Chapter 1: The Discovery

Caution: This Family Incest Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa, Teenagers, Consensual, Magic, Heterosexual, Paranormal, Genie, Incest, Mother, Son, Brother, Sister, Father, Daughter, First, Double Penetration,

Desc: Family Incest Story: Chapter 1: The Discovery - Dad's working his butt off and gets his family over for a holiday in the desert. Not one Genie but...

Dad worked for one of the big oil companies and was overseas about one week every month. When he had to go to Saudi Arabia for three months he made arrangements for all of us to go over for a two week holiday before he returned stateside. My sister Megan age 15, mom Jackie, dad Aaron and me Roger age 16. It was ... interesting, but the cultural norms there made it a place that I would never want to live. Megan and mum were used to lazing around our pool with virtually nothing on but here they had to "cover-up modestly". Even so the local men kept looking at them like they wanted to rape them. At least Megan stopped giving me a hard time about perving at her girlfriends and actually stayed close to me like she thought I would protect her. Perhaps I would, even though my sister can be a pain at times, being a year older I had chased away some creeps that frightened her back home.

We did all the tourist things, all that we could, not allowed into some Muslim holy places. The markets were fun although dad told us to stay as a group as white girls had been kidnapped and never seen again. Now Megan stayed holding my arm the whole time, mom was holding dads arm also.

We had a few rides on camels and that was fun although the movement was way different to a horse and took us a while to get used to. The last few days before we left dad arranged for us to go on an overnight camping trip and that's where the fun really got crazy.

We'd set our tents up beside an oasis, one just like the storybook pictures although it was close to some hills with a cliff face about 200m from the water. Dad told us that we shouldn't swim in the oasis because the water looked dirty which really upset Megan and I so we stomped off to the hills and started kicking rocks around. This turned into a sort of football game using the cliff face as a goal. After about ten minutes we were bored so started looking at the cliff joking about finding fossils of a Tyrannosaurus or other dinosaur. I spotted some rocks that looked sort of like a ribcage and Megan and I pretended to be archaeologists, carefully brushing the dirt away. When it crumbled completely we just laughed and looked for another place to dig. After a few attempts we found a small hollow in the cliff that had a flat rock that I sat on while Megan kicked a few rocks around. She kicked one at my seat and instead of the expected thump of rock on dirt it sounded more like rock on wood. I looked down and then back at her, then we both started to scrape the dirt away, quickly uncovering a small box about two feet square and half of that high.

We pulled the box clear and sat back and looked at it. There were no markings on it, just the construction details where we could see wooden pins held the top on. It wasn't heavy so we carefully carried it back to the tents and got our parents to have a look. Dad figured out how to pull the wooden pins by putting a screw into each pin then pulling. The problem was each pin had to be held out while the others were pulled so we each held a pin and pulled together. The lid lifted finally and we were able to move it aside and see the contents. There were four objects carefully wrapped in what looked like silk and nestled into rotted straw. We each picked up an object and very carefully unwrapped it. There was about three yards of wrapping before we each found a small glass bottle with a glass top in it.

Megan spoke first "I bet these aren't wine, we've found a genie in a bottle!"

Dad laughed "Yes and we've got one each so that's twelve wishes, we can rule the world."

Mom smiled and picked up the wrapping and started to polish her bottle. All our mouths dropped open as there was an iridescent shimmer in the air, a plume of smoke from the bottle that swirled and then formed into a humanoid shape that solidified into a naked teenage boy around my size. He pressed his hands together and bowed to mom. He said something I couldn't understand that sounded similar to what I had heard in the markets.

Dad reared back "Holy shit, I was only joking."

Mom found her voice "I feel this is no joke."

The boy frowned and looked closely at mom and then spoke. "Your language is English, I have learnt it from you so now we can communicate. I am a Djinn, my name – please call me Al-gan, I see you have heard of the Djinn although you also know them as Genies. Ah I see, it sounds similar. Yes the tales you have heard are true, we grant wishes, most of us can only grant three although I am one of four who were created to grant one hundred each."

He looked around at us and saw the box between us. He smiled "And here are the other three." He reached out and took the bottle I was holding and swapped it with Megan. "I think you will prefer a Djinn of the opposite gender to your own. Please, rub the bottles that we may all form and serve you."

We sat there stunned, then hesitantly reached out for the wrapping cloths and rubbed our bottles. The air was filled with the iridescent shimmers and smoke from the bottles formed. In front of dad and me were female versions of Al-gan while Megan had a twin of him. Al-gan spoke sharply and the three nodded their heads and looked closely at us before speaking.

The girl in front of me pressed her hands together and looked demurely at me "Master, please call me Fashad, I am here to serve you in all ways. I can grant you one hundred wishes but know that daily serving you does not require a wish."

Dads girl was called Malkan and Megans boy was called Al-tar.

I was puzzled "What do you mean by 'daily serving'"?

Fashad looked around at our small tents and the oasis, she looked at the other Djinns and they swept their hands around the area. Gone were our small tents, now there was one enormous tent and I could see carpets on the ground inside and many piles of pillows and cushions. My stomach rumbled in reaction to the aroma of food – I could smell BBQ ribs.

Fashad smiled "daily serving means all your shelter, clothing, and, of course, food. Please let us move inside out of the hot sun so we can feed you."

Dad looked around "What about security? Is there anyone around who might have seen you."?

Malkan answered "There is no-one within five miles and no-one will approach unless you want them to. Would you like some guests?"

"No, no, let's go eat, while those ribs are hot."

"The food will stay at optimum temperature until it is eaten or banished."

Mom and Megan were still sitting there looking shocked, even more shocked when Al-gan and Al-tar each stretched out a hand and lifted them and floated them into the tent to sit on cushions.

Al-tar looked at Megan and frowned "I sense you are not comfortable in those hot clothes, would you like to be changed?"

Megan shook her head. "I really think the heat is getting to me. If we are secure here then I would rather be naked so I can cool off. Is the Oasis really not safe to swim in"?

Al-tar smiled "The oasis is now perfectly safe to swim in and your clothing..."

Megan looked down and realised she was completely naked. She gulped and looked at mom. Mom looked back at her then at Al-gan "Me too, clothes gone." She flopped back naked into the cushions and pillows, "Ah cool, at last, I can stop sweating. Al-gan, please, a cooling breeze."

Megan and mom laid back and spread their legs to allow a cooling breeze in. Dad and I smiled and tried the ribs, they were exactly the way we loved them. Megan and then mom sat up looking a lot more comfortable and started to eat. Megan looked at dad and me then leaned closer to Al-tar and whispered to him. He smiled and suddenly dad and I were also naked. I looked down, shrugged my shoulders and kept eating. Fashad leant over and asked "I know you want a 'coke' but what is a coke?"

I told her it was a drink and suddenly she had a glass for me. I smiled and leant over to whisper to her, she smiled and giggled. With a nod towards Megan she tried to look innocent. Megan looked down.

"Where'd my pubes go! Holy!! – hey this is neat. Is it permanent?"

Al-tar leant forward "It is permanent until you ask for them to grow again."

Megan stood up, "Hey mum check it out, no more shaving. Hey, under my arms, down my legs, Oh please no hair below the neck for mom and me."

Mom jumped as her hair disappeared then looked a little ... thoughtful. "I've always had a bush because the one time I tried shaving I cut myself, this will take a while to get used to. What do you think, Aaron, I'm on full display now."

Dad thought for a moment "I think we are going to have some major life-style changes. It looks like nudity is going to be common from now on, do you want me hairless also?"

"No Aaron – I like your bear skin against my bare skin, you keep your manly chest." Mum looked at Megan "What changes shall we make to your brother?"

Megan looked at me with a sparkle in her eyes "How about giving him a bigger cock What do you think – a nice thick seven incher?"

Mom spluttered for a moment "Seven is a nice comfortable size, I suppose you want to go to double Ds?"

Megan looked down at her chest where two beautiful As lived, she looked across at me with a question on her face.

I answered "I'll accept a seven incher, you would look unbalanced with Ds – I'd suggest small Cs would look better."

Fashad spoke up "Body changes as you suggest would look good but require a wish."

Megan looked excited, "Me, I want to make the first wish." She thought carefully. "I wish that Roger had a seven inch penis that is as thick as Dads and that my breasts were size small C with larger nipples and that they will stay firm and upright. Mums breasts to be firmer and also upright and Dad can lose the love handles."

Fashad giggled and looked at Al-Tar who looked puzzled, "What are love handles?"

Megan walked over behind Dad and reached around to hold the evidence that he hadn't been exercising as much as he should. "This excess is called love handles."

Al-Tar looked amazed "When we were created such 'love handles' were the sign of wealth and power."

Mum sat forward "Although I love Aaron, love handles and all, they are a sign that he needs to exercise. A lack of exercise and increasing waist lines are usually indicators to a shortened life span so I want him fit for a long life together."

Al-Gan nodded his head "I see, that makes much sense. Does that complete your wish for body changes?"

Megan nodded "I think so, although, can I include things like never get sick or injured, keep us safe from all harm?"

Al-Tar answered "Of course, all you need to do is wish it."

Megan thought again "As I asked before with the addition of never getting sick or injured and keeping us safe from all harm while allowing us to experience life to its fullest. That is my first wish, please."

Dad looked puzzled "What do you mean by experience life to its fullest?"

Megan answered "We could be kept safe from all harm by wrapping us in cotton-wool and never letting us do anything. This way we can still wander through the markets and not risk being kidnapped."

Dad looked amazed "I think you have a career as a lawyer ahead of you."

I was quite blown away, I always thought of Megan as a bit of an air-head but she seems quite intelligent. I looked down as I felt my body changing to see my cock grow and hang down a respectable distance. I reached down and stroked it, easing the fore-skin back to reveal a tool I could be proud of in any locker room.

Megan squealed "I like these, You're right about the size Roger, these feel like they belong. Check out the nipples, they're about an inch long, I love them."

She was busy stroking her nipples, gently stretching them and twirling to make them stand proud. I looked over at Mum and she was caressing her breasts, the slight sag gone from her 35 year old bust line. Dads stomach was now flat and firm and he looked healthier and fitter than he had for a long time.

"I guess my job was a bit of pressure that was affecting me, I can really feel that's gone now, Thank you Djinn, if we had no other wishes, this one would be the best gift you could have given us."

All the Djinn looked shocked and Malkan knelt before Dad. "Master, we must thank you for giving us life and purpose, no Master has ever thanked any of the Djinn before."

Megan looked shocked "Well I hope that we continue to have better manners than other masters. Actually, are there other Djinns with Masters around?"

The Djinn all concentrated as they turned slowly to scan all directions. Al-Tar looked at her "No Mistress, we can detect only two other bottles that are still hidden but it appears all the other Djinn have completed their tasks and been released."

Dad looked thoughtful "So we have the only genies in this world, which would give us virtually unlimited power. Are there any limitations to the wishes? Could we wish to rule the world?"

Malkan answered. "Traditionally the djinn have been limited to wishes that involve sex in some way, by clever wording it is possible to achieve many possibilities. However you can not wish for world wide effects. You cannot wish to cure all sexual diseases around the world. Normally the wishes must involve you directly in some way."

Dad blinked, "OK, I think we need to do some serious planning about how we want to live and what we want to achieve. For now I would like to wish that we make love together and it will be the most fulfilling love-making we have ever experienced."

He looked at mom and moved over to her, he put his arms around her and they moved over to a pile of pillows. I suddenly realised that Megan was standing beside me and her hands were running up and down my arm. I looked at her and my world contracted to the two of us. I tugged gently and she knelt, then laid down beside me. I had never laid with a female before, not a real one anyway. I caressed her body, running my hands over her sensitive skin. Megan was moaning and running her hands over me, her eyes looked feverish, then she leaned closer and our lips met. After much time of caresses and stroking I realised she was stroking my penis while my hands were busy between her legs. Her hairless lips were parted and I twisted so my eyes could look closely at her sex. I used my tongue to explore and her hips started humping up at me. I realised her mouth had wrapped itself around my penis and my sister was licking and sucking it. I had no thought to stop her but my focus was on giving her pleasure. I licked her lips, slipping my tongue between them and getting my first ever taste of a females juices. Megan warbled and spread her legs wider allowing me easier access. My tongue, my lips, my fingers, all seemed to know where they should go and how they should touch, Megan began to writhe, her mouth stayed wrapped around my penis although her licking and sucking was frequently interrupted as her body reacted. There was a sudden outpouring from her vagina and I was bathed in her juice, I lapped it up and tasted my sisters arousal. A few more licks and she climaxed, her back arching and a quiet scream. She slumped, breathing heavily, then turned to look at me. She gathered her self and sat up and straddled my waist. She leaned forward and kissed my lips.

"I want you brother, let me guide you in, and we will lose our virginities together."

She raised her hips as she slid back a little, I helped by aiming my penis at her. She wriggled to locate her entrance onto my penis and sat a little as it fitted her entrance. She looked at me, smiled, and then pushed down firmly. Her mouth opened and she gasped.

"That didn't hurt more than a little stretching, but now I feel so full."

She slowly started to raise and lower her hips and the sensation of her wet tightness sliding on my shaft triggered an explosion of sperm up inside her. She sat for a moment and looked at me as I got my breath back. I could feel that I was still hard, she could feel it also and she started to lift and drop again. This time I lasted much longer and Megan had climaxed at least twice, then I held her hips and rolled us both over before I started thrusting deep into her. I lifted her feet to my shoulders and her eyes widened further as she felt me contact her cervix. She orgasmed as I filled her depths again before we collapsed holding each other close. I became aware of our surroundings and could hear our mother screaming out her pleasure as our father obviously filled her.

We all laid there getting our breath back then dad looked over at Megan and me and sat up with a start. He thought for a moment then his eyes widened.

"I'm sorry kids, I meant that wish for your mother and me, but obviously the wording wasn't specific enough."

Megan smiled, "That's OK Dad, I could say you owe us one now, but the pleasure means we're all square."

Mom sat up with a shot. "Oh my God, but,... , but you're brother and sister."

Megan smiled again, "Mom, It's OK, It's very OK, remember, we have the genies, we will be making our own rules from now on, and incest isn't going to be forbidden. Now would you like to try your son while I try my father?"

Moms eyes opened wider than they had been and her mouth started gasping. Before she could find any words a calmness seemed to come over her.

"I think these genies had something to do with me not feeling as upset as I should. For some reason the thought of trying my son is not beyond the realms of possibility and the idea of watching Aaron slip into you is exciting."

She stood and walked over to us, Megan stood to meet her and they embraced, kissed, brushed their nipples together and giggled, before mom gave Megan a small push in dads direction before mom laid down beside me.

I saw Megan kneel down facing dad and reach out and pull him towards her ready lips. I didn't see more as moms lips found mine and my world contracted again to the woman in my arms. Once again I caressed and stroked with fingers and lips that seemed to know exactly how to best please her. Our bodies were definitely ready and when she lay back and pulled me into her, my penis slid easily into her warmth. Her warmth?, try, her fire, mom was scorching hot and soaking wet. I lifted her feet up to rest on my shoulders and she smiled as she felt me touch her cervix.

She looked at me and smiled, she concentrated and then I could feel her vagina ripple as she controlled her muscles. She laughed and then gasped as I twitched my penis inside her. She rippled and I twitched several times before she screamed,

"Fuck me, fuck me now."

I obliged as a dutiful son should. I could feel her fingernails digging into my back as she pulled herself up, onto my penis, trying to get it deeper. Her mouth opened in another scream as I filled her with my sperm, adding to the load still inside her from my father.

Awareness returned, we all looked at each other and we smiled as we accepted the changed rules in our family.

I remembered the genies and looked at them to see them all smiling broadly and the girls clapping their hands in excitement. I could see both girls had very erect nipples and the boys had very erect penis's.

"Do the Djinn make love, with their masters or with each other."

Mashad looked at me and her smile got even bigger.

"We can make love yes, with our masters or with each other. We can change our appearance to look like any of your fantasies."

Mother had laid back but sat up with a jolt.

"What about pregnancies? Megan's not protected, and that bout of lovemaking felt like it could overcome the pill. What about you, can you make little djinn?"

Al-gan smiled at Megan and Mom.

"Neither of you are pregnant, if you don't want to get pregnant we can prevent that better than your pills. Although we are sexually compatible we cannot cross breed. If you want us Djinn to breed then we must first be released from service as our child cannot be bound to the same service and must be free. As the child is free so must the parents to care for it. The master must use their last wish to free the Djinn and command them to breed. As we can live for a thousand years when we are free, there is no hurry."

Mom looked thoughtful, "I think any time we get sexual then any of you may join in, just ask first. If you desire each other, then you don't have to ask us. OH! Something I've only heard about is a cock in both holes at once, Aaron, can I try please."

Dads eyes opened wide, he smiled, then laid back, "Come here and impale yourself, any preference for who's in your rear?"

Megan grabbed me and pushed me back down and straddled me. She was breathing heavily as she reached down and guided me in to her pussy.

Mom looked over, "I think it will have to be Al-Gan, although I would like to try Roger, it seems Megan wants to try as well."

Megan looked at Al-Tar, "Please Al-Tar, fill my ass. An hour ago I was a virgin, now I'm getting double teamed.

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