Yes, Miss Susan
Chapter 1

Caution: This BDSM Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa, Consensual, Heterosexual, Fiction, FemaleDom, Rough, Humiliation, Torture, Oral Sex, Anal Sex, Masturbation, Sex Toys, Exhibitionism,

Desc: BDSM Sex Story: Chapter 1 - A young submissive male answers an ad in the local paper and finds more humiliation and submission than he could have ever dreamed of.

The advertisement had almost past him by, 'sub required' was all it said along with a phone number. He recognised the area code, it was local, but not too local. A club he'd attended for a while had the same prefix and so he had taken a deep breath before keying in the numbers and waiting.

'You have reached the phone of Miss Susan, if you are replying to my advertisement please leave a message after the tone.'

'Oh, umm, hi, Miss, Miss Susan, my name is Alex, I am replying to your advertisement, I am a humble submissive, if you still wish to acquire one please, I would ask respectfully for you to call me back. I think we live about ten miles apart. Thank you, ma'am.' He added his mobile number, hung up and collapsed back onto his bed wondering what he'd done.

After five minutes of worry which turned into a very nice fantasy about being owned Alex looked over to his left, the floor to ceiling mirrored wardrobes had come with the flat and he had often imagined a dominant woman restraining him in such a way that he could see everything being done to him in the glass. With a groan of arousal he undid the button on his jeans, raised his hips and pushed his trousers down and off, removing his socks at the same time. He had felt horny when he'd dressed that morning and so wore no underwear. He knelt up before pulling his t-shirt up and over his head, looking at himself and wishing there was someone else with him, someone who would own him, dominate him, humiliate him and give him no say in anything.

His fingers wrapped round what he knew was an impressive 8 inches of cock as his other hand teased a nipple and he watched himself getting harder and hornier.

The ringing of his mobile shattered his moment and he answered it abruptly. 'Yes!'

'Is that Alex? This is Miss Susan speaking.'

Alex almost fell off the bed, 'Oh, oh, I am so sorry, please, Miss Susan, forgive this worthless boy for speaking out of turn.'

'Yes, well, I may do, we'll see, you're lucky that I like the tone of your voice, at least I did on my answerphone. I trust I won't hear such disrespect if we meet.'

'Meet? I mean, no, ma'am, not at all, I would be honoured, and would only speak when spoken to.' The resulting laugh was music to his ears and he felt his manhood begin to throb.

'That is another thing I liked, ma'am is so respectful, of course, Miss Susan is acceptable also. As it is getting a little late now I would suggest we meet for coffee tomorrow. I have to be in town for a meeting at nine-thirty, I can meet you an hour later. You will know where the Swan Tea Rooms are I'm sure.'

'I think so, ma'am, I haven't lived here very long but by the time of our meeting I will know exactly where it is. Would you wish me to order for you?'

'That would be very nice, I take my coffee with cream but no sugar and they do a very nice plate of assorted cakes. You will not start without me, but, this time at least you may sit.'

'Thank you, ma'am, I, I am looking forward to it already.'

'And, Alex?'

'Yes, Miss Susan?'

'You will not touch again; until we decide one way or the other whether to begin this your cock is mine.'

His owned dick jerked and throbbed again even though he had let go of it as soon as he had heard the instruction. 'No, Miss, I, I will leave it alone, I could... ' he trailed off, blushing and wondering if he should continue or not.

'You could what, boy?'

I have a cage, ma'am, I could lock it up until you give me permission to release it.'

'Very well, get it now, put your phone on speaker and I will listen as you put it on.'

He fumbled about in his nightstand, there were all sorts of things in there which never usually saw the light of day, and finally pulled out the clear plastic cage. Kneeling as close to his phone as he could Alex began to push his swollen member inside, it was a tight fit but gradually as the pain took over it began to shrivel, he was able to complete his task and pick the phone back up. 'It is done, Miss Susan, I hope you heard.'

'I did, but a photo would be a much better way of proving it. You will send one right away.'

'Yes, I will.' It was done in seconds and he had hardly pressed send before he heard the wonderful sound of her laughter again.

'Oh dear, I think you might need a smaller size, but for now it will do. Until tomorrow, boy, do not disappoint me by being late.'

The call was disconnected before he could reply and he looked at himself once more. Now he saw someone who wasn't alone, who had the chance to be owned, or at least toyed with and this time it was the cage which jerked as he tried to fill it again.

Alex spent an uncomfortable night, thinking of the prospect of tomorrow, rolling on to his front with the object of rubbing his erect cock on the mattress and indulging in a fantasy, only to be reminded of the plastic cage which denied him. He fumbled with the plastic as he thought of her words, his manhood pressed tight within the shiny shell as it bulged and pulsed, pre-cum oozing through the tiny slot which allowed the luxury of urination. He was used to rolling his clenched hand up and down his not insignificant member, and masturbating at will while dreaming of being paraded on a leash by a stern and assertive female, shooting the contents of his balls as he lapsed into the darker side of his fantasies as imaginary whips, canes, and derisory female laughter witnessed the divine crescendo of his orgasm. Not tonight. Alex took comfort in knowing he would actually meet a dominant woman tomorrow; his anus tingled like a frightened schoolboy's as he imagined her, and drifted off to sleep.

He awoke bleary eyed and felt a little trepidation as he showered, then giggling to himself as he washed the shower gel from around his balls and the plastic cage. As he towelled himself down, his cock tingled with excitement in its confinement as he thought of her stern voice. Ten-thirty, The Swan Tea Rooms, coffee with cream no sugar, assorted cakes; he swallowed hard, even this small task threatened to overwhelm him, he was more accustomed to arriving in bars or clubs, the gentile surroundings of a tea room almost scared him. It dawned on him that she would know this, it would be her domain and the likely audience of old ladies would be silent allies; he would be at her mercy. The erotic thought of being owned by her, and being put in his rightful place, spurred him on; he dressed and made for the tranquil setting of the Swan.

He arrived at ten-fifteen and squirmed a little as plump and mature ladies seemed to scan him with wicked looks while he sat one table in from the window. The smiling waitress, dressed in a French maid's outfit did nothing to quell his nerves; she smiled knowingly at the only male present, her nipples poking through her black satin top, either side of the white lace front piece.

"A table for two sir? Coffee with cream, no sugar and a plate of assorted cakes perhaps? And what will sir have?" She smiled with triumph as Alex gasped and adjusted his collar, her nipples now more prominent than ever. A matriarchal woman of about fifty-five looked across at him from a table beyond, a fixed smile was interrupted as she licked her lips and stared directly into his eyes before slowly crossing her legs beneath a short skirt, showing him ample thighs as again Alex could do nothing but gasp.

"Errr ... Sorry ... Yes, yes please, and a black coffee too. My ... Susan..." The maid lifted her breasts as she cut in.

"Miss Susan will be here at ten-thirty as usual, I will bring her order at ten-twenty-nine; you just sit quietly until she arrives." His cock pulsed in the cage at the natural assertiveness of her tone, and she lifted her chin and walked off, leaving him in a cold sweat. At ten-twenty-five another male appeared at the door, stood on the threshold with his hands clasped together for a moment, then a woman who must have been fifteen years older than he and sitting alone at the far side, nodded her head sternly and he scuttled quickly across to where she sat. He stood by the table until she lifted her head again, looking at him with a sneer of contempt, then pointed to a chair without saying a word. He sat in it on being given the command, sitting bolt upright with his hands placed by his sides; the woman simply gave him a stern smile, then continued to read her copy of The Times in silence. The maid appeared again suddenly, placing the coffee and cakes in front of Alex; his anus now tingled like never before, the bell over the door jangled again, like an alarm.

Alex looked agape as a beautiful slender woman of about thirty-five, light brown hair, about five feet ten, walked elegantly toward him. He rose automatically; something he'd not done in the presence of any woman for some time, if ever. She smiled wickedly at him before taking her seat.

"You may sit now. Hello, you must be 'Alex'; I do hope your cock is caged as ordered." Alex blushed as the other women present were obviously in earshot, but none of them so much as raised an eyebrow. He gathered his senses.

"Yes ... Yes Miss Susan, I have done as you asked." She looked him up and down with a pleased expression.

"Please eat some cake, you may find the energy it will give you of some benefit later, I'm so glad you found the strength to give yourself up to me; that is your intention, isn't it?"

Nodding he picked the least frivolous looking cake and set it down on his plate. 'Yes, ma'am, I would very much like to give myself up to you.' The waitress moved across the room at that moment and Miss Susan held up just one finger to quieten him.

'A moment of your time, Megan, please.' The younger woman stopped, nodded her head respectfully and waited, eyes downcast, hands behind her. 'Please check that my slut has indeed followed my instructions. I am sure you know what I mean.'

'Yes, Miss Susan, I do.' Megan moved a little closer before looking down at Alex. 'Pull your chair out and spread your legs for me, boy.'

'I, pardon?'

'I am sure you heard me.'

He had and complied, his head swimming at this turn of events and then his cock hardened as the soft hand of the young woman grasped the plastic cage he wore. 'Ohhhh, god, Miss, ohhhh.'

'He has been a good boy, Miss Susan, although he does seem to have some problems keeping his little thing under control.'

'Thank you, Megan, you may go about your duties once more.'

'Thank you, ma'am.'

Alex watched as the scantily clad woman moved away. He could see the frills of her white panties and the seams of her stockings and wondered about her connection to the woman he hoped to call Mistress.

'You should eat up, and drink your coffee, we will need to leave soon.'

Miss Susan spoke kindly and he nodded, taking a mouthful of the hot, strong liquid before beginning the delicious cake.

'I take it you haven't been here before, but as you said you were new in town that isn't surprising. There are certain criteria to be met before you are permitted entry. I imagine you can work out what they are.'

'Yes, ma'am, I think it would be that any pathetic male should be totally submissive to the glorious women who entertain here.' It had taken him a while to find the tea room, even with the help of Google and now he understood why.

'Exactly right. Now, you should know you are pleasing me very much so far, if this is mutual and you wish our day to continue you will kneel for me. That way the others here will know, for now at least, you are spoken for.'

Immediately he did as instructed, placing his hands behind him and lowering his eyes so as not to look at Miss Susan before she permitted it. As he did so he heard a moan he recognized as one of denial from behind him and the laughter of more than one or two women.

'You will ignore what Megan is doing and clean my left shoe for me.'

The moan he heard this time was his own and he began to lick the black patent leather pump which was placed in front of his lips. The sole was shown to him next and that too was cleaned.

'And now the heel, boy, then you may go and see what Derrick is having done to him.'

The heel was thin, almost a stiletto and he sucked it in, the significance of the resulting movements not lost on him and again he tried to grow within the confines of his cage. He couldn't begin to imagine how it would feel to wear a smaller size.

'Well done, boy, you have earned a reward later. For now you will do as you were instructed, and Alex?'

'Yes, Miss Susan?' He could see the man he now knew was called Derrick was on his feet again behind the table he had rushed over to a little earlier. His hands were clasped behind his head and Alex wondered what was happening.

'He is beginning his final test before he is accepted into a friend of mine's harem. He has to follow all instructions but you will remain quiet unless spoken to, is that understood?'

'Yes, ma'am.' He moved across and waited at respectful distance from the new table until the beautifully dressed woman turned and nodded to him.

'I know why you're here, you will stand behind my slut, listen to his words, watch his actions and then return to your own table. If you are aroused you will tell me before you leave, if not I expect no sound from you.'

Alex took his position and saw that Derrick had his trousers around his knees and an unlocked cage on the table in front of him.

'I am to wank to the edge in front of a free man, I may not cum but I must leak my filthy pre-cum into my cage so it will remind me of what I have done here today.'

Despite himself Alex felt a tightening of his own balls as the man before him began his humiliation. He knew that Miss Megan was also watching and wondered if she too was free.

'I, I haven't been permitted to shoot for a week, Sir, but I have had to watch my beautiful goddess as she, ohhhh, as she was pleasured by others better qualified than I. I, oh fuck, I wish to be her submissive pain slut for always, and this is one of my first tasks today, to show my commitment to her.' His hand was getting faster, his breathing deeper and Alex knew it wouldn't be long before the edge was reached.

'So close now, my goddess, please, please let this boy shoot.' Derrick had moved a little closer to the table and Alex could see a string of pre-cum as it coated his chastity device.

'Do not fail me, boy, you know the instructions, and the consequences if you fail.'

'Ohh, edge now, Miss, please, I am at the edge.'

'Twenty more strokes, then you will stop.'

Alex couldn't believe that was possible and the cry of anguish made him think Derrick was of a like mind. The hand slowed a little but the pre-cum poured out, until with a moan of anguish the task was finally achieved. With one final look at the desperate man beside him Alex moved a little closer to the woman he now knew liked to be called goddess and bowed his head once again reluctant to admit what had happened but knowing he had no choice.

'Please, goddess, your boy did, did arouse this worthless slut, thank you for allowing me to witness his humiliation and realise another facet of my own.'

'Yes, yes, go, leave me, I have to get this boy back into his cage.'

There was a cry of real distress as Alex returned to Miss Susan's table and he turned to see Megan with an empty water carafe in her hand and knew Derrick's shame had been completed with a jug full of ice and, he imagined, a rapidly shrinking dick.

'And now, little one, our own journey will begin, ' Miss Susan got to her feet and indicated towards the door, 'unless you have any objections, in which case I will leave now and you will never hear from me again, we will retire to my town house so I may revel in your submission and humiliation privately.' Miss Susan stood and Alex followed obediently, like a pet dog; his stomach churning, and butterflies whirling within, his feet seemed to float as he followed. She was already in complete control of him, and her presence glowed with supremacy, he knew she would utterly dominate him. As Miss Susan stood by the door and waited for her new acquisition to open it for her, the mature woman with the stockings pulled her skirt back a little more and addressed his mistress before they left.

"If he fails you, or when you inevitably tire of him, send him to me; I have a whipping post at home he would fit nicely." Miss Susan smiled as the attractive mature lady laughed along with several others, Alex's cock bulged in the cage as they left, not daring to look back for fear of shooting his mess, restraint or not. Miss Susan gripped his hand tightly as they took the short walk to her car, it was as though they had been together for years; as tall as him in her delicious heels, it felt to Alex as though she were towering over him, she became more beautiful, more commanding with every moment. She took her keys from her bag as they stood in the gravel of the car park; Alex swayed a little on the uneven surface, and she licked her lips and gave him a triumphant sneer, she could see he was mesmerised by her dominance.

"You shall have to become a little more steady, in preparation for those occasions when I parade you before my friends; we can't have them thinking I've needed to drug you to gain control. It's nice to see you find me intoxicating though, and you'll soon be allowed to rest on your knees anyhow." Alex swallowed hard as his balls tingled. She waved the keys at him.

"I know you're new to the town, but I take it you know where 'The Avenue' is? Just west of the station, away from the town centre?" Alex knew where that address was, it was a road that everyone aspired to reside in, not just those who lived in this town.

"Yes Miss Susan, I know where that is." She placed the keys in his hand, impatiently; her panties reminded her she was in need of some comforting, the pleasure of teasing her new male beckoned as the cool breeze lifted her skirt slightly and kissed her arousal.

"You shall chauffeur me; while I sit in the back, everyone will know you are my servant that way." She pointed to a luxurious Jaguar and they walked toward it; he opened the rear door for her, and she sat gracefully in the black leather seating, he then moved round and got into the driving seat. Her eyes smiled with satisfaction at him in the rear-view mirror.

"It's a little over indulgent for these environmentally conscious times, I know, but a former slave begged me to keep it; he has long passed his use of course, I sold him on as a maid for an older friend of mine. You may drive me home now, I'm anxious to see you naked and in the appropriate position of respect." Alex started the engine and drove along; the engine note was barely audible as the luxurious and scarily comfortable vehicle glided along; he headed west and they were soon driving into The Avenue. Miss Susan gave her excited mound a gentle fingering.

"Number 14, on the right, about two hundred yards; you'll see two large Oaks, that's my driveway." Alex turned the Jaguar up and over the gravel to a delightful detached house, five or six bedrooms, typically Edwardian. He took a deep breath as he turned the engine off and walked round to open the door for his mistress. The two walked up to the large black oak front door, and Miss Susan put her hand under Alex's crotch, smiling with pleasure as she cupped his balls and his caged but bulging cock.

"These are mine. You will face the pleasure of many humiliations and punishments now that you are mine; when you walk through this door your life will change forever, and there will be no going back." She opened the door and gestured for him to walk through it first; the one and only time he would go through a door before his mistress. She chuckled triumphantly as he entered with little hesitation; she owned him and she wondered if his cock had hardened as he realised it.

She pointed to the staircase, her pussy tingling with anticipation.

"You will follow me upstairs immediately; I'll have you humbled and at my service and you will express your submission." Alex's anus tingled with equal anticipation at her words, and his cock dribbled in the tight cage as he watched her beautifully rounded and feminine arse move sweetly in the tight dress as she ascended before him. They entered a luxurious bedroom, a huge bed festooned with black silk dominated the room so aptly. An umbrella stand stood close by the bed, but sported no umbrellas; canes, rattans and switches of various sizes adorned the container. Miss Susan sat at the end of the bed and slowly crossed both her arms and legs in a naturally assertive pose.

"Clothes off. NOW!" She smiled as her tone made him jump. Alex stripped in no time at all and she sat contemplating the finer aspects of her new slave, her clitoris budded sweetly as she thought of certain friends she would show him off to. She uncrossed her legs and parted them just slightly, then gracefully fingered the wet camel toe expressed nicely in her panties.

"Turn around slowly and allow me to see if you are worthy of serving me; I think I may have to let you visit Jane with her whipping post at the cafe after all." She grinned with pleasure as she saw the expression on his face, she so enjoyed the tease.

"Perhaps not. Come and kneel at my feet ... Immediately!" Alex yearned to have his cock free as he knelt at Miss Susan's feet for the first time, as she eased her dress back and parted her legs a little further; the delicious feminine scent of her arousal was his to sample for the first time, his cock boned in the tight cage, he so wanted to come for her. Miss Susan's clitoris throbbed to match his cock; he was there on his knees before her, ready to be dominated to her satisfaction.

"You will now kiss the feet of your mistress and when I tell you to come up again, you will beg to remove my panties and lick them clean." She smiled and her whole body tensioned with pleasure as he dropped to her feet and began to kiss her shoes, moving from toe to toe in turn after applying two or three applications of his lips. She smiled with wicked satisfaction as she lifted both her feet.

"You will suck the heels too, for good measure; no hesitation else you shan't be allowed to beg for my panties." Alex only had thoughts for the heavenly aroma of her lacy underwear, and sucked at each slender heel, trying not to show any ungraciousness in spitting out the bits of grit which came off them; they could have been covered in any amount of dirt, but nothing would deter him from those panties. Content that he had been sufficiently humiliated in his first act, her anus flexed with delight as she gave her command.

"Beg for my panties! I want you to show that you really want them." Alex's balls were fit to burst as he watched her thumb slip under the lace covered elastic.

"Please Miss Susan ... I beg you, please let me lick your panties clean for you."

Though she was pleased with his earnest tone, she thought of making him ask again, just to reduce his ego further, but her pussy required urgent attention. She wriggled elegantly from her sodden panties and held them under her slave's nose. She laughed with enjoyment as he sniffed involuntarily, without her permission, so erotic was the scent to him; his whole body quivered as he was held prisoner by the sexual aroma of a supremely dominant woman. She spread the gusset for him with her delicately manicured fingers, and took a little pity on the feeble male. "You may lick now; I want that gusset nice and clean, pay special attention to the yellowish patches." She sneered as she held the gusset tight against his face, ensuring his nose was firmly behind the part which had nursed her anus; Alex was in submissive heaven as he tasted the pussy juices and sniffed at the spicy tang of his mistress's arsehole for the first time.

Miss Susan watched with pleasure and with some impatience as his strong tongue worked furiously at the lacy fabric. The wetness of her womanhood would wait no longer. She dropped the panties and placed her hands behind her soft inviting thighs. Alex looked at her expectantly and she simply smiled and nodded; she had no need to command him to do his duty. Alex carefully buried his head in her crotch and sniffed at her sweet essences before lapping at her silky folds, moist and ready to be pleasured by her new slave's affection. Miss Susan rocked a little on her soft white buttocks as he serviced her sweetly, his tongue gently caressing the nub of her clitoris, she was close to a delicious orgasm. She took one hand away and touched his head to gain his attention, before placing her finger in her soft slit and moving further backwards to expose another need for urgency.

"Yes Alex you may. I want you to truly know your place when I orgasm."

He shuffled a little closer before extending his tongue again, the taste of her arse sending his submission soaring. His chin rested on the bed and he heard the sound of her fingers deep inside her pussy, she was so wet, so close, he knew and as he began worshipping the tight hole he hoped she wouldn't cum too soon and end his pleasure.

'Stop boy, for a moment.' Miss Susan moved away from his tongue and looked down at him. 'You are doing quite well for a first time but I think you need to see what happens so you will lie spread-eagled on the bed, after all I have no need of your hands or feet at the moment.'

'Yes, ma'am.' He climbed up and lay as instructed. His vulnerability and openness aroused him again and he felt himself leak and throb against his cage before moaning aloud as Miss Susan began removing the beautiful dress and lacy bra she was still wearing. Once that was done he watched spellbound as she squatted over him and slowly ran a finger from her arse to her clit before pushing it deep into Alex's mouth causing him to gag.

'You may begin again and as I am cumming I will move so you can see my essence before I wipe your face with it.'

'Oh god, yes, Miss Susan.' He watched the engorged pussy of his Mistress coming closer and then the light dimmed as he pushed his tongue back towards the tight star. He saw her fingers disappear, felt her begin to rock and moan and then the angle was changed slightly and he had to stretch his tongue as pain exploded round his balls and he pushed up hard.

'That's it, slut, that's how I wish you to treat my arse. If I have to hurt you to get what I want know I will. Mmmmm, oh yes, '

His cries were muffled against his Mistress's soft skin and he tried to ignore the nails she was still digging in him and then they were gone, her pussy was raised up and as it began to spasm he saw her juices coat her hand and heard her call out.

'Yes, yes, fuck yes, finish me boy, and don't mess up.'

He was enveloped by wet quivering lips and he immediately began licking and nipping as her thighs clasped tightly round his head, there was no air, no sound just what felt like gallons of his Mistress's juices as over and over she shook and deposited them all on his face.

'Oh yes, my sweet boy, that was wonderful.' Miss Susan had collapsed next to Alex and taken him into her arms holding him but saying nothing for almost five minutes.

He lay there, feeling so at home, so owned but so free, and smiled. 'I am glad I pleased you, ma'am, it is all I desire.'

'So tell me, do you have anywhere you need to be or can we extend your stay for a day or two?' A long red nail traced around his ear, along his jaw and then down to flick at a nipple as she spoke and enjoyed his skin's response.

'I, ohhhh, I have a job interview on Monday, ma'am, but if, if it pleases you I could say Friday and the weekend.'

'You know I think it does. Now, you may put your clothes into the dirty basket, you won't be needing them while you are here then I will show you where you will sleep.'

'It won't be with you, Miss?' Alex, so ecstatic just a moment before felt his world crash.

'Did I say that? Do not put words into my mouth, slut, or you may find me acting on them.'

Alex fell to his knees, his lips hovering above a beautifully pedicured foot. 'Please forgive me and punish me for my transgression, Mistress.'

'Mistress? So you have decided already have you, boy?'

He looked up fear in his eyes, 'Only if it pleases you, I, if it counts, it pleases me to stay, to serve for as long as you would allow this unworthy boy.' He heard her laugh and breathed a little easier.

'It is good to know. So far, apart from speaking out of turn, you have delighted me, and it wouldn't be as much fun if I didn't have some habits to break you of, now would it?'

'No, ma'am, I suppose not.' He moved, on his knees, towards his clothes which he gathered up before waiting for his next order.

'The basket is that pink wicker one, you may stand as I don't wish you to tip out the contents, not yet at least.'

Alex followed her instructions and then stood, hands behind him, head bowed, little dick hard inside its cage, waiting by the door. Miss Susan walked out in front of him, clicking her fingers at him as she did and pointing downwards. He fell to his knees once again and followed her to the room next to that of his Mistress.

'Stand.' She watched as Alex immediately stood, 'good boy, now you will note a few things about this room I imagine.'

He looked round, the most obvious thing was that it had no door or curtains. There was a single bed, a nightstand, another umbrella stand with canes and crops inside, and a floor to ceiling mirror with a camera above it. Nothing else was visible in the room and he nodded.

'This is where you will take your naps. If you are told to sleep overnight in this room you will know things are not good, you will have seriously disappointed me and severe punishment will be happening very soon.'

Alex swallowed hard, 'I hope only to nap here then, Miss Susan, I do not wish to displease you in any way.' Again he heard laughter but to his surprise his own eyes filled with tears.

'Alex?' A soft hand held his chin gently and lifted his face so he was looking at her before soft lips captured his in a tender but sensual kiss. 'Tell me, kneel and tell me all of it, truthfully.'

'Yes, ma'am.' He swallowed once and then licked the lips so recently plundered. 'I want only to serve you, Miss Susan, I know I will do many things to make you laugh and enjoy my predicament but, please, please believe me when I say I am serious about this, I ... I want you to know that.'

His Mistress smiled and nodded. 'I do, boy, I do.' She patted the pillow on the bed, 'you have had a hectic day so far and it isn't over by a long way. I suggest you sleep now, for an hour, maybe ninety minutes. I will wake you and then, if you still wish, we will continue. If, however, you prefer a little more down-time I will allow you to spend the evening at my feet, nothing more will be done today, in fact, I think I insist on that. It's been too long since a boy worshipped me in that way. Now lie down.'

'Oh, thank you, Miss Susan, I would love to serve you in that way too. Or, if I may be allowed to make a suggestion?'

'You may.'

'I could bathe you first, help you relax and then worship you afterwards. I can promise you it will be just as pleasurable.' He watched from his supine position as his Mistress crouched down beside his bed. 'Miss Susan?'

'Shhhh, ' her lips captured his again in a sweet kiss but gradually it became more passionate. Her tongue invaded his mouth, taking it prisoner and advancing over and around his own tongue as he felt soft fingers gently stroke and manipulate his balls. 'That would be wonderful; for now you will sleep, but I will leave you with a little something from me.'

He saw Miss Susan lean forward and purse her lips above the top of his cage and let a string of spit slip through the gap. He felt the warmth as it coated the head and then she was gone and he was left with only her perfume and her image in his mind as he drifted away.

Alex slept as though he'd been drugged, the mental exhaustion of his encounter with the formidable female draining his energy as though he had cut an artery and been bled. Even his cock shrank back in defeat; the cage no more than an overcoat now as his strong sexual desire waned with the promise of slumber. Miss Susan knew he would sleep heavily, she had seen this before with previous conquests, and though tired herself she drank several coffees as her slave slept for several hours till early evening; she would sleep soundly throughout the night, her new slave would know more denial in a night of unrest, as her unconscious body showed utter contempt for him.

Alex awoke abruptly in the sparsely decorated cell of a room, his cock stirring immediately as the scent of Miss Susan flooded his nostrils; he felt something about his neck as he swallowed, and then felt his head gently tugged upwards; his mistress had buckled a collar on him while he slept, and now she toyed with the leash attached to it. She grinned smugly down at him.

"I hope you had a lovely sleep and are suitably refreshed, it's twilight outside, and the garden air is so sweet with Jasmine and Evening Primrose; you shall learn to walk on all fours for me, the softness of the lawn will help your knees get used taking the weight of your body, ready for when I show you to my friends; if you perform well, I shall release you from the cage and you shall feel the warmth of my naked flesh in bed tonight." Alex was now willing to do anything for his elegant mistress, she giggled a little as he stumbled on the hard floor as they made their way to the lounge and the garden beyond it. Negotiating the stairs on all fours was particularly difficult, Miss Susan laughing as he flinched with pain as his kneecaps took his weight; she carried a spiteful slender cane with which she offered his arse cheeks some encouragement on occasion.

Miss Susan found it necessary to apply just such encouragement as Alex went over the patio door threshold and the concrete paving before the grass bit his knees; her clitoris throbbed as she enjoyed both the pain his own weight caused him, and that which she inflicted with the cane. Alex moaned a little as the odd split stone got trapped under his knees, but Miss Susan was relentless and tugged him onto the grass without allowing him to stop; her feeling of absolute superiority enhanced by the delicious feel of the leash, which emphasised the total command she had over him. Alex sighed with relief as his knees found the soft grass, Miss Susan gave him a final swish of her cane, just to keep him interested.

"There. Such a fuss over so small a journey; we'll soon have you used to playing mistress's doggie, you look so sweet in your collar." Alex's cock bulged in the cage as he thought of the freedom his captive member may enjoy later, if he pleased his mistress. The cool air on his arse felt somehow pleasing as he was walked on his leash about the huge garden, he could see several outbuildings beyond the line of mature trees a couple of hundred yards off, and wondered what they were used for. He filled his lungs with the sickly scent of the plentiful jasmine climbers which adorned the perimeter red brick walls around which they walked, the scent blending with that of his mistress's perfume; she seemed to glow as she took pleasure in leading her charge. As they turned beyond a line of box hedges she smiled wickedly at him and walked him up to an ominous looking pole; at first he had thought it was for power lines, the twilight making his perception of distance a little difficult, then he realised the pole was too short. His balls tingled as closer inspection revealed manacles suspended either side; this was a whipping post. She smiled as she saw his expression, a blend of fear and curiosity, and pulled his head into her crotch to allow him a brief taste of her ascending excitement. Alex gratefully sniffed at the sweet mound shrouded only in the thin chiffon of the gown she wore; his cock pulsing in the cage as his mistress described the use of the post.

"I've seen many a once stubborn male have his spirit broken at this pole, I've also witnessed many take the whip for sheer pleasure; my friends often bring their males here for punishment. For some owned by the more strict of my associates, the occasion of being manacled to the pole is the only one on which they are freed from the confines of their cage; it is so erotic to witness the pleasure of the mistress as she administers the whip and her slave enjoys relief, emptying his balls under the lash. It is even more satisfying to see an impudent slave brought down to the correct level, those occasions often watched by an audience of mistresses and slaves summoned by invitation; the sound whipping serving as a warning to the other slaves who watch, seeing a once proud and cocky male cry like a child is such a stimulation for all who witness it." Alex's anus tingled with a strange submissive pleasure as he continued to sniff at her moistening pussy and imagined how being whipped by her would feel, especially if other women were there to witness his humiliation. She tugged on his leash and they continued on their tour, Alex yearning to be allowed relief as he watched the graceful figure of his mistress, silhouetted by the descending sun, its warm rays shining through the chiffon as if to make her naked. She rubbed herself deftly as they stood outside the red brick outbuildings and smiled down at him wickedly. He could see that though the exterior of the buildings looked a little ramshackle, the windows were double-glazed and red velvet curtains were drawn to obscure what lay within. Miss Susan laughed as he strained at the leash, as would any hound, in his eagerness to see what lay within. Miss Susan was ready for her first soft tease of the evening, and covered her mouth as she yawned.

"I am really too tired to show you what pleasures are inside my little outhouses tonight; you shall wait till another day. My bed beckons, and I know how you would like to be released from your cage." Alex's disappointment at not seeing what lay beyond the curtains was tempered by the thought of having his cock stand proud for his mistress, and he duly obeyed without question, following on all fours back to the house.

Miss Susan stood by the lush black silk sheeted bed and let the chiffon gown drop from her body, turning this way and that to ensure Alex took in the delicious feminine curves of his mistress, before retrieving the tiny key from Alex's wallet and undoing his wicked cage. Her clitoris tingled as she watched his cock unfurl as he sat on the edge of her bed, he panted with relief and his aching cock rose to forty-five degrees standing rudely for his mistress. Though tempted to ride his eager manhood there and then, she used all her will power to carry out the wicked denial she had planned. Alex watched as she went to a drawer and retrieved two lengths of silky cord, and then smiled broadly as she opened her linen basket, taking out a nicely soiled pair of panties. Alex's cock boned as he wondered what was to follow; Miss Susan stroked the underside of his solid glans with the sharp nail of her little finger, catching a dribble of slippery pre-cum as she picked a large safety pin from her bedside cabinet with the other hand.

Alex sighed as he watched her nipples poke like thimbles before his eyes, as she wrapped the panties about his head, eyes either side of the deliciously scented gusset and held with the pin behind his head. The delectable spicy whiff of her pussy and anus had his balls fit to bursting; she smiled with wicked triumph as she relished how he would take the denial she would now affirm for him.

"Ok, hands behind your back, wrists together." Alex gasped and was on the verge of protesting; she pressed a finger to her lips to gesture his silence in matronly fashion.

"We can't have you milking yourself during the night, that would just not do!" After tying his wrists, his ankles were bound too; this would make it difficult for him to hump the mattress while she slept. She sneered with pleasure as she helped swing his legs into the bed, and then snuggled down next to him under the duvet. Alex snorted at the spicy gusset as she backed the crack of her arse toward him, in 'spoons' fashion, allowing his rigid cock to softly tease at the warmth of her crevice. She chided him as she felt his stiff cock pulse against her flesh.

"Don't you dare spill your seed during the night. If you soil my sheets, you shall visit the post in my garden, that is a promise." She then turned and pulling the gusset to one side, kissed him softly before pulling it back across his face. She turned again to allow him the soft warmth of her cheeks once more, and slept soundly, knowing that her poor slave would be awake most of the night having been left to sleep all afternoon. Alex writhed in his bonds, his cock stiff and aching, teased by her soft flesh; the sweet scent of the gusset ensured his tight balls and rigid member denied him sleep, he yearned to shoot his cream like never before.

Alex had a feeling he had slept at least twice, both times he had woken in horror, his hard cock moving against the sheets the first time and his mistress's arse the second. After that he had lain, hands clenched in fists behind him as he watched the time tick by so slowly but so deliciously until morning.

'I do believe my panties are sucked clean, such a dirty boy.' Miss Susan carefully removed the safety pin and inspected her black lace underwear. 'See, nothing to show they have been worn, I may have you do that every night.' She removed the restraints from his ankles and pointed to the floor.

'It would be my honour, Miss Susan.' He was on his knees now, wrists still restrained and watched as she rested her foot on his knees.

'Spread your legs, boy, I wish to see how hard I can get you.'

Alex did as he was told but then watched in amazed silence as she walked into the bathroom and he heard the unmistakable sounds of her peeing and then the shower being turned on.

The vision of her naked just the other side of the door was almost too much for Alex and his cock hardened and leaked even though he had no means of stimulating himself. He moaned as he imagined being allowed to enter the bathroom with her and help complete her toilette. He had been disappointed not to be allowed to bathe her the previous evening but his night of torment had been a more than suitable substitute. Now, he knew, given the chance he would take care to lick every last drop of her morning relief before making sure the water was the exact temperature to leave her flawless skin with a healthy glow. He saw himself stepping under the spray and helping her in. He would lather up her body, concentrating on her full, silky breasts and arse cheeks. He imagined licking the soft skin beneath her arms, before gently running his tongue down her jaw, across her neck and on down her body to her aroused mound.

'Oh, fuck, Miss Susan.'

'Yes, pet?'

He jumped as her voice invaded his senses. 'Oh, ma'am, I ... you are so beautiful.' He looked at her, the rosy glow to her skin just as he'd imagined and he prostrated himself before her, his cock hard now against the soft carpet and he kissed each ruby red toe nail before feeling her help him back to his knees and releasing his wrists.

'Your turn, I expect a boy of mine to be clean at all times. I will meet you in the breakfast room, oh, and boy?'

'Yes, ma'am?'

'You have exactly five minutes.'

The sound of leather against wood greeted his ears as he made his way, naked but clean, into the breakfast room. He saw Miss Susan standing, the riding crop in her hand as she tapped it loudly against the table and he knelt before her.

'I was prepared to be a little lenient, boy, but you have taken seven and a half minutes, which will be made a note of.'

His Mistress pointed to a clipboard resting on the table and he realised he had to make a note of his own failings. The page was numbered from one to twenty-five and he saw that each indiscretion would earn him five strokes of the cane. Carefully and neatly he wrote 'two and a half minutes late for breakfast' before moving away from the table again.

'You will always know how many strokes of my cane you are owed, you will not however, know when they will be administered.'

'No, ma'am, thank you, ma'am, may this boy get you some breakfast now?' seeing her nod he crawled into the kitchen he could see beyond the breakfast room, turning as he reached the door. 'Please, Miss Susan, may I stand to prepare your meal?'

'Yes, you may. I am harsh, but not unfair, it would be an impossible task otherwise. I will prepare the coffee in here, I am very particular about that. You will make enough toast for two and then return. I do not expect any boy of mine to eat on the floor, so you will sit.'

'Yes, Miss, thank you, Miss.' He moved on into the kitchen, it was spacious, airy and light and Alex knew he could make some wonderful meals for his Mistress if only he was given the chance.

The meal was eaten in companionable silence. Alex knew he wasn't permitted to speak first and his Mistress seemed content to eat quietly while occasionally raising a foot to tap at his full balls and tweaking a nipple with her long fingernails as she leant over for another slice of toast, or a refill of her coffee. He cleared the table in the same silence, putting everything in the dishwasher before returning to kneel before her.

Miss Susan bent at the waist to put the collar around the neck of her boy once more. She made sure her full breasts brushed his face as she did so, feeling the sharp intake of breath against her skin and smiling to herself. 'Now, slut, I think it is time to continue our visit to the garden.

'Yes, Miss Susan.' Alex felt the softness of his mistress's fingers as the collar was put back round his neck, the pull as the leash was attached made his heart race and he made his way carefully across the wooden floor and out onto the patio. He looked up to see the beautiful naked form of his new owner and revelled in his submission, his cock hard even though the cool morning air breezed around it.

'I wonder what you will make of my studios. They are not all for the use of a boy such as you, I have other interests which I undertake there, however, you can be assured you will find yourself naked, humiliated, and desperate in all parts of it.'

'Yes, ma'am, I will take pleasure in all the things you put me through, you can be assured of that.'

'I wouldn't make any promises just yet.' Miss Susan paused by the whipping post, she attached his leash to the lower of the manacles. 'You will assume the position for a caning.'

'A? Oh, yes, Miss Susan.' His cock stood to attention, and he felt his arse clench as he stood in what he hoped was the correct way. 'Please, Miss, I ... I long to be punished by you.'

'Yes, I do believe you do, however, that won't be happening, at least not this way, not yet, I just wish you to appreciate the excitement and fear this pole causes.' She pulled a cane from the dispenser attached to the side of the pole and moved behind him. The air was cut with the rattan and she heard him gasp. 'A pain slut you may be, boy, but that pain will be dished out when I desire it not you.'

'No, of course, Miss Susan, I hope I didn't make it appear I thought it was any other way. I ... mmmm.' His lips were plundered as he felt his hair held tightly in her hand. The cane was now pressed firmly across his balls and he fought hard not to shoot without permission.

'Follow me.'

The leash was released from the pole, pulled roughly and he felt his knees hit the grass hard. He saw a brass ring with keys hanging from it on a hook by the door to the studios and watched as, finally the door was opened and he was able to see inside. Miss Susan pressed a button on the wall and the deep red curtains all began to open. The sun danced across the floor and he saw three doors across a small wooden floored hallway. There was a plaque on each and as he got closer he was able to see they had the first three letters of the alphabet on them.

'There will be times when you will not be permitted to enter the studio, you will, however, always know what room I am in so you have an idea of the activities I'm engaged in.'

'Yes, ma'am.' He felt himself being led towards door 'a', it was unlocked and his Mistress put her hand into his hair and pulled him to his feet.

'Oh, Miss Susan, did you, well, did you paint all these?' The walls were covered with paintings and line drawings of men, most of them semi or totally naked and in various position of submission.

'I did, I can see you like them, ' her fingers caressed the hard cock she found jutting from his groin, 'the next one will have you as its subject. As you are such a lover of pain, my darling, I have a feeling that will feature strongly.'

Alex felt his cock jerk in Miss Susan's hand and he moaned. 'Miss, please, I am so horny, I, ohhhh, yes, that, I need that.' The fingers were firmer now and he felt himself getting closer and closer to the edge. Just at the moment where he knew there was no going back the hand was gone, the collar became tighter and he gasped, as he felt her hot breath on his ear.

'Not this time, but seeing you pass out as you shoot is very exciting. I can almost cum without touching myself at all when that happens.'

His collar was released from her grasp and Alex took in deep gulps of air. 'Fuck, god, Miss Susan, that, I never knew it was so, again, please do it again.' He fell to his knees and waited, hardly daring to breathe voluntarily and then the hand was again on his neck, this time pulling him to his feet as he felt his airways blocked. His vision began to blur, his Mistress's triumphant face the last thing he saw before she released her hold and pushed him away to land at her feet.

'Enough, boy, you will meet Ralph now.'

'Ralph, Miss Susan?' His voice rasped as he spoke and the silver spots before his eyes still danced as he was moved back out of the artist studio.

'Yes, Ralph. He is in all my paintings, we have been together for a very long while. He lives in here.'

The final door, with 'c' on it was opened and with trepidation Alex looked inside. He couldn't believe his mistress held a prisoner but he could imagine offering to be treated so himself. 'I don't see him, ma'am.' The room was more of a sewing room than a studio he thought. There were three machines beneath a large window, a second wall of cottons reels on small batons while the third was sectioned into squares, each square being full of different materials. The end wall had a desk in the middle and next to that was a set of stocks. The other side of the desk stood a skeleton.

'That is Ralph. Some of the positions I wish my subjects to be in are impossible to hold for more than a minute or two. Ralph has no such problems. He happily allows himself to be wheeled into my studio when he is needed. The rest of the time he lives here.'

'I see, and the, umm, ' he looked towards the stocks, noticing as he did so that they also had wheels on the base.

'Those too travel. You may pull them out into the middle of the floor.'

'Yes, Miss Susan.' Alex did as he was told, and then looked at the contraption. There was a recess for a head and arms and also, in the middle a smaller hole which he suddenly realised would entrap a cock and balls very nicely.

'You may put your little dick into the stocks, you wished to be punished and now you will be.'

'Oh, yes, Miss Susan, I will do whatever you wish.' He moved forward and lifted the top of the clear Perspex stocks. He slid his hard cock and full balls in and then carefully put the top half in place again.

'Stand still, boy while I fix them.' There was a click as his Mistress pressed down on the brake and then she locked the restraint in place. 'You will put your hands behind your head, you will not move or I will cuff you, is that understood?'

'Yes, Miss Susan, please, ma'am, what will happen if I cum?'

'Well, I can't tell you that yet now can I? It would spoil the fun. You will count for me, I suggest you brace yourself.'

Alex did as he was told. If he looked straight ahead he realised he could see himself and his Mistress in a mirror fastened to the back of the door, if he looked down his hard cock jutted out, leaking again already, he felt the cum boil in his balls and he cried out in pain as the cane struck for the first time.

Alex's eyes watered uncontrollably and he had great difficulty in remaining on his feet as Miss Susan licked her lips and punished his captive balls with the cane. Though weak at the knees with the uniquely excruciating pain that any male will vouch for where pressure or sharp contact with the testicles is concerned, he gained some strength from seeing the pleasure his mistress received in punishing him. She sneered with satisfaction as she saw the tears roll down his cheeks.

"You'll cry like a baby while you learn to accept my pleasure, I'll make you wish to have those balls removed, I've had many a male beg for that privilege." Despite the intense pain which made his stomach turn, his cock remained stiff at her teasing words, the thought of being castrated by her was a delicious notion to his submissive mind; he watched as she strutted in front of the mirror in preparation to chasten him once more. He could see the sublime enjoyment she received from her wicked smile, as she brought the cane hard against his swollen balls once more. Her pussy oozed as she witnessed his reddening sack and the two orbs within it spread nicely as they took the impact, his cock still lifting obediently to avoid the stroke by doing so, betraying the perverse pleasure that its submissive owner enjoyed. Miss Susan's wetness increased as she revelled in her power over the willing slave, her spiteful lust enjoyed to the full as she administered punishment at her will; his cock dribbling pre-cum which matched his tears.

Her spite sated for the moment, Miss Susan relented and Alex's knees buckled, giving her a last divine thrill as his balls took most of the weight of his body, the Perspex trap threatening to tear his balls off. He gasped with relief as she unclicked the Perspex trap with studied deliberation; she was his mistress and he would know pain regardless, she could not be hurried by any situation. He gasped again and winced as his tortured balls rubbed over the lower half of the Perspex stocks when he dropped to his knees. He sobbed a little as he cupped his swollen balls for a moment, Miss Susan pleased with her work and ready for her next pleasure stroked him across the back with the cane.

"Those are my balls! I have not given you permission to touch them; you'll kiss my arsehole in thanks!" She smiled with satisfaction as she wriggled her skirt above her hips and backed onto the kneeling slave. Alex kissed the honeyed nectar of the inviting soft brown eye nestling between the soft globes of white flesh which his mistress obligingly held apart for him; his cock which had lowered slightly after the treatment of his balls, now rose rigid in honour of the scent of his dominant mistress, his aching balls tingling in sweet submission at being owned so completely. Miss Susan's clitoris was expressed prominently and pulsed with sweet pleasure as she felt the warmth of his lips on her arsehole, and then felt his hot breath as his sniffed at the women who controlled him. Her nipples jutted hard as they both enjoyed the moment.

"I told you I would dominate you. This is just the beginning, you will be further reduced on a daily basis, and will be crushed completely by my dominance. Soon you will beg to receive punishment such as you have just experienced." Alex's cock boned, and pre-cum dribbled uncontrollably down the shaft of his stiff cock, like wax from a candle. Miss Susan sighed with pleasure as he lost control and licked her sweetly scented arsehole with the flat of his tongue instinctively, without first begging her permission. Her pussy tensed and dribbled with pleasure as she enjoyed the warm and wet attention received by her arsehole, and her clitoris buzzed as she readied herself to award the further punishment he had earned himself. She pulled away reluctantly from the comfort of his tongue and turned, flexing the cane and looking sternly down on him in haughty dominance.

"I do not recall giving you permission to lick my arsehole! You will make three more entries in your notebook when we return to the house, and you will receive a bonus thrashing this instant." His cock pulsed as she pointed to her feet.

"Kiss my feet and beg for a thrashing!" She came close to orgasm as he cowered and kissed her feet without question, basking in the ecstasy of her absolute control over him, fingers twisting at the cane as she relished thrashing him; she was even closer to a divine orgasm as he knelt to face her, cock rigid with the recognition of his submission to his dominant mistress.

"Please Mistress Susan, I beg you to thrash me, I want to be punished by you." She gave no more than a stern smile and pointed to the vinyl covered floor. He made himself prostrate and was soon bucking in a rhythm with the sweet pain that the delicious rattan offered his cheeks; he watched his mistress in the conveniently placed mirror as she dominated him, and he was soon mesmerised by the erotic song of the cane's delivery. It was all too much for poor Alex, dominated completely, his balls and anus tingling, the inevitable happened as his cock slid on its pre-cum below him. Susan smiled wickedly as she saw him raise his head and begin to jerk uncontrollably, she knew she had him now, and that he would earn further punishment by surrendering the contents of his balls without permission. It was not what she had planned, but her pussy tingled with the pleasure of her superiority as she increased her strokes with the vicious rattan. Her pleasure was enhanced as he bucked in the throes of an orgasm which was courtesy of her dominance alone, and cried out.

"Oh Mistress Susan! I beg your forgiveness! Ohhhh!" Alex looked into the mirror with half-closed eyes to get the most of the vision of his dominant mistress administering her relentless thrashing, as hot semen spunked generously from his throbbing cock; he spent again and again, sliding in his mess as Susan ensured he felt her ire through the cane. He rocked back and forth in ecstasy as the sweet sound of the cane teased every last spurt from him; thoroughly dominated by the woman who now confirmed her ownership as he surrendered his balls to her.

Miss Susan had led him, spent and covered in his own cum out into the garden where she had fastened his leash around the leg of one of the garden seats. The morning sun was warm on his skin and he lay there, exhausted, humiliated, and totally at peace. His balls throbbed and felt almost mashed against his thigh. He knew he was being watched the entire time; if he moved his head just a little he could see her painted toe nails, her shapely ankles, neatly crossed as she waited for him to recover.

'You have had forty-five minutes, boy, are you ready for more?'

Alex realized he must have dozed as her slightly severe tone shook him back to reality. 'Oh, yes, Miss Susan, I, please forgive me for taking so long.' Her laugh was once again music to his ears and he felt the pull on his collar as he was moved onto his knees.

'It is always a very extreme feeling the first time you are dominated in such a painful and powerful way. I do however, wish you to experience a little of most things I have to offer before you have to return to the city on Sunday.' Miss Susan saw his whole demeanour change, he was suddenly smaller, almost resigned to his fate, and she smiled. 'That is of course if you still wish to attend your interview.'

'Miss Susan?' Alex felt his whole being flooded first with despair and then almost instantly with hope.

'Let's spend the rest of the day together first, then this evening we will talk. I do believe you still owe me that bath you promised.'

'Oh, yes, Miss Susan, I, I will make it perfect, I promise.'

'I'm sure you will, now come, we are going to go into the most important of all the studios, but before we do you have permission to sit with me.'

Again there was slight pressure on his collar and he sat, his hands in his lap, eyes downturned and realised that, in front of this woman, he felt demure. 'Thank you, Miss Susan, you honour me with this.'

'Yes, I do, don't I?' She ran her fingers into his hair and pulled him closer, her lips brushing his and again she felt his sharp intake of breath. 'Rest your hand over that cock of mine, boy, and tell me when it begins to respond.'

'Yes, ma'am. Ohhhh, mmmm, Arghhh, fuck, Mistress, ohhhh god.'

His moans were cut short as Miss Susan twisted his tortured balls once more before sliding her tongue into his willing mouth, she felt the softness of his cheeks, the firmness of his teeth and as she tightened her hold on his hair she also felt him try to speak and moved back.

'Now, Miss Susan, it is getting hard again now.'

'Good, now you will listen.' She saw him nod and wondered fleetingly if it was all he was capable of. She was moving fast with him, faster than she had ever done before but she had a feeling he could cope. 'I have had slaves before, not a huge number but a few, none of them were in any way, shape or form as suitable for me as you are proving to be. That isn't to say you don't need training, you do, it also doesn't mean I will go easy on you, because I won't. What I will do is push you further than you have ever been pushed, and at the same time I will be pushing myself.'

'Oh god, Miss Susan.' He had no idea what else to say, he wanted to take her hand, to put it over the hard cock she had owned since the moment he laid eyes on her, wanted to kiss her from the feet to the top of her head, worship her and tell her to hurt him, deny him, do as she pleased and he'd still serve her endlessly but he didn't, instead he waited for her to continue.

'Good boy. You have seen a side of me very few people do. I don't know yet why I showed you my studio and my sewing room, no other sub has seen them. Somehow though it seemed right, and your reaction in the latter confirmed that. We do however, have a problem to deal with.'

'A, a problem, Miss Susan?'

'Oh yes, I do believe that you have cum more than me this morning and we can't have that, so get to work boy.' Miss Susan touched his shoulder gently and was pleased to see him fall to his knees in front of her. She spread her legs and the mouth she had just plundered was over her needy pussy as she cried out in excitement.

'Yes, that's it, fuck me with your tongue, Alex, make me cum so you can wear it on your face for the rest of the day.'

Once again her hands were in his hair, pulling him closer and holding him firmly. Her powerful thighs trapped him and he began his wondrous task with enthusiasm. Time stood still for Alex as he pleasured his Mistress, he was rewarded with mini orgasms over and over but knew he could take her higher, could give her a mind-blowing release similar to the one she had bestowed on him and gradually her moans turned into a mewling constant noise until finally she spoke again, her voice low and lusty.

'Mmm, ohhhh, keep going, yes, boy, keep, don't slow down, so close now, baby, so close.'

Her legs tightened around him and he felt her pussy raise itself against his lips, as his hair was almost pulled from his head. The torrent began strongly and continued that way, his mouth was full as she squirted her release and screamed his name.

'Fuck me, Alex, oh my god, oh, oh, ' Miss Susan felt her world explode, her whole being seemed to begin in its rightful place inside her and then suddenly it was expelled, she felt a force so strong her strength left her and as she collapsed back onto the bench she knew very little of what happened next.

'Miss Susan, please, drink this.' Alex had seen a sink in the artist's studio and, quickly releasing his leash, rushed to get his Mistress a drink.

'She felt a glass at her lips and opened her eyes to see the anxious face of her sub before her and took a sip. 'Thank you, my pet, mmm, I think I needed that, almost as much as that wonderful orgasm, you are more talented than you let on.' She watched as Alex basked in her comments and then a little shakily got to her feet. 'Come with me, boy, I wish to show you what more you have in store.'

They moved back into the studio and Miss Susan unlocked the door to the middle room. Turning she smiled, 'The 'a' is for art, the 'c' a little generously for sewing, and the 'b', as you will find out, is for bondage.'

Alex could see that the room was a T shape and as they moved along what was not much more than a corridor he saw more of her artwork on the walls. He realised that the model was the same in most of them and wondered who he'd been. 'Oh my god, Miss Susan!' The words escaped him almost without him realising as he stared at a room, the width of the building, designed for the torment and torture of all who were restrained in it.

'I take it you are pleased by what you see?'

'I, umm, I never dreamed, there are so many different things here.' Alex looked around, he could see another set of stocks, slightly different from the ones he had already been in, and he realised they were so a sub could be restrained by their balls and wrists. A St Andrew's Cross graced one wall with various crops and canes hung on hooks beside it. There were so many other things he didn't know where to look next, but then he felt his Mistress's finger on his cheek and he turned to look the way she directed.

'This is what I wish you to try for me, boy, it has yet to be used, but I think you will be able to withstand both the pleasure and pain it can give you.'

Miss Susan moved him over to what appeared to be a decorator's set of ladders. They looked like a capital A from the side and Alex could see the very top and the stanchion at the back were bolted to the brickwork and the floor. 'I have never seen anything like that, Miss Susan, what is it for?'

'Move closer and I will show you.'

Alex did as he was told and looked at his Mistress as she moved across to a wheeled cabinet underneath the window.

'Climb up onto the first rung and stand facing me, boy.'

'Yes, Miss Susan.' He did as he was told, moving his ankles as far to the sides of the ladder as he could. Already his heart was beating wildly and he could feel his cock responding to the situation. His Mistress pushed the trolley across the room and stood in front of him and he watched her lift a blindfold and place it in front of his lips.

'You will hold this until I am ready for it.' Miss Susan watched as her boy took the black silk scarf between his teeth and then picked up the first of four leather cuffs she had placed on the floor. Carefully she wrapped the first one around his left wrist before attaching it to the rear of the ladder so his arm was stretched out behind him. Once she had done the same with his right wrist she also fastened cuffs around his ankles and blew softly across the head of his already rock hard cock. 'Thank you.' She took the blindfold and fastened it around Alex's head before stepping back to look at her handiwork.

'Oh yes, just how I imagined you would look, wonderful.'

'Thank you, Miss Susan.' Alex heard the sound of photos being taken and then, listening as hard as he could he realised he was able to hear nothing. 'Miss Susan?'


A finger pressed against his lips and then he felt her breath against his ear.

'Pleasure and pain, little one, you will tell me if you are close to cumming, and if you need it your safe word will be red.'

'Yes, Miss Susan, I understand, mmmmm.' His lips were taken, the kiss brief but powerful and then Alex felt her nails travel down his chest. 'Oh, fuck, ohhhh.' First one nipple and then the other were pinched and twisted. It felt as if they were being pulled from his body as he arched away from the ladder, trying to reduce the pressure he felt. The pain receded and her fingers were at the base of his cock, she traced a soft journey down and round his balls and he moaned again, the treatment from earlier still making them tender to the touch. Suddenly they were aflame as her hand slapped against them, and his hands clenched as he felt the heat radiate.

'Pleasure and pain, always, in this room there will be pleasure and pain.'

'Ohhh my god, ' Again Alex bucked against his restraints but this time it was because his Mistress had taken his cock deep into her mouth and was slowly, torturously moving back towards the head. Again and again he felt the softness, the warmth and the exquisite pressure of his Mistress's lips as his cum once again threatened to spill. 'Please, Miss Susan, I am so close, don't, please don't, ohhhh.' The feelings were gone and then his cock was slapped, hard, and forced downwards before his tits were again assaulted. This time there was no pleasure, just unrelenting pain as his Mistress tortured his body, he felt sharp nails graze his skin, teeth as she bit into the head of his cock before a finger began teasing his arse finally pushing deep inside. He felt himself losing touch with his surroundings, his body was under attack and just as he became almost used to one sensation it ceased and another equally exquisite and painful one began. His senses reeled, he heard himself moaning, and begging as he humped the air, so desperate was he for his Mistress to move back to his cock, even if it was only to hurt it once again.

'So, boy, what do you think of my new toy, do you like it?'

'Oh yes, ma'am, I feel so helpless, so open to you and all you want to do to me. I have never felt anything like it. I am yours, Mistress, but please, please, let me cum for you. Ohhh yes.' A hand wrapped around his cock, slowly moving up and down it and it was all he could do not to move his hips to speed things up.

'You will tell me when you are at the edge boy, or my cane will be used on your soft dick afterwards.'

'Oh yes, ma'am, I ... I don't know how much I have left, but I will tell you.' The feelings were getting stronger, his heart was beating out of his chest and Alex clenched his hands into fists once again. The hand was soft but firm and he could picture his Mistress, so close to him, her naked skin almost touching his own and again his moans became louder and more insistent. 'Oh, edge, Miss Susan, edge.'

'You will cum for me, boy, but not until you feel my other hand as well, is that clear?'

It wasn't but Alex was past the point of speech, he nodded as his balls tightened and then a finger was pushed deep inside his arse and his moans became a roar. 'Oh, oh, oh now, fuck, Miss Susan, NOW!' His cock jerked, he had no idea if he was producing any spunk but his entire body shuddered in time with his release until, totally spent, he sagged in his restraints unable to move.


Alex felt a hand at his lips and he opened his mouth as fingers pushed inside leaving his spill on his tongue, and then she was wiping her hand across his face, mixing his juices with the ones she had left there earlier.

'I have things to do, slut, but I will return for you later.'

There was silence as his Mistress padded barefoot across the room. He heard the door close and the key turning before finding himself alone in total darkness.

Alex languished in the acute silence of the dark studio, and after about twenty minutes, sniffed at the air in a vain attempt to try to get just a little scent of his mistress. He sagged in the blackness, his arms getting used to the pain as they arched up behind him, his knees giving way as he dozed. He snapped out of his intermittent slumber on several occasions; his arms feeling as though they were being pulled from their sockets. At last, after what seemed like several hours, the door swung open, making his heart leap, and the bright daylight was visible through his silk blindfold.

He heard the laughter of Mistress Susan as she stood in the doorway, taking in the sight of her new slave, bound at her pleasure. She grinned as she walked slowly up to him, watching his cock rise to attention in her honour. Alex's eyes became accustomed to the light once more as she pulled the blindfold off and he lusted at the silhouette of his mistress bathing in the rays of sun pouring through the entrance, her elegant shape wielding the cane to which he was no longer a stranger. She produced the collar and leash from behind her back.

"I do hope you enjoyed your rest, I'm sure you were nice and comfortable. It's time for walkies again, just back to the house though; my bath will not wait forever, and you have to learn how to perfect your bathing and toilet duties." She smiled wickedly and rubbed his cock to a full erection before unbuckling his aching limbs; keeping him in a state of near permanent excitement gave her great amusement. Alex dropped to the floor and Susan tingled with pleasure as she stroked his arse with the cane while he kissed her feet automatically, without command; he was learning total enslavement very quickly. Her pussy tingled all the more as she buckled his collar and proudly led him on all fours out to the garden. The sun had almost set by the time Alex's knees were pained by the hard surface of the patio, and it was with some relief that he entered the plush bathroom with his mistress.

Alex was more than impressed by the huge room, the bath, which was big enough for six people and part sunken into the tiled floor, had been half-filled by his mistress prior to her retrieving him. She pointed to a spot by the taps.

"Kneel and await my instruction." Alex obeyed an knelt with semi-erect cock as his shapely mistress discarded her gown, letting it drop to the floor, and keeping her legs straight, bent her body to reach the taps and complete the filling of the bath. Alex swallowed hard and his balls tingled as she teased him with the view of her magnificently rounded arse cheeks; he so wanted to lick her, and his cock assumed a full erection once more. After wiggling unnecessarily for a few moments, she turned and gave his cock a look of contempt before softly padding across to a mirror fronted cabinet where she deliberated as only a woman can, over which bath oil she would treat herself to while the taps rushed the hot water into the bath, making the room steam. Beads of perspiration ran down both their bodies as Susan sat on the edge of the luxurious bath with her legs in the warmth of the water. She pointed to the chosen oil.

"You may apply the oil now; you shall rub it into every inch of my body below my head, starting from the neck; if you miss any part of my body, you shall have the cane. I want you to learn how to pamper me at bath time as befits a mistress with her own slave. Begin!" Alex slopped a little of the oil as he got used to its consistency and was fearful that his mistress would chastise him for it; Mistress Susan simply smiled at her slave's oafish first touches, it was no more than she expected of him. She would not however, tolerate any lack of attention to detail where the application was concerned, and she knew the soft feel of her flesh would have her slave's cock rigid; she also knew he would be tantalised by the thought of oiling her full breasts, not to mention slipping his fingers around the soft folds of her pussy and the pertness of her arsehole. She toyed with the cane, to remind him of that only stringent duty would be allowed. His balls tingled as she lifted her chin and he gently massaged the sweet smelling oil into the softness of her flesh, the sweat dripping from him, as much to do with the situation as due to the humidity of the room, he gasped as he worked down her back and arms to have her look at him impatiently.

"You'll do my breasts now, I want you to ensure my nipples are nicely covered; use your little fingers to work the oil in." Susan's clitoris bulged with pleasure as he gently caressed her soft orbs, his hands gliding gently around the soft and slippery flesh, her nipples pointing hard like thimbles as he duly applied oil to them with his smallest fingers; his cock rock hard and dribbling pre-cum and his balls tight up, yearning to shoot his cream with the excitement.

Satisfied with the pleasant attention to her breasts, she then stood and allowed him to oil her lower torso, before pointing to her pussy. She smiled wickedly down at her kneeling slave and sighed softly as he gently worked the oil into the softness of her labia, watching his cock poke up as he was teased superbly. She then turned and he applied his attentions to her globular arse cheeks, and then slipped his fingers up and down her arsehole making her sigh once more. After having her legs completed, she smiled softly at him, took his hand and led him into the water.

The warmth of the water enveloped them both and Miss Susan lowered herself into the bubbles before taking a handful of them and balancing them on the end of his hard cock before blowing them off again and laughing at his response.

'Oh, Mistress, please.' He felt a blush which had nothing to do the hot water rush up his body.

'You will wash me now, the oils will help keep my skin soft, and then once you are done I have a special treat for you. It is lucky you have cum so many times today, boy.'

'You have been so very kind to me, Miss Susan, I will do as you say.' Slowly he took some of the soapy suds and began to lather up her silky soft skin. He felt her relax against him as his fingers began to massage and stroke her.

'Oh, you are pressing all my buttons at the moment, boy, you have almost earned your reward, mmmm.' Miss Susan let Alex continue with his task for another ten minutes before moving away from his hands. 'Thank you, slut, we are done now.' She watched as her boy climbed carefully out of the bath and then helped her onto the rug. He picked up the large, white, fluffy towel off the radiator and began to carefully pat her down.

'Thank you, boy, you will go and prepare a simple meal of pasta for us now, and then find me in the lounge. You will pick up your things on the way past your room.'

'Yes, Miss Susan.' He left the bathroom and made his way back to his own small cell. There on the bed was his cage, his collar and a small, lace edged apron. As he finished putting everything on he turned to leave the room and saw the photos from the session in the studios. His naked, restrained, body with the red, throbbing balls, the black silk over his eyes, began to work on his caged cock and he felt the pain of it trying to expand more than was permitted. There was a full length mirror at the end of the hallway and as he left his room he saw himself moving closer to it, a submissive slut, caged, collared and naked apart from the lace edged pinafore.

The kitchen was as pleasing to work in as he'd thought and soon the pasta was roiling in the pan and a Ciabatta was in neat chunks in a wooden basket. Finally he put the meal, including a bottle of red wine he'd found on the counter, the plates, glasses and cutlery on the trolley before smoothing down his apron and heading towards the lounge.

His mistress reclined on a chaise longue, wearing a long cream silk robe and heeled slippers. She smiled as she saw him enter and indicated with her hand towards the two small tables she had set up for them. 'You will sit in the chair, if we are opposite each other we can talk once we have eaten.'

'Yes, Miss Susan.'

'You may remove your apron, although it does make you look very sweet.'

He felt the blush return as he placed his Mistress's dinner and wine in front of her and offered her some bread. 'I hope I have cooked it a way that is acceptable to you, ma'am.'

'I do too, boy, now sit and eat.'

'Yes, ma'am.' For a short while there was a companionable silence, just as there had been at breakfast. After they had both finished their food Alex saw Miss Susan indicate with her finger that he should move over to the chaise longue.

'You may sit on the floor, boy, at my feet.'

'Oh yes, Miss Susan, I will.' He did as he was told, looking up at the beautiful face of the woman he longed to serve on a permanent basis.

'We have had a very good day, boy, tomorrow we will be joined by some of the others you met at the tea rooms yesterday. You will help Derrick celebrate his acceptance and if you do so successfully and willingly, I will think about having you move in here with me.'

'Oh, Miss Susan, I want that more than anything. I wish to serve you in any way you choose, for always. Please, ma'am, please let me do that.'

'We will see, however, as I promised you a treat your extra training can begin tonight. Over in the bureau you will find a wooden box, you will bring that to me, on your knees, if you wish this to continue then we will use what is in that box.'

'Yes, Mistress.' He got up onto his hands and knees and made his way over to the other side of the room. The box was easy to find, the journey back was not so easy. Holding the box carefully in his hands he began to 'walk' on his knees back over to Miss Susan.

'Open the box and tell me what you see boy.'

'Oh my, you are showing so many new things, Miss Susan, I, I have seen these online, but what do you wish me to do with it?'

'First you will do as I asked and tell me what it is. That will be put in the punishment book in the morning, boy.'

'Please accept my apologies, Miss Susan, it is a plug, a butt plug I think, and, do you wish me to insert it?'

'No, that will be a task I will undertake, I will also control its inflation, watch as I demonstrate.' Miss Susan rested the plug on her sub's outstretched palms she picked up the bulb, attached to the plug by a narrow tube and began pressing it.'

'Oh, Miss Susan.' Alex watched as the plug increased in size, it seemed to become enormous almost immediately.

'You will wear this boy, but I will control it. You will not remove it until my guests leave tomorrow, I wish them to witness your discomfort. Now, I suggest you bend over the table you so recently ate at and I will fill your arse for you.'

Alex did as he was told, moving his hands back to spread his cheeks. 'Should, should I get some lube for you, Mistress?'

'No, boy, that's alright. I have a small tube of it here.' She moved across, dipped the tip of the plug between her lips, licking it and then pushing it against the tight arse of her slut.

'Oh, fuuuck, mistress, is it inflated already?'

She laughed as she pushed a little firmer, 'not at all, my sweet, it is as small as it gets, now, deep breath.'

He felt the pressure increase, and then, just as he thought he might have to use his safe word it was in, he felt its path until it was embedded deeply. He straightened up and the plug moved inside him. 'Ohhh, my god, Mistress, it feels so strange, I ... I am full of your plug, of your being, your ownership.'

'Yes, you are, boy, now, I suggest you make yourself comfortable in bed, I will join you a little later, you will not touch, you will not remove the plug and you can be assured I will check when I climb in beside you.'

'Yes, ma'am.' Alex got on his knees and pressed his lips against his mistress's silk slippers, before putting his hands behind his back and waiting a second. 'Goodnight, mistress, thank you for, for, this.'

'You are very welcome, now leave, boy, I wish to have some time to myself.'

Alex knew he had been dismissed and so he backed out of the room on his hands and knees, he then got to his feet, feeling the plug move once more and, carefully and not very comfortably, made his way to bed.

Alex lay in the soft bed, sniffing at the pillows for the scent of his mistress as his cock throbbed in the cage and his anus clenched at the rude obstruction which kept it wide, making him feel as though he was perpetually ready to defecate. The feeling engendered a sublime sense of fear, being stretched as it would when in a state of imperilment; it served its purpose perfectly, permanently reminding him of his ownership and keeping his cock bulging in the cage. He so wanted to cum, and knowing his mistress would arrive shortly and would require the services of his tongue before she slept did nothing to help keep his arousal under control.

Mistress Susan appeared with a satisfied smile when she entered the bedroom, having spent an evening contacting the ladies from the tea-room to discuss tomorrow's events. A dozing Alex scuttled from the bed he had warmed sufficiently for his mistress, and knelt obediently at her feet which she pointed to with a scornful look.

"I will expect you to be out of bed and waiting on your knees BEFORE I enter the bedroom in future." Alex's balls tingled as after kissing her feet several times, she strutted across the room and picked a very slender and flexible cane from the stand. She strutted back with it and lay it on the bed before allowing her cream gown drop to the floor, standing naked with hands on hips. She pointed to her pussy.

"You will sniff my pussy while you beg for six strokes of the cane." Susan's pussy tingled as her slave obediently pressed his nose close and sniffed at the evidence of her excitement; he would know the pleasure of her cane before being allowed to taste her spice, which would be enhanced by the haughty enjoyment of her dominance when she delivered the strokes. Alex's cock bulged in the cage as the delicious scent of his dominant mistress's sex flooded his nostrils, his plugged anus tingling as he thought of the promise of the cane.

"I beg you Mistress, please award me six strokes of the cane, I deserve to be punished." Mistress Susan sneered with satisfaction and allowed him a thoroughly good sniff of her excitement before pointing to the bed. Alex lay over the pillow she placed centrally, his arse cheeks raised invitingly by it, and he jerked and twitched as she cut the air with the wicked cane in preparation. Mistress Susan was aroused to full wetness as her slave was made to count each stripe of his arse cheeks, which blossomed red as she ensured he was punished fittingly, Alex was close to coming in his cage by the time he had cried 'four'; his mistress was in a similar condition as she enjoyed watching him hump the pillow in a vain attempt to rub his cock, caged and beyond external stimulation; the pain and denial her control over him offered, stimulated her no end, she would gratefully receive the services of his tongue after his punishment was served. She brought the sixth stroke home with extra vigour, making him cry out the number and squirm in pain as the final welt glowed in a red crease.

Alex sniffled a little as his eyes watered while he thanked his mistress for the caning, as she climbed onto the bed and sat, lifting her thighs.

"Stop blubbing and lick my pussy, I've earned it." Alex did not hesitate and pushed his face into the warmth of her crotch, eagerly lapping at the slippery folds of her pussy, his cock pulsing in the cage as the scent and taste of her sex added to the torture of his strict denial. Susan relaxed in luxury as his warm tongue teased her clitoris toward a rewarding orgasm; she would now offer him a little relief.

"You are to be paraded tomorrow, in front of my guests. I have been very pleased with your progress and tomorrow you shall enjoy the relief of wanking at my feet while my friends witness your submission to me. Their enjoyment of your humiliation will be sublime, you may will have the honour of pleasuring some of my friends too; you are going to have a very sticky face indeed." She moaned as the rapidity of his licks increased as he learned of the promise of relief, his cock throbbing in the cage as he lapped at the juices from her arousal and worked at the nub of her clitoris, she lifting her legs high now to welcome a worthy orgasm. Alex's facial muscles passed the pain threshold caused by his aching tongue, as he dreamed of tomorrow's sweet humiliation. Mistress Susan allowed him to remain in the bed and had him cuddle her as they dropped off to sleep.

After washing his mistress in the shower and enjoying a little breakfast with her, he was leashed and readied on all fours for the arrival of their guests. Mistress Susan grinned with pleasure and lifted her chin in superior fashion when the doorbell rang to announce the arrival of the first of her guests. Dressed in one her finest black dominatrix outfits, she took his leash and he was walked to the door. The first guest was recognised by Alex as one of the stern women who had been at the tea-room when he had arrived; she clapped her hands and beamed down at what she saw.

"Oh well done Susan! He was such a proud looking male, you have done a wonderful job in reducing him, does he take the cane well?" Susan beamed with pride as she choked her slave for good measure, bringing another smile from the stern woman and making her mature pussy tingle as she witnessed further confirmation of his ownership.

"Oh yes, Alex loves a caning, and today he will witness a whipping; Marjorie Allen's latest project has been too cocky and will be brought down to the correct level, courtesy of the lash. It will provide an excellent extra treat to Alex's confirmation." Susan passed the leash to her friend, Alex showed his acknowledgment of her superior gender by kissing her feet, and she then had the pleasure of having a naked, caged, plugged, and leashed male direct her to her seat as she took in the tension of that leash while he walked on all fours, his importance no greater than a dog's when in the company of women. The bell rang many times and the performance was repeated by Alex, Derrick arrived with his stern mistress and was immediately ordered to strip naked; he was told to kneel by the lounge door, his caged cock on display and kiss the feet of all women coming through it.

Alex's cock was especially hard, and his anus tingling the strongest when the stern woman of about 55 who had eyed him so contemptuously at the tea-rooms arrived. She was dressed in a black leather cat-suit which expressed her mature feminine curves exquisitely, and she carried a menacing looking whip; she was followed in by the young maid from the Swan who in turn led in a male whose eyes were masked, was gagged with panties and wore a basque and stockings with suspenders. His wrists were tied before him and his arms were held out as the maid had him leashed from those wrists. He was not caged and his cock poked rudely; this was the male who had misbehaved, and his cock showed that he knew his punishment would be severe; being paraded before a crowd of women while dressed as one was sweet humiliation indeed. The women applauded and taunted the male, whose cock rose to a full erection as the maid led him straight through to the garden and he saw the whipping post. The women laughed and looked on with pleasure from the patio doors as he was shackled to the post while his mistress gave a demonstration with her whip on the large lawn. The male's cock pulsed upright and ready to shoot as he was strapped to the pole by the smiling maid; he could hear all too clearly the crack of the whip which he would shortly taste.

The women's eyes turned back to the room as their hostess clapped her hands and led Alex to the middle of the floor.

'Ladies, ' Susan could feel her juices flowing already as she commanded the attention of everyone except the slave in the garden who could only hear, so tightly was his collar attached to a hook at the top of the pole his female clothing now in a heap at his feet. 'Not all of you have met Alex, he has proved himself worthy to be my live in slut, but without your input and approval I couldn't possibly take the final step of commanding him to shed his former life for me.'

The choke chain around Alex's neck was hanging loose as his mistress spoke but she pulled it tight and he felt his cock throb and his arse clench. 'Arghhh, th, thank you, Miss Susan.'

'Although you will not have realized, as per my instructions, you sat the ladies in order of importance. Once we have witnessed her cur's punishment you will begin with Miss Marjorie and work your way round. Everyone in this room will cum from your tongue, lips and mouth.'

'Ev, everyone, Mistress?' Alex looked around there were seven women and six males looking back at him.

'Everyone, and Derrick, having passed all of his Mistress's tests to join her harem, will have the privilege of coating your face with his spunk which you will then let him lick off and feed to you.'

'Yes, Miss Susan.' Alex stared at the ground, he had never been near another man's cock before other than Derrick's at the tea rooms. He hoped his mistress would re-consider but knew, deep inside she wouldn't.

'Now I think we should all reconvene in the garden.' Miss Susan stood to one side of the patio doors with Alex's lead in her hand. She let Marjorie walk past and then followed her out.

The boy was shaking uncontrollably against the whipping post. His arse, already criss-crossed with marks from a previous punishment, was clenched but his cock was rock hard and leaking pre-cum. A sob escaped him as he heard everyone walk towards him.

'This boy isn't worthy to have a name at present so he is called three which is the number in my household he has been demoted to.' Marjorie turned to look directly at Alex. 'He was number one before his attitude became a problem. You would do well to remember that.'

'Yes, Miss Marjorie, I will.' Alex bowed his head not knowing what else was expected of him.

'Come here, boy.'

He moved quickly over to Miss Marjorie's side after checking with his own Mistress that it was permitted.

'Good boy, but you will follow the instructions of every woman here, we all know what the boundaries are.'

'Yes, ma'am.' Miss Marjorie held the choke chain tightly with two fingers inside it pressing against his neck. She pulled him to his feet and then plundered his lips with her own. He felt her tongue in his mouth, her other hand on his balls and with a moan of deep submission and arousal he began to kiss her back, feeling his humiliation wash over him as he was used in front of everyone.

'Mmmm, thank you, just what I needed to get me started. He is a much better kisser than you, three.'

'Yes, m m mistress, I, I'm sorry.' Three's voice shook, his hands were already clenched into fists and then with no warning the first stroke of the bull whip shot across his back and around to catch a nipple. 'Ohhhh, fuck, fuck. Th, thank you, Mistress.'

Alex lost count of the amount of times the boy was whipped. He thought he'd had at least thirty strokes before suddenly an arc of cum had shot out of three's cock and splashed across the slabs of the punishment area. Miss Susan had told him to pick the spunk up on his fingers and as Miss Marjorie paused for a glass of champagne he had fed the white stringy mess to three, seeing the wheals across his torso, many of them now bleeding freely. The boy had cried and sobbed as he was punished before exuding more of a resigned whimper; somehow, to Alex that seemed worse.

It had been no more than ten minutes later that they had all moved inside the house. Three had been dumped unceremoniously into the downstairs cloakroom and told to clean himself up and wait in silence. Nothing had been heard from him since apart from the cries of pain as he washed and dried himself and Alex wondered if he was sleeping it off. He had found he was getting more used to crawling across the patio and had made it back inside without complaint. The smile he had received from his Mistress had made his heart sing and he waited, on his knees, by her side as she took control of the meeting once again.

'And now, Ladies to the more pleasurable part of the day, although I am sure we all gained a lot of enjoyment from three's punishment. I know I did.' Susan undid the press studs on the gusset of her outfit ran her finger over her pussy and then across Alex's lips. 'Lick.' She watched as he did so and then, having coated her fingers once again, she pushed them into his mouth. 'Alex has pleased me greatly over the past few days. It is a long while since I have had a boy so attuned to my way of thinking and I am happy to give him to you for your final approval.'

Alex crawled forward and knelt at the feet of Miss Marjorie. He saw Miss Susan hand the lead to her and knew, for the next few minutes, he belonged to the most important member of their group.

'Miss Marjorie owns the tea rooms, slut, you will perform there many times for me, so I would suggest you please her greatly, otherwise she may find some less pleasant tasks for you to undertake.'

Alex could only nod as he was pulled in-between the black clad thighs. The zip which covered her already swollen pussy was right in front of him and he grasped it in his teeth before gently pulling it back to reveal the smooth, wet lips. He felt the shorter whip she now carried run softly but menacingly between his arse cheeks and again he tightened around his plug.

'Does it inflate, Susan?'

'Oh yes, would you like to try?'

'You know I do believe I would.'

The smile was evident in Miss Marjorie's voice and then he felt the results of her pleasure. 'Ohhhhh, thank, thank you, Miss Marjorie.' Alex's words were muffled by the heavenly pussy they were spoken into and he felt the plug expand not once but twice as he began to lick and suck with enthusiasm. A hand grasped his hair and he felt himself being held as close to her soft skin as was possible as he took her higher and higher.

'That's it, boy, ohhhh yes, don't stop, right there, ahhhhhh!'

His face was soaked with the delicious nectar which he drank down thirstily, keeping the feelings going for as long as he could, and then he felt himself being released. 'Thank you, Miss Marjorie, for allowing me to pleasure you and taste your wonderful juices.' He heard the laughter from the woman above him and looked down at the ground.

'Oh he has my vote, Susan, and I absolutely know he'll be very popular on our cream tea days at the Swan. Well done, boy, you may move on, but I do reserve the right to recall you.'

'Thank you, Miss Marjorie.' Alex looked up at the young waitress from the tea rooms and wondered for a second if she was sitting in the wrong place.

'This is my daughter, boy, although she is only twenty she is a very experienced mistress already.'

Miss Marjorie's words flooded his senses and he felt his balls tingle as he looked at the beautiful young woman. He had friends with daughters this age and he lowered his head once again. 'Please, Miss Megan, may I serve you?'

'You may, but first you will stand and show me your pathetic dick, have you even been allowed free yet, slut?'

Alex got to his feet and nodded. 'Yes, Miss, but I know I will remain caged most of the time.'

'And your arse, let me see how stretched you are before I add my influence.'

Alex turned his back on the young woman, knowing it was the only way he would ever be allowed to do so. He spread his cheeks and then bent at the waist to give his current Mistress an uninterrupted view of the plug which he fervently hoped couldn't get any larger.

'Arghhhh, fuck, oh my god.' He fell to his knees, his air suddenly restricted by the choke chain as the pain tore through his arse. 'Please, Miss, please, not so much. It hurts.' This time the laughter came from all the women and Miss Susan was suddenly in front of him, his head pulled back so he could see her as he grovelled waited for her words.

'It is supposed to hurt, it is supposed to stretch you, so I am delighted you have let us know it is working. Now, continue with your tasks.'

He was pushed away dismissively and could only nod as he viewed the carpet through the tears which had flooded his eyes. Carefully and slowly he turned and began to approach Miss Megan, trying not to think about how much agony he would be in by the end of his initiation.

'And so, boy, you are almost finished with your tests. Tell me, how many cocks have you now sucked, and made cum?'

'Five, Miss Susan.' As he'd approached each male sub Miss Susan had moved to stand behind him. She had pushed his face deep into the groin of every man making sure he gagged and heaved against each of them. He had been forbidden to use his hands, he was, she'd said, a means to an end, and if she desired it he would become an expert which it was obvious he wasn't yet. He knew she had seen his own dick leak and hoped she would accept his plea that it was the humiliation and not the boy which aroused him.

'Did they all taste different, was the cum of a thicker or thinner consistency, which was your favourite so far?'

'Oh, god, Miss Susan, yes, they, they were all different, the, the boy with Miss Jane, his was the thickest cum, I, I liked that one best of all.' He saw the boy kneel a little taller and have his head petted by another of the women he recognized from the tea rooms.

Susan looked at the boy, he was young, very feminine and her pussy moistened as she thought of Alex taking him as he lay restrained but resplendent in full lingerie. 'He will become one of your play things then, boy, as you enjoyed him so much.'

'Yes, Miss Susan, thank you, Miss Susan. Please, Mistress, please could you reduce the size of the plug just a little?' It had been only the Mistresses who had played with his arse but it felt as if it was on fire and Alex knew if it was increased in size any more he would shoot without permission.

'Very well, as you only have Derrick left I will deflate it.'

The sudden release of air made his head swim and for a moment Alex slumped against his Mistress. 'Ohhh, thank you, Mistress.'

'Steady boy, focus. You have seen this cock before I know, but I am not sure if you are aware that, apart from your own, his is the longest and hardest we have amongst us. He is not pleased to lose that title. You have two minutes to make him cum all over your face and he has been told that, for those two minutes he will own you.' Susan had taken Derrick's cock in her hand as she spoke and fondled it. Feeling it grow as she did so she had flicked the end until it began to shrink again. 'You will remember your place with me, boy.'

'Yes, Miss Susan, I apologise but your hands are so soft.'

'Thank you boy, now, I do believe my sub is yours for next few minutes.'

Miss Susan stepped back and Alex, swallowing his relief at the reduction of pressure in his arse, looked up into the face of the man before him. None of the other subs had been allowed to touch him either as he sucked them off, and his mistress had made sure they obeyed. Derrick however reached forward and grabbed his collar.

'What do you have to say to me, boy?'

Again Alex felt himself starved of air and he tried unsuccessfully to breathe before croaking out his words. 'Please, Sir, please may I suck your wonderful cock and take your load all over my face?'

Derrick didn't answer instead he released his hold on the lead, pushed himself forward so Alex was surrounded by his thighs and groin and waited. Reluctantly Alex opened his mouth and before he had a chance to move again he felt the large, thick cock against the back of his throat, a strong hand in his hair and was thankful the other sub was as clean shaven as he himself was.

'That's it, boy, make him work for your load. I love to hear a slut gag on a long hard dick.' Miss Susan was once again right behind her slave and she reached down and grabbed his balls and pulled on them until Alex was on all fours. 'You will feel my cane while you perform, Derrick will tell you when to move back. Now, smile for the camera!'

Alex paused a second and saw Miss Megan to his right, her phone flashing as she recorded his degradation. He knew the tea rooms had a newsletter, he also knew he would be on the front page as Miss Susan had decided to put the declaration he had learned in print for everyone to read instead of having him recite it and now it appeared his final act of humiliation would also be recorded there. The cane struck again and again and Alex willed himself not to cum. He so wanted to shoot for his Mistress but not when he was being face-fucked; he moaned as his arousal and his pain mixed deliciously together, taking him closer and closer until he was desperate for Derrick to shoot his load all over him.

Again and again Derrick assaulted Alex's face, the anger he felt at the boy who was an interloper, a newbie and yet had been told his cock was superior spurring him on. Just within the allotted time he felt the cum boiling in his balls and looked up at Miss Susan. 'Mistress, I am ... ohhhh fuck... ' he pulled back and rope after rope of thick white spunk splashed against the face of the boy he had used and he knew it was a feeling of power he would never experience again.

'Now, I believe you have something to say to my slave, don't you, Derrick?' Miss Susan took the boy by the hair and as his body was wracked with aftershocks held his face as close to Alex's as was possible.

For a moment he thought about refusing but the humiliation bathing him again was wonderful and he lowered his eyes before speaking. 'Thank you, Alex, for letting me spunk on you. Please, may I clean it off for you?'

Alex nodded, he was so turned on he thought he might shoot inside his cage. He knew he wasn't gay but the humiliation and degradation both of them had shared combined with his public punishment was almost too much for him. The feeling of the tongue as it began to remove the now cold cum was strange but Alex realised liked it and as he felt the final vestiges of the other boy's humiliation being deposited into his mouth his mistress whispered two words in his ear and he ran his hand into Derrick's hair and kissed him deeply.

'Now it's your turn, boy and I have a present for you.' Miss Susan moved across pulled out a large fabric covered box on a slightly larger base out from behind the sofa. 'This is yours, boy. When I lend you to my friends you may take it with you, and sometimes you will also demonstrate it at the tea rooms or in my studio. 'Move closer.'

Alex still recovering from what he had thought was his final act of the afternoon crawled over and looked at the box. It wasn't, as he had initially thought totally covered in fabric and had a hole on the base roughly half way along each side.

'This section is for your rewards, boy, as you can see there is a nice soft, flowery and fleecy cover on it, I am led to understand from the various boys I have tested it on by wrapping their little dicks in it that it has an almost surreal feel to it. You will use it when you have earned an orgasm. This, ' Miss Susan turned the box round to the next side, 'is made from a doormat. When I wish you to know your place as you shoot you will use this, the third one is sandpaper, you will hope I never have to instruct you to use that and the final one is a laminated fabric so I can put things such as deep heat on it before you wank against it.'

Alex's breathing had been getting heavier and heavier the more he heard. His cock was now pushing against the end of the cage as he pictured himself kneeling and rubbing against the box. He saw Miss Susan pick up two metal rods and slide them into holes on the base of the box opposite each other. She then attached cuffs to the rods and indicated that he should move closer.

'Your final task is to be punished until you cum. Put your wrists up, boy.'

'Yes, Miss Susan.' He obediently did as he was told and then realised he was kneeling in front of the doormat side of the box.

'Wherever you use this you will always be cuffed. All the superior ladies here have agreed you should become mine and so there will be no touching of your little dick by you ever again unless I specifically give you permission. In future you will pee as a girl and only your daily cleansing routine will involve any hand to cock activity. That will always be done in the presence of someone so you won't be able to wank.'

'No, Miss Susan.' The idea of never touching again for pleasure was almost too delicious and he swayed on his knees.

'Now, as it is time for you to know the place you will be from now on, I will cane you as you rub against the mat, I would cum quickly if I were you because then your initiation will be over and you may rescue your cock from its painful journey.' Miss Susan had unlaced her bodice and stepped out of her dress as she spoke and now, wearing only her stockings and high patent black pumps she bent over to unlock Alex's cage, letting her heavy tits swung in front of him.

'Please, Miss Susan, I, I haven't pleasure you yet. I shouldn't be permitted to cum first.'

'No, you shouldn't, but a Mistress's first orgasm with an owned boy is always private. We will perform at the next meeting, but thank you boy.'

Again Alex felt lips against his own but this time they were his Mistress's and he was unable to prevent himself from kissing her passionately as finally he felt the cage fall to the ground. 'Please, Miss Susan, I love you, I wish to spend my life with you, no one else sees me as you do, I want to feel pain for you, hurt me, Mistress, know I would die for you.'

The laughter wasn't cruel but he felt his entire body blush as his wrists were restrained and the bristles began pressing against his cock.

'Now, you become mine, boy.'

'Arghhh, thank you, yes, Miss Susan.' The cane swept down striking across both arse cheeks with a strength he hadn't experienced before, the mat dug in like a thousand needles each time he was forced forward and he tried to stay in contact with it, grinding and rubbing up and down and then he was crying in pain and shooting in ecstasy as he gave his entire being over to his new Mistress.

'So boy, should we cancel that interview do you think?' Miss Susan lay on her bed, still wearing her stockings but with a pink silk robe over her shoulders open to reveal her beautiful body.

'Oh yes, Miss Susan, my place is here, but if you wish me to work I will attend.'

'No boy, you are kept now, I have more than enough for both of us.'

Alex nodded against her, the skin felt so soft against his own. 'Thank you for today, Miss Susan, it was just wonderful.'

'Thank you, boy, you did me proud, I want you to know that.'

'Yes, Mistress, thank you.' He felt a finger under his chin and knew he had permission to look into her eyes. As he did so his lips were claimed and for a long while nothing was said. Their bodies rubbed against each other, his little cock throbbed in his cage, his fingers found her pussy and for a while he claimed her as his as she came hard against him. Finally, when he thought he would burst right out of any restraint on the market, she moved him onto his back and smiled at him.

'Mmmm, you are very good at that. I need to tell you something, Alex.'

'What, Miss Susan? You know I will listen to anything you say to me, always.'

'Yes I do, and this you will hear many times because I love you too.'

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