Enslaved by the Martin Clan
Chapter 1

Caution: This Historical Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa, Fa/Fa, Ma/Ma, Consensual, NonConsensual, Reluctant, Rape, Slavery, Gay, CrossDressing, Fiction, Historical, Revenge, BDSM, FemaleDom, Spanking, Rough, Humiliation, Torture, First, Oral Sex, Anal Sex, Masturbation, Petting, Sex Toys, Cream Pie, Exhibitionism,

Desc: Historical Sex Story: Chapter 1 - A young man is bought by the matriarch of the Martin Clan after the death of her partner. His journey through life is a mixture of pleasure and pain as he fights for his honour, his mistress and his new people. The story is historical but set in an unspecified time and location a century or so ago.

Angela Martin looked at the naked boy kneeling in front of her with a smile before moving away to speak to the ogling man at her side. 'And you're sure he has experience with pain and humiliation?'

'Oh yes, Mistress Angela, all my boys do. We train them extensively, this one longs to serve a dominant woman such as yourself again, don't you, cur?' A foot struck the young slave in the small of the back, causing the boy to lunge forwards into a heap as cuffed wrists prevented any way for him to save himself, but the trader's derogatory laugh was cut short with a cry of pain. 'Arghh, Mistress ... p please!'

'He is my property now, you will leave him be.' Angela grasped the greasy fat worthless slob by his long, lank ponytail and pulled him back against a wall. She wound the hair round a conveniently placed hook before throttling him with her left hand. He was naked apart from a small leather pouch covering his cock and balls. His wide girth almost preventing it from being seen beneath his gut. 'Spread your legs you worthless piece of shit.'

The whimpering of the man moistened her pussy and she grinned at him. He was the worst kind of bully and she knew she would enjoy what was to follow. 'You will stand, boy and witness this.'

'Yes, my Mistress.' The young man got to his knees and carefully stood up, lowering his head as his long blonde hair fell over his eyes.

It was obvious the wall had been used many times to restrain slaves and she used the cuffs hanging there to keep the man just where she wanted him. As she spoke to her new slave Angela was fastening the tormenter's wrists noticing that he had kept the instructed widened stance and she cuffed his ankles as well, knowing he would be incapable of holding his shape otherwise. Taking a knife from her belt she sliced through the pouch fastening feeling the quality of the leather as she did so before forcing it into the trader's mouth.

'You have permission to watch.' Angela took two steps back and then without warning sent her boot at full speed into the trader's balls. His cry of agony and inability to move spurred her on and she sent kick after kick into his naked bulging testicles. Once the grotesque merchant had been reduced to a sobbing, quivering wreck Angela turned her back on him and smiled again at the young man now kneeling before her.

'It is time for us to be on our way, I have a room booked at a local tavern. We will be up again at sunrise as we will have a fair distance to travel to your new home.' Angela threw four coins at the feet of the still snivelling man, noticing the bruises already discolouring his swollen balls. 'I have halved your profits, and will make sure to never recommend you to any of my clan.' She slipped her blade through the rough rope around the young boy's wrists and then pulled him to his feet. 'You will walk three steps behind me, at present that is all the devotion I require.'

'Yes, my Mistress.'

'Tell me, boy, what is your given name?'

'Logan, Miss.'

'Very nice, I approve, there is no need for me to change it. Come, Logan, my horses are tethered at the tavern already and we are expected.'

The room his new mistress had rented was spacious but basic. There was a large comfortable looking bed, a table with a water jug and two goblets on it, a fire burning in the hearth had toasting forks resting against its surround and a kettle suspended above it.

'So, Logan, you are to be my first personal slave. My partner passed a month ago, I had no need of anyone before that. Your place will be behind or beneath me at all times. I will punish you with and without warning and you will warm my bed when I require the use of your body.'

'Yes, my Mistress, it will be my honour to do all that you ask. I am sorry about your lost partner, may I ask, were there children, Mistress?'

'No, boy, we were not so blessed, who knows, maybe you will provide my heir or the next in a long line of Martin slaves. Now, I wish to see you hard, you will get to the point where spilling your seed is all you wish for and then stop, oh, and boy, you will stand in the window to do so.'

'Yes, my Mistress.' Logan moved across in front of the open window. The late afternoon sun was still warm on his body and he could hear the sounds of people moving about just beneath him. With a moan he grasped his soft cock in his hand and began to stroke. The power of the woman standing so close to him went straight to his dick and soon it was long and hard with precum leaking from the tip. A maid walking across the courtyard looked up and laughed as she saw him, and he wished she would come closer and be permitted to watch as his new mistress made him hers.

Angela looked at the slim framed young man she had lusted after from the moment she saw him. He could almost be a girl so pretty was he, with his shoulder length blonde hair, smooth skin and shapely legs. The only body hair she could see was a light thatch at the top of his generously sized cock and as he began to jerk off for her she moved behind him to look at the tight soft skinned arse she knew she would take before the week was out. Reaching round to pull at one of his puckered little nipples she breathed against his neck. 'What pain is it that turns you on the most boy, the cane, the whip or maybe you wish to be treated like that wastrel back at the store?'

'Oh god, Mistress, all, I wish for it all, but my balls, oh to feel such pain, to know you caused it would be del ... delicious, ohhhh fuck, yes.' He felt to his knees but didn't pause in his wanking as nails dug into his testicles before they were twisted almost right round on themselves and pulled upwards. 'Please, Miss may I cum for you, I am so close, ohhhh god please.'

Angela sank her teeth into his earlobe and kept the pressure on his balls. His hand was almost a blur now and even though he still knelt it was obvious his excitement hadn't reduced the pain he was feeling. 'Stand, slut.' She pulled his balls back between his thighs and upwards again to help his journey and watched as his legs shook and he swayed where he stood. 'Cum for me boy, now.'

White ropes of cum shot forward splashing down on the wooden flooring. The cries of release were loud and Angela pushed two fingers between her own legs as she enjoyed them and felt how wet she was. Pushing deeper she began to cum herself as his total submission and obedience took her over the edge. As his spurts slowed and she allowed herself a small orgasm she removed her hand from around his balls and laughed as he fell to the floor, twitching and writhing in his own spill as he tried to come down from his powerful orgasm.

Logan turned in his sleep and the early morning sun caused his eyelids to flicker. He felt the softness beneath his back and moaned as he began to wake up. He stretched languidly before suddenly realizing where he was and began to scramble to his knees.

'Shhhh, boy, not yet, we have a few minutes before we need to leave.'

'Mistress, I should be awake before you, prepare things for your day.' Logan looked down, not wanting to cause any more offence.

'Look at me, boy, and listen.' Angela waited while her new slave slowly moved so he was lying on his side before gradually looking up into her face. She saw the long blonde hair, almost golden in the early morning sun, the pale blue eyes which showed his unease, and she pictured the beautiful body still hidden beneath the suede and fur covers. 'I have much to teach you, and you will have chores each morning before you bring me breakfast. Today is different however, and there will be no punishment only companionship until we arrive at your new home.' She plundered his lips as she finished talking, pushing her tongue deep into his mouth feeling as well as hearing him moan against her. Her hand moved lower, running across the smooth skin until the thickening cock was within her reach.

'This is mine now, Logan, never again will you touch it without permission, it will be your salvation and your downfall as you serve me. Do as you're told, satisfy me and you'll have a home for life, disappoint me and you will find that life not worth living and will beg to be sold on.' Her hold on the young man's cock had become firmer as she spoke. She saw him willing himself not to move back as her nails began to dig into the flesh and with a final increase in pressure she released him.

'Ohhhh, thank you, Miss Angela, for allowing me to feel your hand, what would you have me do first this morning?'

With a smile she put a finger over his lips. 'You will find my warm wet pussy and make me cum.' The blond head disappeared under the covers as Angela spread her legs and she watched the fur undulate until he made himself comfortable between her thighs. The soft lips began to kiss her clit, and she felt his tongue make its way further back and she began to tease her generous sensitive nipples as the first mini orgasm began to build.

Logan's cock pulsed against the sheets as he sampled the warmth and delectable tang of her arsehole for the first time, he yearned to shoot his mess in absolute submission as he confirmed her superiority by servicing her anus so willingly and he lapped against her and felt her tense up against him. He closed his eyes in the blackness of his cocoon and drank the juices flowing into his mouth readily. He concentrated his attentions on his Mistress's clit as he slipped two fingers deep inside her. His cock jerked against the sheets as he lay flat and moved his hips, knowing he couldn't cum but needing the stimulation as he pleased her. As soon as he began to pleasure her he heard her breathing deepen, felt her thighs tense and her hands grasped his hair pulling him back up out from under the covers. 'Mistress?' He could still taste her and longed to plunge back into the darkness and continue.

'I did not say you could stimulate yourself but who am I to ignore a hard dick?' She pushed him down onto the bed and straddled him, lowering herself down onto the shaft which stood proud beneath her. 'Ohhhh, yes, boy, that's it, now, please me or you will feel my wrath before we leave here.'

'Yes, Miss Angela.' He thrust upwards, she felt hot, tight, warm, and he reached up to take her breasts into his hands as he watched her. Her hair was a reddish brown, far darker than his own and reached halfway down her back. Her skin was delicately touched by the sun and she had coffee coloured nipples which he began to play with, watching the small triangle of the same red hair just above his hard and thrusting dick.

'That's it, slut, push into me and pull at my breasts, ohhhh yes, don't stop boy, feel my, ohhhh god, yes.' Angela began to shudder, her juices bathing then flooding his cock before she leaned forward, her hand around his throat as she let her orgasm mount and overtake her. 'Ahhh, fuck, Logan, yes.' She bucked against him, her pussy clenching tightly around his hardness and she saw him struggling for breath as she reached her peak arching her back and slumping down on top of him before rolling away knowing very little apart from the fact that he hadn't cum.


She opened her eyes to see Logan kneeling by the side of the bed a bowl of steaming water and a cloth now on the floor beside him.

'May I prepare you for our journey, Miss Angela, the sun is almost completely over the horizon now, we will need to start out soon I think?' He had rinsed his own face and body in cold water before heating the remainder on the fire. A flagon of wine was ready to be taken with them as was a simple meal of cheese and homemade bread. He had checked the horses and spoken with the tavern owner while his mistress slept, now he waited.

Angela looked at the young man and smiled. She could see he was ready to leave, her possessions were lying neatly on the table next to a meal and she nodded. 'Very good, Logan, you please me.' She moved the covers off, lay where she was and surrendered herself to the new slave as he gently ran the cloth over her body, making sure to clean all of her before taking a step back and looking at the floor.

'Everything is done, my Mistress, we can begin our journey when you wish.'

'There is a cape on the table, red velvet, that's mine, beneath it is a cream linen one which you will wear. I do not wish to have to secure you to your mount, can I trust you not to escape I wonder?' As she had hoped Logan fell to his knees kissing her feet and prostrating himself before her.

'Mistress, I belong to you, my life is yours, you stood up for me when I was knocked to the floor, you left him no longer a man, I will never voluntarily leave your side.' He felt her soft hand in his hair again as she pulled him up onto his knees. A kiss was placed on his cheek, her thumb brushed his lips and then she swung her legs off the bed and moved across the room to where her clothes lay.

'Thank you, boy, you will ride behind me and your horse will be tethered to mine, nothing else. The leather and silk bodice she had worn the previous day was soon back on her beautiful body and she felt Logan's fingers as he began to lace her up. She stepped into the jodhpurs and again felt soft movements against her skin as they were pulled up and fastened and she smiled at her slut's moan as his fingers brushed the surface of her thigh. She threw the cape around her shoulders and watched as Logan went to do the same. She held up one finger and saw him pause.


'We can't have you bouncing around all the way home, you will put this on.'

Logan looked at the device in his Mistress's hand. He knew the Martin clan were artisans who worked mainly in leather and he gasped at the beauty of the chastity device he was destined to wear. The brown leather was set in soft yielding straps and as he watched his Mistress took hold of his cock and balls and gently manoeuvred them into their new home.

'It's a little snug, but I think that is a good thing.' Angela smiled, her new boy was very well endowed, he had already more than satisfied her with his cock and she knew it would take the torture and pain she would inflict just as well.

'This is beautiful, my Mistress, did you make it?'

'I did. The leaves which decorate it show it is my work, it would cost a cur such as you a year's wages, you're lucky I don't expect payment for it.'

'Yes, my Mistress, thank you. I fear I may stain it though, it feels delicious and to know your hands... ' his voice trailed off, already he could see a pearl of precum waiting to fall.

'I would be very disappointed if it wasn't stained boy, after all, there is no pleasure quite like teasing a caged boy now is there?' Angela laughed as she saw Logan blush. He was so beautiful and she wondered what he would look like in some of the leather garments she made. One in particular came into her mind, a two piece top and short skirt in soft calf, it was almost pink in colour and she had decorated it with a deeper pink dyed suede and green leather arrangement of buds, leaves and branches, their direction allowing for no doubt as to where the wearer's hidden treasures were. Her boy would look ravishing in it and the hard, long leather phallus her neighbour made would have no problem splitting his arse wide as he wore it and she took him at her leisure.

'Mistress, we should go.'

His voice broke into her thoughts and Angela shook the vision away, there would be plenty of time for that later. 'There is one more thing to do before we leave here, follow me.'

The blacksmith was leaning idly against the door of his barn enjoying the clement weather as the two riders dismounted. He recognized the woman as one of the matriarchs of the Martin clan and lowered himself to one knee as he waited for her to speak.

Angela put her hand round the back of Logan's neck to hold him in place and smiled down toward the man at her feet. 'This is my new slave, who I wish to wear my brand, you keep them here I know.' She felt Logan try to move away and wove her fingers into his hair to keep him still.

'We do, Mistress, I will fetch it if it pleases you.

'It does. Come.' She pushed against Logan moving him over to a bench and bending him over it before fastening his wrists and ankles to the legs with leather straps she took from her saddlebag. 'You may rub against the surface until the brand is ready, feel the softness of the leather against your cock. Once I return you will be permitted to make a sound or two but to no longer move is that understood?'

'This is it I think, Mistress Angela.'

He heard the older man speak and felt his Mistress move away.

Angela looked at the brand held in front of her, it was a small but beautiful metal rose with leaves and thorns entwined around it. 'But that is ... yes, that is fine, please proceed.' Angela looked at the man and smiled, she loosened her cape so, as reward, he could gaze upon her as he heated up her mark. Once she knew he was almost done she walked back over towards where Logan was waiting, his body shaking now as he waited for the agony he knew was to come.

'Mistress, please... '

'Hush, it will be over soon enough.'

The man strode back across the dry dusty yard and Angela moved Logan's own cape to one side. For a second the farrier paused but then he pushed the long handle down onto the soft inviting arse cheek holding it firm as the body beneath it tried to move into the bench.

Logan screamed, he had never felt a pain such as this. The stench of burnt skin assaulted his nostrils and the world around him and he felt himself lose control of his bladder before everything faded and agony took control.

'You will stand now boy and thank us both.' Angela had left him for a minute or two but wanted to be on her way quickly.

'Boy?' The farrier looked down at the shaking, snivelling youth and saw a piss soaked leather chastity device. 'The brand, Mistress, it was for females.' He picked it up and showed it to the two people in front of him, worried for his own future now.

'Yes I know, and it's fine, look at how pretty he is, how could he wear anything but the sign of the rose? It is small, but perfect, just as it should be for my delicate flower and this way it won't take away from the beautiful clothes I may let him sometimes wear, and when he is naked people will be in no doubt as to his place.'

Logan looked down and saw the wetness spread across the front of his cape, felt the humiliation flood his face and then he was kneeling, kissing the feet of his Mistress, thanking her for her words and actions while his arse screamed at him and he knew his life was forever entwined with hers as surely as the thorns on the rose he now wore.

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