A Good Boy
Chapter 1

Caution: This Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa, Fa/Fa, Ma/Ma, Consensual, BiSexual, Heterosexual, Fiction, BDSM, FemaleDom, Spanking, Rough, Humiliation, Anal Sex, Masturbation, Cream Pie,

Desc: Sex Story: Chapter 1 - Nick's work and home life change for the better when he becomes the only man in his office.

Nick's Story

Nick straightened his perfectly positioned tie and swallowed hard. He didn't know why he was so nervous, after all he'd worked at Myles Stationery for six months already, he liked it there and felt the others liked him. Maybe it was because Dave had finished on Friday and now he was the only man in the place. Theirs was a small department, part of a larger business which manufactured paper, envelopes and notebooks.

He called the lift and waited for its arrival. They were on the top floor of the building, no one ever went up there except those whose office it was. Nick and the three women were secretaries, sending out price lists and invoices. With the advances of the internet over the past ten years they had gone from one of the largest departments to one of the smallest as email replaced snail mail and they could get things done in half the time. They had gradually moved higher and higher up the building and now they were alone in their garret which suited all of them.

Nick wasn't a loner but he was a little shy. An only child his father had jetted around the world for his job while his beautiful mother had stayed at home looking after him. She had taught him shorthand to help him with his note-taking in class. When he had taken typing lessons as well he was the only boy who'd chosen that option. By the end of the two years he had been sad to see Miss Brown's group go their separate ways.

He had reluctantly moved into his own place at 21 and joined his current firm 3 years later. His father had retired early at the age of 45 and seemed more than willing to stay at home, in fact on his last visit Nick was sure he'd never seen the man more content. He'd even sat one evening giving his wife a foot massage while they watched the television which Nick had always done before, and he'd wanted to move closer, to ask if he could take over but he hadn't. The lift pinged him out of his memories and he stepped inside.

'Hey, Nicky, wait up.'

He put his hand over the door and held it until one of his colleagues, a short, bubbly red-head called Christy ran up and stood beside him.

'Hi, did you have a good weekend?'

'I did, you left early from Dave's party, Nicky, are you ok?'

He nodded, but said nothing. He'd found himself getting aroused when the three women began teasing Dave, telling him he wouldn't have half as much fun in his new position, that he would miss being in the presence of such wonderful goddesses. He had no idea why it had happened and so he'd gone home to bed rather than try and work it out. He'd masturbated though, imagining the words being said to him and had been surprised at how hard he'd cum.

'Nicky, look at me.' Christy gently turned his face toward her and smiled. 'You don't mind me calling you Nicky do you? It just seems to suit you so much better.'

He couldn't make eye contact but if he looked to the ground her beautiful black pumps and stockings, he was sure they were stockings, tantalized him instead and his confusion increased.

'Answer me, Nicky.'

'Yes, I mean, no, I, it's fine Christy, honest.'

'Good boy.' His toes curled, his mother said that, and it was all he could do not to moan aloud.

'Morning troops.' Erica was the woman in charge of their department and she looked up from her desk as the lift deposited them on the top floor. 'Recovered from the hangover, Christy?'

'Oh yeah, good job it was a Friday party though. I could even run for the lift when Nicky held it for me.'

'Nicky? Of course, that works so much better than Davey, doesn't it? I think we should change it to n.i.k.k.i though, don't you?'

'Oh good idea, I'll get him a new desk plaque made up.' Christy wandered off to her own desk laughing as she went and Nick looked round wondering if he could now take over Dave's position.


'Yes, sweetie?' His boss looked up from the list she was compiling and smiled.

'Do you think it would be ok if I had Dave's old desk? I, well I'm almost in the supplies cupboard at the moment.'

'Of course, just sit there for now, you can move your stuff later. I have a few things I need you to check for me.'

He did as he was told, opening the middle drawer to get the pad and pencil he knew should be kept there. He also found a pink brush and comb set, two hair slides and, to his acute embarrassment, a catalogue for sex toys from an internet site he had visited once or twice to read porn stories. 'Umm, did someone else want to use the desk, I can, well, I can use theirs if they do.'

'Why do you ask, Nikki?'

'Well, it's a bit, it doesn't matter, I'll just go back to my old place.' He closed the drawer quickly as he felt himself blush deeply and tried to move away without it being noticed but Erica got to her feet and he stopped in his tracks.

'Stay still, let me see.' To his horror Erica moved across and opened the drawer back up. 'Oh, no, silly boy, he left those for you. He knows all that type of thing will be provided where he's going. Shame he had to leave; he was such a pretty boy, but I think you might be even prettier.'

'I, I don't understand, they're, well, they're girls things, I'm not a girl, Erica.'

'That will be Miss Erica now, and it won't need to be just in private as it was with Dave, you'll use it all the time.'

'Yes, Miss Erica.' He had no idea why he wasn't questioning his boss, but calling her such a respectful title seemed so right that he knew there was no arguing to be done. 'And, of course, from now on it will be Miss Christy and, when she's back in tomorrow, Miss Kara.'

He nodded and lowered his eyes so he wasn't looking directly at Miss Erica realising as he did so that Dave had never looked straight at anyone other than him when he'd been here.

'Good boy, now, I would like a coffee and some of the nice biccys from the tin on the top shelf and Miss Christy prefers tea and a cereal bar.'

'Yes, Miss Erica, I'll get right on it.'

'Oh, Nikki, you'll find what you need in the bottom drawer of your new desk.'

He stopped, turned and crouched down. He pulled at the drawer on the left, but found it locked, the one on the right contained a white frilly apron similar to ones he'd seen when his mother took him for afternoon tea at the exclusive ladies club she had been a member of. He stood up and held it out in front of him for a moment before looking at Miss Erica and wondering what to do next.

'You have such a smart suit on, it would be a shame if you got anything down it. If you wear the apron that won't happen will it?

'No, I suppose not, um, thank you, Miss Erica.' He paused just another moment and then, with a deep sigh, carefully put it round his waist, tying it in a bow behind him.

'Oh lovely, hold on.' The voice belonged to Miss Christy and he saw her take a photo on her phone before moving aside so he could walk through to the small kitchen at the back of the room.

After he'd made the drinks his day had returned to some sort of normality. He'd found all the information Miss Erica had needed and send out the monthly emails Dave used to deal with. When he got back from lunch he heard Miss Christy on the phone laughing with someone and telling them how he'd worn the apron without any complaints. He'd felt his cheeks heat up and wanted to tell her to stop but knew he wouldn't. His mother had always said women loved to chatter amongst themselves and it was rude to interrupt or try to end the conversations, he should, instead, wait for his turn quietly and without complaint. He had done so for most of the afternoon but just after 4.00 pm he heard his name being called.

'Nikki, can you come over here a minute?'

'Yes, Miss Erica, ' he had moved over quickly, wondering what else would happen during his strange day.

'I need to get some shopping on the way home, Dave always used to help me, would you like to take over from him?'

'Oh, yes, Miss Erica, I could do that for you.'

'Be ready at five sharp then, otherwise it gets too busy and I don't get home until late.'

Nodding he'd done as he was told but had made sure he was finished and ready to leave five minutes early so he didn't keep Miss Erica waiting.

'You have a car don't you, Nikki?'

'Yes, Miss, it's only a mini but you should get all your shopping in it quite easily.'

'Wonderful, let's go then shall we? See you tomorrow, Christy.'

'Ok, bye. Oh, Nikki, be a good boy now.'

'Yes, Miss Christy, see you tomorrow.' He wondered, as he went down in the lift, why he hadn't objected to the changes which had happened. If it meant he got to spend more time with Miss Erica then he was quite happy; she was his favourite in the office and he'd often wondered where she went with Dave on Mondays and Thursdays, he guessed it was to get her groceries.


'Yes, Miss Erica?'

'We're on the ground floor.'

'Oh, I'm sorry, I ... I didn't realise.'

'Silly boy, ' she tapped his hand and pulled him forward.

'Do you park in the place across the road?' She saw him nod and smiled.

'Good, that'll mean we won't have to walk far in this rain, thank you.' She continued smiling as Nikki held the door for her, they ran quickly across the road, and she ducked into the passenger seat as soon as the car was unlocked.

'Are you ok, Miss Erica? I have a towel on the back seat.'

'I'm fine, but thank you for offering. Now, off we go, I want to talk to you, you can drive and listen can't you?'

'Yes, Miss, I think so.'

'Good boy, you like it when I call you that don't you?'

'I, well, yes, umm, my mum says it too.'

'And you blush, you are so cute when you do that. Ok, take the next right, how did you find your day?'

'Thank you, umm, it was, well, a little different.'

'But not distasteful, you were ok with it all?'

Miss Erica's hand was on his thigh now and he felt her flex her fingers just a little. 'Ohhh, umm, what? I'm sorry.' Her laugh was so enticing, so melodious he wondered what he could do to hear it again.

'How was your day?'

'I, well, I got a little confused. I don't understand why those things were left me by Dave or why, well, why I can call you Miss Erica so easily.'

'You are submissive, sweetie, you recognize us as your superiors, that's why. Now, the supermarket is just up there. We'll talk again after we've shopped.'

'Yes, Miss Erica, I'm what? I still don't understand.'

'Shhh, don't worry about it. I'll get something for us both to eat and we can have a nice meal while I explain some of it to you. You can push the trolley, I'll just fill it up.'

She sat where she was as Nick parked and as he did the same he realised, belatedly, that she was waiting for him to open her door. 'I'm sorry, Miss Erica.'

'Thank you. That's ok, sweetie, you'll get the hang of it all before too long.' She ran her fingers softly over the back of his hand and Nick found himself longing to please her all the more.

Erica's Story Erica relaxed as she felt the brush glide through her long blonde hair. Nikki had been counting the strokes just loud enough for her to know she had another four left before he would, unfortunately, be finished.

'Please, Miss Erica, that is five hundred, may I braid it for you now?' She watched as he moved back just two paces, although as he was kneeling they were a little shorter than usual.

'You may, my pet, thank you.' His reflection in the mirror showed he had got to his feet and she enjoyed the image of him, naked, a gold ring round the base of his cock and full balls as he looked down meekly. She had always known he was a natural submissive, far more so than David had ever been and it had taken only a month to get him to the stage where he served and worshiped her totally.

'Once you are done, boy, you will kneel at the end of the bed, hands behind you and tell me, once again, how you will describe your descent into servitude to my ladies group.

'Yes, Miss Erica, I am almost done, your hair will fall into beautiful waves tomorrow for your meeting.' His fingers were deftly weaving her hair as he spoke, his total concentration also visible in the mirror. 'There, ma'am, your hair is finished now, please may I follow your next instruction?'

'You may, boy, I will make sure you don't pause too often by reminding you just how your balls feel if they are punished.' She saw him swallow hard, the fear flickering in his eyes but she also saw his cock twitch as he fell to his knees and knew she still had him.

'I will be naked, Miss Erica, in the position I am now, I will have welcomed the ladies and their, their, slaves at the door.'

'Yes, you will, ' Erica tapped her foot up against his balls and smiled, 'and you will be naked and caged when you do so.'

'Oh, god, yes, Miss Erica, please tell me, do I know any of them, do they know me?'

Her laughter filled the air and she nodded, he had asked the same question three times now and she decided to answer him. 'Oh yes, of course. You have come along so well in the time here, I wish to show you off, boy. Now, please continue.'

'I will tell them, Miss Erica, how you saw in me a submissive nature I didn't know existed and so took me in hand, showing me how one as unworthy as I should behave before the glorious females I come into contact with, I, umm.'

He paused, the words were his own, but Erica knew some of the things she had corrected or added to his notes were still not totally memorised. 'You began by helping me with my shopping?' Her foot was firmer this time, the action would spur him on and help him should he forget again.

'Ohhh, yes, Miss, I began by helping Miss Erica with her shopping, making sure it was packed correctly in the supermarket and then putting it away for her at home. She graciously showed me how I could be of service to her and after a week of being instructed I was permitted to come home with her for the weekend.'

Erica saw the memories flit across his face and smiled. 'You were so willing, boy, I only had to ask you twice to strip naked for me, to show me how your little dick stood to attention in my presence, to tell me how you often shot your load as you watched videos of submissive male sluts in the presence of their female owners.'

His hand moved to his cock, and heard his mistress clear her throat as he stiffened. 'I, I'm so sorry, Miss Erica, please punish this slut, I forgot myself.'

'You did, didn't you, boy? You will turn, assume the position over your side of the bed and spread your cheeks for me.'

'Yes, Miss Erica, please, I, I don't wish to show those tomorrow how I have been caned.'

'You're going to be disappointed then, now, hush.' Erica picked up a thin rattan cane from the container she kept by the bed. It cut through the air with a vicious but satisfying sound and she heard Nikki gasp as he stood, legs wide, his little cock ring just glistening to show where the cause of his problems was hidden. 'Push deep inside yourself, slut, I wish to hear your moans before I begin.'

'Yes, oh god, yes, Miss Erica.' He had never even touched himself back there before submitting to her but now she made sure he showed her, daily, how far he had come in his training. As his middle finger disappeared to the second knuckle and he was unable to refrain from rubbing himself against the bed he heard his voice, husky with lust and longing, as his moans became words. 'Fuck, Miss, I am so deep, I want to take your strap-on, I want to feel you own me in all ways, ohhhh, feels so good, Miss.'

Erica grasped his wrist and made sure his finger was suddenly moving deeper, shallower, deeper again and she watched as his hips moved faster and faster. 'Do not dare spend, slut, or your punishment will prevent you sitting for more than a week.'

Immediately it was clear he was trying to get a grip, but as his finger was still being forced inside him he struggled before finally regaining control. 'Lick your finger clean.'

'Yes, Miss Erica.'

She watched closely but she knew he would not make a face or hesitate; he had been caned and caged for that offence twice so far.

'Now, boy you are mine, and I will show you, once again, what happens if you touch anything I own without permission.' The cane descended swiftly and he cried out as its power caused his arse to wobble and vibrate. She saw the force move him forward on the bed and knew his cock would be throbbing. The pain would already be enough that it would take more than one or two deep arse fucks to send him over the edge but she knew, in the end, he would be unable to stop from shooting and then sleeping in his seed just as he always did. Again and again she inflicted the searing pain, the exquisite humiliation, as he was forced to watch himself in the mirror being punished and degraded for her pleasure, his tears obvious as his torment continued. Finally, as his hips began to move in concert with the cane, she knew the exact moment he felt his cum begin to force its way through the cock ring and up his shaft.

'Cumming, glorious Mistress, oh fuck I'm cumming so much.'

The pain and pleasure exploded together as she knew it would, she wielded the cane with greater vigour, so the submission would become totally overwhelming as he disappeared into the feelings which crushed him.

'So, boy, tell me how your arse feels now.'

'It's sore, Miss Erica, but I know I deserved the punishment for touching without permission, I will tell those present today why I am so marked.' Laying four photos in front of him on the kitchen table Erica watched as he blushed at the images.

'Your tears may well be on show again later, slut; it depends whether Miss Kara brings her boy with her or not. He has been suffering with the flu.'

'Miss, Miss Kara, from the office, Miss Erica?'

'Of course, Miss Kara from the office, it is the weekend after all, none of us are working, Miss Christy will be here too, along with a lady you won't know, Mistress Miriam, who will have her new boy with her, him you will recognize.'

'Yes, Miss Erica.'

'Now, you will go and put these with the others in your photo album and leave it on the coffee table in the lounge, you will then go into the bathroom so I can prepare your arse.'

Laughing to herself Erica made a cup of coffee before heading up the stairs. Nikki's eyes had given away his panic even though he had managed to remain silent. She gathered all the different items she would need from the spare bedroom, the one her boy was forbidden to enter and moved into the en-suite off the room they shared. Ten minutes later, Nikki was kneeling at her feet unable to refrain from shaking in fear as she held up the two quarts of soapy water she would be forcing into his arse.

'On your knees, spread for me and I will begin.'

'Yes, yes, Miss, please, not all of that, I can't, it's too much.'

'Do you wish me to plug you until our guests arrive once you're full?'

'No, Miss Erica, I'm sorry.'

His tight little star was suddenly visible as she slapped his arse hard. 'This will hurt, but then you know all about that. The first one will contain the soap, the other two will be warm water. Once you're clean you will sleep for an hour, after that I will complete your preparations.'

'Yes, Miss Erica, I am ready.'

His cries of pain and pleading had made her so horny, so wet that, as he lay there, arse up in the air, trying not to writhe in agony from the soapy water plugged deep inside him, she had fingered herself to three very satisfying orgasms, laughing and telling him how much better it was when she did it herself.

His tears had flowed again as the soap had finally been expelled and he had presented himself for the first of two slightly easier enemas.

'I think you're clean but there is only one way to really know.' She moved up behind him, looked once at their reflections in the glass and then pushed her tongue inside him.

'Oh my god, Miss Erica, oh don't stop, please, please touch my little cock, ohhhh fuck.' She had licked and sucked at his pucker as well as probing it with her tongue again and again. Her hand had finally grasped his cock but only to dig her nails deeply into the head before she moved away and ordered him to sleep for the hour allotted him. She turned him onto his back, fastened his wrists to the corners of the bed with silk scarves and did the same with his ankles.

'We can't have you touching now can we? I wish you to spill later when you are at your most vulnerable and open, and I know you won't be able to refrain from doing so and showing how you are submissive to all.'

'Yes, I, I won't let you down, Miss.'

His words disappeared and as she moved over toward the doorway Erica smiled. Finally she had a boy she could own, a boy she could parade and today he would realise it was a permanent position he now filled.

Kara's Story Kara flicked her long red hair back over her shoulder and looked down at Jeremy. He was kneeling beside her, his choke-chain hanging loosely around his neck, the thin plastic mac and mesh g-string the only protection he had should anyone walk along the street before the door was opened. She could see him looking around anxiously and laughed. 'What's the matter, cur, afraid someone might recognize you?' She felt her pussy tense as she spoke, it would be more than delicious if he was spotted.

'No, Miss Kara, I am just cold.' The door was opened at that moment and Kara looked into the face of her work colleague and grinned,

'Oh very becoming, you should wear that in the office when you make the coffee.'

'Yes, Miss, Miss Kara, that is what my Mistress said also.'

Kara leaned forward and gave the pink frilly apron a little tug so the top moved just below a lightly rouged nipple. 'That's much better. This is my cur, Jeremy, you will let him precede you into the house.'

'Yes, Miss Kara, of course.'

Kara moved into the hallway and tugged lightly on the choke-chain, Jeremy, with, she noticed, almost a sneer at Nikki, followed her in. 'I saw that, you will be punished shortly. I was teaching him manners you should already know, cur, you are still as lowly as each other, now strip.'

'Yes, my queen.' The young man got to his feet, undid the buttons on his pastel blue mac and having removed it knelt once more before placing it neatly on one of the coat hooks at almost ground level.

'You will go into the lounge, find a corner and face it. I will be along shortly.' Jeremy didn't say another word but hurried off and Kara turned her attention back to Nikki.

'So, boy, you have come a long way in a very short time I hear.' She was delighted to see he had fallen to his knees as he was left alone in the hallway with her. Kara knew Erica would be watching from one of the doorways and taping the entire proceedings. She placed a finger under the chin of the boy and lifted his face so he was looking at her.

'This is your reward from me, for the next five minutes you may gaze upon me.'

'Oh, thank you, Miss Kara, and yes, I, I think Miss Erica is pleased with my progress, and, I, if I may speak freely?'

'Of course, boy, what do you have to say?'

'I, I love the submission, Miss Kara, I will willingly serve you all, all the time, here or in the office, and if it pleases you and my divine Mistress I will wear the apron there too.' Kara saw Nikki look up at the clock in the hallway and then turn back to her.

'Please, Miss Kara, the meeting will begin in five minutes, may I get you or your, your cur a drink?'

'Thank you, I will have a coffee, just as you make them at work, it is a little early yet for my first G&T of the day. My cur will have warm water in a bowl placed by his feet in the corner. If he doesn't thank you nicely you will report that to me.' Kara watched Nikki nod in agreement and then turn from her. The red angry stripes across his otherwise white arse caused her nipples to tighten and her pussy to leak. She knew she would get the chance to add to his decoration and resolved immediately to criss-cross her strokes with those left by Erica. As Nikki was putting the water bowl next to Jeremy he heard the doorbell ring. Looking toward Miss Kara he waited and she nodded slightly.

'Good boy, well remembered, and I also noticed. Yes you may answer it. I have a feeling it will be Miss Christy. Miss Miriam told me yesterday she would be a little late.' As Nikki left the room Kara got to her feet and moved across to where Jeremy stood, his hands clasped behind his head, legs apart.

'Kneel for me, cur.' The response was immediate and she smiled to herself, making sure he didn't see her pleasure. 'You didn't thank Nikki for the drink and you have been disrespectful when he is the hostess. Your punishment will be swift and public, now knees apart again.'

'Yes, my queen, ohhhh!' His words were cut off as the choke chain was pulled tight and Kara fastened it to a hook just a little too high on the wall for him to breathe easily.

'He is still in training and is already a far better sub than you have ever been. It appears I have not taken you in hand strongly enough. Your arse will be used, it will be abused and you will spend the week in your room when you are not at work. There will be no contact between us after today until at least next Saturday is that understood?'

'No, my queen, please, not, not a whole week.'

His face was red now, his eyes watering and Kara moved closer to him until her moist pussy, still hidden in a beautiful green silk skirt was just in front of his lips. 'At the very least.' She turned at the sound of people entering and smiled.

'Christy, darling, you look wonderful, I'm loving that colour on you.' She reached out and ran a long, blood red nail down Christy's purple leather basque, catching the laces as she did so.'Mmm, that I had the figure for one.' Nikki had come back into the room and knelt quietly by the door. Kara smiled at him. 'I do believe he wishes to take your order Christy, what would you like to drink?'

'He looks so sweet, he really should wear... '

'Oh I think he will, we have all mentioned it now.'

'Ahhh, I will have a green tea and Esme will have water, won't you sweetheart?'

The younger woman kneeling between Kara and Christy nodded almost imperceptibly and Kara smiled. 'She's still shy I see.'

'Oh yes, but she's getting better all the time, umm, Kara, your cur is turning a strange colour, maybe you should let his leash out a link or two?'

Kara turned and shook her head. 'He is such a disappointment, but yes, it wouldn't do for him to be unconscious, or worse, when it's his turn to perform.' She reached up, unhooked the lead and laughed as he gulped in mouthfuls of air as she added two small links to the lead's length. 'There, that should suffice for now. You may worship.'

'Yes, my queen.' Jeremy buried his face in her red curls and she felt his breath as he inhaled the scent of her shampoo.

'Do not pull on it and I may be persuaded to release your neck a little more. Mmmmm, that's it, cur, feel the softness, remember how it feels wrapped round your balls as I wank you, and now stop.' Having given him one more link of the chain Kara turned her back again.

'Erica, your boy is wonderful, how are you?' Nikki had left the room to get the drinks and Kara kissed her friend gently on the lips before standing aside to let her take a seat.

'He is good, isn't he? In fact he has done so well today I will leave his debasement until later, your cur seems far more in need of it than mine.'

'It's that blessed flu, gave him ideas above his station. He really was quite ill with it and I had to nurse him. Why he thinks that gives him leave to behave so badly I have no idea but I will beat it out of him.' Kara watched as Nikki gave Christy and her slut their drinks before scuttling over to kneel by Erica's right hand. Jeremy was now the only slave not with his or her owner and she shook her head before speaking. 'As is our usual practice when we have a meeting, as the host last time I would like to thank Erica and her boy for welcoming us so beautifully. Nikki, you have permission now to kneel in the middle of the room, remove your apron and get hard for us.'

'Yes, Miss Kara.'

The blush which suffused his body was so enticing that it was all Kara could do not to tease his little dick herself. Instead she watched as, hesitantly at first he began to wank, hoping he wouldn't get hard too quickly so she could enjoy his embarrassment all the more.

'Have you ever wanked in public like this before, slut?'

It was Miss Christy who spoke and Kara saw Nikki's hand speed up a little before he answered.

'No, Miss Christy, I apologise that is taking me so long, but, ohhhh, god, yes, now, I can feel it getting harder, please Miss Erica, do I go right to the edge?'

'Of course, boy, just as normal. Esme, he loves to have his nipples played with, you will kneel behind him, press your tits against his back and then tease his tight little nubs, if he cums however, you will both be punished.'

'Yes, Miss Erica.'

'Ohhh, fuck, Mistress, please, no, I, I won't be able to, ohhhh my god.'

Kara joined the other two women as they laughed at his predicament and she turned to her own cur. 'Jeremy, crawl over and take Nikki in your worthless mouth. Do not let him cum, but do not stop moving either.' Nikki's hand had paused as he heard her speak and now she looked at him. 'We have to prepare you, surely your mistress told you how you will lose your cherry today?'

'She said I would be taken, Miss Kara, but I, I thought she meant with her big strap on.'

Erica knew Nikki's eyes were on her as she moved closer and ran a hand into his hair, holding him fast as she spoke. 'I didn't specify, which was deliberate. After you have been played with, sucked, fingered by these two then you will be fucked maybe by me maybe by Miss Miriam's slut. He is bi although he didn't realize it until she told him. It will be a first for both of you.'

'Yes, ma'am, I, edge, edge Miss Erica, ohhhhh my god, please get them to stop, Mistress, I'll cum, please, please.'

Erica clicked her fingers and instantly Nikki was kneeling, untouched, shaking, his cock pouring precum and Kara heard the doorbell and saw the wave of her hand Erica used to tell Nikki to remain in his place. Knowing what was to come Kara watched his face for reaction and heard him speak again.

'No, please, Miss, no.' Nikki's horror was obvious as Miriam entered the room, her boy on a leash beside her; he would be fucked by Dave. Nikki's Tale The vision of Dave standing before him made Nikki's head swim. He looked at the man he had worked with and instead saw a slut, kneeling, naked except for black thigh highs and a pink bow around his dick. He watched as Dave grovelled before him until his lips were against the carpet and his arse was in the air.

'Ohhhh, fuck.' Suddenly his tits were being played with again and he saw the soft hands of his Mistress over his tight nubs. She leant a little closer, her breath teasing the hairs on his neck and whispered.

'Such sensitive hard tits, I shall have great pleasure in tormenting and hurting you, boy. You will show how much you wish to be fucked by me, or by Davina, as it's your first time you will, by your actions, choose.'

Nikki's dick lifted to full rigidity, as much with fear as excitement. The stern Miriam smiled wickedly as Davina was ushered forward by her, she smiled at Erica and nodded; the way Nikki would be taken had already been decided. Erica grinned with a heady mixture of spite and pleasure as she pointed to Davina's rudely erect dick.

'Suck him for the ladies Nikki; you can see he's ready for it.' Nikki's jaw dropped and his looked to Erica with pleading eyes; his Mistress would not be denied.

'It's for your own good, he may hurt your arsehole if he's not nicely lubricated.' Davina bucked in anticipation, waving his stiff cock under Nikki's nose; the women laughed as they saw Nikki's cock pulse as his nose sniffed at the pink bell-end, whiffy with the scent of pre-cum.

Jeremy looked on jealously and this did not go un-noticed; Kara's pussy tingled as she choked him for good measure. 'Oh you'll be humiliated soon enough, I hope your arsehole's ready to be displayed.' Their eyes returned to Nikki. Davina groaned and had to be restrained by his smiling redheaded Mistress with a tug of his leash, as all watching delighted in seeing Nikki's soft lips slip over the glistening dome of the erect and yearning cock. Nikki suddenly felt a little more at ease as his soft hot mouth engulfed the pert stiffness of the bi-sexual's turgid member; his own cock perked as he saw his Mistress move round to ensure he was serving correctly; the humiliation was sublime, he now wanted to be fucked for the pleasure of his Mistress. Christy sneered as the soft Esme looked on with her legs crossed, blushing pink at the rude display of cocks.

'See how a cock is to be enjoyed Esme? Erica's boy will show you what we women really enjoy; you watch him have his arse fucked, he shall know submission tonight.'

Davina moaned all the more as Miriam felt the underside of his sack with her cane. 'My slave's balls are nicely retracted, he's ready to fill your boy's arsehole.' Leashes were tugged and the shivering Nikki sucked his last on Davina's cock which popped out and bounced erect, ready to poke a virgin arsehole.

The women crowded closer in their eagerness as Erica turned Nikki and put her cane across the nape of his neck. 'Head down boy, arse up; you are going to be fucked.'

Davina wasted no time in gripping his large hands around the slim waist as he had a good sniff of the arsehole that was to be his, he licked the brown ring liberally as the women smiled; Nikki whimpered with a strange pleasure as he looked at the spiked shoes of his Mistress. He was at a level he had recently become accustomed to, but this time he would be taken by another male. Miriam rubbed the wet bulge in her panties as Davina looked at her in anticipation.

'Go on boy, fuck him well; you'll not come for another week so make the most of it.' Davina immediately straddled Nikki and the kneeling slave gasped as the bone hard cock was eased slowly into his tight arsehole and the women applauded. Nikki felt like a girl, and his cock stiffened as Erica teased it with her cane.

'Oh yes boy, you get used to that feeling; the strap-on I'll use on you is twice the size of his tiny dick, you will enjoy it so much.'

Davina's arse was encouraged with his Mistress's cane and the women were enthralled as they watched his balls slap Nikki's arse as he was well and truly mastered. Nikki's cock dribbled as the room was filled with the scent of feminine arousal while he was humiliated; he closed his eyes and felt his balls tingle, he was enjoying being fucked as much as the humiliation. The women jeered as he moaned and shot loops of spunk from his submissive cock; he was truly a cur.

Miriam rubbed her pussy; her spite was rampant. 'Take him now Davina, make him know who owns him!'

Davina roared and pumped his cock furiously in and out of Nikki's tortured arsehole as he spunked in a state of delirium. Panting for breath he eased his cock out and the sticky white spunk dribbled from Nikki's hot anus. Panting for breath Nikki felt the air cold against his gaping hole and then the heat of Davina's tongue and realised the slut was eating his own cum. With a moan Nikki lowered his head and began to lick his spill up from the carpet, he had been taken by a man, had loved it and it had all been at the command of his Mistress. To be continued...

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