My Calendar for Kettie
Chapter 1

Caution: This Erotica Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa, Consensual, Fiction, Safe Sex, Oral Sex, Anal Sex, Masturbation, Sex Toys,

Desc: Erotica Sex Story: Chapter 1 - Mattie was in his thirty-somethings with a successful, but stagnant career. When he got a chance to restart his life by moving from the west to east coast he jumped at it. His fortunes continued to improve in his new home and job. After a few liaisons to continue his pursuit of being a "player" he stumbles upon Kettie, who went from being a fantasy to a possible reality for him. Travel through the unexpected roller coaster ride of his year long quest for a life he never expected to experience.

May 31, 2013

As if moving to a new home in a new city wasn't stressful enough, the reason I was moving had me nervous as well. If I may back up a few spaces,...

I work for a Nanoscale Science firm, World ChipTech, involved with the making of microchips for a contract with one of the largest computer manufacturers in the world. The particular department I worked in, and many like it in our plant were overstaffed until our next contract, rumored to be a government commitment worth Billions. We were all electrical engineers whose skill would be needed down the road and the thought of laying people off didn't sit well with HR, only because by 2015 they would have put the call out for all of us and more to fulfill the upcoming contract order. As simple as it sounds, skilled micro engineers in Nanoscale science do not grow on trees and don't have much problem finding work, especially if you're willing to relocate, but usually it's overseas.

For the past 2 months, while we waited for the bulk of our production contracts to kick in, many of our production wheels were being skimmed. (Skimmed was a company term for "transfer out" A wheel was 9 work stations manned by 9 engineers doing precision work. Each work station was referred to as a spoke, 9 spokes in a wheel) They would send you to one of our 5 other plants around the world with no promise of a return to your former plant. I didn't want to leave California for any place out of the States, and my only domestic option was going to be New York. At the end of 2012 they skimmed 6 of our 9 wheels, sending 6 men and women in the same boat as me, age 28 to 35 and just comfortable in our post college careers.

I was just preparing to leave work on the last day of May this year when I got an email flash to report to HR before I left. I had no way to avoid it, as much as I wanted to. I was just going on vacation for a week. My electronic timecard wouldn't scan and a "report to HR" message would appear on the scanner. I had seen it tried before. So I closed up my computer and set things straight as if I were just going on vacation and trudged up the hallway to the elevator and the 6th floor, past the doors that held people making after work plans.

I expected there would be 5 or 6 of us in the waiting area, but I was alone. The receptionist desk was empty and I contemplated just sitting and waiting when the receptionist came out of the main office with signed documents she must have had to mail and smiled real big at me.

"Mattie Cymbol?" She asked brightly.

"That's me." I said, not half as excited as she was.

"Go right in, they're waiting for you!" She sparked as she slid into her high crescent reception desk.

I went to the door and took a deep breath and opened it. Instead of one HR head sitting there behind his desk, waiting to swing his ax at me, there were 4 suits behind a long table adjacent to the empty desk.

"Mattie, grab a seat right here." The guy, second to the right said pointing to 3 chairs just to the left of the table.

I wanted to just say, "Just do it, get it over with. Tell me where I'm being skimmed to fuck up my life forever."

"I'm Roger Dean, head of HR and this is Doreen Patterson, HR Coordinator, and these two gentlemen to the other side of me are Simon Heifitz and Joseph Condon, both evaluators who micro manage our science talent, to put it simply."

I nodded and half smiled to each, looking to see if Ms Patterson had a ring on, she was quite a looker. She didn't.

Roger Dean cleared his throat and got my attention and began to speak.

"We've managed to avoid skimming these last two quarters, but your work has got our attention and we've decided to make a move."

""Holy FUCK!" I thought, "They're gonna fire my ass!" Ran through my head and I was prepared to fight for my job, but then Dean spoke up again.

"Do you think you could command a wheel of spokes at our facility in Upstate New York? That's 9 work stations or spokes in the wheel, just like here. You'll assign the work, distribute it where it works best and fastest. Your work is exemplary, imaginative, and constant. We need a new command position doing exactly what we do here. As a matter of fact, when you sit at your computer there you'll think you're right here in California at our plant. They are that much alike. Before you judge and give us an answer, we realize you've stagnated, salary wise as we wait for the next phase of THE CONTRACT. I'm thinking you would be happy to get a 30K increase to go along with your responsibilities. Your personal production alone has kept your wheel from being skimmed and we need that attitude when this position opens in New York. We see you have next week off, then how about giving you two paid administrative weeks to move and get settled. Then you can go in and observe for a week before taking over the command of the wheel."

I was overwhelmed and couldn't think of anything to say except, "Who am I replacing?"

"A woman who was from Norway and wants to go home to our facility there. She's a very special talent, much like you, and we did not want to lose her. Her request came at a time we had to make a HR move over there. This opens quite a door for you. Funny how dominoes fall." He said as I felt my breathing begin to turn to normal.

Ms. Patterson sat up and looked at me carefully, knowing she had my attention. "How does this sound? Take your week vacation and come back a week from Monday and give us your decision. Look at the logistics of the deal and decide if it's right for you."

I nearly jumped out of my chair. "I don't need the week! I'll take it! I love California but I have no ties here. No family, no wife. I've needed a jump start and at this point in my career it would be foolish to refuse such an opportunity."

The way Roger Dean's eyes looked at me as I said that I knew he thought to himself "refuse it and it will be the LAST offer you ever get."

"You're absolutely sure? No one to talk this over with?" Ms Patterson said.

"No, I don't even have a person to call and announce it to."

"Parents? No brothers, sisters, aunts or uncles, a girlfriend?" She asked with a weird smile.

"No one." I said sensing she felt sorry for me, but I never knew those connections, so I never missed them. I've had plenty of girlfriends, but nothing ever serious. My parents had me late in life, a certain mistake, but certainly welcome. I was an only child after some miscarriages when my Mom was younger, and I was unexpected. They both passed before they got to 70, my Dad from emphysema, he had worked in coal mines when he was younger, and my Mom from lung cancer, and she had been a heavy smoker before I was born. They were both oldest of small families, and it ended up, I really had no one.

In my field at college we were all career minded geeks and sex was a check valve of life. I hooked up with many co-eds, but they all considered school and career as number one priority. Most of us were on some sort of scholarship that, if we lost it, we could never afford the education it was providing. "If you're special and you know it, raise your hand." was a common theme.

Ms. Patterson looked to Roger Dean and the others before Dean nodded to her and she got up and heel clicked her way out of the room. All eyes were on the chassis that carried her out and then we all looked down, embarrassed that we all had the same thoughts.

I looked up to Dean and he smiled to me. "Swallow. Your heart is still in your throat. Yes, this is really happening."

He couldn't have been more right. I was elated, frightened, and trepidatious, all at once.

I looked back at him and suddenly he seemed to take a fatherly position towards me and said, "Don't worry, you can do this. Multibillion dollar operations don't do these things frivolously. We've checked you out quite extensively. You are our man."

His words gave me an orgasm of the mind, like confetti and streamers in my head as Doreen Patterson came back in the room with a folder and a thick leather brief. She handed me the brief with its gold clasp and my initials engraved on it and retook her seat at the table before me as she opened the folder.

"In that brief you will find everything you will need to facilitate this move. Information on selling your condo, with our assistance of course, your hotel reservations in New York as well as information on 3 condominium communities we think you'll find a good choice with. You keep paying your current mortgage and we'll take care of your new mortgage until you sell. We'll provide you with PODS to pack in and we'll see they are moved to your new place, when you find one. In the meantime we'll put them into a storage facility until the time you need them. Your plane tickets are in there, you just need to make the reservations for the day you are leaving. You have a voucher for a rental car there good for a month, and by that time your vehicle here will have been shipped. That can take a few weeks. Go home look that over and call me if you have any questions. Here is my cell number for any questions." She said her last line as she got up and came to me with a hesitation and a quick wink only I saw.

"Holy Shit!" I thought to myself. "Not only was I getting the prize package of my life, I think she came on to me."

I tried to give an acknowledging smile without being overt to the other men.

Roger Dean stood and the others joined him.

"Mattie, we've facilitated these transfers before and Ms. Patterson has got all your bases covered. You take your vacation, when you get back, get packed, and PODS will load the unit or units and ship them to a site nearby our New York plant. Then fly to New York, get your rental car, check into your hotel and look for a place to live. Once you have it call Ms. Patterson with the details. Let the office out there know you're in town, your badge is in the packet. Everything is arranged and all you have to do is put the pre-planned actions in motion. Your cubicle has been packed and is waiting for you at the desk out in the waiting area."

I stood and was about to shake hands with each of them when it occurred to me, and I asked aloud.

"My cubicle is packed? What if I turned it down?" I asked with a half smile.

"You were going to be skimmed and work for whomever we chose instead of you." Dean said adding, "We weren't trying to be heavy handed with that alternative, it's just business Mattie."

I was a little miffed at his words, but I do understand that if a person turns down a promotion, they usually have blocked any forward progress in their career. But, here I thought I made a decision about my career, and they had already made it for me.

I went into the outer office and there was the box with my life at World ChipTech.

"Here are your things Mr. Cymbol!" The bubbly Admin Assistant said. "Would you like me to call someone to help you carry them out?

"No, I can handle them myself, thank you." I said smiling.

"Well, you're on the management team now and these things are available to you." She bubbled.

I took the box of my things and walked the elevator asking myself if I was going to become a prima donna now that I was in management. I answered myself with a decisive NO. I hated executives who inherited a chip on their shoulder to go with their nameplate on a desk. I was a hard worker, a conscientious worker, and that was not going to change.

I sort of floated on air the rest of the night and stayed home to celebrate, feeling that if I called any of my friends, most of who I worked with, I would be throwing it in their face. I drank a split of champagne that came in a gift basket last Christmas and began to gather things in preparation of moving. I stopped my packing and sorting for a moment to call and cancel my reservation Las Vegas where I had planned to drive Monday morning.

"Shit," I thought to myself. I'll pack up Monday, Tuesday, and finish getting out of here on Wednesday. If I tie up all my loose ends FIRST, my vacation can be the free days I have before I start work.

I took the brief from Doreen Patterson and got the information on my flight, my NY hotel, but search as I might I couldn't find the info on PODS or the voucher for them. It was only 8:30 so I decided to call Ms Patterson and ask about it. I wanted an excuse to call her, and now I had a good one.


"Good evening Ms. Patterson, this is Mattie Cymbol."

"Oh, so glad you called. After you left I saw the PODS folder on my desk. If you want to stop in at the office next week to get it. Oh, wait a minute, you're going on vacation next week." She said.

"Well, that's part of the reason I called. I'm going to take care of all of that stuff next week and free up some time AFTER I get to New York."

"You didn't give me time to finish, I was going to say you could come over and pick it up this weekend, or ... even tonight if you want." She said, her voice softening.

I thought "Damn, she WAS coming on in the office, unless I'm a total idiot to assume it."

"Um Yeah, I could come over, where do you live?"

"Are you familiar with Red Basin Estates?" She asked

"Oh yes, it's only a few minutes from here. I drive by on the way to work."

"Great then. I'm at 777 Red Circle Drive. I'll leave a light on. There's a red Mustang in the drive. You can't miss me." She said finishing.

Hoping I wouldn't make a fool of myself I ran to the bathroom, turned on the shower and hopped in. I did a quick wash and put on clean shorts and a new colored tee, going commando with no underwear. If she just came to the door and just handed the stuff to me, it was all in my imagination.

I was at her door within 15 minutes of when I called and she came to the door in short shorts and a bikini top (Not out of the ordinary, this WAS California, and it was the beginning of summer.

"Hi Ms Patterson, I hope it's not an inconvenience to get this stuff to night I..."

"Oh stop it Mattie! Call me Doreen, come on in." She said, turning and walking giving me a great show with her ass in those little shorts. She turned and saw me looking and she blushed.

"You know what? Come out by the pool. I was working out there and that's where I noticed I still had those vouchers. She said.

"Oh?" I said "I thought you said you noticed the PODS folder on your desk after I left." I said raising my eyebrows and giving her a little smirk.

She blushed real hard and searched for words before smiling back.

"I guess I'm busted. You're cute, actually hot and you won't be in this office anymore so..."

She said while turning crimson and then losing her word train.

"So ... what?" I asked smiling that I had gotten the upper hand.

"So we could date and still be within company policy." She stuttered out.

"This is a date?" I asked.

"It can be, if you want it to be." She said getting her bravado and confidence back but reaching to the table beside the pool where her briefcase was spread open.

She picked up the PODS folder and was going to turn and show it to me, but I had gotten right up behind her, so when she turned I was in her face. She was flustered for something to say and I asked her, "Is it a play date?"

Suddenly her voice and demeanor got soft and she grabbed a handful of the cloth of my tee right in the middle of my chest.

"I told you I was busted and said I thought you were hot. Why are you making me squirm?"

"Because you weren't honest with me, did you think I was going to proposition an officer of the company without being sure what was happening?" I asked moving my face closer to hers.

"We all thought you were very bright, and I guess we didn't miscalculate." She said placing her lips to mine for a quick kiss.

"One more question, are we alone and do you expect anyone else anytime later?"

"No, I live alone and I have no ex's of any kind. My job takes up a lot of my time. I rely on hot guys with roving eyes for companionship." She said with a smile that finished against my lips.

I pulled her hard to me and took a half step that backed her to the edge of the table she was working on. She scooted onto it, never losing my lips. I reached behind her and fiddled looking for the tie on her bikini. My quest was purposely obvious and she made no effort to stop me. I pulled the string and it fell and I parted lips to look.

"Your breasts are gorgeous." I said, fully taken by their beauty, they were perfect.

"I know. I love them too. Be sure you're nice to them." She said as I began to go for her lips.

"Wait, my top is off, yours should be too." She said smiling.

"Not that I worry about it, but can your neighbors see in here?" I asked.

"No, I go naked in this corner all of the time."

"With men?" I asked, being a smart ass.

"Maybe, ... maybe not. Shut up if you want to find out." She said with a smirk as I took my shirt off and filled my hands with her tits while I pressed my mouth back to hers.

She sighed deeply as I pinched her nipples. Once they were hard I slid my arms over her back and pulled her close to go chest to chest with her, knowing my hairy chest would tease her ripe buds. She squirmed hard and pulled from me twisting to lay back on the table sideways.

"Suckle me, hot boy. Show me how you love my boobies."

With me standing over her while she lay crossways I need only bend to feast on the red hot, rock hard nipple buds while I squeezed and manhandled those beauties. Eventually I slid my hand over her belly while my mouth was still working on her. I unsnapped her tiny shorts and un-did the two buttons to loosen them. When I pushed at them she raised up and helped me get them off. She had only a little pink panty underneath. As I ran my hand between her legs over the gusset she moaned and said, "Time for you to get even." As she reached to unsnap my shorts.

I chuckled a bit as she began to unzip me and my shorts fell, revealing I had gone commando.

I pulled my mouth from her tits to see the look on her face.

She smiled and stared for a moment and then met my eyes.

She turned up on her side a bit and said, "Nice dick." and craned to put her mouth over the tip.

As she slowly worked her mouth over me I got my hand under her panty and got my fingers in her soaking pussy. Then she turned to her stomach thwarting my pursuit of her wetness but made it possible for her to bob her head over me.

"God, Doreen, you'll have to stop that unless you want a quick surprise. It's been awhile."

"It won't be a surprise, but I don't want quick either. My pussy can use the work too." She said getting a breath before swallowing me again and pushing me into her throat and holding me there. I felt her flex her throat a couple times and then come all the way up drawing a much needed breath.

"Fuck me right here on the table before we go inside." She said turning and spinning to line her pussy up with me.

I was in her in a flash and pumping away.

"Don't you DARE cum in me. You'll have to put a condom on for that." She whispered as she groaned in enjoyment of my filling her.

"Don't worry." I said.

"Fixed?" She asked in a swoon.

"No, I'm gonna cum in that pretty mouth." I said boldly.

She closed her eyes still enjoying getting used to my cock stretching her but smiled a contented little grin.

Now I'm not porn star big, and don't show up much over average, until I get excited. If average is 6 or 7, I'm maybe pushing 8, and my shaft is just under 7 inches around. Sounds huge, and it is probably a bit above average around. In perspective, on an average mans hand from the tip of his forefinger to the tip of his thumb is 7 inches. When he makes the OK sign he shows how big around 7 inches is, but she acted like I was trying to push a baseball bat up there, but she never said she didn't like it.

I had to slow down a couple times and distract myself before she asked if I wanted to go in and I nodded and she put hand a down between us to push me back. When I got out of her she let out a whoop and said "It certainly feels bigger than it looks." as she sprung up from the table, picking up her top, shorts and panties.

"I'm not sure that's a compliment or not." I chuckled.

She smiled at me and then I followed her pretty ass into the house. She went to a laundry basket and pulled out a big bath towel and spread it on her wide sofa and sat on it. I walked up to her expecting her to lie back but she reached out for my dick and put it in her mouth again.

"You like sucking that, don't you dirty girl?"

"I do, and I can't get enough." She said coming up for air.

Then I said something I think of now as plain stupid, and wonder how it wasn't a deal breaker, but I said it and got away with it.

"How does a fuckin' hot piece of ass like you not have a husband or a boyfriend?"

"It's none of YOUR fucking business, but I can tell you, no man wants to take a backseat to my job. It comes first" She said before filling her mouth again.

"Your job is that important?"

"It's not a job, it's my life and my career. Now are you gonna ask questions or FUCK me?" She said as she laid back and pulled her legs up and locked her arms under her knees.

I put one knee on the sofa and found her pussy and railed her good with a loud slap echoing throughout the room as she squealed and panted and groaned. I could feel my cum begin to rise so I pulled from her to delay my orgasm and she instantly flipped over and put her ass way up in the air.

I wanted to hold off a bit if she wanted more, which was apparent, so I bent and licked at her clit and slurped at her soaking pussy. God, fresh pussy juices taste so good and my lapping was making more. I finished by sliding my mouth up to lick and eat her asshole which made her nearly scream. She was so loud I stopped and pushed my cock back in her pussy. Her ass was propped so high I was able to get her standing up. I slammed at her hard and she was pushing back just as hard, so I wasn't worried about hurting her, she was loving it.

I was just about to drill her asshole with my finger when I felt my cum rising and there was no stopping or delaying it this time. I simply said, "I'm gonna pop!"

She had just shuddered one more time so the timing seemed perfect and she fell to her side and sat up quickly seeming sure she wanted to fulfill my request to cum in her mouth. (Actually it was just something sexy to say at the time. A hot woman wants to hear shit like that to feel naughty)

I was jerking myself and she pushed my hands away which normally would have stopped the whole process, but the way she fluttered her tongue on the underside of my dick head told me she was no novice at this. I shouted and groaned and my first shot left me and her mouth covered the head as her hand stroked me slowly and then became a blur to get the trailings out. She sat back as she swallowed and ran the back of her hand over her lips as she slumped back, looking up at me.

Her face broke into a big grin, and then she laughed.

"What's so funny?" I asked.

"I never fucked an employee before, and it was fun. Hee hee, but I'll never do it again. Consider it a going away present. You undressed me in the office and I got an itch no one else could have scratched." She said with a giggle.

I spun and sat on the edge of the sofa and dropped back exhausted.

"Never ask a woman a stupid question like you did while getting laid." She said giving my leg a faux kick.

"Sorry, it just occurred to me that the best fuck of my life was sex starved."

"I get it when I can, out with my girlfriends. Men want you home all the time, complain when you work so much. I'm 32 and should be able to retire before I'm 50 unless this industry turns to whale shit. I'll find a man then. I may even look you up." She giggled.

I laughed and sat up. "I'm surprised you aren't getting hit on at the plant."

"Oh, I do, but I have the "cold bitch" stare down pretty well. Imagine anyone being stupid enough to make a sexual comment to an HR person?"

"Good point!" I agreed.

"All the stuff you'll need to get the POD delivered is on the table there. Find your clothes, what little you wore, and get going. I have to be to work in the morning."

"Saturday?" I asked.

"See? Men don't understand. Until the big part of the contract kicks in I have to skim 3 more and I need to study, all the while seeing who we want from other plants we have to refill the jobs we skimmed off. We have 2 plants up 50% from last year and we haven't had to hire anyone but maintenance people. Moving the best people to the best places, already trained. Now get out!!" She said firmly, before laughing and slapping my ass as I went to walk away.

She picked the towel from the sofa and wrapped it around her as if she just showered, suddenly being modest.

I got into my clothes, found my PODS folder, keys, and headed for the door. She came over and held her arms open for a hug. She held me tight for a moment and then pulled back and looked up to me. "Good Luck in New York. I'm sure you'll do well. You were just as good as I dreamed you might be, sexy face! Just remember that this never happened."

Then she moved to kiss me and I kissed her hard on the lips.

She said, "Goodnight, real man."

I looked at her weird, not knowing what she meant.

"You didn't turn your mouth from my cummy lips to kiss me. You'll make a lot of girls happy." She said pushing me out the door and closing it with a loud click of the bolt.

That was the first time I had been laid in a few months, having been in work doldrums, fearing every Friday about skimming. The last I remembered was an old college flame that came through seeking a place to sleep on her way to meet friends for a surf weekend at Hermosa. She and a girlfriend had driven some 600 miles from south of Seattle and stopped off near my place in Sacramento before the last 400 or so miles. She made no secret that she would be sleeping in my bed, and I didn't mind at all. We had been fuck buddies my last two years of school. She promised a 3 way on the way back with her girlfriend, but I never heard from her on the return. She only emailed me when they got back home.

June 1 – 5 2013

Saturday morning having been newly sucked and fucked with a huge raise and the prospect of a great career job, I was in an excellent mood for someone who had to pack up his life to go all the way across the country. My condo was in a very desirable location and I hadn't expected much problem selling it. I had bought it for 175K and new ones in the development we going for 235 and they couldn't build them fast enough. The second big boom of micro chip fab was dawning in the area again and for the next 6 months prices should remain steady. I called my realtor as soon as I got up and got it on the market and gave him the details about HR for any assist in selling. My POD was being delivered in the afternoon with 100 boxes and I was sorting useful home goods, memories and defining what was good from junk. By Monday evening, with the help of a neighbor, I had my life packed tight and solid into one POD. I had one large pile for the pickers to go through and I filled my cul-de-sac's dumpster. I made all my arrangements for shipping, dropped my keys off to the realtor and booked a room at the Airport Hilton for a couple nights before my Thursday flight. I had to call Doreen Patterson one more time to arrange for transfer of my vehicle to await shipping to New York.

She was nothing but cordial and friendly on the phone as I tried to personalize our conversation, but she kept it all on the straight and narrow, never letting our tryst come into play. Just when she hung up, she said in a low voice, "Good luck kiddo." She was only a couple years older than me, but I guess she felt that way about our age difference.

June 6, 2013

At 3:45 EST on Thursday of my vacation week, I landed at the Albany International Airport ready to start my new life. I was able to sleep on the plane having left California at the crack of dawn. My bags all arrived with me and soon I was packed into a big Chrysler 300S heading for my Hotel some 40 miles away. At the car rental booth I was shown to a VIP waiting area where my car was presented with my bags packed and the interior cooled down and waiting for me.

World ChipTech wanted me to feel special, and feel important. Mission accomplished.

I drove right by my new plant on the way to The Residence Inn and instantly loved the country setting. I was no more than a mile up the road when I saw huge banners reading "Now Writing Contracts. New Luxury Homes." I decided to drive in and take a quick look.

There was a gate up the road with a security shack and guard who summoned a woman from the little office behind him.

"Hi I'm Marianne and welcome to McCrea Gates. We are currently selling Phase Two. Phase One, as you will see, is on your left along with the clubhouse and recreational areas. We've finished the first row of townhomes adjacent to the clubhouse area. By next summer that clubhouse and recreational area will be the center of our community. Phase Two starts at 249, and by the time we get into full swing with written contracts as the community takes full shape, we expect the price to be 325 to 350. Obviously getting in early will have advantages. I can bring you in and show you a furnished model and two units that are owner ready. Would you like to park and I'll bring a cart around?"

"Why don't you just get in the air conditioned car and show me?" I asked as I flashed my World ChipTech ID badge and guard wrote down my number.

"Ummm, OK!" She said at first hesitating and then she gave the guard some instructions and walked out and around into my car.

"You'll see all of the streets are arced to form a large circular footprint to fit into the land parcel. It also affords everyone a larger back yard, especially in the shortest blocks like this first one. These 7 are ready for occupancy and only one is sold right now, and we're pre-selling the second block. This first block has one sold and one model and then 3 of the others are the other styles we offer." She spoke her sales spiel as we drove.

The road split and a v shaped bank of trees separated the road and we drove by 5 street outlets leading to the middle where the recreation area and pool were, as well as a bar. The unit directly across from the pool was vacant.

"Where I'm selling in Cali is right across from the pool and I loved it. How late is that bar open?" I commented and asked.

"The bar is part of the social building that connects to the exercise area and resistance pools and the like. During the summer months it's open each day from 4 until 10. You don't have any children do you?"

"No, why do you ask?" I wondered.

"When the bar is open we can't have children in the pool or connecting building where we show movies, have some local live entertainment and like that." She said looking away waiting to see my reaction.

"Isn't THAT convenient? Are you an exclusive adult community?"

"Sort of. We can't say NO FAMILIES WITH CHILDREN, but all of the units are one and two bedroom, and they are not large enough for a family. We do have mostly singles here, but not all. Once we are finished and open the whole footprint to city services we can call ourselves a 55 and over community with existing owners grandfathered in. The state and local laws are complicated" She said exhaling, glad I hadn't balked yet.

"So, if you have kids, or grandchildren, they can use the pool until 4 o'clock."

"Yes as long as the guardian signs a waiver, and every child is registered as a resident. Owners can bring one guest into the pool area. I'm sorry if this all sounds too strict, but we want, and we hope our owners want, a place to relax that won't get too noisy, crowded or too rowdy ... This is where families usually say they've seen enough, but I assure you we have lots of World ChipTech singles here." She sort of apologized.

"You're speaking my language, believe me. I'm not married and have no immediate plans and as I approach 30 I really don't think children are in my planned future. Do you have a key for the unit right across from the pool?" I asked.

"I do," She said, "but let me show you the furnished model first, it's also a Beaver Cross design."

She took me for the grand tour of the model showing me all of the standard accouterments and optional add-ons. Following her cute little ass in the tight skirt she wore made the tour more pleasant, but I also noticed she had a big diamond on her finger. I knew she had checked me out as well, but I wasn't in the playing mood at the time.

We walked through all of the layouts and then to the unit right across from the pool. I was personally sold already, but felt I should look around at others to be sure. However watching the 20-25 people at the pool at just after 5 o'clock, over half of them in bikinis and looking real single, I was into it.

"Marianne?" I asked, "What do I have to do to hold this unit for a couple days?"

"You could give me a check for $5000 and if someone else wants it you'll get first refusal before I refund your money, or we'll sign papers."

"I can do that."

"The check has to be good." She said embarrassed that she had to add that.

"Go and deposit it today if you want. Marianne, I'm personally sold on this, and I haven't even been off the plane from home for 3 hours. So I have to be sure I'm not making a rash decision."

"Here's what we've done for other World ChipTech transfers. Decide you want the unit and we'll sign a 10 week rental agreement with an option to buy. We'll put the sale in motion, work towards a closing, and as long as you can get a mortgage, the 5K will come off the final price. This way you don't have to live in a dump or a hotel until closing. We just need World ChipTech to sign an integrity clause. We've done this for 7 or 8 other Techies here in the complex. We want to work with them to get as many of their employees to buy here." Marianne said getting itchy to leave as it was past her leaving time.

As much as she wanted to get going I was still standing in front of my choice of units, my arms folded watching the action by the pool. I was particularly transfixed on a somewhat tall, well built, raven haired beauty in what appeared to be a pixie like do. She had a certain sexiness about her. Marianne noticed my fascination and perhaps in her hurry to get our meeting over she said more about her than proper.

"That's Kettie Campbell, she's a popular attraction at the pool. She has a regular boyfriend "guest" here most of the time, but she likes to lounge and have a drink." She said trying to wrap up.

"Oh?" I said, surprised at her candidness.

"I'm sorry. That wasn't appropriate of me to say. I really have to get going, ... um unless you want to look at something else." She said rather provocatively.

Now I'm used to being hit on even though I don't have "pretty boy" looks. Actually, maybe that's the reason is that I have a trim body, dress well, and seem real approachable. I know my one characteristic that lures female interest is my eyes. They are steel blue and sometimes seem a little green and always seem to attract sexual attention.

Even though Marianne was a fine little looker, having an affair or tryst just didn't seem to be the most ethical thing at the time. I don't know if she thought that "California" would rub off on her, but she liked the prospect of having a new boy in town with the deep tan and sexy eyes. So I looked at her with a knowing eye to let her know I caught her drift.

She smiled at me and I dropped the bomb. "I already saw the ring Marianne and the fact you took it off doesn't change things for me. Another time, another place, and definitely, another situation."

She blushed hard and said, "I don't know what you're talking about, let's just get back to my office and sign a few pieces of paper, get your check and I'll put things in motion."

To say she was uncomfortable filling out papers while I sat across from her would be an understatement. She looked up at me nervously a few times when I finally said to her, "Chill out, no harm, no foul. Everything is fine."

She just nodded and seemed to heed my words as we finished up. I was off to my hotel and when they dropped my bags off in the room I flopped on the bed and let the day ooze from me as I fell into a deep sleep. By the time I woke up it was after 10 o'clock so I ended up just ordering a pizza and after watching a few movies I finally fell asleep for the night excited about my Friday.

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