Chapter 1

Caution: This Time Travel Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa, Consensual, Heterosexual, Science Fiction, Time Travel, Historical, Science fiction adult story, sci-fi adult story, science-fiction sex story, sci-fi sex story, sci-fi time travel story, science-fiction historical story

Desc: Time Travel Sex Story: Chapter 1 - Two anthropology graduate students accidentally trip a portal through time and wind up in ancient Egypt. Something about the portal does allow them to speak the local language. However, they still have to survive there without being killed as dangerous foreigners and have to find a way to make a living. Becoming Nanny to the pharaoh's favorite son was a good start. The male half of the duo worked as a bodyguard. Be warned: this story has only eight chapters.

Bill Ackerman:

He was a graduate student in anthropology who was invited to assist in the investigation of a cave complex recently discovered in the rugged mountains northeast of Phoenix, AZ.

Bill was just over 6' tall and weighed about 185 pounds, most of it bone and muscle. Bill worked out regularly at kung fu to try to keep from developing blubber from his academic lifestyle. He was rather handsome with brown hair and brown eyes in a symmetrical face. Women would give him second looks, but none so far had been induced to drool over him.

Sally Johnson:

She was a graduate student in anthropology who was invited to assist in the investigation of a cave complex recently discovered in the rugged mountains northeast of Phoenix, AZ.

Sally was 5'-6" tall and weighed about 135 pounds. She had just enough fat in the right places to make her attractive to men. In other words, Sally was a brunette "babe."

Sally and I had been at work at the cave complex doing the grunt work that the professors didn't want to do. After all, a graduate student is just another form of slave as far as the faculty is concerned. Sally and I had been assigned to many jobs as a team, so we got to know each other very well as we dug around and moved heavy stuff that the professors didn't want to get dirty with.

On one such occasion, we were deep into the depths of the cave and were working by the light of a pair of Coleman lanterns. At least we had one advantage we were not going to mention to the professors: it was a cool 72° F where we were, while it was a mean 112° F where the professors were at the mouth of the cave. We were afraid that if we mentioned this obvious difference to them, they would preempt us and stick us with a job in the direct sunlight. Oh, Drs. Hempsted and Josephson were nice enough and good teachers, but they had the common faculty feelings about the comfort of graduate students in the field.

Anyway, Sally and I were carefully working sand and dust away from the face of a large stone slab that began to look like a door. Our mentors had seen the photos that we had taken of the stone slab the previous day, and Dr. Hempsted had been the one to notice the glyphs painted on the surface. These glyphs looked so much like Viking runes that he and Dr. Josephson got very excited: excited enough to send us back today to clear away the crud covering the glyphs so that we could get even better pictures.

Well, Sally and I were doing our level best to get good pictures so that the good Doctors could get full credit for the discovery. Hell, if we were lucky, our names would appear in a footnote somewhere. We got the surface fully cleared and Sally wanted to be the one who took the photos. I didn't argue, but I spent the time adjusting the lights so that the glyphs were fully visible.

Sally had taken the full set of pictures that we needed, but she got the bright idea for me to put my hand against the stone to give a vivid impression of the scale of the drawings. That sounded good to me, so I reached out to touch the stone slab while she took that last picture.

I had set the lamps down in what were advantageous positions and reached to touch the stone slab. The moment I touched the slab, I discovered that I had bent over too far and was losing my balance. Without thinking, I put my full weight against the stone slab and touched two of the glyphs with my fingers. I have not idea whether it was the touching, the pressure, or both that caused it, but the stone slab started to move!

Naturally, I kept falling, and I must have yelled for help, though I don't remember actually doing that. Anyway, for whatever reason, Sally grabbed my belt to try to help me, but she was no where near strong or steady enough to halt my tumble.

The stone slab rolled away from its original position to reveal a tunnel behind it leading into darkness. I could not possibly stop my tumble into the tunnel, and I pulled Sally with me as I fell into the darkness. I expected to hit the floor of the tunnel with a painful thump with Sally on top of me. Well, that didn't happen!

We fell and fell and fell. Neither one of us has any idea how long we fell, but it seemed like hours. Sally kept a tight hold on my belt, so we stayed together as we fell. At first, we were in freefall, but we began to slow down after a while. We saw ahead of us, or was that below us, a pool of light that we fell into so gently that it was unbelievable. Sally fell on top of me, all right, but the impact was more like the strength of a lover's caress. No, that simile did not occur to me at the time.

Our breath was not even knocked out of us as a result of the fall. Sally released my belt and we rolled apart to stand and to look about us. What we saw looked like a movie set from a very expensive Egyptian mummy horror movie. There was no dust or dirt anywhere, and the room before us was furnished like an imagined pharaoh's tomb. There was a sarcophagus in the middle of the room with a multitude of ornate tables covered with treasure. It was mostly gold with a few gems thrown in, but none of the gems were cut in the manner that we were accustomed to.

At the foot of the sarcophagus was a table with a complete serving of food for a meal, including wine. We both discovered that we were damned hungry about now, so we were drawn to the food. Sally said, "Bill, do you think that the food is safe to eat? I know that I am hungry enough to take a chance on it."

"It looks that way to me, Sally, and I am willing to take that chance." That must have been enough encouragement for Sally because she took a bite out of what looked like the breast of a small bird.

Sally swallowed and said, "Dammit, this is good, and it can't be more than an hour since it was cooked because it is still warm inside." She proceeded to eat the rest of the portion she was holding while I picked up what looked like a pork chop. Well, it wasn't pork, but it tasted damned good, and it was also a little warm. There was enough food there for us to eat our fill and still leave some behind. We also drank what turned out to be watered wine, and we were pleasantly full by the time we finished eating. There were even some dates for dessert.

We had hardly finished eating when we heard someone approaching along a corridor. There was no door, so there was nothing to muffle the sound. I don't know why I did it, but I held my finger in front of my mouth to signal for silence as I pulled Sally to a poorly illuminated part of the room where we could hide behind some sort of decorative screen.

We got behind the screen just before a man in priest's garb and four soldiers came in. They left six slaves standing at the door. I was flabbergasted when I found that I could understand the new people.

"Our dear lord, Hephshut, has returned! He has eaten our offering. Quick, we must fetch the chief priest!"

I could tell from the look on Sally's face that she, too, had understood the priest. Neither one of us were all that interested in Egyptian history, but we had been through a couple of general classes on ancient Egypt as undergraduates. Sally whispered, "How could we understand the priest? And what is going on? As best as I can remember, Hephshut was a pharaoh of the Nineteenth Dynasty."

"Yeah, I think that you are right about Hephshut, but I think that we will be in one hell of a lot of trouble if we are found in his tomb. Let's try to hide somewhere else before we are accused of being tomb robbers."

There was no other obvious exit, so Sally and I ran to the same corridor that the Egyptians had used. There was an alcove only a few feet farther along, and it was dark inside. We cut in there, and it was a damned good thing that we did! Hardly were we out of sight when a group of Egyptians approached the main room where we had been. This group consisted of men in priest's garb, soldiers with mean looking weapons, and slaves.

The original priest said, "See, My Lord High Priest, the food offering has been eaten. Surely that means that Our Lord Pharaoh Hephshut has returned to us!"

The high priest answered, "Don't be a bigger fool than you have to be, Ushlotmus! Can't you see that two people were eating the food? Furthermore, they must be tomb robbers. Capt. Horstoloot, have your men search for the thieves. Treat them any way you please, but I want them alive when you bring them to me!"

The captain saluted and turned around to order his men to start a search of the tomb complex. The slaves jumped back out of the way, and the soldiers ran from the room with the captain right behind them. The priests and their slaves marched out behind the soldiers in a much more stately manner, but there was no doubt that they were leaving.

Fortunately, we had heard the entire conversation from our hiding place. Sally said, "Bill, we are headed for painful deaths if we don't get our asses out of here real damned soon!" I had to agree, but I was real short on ideas. Sally grabbed my hand and pulled me behind her as we ran toward what she hoped was the exit.

Uh-oh, here they come. We had no choice but to duck into another side room that was nearly dark and to try to find a place to hide. This room appeared to be a general work and storage room. There were some crates, boxes, and pottery containers stacked around some tables. This was my turn to act, and I pulled Sally's hand to draw her under a large table that was almost completely surrounded by the aforementioned crates, etc.

We were hardly under the table before two soldiers walked in, and one of them was carrying a torch. Our luck held because the man with the torch held it as high as he could so that a very dark shadow was cast under the table. The other man looked around with a series of quick glances and announced, "There's nobody here. Let's check the next room." They left the room, and Sally and I breathed a sigh of relief.

We decided to stay where we were until the hue and cry died down. Three hours later, we crept out from under the table and sneaked toward the exit. Don't ask me what we were going to do when we got there, but being caught anyplace else was better than being caught in the tomb. Being caught in the tomb was enough to warrant having our right hands chopped off, and then they would start the torture.

We had no idea of the time when we got to the exit, but it was "dark as a tomb" out there. We both wore watches, but we had no idea how close they were to local time. We both peeked out and couldn't see a damned thing because it was so dark. We were at the face of a cliff, so we were limited on where we could go from here.

There was sand all around so we were going to leave tracks no matter where we went, so we just started walking in the general direction of a glow of light on the horizon. Our only hope was that by daylight we would find a road that had enough traffic on it that our footprints would be lost in the mass of tracks already there.

Now that we were away from the cliff, we could see the sky. From what I could estimate from the stars that I could see, we were walking sort of northeast. That glow in the distance must be from the lights of a city, but we had no idea which one. It really did not make much difference because our clothes were going to give us away as foreigners, and that probably meant that we would be picked up by the authorities and asked to explain ourselves.

Shit! No matter how we looked at it, we were in a pickle! On top of everything else, Sally was dressed in her working clothes of shirt, shorts, and boots. That was not women's clothes by any definition, and that would get her into trouble even if there was nothing else for the authorities to complain about. The first thing we needed was something that we could wrap around ourselves so that we would look like normal human beings, even if we did look foreign.

That was when Sally's sharp eyes came to our rescue: she spotted an awning meant to shade a doorway to a house about 200 yards to our left. The awning was white, and it looked like it was large enough to take care of both our needs if we split it down the middle. I couldn't think of any better solution to our problem so I resolved to steal the awning.

We trotted toward the house, and Sally kept watch while I pilfered the awning. Fortunately, I was tall enough to reach the ropes holding it in place and was able to untie it without making a lot of noise. Anyway, I managed to grab the thing, and we both took off at a dead run to a group of trees where we were not likely to be observed while we worked our magic on the awning.

I had a sturdy pocketknife, so I was able to make the necessary cuts and have us wrapped in what looked somewhat like togas. Hell, as long as Sally's "modesty" was preserved, I really didn't care what we looked like. It was kind of funny in that she could have stripped off all of her clothes and not have attracted a second glance, except that her skin was so pale. Egyptian slaves of that era, especially women, often appeared in public naked, but her skin color would have given her away. Furthermore, she would have burned and blistered in only a few minutes under the Egyptian sun.

There was that same problem for me, but I was circumcised, and only Jews did that at this time as far as I knew. Therefore, I would have been noticed even if I were naked. We couldn't help laughing over the thought that we could be unnoticed if we could have taken our clothes off, except for a couple of minor details!

That brought up another point: neither one of us had a hat. Without something to protect our heads from the sun, we were in danger from sunstroke. Luckily, there was a small section of the awning that we could split to make some sort of head covering. I was the one most likely to have trouble first because I kept my hair cut very short, though I was not a skinhead. As we walked, I was busy trying to fashion some sort of covering for my head.

Sally had a sort of headband that she could use to hold on her protective cover, but I still had to come up with something. In desperation, I cut off a short strip from the edge of my piece of the awning and used that to tie on my cover. I was sure that I was in no way at the height of fashion, but I just might get away with it. If not, I was probably dead!

Okay, we had solved the clothing problem as much as we could, but we still had the problem of food and drink. For practical purposes, getting caught stealing anything, including food, was a death sentence. It was almost a dead certainty that we would be caught because neither one of us had any experience in that line of work. Dammit, we were in trouble no matter how we sliced it!

Wait a minute, I was damned good at kung fu, and I was much larger than the average Egyptian of this era. Maybe I could get a job as a bodyguard. I certainly could speak the language well enough. But what about Sally. I had not yet mentioned it, but she might have to pose as my wife. I had no idea how she would take that suggestion.

I told her what I had in mind and asked her opinion, both on the bodyguard thing and on posing as my wife. At first, Sally started to giggle, and then she broke out in an uncontrolled laugh. Then she began to cry... "Bill, that is the craziest marriage proposal that I have ever heard of! But, dammit, I don't know of another solution. Okay, I'll go along with it, but I am not a virgin, and I warn you that I expect a lot from any man who tries to fuck me!

"Please excuse the laughter and the tears, but I was reminded of some things that my grandmother once said to me. I might tell you what she said when I get to know you better."

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