The Howl of the Beast
Chapter 1

Caution: This Erotica Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa, Mult, Consensual, Reluctant, Drunk/Drugged, Gang Bang, Orgy, Oral Sex, Anal Sex, Exhibitionism, Size,

Desc: Erotica Sex Story: Chapter 1 - A girl breaks up with her boyfriend and teams up with another whose reputation with women isn't good. Her ex boyfriend, now in an relationship with another woman is keen to know what happens to his ex and arranges the furniture in her room to observe the activities of her new bloke - read on

Rick was not surprised when his girl friend Pam told him she had met someone else. For awhile he had noticed a cooling towards him and on the dance floor she had certainly enjoyed the attention of other men. That was not surprising for she was attractive and was a very good dancer, especially the jive or similar dancing manoeuvres: a combination of moves that he couldn't do.

He wasn't too disappointed because he had become attached to another woman, some years older than he was and certainly not nearly attractive as Pam but she had a bigger set of tits on her and also didn't have other men frothing over her. She was the daughter of the lady he boarded with, her name was Marion. She really wasn't the full quid but once introduced to 'fucking' couldn't get enough cock. She was so eager she was almost an embarrassment for she would be waiting in his room when he arrived home in the evening, naturally after her mother had gone to bed. Pam was good but Marion was a quick learner and was just as good. It hadn't been his intention of forming a relationship with her but one afternoon he had passed her room, the door was open and Marion was bending over, fully nude and that great forest of hair that surrounded her cunt was an invitation he couldn't refuse. He rammed his cock up to his balls and Marion erupted and gave a gasp, no more like a howl as he fucked her. By the time he emptied his balls, Marion was fully aware of what happened and showed immediately that she wanted it again.

In a way it became a bit of challenge as to which of the women was the best. Pam was good and many a night and even during the day they had fucked in her bedroom, for she shared a house with her maiden Aunt who was constantly away, another thing that the new woman hadn't accommodated was a 'suck job' and Pam excelled in that operation and many times he had just let her suck him dry and was always delighted when she took a mouth full and just let it dribble out from the corners of her mouth.

'I wonder who the new bloke is', he muttered after he had said goodbye and given her a final kiss. They didn't fuck for she considered it unfair to her new boyfriend, not that Rick worried for if he got back to his lodging before eleven Marion would fully accommodate him, for he certainly didn't harbour any sense of loyalty to Pam for he had been fucking Marion for well over a week, but that didn't mean he wasn't interested in who was now eager to get between her thighs.

Pam loved dancing, for it was at a dance that he had met her nearly a year before and he knew that come Saturday she would be dancing and as she didn't have a vehicle, she would be picked up and that would be with the new boy friend. Pam's Aunt's house was very close to the street that took one up to town's observation point and from there one could explore the streets below and the Aunt's house was well within range and even closer if one had a pair of binoculars. He knew what time the dances began and as he had done the new bloke would take her out to dinner. He knew Pam would mention that for she hated cooking and many a night they had frequented the town's restaurants.

He parked at the view point and was prepared for a stay. Generally he would pick her up around six; that would give them ample time to enjoy a good meal before arriving at the dance a little after eight. Who ever it was; was late for it was nearly six twenty before a two coloured Holden pulled up outside her Aunts. 'I know that vehicle', Rick muttered as he focused the lens on the vehicle. 'It belongs to Howard Miller, boy does he have a reputation and it is amazing for he does attract women even though he treats them like shit. I remembered a comment he made about women, they are there to be fucked, they are there to suck your cock and if they refuse to have you fuck them up the bum, you get your mates to hold them down and just keep fucking there backsides till the cunts agree to your request. What on earth is Pam going with him for, surely she knows of his reputation', he muttered as the lens followed him up the stairs and onto the veranda of the Aunts. He was out of range for a few minutes but then appeared with Pam. He couldn't naturally hear what they were saying but in the lens of the glasses Pam was laughing.

For months he had spend time in the Aunt's house and he knew its layout from back to front, especially where the spare key was kept. He parked in one of the side streets and walked to the house. He didn't hesitate in how he approached; he went up the stairs and walked along the veranda to the back room. On top of the door frame was the spare key that not only opened this room but also the side door that led inside. He went to Pam's bedroom, a bedroom where he had spend many an enjoyable hour and he smiled as he remembered Pam laying nude, her thighs well apart and that triangle of hair a welcoming beckon. 'Well if he is rough with her, tough luck', he muttered. 'But Pam didn't mind a bit of a rough fuck and certainly hated a condom, she said many a time 'when you blow your balls I want to feel the gush of cum as it fills me. I guess with this bastard she will get her wish'. He altered the shades over the windows of the bay doors just sufficient to be able to observe any activity that was happening, he then stationed himself in the shadows of the veranda and waited.

It was well after twelve when the vehicle stopped outside the house. Rick got up and hidden in the shadows observed Miller get out but instead of Pam immerging from the front seat, another man got out, an individual he didn't know. He opened the back door and a man dark in colour or that what it appeared like in the street lamp almost tumbled out for his trousers were well down his legs and just for a second his cock was on display and it was a full erection. Next came Pam her dress was down and both her tits were on display and by the way she staggered and the awkward attempt to cover herself, told him that she was quite tipsy. She was followed by another individual who, like the others he didn't know.

She nearly fell on the bottom step and was in a state of uncontrolled giggles as she was supported and almost carried up. Rick quietly slipped away and by the time they reached the veranda he had closed the back room door. Although there was a door leading inside next to that back room he didn't think she would use that, but go through the front door. He waited, their voices were just audible, more like an array of mumbles and finally there was silence. He open the spare room door, a ray of light from her bedroom was lighting up a section of the veranda. He quickly advanced to the window whose shade he had deliberately altered. The room was fully revealed.

Miller had her by the tits, giving them a good mauling. The individual he thought was dark, was now revealed as being a black as coal, he had ripped her panties down, revealing that dark triangle of hair that was very attractive and certainly a beckon for any throbbing cock. She was shoved onto the bed and her thighs pulled apart. Miller was the first on her and as he plunged his cock up she rose and in minutes was working in rhyme to the ravishing cock. However, if she was giving any vocal sound it was quickly silenced when her head was pulled sideway and into the groin of the other man and by the expression on his face, her mouth must have been giving his cock the same pleasure Rick had experienced many times.

Miller fucked for a good ten minutes and Pam worked in rhyme and when he gave the thrust that emptied his balls, her backside rose so her cunt could receive its reward. However, her next utterance was one that even with a closed window was loud enough to be heard for the black mounted her and his cock was enormous. As he rammed it home the cock that she had sucked blew and for seconds her mouth was empty, except for the cum and saliva that was pouring out of it and as that nigger pumped that saliva and cum became a spray and her tits bounced as his cock did things to her cunt that maybe she hadn't experienced before, it was just so fucking big and thick and he had rammed the lot up her.

He fucked and she bounced to such a state that the others were laughing that was until her head was again pulled onto a cock. The black rode her for well over fifteen minutes but when his balls exploded Pam vibrated so much that they had to hold her down. There was no doubt the activities were making Rick rather randy, but the activities in that room were so intoxicating that he was reluctant to leave, no matter that Marion would be waiting for him for now she was sleeping with him and reluctantly leaving to go to her own room, sometimes mere minutes before her mother got up to light the old combustion stove in the kitchen.

He had heard that some blokes could empty their balls and within a short time they were fully armed again. Well the men in that room must have read the same information for as one got off another got on and not for a minute was her mouth empty. They fucked her and she sucked them off for well over an hour without a break. It was then they he heard the statement that was going to make Pam's cry of pleasure pale into becoming a howl of the beast. "We have fucked her cunt and her mouth now turn her over and let's fuck her bum", snarled Miller as she was roughly pulled up swung around and pushed stomach down onto the bed.

Pam must have realised what was next on the agenda, she tried to get up but Miller was having none of that; he pushed her head hard into the bed covering, positioned himself and although hidden from Rick would have pushed his cock between the cheeks of her bum and then thrust. Pam's reactions were almost comical and her cry, no it was a howl like in one of those wolf movies, the howl of the beast. Her struggle was too no avail and Miller gripped her tits, using them like the reins of a horse as he ravished her backside. By the time he emptied his balls Pam's protests were almost spent. Only occasionally following an extra hard thrust did she show any sign of resistance and in that position and with her virtually just a rag doll the others took their turns and like Miller had done used her tits as reigns.

They serviced her for well over an hour and as he has started Miller finished, giving her backside his parting gift and then they just left her sprawled on the bed. Rick slipped into the shadows as they departed laughing. "That is one cunt that is going to have a sore bum in the morning", Miller said. "But fuck it was good, the best bum I have fucked in ages".

"Do you think she will be available next Saturday", the black asked.

"Pam loves cock, yes she will get over this night and be just as randy next week and we will service her backside again till she gets so used to it that fucking her bum will be as much on the agenda as slipping our cocks up that very hairy crack, in fact we will introduce her to a double dip; that will be exciting for she won't say much for one of us will have a cock down her throat", Miller concluded as they departed, they were still laughing when they reached the vehicle.

'Should I check on her?' Rich questioned himself. Through the observation slit she was still in the same position as Miller had left her. The thought of slipping inside and part-taking in the same activity as Miller and his friends had done, did cross his mind. However, on the other hand Marion would be waiting and as her mother was in hospital for a couple of days she didn't have to return to her room and Marion could certainly match Pam in the 'fucking' world, but then the thought of a bum fuck and Pam was certainly in the right position was hard to ignore. 'Fuck I'm going to give it a go', he grinned as he opened the door leading inside. 'I don't know why Miller and his mates should have all the fun'.

From the bathroom he picked up the 'liquid soap'. Pam was still in the same position, he lathered his cock up, pushed the head between the checks of her bum which bore the remains of exploded balls and shoved. Her backside opened and she rose, like she had done before, but there was no cry only a gasp. He grabbed her tits and like the others used them as if he was riding a horse. Only grunts followed but the surprising thing was that the bum muscles were working in conjunction with his ravishing cock. 'I think she is beginning to enjoy this', he muttered as he fucked away. Finally his balls exploded. He lent across her and whispered. "Next time we will put you in a double dip you randy cunt so both your crack and your bum will be fucked at the same time and one of the boy will fill your mouth as well'. He then wiped his cock over her discarded panties and left as quietly as he had come, leaving Pam in the same position as when he arrived.

It was well after three in the morning when he reached his lodging. He garaged his vehicle and because his room was at the back of the house he could enter without disturbing anybody. He knew Marion would be there because her mother was absent, but he didn't realise that she would be awake and as soon as he turned the light on, she was up and groping at his groin within seconds. Naturally she was nude and those bouncing tits plus that forest at her groin had his cock again on alert, despite the fact that only a half an hour before he had emptied his balls up the bum of Pam. As Marion smothered him in kisses, franticly whispered, 'fuck, fuck, fuck my cunt'

"Yes you randy cunt I'll fuck your cunt and I have a surprise for you as well. Marion giggled as he positioned her into the 'doggie' position and as he worked his cock in and out of that hair covered crack, she murmured her contentment and worked in rhyme to the activity that she now wanted. However, when he pulled out and rammed it up her bum she vibrated so much that the bed rattled and her gasp, no more like a howl would rival her first encounter with an erection and match Pam call of the wild, 'the howl of the beast' when she got, maybe for the first time, a cock up the bum.

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