Keeping on the Team
Chapter 1

Caution: This Erotica Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa, Fa/Fa, Mult, Blackmail, Coercion, NonConsensual, Reluctant, Lesbian, BiSexual, Heterosexual, Fiction, School, Workplace, BDSM, Humiliation, Rough, Spanking, Group Sex, Interracial, Black Male, Black Female, White Male, White Female, Anal Sex, Double Penetration, Exhibitionism, Masturbation, Oral Sex, Voyeurism, Teacher/Student,

Desc: Erotica Sex Story: Chapter 1 - A high school senior's sexual bargain backfires on her.

The rhythm of the treadmill allowed me to glance over to the athletic office. I could see the train wreck coming from here, knowing that my track coach is in there getting a stern talking to all because of me. If only my prayers that the storm would pass in time for practice were answered, then I wouldn't have this sick feeling in the pit of my stomach.

So I did one dumb thing. Okay, it was a really dumb thing, but I think I've been punished enough for it. I'm not going to lie, it fucking hurt to have my boyfriend of a year and a half dump me the night before my senior prom. So instead of showing up, being fawned over, and perhaps being prom royalty, I showed up completely plastered, my dress forgotten at home. Of course I got a ticket for only being eighteen and drunk, but there was this tiny little detail of the school's zero-tolerance policy when it came to athletes and alcohol.

So surely coach was getting the full rundown of Saturday night–at this point he probably knows more about what happened that night than I did. He's probably being strongly advised to kick me off the team at this very moment. I did have two saving graces–the expensive fine and alcohol counseling I now need to get, and that's without counting the fact that Coach Tanner was one of those guys who always offered a second chance for students to learn from their mistakes.

And this is the only mistake I've made in high school, one fucking lousy weekend and all my hopes for the end of senior year could be gone in a heartbeat. Last season I placed in two sprint events at state, and I was easily clocking the fastest times all year–a state championship was in my grasp until this happened.

My treadmill beeped and slowed down–the training program I was running was complete and I knew that it was time to end practice. Looking around I see many of my teammates heading to the office–the administrators were thankfully leaving, but that didn't make things any less awkward. As we all gathered around it took a minute before Coach Tanner finally got up from his chair and came out to address us.

Coach started his usual end of practice pep talk that I've heard a hundred times before–though I'll admit that I was surprised he seemed completely calm and rational. As he dismissed us he added, "Lacey, come and see me when you've showered." There was some muttering from my teammates and friends, but I only sighed and headed into the locker room.

You ever have one of those showers where even though you know it has to end you just take your time–this was one of those moments. I probably washed my hair no less than four times and every other part of my body at least three before finally shutting the water off. By the time I was sitting on a bench wrapped in towels contemplating the stitching of my socks, everyone else had gone. In a lot of ways I'm very strong, but the dressing down I was about to receive was something that I didn't want anyone else to witness.

I very methodically dressed and placed my dirty clothes into my gym bag before heading out of the locker room. When I reached the athletic office and knocked, Coach T quickly called me in. I closed the door behind me as he motioned to the seat next to him. Of course he started talking about how much pressure he'd been put under to remove me from the team–I'm sure there were even specific words he was saying that might stand out, but my head was so awash with stress and anxiety I'm not really sure I heard any of them.

So yeah, I did the normal pleadings and such that would be expected–even though the words were mine I didn't register them as coming from my mouth, the whole experience so surreal that it felt I was watching a movie, not living this.

Finally he sighed. "I'm sorry Lacey, I don't think there's anything I can do."

Now I know the normal cliche thing to say at this point in time would be that I'd do anything for a chance to stay on the team–I honestly would too, but my mind didn't figure that would work. I quickly glanced out the windows, seeing there was no one else left in the area. Seeing that it was just the two of us, I looked my track coach in the eye and said, "Would a blowjob change your mind?"

Coach Tanner was normally rather unflappable, but he was clearly shaken by the question. Okay, confession time–I don't think of myself as a slut, but I do have a not totally undeserved reputation as my class's blowjob queen. So okay, it's a small high school so it's not like there's tons of competition, and I'm sure that in the great scheme of things I'm merely average, but for my dumb town I was pretty damn good.

The only complaint about my skills at giving head actually came last year at state. My last race was the 400 meter. A cute guy from another school in a town I didn't know existed thought that three of his teammates (who all made it to the final round) would easily beat me–so we bet on it. I don't even recall what I was to win, but suffice it to say I got tripped up near the end and managed to pull out fifth place–so he won a blowjob from me. His was the longest cock I'd ever taken, and his complaint was that I couldn't deep throat it like he wanted. That's it, the only complaint I've had. Even my asshole of a now-ex boyfriend shot a load down my throat not five minutes before he dumped me just so he could savor one last blowjob before tossing me aside.

When coach didn't immediately accept the offer, I kept upping the ante–at this point what did I have to lose. I probably was off the team and I probably wouldn't get to walk at graduation. Doing a striptease, fucking him, giving him head whenever he wanted, fucking when he wanted.

"You can take pictures. You can take video for all I care."

As soon as the word video came out of my mouth Coach T perked up–I didn't know why, but something about that definitely caught his attention.

Now Coach Tanner wasn't a teacher at any school, entirely a volunteer track coach. We all knew he had a life outside of the school, though nobody in the school ever knew what it was. Even more importantly as I would later learn, none of us knew he was very much in debt to some very sketchy characters that were ready to exercise drastic means of collecting payments, unless he could procure something beneficial to them.

Coach T looked down at his own messenger bag before looking up at me. "Well Lacey, it just so happens that I have some friends who are in need of video footage of a cute, athletic eighteen-year-old doing some workout and other activities. If you could help me and my friends out, I can find a way to keep you on the team.

I'll admit a part of me became a little paranoid as he said that, but then again I did just offer to be his fucktoy, this was my idea. It was also obvious what he meant by other activities. I took a deep breath and nodded, "Alright coach, what do I have to do?"

He reached down to his messenger bag and pulled out a large envelope. It's hard not to be surprised that he has contract papers ready to be filled out to make this thing happen–kind of creepy actually. He took a few minutes filling in some things before he told me to start signing and initialing on the various marks.

Coach started asking questions about free time, curfew, how grounded I was and the like. Turns out as we talked things over tonight was the only night that would probably work for the next few weeks. As I finished signing he made a quick call on his cell. I could only hear his side of the conversation while he tried to determine if tonight could be made to happen. When he finally finished he simply said, "Be back in three hours, minimal workout clothes."

Standing, my head felt foggy as I left the office wondering what I had gotten myself into.

Arriving back at the school three hours later, I was left wondering exactly how this was all supposed to go down–the school was normally locked up pretty tight at this time in the evening. I wandered around the outside of the gym for a few minutes until I discovered that the door leading to the mens locker room was slightly ajar. Taking what I hoped was the correct cue, I opened the door and made my way inside.

A few of the lights in the locker room remained on, and as I walked through I saw a note with a giant L scribbled on it. I guessed it was for me and grabbing it my suspicions were quickly confirmed.

'Lacey, leave everything but your shoes and socks on the floor and go to your usual treadmill.'

Well, I knew that I could abandon all pretense about this just being a fitness video. I hadn't brought any extra clothes with me to the school figuring there would be no use for it. I quickly reached down, pulling the tank top up and off my body. In my mind there was no need to stall, this was happening whether I wanted it to or not and it was just better to get this night over with.

I hoped Coach Tanner wasn't wanting a girl with large boobs–wait, why would I even think about that, why do I care what it is he wants. I sighed as my mind started to wrap itself around the realization of what was about to go down tonight. No, I hadn't worn a sports bra, but I also really didn't need to. Sadly I'm not one of those girls endowed with ample breasts. Hell, I'm half surprised I have any breast tissue at all. Mom's not very big to begin with, and combined with spending my whole life as an athlete I found myself 'gifted' with practically no boobs but puffy nipples. Most days I thought that the half-dollar sized areolae were all that really existed of my breasts. Even then it was hard to tell since they were so pale to begin with.

Moving on from agonizing over breasts that make most bug bites look large in comparison, I reached down and stripped off my panties and shorts in one quick motion. I stepped out of them and left them on the floor just as the note had instructed. Even as I caught a glimpse of myself in the mirror, this wasn't feeling as weird as it should. I've been naked in locker rooms plenty of times, however it was normally not the guys.

There was however a pretty obvious scowl on my face, which came of no surprise to me. Lack of boobs aside I did have a pretty good body–taut, muscles in the right places, hints of fat in others. My ass probably gained the most attention just because of how muscular and defined it was. My red hair was in its customary pony tail still, and Coach T wouldn't be able to tell if I was a natural redhead. Just a few hours before being dumped I had myself waxed bald–the ex really liked how my slit stood out prominently when I was bare.

Stepping away from the mirror I headed to the fitness lab. When I exited the door it hit me, I was walking around naked in the school. I didn't even think about the concept of cameras catching me walking across the hallway to the lab, but I found the door open and the lights on. I shouldn't have been surprised when I saw my usual treadmill–there were three cameras set up by it. One in front of where I'd be running, one behind, and one to the side.

I knew there was no point in stalling as I climbed up on the treadmill. The cameras didn't look like they were on, but I didn't let myself think of that small comfort. I grabbed the little safety card and put it in the treadmill as I tried to think of where I'd put the end that was supposed to attach to my clothes. I looked up and saw a note just above the camera in front of me and stepped forward to look at it closer.

'If you have pubic hair, attach the safety clip to it. If you don't, attach it to one of your nipples.'

I gasped and shivered simultaneously–both under the idea that Coach Tanner had already taken it into consideration, and of course what his solution was. I stared down at the little plastic clip that would soon be biting into my flesh as I tried to think of another way. When none came to me I took a deep breath and picked it up. Several more deep breaths followed as I brought it up to chest height.

'Here goes nothing, ' I thought as I brought it down onto my left nipple.

I winced as I felt the plastic clip bite into my flesh and instinctively flinched backwards, tugging it out of the treadmill and having it pull on my nipple at the same time. My hands reached up to pull it off but I thought better–it was just another thing I had to do and it'd be worse if I stopped now.

My nipples weren't normally the most sensitive, but I also never had anything just straight biting down on them like this before. I did reach out and grab the dangling card and that seemed to make things a little better–what had started out as a sharp pain was quickly becoming a dull throb. After another minute I finally gathered up the courage to put the card back in the treadmill and start a running program.

As I started running naked I came to a weird realization, it didn't really feel any different than when I ran normally with clothes on. Far as I could tell, the only difference I was feeling was the movement of the clip hanging on for dear life on my left nipple as I ran–and with each step that was becoming less of a nuisance.

Naturally I kept running, trying to put the cameras and my situation out of my mind–I was on a nice relaxing jog, not having every movement of my body recorded for purposes unknown. Finally I had to look at the timer and saw I'd already been running for half an hour. I couldn't help but begin to wonder if this is all Coach T had in store for me when I heard the door to the fitness lab open and looked over in a panic.

Luckily it was only Coach T and he grinned and walked over to me. Without saying a word he reached up to the controls of the treadmill and stopped the program. As I slowed, I started to realize that even without clothes I was sweating–almost a sheen if caught correctly by the light. He pulled the card out of the treadmill and let it dangle, the tug on my nipple no longer being as it had been earlier.

"Alright Lacey, spread your legs, hands behind your head, stick your chest out."

It was weird having Coach Tanner order me to do put myself on display in the same tone that he might give us instructions on what he wanted us to do in practice. For just a second I smiled as I stepped off the treadmill before immediately cringing at the fact that I had done so. I wasn't naive–I've watched porn before, I've read sex stories online, I knew exactly what it was he was wanting and I did it. Looking down I saw that my boobs were no larger than normal even when thrust out.

As he stepped forward, nervousness really started creeping in.

"You know," he said, his hand reaching out to graze the bare skin above my slit, "I was hoping to see you running with the clip attached here, finding out if you were a natural redhead and all. Oh well, the smoothness is nice, and of course this..."

He quickly moved his hand up to where the clip was dangling from my left nipple and opened it while pulling back. As the blood flowed back in I let out a cry and doubled over in pain. I never imagined that taking the clip off would be worse than putting it on, but let me tell you know it's much worse.

"Alright, follow me," he said, turning to walk out of the lab without the slightest care that I was still hurting.

Having to practically pick myself up off the floor I found myself following the coach through the hallways of the school to the wrestling room–seemed appropriate since there was a certain type of wrestling about to happen. I was surprised to find the room much darker, save for another three cameras and lights behind them focusing on some mats on the floor.

"Take this, and lose the shoes and socks," he commanded as he held out a note card.

I took the offered card and sat down on the mats in the light and slipped my shoes off–I figured he probably wanted to see me do it on camera. Once I threw them aside I looked up and saw that coach was undressing and sighed, knowing it was really about to happen. Returning to the card I started reading over it as I stood up and I cringed. The whole thing was like a mini-script, with really cheesy lines. The porn analogy might be closest, as even really bad porn movies that try to make up a really dumb plot have better lines than this.

I finally looked up and noticed that he was undressed, and I can't say that there was much to react to. Sure, coach had a decent body, but he just wasn't my type. I didn't want to do it I swear, but naturally my eyes ventured down to his cock and I was a bit surprised by what I saw–he had what was probably the smallest cock I had seen. Well, I take that back, it was a weird give and take with him. He was thin, and I mean really thin, the whole pencil-dick type thing going on. However, at the same time for being so thin, he was actually quite long. As he walked closer I had to think about what this long, thin cock would mean. Now I'll be the first to admit size doesn't always matter, but I do at least prefer a shorter, thicker cock normally, long can be problematic.

I saw him moving around and lying on the ground behind me, positioned so that his head was in the dark and his cock was standing up right in the middle of the spotlights.

"Go ahead and start reading your lines Lacey."

I nod and turned to face the center camera. Putting on my best enthusiastic face, I started reciting what he had written.

"Hi, my name is Lacey. I'm eighteen-years-old and a senior in high school Tonight you get the pleasure of watching as I give," I paused for a second as I looked down at the card, "Oliver," another pause as I hesitated over the dumb name Coach Tanner had chosen for himself, "the most fucking fantastic night of his life. "I think it's time for my slutty mouth to greet him in the only way it ever should."

Oh god, the lines themselves made me want to gag and I didn't even have coach's cock in my mouth yet. He motioned for me to come over and stand between his legs. He sat up, looking at my pussy a little more closely before commanding, "Now turn around and bend over, touching your toes."

I did as ordered, turning to show off my ass to him before bending over to easily touch my toes. A small part of me wanted to be prideful in that moment that I could touch my toes, but then I realized that I was fully exposed to coach and the camera that was behind his head. While the camera in front of me saw me bend over and the one to my side caught my silhouette, the one behind me, and of course coach himself were getting a perfect view. I never imagined that I'd ever be modeling off the most intimate parts of my body on camera.

"Hold," he said, as if I were just stretching.

I already felt exposed, but I felt an electric shock go through my body as his warm finger, already wet from something, dove right in and penetrated the folds of my pussy.

"Mhmm, I'm glad to see that sweet slutty Lacey is already wet, how nice is that?"

Okay, so yeah, I was a little wet. I mean I hadn't had any action in a week, the pain in my nipple (I'll admit I always liked having my hair pulled during sex), and just how wrong this whole thing was. I always got a little turned on when I read or watched erotica where the girl wasn't the most willing participant, and how I was getting a dose of it in real life as I felt the finger poke and prod and explore my wet pussy before finally being withdrawn.

"How about here, is this hole just as excited to meet me too?" he asked me as his finger started prodding at my asshole.

"No, not there, never there," I replied quickly as my body tensed up. Even though I've had plenty of sex, and given more blowjobs than I could ever possibly count, my butt was strictly exit only. I mean, I had friends who had done it, and enjoyed it, but it was not something I wanted to deal with due to my small body. I was enough of a slut as it was, the last thing I needed was to overhear guys talking about buttfucking me like they did at times with other girls.

"Oh, well I'm surprised my slutty little princess hasn't given up all three holes to cock yet," Coach T retorted.

I winced a little. Despite the fact that I do like sex, and have even on occasion enjoyed being called a slut by guys I've been with, I did draw the line at thinking of myself as walking holes for some guy to get off in. I only had to wait another moment to see what he was going to do with my virgin hole before his finger stopped poking.

"Well, in either case I think it's about time you kept your promise and have that hot little mouth I've heard so many stories about become friends with my cock."

As I moved awkwardly around to get into position to start sucking his cock, I could feel the heat of embarrassment on my face and knew I must be bright red. I mean, when your high school track coach has heard tales about you being a blowjob queen, what would that mean for the rest of the teachers. As I knelt in front of him and looked down on his cock I could see he was as ready as he was going to be–his cock even had a little pre-cum dripping from it. Finally it was time to put my skills to work, and maybe, just maybe if I give him the most amazing blowjob he's ever had, the night will be done after that.

I wondered for a moment if I should tease him a little first, like I would with a boyfriend (or admittedly most random high school boys I'd end up blowing for whatever reason), however the look on his face indicated that no, he just wanted to see his cock disappear so with that I indulged him. I closed my lips but separated my teeth as much as I could–I liked to give the guys the feeling that my mouth was a tight place as well and it's always driven them wild. I wrapped my right hand around the base of his shaft as I brought my lips down to his cockhead and started kissing it for just a moment before finally letting them part. I closed my eyes as I started to imagine it was someone else, anyone else other than Coach T as his head started sliding across my tongue.

I felt a shudder and heard him moan as I continued to take more of the long cock into my mouth. It was a weird experience with it being so thin, but never ending. I opened my eyes for a second to see just how much of it was in my mouth when I noticed that Coach T's skin was red as well–apparently he had shaved as well.

"I hope you like it baby, I wanted to make sure that when you got me all the way in that nothing would bother you."

Wait, he expected me to take his whole cock in my mouth? I had flash backs to the athlete last year that was mad that I couldn't deep throat, but his cock was much thicker, even if not as long. Finally I felt my lips starting to brush against my hand as I still held is cock but then felt it touch the back of my throat as well.

Coach sat up suddenly and I pulled back. His hand reached up and grabbed my head, stopping me from pulling off anymore.

"Relax Lacey, I intend to see if you can take this whole thing. Take your hand away."

I wanted to whimper, to tell him it wouldn't work but I complied and removed my hand. He started scooting back on the mat and in order to keep him in my mouth I had to lean more forward, changing the angle of my head. When he stopped moving he reached both hands to the back of my head and started pulling me down onto his cock again. It took just a moment before his cock was at the back of my throat but this time it felt a little different. Instead of just hitting the back of my throat like it normally did, this time it actually seemed like it was just stuck on something.

"Relax your throat Lacey,"

At that moment I'd like to see how well Coach Tanner could relax his throat when someone was trying to shove something down it. I tried to take a deep breath and open my throat up a little when I felt movement. He pulled again as I relaxed and I could feel his head sliding into my throat. For a moment my mind went utterly blank–I didn't really know what to think of this feeling that was so unnatural, so unlike anything I experienced. Of course it probably didn't help any that even while my mind was busy trying to process and make sense of the whole thing, his cock was sliding further down my throat until I felt my nose being smashed against something.

Opening my watering eyes, I saw that he'd managed to get the whole thing inside my mouth and throat. It's also at this point that I realized that I couldn't really breathe. At first I flailed my arms around, a vain attempt to draw his attention to the fact that his penis had stopped my breathing. When that didn't work, I reached forward with my hands and started to push myself off–and to my surprise he let me go off his cock completely. Withdrawing the long thing from my throat and mouth was a weird experience all its own, but when I finally extricated myself from his dick I coughed a few times.

"See Lacey, you can do it. Now take a deep breath and let's try that again."

I stared at him in disbelief. Some part of me wanted to scream, wanted to run away and face whatever additional consequences I was due. Even as my thoughts dwelled on how to best engineer my escape, I found myself leaning forward and taking a decent breath. 'God, I really am such a slut' I thought as I once more took his cock into my mouth and let him pull me onto it until it penetrated my throat again.

I had no idea how long he held it there, but this time he only let it out of my throat before I was instructed to catch my breath. When I glanced up at him while inhaling he took that moment to once again pull my throat onto his cock. Sure, I've been a blowjob princess since I started giving them, but this was no blowjob, this was my first actual facefuck.

This time as my nose was smashed into his body he quickly started letting me off–I was hopeful that it was over with until I felt him pull me back down. His hands were controlling my head allowing me to only bob up and down a few inches. Forget facefuck, I quickly realized that he was only letting me up enough to allow his cock to saw back and forth in my throat.

I could feel the water building in my eyes as this rather uncomfortable throat fucking continued. Luckily I didn't have to wait long before I was quickly pulled back into his pelvis and he thrusted forward, trying to get himself as deep inside my throat as possible when I felt a weird pulsing that I knew could only mean one thing–he was cumming in my throat after what couldn't have been more than a minute. It was a strange sensation feeling the cum slide down toward my stomach yet knowing I wasn't swallowing at all.

Finally he pulled himself out and rather out of instinct my first action wasn't to breathe but instead it was to swallow. Coach started pushing his way back to where he was before that episode began as I was left to catch my breath.

"Nice job slut, one hole down, though your skills weren't what I was led to believe they were."

'Of course they weren't, ' I thought, 'I didn't even give you a blowjob.

"Cleanup, aisle one," he announced as I looked back to him, a little bit of extra cum around his cock. I'll admit that cleaning up with my mouth wasn't all that unenjoyable, I do like the taste of cum after all. There was only a little bit and I held it on my tongue to show the camera–I figured he might as well get a good show at this point, before swallowing.

"Lay back, spread your legs, and masturbate for a while until I'm ready to go again," he orders, again in that coach voice that I'm starting to find a bit disconcerting.

I sigh a little and look into the camera, turning away from it before I roll my eyes. I sit on my butt and lay back down, spreading my legs as ordered. This all feels so mechanical to me, like instead of me being a living, breathing girl I'm just some dumb sex doll whose existence is predicated around being posed and penetrated. I hated knowing that in the back of my mind there was a dark truth to the whole situation that made it a million times worse–if Coach Tanner was actually treating me like a human being, like a girl with real sexual needs instead of some jack-off toy, I would probably be enjoying every moment of this.

However he isn't treating me like a woman so I just moved my hand into place and started to play with my pussy, paying the most attention to my clit of course. I closed my eyes, trying to imagine just being in bed, just being at home doing this instead of being watched and recorded by my track coach. I didn't pay attention to how much time was passing, there was no point to really. It was frustrating that since I was so detached from the situation all the rubbing in the world wasn't doing anything–if I'm not into it, I can't get myself off, and I wasn't into any part of this.

Nearly falling asleep despite masturbating, I was quickly awakened by a small thud and a dull pain as something cold and plastic landed on my stomach. I opened my eyes and stopped what I was doing to grab whatever was thrown at me. As I looked at the bottle of Astroglide, I was rather confused. My pussy was more than wet enough already, especially because of the masturbating. And even though he was long, it's not like he was going to have an issue sliding in at all.

"You are planning to feel something? If I pour this onto my pussy you'd probably just fly right off."

The grin coach shot back at me was nearly evil, just completely lust filled.

"What about your ass?"

I shot up, panicked that he would even mention such a thing. "I told you that I wasn't into that sort of thing. My butt is exit only."

He shook his head at me. "Hate to tell you this, but tonight you get to become a butt slut. I already have you on tape from this afternoon offering me sexual favors to keep you on the team, telling me I could do whatever I wanted."

Yeah, I knew he had me cornered, though as he continued speaking, I could easily hear him go from concerned coach to something far more sinister.

"Considering you've already been throat fucked, masturbated, and ran naked on camera for thirty minutes, you're not in a position to complain. Like it or not Lacey, you're going to be buttfucked six ways from Sunday, you just have to choose if you lube it up, or let me go in dry."

Even with all the track meets, all the years of knowing Coach Tanner I had never seen him so serious. I was way beyond panic now, I was mortified that Coach T was planning on fucking me in the ass, in my virgin ass, lubed up or not. I let out a sigh and did the only thing I could do–remove the cap to the astroglide. Squeezing some of the cold gel out, I started to use it religiously around my soon to be pried-open asshole. It seemed like I only got seconds before I heard coach speak again.

"Go ahead and stand up Lacey."

I squeezed a little more gel onto my fingers as I stood up, trying to coat my hole just a little bit more. Admittedly I was way too freaked out to try and push any of it into my ass, which would be the smart thing to do. The lube felt slick between my cheeks as I watched him lay back down on the ground again.

"I'm not sure if you were ever a fan of westerns Lacey, but it's time to get that cute little ass over here and mount up."

So I'm standing here, knowing he's about to take my last virgin hole and I'm almost more bothered by the really cheesy lines he's saying to me and the camera than by what's about to happen. This of course changes as I find myself standing over him, starting to figure out whether I squat or kneel down to do this when thankfully I'm saved from making the awkward choice.

"Turn around, let's keep with the western metaphor and we'll do this reverse cowgirl."

I nodded and stood back up to turn around. Part of me wanted to sigh and roll my eyes, but deep down I was glad he wanted to do it this way–almost more of a relief that I won't have to look my coach in the eyes as he takes my ass for the first time. When I had turned away from him I started lowering myself–this wasn't going to be the most comfortable experience for me. Buttfucking aside, I'd only done reverse cowgirl a few times so even if he were to fuck my pussy this wasn't the most natural position for me.

I continued lowering myself, expecting his cock to start pressing at my ass. Instead I felt the fleshy knob slip effortlessly into my drenched pussy. A sigh of relief escaped my lips at the same time a moan escaped his.

"Glad to see my little toy is enjoying this."

I wasn't in a position to argue, but I really wasn't enjoying it at all–how could I? And don't get me wrong, I'm not saying I couldn't enjoy it given the circumstances in which I'm performing, but quite frankly even with my tight pussy he was still so thin I could barely feel him inside me.

It didn't take long for him to be buried inside me, though I noticed something I didn't expect as I felt his cock bump against my cervix–I was still not touching his body. I bent down and looked between my legs, emitting a slight gasp as I realized he still had several inches he could stuff inside me.

"Why do you think I'm intent on taking your ass Lacey? It's not fair after all that you can't enjoy all of my cock inside just your pussy."

While coach wasn't normally one to brag or boast, I could clearly hear the taunting in his voice. Knowing that I couldn't stay like this forever I slowly pulled off before lowering myself until I felt him pressing deep inside me again. I let out a little yelp as his hands clasped my hips–I worried that he was going to try and pull himself into my cervix like he did my throat. I didn't think it worked that way but it didn't stop me from worrying.

Thankfully though he was just using his hands to guide the speed I was fucking him at. Once I was moving with the rhythm he liked, he released his grip from my hips and instead cupped my ass in his hands. As they spread my cheeks, giving him and probably the cameras a great view of my virgin asshole I couldn't help but groan in shame.

Of course like everything so far this evening it was only bound to get worse–I couldn't hear him clearly but it sounded like he was trying to talk to my asshole, calling it something stupid like Mister Rosebud. Admittedly my first thought wasn't about how weird it was that he was trying to personify my asshole, it was that he chose to call it Mister Rosebud–why the fuck would he name the asshole of an eighteen-year-old girl mister instead of miss?

Doing the only thing I could I tuned him out as I continued the rhythm of methodically fucking up and down on his cock. Try as I might with slight little adjustments to how I moved, I couldn't seem to find an angle so that I might manage to get some pleasure out of this too.

Sometime later, maybe around ten minutes had passed, he told me to hold as I only had the tip of his cock left in me. I looked back at him while he reached down and pulled himself completely out of my pussy and smiled back to me.

"Stand up, turn around and face me and take just the tip in again."

Ugh, I was hoping he wouldn't make me change positions, but thankfully he was going back to my pussy. I picked myself up off the ground and turned around, planing my knees back on the mat, this time straddling his torso instead of his legs as I lowered myself back down. In some ways this was going to be at least a little more comfortable, save for him watching my face as he fucked me.

I lowered myself back onto the tip of his cock and waited. With his strong arms he pulled me a little bit forward. My hands slipped forward and planted into his shoulder as I tried to keep from toppling onto him. I was confused until he once again pulled his cock out of my pussy and smiled.

"Mister Rosebud is anxious to meet his new friend."

I cringed and seriously wanted to smack the guy, but my mind was more consumed by the violation I was about to feel, the one I swore I'd never experience. Within seconds I felt his cockhead nuzzling up to my last virgin hole and putting pressure against it, but thankfully not penetrating. Coach grabbed one of my hands and guided it to his cock, making me hold it. Putting both his hands behind his head, and wearing a smug smile on his face he said, "What are you waiting for Lacey, take it in your ass."

I'm pretty sure my face at this point was a solid mixture of shock and scowling. The nerve of the guy–not only did he plan to take my anal virginity from me, but he was going to make me do all the work. I sighed and screwed my eyes shut–I didn't want him to see me cry as I expected I might as I slowly started to descend. Even with all the lube I used I was surprised by how much pressure I felt the thin cock exerting on my hole. My ass was slowly starting to open up to accept him–it was only now that I hoped that my multiple trips to the bathroom before arriving did their job.

Even for how small the head was the feeling was starting to become unbearable when it happened–my last bastion of virginity had given way and my rectum had opened up, swallowing his head and perhaps the first inch of his shaft. The feeling of just his head inside my ass was definitely far more painful than losing my virginity had been, and that had actually been a thicker cock. I breathed deeply as I stopped, letting my body try and get used to this new intrusion.


You couldn't say that Coach T wasn't getting his worth out of this, his impatience starting to be a little unbearable. I started to lower my ass a little more to let it swallow his pole, but found myself pausing to accommodate. After the third time I stopped, getting maybe half his cock in my ass I felt him move and finally opened my eyes in time to see his hands reach out and grab my hips. I instinctively let go of his cock to reach for his hands–that was a mistake as it freed him to pull me down easier.


I may have yelled it out, but it didn't matter, any words I uttered, any thoughts I had were muted immediately as several inches of cock shot deeper into my ass in one swoop. Sure, I was lubed up, but that only made it work, it didn't do anything to stop the pain.

I knew I screamed out in pain, my asshole burning as it was violently stretched around the base of his cock and my bowels violated in a way I never before imagined. I hated the man right now as I sat with his cock impaling my ass.

"Go on then, get to it."

Any idea of possibly enjoying this was definitely out. As I tried to regain my composure I started to pull off–I needed to get this fullness out of me as soon as I could. I'd barely moved an inch when I'd involuntarily gasped again–feeling his cock sliding out of my ass was an entirely different experience that I couldn't compare to anything. Getting up the fortitude to continue, I pulled myself almost all the way off–hoping he'd give me a chance to recover.

Even with my legs as strong as they are from being a runner, they weren't used to moving quite like this–so as I was about to pull off I could do nothing to prevent him from pulling me back down onto his cock in another hard thrust, eliciting another cry of pain from me.

I was stuck–paralyzed in a way. My natural instinct was to try and move up and off of his cock but every time I did he pulled me back down, forcing the whole length back into my unwilling ass. Normally I always felt in control with a guy, always the top, always the dominant one–with Coach T's cock in my ass it was different. As he played this cat and mouse game with me, allowing me to think relief was coming but only to fill me once more I started to feel like I'd become his bitch, that instead of a partner for fun that I normally had experienced I was just holes to be fucked for his pleasure. I knew he looked at me and saw my face a deep red, filled with shame as he buttfucked me for several more minutes.

I should have seen it coming, he was pulling me down faster and faster, starting to sit up as he kept doing so. He finally held down my hip with one hand as he pulled me in to meet him–I opened my mouth in another gasp not knowing what he was doing when he brought his to mine and shoved his tongue inside. As his tongue met mine I felt another new and unique experience–the telltale twitching of cock as my one-virgin ass was being filled with his hot cum. What a sight I must look like, being french kissed while a cock is claiming my ass.

When he broke the kiss I sat myself back upright–his cock was significantly softer, no longer feeling it as far in my ass as I could feel his cum running inside me. I started to pull off and to my surprise heard no protesting.

"See Lacey, that wasn't so bad was it?"

Wasn't so bad? It wasn't so great either, I wanted to yell and scream at the man, but I was smarter than that as I tried to recover from the pain I was still feeling in places I didn't know exited.

"It could have been–"

I stopped, I had a sudden sense that something with this whole picture wasn't quite right.

That's when I heard the sarcastic slow clap and the lights came on in the wrestling room. I was blinded momentarily, but when my vision started to recover I saw there were five other guys and one woman who had joined us in the room. I simply felt stunned, I didn't even bother trying to cover myself, hide my nudity from these several strangers who suddenly appeared.

The clapping man stepped forward, and with a giant grin on his face said, "Nice job Tanner. Step aside, it's time for the real party to begin."

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