Chapter 1

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Desc: Horror Sex Story: Chapter 1 - Arnie's donut shop is being driven out of business by a competitor across the street. He is visited by a mysterious woman selling a flour that she says will make his donuts a big hit. It's true -- the donuts are irresistible, especially to women, who can't get enough of them. Soon, Arnie's shop is crowded with growing female customers. A new series.

Arnie worked at his dad's bakery not because he liked it but because he felt guilty. His Dad had slaved away at that bakery seven days a week for twenty years, just to send Arnie and his brother Joe to the best schools, all the way through college. Arnie had partied too much in college and barely graduated after six years, and he'd changed his major so many times that he graduated with a degree in Psychology, which was basically useless.

He was at loose ends, still living with his parents at 25, working in the bakery just to make some money, when his Dad dropped dead of a heart attack.

Arnie felt guilty, like it was all his fault. Well, he knew it wasn't all his fault -- some of the blame was the new Donut Maven shop across the street. It was part of a huge national chain, and when it opened it took 75 percent of his Dad's business away the first month. Most of the customers, some of whom had been coming in to Arnie's Dad's shop for more than 20 years, fled like they were leaving a sinking ship.

Arnie's Dad was shocked, humiliated, and heartbroken, and it was no wonder he dropped dead. He'd spent years building up the business, and it was gone overnight.

So Arnie felt he had to take more responsibility, run the place himself. He couldn't just sell it after all the work his Dad had put in. He took the operation over with Joe, but Arnie was the guy who ran everything. He made all the donuts, cakes, muffins and pies, and made all the decisions. Joe was happy just to do his work and go home, but not Arnie. He stayed late and came in early, constantly trying to figure out how to get those old customers back.

It wasn't going to be easy to build the business back up. The shop was was right down the street from an art college that specialized in photography, and was filled with skinny girls who wanted to be models. Girls who never ate donuts.

Things were looking grim. Arnie was in the store one hot summer day, the sweat dripping off him from working near the oven, when he suddenly felt a cold blast of air that curled the hairs on the back of his neck.

He looked out front and saw a woman standing at the counter. She was talking to Julie Morris, the cute blonde college girl with the killer body who worked out front, and in a moment Julie turned and wiggled over to the back room, poked her head in, and said, "Arnie, there's a woman here to see you."

Arnie used his apron to wipe the flour off his hands and came out to the counter. The woman was middle-aged, with gray hair swept back in a power hairdo, heavy mascara that accentuated her steel blue eyes, and a mouth like a gash in the bottom of her face. She smiled and it gave Arnie a chill. There was something unnerving about her. She had that lean, hungry look that Arnie had seen once when he took a trip to Mexico and saw half-wild dogs on the beach. The funny thing was that although her face and upper body were bony and thin, her breasts and hips were wide and luscious, straining the fabric of her gray business suit.

"I'm Vera Famishette, the sales representative for Cloven Flour," she said. "We're new in the area. We have a great product here. We make the most delicious flour you've ever tasted. People can't resist it. It'll increase your business."

"I've heard that before," Arnie said. "People come in here all the time trying to sell me new equipment, new ingredients, new ad campaigns. Nothing works," he added. "My Dad was in business for 25 years but it looks like we won't be here next year. He thought he had a loyal customer base, but the minute that place across the street opened they all left us. Those bastards across the street are driving us bankrupt. Look at this place. Empty. You'd do better going across the street." He pointed at the full parking lot. "More customers."

"But you're just the type of customer we want," she purred softly. Her voice was deep and sexy, with a hoarse timbre, like she was whispering. "Someone with a grievance. Someone who wants vengeance. Right? I'm sure you'd like to settle a few scores."

Something in what she said struck a chord. "Sure I would," Arnie said. "I can't believe the way the people around here abandoned us. I'd love to pay them back somehow."

"Yes," she said, smiling. "Well, now you can. You can do it. Just buy an order of our flour and use it in your donuts, muffins -- all your products -- and people will love it."

Arnie looked at her like she was crazy. "That's it? Just buy your flour and everything will turn around, my life will suddenly be all rosy and nice? Come on, I may look stupid but I'm not."

"I can prove it," Vera said. "Is that your assistant I see in the back? Pretty girl, isn't she?"

She was pointing to Julie. She was standing in the back playing a game on her phone, because as usual there were no customers and she had nothing to do.

"Yes," Arnie said. He was secretly in love with Julie. When Julie Morris came to work at the Tasty Donut Shop she was like a blonde goddess, with shoulder length blonde hair and a toned body from her years as a gymnast and fitness enthusiast. She was 18, and had just started college. She was almost too good looking to be true. Arnie lusted after her daily, but he didn't have the nerve to talk to her beyond a few basic sentences.

"I bet she's never eaten a single thing you've made here, right?" Vera smiled, and her hollow cheeks and thin lips made her teeth look very large.

"Uh, you're right," Arnie said. "She watches her weight constantly. I've actually never seen her eat anything. She certainly would never eat a donut."

"Call her over."

"Sure. Julie, can you come over here?"

Julie bounced over, her body impeccable in a skintight red blouse and tight black spandex pants.

"What?" she said. "I was right in the middle of a game."

"Julie, my name is Vera Famishette, and I'm a sales rep for a flour company. Would you mind sampling a product made with our flour?"

Vera reached in a bag she was carrying and brought out a donut. It was a simple brown donut with a hole in the middle, and it looked like nothing special. She held it out to Julie, who wrinkled her nose.

"Eww," Julie said. "I never eat those things. I'm watching my weight."

"I know," Vera said. "But I'm just showing your boss here that donuts made with our flour are tastier than the chain donuts they sell across the street. Don't worry, it's a low-cal blend. It won't put any weight on you. Just one bite, and you can go back to your game."

"Do I have to?" Julie said, pouting.

"It would really help us," Vera said. She held the donut in front of Julie's nose. "Just one bite."

"Well, it does smell very good," Julie said. "Okay, but just one bite."

She took the donut and bit into it and started chewing. She let out an involuntary gasp. "Oh," she said, and her eyes seemed to roll back in her head for just a split second. "Um. This is good." She chewed some more. "Delicious, in fact." She swallowed, and a look of pure ecstasy crossed her face. "Wow, that was really amazing."

"Good," Vera said, reaching for the donut. "Now, I'll just take it back, because I know you don't want to eat more."

Julie snatched the donut away. "What do you mean? Of course I want more." She took another, larger bite of the donut, chewed it, and another ecstatic look crossed her features. By now there was only half of the donut left. She took one look at it and popped the whole thing in her mouth, closing her eyes to chew it and letting out little moans of pleasure.

When it was over, when she had swallowed it, she said, "Do you have any more of those?" Her eyes looked gleaming.

"No, I'm sorry," Vera said. "But if your boss buys an order from me, he can make lots and lots of donuts just like it."

Julie turned to Arnie. "Buy it!" she said. "That was fantastic! You'll sell a million of them."

She gave a little burp, then turned and went back to her perch at the back of the store.

Arnie had the strangest feeling that her butt looked bigger in her pants. He blinked once or twice, not believing his eyes, but the twin mounds of her cheeks definitely looked a tad bigger.

"You see?" Vera said. "People will love it."

Arnie had a bad feeling about this. There was something unnatural about this Vera Famishette, something angry and evil and powerful at the same time. Something told him he should tell her to leave right now.

And yet, he had a feeling that things would go better for him with Julie if he made some of the donuts with Vera's flour in them.

He looked across the street, at the full parking lot of his competitor. He really hated them, that was for sure.

"Where do I sign?" Arnie said.

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