Here Comes Joni. There Go Johnny Test
Chapter 1: What the Heck

Caution: This Fan Fiction Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Reluctant, Fan Fiction, Incest, Interracial, Pregnancy, Transformation,

Desc: Fan Fiction Sex Story: Chapter 1: What the Heck - This is a bit of a rewrite of my story Johnny Test or is it Joni? so I hope you enjoy.

After years of being experimented on by his sisters Johnny would think he would be used to it by now. He had become a giant angry monster, a super smart kid, the star of a dodgeball team, a fish, even a girl on more than one occasion, they even experimented on his pet dog to make him smart and even able to move around and talk like a human. But this time, this time they have gone too far.

It's on one of the times they changed him into a girl, and not just any girl, a hot girl in her mid to late teens. It was on Johnny's 15th birthday when his sisters finally talked him into doing this. Johnny at first thought it would be interesting to be in this form especially when he noticed he had big boobs. Although he wouldn't tell his sisters any of that. He just acted like he was against the idea, like he usually did when Mary and Susan did something like this to him. He wanted to refuse but they pulled out one of his free experiment coupons. At the moment he was really regretting making those.

The reason they turned him into a woman this time around was they had another scheme to get their hands on the boy that lived next door to them and his name that they'll hold close to their hearts for all their lives, Gil Nexdor.

Their reasoning at least in part was that they noticed that Gil liked hot looking girls and women. And they wanted to do a test run on Johnny first. Because sometimes they have to admit that sometimes their experiments go wrong. Although the excuse they gave Johnny was that they wanted Gil Nexdor to fall for them when they were as close to their natural forms as they could be, and not when they were some hot looking bimbo with big boobs. They used a slightly different phrase with Johnny though. If they were lucky enough for things to end up getting hot and heavy they didn't believe they would have time to change back into themselves.

At the moment though Johnny had been stuck in female form for a few months and he had just gotten done with throwing up in the toilet.

In a hot and sexy voice despite just having thrown up Johnny said, "Oh man how did I get myself into this mess? And I thought this only happened in the early stages."

Johnny stood up revealing a huge belly. He was now a few months pregnant.

The Test's family dog Dukey coughed and replied, "Well correct me if I'm wrong but you are now a rather hot looking female, at least to you humans," he said that last part to himself low enough so nobody else could hear him, "And when you're female and do the things you did, you do sometimes end up PREGNANT."

"What are you talking about dog? I didn't do anything. You know it's all Mary and Susan's fault they turned me into this and had me bring Gil here."

"True that we did turn you into a young attractive woman little brother but we never told you to have sex with our Gil." said Mary.

"As for the morning sickness, it isn't necessarily just for the early stages it could happen later on too. But in your case I think it is because the process that swapped your gender wasn't meant to keep you this way for this long and we had failed to calculate pregnancy into the factor, so it just may have had some unforeseen side effects." said Susan.

Johnny rolled his/her eyes and groaned, "But I didn't have sex with Gil. You two are the ones that did that."

In a sigh of passion and with smiles both Mary and Susan said, "Giiillll."

"We certainly didn't tell you to do it with the others Johnny or should we say Joni?" stated Susan.

To that all that Johnny had to say was, "I'm so never going to let you experiment on me again. No more free COUPONS. And you SO owe me."

"Well you're going to have to let us do more experiments on you if you ever want to become a boy again. And the first one is now. We got an Ultrasound machine that will not just let us see what your baby looks like as if it were outside of your womb but also it will allow us to find out who the father is even before it's birth." said both Mary and Susan.

"But first we're going to need you to strip naked and lay down on the table over there. And we're cashing in one of the many free experiment coupons we have left." said Mary.

"Fine, just never say this is my baby or talk about a womb and it being mine ever again." Johnny said as he quickly stripped naked and sat on the cold table. He shivered and looked over to Dukey after hearing a light chuckle. Then he laid down.

The machine started to make a slight humming sound and suddenly things got nice and warm. Johnny even felt a little fuzzy and tingly inside, especially for some strange reason in between his legs.

"Okay everything looks fine. You're having Twins. One boy and one girl.

She's so cute." said Mary.

"Now we'll have to wait for a bit for the DNA matches. To show up." said Susan.

Shortly after she said that. There was a light dinging sound. And both sisters took a look at the screen and with shocked looks on their faces together said, "Oh my goodness."

Shocked Johnny turned suddenly to his sisters and said, "What is it?

What's wrong?"

"Excuse me let me see." said Dukey. He stood next to the screen took a sip of some kind of hot drink and spit it out. Laughed nervously and continued. "Well according to this both your kids have different fathers. That's the good news."

"How can that be good news? Both the kids have different dads. Who are they."

Mary, Susan, and Dukey all looked at each other and Dukey tentatively said, "You might want to stay laying down for a bit."

With that Johnny's mind went running through the events that lead to his being in this situation.

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