door.

"What are you doing?"

"Taking you home."

"It doesn't need to be this way Rob."

"Of course it does Gail."

I got her in the truck and drove her home in silence. I walked her to her door and when she went to kiss me I turned and walked away without a word.

When I got home I went to bed, but I didn't sleep for shit. I cursed the Fates and the Gods for what they were doing to me. I skipped the gym in the morning because I figured that Gail would be there and the last thing I needed at the time was to see her. It would only remind me that the woman who owned me, body and soul, would never be mine.

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