Domestic Goddess
Chapter 1

Caution: This Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including mt/Fa, Consensual, Reluctant, Cheating, Slut Wife, Wife Watching, Incest, Mother, Son, Gang Bang, Orgy, Size, BBW, Big Breasts,

Desc: Sex Story: Chapter 1 - "Domestic Goddess Modeling is looking for women aged 30 and up who still have what it takes to turn a man's head. Make $300 for a single day's work. Appointments are limited so please call now at ..." Sounds easy enough.. right?

"Domestic Goddess Modeling is looking for women aged 30 and up who still have what it takes to turn a man's head. Make $300 for a single day's work. Appointments are limited so please call now at..."

My wife showed me the ad to see what I thought. I admit I had my doubts, but she seemed excited. Over a month since being laid off, it did not look good for her to be back working anytime in the near future. We were doing ok, but without the extra income we did have to cut back which I handled much better than she did.

"It can't hurt to call. Just don't let them con you. If they ask for any money - cash or credit card - just hang up. And don't give them your name or anything until we know for sure they are legit. If they ask, just tell them your name is Mary."

Although I could only hear her side of the conversation, I got the gist of what they were talking about.

"Li ... I mean... , My name is Mary" "I just turned 36 last August" "5'6" "Blonde" "Blue" "Size 14" "38EE" "Yea" "Yea" "No, I would be free Monday" "8 ... that would be 8 in the morning?" "Ok, sure" "That's the one on Willow Lane, right?" "Sure" "Ok" "Well thank you"

She hung up, looked at me then smiled, "They want to see me this Monday, 8AM, at the Best Budget Inn over on Willow."

I asked, "Did they mention what you would be modelling?"

"They really didn't say. They did ask if I would be comfortable working with a couple male models." She paused as in thought, then turned and smiled, "Guess I will find out Monday."

I thought to myself, male models? What's up with that? "If you don't mind, I think I will go with you on Monday."

"But don't you have to work?"

I explained to her, "I got some comp time built up. I can take a personal day."

We got to the hotel the following Monday. The rooms were accessed from outside, but I figured they must have some sort of conference room they would use inside. I was mistaken. They were in the back of the hotel, all the way to the north end. It was just a normal hotel room.

As we entered, we met a middle-aged man dressed up in nice but definitely casual attire. He seemed to light up when he saw my wife standing at the door, but his demeanor changed quickly when he saw me. After an awkward pause where he looked from my wife back to me, he finally welcomes us into the room.

It was a typical hotel room. It had a large king-sized bed with a small desk and chair. I noticed immediately they had cameras set up all around the bed. Lisa seemed clueless, as she was concentrating on making a good impression on our new host. She wanted this. She had spent the last three days trying to decide what she was going to buy with the $300.

Mr. Thomas, or at least that was the name he gave us, starting in on his canned pitch, obviously uneasy having the husband in the room. I stopped him mid-sentence. "Excuse me please." I took my wife's hand. "Honey, look around at these cameras. They want you to do a porno."

I felt bad as I watched all the happiness drain from my wife's face and her whole body seemed to slump down in her chair as if she was being deflated. Mr. Thomas was obviously annoyed that I deprived him of his sales pitch, but I figured why waste the time.

She looked to Mr. Thomas and asked him, "Is that true?" He didn't need to answer as the look on his face said it all. He just forced a smile, staring at my wife's chest, seeing a golden opportunity fading away. I would imagine he would get top dollar for someone of my wife's caliber.

"It's too bad though. It would take a month to bring home five hundred dollars from the plant." I embellished on the month, but I knew she would not question it. Mr. Thomas started to correct me on the price, but realizing what I was up to, he did not speak. "This would be all done in a single day. I assume you would be paying cash money – without anything taken out?"

"Of course." Mr. Thomas sat back. There was hope for him yet. The ease that I bumped the price from $300 to $500 made me think I could have went much higher. Live and learn.

"But wouldn't that make me a whore?" She looked at me confused.

I quickly responded: "You would be an actress doing a movie." The stereotype of big titted blondes not being too bright sometimes turns out to be true. My wife is not the sharpest tool in the shed. And I have to admit, I have always wanted to watch my wife with another guy, so it seemed like a win-win all around.

"An actress ... that would be cool." She looked over to me again, "What do you think?" She looks back to Mr. Thomas, "My husband would be here the whole time, right?"

He sat up, his salesman side kicking back in, "No problem. Whatever makes you the most comfortable?" He gives her a big smile.

When she looked back to me, I told her "It's completely up to you. That is a lot of money."

"Five hundred dollars is a lot of money." Talking to no one else in particular, she seemed to be talking more to herself.

She looked at me, "But you would have to miss another day of work" then looked to Mr. Thomas "When would we do this?"

"I am ready now. We would just need you to sign some standard paperwork, and we could be started in less than 30 minutes."

"Oh, my. That is soon." She looked to me, "Do we have all day. I did promise Jake I would make lasagna for supper." She looked to Mr. Thomas, "Lasagna is our son Jake's favorite."

r. Thomas seemed to take interest in our son. "So, how old is Jake?" Mr. Thomas asked. His tone seemed to me like this was more than an idle conversation. He seemed extra pleased when she told him our son was 17.

She couldn't help but brag on her pride and joy. "Oh, he is just the perfect child. He is one of those 'computer nerds' but he is an excellent student – he gets straight A's. Never gets into trouble."

He handed her the paper to be signed along with a pen. "Sounds like a fine young man."

She immediately passes the paper to me while she continues to talk to Mr. Thomas. "He wants to be a lawyer. The school counselor says if he keeps his grades up, he could get some big scholarships when he graduates. I sure hope he gets enough."

I took out my glasses and read through it. Pretty standard. We turn over full rights so they can do whatever they want with the footage taken today. I didn't bother explaining that to her. Why muddy up the water now. I was looking forward to this. I handed it to her and told her to sign it.

She gave it back to him signed. He asked us both if we needed to use the restroom or wanted a snack. He had brought along a cooler and a bag full of chips and stuff.

While Lisa used the bathroom, Mr. Thomas made a quick phone call and then spent a few minutes readying all the equipment. He had my wife sit on the bed, told her to relax, and then he turned it on.

"So today we have 'Mary' with us. She has agreed to help us today make a movie. Before the guys get here, would you mind if I ask you some questions?"

She nodded and told him "Sure."

"So your name is Mary. I assume that isn't your real name." Lisa looks to me and I just smile.

"Busted ... No, Mary is not my real name."

Mr. Thomas smiled at her. "Not a problem. Are you excited to be here?"

She smiles, wrings her hands, "Yea. I think so. Yea."

He smiles even bigger, "Just so you know, I am a human lie detector. I can tell when people lie to me right away". He pauses then, "Does that make you nervous?"

"Yes. Definitely nervous."

"Well, let me assure you that you are going to do fine. I think you are going to really enjoy today. I know Bob and Bill are going to enjoy you. You obviously have some large breasts. May I ask, are they real?"

She was embarrassed but she answered, "Yes. Yes, they are all real."

"Would you mind telling us your bra size?"


"Whoa. Those are definitely some big hooters. Your husband is a pretty lucky guy."

She looks to me, sitting off camera. "I think so." She smiles at me. I smile back.

"FYI, Mary has her husband with today and he is sitting next to me."

She waves at me, smiling. I wave back.

"So, 38EE, you must have started developing those pretty early. Do you remember how old you were when you started getting boobs?"

"My mom took me to get my first bra at the start of fourth grade. I was a C cup by the sixth grade."

"Impressive. I bet the guys couldn't keep their hands off of you. It's a good thing you weren't my daughter. I wouldn't be able to keep my hands off those." I thought that to be an odd response, but I guess it gets the viewers going and it seemed to go unnoticed by Lisa.

"Can you tell us how old you were when you lost your virginity?"

She paused in thought for a moment, then answered, "Sixteen".

"Sixteen. I am surprised. But then with a set of lungs like yours, most boys would be more than satisfied with a titty-fuck. So tell me, did you let the guys titty-fuck you back then?"

When it was clear he wasn't going to move on until she answered, she responded just above a whisper, "A few."

"A few dozen would be my guess, but let's move on." He paused as to give her time to recompose herself. "So, you told us you have a son, right?"

"Yes, I do." That put her back smiling.

"So what do you think he would say if he knew you were here?"

The smile disappeared, "I don't know."

"Do you plan on telling him? I am just curious."

She looked to me then back to the camera. "I guess I haven't thought about it. Probably not."

"Do you think he sees you as a MILF? Do you ever catch him or his friends staring?"

"Well, I... , um, I'm not sure."

"Oh, I think you do. Have you ever caught one of your son's friends checking you out."

Finally she half smiles, "Yea. I have."

"Now that I can believe." Before she could think too much he continued, "And your son, I assume he looks too."

"Yes. Sometimes." She seemed to sit up more, determined to get through these questions.

"So, tell the truth, have you ever checked out your son."

"I suppose."

"I'm sorry. What was that you said? You were mumbling a bit."

"Yes. Yes, I have." She looked at me out of the corner of her eye briefly before looking away.

There was a knock on the door. He got up and let two very young looking guys into the room who could easily be brothers. I assumed them to be at least 18 considering what they were here for. It would appear the questioning stage was over.

"Well, Mary. I would like to introduce you to Bob and Bill. Boys, this is Mary. And this is Mary's husband." Both boys immediately reached out their hands which caused me to stand. In turn I shook hands with them both. They were so at ease I almost forgot why they were here. They shook Mary's hand next, being the perfect gentlemen.

"Ok, we aren't going to go with a script on this. The boys know what to do so just follow their lead. Try to embrace the fantasy. The key is too act natural and try to forget the cameras are even there. We will just let the cameras run and we will edit it all later. We will take a break in a couple of hours or so."

Mary returned to the bed as Bob and Bill stepped towards the door. When they opened it, I thought they were leaving, but then Mr. Thomas yelled "Action." And they slammed it shut.

Bill and Bob move into camera.

Bill: "Wow, this room is great." He bounces down beside Lisa causing her to have to center herself so she wouldn't fall over.

Bob: " Sorry we're late. Just as we were getting into the car, Dad made us carry that old sofa out to the curb. But don't worry, he don't suspect a thing." He sits on Lisa's other side, much less bounce. They both look around the room.

Bob: "This is the best birthday ever, Mom."

Bill: "Yea, you're the greatest."

Bob: "We get to spend the whole day together." With that, Bob puts his arm around Lisa and pulls her in for a kiss while his hand reaches up and squeezes her left boob.

Bill: "Hey. Let me have a turn." Bob sits back as Bill takes his turn kissing and groping Lisa.

They spend the next several minutes making out with my wife. While she plays tongue tag with one, the other kisses her neck and cleavage, then they switch roles and soon she is making out with the other.

While the boys are just in shorts and t-shirts, Lisa is wearing a nice summer dress, a pattern of multiple shades of yellow. Hard not to think 'summer' when she wears it.

It doesn't take long before they have her dress down to her waist and soon her bra is on the floor, causing her boobs to expand to their full size. Some women's large breasts hang straight down, flat against their chests. Although they did sag some, for their size Lisa's breasts remained nice and full.

The boys moved down as each suckled on a breast. Their hands soon had her dressed pulled up above her waist and each boy took turns sliding their hand into her panties. It became clear that she was getting fingered and apparently fingered quite well. She was pushing herself into their hands, moving her ass back and forth while they slide their fingers in and out.

The panties didn't last long and soon she was laid back and they both had her flopping around the bed as they fucked her with their fingers. "Please, I can't take no more" would switch to "Oh God, don't stop".

She would reach down and clutch their wrists to try to stop them from assaulting her then slam her whole body back on the bed, clutching whatever body part she could grab as her pussy fought to get more fingers up inside her.

It was like the boys were competing on trying to keep their fingers from being bucked away from her pussy as they orchestrated her body around the bed. Her eyes were wild when she managed to pull her knees completely back so that she locked them in place with her arms in front holding her ankles. Her body rocked to and fro as they continued their assault. "Oh fuck that feels good." Her words vibrated to the rhythm of the fingers as they continued to be shoved in and out of her pussy.

To finish her off, they turned her over and while Bill held her head to his lap, Bob continued his finger assault on her now upturned ass. With her movement restricted, she had to just hang on while fingers continued in and out of her dripping wet cunt. Her body was actually convulsing before finally, it went limp. She had passed out.

They rolled her over onto her back and she just lay there like a rag doll that had been thrown on the bed. After a few seconds she slowly came back to life. Her eyes were glassy and she couldn't seem to focus. It clearly took her some effort to finally sit up. She let out a weak laugh as the last tremor left her. "That was amazing."

Bill: "Glad we could be of service, mom." He lowered down and gave her a peck on the lips.

Bob: "You're the best, mom." He kissed her also.

As she managed to get back to the edge of the bed, both boys stood on either side of her and removed their shirts then dropped their shorts. Two large cocks came flopping out. They had to be at least nine inches each and both were quite thick.

Lisa reached up and grabbed hold of each before she started planting small kiss on their cock heads. Soon, she had both completely hard as she bobbed back and forth on one while stroking the other, then swapping. They reached down and played with her tits as she continued feeding off their cocks. Finally, they both shot their loads all over her face and chest.

She held their cocks tight as she used her tongue to make sure she got every drop from their cocks. Then she reached down and pulled each tit to her mouth and sucked in as much of their loads as possible. The globs she couldn't reach with her tongue she scooped up with her finger and sucked greedily into her mouth. Once she was sure she had it all, she looked at them both, "Happy Birthday, boys." In all the years I have known her, I have never seen her decadent.

Mr. Thomas called a much deserved break and Lisa went in to use the bathroom. Bill and Bob both came over to chat with me. Mr. Thomas left the room.

Bill: "You are one lucky man. You get to come home to that every day."

Bob: "Yea, have never had the husband here. They usually don't even know about it."

Bill: "Yea, you are cool with it though, which is really cool."

I began to wonder what would be happening here if I had not been here. Would my wife of nineteen years have taken the job? Would she have ever told me?

My wife came out, got herself a cup of coffee and a cookie, then sat on the bed, still completely naked. She wouldn't even look towards me, so I let her have her space. She sat in silence sipping the hot drink while slowly eating the cookie.

Bill and Bob went to join her on the bed and soon she was smiling and making small talk with them. Finally she looked over to me, and when she saw me smile, she smiled back, and then continued her small talk with the boys. Seems they were actually brothers. They moved to the area about a year ago with their mom.

Once Mr. Thomas returned, he wasted no time checking out everything that apparently needed checking out and soon we began again.

Bill: "Gee, mom. This is turning out to be a great day."

Lisa; "I am glad you both are enjoying your birthday."

Bob: "We sure are."

They are soon making out once again. I am struck by how natural it seems to have my wife take on two young studs. She showed no favoritism to either but made sure each got their proper attention. She was definitely in charge.

When one was in her pussy, the other was in her mouth. They moved from position to position. Even Mr. Thomas, who has probably seen countless of these encounters, was glued to the action taking place before us. It was as if I was realizing for the first time just how lucky I was to have someone like her.

Lisa got to experience anal sex for the first time. Lisa was thoroughly enjoying riding Bill's cock when Bob came up from behind and managed to slide his cock into her ass. She worked both cocks in and out before they changed positions. They continued until Bill finally shot up deep in her anal cavity while Bob shot deep in her pussy.

As both boys lay back on the bed, it was Lisa who managed to revive them with some experienced head and soon she lay back and let both Bill and Bob take turns riding her to more orgasms. They all collapsed after that and Mr. Thomas called it.

Before leaving, Bill and Bob both gave Lisa a hug, shook my hand, then left. Lisa was clearly sad as she knew she would probably never see them again. Mr. Thomas was more than satisfied as he handed Lisa the cash.

As she went into the bathroom, Mr. Thomas gave me a business card with some writing on the back. He told me that if I went to that website listed and with the code he wrote, it would get me straight to where I would be able to see today's finished product. "Give them a couple of weeks to get it all put together and posted."

When Lisa came back out, Mr. Thomas spoke. He seemed a bit uncomfortable. "If you are interested, I know how you can make some serious cash."

Having both our attentions, he continued. "We have a special clientele that we do private movies for. Let's just say they are not your typical porno. I emailed them your pic earlier, Mary, and I am authorize to offer you 5K a day for 5 days. That's twenty-five thousand dollars – cash."

Lisa and I looked at each other, "Wow".

"But, just so you know, there would be more involved. More money, more kink if you will."

She looked to me, so I asked, "So what would she be expected to do?"

"You mentioned you had a son." It was clear from our expressions he did not have to continue.

Lisa's eyes got big as we looked at each other.

Mr. Thomas looks to Lisa, "You don't have to decide now. " Mr. Thomas then looked to me, "You have my number. Give me a call and let me know. There's a lot you can buy with twenty-five grand."

With that we said our goodbyes and left. As we were getting into the car, Lisa looked to me, "Do you think Jake would even be interested?" I knew right then I would be contacting Mr. Thomas soon.

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