The Shaman's Secret
Chapter 1

Copyright© 2014 by Unca D

Sex Story: Chapter 1 - Ned Sommerfield is a middle-aged chemistry professor in a small university. He has an on-again, off-again, casual relationship with Caitlin, a younger assistant prof in another department who is on the rebound from a failed affair. She discovers that Ned possesses a rare root from a plant he collected in the rain forest years ago when he did fieldwork there. He tells her the natives claim it is a powerful aphrodisiac. Intrigued, Caitlin pesters him to try it and eventually he agrees.

Caution: This Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa   Consensual   Heterosexual   Fiction   Enema  

Professor Ned Sommerfield reached into his pocket and retrieved his key ring. He unlocked the door to his office, switched on the light and placed his case on his desk. From it he took his laptop and powered it up. As it came to life he began flipping through the pages of the latest Campus Lampoon, the university's student humor magazine.

A woman breezed into his office. He looked up. "Well, hello, Caitlin," he said. "Haven't seen you around much."

She plopped into a fiberglass chair and let out a heavy sigh. Ned regarded her. She was of slender build and stood about five foot nine. She wore her curly, raven hair in a short but full cut, had brown eyes and thick lips. Caitlin was in her early thirties -- nearly twenty years younger than he was.

"Something wrong?" he asked. Caitlin shrugged. "By the way ... You're in this year's PILF survey in the Lampoon ... Profs I'd Like to..."

She reached up and snatched the magazine from him. "Let me see that..."

Caitlin bit her lip and glowered as she read the article and then tossed the magazine into Ned's wastebasket. "Hey ... I paid for that." He fished it from the basket.

"That survey is an outrage. They lifted my photo from the faculty directory."

"An outrage? Why? Because you're at number five? You're up from number eight last year ... not quite on the podium but you're moving up." He slipped on his reading glasses and flipped through the journal. "I thought what they said was quite flattering." He began reading. "Professor Caitlin Frost ... microbiologist. Professor Frost is what we call a Tech Lifer ... Graduated with honors from this august institution in 2004, awarded PhD in 2006..." He looked up at her. "PhD in three years ... from here, no less. Impressive."

"Keep reading. You'll get to the salacious part."

"Stayed on as a post-doc ... made assistant professor in 2011 ... now on track for tenure."

"Keep reading."

"Ahh ... Professor Frost is the sort who prefers to hide her candle under a bushel. Tall, flat-chested..."

Caitlin glowered at him. "Since when does someone's bra size come into this?"

"You're not flat-chested. They got that part wrong. I do think you deliberately downplay your assets."

"You don't know what it's like to be a woman ... horny undergraduates looking at you like carnivores eyeing a chunk of red meat."

"You're right -- I don't know what it's like..." He resumed reading. "Doctor Frost likes to present an image of studious sobriety. Think school marm or the head librarian. But, hey -- librarians can be hot. We think there's some heat under that bushel. Catch her smiling and you'll get a glimpse of her stealth beauty." Ned looked up. "They're right. I think you have a pretty smile."

"When have you ever seen me smile?"

"You're smiling in this photo." He held up the magazine. She continued glowering at him, clenching and flexing her jaw muscles as he continued reading. "With her sultry voice and stealth good looks we'll bet she has the goods under those granny skirts she wears..."

"That's enough!" Caitlin snatched the magazine from him and threw it in the trash again.

"Lighten up," he said as he picked the magazine from his wastebasket. "These are just normal undergraduates engaging in a little fun."

"At our expense. Why do YOU enjoy such sophomoric humor?"

"I was a sophomore once. I guess it stuck."

"How would you like it if they held a survey of gay students to see who THEY'd like to fuck ... and they wrote that sort of stuff about you? Then the shoe would be on the other foot, wouldn't it?"

"Well ... The Gay PILF survey is in there as well. Alas, I did not make the cut."

"Poor you."

"Steve Stoddard did."

"Steve? Lemme see..." She took the magazine from him and flipped through it. "I've had my doubts about him..."

Ned stood and pointed at her. "See? It all depends on whose ox is being gored." Caitlin threw the magazine back into the trash. She stood and faced him, her lip quivering and her eyes filling. "What's wrong?" he asked. "That stupid survey couldn't possibly have upset you like this."

"He dumped me!" She began wiping tears from her face.

"Chad? Dumped you?"

She bit her lip and nodded. "He said I was frigid!"

"Well ... with a name like Frost..."

"This is no joke, Ned. I thought he was the one. I really did."

Ned stepped from behind his desk and approached her. "I know for a fact that you're not frigid."

"I couldn't come with him. It was so frustrating."

"If a man can't bring his woman to orgasm -- it's his problem, not hers. He's too wrapped up in himself to care about her. Forget about him ... be glad you're rid of him."

"You're just saying that."

"I mean it. How long were you together?"

"Six months."

"I mean ... how long had you been sleeping together?"

"Two months."

"You dated him for four months before laying him?"

"What's the big deal? It took you five years."

"That had something to do with the dean's rule against profs shagging students ... even if they happen to be grad students in another department."

"That only accounts for three years out of the five," she replied. "How come it took you another two years? You were afraid of me, weren't you?"

"ME? Afraid of YOU?"

"Brother! You don't remember anything, do you? If I hadn't initiated something our friendship would still be platonic."

"That's not how I recall it," Ned replied. "Do you remember that joint Chem-Bio department Christmas party? The one with the Jell-O shots and the big bowl of eggnog that someone spiked with lab alky? You were doing post-doc work, and you were still living in that old trailer on the edge of town. Remember?"


"I had enough sense to stay away from the Jell-O shots, but you had four or five ... plus several helpings of eggnog. Then, it started snowing. By then you were pretty much out of it -- I don't think you could walk a straight line. I suggested instead of driving in the snow in your condition that you walk with me back to my place, since it's just down the hill from the Science Center. I said you could have the bed and I'd take the sofa. Well, the walk in the fresh air cleared your head somewhat -- enough so when we got home you raided my refrigerator and discovered some red jug wine. Is it coming back to you?"

She shook her head.

"You didn't remember much that night. We downed some wine and then we couldn't keep our hands off each other ... until, that is, you got the spins. You didn't quite make it to the bathroom. Remember that?" Caitlin shook her head. "Well -- my carpet does. A mix of lime Jell-O, partly digested eggnog and red wine makes a stain with staying power. I put you into bed, facing downward so if you started puking again you wouldn't choke on your own vomit; then, I stayed up watching you until I was sure you were out of danger. I put your clothes in the washer and dryer and laid them on the bed. Remember?"

"I remember waking up..."

"Yeah -- in a panic, not knowing where you were or how you got there or why you were naked and assuming the worst. You bolted out of there like a turpentined cat ... avoided me for a week ... threatened to go to the dean. Finally you agreed we should meet in a neutral place and talk it over. We went to the Coffee Pot, sat in a booth and talked all morning. We cleared the air and concluded maybe what we attempted wasn't such a bad idea after all. We agreed to try it again without the alcohol and see what happens. We were both pleased with the result, and after that we formed our understanding -- we weren't lovers, we were just friends, no emotional baggage, no ball-and-chain, the sex was purely recreational, we could see other people and either of us could walk away whenever we liked."

"I remember that part ... word-for-word. But, you told me I started it the night of the party..."

"You might've thrown the first pass at our booze-fueled gropefest, and you were the first to take off your shirt. I don't think that counts as initiating a sexual relationship."


"Is your recollection of events leading up to it different? Are you writing revisionist history or something?" Ned snorted. "Don't make me out as some Casper Milquetoast you had to prod into action. It was mutual. I wanted it as much as you did, and I was the one who broke the ice."

"It still doesn't explain the extra two years..."

"That was because I didn't think intramural relationships were a good idea. I still don't, but I've made ours an exception. If you and I were in the same department -- it would not have happened. Being in the same school and reporting to the same dean is dicey enough. I know he doesn't like it."

Her lip quivered. "Why are you doing this? Why are you being so mean to me?"

"Why is it every time you lose a boyfriend you come pick a fight with me?"

"I don't do that."

"Yes, you do."

"I do not!"

"All right -- not every time. Just most of the time -- when you're the one being dumped. When you do the dumping, you're as sweet as pie."

"Right. I'm always the dumpee. Are you insinuating that I'm imminently ... dumpable?"

"I'm not passing judgment on dumpability. I'm only stating what I observe, and I observe a definite pattern here." She faced him flexing her jaw, her eyes narrowed and a vein in her forehead standing out. Then she threw a slap at his face. Ned blocked it with his forearm. "Not in the face," he said.

She took a step backward. "Oh, God..." Her eyes started filling. "Oh, my God!"

"Caitlin ... I know you're hurting. That's why you're lashing out. You need to vent some hostility. You want to hurt someone. If you need me to be your punching bag -- go ahead. I can take it. I'm strong enough. Our friendship is strong enough. Just not in the face, okay?"

Ned opened his desk drawer, took out a felt marker and handed it to her. Then he pulled his shirt out his waistband and unbuttoned it. "Here," he said throwing his shirt off his shoulders and tapping his sternum. "Write the word 'Everlast' right here and then have at me."

She giggled, put her hand to her mouth and laughed. Ned opened his arms and she fell into them, sobbing. "Oh, God! It hurts! I hurt so much!"

He held her, caressed her back and kissed the top of her head. "Let it out. Let it all out. Don't hold anything back." She put her arms around him and squeezed him tight as she wept. He could feel her shoulders quaking. "It's the rejection, isn't it? That's what hurts the most."

"Uh-uh..." She nodded as she sobbed. Finally she started to regain her composure. "You did it on purpose," she sniffled.

"Did what?"

"You know what you did ... those mean words ... You goaded me into taking a swat at you. You knew it would make me cry."

"You needed a good cry. You feel better now, don't you?"

" ... yeah..."

"The last time I got dumped I had a good cry. A real good one." He kissed her forehead and lifted her chin with his finger. "I'm sorry I used such strong medicine. I had to snap you out of it, though. Last time this happened, you tried to stiff-upper-lip it and you were miserable for weeks."

"I must've made you miserable, too with my bitchiness. I don't know what I'd do without you. I truly don't. You're my soft place to land, Ned."

"Are you okay now?"

She nodded. "Yeah ... Thanks."

He kissed her forehead. She laid her face against his shoulder and ran her fingers along his chest. "What are your plans tonight?" he asked.

"I have a stack of quizzes to grade. Then -- a hot bath and to bed."

"Bring your quizzes over to my place."

"I have to be up early..."

"I have an alarm clock. After you grade your quizzes I'll make you a nice, hot bubble bath ... I'll scrub your back ... and, your front if you wish."

"A bubble bath? It's been years..."

"And, after that..."

"What after that?"

"I'll prove to you you're not frigid."

"I don't know why you'd want someone's sloppy seconds. I don't understand why you keep taking me back."

"I'm not. You never left." He kissed her lips.

"I'll be there at seven."

"Come at six and we can share a pizza."

"Deal. Do you want me to bring the black one?"

"Surprise me." He hugged her and looked up over her shoulder. A student was standing in the doorway. Ned didn't recognize her as one of his. "I think you have a customer."

Caitlin sniffed back her tears, wiped her eyes, adjusted her hair and spun around. Ned started buttoning his shirt. "Hello, Charlene," she said to the girl. "Were you looking for me?"

"Yes, Dr Frost," she replied. "I can come back later if this is a bad time."

"No, no ... It's why I'm here." Caitlin glanced at him, eyes wide and her hand over her mouth. Ned gave her a little wave as she escorted Charlene across the hall.

"Another piece?" Ned asked as he helped himself to a slice of pizza.

"I'm good."

"Say -- did your student say anything about what she witnessed this afternoon?"

"I don't know how much she saw. Whatever, she didn't bat an eye."

"I think it's okay for the students to realize their professors are human beings," Ned remarked.

"But we're not. We're gods and goddesses of education who live in ivory towers."

Ned drained his beer bottle. Caitlin picked up plates from his kitchen table. "Pizza was a good idea," she said. "It really hit the spot."

"I'm glad." He wiped down the table with a damp paper towel. "You can set up shop here."

"I graded about half of them before I headed over here," she replied. "Do you have some work to do?"

"I'll keep busy." Ned opened a folder and began reviewing pages from it.

"What's that?" she asked.

"Galley proofs for my book."

"That's right -- I heard you were being published." She picked up a leaf. "Case Studies in Ethnopharmacology by Doctor Edwin Sommerfield."

"Care to pre-order a hundred copies or so?" Ned asked.

She returned the page to his folder. "I'll wait for the movie to come out." She looked at him. "I didn't know Ned was short for Edwin."

"Live and learn."

"I've always known you as Ned."

"I hate proof-reading," Ned said. "I'm too easy a sell." He made a mark on the proof sheet. "Two instances of the word 'the'? Looks good to me..."

"I'll give you a hand," Caitlin replied. "I'm good a proof-reading ... so long as it's not arcane chemical formulas."

"This book is nothing but arcane, chemical formulas."

"These are all based on your work in the rain forest?"

"Yup ... Including the fungicide that got me my first patent."

"And, that patent got you tenure."

"That and about four others. Did I ever show you my collection of souvenirs from my time living amongst the natives?"

"I've seen some of it -- what you have in your office."

"I have a lot more stashed away here."

"Would you ever go back?" she asked.

"I'm getting too old for that. Besides -- I did my fieldwork in the eighties. Many of those villages are gone ... swept up in the development of the forest."

"Development ... More like destruction."

"No argument there."

"It's a shame," she remarked.

"It is. If we keep talking neither of us will get our work done."

"Right, right ... To work..." Caitlin took a red and a black felt marker from her bag and began reading quizzes.

Ned poured two glasses of red wine and handed one to Caitlin. "This won't be too much for you, will it?"

"It'll be just right for me -- put me into the right frame of mind."

Ned headed into his bathroom. He ran water in the bathtub until it was warmed and then closed the drain. Then he squirted some lilac-scented soap into the tub. "I'll put some water softener in as well," he said as he measured some from his laundry room. "It'll make a nice batch of bubbles."

"While it fills I'll get ready," she replied.

Ned headed for his bedroom. He stripped off his clothes and slipped into a flannel, knee-length robe. Returning to his bathroom he rapped on the door. "Come in," he heard her say.

Caitlin was wearing a short, satin robe. He regarded her shapely legs. "I always thought you have pretty legs," he remarked.

"I'm happy with them -- more or less."

"I think you have cute knees." He dipped his hand in the water and manipulated the tap to adjust the temperature. "Just about right."

"Are you going to join me?" she asked.

"It'll be a tight fit."

"I'm okay with that."

Ned slipped off his robe and hung it on a hook on the back of the door. He stepped into the tub. Caitlin slipped off her robe and joined him, lying with her back against his chest and her knees protruding from the water. "This feels so good," she said. "It's been a long time..."

"Over a year," Ned remarked. "Six months with Chad and nine months before that with that other guy."

"You mean the one I dumped?"

"Yeah the one YOU dumped ... for Chad. I dunno, Caitlin -- you must become more selective."

"I've been looking forward to this all day. I could hardly keep my mind on my late lecture."

Ned cupped his hands under Caitlin's B-cup sized breasts and smoothed his thumbs along them, ending with pinches on her nipples. "You do have one sexy body," he remarked. "I don't know what those kids were thinking calling you flat-chested."

"They must be spending too much time looking at quadruple-D boobed porn stars," she replied. Ned continued stroking her breasts and fondling her nipples. "Mmm ... feels good ... You do know the importance of good breast work, Ned. Not all men do ... Mmm..." Ned nuzzled her shoulder and the base of her neck. "That feels good, too."

"Do you want me to scrub your back?"

"Okay..." Caitlin leaned forward. Ned picked up a louffa, dipped it in the water and worked it against her. "Oooh -- that feels good, too ... I think you're right."

"Right about what?"

"Chad. He was too into himself. He'd never do something like this."

"You're skin is getting all pink." Ned set down the louffa and she leaned against him. He held her around her waist, scooped up some suds and coated her breasts with them. Then, he resumed stroking her nipples.

Caitlin grasped his thighs and squeezed them. She lifted her arms above her head as he fondled her breasts. Then, he ran his finger through a patch of dark hair under her arm. "What's with this?" he asked.

"Oh ... I did that for Chad and haven't had time to shave it off."

"So, Chad liked a natural woman."

"Yeah ... I never stopped shaving my legs, though. I think hairy legs are dorky-looking."

"I agree. I like smooth legs."

"What about hairy pits?" she asked.

"I dunno ... it can be kinda sexy I guess. Keep 'em like this if you like."

"One less thing to worry about."

"Water's starting to cool down," he remarked. "Shall I warm it up?"

"I think I'm about done," she replied. "My fingers are getting crinkly."

Ned helped her stand. He reached for a towel and she wrapped it around herself as she stepped from the tub. Then he grabbed one and put it around his waist. He opened the drain to let the water out.

"Did you bring something?" he asked.

"I did ... but I'll just be taking it off again."

"I never understood how covering up a gorgeous, sexy body improves it."

They walked nude, holding hands, to Ned's bedroom. He turned back the covers and motioned Caitlin to slip between the sheets. Then he joined her.

They lay, facing each other. Ned stroked her breasts with the backs of his fingers. "You have the most astonishing nipples," he remarked.

Caitlin giggled. "Astonishing? I don't think anyone has called them that."

"They're thick and when they firm they get so tall..." He eased her onto her back and cupped his mouth over her right breast, caressing her broad, pinkish-brown areola and her firmly erect nipple with his tongue. He bit it gently, pulling back and letting it slide past his teeth. Ned switched sides and mouthed her left breast.

Caitlin lifted her arms. Ned continued fondling her breasts and stroking the hair under her arms. She closed her eyes and let her face roll to the side. "Feels good," she purred.

"Let me know when you're ready for some action down under," he said.

"Mmm ... Been ready..."

"Why didn't you say something?"

"What you're doing feels awfully good ... and you seem to be enjoying yourself doing it."

Ned covered her flat abdomen with kisses and slipped his tongue into her navel. He turned down the covers and ran his hand along her thigh, teasing her labia with his fingers on the upstroke. "Full, natural bush ... Outstanding."

He lay beside her and eased her thighs apart. Caressing her pubic patch and labia he eased his finger into her slit and began stroking her clitoral shaft, dipping his finger lower to coat it with her hot, slick juices. "You're wet," he remarked.

"You've been pushing all my buttons."

He continued to stroke her clit. Caitlin looked into his eyes and stroked his face. Then, she stared at the ceiling. Her legs shifted and she let out a sigh. "It's not working, Ned. He was right -- I am frigid."

"You are nothing of the sort," he replied. "You're just trying too hard. Relax ... let the sensations build and go with them."

"Maybe this was a mistake," she said, wiping her eyes.

"He put this idea into you. It's giving you performance anxiety. Let it go. Forget him. I know -- let's try this."

Ned lifted her knees and then set them on the mattress to the sides, spreading her thighs wide. He lay between them. "Touch me," he said. "Relax and go with the sensations." With his thumbs he gently spread her labia and nuzzled his lips between them. He could feel her pubic hair tickling his face.

He began a rapid flicking of his tongue against her clit. Ned eased his hands under her thighs and began caressing her belly.

"Mmm," she said. "It's starting to feel ... interesting." Caitlin crossed her ankles on his back, put her hands on his deltoids and caressed his biceps. Ned cupped his hands over her breasts and began making long strokes from back to front, tugging on her nipples. "Starting to feel good..." She touched his hands. "More here." Ned pinched and rolled her firm, thick nipples between his thumbs and forefingers. Caitlin smoothed her hands along his arms and ran her fingers through his salt-and-pepper hair.

He began pinching her nipples in synch with his tonguing. "Mmm ... That's it..." Caitlin lifted her arms and crossed them above her head. Ned continued working her nipples while gradually increasing the firmness of his tonguing. She drew in a deep breath, arched her back and twisted her torso, forcing her breasts against his hands.

Caitlin's breathing grew heavy and turned into loud panting. He could feel her heart beating through her breasts, its rate accelerating.

"Oh ... oh ... oh..." Caitlin panted through her open mouth. Her heart was now racing.

That's it, he thought. Go with the sensations ... just let it happen...

Caitlin closed her eyes and clenched her jaw. She drew in a breath and held it. He could feel her clitoral shaft tensing and relaxing under his tongue.

She drew in more air and the tension drained from her face. "OHHH!" she groaned and began gasping. Caitlin put her hands on Ned's head and pressed her mons against his face. "Oh, God!" she exclaimed and lifted his face from between her legs. "Oh, God ... Enough."

Ned knelt near her hips and caressed her face as she regained her breath. "Good one?"

She nodded. "I haven't felt anything like that in months, Ned ... months. There was a lot of pent-up..."


"I guess that's the word for it."

Ned lay on his back. Caitlin reached for his firmly erect manhood and squeezed it. She threw her leg over his hips. He grasped his shaft and aimed it at her opening as she lowered herself onto him. She drew in a breath and her eyes widened as his firmly erect organ parted her tissues and penetrated deep into her. "Mmm..." she said.

"Feel better after a good orgasm?"

"Indeed it does," she replied softly. "Hold me so I can savor this moment..."

"With pleasure." Ned held her across her shoulders and caressed her smooth buttocks. She kissed his lips and worked her tongue into his mouth. He caressed it with his lips and teeth as she pulled back.

Caitlin lifted up on her elbows and placed her hands on Ned's chest, teasing his nipples with her fingers. "You like this," she said. "I felt you get bigger and harder."

"I didn't think I could get bigger or harder."

"Well, you did."

Ned began rocking his hips. Caitlin grunted as she made complementary thrusts against him. Soon his climax approached and he pushed his hips hard against hers as he ejaculated. Spent, he lay limp on his bed with her atop him.

"Oh -- don't leave yet," she said; but his erection had started to fade and he popped out of her.

"I've never been a sexual athlete," he remarked. "That's why I learned to satisfy my woman first, before taking my pleasure."

She rolled off of him. They lay facing each other and she caressed his cheek. "No need to apologize."

"See? You're not frigid."

"I guess I'm not."

"I love you, Caitlin," he said.

Her eyes widened. "Don't say that! Take that back!"


"It's part of our understanding. Don't you remember? We're friends -- not lovers."

"Maybe we should update our understanding," he replied.

"And ruin what we have? Never! Ned -- I have such bad luck with love. Whenever I fall in love I make a hash of it. What you and I have is special. Let's not mess it up."

"Understood. I'm sorry. I didn't intend to upset you."

"It's okay ... it's okay, Ned."

"What time should I set the alarm?" he asked.

"Oh, shit ... Six I guess."

Ned adjusted his bedside clock and switched off the light. "Cuddle?"

Caitlin snuggled against him, holding him tight across his chest. "Mmm ... This feels good ... I needed this, Ned. You don't know how much I needed this."

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