The Healer
Chapter 1

Caution: This Mind Control Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa, Mind Control, Extra Sensory Perception, Mother, Daughter, MaleDom,

Desc: Mind Control Sex Story: Chapter 1 - Something old inhabits our hero. Riches, unlimited sex and strange powers

As a kid I was always fascinated by ancient history, my interest in the past sort of ends on Tuesday, 29 May 1453 when Constantinople fell I was reading history books when other kids were reading the Hardy Boys or playing baseball. We lived in an area of Chicago with a large Jewish population. In my reading I was running into all sort of footnotes in Latin, Greek and as I found out, Hebrew. the Latin and Greek I could translate, slowly but more or less figure out what they were saying. the Hebrew baffled me, finally brought a book to the local synagogue, asked the rabbi what it said, he was shocked, a gentile wanting to know what a footnote in Hebrew said! As shocked as I was to find out that Hebrew read right to left! One thing lead to another and after the forth or fifth time asking for a translation, he let me join his Hebrew class. The other kids were struggling to memorize enough Hebrew to give their Bar Mitzah speech, I was trying to read Josephus in the original or the best copy of an original I could find.

Now I was a wimpy 65 year old librarian, able to read Latin, ancient Greek and Aramaic, I could stumble thru Hieroglyphics. My specialties were being called on less and less. As someone once said to my face, "You know an awful lot about a very small part of the modern universe." I was becoming redundant just like my knowledge. Almost all the activity in my field was being done in Europe or a couple of Eastern theological institutions. The last year before my retirement my dean had me valuing some old books in a triple sub basement. I had been at this library for over thirty years and never even knew these rooms were even there.

One of the things I hate about the modern library science is that people actually believe the value of a book is the amount of times a book is on a call slip. As if that had anything to do with it's value. By now I had seen what the U had done to my pension and no longer felt any loyalty to the school. I came across several books, more codex's than books, Labeled "the Mystica" I could remember references to these, but everything I had read was really third hand. Back about 250 CE the Emperor Decius, ordered a loyalty oath for all Romans except Jews, Jews had always been exempt from general religious law. The Romans accepted their religion as preceding their own., but the Christians were considered a real threat to the Empire. The test was pretty simple, go to the temple and burn incense in front of one of the Roman gods. Those who didn't were punished, some to the arena, some had their property confiscated, or perhaps they paid a bribe to stay alive or out of the slave market and banished. Part of this particular persecution was Decius ordering all seditious literature destroyed. Not only did a lot of early Christian documents disappear but there was a general cleansing of outsider religions. You have to remember how big the Empire was to understand that these cleanings or Persecutions ( It all depended which side you were on) were done with various degrees of zeal. The rich usually had to pay. But often the little group that met in a cave went unnoticed unless they had to proselytize. In that case it was slavery or the local arena.

Just a couple of pages into the first book I picked up made me realize I had a treasure in my hands. I stopped reading and went up to check not only the on line catalog but the old card system still kept in an unused back room. These books were not in either group. As far as the system was concerned they didn't exist.

You have to understand that I was an old fuddy-duddy librarian that would yell at a reader for dogearing a page as a marker. For the first time in my life I became a book thief! In all I freed over 40 ancient volumes. Works on the Decree of Diopith, the magic of Chaos, The laws of magic. I though I had found an unknown volume of Herodotus but there was more than one and this one was all about the town of Sirmium!

When I read that, I had to put the book down and get a glass of water. Sirmium was one of the names of a town that ended up at the boarder of the Eastern and Western Roman Empires. I had read all about this area and one of my dreams was to visit it. More or less in modern times it would be in Croatia or Macedonia.

Every day I would take one or two books home in my briefcase, a briefcase my mother had got me for graduation from high school. In one or two cases I had to destroy the card from the old card file, not one of these books had seemed worth putting into the computer records. I had found a true copy of the Decree of Diopihes that described what impiety was to ancient Greeks. There was a report of how the Lapiths hunted down and destroyed the last of the Centaurs. There was a scroll that warned of the abuse of chaos in casting spells. It took three weeks but I cleaned out all the uncatalogued works. Now I was staying up late trying to draw up some sort of calender, a history so to speak of both the town and a nearby wizard, seer, priest soothsayer., whatever he was.

There was a small mention that Alexander the Great may have worshiped at this unknown temple before he headed east to Glory.

Central to all these reports was the Town of Sirmium near the border with the Laeyges and a river Lazyges, in every report there was mention of the wise old man. Every story, but some of the books and scrolls are at least 400 years apart and showed no signs of referring to the same legend, each book mentioned him as a unique new person. As best as I could translate it appeared that different writers were talking about the same person. There seemed to be some suggestion that he was always there in the past and would be in the future. Interesting was that part of the haul I had of discarded material included papyrus, and parchment and crude early paper, scrolls, scraps, codex's and early hand copied books there was even a box of clay shards with hyros and all this had never officially been in the library! Old maps from both east and west Roman Empires, some commentaries on fighting goths, Lazyges and other tribes had given several possible locations of the wizard.

So much of this was hard to pin down. Number one, the Roman Empire wasn't that stable, Provinces would disappear under barbarian assault only to reappear 1- or 50 years later when a strong emperor would clean house. Now add in different measuring systems. Or worse yet, the same measuring system but all the definitions were local. At least east and west were usually consistent with sunrises and sunset. Of course the sun moves south to north as the year progresses.

My hobby had always been the area where the Eastern and Western Roman empires met, books mentioned this hot bed of religion both pagan, east and west Orthodox plus Jews

This was an area that wasn't so much fought over as people and villages sort of migrated from one side to the other until the eastern empire solidified into the Eastern Orthodox religion. In several of the Greek and Aramaic texts there were several mentions of a town protected by a wizard, protected for over 500 years! As an intellectual exercise I had tried to pinpoint the town and then the temple that housed the wizard. I got down to four separate possible locations. As soon as my retirement was settled, I skipped the last commencement, would they miss one more robed creature on the Dias? I went with out much hope of a real discovery but it was as good a reason as another to visit the older sections of Albania, Macedonia and Greece. Akkadian cuneiform belonging to the Atrahasis, a Babylonian epic written in around 1650BC which includes both a creation myth and a deluge story, even that one, could be making mention of what I was beginning to call my wizard! (Biblical scholars believe the Atrahasis helps to shed light on the reasons why God decided to destroy mankind, suggesting one reason was overpopulation).

All the stories mentioned that the wizard was protected by the gods and any that any who tried to harm him, were destroyed by the gods. Even Pompey who rode his horse into the sacred temple in Jerusalem made a point of detouring around this site and that was confirmed by history books.

Even with my reduced retirement I felt I had to at least try to find this magic spot. At least if I found a Gathering Spot, or a Magic Circle I would have done something that I could never have done during my working life.

Flying to Venice is easy, and getting to Macedonia isn't too bad, but halfway there the train broke down and we went from sort of a tour bus, to quickly descending well past used school bus. Ended up with a room above a village taverna. Bath down the hall but no bugs in sight. The locals may have had cars and tractors, but a look around convinced me I was in Dracula or Frankenstein territory. My cover story was that I was a retired professor interested in tha Flora and Fauna of the area.

One nice thing about all the wars that had been fought around here was the fact that there were some very good maps! You can't use artillery without maps. The first four days all I got were mosquito bites. I would get to a location and slowly circle out from it. No sign of previous temples no sign of anyone but wild animals passing by. On the fifth day as I was circling out from my ideal point. I was sort of laughing at myself. Had I really thought there was magic in our world?

Suddenly I spotted a cave, mostly hidden by brush but for sure a cave! I checked the flashlight in my backpack and carefully pushed the bushes aside so I could crawl into the cave. In less than 10 feet the cave was tall enough to stand upright. With each turn in the cave the floor became firmer and smoother. Somebody had been here a lot! One more turn and there it was. An altar, a very old altar, pre Etruscan maybe pre Egyptian. I had seen enough textbooks to know that this was a very old site.

I woke up three days later, I only found that out from my watch. I was lying in a pile of rubble, the ceiling had collapsed on me! In full panic mode I started to work my way back to the entrance. Can't say I heard it as much as felt it, a command, 'Relax you will be OK' My heartbeat went back to normal and I started to breath through my nose again. To be honest, I didn't know if I was hallucinating from a head injury or what. As best as I can remember I was told/heard/felt that I was selected, as we have a lot to do ... That we were going to change the world ... That I could be young forever ... that any woman would be mine ... Riches beyond counting ... And I was out again. This time I woke outside the cave. In fact I was nowhere near a cave! An hour's walk got me to a road and then back to my Taverna. Back in civilization at my hotel in Venice, I reviewed what I could remember from my cave visit. The voice had told me I could be what I wanted. It took a sheet of paper but I had a complete list I thought. 30 pounds lighter, no body fat all muscle. A bigger dick, no, not a donkey dong, but like another inch and a half longer and a little bigger in diameter. 35 years younger. No need for glasses, no back or knee pain. Full head of hair. Hell while I was at it. How about some decent toes and toenails. I reread my list and thought to myself, well, let's do it! Three days later I woke in the same hotel room, totally exhausted. Hair, weight, eyesight all seemed to be in order. I called room service and basically ordered the left side of the menu! I was starved! I learned that the changes I could do had consequences for the body. It wasn't all magic. Actual energy was involved, and energy took fuel. You couldn't do everything at once, I was lucky I hadn't killed myself and lucky I guess that my 'friend' had plans for me. It took me three more days to get back to feeling normal, two days of stuffing myself off the room service menu and a day out to get a haircut and a shave plus have four more big meals. Getting through customs was a bitch, I no longer looked like my passport photo. Ended up saying I had gone for plastic surgery and check my fingerprints!

Landing stateside, I was waiting at the carousel for my bags when I was 'pointed' about the only word that fits. Mentally nudged, made aware, became hungry for; for what turned out to be a mother daughter laughing and talking, it only took a moment to learn that the daughter was just back from a study year in Europe. Moving/moved? near them the next thing I knew I was touching them and asking if they had far to go from the airport. Helping them with their luggage they offered to give me a lift, if I lived nearby. By the time we were walking to their car in the lot, nothing would do but I spend a day or so to rest up at their place! You have to remember this was all new to me. At the time I really didn't know that my 'friend' was pushing/nudging me and apparently these women. I have no idea of why we can't really communicate directly, outside of that one time memory of a voice inside my head back at the cave, and that might be an hallucination, I've just been manipulated rather than directed. As I was to find out, most of the manipulations were very nice.

I used to be the old fart librarian and here two women were inviting me home. I was getting those mental nudges, yes, yes, ask her, no, don't say, it was almost hard to walk as I tried to balance what I was hearing/feeling/sensing and still keep moving.

At the car, the daughter, Maria as I finally figured out, suggested that mom, Rita get in the back seat with me so I wouldn't feel alone. We weren't even to the toll gate when Maria was telling Rita, "Make sure our Paul feels welcome." now here I was kissing a woman who I'd never even seen an hour ago, not only kissing her but her hand was active on my leg, moving up towards my dick at 2:30 in the afternoon and her daughter was driving! I didn't have any idea of how or what my powers were but my prick sure liked where this was going. Turned out that Marie lived alone about an hour from the airport and Rita had been living there since her husband died two years ago. After mom had complained about the lack of space in the back seat making a blow job uncomfortable for her. "Honey, this will have to hold you till we get somewhere more comfortable." I was palming a bare tit and the recipient of a hell of a hand job. It was a good thing that Rita had an attached garage because by the time we got there Mom was completely topless.

As I had reached for her bra snap she had started to say no, when Marie broke in, "Come on mom, it's about time you had some fun, make Paul happy and I'll bet he'll make both of us happy too."

Mom laughed, sat up straight and quick as a wink not only had her bra off but had tossed it in the front seat with her daughter. Hang on to that, I may need it later." She laughed as she sat up proud to show her tits to her new friend and for that matter anyone driving by.

I had surfaced from one kiss, and with a hand under a loosened skirt, I was twitching at Rita's puss and getting appreciative little humps back. Punctuating each word with a finger flick, I looked in the rear view mirror at Marie's face. "Marie, are you as friendly as your mom?"

"You'll have to wait till we're home to find out, don't worry, we're almost there" Once in the garage, poor mom, skirt above her hips, tits shown proudly and me with several wet fingers.

"Rita, lick these clean, I don't want to stain the upholstery." That sure as hell was not the old me talking! As her daughter turned to watch Rita carefully sucked each finger clean and damn near dry. Getting in the house was almost comic, Mom was holding one bag close to her to keep her skirt from falling off. My dick was waving in the breeze and Marie ended up carrying most of the luggage. Once inside the house, Marie turned and grabbed my sticky dick.

Holding my cock, just holding it no stroking, "You know we don't do this, but there is something about you, don't hurt us please." I got a mental nudge that somehow conveyed the idea of ' ... see ... told you so... ' "How about a nice shower and a rest after your flight?'

"I'm all for that after I get laid, ( once again, I never talked that way, even when I was married! ) you two have got me too hot. I want one of you before I start ripping clothes off people.

Still holding my dick, Marie laughed, "Well you and mom should go first I guess, I mean you're my guests. Tell you what, mom take him to the big bed, I'll get some more towels and then we'll see."

Remember this was still all new to me. The only thing keeping me from screwing this up was those little mental nudges. I was sort of standing there, more or less concentrating on the idea of somebody holding my dick. Rita took over, she pushed her daughter's hand away and grabbing my dick, said, "Come on big guy, mamma needs some now!" As I was led into the bedroom, I had to reach out and grab the ass in front of me. "Here, let me make sure you don't trip on that skirt." At least got me a giggle as I enjoyed a surprisingly firm ass of a 40 plus woman. Nice boobs, firm ass, what a day!

At the bed, Marie turned and bare breasted let her skirt hit the floor. No nylons, sensible panties and just a touch of middle aged muffin top, I was in heaven, or thought I was! The next two days would give me a better idea of what heaven could be like. Not letting go of my slightly leaking cock she pulled herself close. "Paul, honest, my daughter and I don't do this sort of thing, there's just something about you. Please don't hurt us, no pictures please. But anything you want, I'll be your girl, and I'll make sure my daughter does as she's told."

Well that beats the hell out of someone pledging their true love. As promised, as soon as her panties were off she continued her earlier blow job. In my previous life blow jobs were few and far between. Looking down m y chest at a bobbing head, it would be hard for me to explain how pleased, proud and somehow deserving I felt. Reaching down I used both hands to pull her head up enough so I could see her face as she sucked. I don't know if you can actually smile with a cock in your mouth but Marie sure seemed happy to me, in fact she even winked after one especially deep dive on me. "Baby get up here. I want to pet you for a while, Don't want my first cum in your mouth."

Marie quickly wiggled her way up my side, she carefully blotted her lips on my chest and then said. "Listen, you come where ever you want, I'll like it, don't you worry." And a tongue was buried in my ear as her hand held my dick wet from her mouth.

My hand found a soaked pussy, "You this wet all the time?'

"No never, just for you." and followed by a self conscious giggle.

Must have been another nudge, "You mean for me and your daughter?'

That brought an exotic wiggle, "Yes daddy, any thing you want."

That unexpected "daddy" was enough for me. Up, over and into. Almost quicker than you can type it. Damn it had been quite a while, oh did that warm welcoming pussy feel wonderful. If this was what my friend could offer, I was his forever. Then I found something brand new! I could lie still and let my dick or the skin on my dick move maybe an inch up or down. Marie went nuts. I was almost more interested in how I was doing that than the effect, but Marie quickly got me back in the game. " Oh my god, anything, nobody ever, oh fuck me,"

A hand started rubbing and pushing on my ass., "Do her, mom never talked like that, make her happy, make us happy." I'm fucking the mother and her daughter is pushing on my ass so I go in deeper! And then I learned I had another trick, I could flick my dick with some real force! No, I couldn't move her body, but I could twitch inside of Marie and make her jump! Not only up and down but left and right. I was a non battery operated sex toy! Playing with my brand new dick, I had Marie cumming all over the place. I rolled off of her to catch my breath and was unceremoniously mounted by her daughter! Not even a Please or May I? Rita found my new educated dick to be as much a revelation as her mother had. Soon she was riding and arching her back, squeezing her own tits in what looked to be a great earth shattering orgasm.

"Rita, get up behind your little girl, hold her tits for me, I want to see two smiling faces as I fuck." By this time Maria was unconsciously drooling as she cycled through another cum, looking up I could see momma, holding her baby's tits and blowing kisses at me over her daughter's shoulder. By now I had gone longer without cumming that I ever did in my beat off sessions. It had been 25 years or more since I was married and basically since then, I had beat off to the passing co-eds in the library. This was sex like I hadn't even dreamed of! Maria slumped with exhaustion and her mother pushed her to the side. As Rita flopped beside me her mother leaned in and started sucking and holding my cock like it was the last life preserver on the Titanic. I finally felt my cum starting and was squeezing Maria's ass in excitement, as I started pulsing into her mother's mouth, Rita was actually snorting and gulping in appreciation,.

A soft weak voice next to me said, "Please mom. save some for me. " And that's how the next two days went. I can't think of a thing I missed, four lip blowjob. The two 69'ing while I fucked each one in the ass, two different hands on my cock as each one had a ball to gently suck on, they both gladly sucked my cock clean either fresh out of a pussy or an ass, theirs or the others. I spanked both of them and had them spank each other. I did notice that Maria seemed to have some payback issues when she had her mother over her lap, and of course that was fun to watch! When I announced it was time for me to get home, I got several offers including promises that they would find me additional women, that I would never have to work, that they would support anything I wanted. Maria said if I wanted she would get pregnant so I could fuck my own daughter; three plus generations in the same bed. All very tempting, but my friend was nudging me to move on.

On the bus ride back to my little college town, I had time to reflect or maybe I should say my friend gave me some hints and instructions. After my 3 day fuck fest, I dozed almost the entire six hour ride. Getting home and airing out the apartment and a short shopping trip for some food and as I sat down with a glass of cold water my future jelled up in my mind.

One. Need a partner. Find the ex wife.

Two. Start a clinic, weight, aging, cancer.

Three. Need some money.

. The money became easy the next day, it started in the shower. I felt my dick hardening just from washing! I was horny again! A quick breakfast and a bus took me to our local upscale mall. Standing outside the upscale anchor store it didn't take twenty minutes to find a sponsor. She was, fifty ... plus? Expensive clothes, fancy hairdo, looked to me like real gold jewelry. I was surprised at myself when I walked up and started a conversation about her clothing. Within 10 minutes we were in her car on the way to her home. No, there was no Mr Schwartz, she'd divorced him several years ago. Sitting in the passenger seat I had to appreciate how she had deliberately pulled her skirt up so I could get a look at some surprisingly good looking legs. I had learned from Rita and Maria that blind acceptance was not a lot of fun. They had become like wind up toys. I left a little resistance and embarrassment in Rebecca Schwartz.

No two women are identical, the sex is always a little different, some tighter, some looser,. Some more active some more relaxed and accepting, but the dialogue is almost always the same.

I don't know what's happening to me ... I never did anything like this before ... I don't normally suck cock ... blah, blah, blah. But then after you fuck them into submission, you have to listen to how happy they are, how they've never felt better,,, best sex ... you do something special to me...

By the next morning, Becky. ( Yesterday she hated being called that, today, Becky, Becks, cunt, as long as I called her. ) Anyway Becky had learned that she could really cum with the right guy, even if the right guy was a gentile! Earlier she had let out a small yelp when I put her legs over my shoulders, a few questions and Becks was telling me about her arthritis. I did my massage trick and Becks hips no longer ached Nothing would do but I had to fix her rotator cuff shoulder. That was a lot worse than her hips, it took me almost an hour of steady massage to get all the way into all the little nooks and crannies of her shoulder joint. Then there was really nothing much to do but for Becks to fuck and suck me until the banks opened the next morning. After an explanation she understood that 30K for getting rid of the pain without surgery was cheap. After the withdrawal I took one of her tits and molded it back to its 20 year old shape. Her tits were almost a cartoon. One with senior sag and one perky little devil. Sort of as they were winking! I promised that I would be back latter to do the other one.

Using that money, I had no problem hiring a detective and locating the ex wife. She had had another failed marriage. It took all of an half an hour to talk her into bed. I'm sure she thought she was in for a quicky, this was the broad who while we were married only fucked two people, the faculty and the student body.! It took four days but I got my payback, all my payback plus interest!

Carol was laying there trying to figure out who or what had just fucked her Covered in sweat, she felt as if every imperfection on her body had been fixed, every blackhead, every pimple, popped and cleansed. For the first time in her life she was lying on her back feeling her vagina, all of her vagina. she felt as if there was a giant tuning fork stuck in her, her crotch was on fire with vibration! Carol had always been sexually active. Her problem with Paul when they had been married was not that he didn't get her off, she just wanted more! Now, her clit, her cunt lips, her G spot, fuck, the inner lips on her pussy, were awake and sending out greetings to the world. Her G spot was fucking vibrating! She had never had an orgasm like this ever, She had felt the head of hs dick just touching her cervix, and that sent her off on another skyrocket. For a while there she had thought she might shit the bed. For the very first time in her life Carol had had a total orgasm.

Twenty minutes later she didn't resist when her Paul, she was already thinking of her servitude to him, rolled her over and got her butt up in the air, she always enjoyed an occasional dog fashion fuck. But when she felt a wet slimy dick pushing at her asshole she started to protest, 'No honey, not there I hate that, please let me suck you a while." Carol was used to bargaining in bed.

'Fuck that shit, when you're in bed with me, you do what I want right?"

She was shocked to hear herself say, "Yes sir" as she shivered in anticipation. Slowly the pressure built on her ass, she had been here before and hated anal, but sometimes anal beats the hell out of a being slapped around and still fucked in the ass. Pushing out, trying to ease the pain, she kept going back to that super cum she had just had. It was pretty hard for her to say no to a cock that had sent her out past Jupiter! Her sphincter gave up the struggle and with an almost audible pop a dick was in her asshole again. Carol hated this, it was as if the guy was telling her she was a piece of meat, just a hole to be used. Almost as much as the discomfort from her asshole was the mental pain of being just a piece of ass!

She felt his hand reach around and start to stroke her pussy. She had a momentary thought about at least he had learned something, when his fingers set her off again, Not a cum, but God damn that felt so fucking good! His dick was still barely inside her ass and it was her moving to try to ease the pain, and that eased another inch into her. Carol held her breath awaiting the pain she knew must be coming. Now his fingers stroked her clit, along with her lips and down across the no man's land between pussy and asshole. When his fingertip touched her, touched where she and his dick were joined, she shivered in excitement. Oh fuck, it felt good! slowly letting her breath out, every millisecond waiting for the pain to start, she tried a gentle push back at that invading cock.

'"Oh that's a good little girl, that's a good cunt. Show me you want to give me your ass, push back on my prick!"

Suddenly the pain didn't matter, putting her lower lip between her teeth, she tried it. Pushing back with her ass, she felt another inch or so of cock stretching her ass out. With that finger just circling around where his cock was invading she could almost feel her asshole expanding to take her master's cock. Carol was so far gone in the experience of her first nice ass fuck that she didn't even realize she had referred to Paul as master!

The limbric portion of her brain took over and now she was tentatively pushing back at the master prick in her ass ... Both her brain and her other emotions were surprised to feel that the added pain the deeper that cock went was offset by the added pleasure. Later on trying to tell one of their clients she described it as something like hitting your funny bone; both pain and pleasure, only this was more pleasure than pain! When she shoved again and felt her ass cheeks flatten again Paul's groin, she didn't realize it but her puss gave a little squirt in ecstasy. She had done it. She was a full fledged asscunt. Never prouder, she shoved again and threw in an extra wiggle.

'His cock, my ass, made in heaven!' Somehow it just seemed right, on her knees, a giant cock up her ass, this is where she belonged! Worshiping on her knees, sacrificing with her ass! It almost seemed to her that he cock up her ass was correcting her posture, her spine, she would stand straighter from now on just because of the wondrous cock up her ass. There was pain, but it was small in comparison to the pride she took in being able to take all of her master's cock up her ass. And as Paul started a slow outstroke there was pleasure, her ass was tingling in excitement over the movement. That very first out stroke was almost cathartic, the easing of the pressure, the relaxing of over stretched muscles and tissue gave her actual goose bumps. Carol was so wrapped in all the sensations assaulting her brain she barely felt his fingers swab her puss to coat his cock with her own juices. By the third and forth stroke the pain was easing to be replaced by her own surprise, ... This could feel good! ... Unknowingly she wiggled her ass in acceptance.

For Paul, since his change, ass fucking had become one of his major pleasures. Besides the incredible tightness, the sensitivity of a woman's ass made her a hyper responsive fuck. Every twitch of his dick prompted a huge response, Every ass fuck proved his possession, more than a slave collar, when a woman willingly puts her ass forward to get fucked they proved their commitment, Then when they got to the point of automatically sucking his dick clean fresh out of their ass; that's when he knew they were totally his. After that it was usually time to move on to the next one. Now looking down at the sweaty back of his ex, he reached up and pulled her hair to turn her head. "Now, you see, it's different, you not only love me, you are my cunt. Say it!"

Punctuated with an extra deep thrust, she gasped out, "Yes. God damn it, I am your cunt for now and forever!"

Paul and his friend gave her an orgasm that she would remember for a hundred years. Carol actually pissed the bed in ecstasy! And as she was pissing, he continued his plowing of her ass. The only thing that brought her down was when she collapsed onto the damp cooling sheets. She recoiled but Paul held her down as he pumped into her, Now Carol realized this was a new world, she was laying in her own piss, yet she was cumming, cumming with a dick up her ass! Somehow it seemed only right when Paul swung off the bed and stood there, she scrambled to get up and sitting in a wet bed she pulled his dick into her mouth. Her arms went around his butt to pull that wonder dick further into her mouth. It never occurred to her that there was anything unusual about sucking clean the dick that had just split her ass. It tasted good, because it was Paul's dick!

Standing there, his balls cradled, as Carol took one hand from his waist, and moved to hold his shrinking dick, holding it so she could be sure she got all their combined flavors. Paul could almost feel his friend smile. Paul's smile was bigger. "Now you are fucking mine, mine forever!

By now Paul had learned that it was too difficult for most subjects to accept rapid changes in their bodies, so three weeks later Carol was toweling off after her morning shower when she realized that she had the figure she had pined for as a teenager! First she felt the firmness of young breasts! If you could do a double take with your hands she did one. From toweling away the drops to ... What, back with the towel ... drop the towel ... bare handed Jesus ... not since 14! ... tweak both nipples and feel a secret thrill. Turning sideways she saw her boobs in profile, damn almost Playboy stuff! Fuck yes, as a hand came up to cup the nearest these are great knockers! Then she saw her ass! No Middle age sag! ... What the ... no pot belly ... Fuck she had never looked this good!

She was shaking Paul awake, "What did you do? Look at me! I'm fucking gorgeous!" She shoved her newly discovered tits in his face.

He laughed and pushed her back, "See I told you! I can fix stuff! You keep me happy, pretty sure you'll look great forever! Without another word, Carol gave thanks by sucking his dick, a dick still a little smelly form last night! It didn't matter to her, this was a gift! A gift her lover deserved, the very least she could do. As she started to go down on him, she suddenly realized, her tongue was perfect for cocksucking, it seemed to be made to curl around the lower part of his prick, and as she thought about that she felt her lips almost electrified, the feel of that smooth cockflesh sliding over them just set her all a tingle. She felt as giddy as a girl at her first dance! It became clear to her that she was made for sex, this was her calling, she started trying to swallow all the cock she could get into her throat.

For Paul, he never was able to figure out if this sort of spontaneity was natural or from his friend. But he sure didn't worry about it. It was only a few weeks later that Carol just automatically started thinking of Paul as her master/leader/teacher. From then on she could not even think about not obeying him, if anything she worried about making him happy, concerned if she had dome everything she could to make his day perfect!

A few weeks later Carol didn't think a thing about licking Mrs Schwartz's pussy, in fact it tasted all that much better since Paul had just fucked her. Paul had driven her over to the rich side of town while explaining that he was going to introduce her to one of his backers. It was obvious to Carol that the lady at the door was not expecting them, she sure as heck wasn't expecting her.

"OK Becks, don't keep us standing here, welcome us, we have some unfinished business!"

Confused and stumbling, Rebecca let her doctor, that's how she had to think of him, Paul would have been acceptable but the young girl confused and sort of frightened her, Once inside Paul more or less took charge, "We alone? Good, Becky get us all a drink, Carol and I'll have some water, get yourself something stronger, if you want it." When she returned with the drinks Paul was in an easy chair and Carol on a couch. "Becky, sit next to Carol, I like the look of the two of you side by side."

Carol wasn't frightened, but she was starting to wonder where this was all going. She would find out that very rarely would Paul explain anything to her, he would just tell her to do this or that and usually it was a good thing for her. For Rebecca, the constant use of Becky was almost as off setting as that man, in her house, telling her, no ordering her to do this or that. Another part of her was remembering how good the sex had been and there was that one perfect breast along side the other older softer sagger. She had not been to the health club since he had done that to her! No way could she explain that. She was willing to put up with a certain amount of confusion to get a matched set of breasts. As she sat down, the girl moved closer to her, not touching, but for Rebecca the movement was a little scary. Definitely, her space was being invaded! Why was this girl moving towards her, what was going on?

"OK Becks, how's that new tit doing?" That was a bolt out of the blue! Questioned, in front of this girl how to ... As she stuttered mentally to find an answer, Paul continued, "Carol, take off your sweater let Becky here see a very nice set of boobs" With no hesitation or shame Carol was pulling the sweater over her head almost faster than Rebecca could react, She started to slide away from the topless girl when she was halted by Paul. "No Becks, sit still. Look at those tits, you know Carol is at least ten years older than you are, feel those, go on feel them now! Those are teen aged tits without anything artificial about them! You can have some of that if you want it."

For Rebecca, looking at a bare breasted woman sitting on her couch at 10 AM was almost too much to comprehend. This just didn't happen in her world. Her hand tentatively reached out to Carol. In response Carol arched her back to make her tits more available. Suddenly Rebecca had somebody else's tit in her hand! Never, never in her life had she ever did anything like that. God damn, it was warm, it was firm and heavy it was alive! Becky finally remembered to breathe. "Oh that feels nice." Carol's voice startled her. More startling was the realization that it did feel nice! Not only nice but comforting, her hand on another woman's breast seemed to calm and relax her. "Can I see yours?"

"Go ahead Becky, we're all friends here." Every so often Paul would feel that his friend was getting turned on, This seemed like one of those times, Paul was never sure if it was just his own emotions or his passenger, but there seemed to be an extra throbbing going on inside him, a little extra push as he watched Rebecca unbutton her blouse slowly, best part was that she wasn't being slow because she was afraid, she was being a tease! When her bra came off there they were, the only mismatched tits in the world! One old and sagging, one fresh and almost winking at Carol and Paul.

Carol reached out and grabbed the old one, "Oh Paul, you can't leave her like this, that's not right, every woman deserves a nice pair like mine." For Rebecca, the fact that this girl grabbed and was gently caressing her 'old' one was an act of love. Without any thought at all she reached over and gently kissed Carol. What started as a thank you peck almost instantly turned into a promise of some forbidden pleasures. As Rebecca pulled back almost to catch her breath, she was trying to catch her emotions too. The kiss, the boob in her hand, her boob being fondled by another woman, her thought processes were almost overwhelmed.

"Becky!" Paul, calling her name for the second time got through to her. She turned to face him, but one hand was now resting on Carol's thigh. "Listen Becks, I think you want more, more of Carol, of me, let me explain." Soon Rebecca Schwartz had agreed to finance her 'doctor', she would give him a 200K loan payable out of her commissions as she landed other wealthy 'patients' she would get 5 % on anything up to a million and 10% on anything above that. In exchange he reached out and molded her other boob, there was that momentary heat and a touch of vertigo. And Becky, as she was starting to think of herself, had to go to the mirror to see, ... damn, those were pretty tits!

The rest of the day was a mini orgy, if three people can have an orgy. Becky started her first cum of the day with less than an inch of Paul's prick in her. She found out that not only was it fun, it was nice to have another woman make love to you. After Carol had eaten her to two or three cums, later she couldn't remember who had dome what to her, the whole day was seemingly one long orgasm, she and Carol were kissing and she discovered how nice her own pussy tasted off somebody else's lips. Later as she was sucking on Carol's clit, having worked her way down from those lips and talented tongue. Past those super tits and on to a navel that she could have licked for a week, it seemed so nice to make her new best friend cum and cum again. She jerked as she felt Paul's prick probing her asshole. She lifted her head to say no and felt her hair pulling her back to the vagina in front of her nose.

"No, no, no more nos from you, from now on all yes's from you, Yes to eating pussy, yes to my cock, yes to any prick I point you at and sure as hell, yes to a cock up your ass, you want to be young again you will take an ass fuck with a smile!" With that somehow her ass betrayed her and opened enough for the head of his dick to pop into her rectum. Rebecca froze, terrified of his next move. Then she heard him and somehow his voice relaxed her. Easy now Becks, it's just a dick up your ass, it isn't the end of the world. Accept it, accept a cock in your ass and get younger with every stroke! Lick that pussy and feel my cock, you're going to be our full time all purpose cunt! She would not be the last one who felt something unlock inside of her as she suddenly felt a dick force it's way all the way into her ass. It was a sense of relief, she had it all now, she felt a glow of pride, she could do this! Her pride translated in a feverish tongue action, Carol was pulling down on her hair.

"Jesus Paul, what a cock, you've driven her nuts, nobody eats pussy like our little Becky, Go Cunt Go! Fuck her harder, she deserves it!" Paul looking down over Becky's ass and back saw his wife's face contorted in orgasm. As far as he was concerned his dick was controlling her. Becky was just a vessel to transfer his dick onto his wife! In his mind, he was fucking two cunts at once. He and his friend were very happy,

For Becky, by now she was thinking of herself as a Becky, each slow stroke into her ass seemed to be changing her, somehow she could feel herself feeling ... better? ... younger? Improving? She smiled into the pussy she was busily sucking. Smiling was a wonderment, yesterday she would never even had thought of doing anything like this, just a little bit ago she had opened her eyes and it had taken a moment or two to get the pussy in front of her in focus. Then she had looked and licked the inner and outer lips of the lovely flower in front of her. It had taken a minute but she found the clit and went crazy with her tongue, first slow then whipping it with her tongue she had Carol crying out for mercy as she made the girl cum and cum again. Now she was slowly working up one side and down the other of what she considered to be a very pretty little cunt, if she did say so herself. Not one thought of eating pussy, or lesbianism, or perversion was in her mind. All this was fun among, not friends but Paul might be her doctor, her teacher, but her willingness in submitting to his master cock, her sucking on his assistant's pussy, that made her special, at least in her mind. As Carol came again her hands pulled so hard that Becky felt the pain. But that momentary pain only made the old divorcee even more determined to make this girl never forget her tongue!

Then the cock in her ass reminded her that she was a cunt too, an ass cunt to her doctor, a pussy cunt to his assistant. On his next instroke, Becky felt her ass change, suddenly her ass was almost as sensitive as her pussy, It felt so good. So good to have her ass spread and filled by the best prick she had ever felt. She was eating pussy and getting fucked in the ass and both things were somehow connected to her clit! She was going to cum and she wasn't sure from what. She was so pleased to be giving this Carol a continuous cum, it might be that, but that cock pulsing in her ass, so good, so fucking good! It was all she could do to not bite the pussy in front of her as she came, came the very first time she got her ass reamed, the first time she ate a pussy. After a few minutes while everyone recovered, she didn't think a thing of Paul pulling her into place and sticking his dick, fresh from her ass right in her mouth.

Weeks later she was disgusted looking back on her self, but only for a minute as she remembered how great that first cum was, but all those that followed. Could it only be three weeks? She had never enjoyed sex like this! Again and again, orgasm after orgasm, she felt herself getting younger, getting happier! No way would the old her believe that she could suck a cock and enjoy it! Suck a cock in front of another woman and have no embarrassment. Not only that but to lick a pussy and enjoy the feeling of making another woman cum. And when she stepped out of the shower and saw herself, those nice tits, that flat stomach. Those hairless unveined good looking legs she was humming as she pulled out her address book and started thinking of which of her acquaintances could afford her Paul's services.

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