Confessions of a Flat-chested Girl
Chapter 1

Caution: This Erotica Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including mt/ft, Consensual, Heterosexual, Fiction, Spanking, Humiliation, Interracial, Black Male, White Female, First, Oral Sex, Anal Sex, Masturbation, Petting, Cream Pie, Exhibitionism, Size, School,

Desc: Erotica Sex Story: Chapter 1 - "Heat" had a crisis of self-confidence. Her lack of boobs has made her unsure of her attractiveness to the opposite sex. Now Russell has renewed her pride in her what she had to offer other than an impressive rack.

Now that I am an "old lady" of twenty, I can look back and laugh at my silly notions when I was still a silly virgin at the ripe old age of eighteen. I was not in the least bit happy about that even though my parents were overjoyed to hear me constantly reassure them that no boy's cock had as yet invaded my top-secret unexplored territory.

My name is Heather Collins and since there were like three other Heathers in my graduating class, I liked everyone to call me "Heat" because I thought that sounded so cool and exciting. The truth was that I tended to be a bit frigid around boys. It was not because I wasn't all quivering inside to discover what was making their trousers tent out like a pregnant woman's belly at those times when they were just itching to stick their thing in the first available female. It seemed like when I was the tender age of sweet sixteen and even seventeen all of my girlfriends were losing their cherries left and right. The final straw was when Doris Piggson who was the butt of our snide remarks in the locker room announced she had lost not only her womanly cherry but her anal virginity as well. It was so humiliating to be the last virgin in my group of friends. I could tell they were all looking at me like I was some kind of freak from one of those silly horror movies that always manages to get killed before the end of the film.

The thought that some boy was so perverted as to shove his thing up Miss Piggy's dreadful backside was enough to make me want to run to my bedroom and rub one out in private. It was impossible for me to believe that any boy would rather stick it in Miss Piggy's brown eye when my much more desirable entrance was waiting for their attentions.

At first, after I turned eighteen and hadn't even gotten past first base with a boy, I suspected it was my braces that made me unattractive to the opposite sex. Then, my braces came off and still no takers to kiss my long lips or to get fresh with my untouched bottom. I think it was at that point that I realized it must be the lack of a visible curve in my chest that turned all the boys off so completely. My nipples were ultra-sensitive and if I teased them a little bit they always made me wet down yonder where the grass grows greener. I knew I wasn't a freak or frigid but the lack of proper headlights up front was keeping me from enjoying the interesting fun of experimenting with curious cocks.

The only boy who even talked to me at length on any subject was Russell Brown. Russell was a basketball star because he was like the tallest student in the senior class. My head only came up to just above his beltline because I was almost the shortest girl in the class. We were kind of like friends because he would like to let me scamper between his legs in my cheerleader outfit at the games and the audience would laugh to see the contrast in our height.

I guess I should say right up front that Russell was a boy of color. I kind of feel a little funny saying black because that seems a little negative in my mind and I don't really know why. I don't think I am prejudiced because I see Russell as a boy with a lovely oversized cock and I never gave the color of his exterior any thought at all. I knew my entire family and most of my friends who are all white like me would be horrified if I were to even go on a date with Russell because we were still living in a time when people tended to stick to their own kind, but I knew he liked me and that really made me feel good inside and I often daydreamed about him on top of me making me take him deep inside.

It was shortly after my eighteenth birthday that I bought the padded bra that sort of changed my appearance. Russell noticed right away and stopped me in the hallway.

"Hey, Heat baby, you growing some tits, girl?"

I quickly looked around to see if anyone heard him refer to the most sensitive part of my anatomy.

"Please, Russell, don't call attention to them. I got a new bra to kind of make me look more attractive to boys. You know I don't have anything there."

The tall boy laughed but she knew deep inside that it was not at her but with her.

"You don't need to worry about that, girl. Your ass is all the boys need to get them putting a move on you."

I knew that I had a cute backside and I sometimes looked at it in the mirror and wondered why the other boys didn't even think enough of it to grab a feel when they had an opportunity. I really wouldn't have minded at all although I would have at least made a verbal protest just to show I was a good girl with enough character to be properly behaved.

"Thank you Russell, a girl likes to hear she has something that a boy might like even if it is only my silly backside."

"You got it going for you back there, girl, I wouldn't worry about your boobs at all. Guys want meat to grab hold of when they are getting it on. You know what I mean, Heat honey. Lots of boys would like to get into that stuff and that's a solid fact."

Russell's blunt commentary had already made me wet under my panties and I looked at him with a new light. After all, he was a boy and what difference did it make if he was not white. It all honesty, he was a handsome fellow and he attracted girls of all backgrounds as well as some older women with a need for something different. I made up my mind to be a bit forward and told him how I felt.

"Russell, I wouldn't actually mind if you wanted to fool around after the game. Maybe you can show me what you mean but remember I am kind of small and you are an awful big guy. I can meet you up in the science lab because I have a key to it. You have to keep it a secret because I don't want the other students to find out."

It was quite a risk I took but I had this urge to get my virginity issue out of the way and Russell seemed like an ideal way to solve it. I was a little bit concerned about the size of his thing but I remembered that he was a very gentle person despite his size and I felt I could depend on his silence about anything that might happen between us in the sexual experimentation department.

The game was a completely one-sided affair with us beating the downtown school by over twenty points. Russell made a lot of baskets and I was screaming and jumping up and down more than any of the other cheerleaders each time he scored. I knew he was looking at me and I made sure I bent over a lot to keep him interested in my virgin ass. I wanted him to see I was only wearing my flimsy thongs and that my business was neatly shaved and trimmed. The anticipation of having Russell between my legs in a matter of moments was making me so wet that I was afraid I would be making the basketball floor wet if I started to do my routine.

I ran up the wide staircase to the science lab and unlocked the door. It was so quiet after the noise in the gym that I could almost hear my heart beating in anticipation of whatever Russell had in mind for me.

I heard the door open behind me and when I looked over my shoulder I saw Russell come into the science lab. He still had his basketball uniform on and he was carrying his street clothes in his school bag. I was still in my cheerleader outfit and I was glad I hadn't changed because I sensed he wanted to do "it" to me from behind and I wasn't sure if he wanted to stick it in my weeping slit or my quivering pucker hole. At that point, it didn't make any difference to me at all. I just wanted whatever he had to offer inside me someplace. I was willing to submit to whatever he wanted to do with complete obedience.

His shorts were tented big time and I bent over the experiment desk holding onto the faucets to brace my hips for his weight. I only weighed about a hundred pounds and I knew Russell was about double my weight and that he towered almost eighteen inches above the top of my head.

The touch of his big hands on my buttocks made me start to tremble all over but I thought it was excusable since I was truly a virgin in every respect. When I looked over my shoulder, I saw he was looking down at my backside with my cheerleader skirt tucked into my waist and my uniform panties pulled down exposing my heart-shaped crack and the closely shaved slit oozing my happy juice.

I couldn't see his thing because it was already between my legs and pressing into that area at the back end of my slit that stretched wide to allow him entry. I wanted to warn him I was still a virgin but before I could utter a single word, he had already busted my membrane and slid deep inside my vaginal channel.

Russell grunted when he bottomed out inside me but I could tell he still had lots of shaft left outside that hadn't been buried yet. I wanted to take it all in but knew it was physically impossible at the insertion angle. After he started to work me hot and heavy, there was no opportunity for me to do anything except hang on to the faucets and whimper as quietly as possible to keep from alerting the maintenance staff that I was losing my cherry.

The entire time Russell showed no interest in playing with my nipples and I had no agenda that wanted him to do so. In fact, I had to admit, my tits were not on my mind and I am certain they were not on Russell's mind either. After several minutes of spirited copulation, I slid into a fantastic orgasm. It was the first orgasm caused by an actual live cock inside me and I will always remember it. He was not finished yet and I was extremely grateful for his stamina in scratching my itch.

When I whimpered a bit too loudly, Russell spanked me on both my cheeks drawing tears to the corners of my eyes. He seemed to go into a frenzy of pounding when he saw my reaction and I went into a second and even more convulsive orgasm suffering at the end of his skillful impalement. Our bodies were like two sides of the same pulsating machine searching for the ultimate pleasure and finding it again and again.

Russell flooded me with his seeds and I immediately worried about the possibility of motherhood. He didn't use a rubber and I had not been on a pill but I knew where my mom kept her "morning after" failsafe pills and I intended to head right for her stash and pop one just to be on the safe side.

He was so considerate that he allowed me to rest in the bent over position on top of the experiment table while he started to play with my nipples. I had completely forgotten about them but his fingers rolled them with easy grace and I could feel them growing harder and the juices started flowing inside my pussy yet again.

Russell caught my juices and his creamy deposit in the palm of his hand and pushed the entire mess into my pulsating pucker hole to lubricate it for his immediate entry. I started to shake in fear because I knew his tool was far too thick to fit into me back there without a lot of effort and stretching. It was on the tip of my tongue to beg him not to do me back there but my sense of pride and ego stopped me. I figured I had invited him to this party and it was my duty as the hostess to give the guest what he wanted most.

Before he gave it to me in the ass, Russell spent some time spanking my bottom with both of his big hands. He told me what a fine ass I had and that I didn't need any boobs at all. It sounded so good to me that I even pushed my ass up a little bit higher to allow him to get deep inside my cavity. My thought was that he might be able to get his entire thing buried inside with a little bit of luck and a lot of stretching on my part.

I have to admit the best part of the entire affair was the battle to get my sphincter to open up for him. He was determined and I surrendered unconditionally after a spirited defense of my last secret place.

He kept going deeper and deeper and when I felt his balls slap into me and the base of his rod against the insides of my crack I knew he had managed to bury the entire business inside me and I was proud to take it without a single complaint. After that he pounded me and spanked me leading me to have repeated orgasms like a greedy girl in a candy shop. I wanted to continue forever and just have another piece of candy over and over again.

I am in college now and I just date boys who are my own skin tone because it is considered more acceptable by most of my friends and relatives, but I still see Russell now and then and we go somewhere no one knows us and repeat that first time for me. I always wear my cheerleader outfit which still fits exactly the same and Russell has his basketball uniform with the number nine that sometimes looks like six when I am turned the other way.

He is the one who showed me a lack of tits is not a big deal after all.

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