Brat Pack

Caution: This Erotica Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa, Ma/ft, Mult, Teenagers, Consensual, Heterosexual, Fiction, Incest, Father, Daughter, Group Sex, Harem, First, Safe Sex, Oral Sex, Lactation, Pregnancy, Slow,

Desc: Erotica Sex Story: Prologue - Rob Hudson meets Holly King, and is pretty sure they are meant for each other. Holly's friends, Jane and Anne, take virgin Rob in hand to show him how to give a girl a good time, but although they both want to have his babies, they have an agreement with Holly not to fuck him until after she does. Holly decides to hold off, but takes Rob home where she asks her younger sister to fuck him and he meets the sisters' attractive single mother... Fortunately Rob has a plan to keep everyone happy.

I recalled – indeed, had never forgotten – the night four years earlier when my sister, Beth, had become curious about male anatomy and had entered my bedroom in the early hours of a morning to examine mine. She had touched my cock and woken it from its relaxed state, watched it grow to a respectable size for a fourteen year old, and had stepped back to the doorway as we both heard one or other parent getting out of bed and heading for the bathroom. As soon as the coast was clear, Beth had disappeared back to her room, leaving me to beat off for the second time that night.

Beth had been twelve at the time, For the next couple of days, she'd seemed to avoid me, which I found hurtful. I had, after all, wanted her to repeat the incident, but stay around longer, in order to see what happened. I was very conscious of my intact virginity and had a strong desire to get rid of it. Almost any girl would suffice.

But I was aware that there were many people who would view sexual interaction with my sister as at least weird, and at worst criminal – though I did not know if it really was a criminal offence to bonk one's sibling. (That, I had to acknowledge, is what I would really like to do.)

Beth was only just starting to grow curves. In a few months, I figured, she would look very attractive, and since her nocturnal visit, she featured regularly in my beat-off fantasies. I continued to hope that Beth would want to look at my cock again, but didn't go so far as to suggest to her that she'd be welcome to do so. Sisters, I knew, could see signs of weakness in such approaches, and I didn't want to suffer both rejection and weeks of her lording it over me, with threats to tell their parents how perverted I was.

But when a young man is fourteen, he is overloaded with testosterone to the point where discretion is trampled underfoot by valour. Beth was trying out some of their mother's makeup one day during the school holidays when I found her. Both parents were at work. She was sitting at her mother's dressing table, a range of lipsticks, eye shadows and foundation creams in front of her, and three or four bottles of nail polish at the side, waiting their turn in the selection process.

She looked round sharply, her expression turning quickly from one of guilt to annoyance.

'What do you want?'

I came to her side and looked at the stuff on the dressing-table. 'Coo! Ma will have a fit if she finds out you've been nicking her makeup.'

'Well, she's not going to find out, ' Beth said grouchily. 'I put everything away exactly where I found it.'

I tilted my head and arched my brows, a small smile on my face. I didn't have to say anything: I knew females could read minds.

'And if you're thinking of saying anything, I'll just deny it, and you have no proof.'

'Are you absolutely certain of that? Mother doesn't know you better?'

Beth wriggled uncomfortably. 'Of course I am. She thinks I'm still a little girl, without a thought in my head about makeup.'

I grinned. 'You think so? Don't forget Ma was twelve once. She's beautiful – was then, still is – and you are too, so I'd be surprised if she hadn't done exactly the same with her mother's stuff as you are with hers.' An idea occurred to me. 'You've got a boyfriend. That's what's brought this on.'

'Have not!'

'Rubbish. Who is he, Sis?'

'There isn't one.'

I narrowed my eyes. 'Maybe not at the minute, but you want someone to be. That's why you're looking at all this.'

I waved a hand at the stuff on the dressing-table.

'It's none of your business.'

'I wonder how you'll pull off going out on a date.'

'I'll find a way.'

I crowed. 'So there is a boy in your sights!'

'Go away!' said Beth.

I took two steps towards the door before turning and coming back to her side.

'I could help you, you know.'

The anger had left her. 'Really? How?'

'I could help you get out of the house. I could say you were going somewhere with me.'

'Why would you do that?'

'Because I am a nice guy and I love my sister.'

Beth stared at me. I waited for her to speak. She looked shocked.

'You said I was beautiful, like Mum.'

I nodded. 'Yes.'

'And now you've said you love me.'

'Of course I do, chump! I'm your brother, you're my sister. Of course I love you.'

She watched me in silence while her cheeks slowly suffused with blood.

'No, I can't believe it! You want something, and I bet I can guess what it is.'

My run of saying the right thing might have got me laid had it continued, but unfortunately for me, inspiration failed me at that moment.

'Yes, well ... I've never had sex with a girl and... '

'You thought it'd be okay to have sex with me?'

I smiled. 'Yeah. Well, you're here, I'm here, we could do it any time we could get together when the parents are out.'

Beth's lips tightened. 'You seem to be forgetting something in your plan.'

I looked surprised. 'No I'm not.'

She rolled her eyes. 'Rob, what happens when a boy and a girl fuck? Hmm? You think there are no consequences?'

My eyes widened. 'Oh! You mean, they could have a baby.'

She smiled tightly and nodded. 'I don't want a baby at the moment, Rob, so I'm sorry – you've been very complimentary – but I shall have to turn down your kind invitation to be your practice girl.'

I looked a little crestfallen, but I really did love my sister so I accepted her refusal to help.

'And don't worry – I won't mention anything to Ma about your messing with her makeup.'

Beth reached up and kissed me on the cheek. 'You're the best brother a girl could have, ' she told me.

Which was nice to hear, but it didn't do anything to relieve the ache in my jockeys, which I had to take care of as soon as I got to my room.

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