Cream of the Crop
Chapter 1

Caution: This BDSM Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa, Consensual, Romantic, Reluctant, Coercion, Slavery, BiSexual, Heterosexual, High Fantasy, BDSM, DomSub, FemaleDom, Spanking, Humiliation, Sadistic, Oral Sex, Anal Sex, Masturbation, Exhibitionism, Voyeurism,

Desc: BDSM Sex Story: Chapter 1 - Brad is divorced and alone and seeks solace in a rural idyll, though he yearns for an assertive woman. Kay is a typically quiet widowed housewife on the outside, inside, a controlling dominatrix lurks, wanting to burst forth and command. A summer function on the village green ensures they will be locked together in a mutual passion for each other. Both Brad and Kay realise their dreams.

Brad had not long lived in the village, he'd moved there a couple of months ago after his long term split with his wife had been finalised; she had left him for a younger man a good year ago, and though he missed having sex with her, he did not miss her for much else as she had nagged and bullied him out of most of the money he brought in, and had taken to taunting him with her escapades. He was glad to be shot of her, but welcomed the idea of female company; he often found himself wanking over pictures of sometimes very plain women on dating sites, imagining their personalities to be as he desired, assertive. He was a very soft male at heart, and though his wife had dominated him socially before departing for a younger cock, she had not dominated him sexually, and this was something he found more and more appealing.

It was a beautifully sunny day, and he looked through the open back door of his little cottage to listening to the birds singing, the chimes of the local church adding to the satisfaction of his peaceful idyll. He knew there was a fete on today, and wanting to acquire some rustic items or decorations for his period cottage, planned to visit it having not much else to do, it might give him the opportunity to meet some local people; his ballls tingled for some strange reason, as though having a premonition at what would befall him that day. This was to be a special one indeed. He left the cottage and walked up the lane toward the village centre, past some of the more grandiose properties which graced his new place of residence, large detached houses being plentiful in the area; it was not so small a village that everyone who lived there would know each other's business, not large enough to have lost its charm. It was that blend that had attracted him to the area.

Kay Wright was to all who knew her, a very straight-laced and middle-class woman. Prim and proper outwardly, she was attractively full-figured and middle-aged with auburn hair, her milky white skin adding a notion of purity and innocence to other people's perception of her character. Widowed about three years before, her husband who had been some fifteen years older than her had left her very comfortably off, living in one of the large detached houses that Brad found so desirable. She had been a schoolmistress at a private school when she had met her husband, and though they had not had any children, she had not needed to work on marrying him, though she had retained special duties at the school. She loved horse riding and had her own stable and paddock to the rear of the house, as well as membership of the local equestrian centre.

She had been wooed by many males who attempted to court her, but had shunned those self-made men with big cars who desired to have her as their 'little lady of the house'. When her closer friends had suggested she was mad not to accept even a date, she just smiled and made out she was not ready for a relationship. In the seclusion of her private paddock away from prying eyes she would ride her stallion bareback, sometimes virtually naked; her pussy taking in the exquisite feel of the animal's rigid back as it thrust forward when she applied the crop. It was on occasions like this that she fantasised about the sort of male she desired.

Primly dressed for the occasion of the fete, she had set out her stall with the bric-a-brac and would-be antiques that she and her friend Betty Allthorpe had put together. Kay had woken with an air of mischief and had decided not to wear panties under her tight skirt which expressed her pleasing buttocks so well, she just pulled on her tights, loving the feel of the sheer nylon around her pussy; she could pull the seam into the cleft of her sex when suitably aroused, the feeling was delicious. A white silk blouse would suffice in the warm sunshine, and she had marvelled at her plump but shapely body as she lifted her red hair into a bun in the mirror. She had thought today might just be the day.

Betty noticed a strangely contented look on her friend's face today, and sniggered as she watched her undo one more button of the silk blouse, exposing just a little of her delicately freckled cleavage. Kay pursed her red lips, fresh with an application of shiny red gloss.

'Maybe I can attract a few more customers than we would normally, the spring sunshine certainly has me in the mood for it.'

Brad crossed the road to the village green which was bedecked with stalls and a variety of tents, his cock twitched as he watched the shapely backsides of two younger ladies jiggle as they walked, he so needed the soft smell and touch of a female, but he would be a little more picky with his next relationship. A mature lady noted his line of vision giving him a wry smile and a 'good morning ' as she passed; he acknowledged her with a blush and headed for the beer tent, he felt he somehow needed to calm his nerves. The smell of damp canvas gave atmosphere to the day as he bought a pint of real ale and stood at its entrance, surveying the many stalls from afar. In a space between the still damp marquee and the stalls two magpies chased the remains of a hot dog sausage, one dropping it, only for the other to hop quickly behind it and rise swiftly into the air with its prize, hotly pursued by its mate. 'One for sorrow, two for joy' he thought to himself. Their flight path took them across a stall, behind which an attractive woman with red hair stood. He looked at her and thought, if only ... He smiled to himself and finished the pint.

Kay's pussy tingled as it slipped in the nylon, while she bustled and bent to show horse brasses and various equestrian paraphernalia to prospective customers. Her alter ego hidden behind her prim exterior, nipples poked in her bra as she sensed the carnal excitement of husbands who ogled the soft white cleavage while wives viewed items their male partners had little interest in. Her pussy suddenly gave a sweet flutter as a lone male picked an old riding crop from the stall and their eyes met. Kay found herself placing a hand behind her head to pat her red bun, and smiled as the action made her breasts poke invitingly when she did so, making this reasonably attractive man glance at them and swallow hard before returning his eyes to hers. Brad's cock swelled instantly; there was something about this woman other than her pleasing features which held his attention, he did not know what. Betty chuckled and broke the momentarily deafening silence which existed between them.

'A fine example of a pre-war riding crop sir, yours for just three pounds.' The distraction of another voice made Brad turn in its direction.

'Errr ... yes thanks, I'll take it.' Kay relaxed a little and cut in immediately, Brad's eyes welcomed their return to her, and the chance to hear her voice.

'Of course, we have many to choose from as you can see, please do take your time; do you have an interest in horses?' Brad warmed to her clear and authoritative tone, he was normally a man of few words but he felt the desire to engage her in conversation for as long as he could, though he feared such a delightful prospect would be spoken for.

'I don't have a particular interest in horses, I've not lived here long and to be honest, I am looking for any items that might grace my cottage.' He looked at her auburn hair, blue eyes and soft white skin and thought how she would grace his cottage very nicely; he could not have dreamed at that moment that she would indeed grace it, under her terms and very much to his pleasure. Her pussy was tingling too, she felt straight away that she could connect with him, something urged a little of the dominance from her.

'You went straight for the crop, do you like that sort of thing?' She smiled with a little triumph as he blushed slightly, she then picked up another and gently flexed it, running the red nails of her delicately manicured fingers up and down its leather brading. Brad's cock bulged as he too sensed some ephemeral connection; he hoped he was not imagining it.

'I ... I like the way it's crafted, things to do with horses give a feel of times gone by.' He now realised he had been drawn to the crop despite all the other equestrian items which were displayed, his balls tingled as he watched her purse those hot red lips. She glanced sideways at Betty who had just finished with another customer.

'I'd love that coffee you promised earlier Betty.' Her eyes returned to Brad's.

'Would you like some too?' Brad was in no hurry to go anywhere else.

'Oh ... Err ... Yes please, milk no sugar please.' Betty smirked at the antics of her usually, outwardly timid friend, she certainly was in a strange mood today. As Betty walked across the green to the refreshment tent, Kay flexed the crop again and watched for his reaction; she watched his Adam's apple jump as he swallowed, her pussy tingled sweetly in the nylon.

'I have lots of equestrian items at home you might have an interest in, I have my own stable and paddock you see, and a small barn which is full of junk from the past two centuries. You would be most welcome ... you could bring your partner.' Brad's heart pounded as he quickly responded.

'Oh ... I don't have a partner ... yes I'd love to. I take it your husband won't mind?' Kay's pussy moistened as she smiled contentedly.

'Oh, I don't have one of them, I disposed of him a while back.'

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