The True Seeker
Chapter 1

Caution: This Mystery Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Consensual, High Fantasy, Incest, Interracial, Pregnancy, Cream Pie,

Desc: Mystery Sex Story: Chapter 1 - An angry man seeks answers from the almighty in the Himalayan Jungles, he seeks Nirvana and achieves it. follow his journey.

My name is Manu I live in New Delhi India and this is my story, I was never successful in my life in any area or field. My life was a bucket full of shit. Friends left me, my wife left me for another man, my family loathed me overall everybody despised me. I day I decided enough was enough and I left the city I grew in and decided to go to the hills in search of the almighty as the Himalayan region in India is considered to be sacred.

Since the sands of time many sages and sadhus (holy man) had gone in search of the divinity many returned with an aura around them and many were buried in the jungles or the snow clad mountains. I went to Haridwar the holy city by the Mighty and sacred Ganges. I wandered around and was confused as to from where I should start my sacred journey in search of the truth or light that would change my life.

I wandered around for a week and finally joined a group of wanderers who were all like me dejected, angry and in search of answers. Most of us shared similar kind of story and fate, we all wandered to, Rishikesh (meaning hair of the saints).

In Rishikesh we wandered around the banks of Ganges and went deeper in to the jungle, some of us got separated some went the other way now I was all alone once again. I wandered around for a while and finally took refuge on the banks of Ganges in the forest. I had few clothes and very little money with me.

For two days I was on the banks out in the open sleeping under the stars. The next day I went to Rishikesh and bought some utensils and an axe, I came back to the same place and started to build myself a bamboo hut just like the hermits and sages used to live in. I covered the hut with the roof made of dry leaves from the jungle.

I started living in the hut with few of my belongings; I made couple of spears out of bamboos for protection from wild animals and for food. Hindu religion forbids eating meat, for the ones who seek truth and live life of a Hermit or sage.

I defied all and started living of the land, I never tried to seek what I wanted to as I was busy in gathering food for myself. I collected berries from the jungle, fish from the river and lived on. I was living as if I was the only person alive on this planet and cared for no one.

One day while was in the jungle foraging for fruits and berries I came across a wild cow with a calf in tow, I somehow lured the cow along and brought her to my settlement. I tied the cow to a nearby tree, and let the calf lose I started feeding the cow greens and soon she responded to me the calf too became friendly and would follow me everywhere. I named the cow Sue and the calf I called him Beta.

One day when the calf had his fill of the milk I tried to milk the cow, at first she was hesitant than she allowed me to milk her so that I could add milk to my meager diet. Couple of years passed people would come to my settlement watched with curiosity and left I was soon labeled and was called "Hatela Baba"(The recluse sage). Sometimes those people left me with provisions or money as charity, that I accepted it without shame. The money helped me to buy some necessities.

My appearance was changed, I only wore a loin cloth my hair had grown and were waist length, my beard reached below my chest. Physically I was thin but well muscled I had lost all the fat around my body. The calf had grown in to a very big strong bull and one day I saw the bull mounted his own mother the cow and before I could react the deed was done. I was disturbed with this, it was incest but then thought if everything that happens, happens with will of the god so be it.

Sue the cow was soon pregnant. Sue started giving more milk than ever. One day when I returned from my daily foraging I saw a young girl sitting near my hut I ignored her as I did others and was in my own elements. Soon it was evening and then night came the girl was still sitting on the same spot unmoving I felt this rather strange but again ignored it as it had become my second nature.

I retired to my hut and went to sleep, during the night I got up to pee and I saw the girl still there I could not stop myself I went to her and God she was stinking to heaven. I came back and filled some milk in a bowl and went back to her and offered it to her she literally tore it from my hands and drank greedily from the bowl and licked it clean. I offered her more that too was gone and then she burped I smiled even with her stinking I went forward and patted her head.

I returned to my hut the girl followed me I stopped outside my hut and she too stopped. I told her she was dirty and no way was she to enter my abode. I went inside and came out with a sheet I gave the sheet to her and told her to sleep outside. I went inside and slept.

In the morning I woke up and went out the hut and saw the girl sleeping wrapped in the sheet I had given her, by the fire that I everyday built outside my hut just to keep the wild animals at bay. I nudged her feet by my foot she woke up and for the first time she smiled. I went inside my hut and came out I gave the girl a bar of soap and my old shirt. I told her to go and take bath in the river and wash her stinking cloth if she wants warm milk and something to eat. The girl took off like a rabbit, I smiled.

I was milking Sue the cow when the girl returned, she was wearing my shirt that came to her knees, and her hair were black and came to her waist she looked to be around 12 or 13 yr old. She was pretty and looked clean, she then spread her old clothes and the sheet which she had washed on the bushes nearby. The girl went in to the jungle and came back with dry wood in her arms that she put in to the fire and soon the fire was going on nicely. I got up with the pail full of milk and thanked her for her help, for the first time she smiled.

I think we both understood each other well without saying a word to each other, I did not know her name. All through the day she did chores that I had neglected for many days, she tended to the plants that I had planted around the hut. She took all the utensils to the river and washed them with the river sand until they shown like new. She went to the river shore and came back with a big black smooth oval stone which she placed it under a tree.

The girl again ran back to the river and came back with more round smooth stones but small in size these she encircled around the big one she had placed earlier then she gathered lots of wild flowers and placed them around the big stone and sat in front of it with her hands folded and her eyes closed. I knew that she was worshipping Lord Shiva's Lingam (The creator and the destroyer) she started a chant "OM NAMAH SHIVAY", "OM NAMAH SHIVAY", "OM NAMAH SHIVAY" (The most powerful chant in the whole universe). She did it for five minutes and then she got up took two flowers from the offering she had made and came to me.

The girl took one flower and placed it behind my ear and gave the second to me and indicated that I do the same with her, I did as she wanted. The girl than bowed on her knees and touched my feet with her hands and kissed my toes I was shocked on her gesture and picked her up by her shoulders and asked her the meaning of what she did.

The girl said her name was Diti and she was an orphan, she had run away from the orphanage when the caretaker tried to rape her. She had a vision when she slept in the jungle hiding her-self. In her vision Diti saw a bright light and then heard a voice telling her to find the true seeker and together with him she would find her destiny. Diti told me that she had been watching me from last 3 days, she had another vision, in which she saw me as the true seeker of the lord.

Diti said that I was kind to her I did not lusted for her body like other sages or the holy man did. Today she had accepted me as her lord and now as per the ritual of her tribe she was my consort for life.

I was bewildered and asked her what she meant by her being my consort, Diti said from today onwards she was mine and mine alone to do as I pleased. I still could not understand her. I asked her how old she was she said she was going to be 14 in couple of months.

Together we worked the whole day Diti helped me in most of the chores which resulted in achieving more than on a usual day. I was very satisfied by the day's work and in the evening we both went to the river for our bath, Diti bathed behind a rock and I in the open, after bath Diti wore her old clothes which were now clean and smelled good.

Diti during the had collected enough wood for two days I tended to the fire and Diti made preparations for the food to be cooked, we had boiled milk with honey and berries. After our humble dinner we retired for bed. In my hut I had made provisions for Diti to sleep on a new grass pallet that I had made for her.

We both lay on our beds and went to sleep after a tiring day. I knew my life was definitely going to change after the entry of Diti in my life but how? I wondered if there was significance of her entering my life I tried to figure out but got no answers, I left it to the lord and went to sleep.

Life definitely changed for the better, Diti planted a small garden at the back of the hut and in few months it turned out to be quite bountiful, now we had rich diet of veggies and fruits. Diti was filling in nicely her body had all the curves at the right places.

Winters were approaching, Diti suggested that we should cover the cow shed with palm leaves to make it more secure for Sue the Cow as Sue was due to deliver any time soon. I and Diti secured the cow shed and the very next day Sue delivered a healthy female calf.

I felt that my hut too needed some expansion so I asked Diti what she felt about the matter, Diti said yes the hut definitely needs expansion. Next few days we were busy in modifying the hut, I carved a door in the back wall and constructed new room which was larger than the hut, I thatched the roof with many palm leafs, and Diti mixed cow dung with mud and plastered the walls and the floor. We shifted our beds in the new room.

In the evening I noticed that our beds were side by side, I didn't said anything to Diti but wanted to see that what she had in her mind. It became evident to me when we both retired to bed, Diti rolled over to my bed and flung her arms over my chest, and her one leg was over my thighs. I stopped breathing for a moment her nubile body so close to mine was too much for me to bear.

During the night I woke up to find myself in spoon position with my arms around her and her ass fitted snugly in my crotch her frock was over her hips. I use to sleep in my loin cloth only and now I was having a hard on, my cock was wedged between Diti's ass cheeks. My cock felt like it was in a hot case.

I was difficult for me to sleep I eased myself out from the position and went out in the open, I took out my cock and the cold air hit me but I masturbated to my hearts content ropes and ropes of semen rushed out after a very long time I sighed and went back to the hut and slipped in bed. I woke up in the morning and found Diti had her hand in my loin cloth and was holding my cock, in her sleep she was caressing my cock. I was as hard as steel and embarrassed.

I tried to disengage myself and in doing so I woke up Diti. She looked in to my eyes and squeezed my cock. I asked her what she had in her mind. Diti said she had a vision last night and the time has come that I must take her as my consort. I was speechless, I was 32 yrs. of age, and here a nubile girl only 14 yrs was offering herself to me.

I was confused; I didn't know where my search for the almighty and answers to my questions was taking me. I nodded at Diti in affirmation to take her as my consort she squealed in pleasure and flung her arms around me. Diti gave me a toe curling kiss. I accepted it to be God's will.

We both were busy with our respective chores when a man about 65 yrs. of age came with a woman of about 20/21 yrs. they both knelt before me and bowed low. I was surprised by their action and asked them to stand up. They stood up and I asked them the reason of their visit.

The man said his name was Raju and the woman was his wife Rita and they both had a vision that they were to meet me as I could only solve their problem. I asked them about their problem and the man before could say anything Diti said that she knows their problem; we all were shocked on her statement.

I looked at her questioningly, Diti said the Man Raju is a very rich man he lost his family in an accident. He married again because his relatives are after his wealth but he is now old and impotent and he wants a child so that his vast property and wealth remains with his child and wife otherwise his wealth would be taken by his relatives.

I was still baffled by all the drama going around me, I had millions of questions raising their head in my mind. I asked Diti to stop and answer my questions first.

"Yes Swami" (means yes my Lord) said Diti.

Diti tell me honestly that how did you know the problem of this man I asked her.

"Swami, I too had a vision about this man that is why I knew. Diti replied.

Diti then turned to the man and told him to come tomorrow and leave your wife for month with us the lord would fulfill your desire. The man and his wife bowed and left.

Listening to this my jaw dropped. I asked Diti to explain what she meant by what she told to the man.

Diti said "Swami once you take me as your consort you would be fulfilling prophesies and writing her destiny and at this moment she could not tell more.

The whole day I was confused, wondering what was going on around me. Everything seemed mysterious.

As the night approached my cock was growing every second in anticipation of having Diti, I had not had sex from the last seven years.

We finally retired to bed, next I undid my loin cloth my cock sprang out, my God it still looked fine it was smooth eight inches long and good two inches in diameter. I heard Diti gasped, I slowly walked toward the bed Diti's eyes were fixed on my hard cock and she was licking her lips. I had lighted the candles in the room.

I pulled Diti to me she came to my arms trembling I asked her what's was troubling her, Diti whispered that is not a cock it is a monster it would rip her in two. I gave her a smoldering kiss my tongue entered her mouth she sighed and shivered in return her tongue started a ferocious duel with my tongue. My one hand moved to remove her frock and I removed it, I started caressing her butt and outer thigh she shuddered she took my cock and started caressing.

I started to cup her solid hard tits. I mauled them roughly she shivered I tweaked her nipples rolled them one by one between my finger and thumb, Diti was breathing hard I broke the kiss and looked in to her eyes I only saw love. I then kissed her nose and nibbled on her ears she shuddered and cried UUUMMmmmhhhh.

I turned and brought her on her back beneath me, I sucked her nipples twirled them between my lips with my tongue she lifted her body thrashed around then she screamed " O MMMMAAAMAAAA" as she came hard then. I was sucking and biting her one tit, my hand wandered between her thighs I cupped her cunt she was sopping wet her juices were copious trailing down her ass crack. I looked at her face her eyes were unfocussed and glassy her hands were roaming wildly in my hairs.

I started down her body and sucked her navel Diti went wild she thrashed her body as she giggled hysterically and said NNOOOOO DOOONNNN'TTT PPPLLLLLZZZZZ. I left her navel and dove between her legs, her otherwise flat cunt lips, were now swollen and looked puffy. I kissed her inner thighs and she moaned I then caught her thighs, pushed them to her chest, and lifted her ass a little from the bed and in one clean motion I licked her asshole to her clit Diti cried DDDOOOO IIIIIIITTT AGGGGAAAAIIIIINNNN.

I obliged her several times, Diti pulled me by my hair to her spasming cunt with a force and in return thrust her cunt to my lips lifting her ass from the bed, and I believed that by morning I would not have a single hair on my head.

Diti was thrashing her body she was in convulsions her thighs held my head in a vice like grip she shuddered as the tsunami of her orgasms hit her and then she passed out. I came up to get the much-needed air to my lungs. I saw a puddle forming under her ass as she was sprawled on bed with her thighs open, her cunt lips twitching. The sight was enough for my now throbbing cock and I decided it was time for me to devour that delicious virgin pussy.

I knew because of her thin frame she is going to be extremely tight but she was leaking by the gallon so I rubbed the length of my eight-inch cock between the swollen lips of her cunt to coat it for lubrication. I then placed my cock head at the gates of paradise and gave a mighty shove, my cock tore in to the virginal cunt and was half in, Diti's body bucked she lifted her chest and yelped NNNOOOOOOOOOOOOO MMMYYYYY GGGAAAAAAAADDDDDDDDDDD. I gave another mighty shove and our pubic bones crashed Diti screamed TTTAAAAAAKKKKKEEEE IIIIIITTTTT OOOOOUUUUTTT BBBBYYYYYY GGGGAAAAAADDDDDD IIIIIEEEEE YYYYUUUUUMMMM GGGGGOOOONNNNNNAAAAAA DDDDDIIIIIIEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE PPPPPPPPPPPLLLLLLLLLLLZZZZZZ.

I crooned sweet nothings in her ears and asked her to relax as the deed was done, I could feel the tightness of her cunt but her juices made it felt like a silk glove that held my rigid cock in a very tight embrace. I held her in my arms while her heels dug in my lower back her arms were across my shoulders tears were streaming down her cheeks.

I kissed her she returned the kiss and the tension slowly left her body. I started with slow and short strokes as I fucked her gently, Diti started responding to my strokes and matched me she was again releasing copious juices making my cock slide easier. I started to grind my cock in her cunt in round motions she lifted her ass and I sucked her nipples.


It was too much for me as her cunt muscles started milking my cock and the universe exploded, I saw stars the moon the sun all at once as I felt my cock and balls being sucked in to a vortex the force of my cum triggered another round of unstoppable cumming for Diti.

Diti passed out but her body kept on twitching and her cunt muscles rippled repeatedly like countless waves hitting the beach, I collapsed on her sweaty body and slept.

I woke up as and I felt Diti stirring beneath me I looked in to her eyes as I kissed her. Diti whispered that she wants to pee, my cock was semi hard and still lodged in her pussy I got up withdrawing my cock out it slipped out and with it came a rush of my cum mixed with her virginal blood. I saw a big blot of red below her ass cheeks she must have bled more than normal when her hymen went for a toss.

Diti got up but was wobbly on her feet I supported her to the backside of the hut and helped her sit on what was a crude version of commode. I noted it in my list of improvements, I gave Diti a cotton cloth soaked in cool water from the basin to wash and clean her pussy, which she gladly accepted. I washed my cock after emptying my bladder and picked up Diti in my arms the nymph giggled and kissed to me. I took her back to bed and pulled the sheet that had the bloodstains and threw it in the corner then Diti and I snuggled together.

Diti then started caressing my cock and balls and in no time I was hard as steel. Diti got up and got between my thighs she squeezed the head of my cock which was oozing precum, she flicked her tongue to scoop the precum and sucked it clean. Diti made a face and said it is salty but creamy. She then proceeded to take my cock head between her soft lips her lips stretched on my shafts thickness and she started to suck on it slowly.

I wondered where did this 14 yr old learned to suck cock, Diti was busy playing with my balls with one hand and the other was pumping my cock as she sucked harder on the head, her saliva was making her hand slick over my shaft she increased her speed my balls begun to boil.

I knew I would not be able to hold long, I asked her to stop but she did not. Diti vacuumed my cock in the hot orifice of her mouth I held her head in my hands and shoved hard by lifting my hips my cock went another inch in her mouth as I released my load. I felt that my cumming would never stop and Diti took the entire load gulping down by the mouthful down her throat, slowly I recovered my breath and came back to bed from the floating land Diti licked my cock clean as a whistle she smiled and snuggled in my arms I spooned her and we slept.

I woke up in the morning only to find my one hand cupping Diti's firm tit and my steel hard cock firmly wedged between her slim yet supple ass, I withdrew my cock Diti sighed. I then applied my saliva to my cock and rubbed it against her pussy lips and gave a shove and boy I was home, I slowly started penetrating her deeper with slow strokes her cunt started getting wet as I probed her deeper.

Diti moaned and pushed her ass on to my cock in her blissful sleep, finally I was fully seated in her cunt I rested for a moment and started a very slow fuck her cunt muscles started a dance of their own on my probing cock. Diti begun to moan in her sleep, I turned her on her belly and resumed my slow fuck from the rear but this time my strokes were longer and deeper, as I laid my weight on her body Diti woke up.

I kissed her nape of neck and said good morning my sweetie she sighed and asked could I wish her good morning the same way every day, I said I would love to, she laughed and said to make love slowly as she was too sore. I carried drilling her pussy at a languid pace savoring every moment.

My cock was massaging her cervix which made Diti shiver and tremble, her body shuddered as I felt her climax building her vulva twitched on the base of my cock as I nibbled her ears she shrieked in pleasure. Diti clenched her thighs and butt tight that made her cunt even tighter.

I sawed her cunt with my cock, I felt my balls churning and knew I was not far behind. Diti said sore or not, fuck her hard, I increased my pace and soon the room filled with slamming of our bodies. Diti had clenched her butt and thighs so tight that when I pulled my cock out it created a vacuum and when I pushed back in, there was a squish sound and air gushed out with a force which made her vulva and cunt lips to flutter and tickle my cock base.

I saw Diti grab the sheet in her hands and started screaming her whole body shuddered and shivered her cries of pleasure must have reached the heaven. The Gods smiled as in the next stroke I jammed my cock to the hilt in her cunt and my dam broke my hot creamy cum hit her right at her cervix.

Diti went berserk she screamed, cried, thrashed her body beneath me and trembled as another orgasm hit her hard. Gradually our souls returned from the floating heaven and regained our sanity we remained in bed for another hour reveling in each other's arms and kissing each other passionately.

I told Diti that now that she was my consort what she was holding with her that I need to know.

Diti said "Swami I know that you are destined for greatness, you are the Seeker and a true one but need to find your own way, I have been chosen to guide you".

I asked Diti that who has chosen her.

Diti said that a voice contacts her in her sleep and the same voice has asked me to tell you that you would be impregnating the wife of the man that came yesterday and once you have done it then the man would open the way for you.

I was still confused but the prospect of bedding the beautiful Rita was something to look forward to.

The man Raju came along with his wife Rita, Diti told Raju to leave Rita with them for a month and come back after a month. Raju bowed and left. Diti asked Rita to put her luggage inside the hut.

We did our chores of the day and retired for the day I pulled Diti aside and asked where Rita would sleep, Diti said Swami she would sleep with you and me or how she would become pregnant.

Diti came to me and whispered Swami she is 17 yr and a virgin, make her feel relaxed please. I nodded and went to Rita who flinched as I approached her but I took her in my arms and kissed her hard her eyes grew wild, I pushed my tongue in her mouth, and she started melting in my arms. Her lips were soft and tasted like honey her breath was sweet her skin was like silk her colour was like coffee with milk.

Rita's firm breast drilled holes in my chest I lifted her in my arms and lay her on bed she looked delirious, I looked at Diti she nodded her approval I went to Diti and undressed her in less than five seconds flat, my lust was growing by the second. I laid Diti on the bed next to Rita and I positioned in between the two nubile beauties, I started first with Diti as I wanted Rita to come out of her stupor.

I started kissing Diti on her tits I sucked, nibbled and chewed on her teats Diti moaned sighed and fixed her fingers in my hair to bring me closer to her bosom with my one hand I flicked her clit making her lift her ass and thrash her body on bed. Diti started to wet the bed with her juices.

I left her panting with desire and turned to Rita who was looking the entire scene with eyes as big as saucers. I pulled Rita to me and started with her honey lips, man she was on a hot trigger Rita trembled and shivered I finally entered her mouth with my tongue we dueled for a while until she got breathless I kissed her earlobes and her hollow of her neck sending shivers down her spine.

I continued my journey down and encountered two mountain peaks they stood proud and they moved undulated by her breath. I licked, flicked, rolled and chewed her tits Rita was squirming, moaning with her eyes closed, Rita shivered trembled and cried in ecstasy I moved down to her navel she cried again. I then got between her thighs kissing her inner thighs.

Diti got her head between my thighs and started sucking my cock between her ruby lips and her hot mouth a shiver ran through my spine. I started moving my hips and slowly started fucking Diti's hot mouth, my tongue was playing havoc on Rita's cunt as I probed her cunt opening with my tongue and then shifted my focus on her engorged clit, I sucked, flicked and rolled my tongue on her clit.

Rita writhed, thrashed, bucked, and lifted her body off the bed as she dug her fingers fiercely in my hairs and pulled them hard and she screamed her pleasures that reverberated through the night. Rita was whimpering her cunt lips trembling on the other hand, listening Rita scream Diti created a vacuum on my cock and I shoved my cock hard in her mouth and exploded in her hot mouth.

Diti did not miss a beat as she drank my- cum to the last drop. I went back to bed and asked Rita to do the same to Diti that I had done to her Rita dove between Diti's thighs and in doing so raised her butt her cunt peeking through her thighs it was glistening with her juices and was dark pink I got hard looking at her and listening the moans and sighs of Diti as Rita attacked her cunt with vigor.

Diti started bucking I told Rita to hold Diti firmly by her thighs as Rita controlled Diti I started rubbing my cock head between Rita's cunt lips Rita started to tremble her cunt lips quivered and soon my cock head was coated with her glistening juice I centered my cock head at her entrance and I firmly gripped her ass and gave a mighty shove my cock disappeared almost half in her very tight Virgin pussy.

Rita screamed in pain and pleasure but her scream was muffled as my shove mashed her face in Diti's cunt that made Diti to scream in pleasure. I saw blood trickling and blotting the bed beneath I gave Rita a moments rest to adjust and then gave another hard push and I was totally in as I hit her cervix hard Rita let out a blood curdling scream.

I was holding her ass firmly I could see her asshole twitching I stayed seated full in her vibrating cunt her scream became a whimper then I started slowly plowing her cunt with long deep strokes and every stroke bumped with her cervix and she shivered with every thrust.

I spat on her asshole and shoved my thumb in one go, Rita yelped on the other hand Diti's moans and cries were getting louder I was getting crazier with lust I started rotating my thumb in Rita's asshole as I increased my pace of fucking her tight cunt, her juices and her virginal blood made my strokes slick I felt like my cock is butter tube.

Diti on the other hand shivered and let out a scream that would have had the dead come out of their graves. Diti convulsed and thrashed on bed and went limp watching Diti coursing through her orgasms made me hammer fuck Rita's cunt and I started slapping her ass with my left hand on every stroke while instead rotating my thumb I started fucking her asshole with my thumb.

Rita went berserk she started hollering incoherently screaming sobbing and asked me not to stop Rita's invitation made me mad with lust I banged her harder, my banging made her go flat over Diti I supported my weight on my elbows as I banged Rita's cunt ferociously her cunt was now making squishing sound with my every stroke.

I lowered my head and started sucking on Diti's tits sucking, flicking and biting them delicious orbs as I kept banging Rita's nubile cunt. Rita was caressing my forearms with her both soft hands and then she gripped them so her nails tore in to my skin and drew blood she clenched her thighs and butt tighter than a flies ass.

Diti also came around back to the planet and started moaning loudly. The effect of Diti's lusty moans, the slapping sound of my body with Rita's butt added to the orchestra that Rita's cunt muscles began playing on my throbbing cock, with one mighty thrust my cock applauded the musical ecstasy by exploding with a force that shredded my whole being in to millions of pieces and I roared as I came endlessly.

Rita screamed and kept on screaming as her body throbbed beneath me in sheer ecstasy of pleasure that engulfed her whole being, the screams and moans became distant as I collapsed and could hear no more.

We all woke up tired in the morning because of our nightly endeavor; I was famished having come many times. Diti went on to prepare the breakfast and Rita rested as she was too sore.

I fucked Rita's cunt anytime I felt like and every time I enjoyed sex with her more than before and her eager than before, I was getting addicted to sex may be because the life I had left behind deprived me of that. This went on for continuous for 20 days and one morning I found Rita vomiting in the morning. Diti told me that Rita was pregnant so the deed was done.

After the month was over Raju came, I did not want Rita to leave I had become attached to her but she was married and her husband had come to take her back. The task assigned to me to get her pregnant was over. I let her go with a heavy heart even Rita had tears in her eyes.

Raju bowed before me and said "Swami ji you have given me the reason to live and die happily, I hereby gift you 100 acres of land which is located in the interiors 100 miles from here on banks of sacred Ganges".

I asked Raju that why would I need so much land for.

Raju said that the land is a gift for me to start a commune for people who need help in life.

Diti came forward and said to Raju that we are grateful for the gift and would soon leave for the destination after the winters.

Life with Diti went on as usual our days were spent in preparing for the winters and nights in the arms of passionate and sexy Diti.

It was now the month of November; winter was in full swing harsh as ever, Diti had gone to the nearest village to get some provisions from the money Raju had given us. The evening was approaching fast and Diti had not returned I was worried.

I was adding more wood to the fire when Diti returned, a wave of relief went through me and I was surprised to see two females along with her. I asked Diti who they were.

Diti told me that she found them in the jungle while returning back from the village and both of them had gone through traumatic times. It was cold so I asked all to sit by the fire, we all sat around the fire to get warm, and cozy the only sound for few minutes was of crackling of burning wood and the roar of the mighty Ganges as she flowed.

I noticed that one female was about in her early twenties and the other was a young girl of maybe 12 or 13 yrs. I asked them to tell me their story.

The elder of the two said that her name was Mina she was 19 yrs. and this was her sister Tina who was 14 yrs. old, they were from a village that was about 50 miles away from here. In their village some dacoits had attacked they burned their house murdered their brother and father then raped their mother and elder sister before killing them too.

Mina further told that she and Tina were saved as they were in the fields at the time of attack.

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