Sunday Afternoon
Chapter 1

Caution: This Romantic Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/ft, Consensual, Romantic, Heterosexual, Fiction, Uncle, Niece, Oral Sex, BBW,

Desc: Romantic Sex Story: Chapter 1 - Bob's got baggage from the divorce. Two young children who are with him on alternate weekends. And Britney, ex-wife's niece. Nineteen. Smart. Just a little spoiled. And a hundred pounds overweight. Britney picks up the kids one day to bring them home and she comes back to watch a movie with her ex-Uncle Bob. She finds that her aunt just might have been horribly wrong.

The kids had spent their "It's your weekend at Daddy's House" weekend and it was time for them to go home. I get a call from ex-wife.

"Hey," she said, unusually pleasant. "I can't come get the kids right now, so Britney's gonna come by and pick them up."

"Okay," I said. "They'll be ready."

Ex-wife's niece Britney. Nineteen. An only child. On good days I called her "overcompensated" instead of spoiled. She was five feet six inches tall. She had beautiful blue eyes. Luxurious brown hair, almost chestnut, cut short and sassy. And was a good hundred pounds overweight. An IQ in the one-thirties, a quick wit, and a sarcastic streak a mile wide, well, maybe not a mile, but at least as wide as her ample ass. Such was Britney.

I hustled the kids to get their weekend's worth of stuff together. Ten minutes later I heard the knock on the door. Britney. I hollered at her to come in while I prodded my kids to clean and straighten rooms. Returning to my living room, Britney was sitting on the sofa wearing jeans and a loose-fitting sweatshirt.

"Hi!" she said. "Whatcha doin'?"

"Trying to get Thing One and Thing Two to straighten their rooms before you take them home," I said. "That may require a cattle prod."

Brit laughed. "And then what? What do you do on Sunday evenings after the kids go home?"

"Oh," I answered, "I usually watch the tail end of a football game and then look for a movie. Nothing special. Just enjoy the peace and quiet after having them all weekend."

Brit looked thoughtful. "Y'ever have company?"

"Not usually on the agenda lately, Brit. Not that I mind, it's just that I don't have anyone on the calendar."

"I wouldn't mind hangin' out watching TV. Sometimes my apartment gets too noisy, and I don't like to go to Mom's because she acts all funny about me showin' up to lounge around on her sofa."

About that point in the conversation was when my kids showed back up in the living room to report rooms clean. I looked at Brit. "They're ready. Call me when you drop them off at their mom's."

The clamoring herd went out the door, leaving me with some thoughts about the previous conversation. Ten minutes later my phone rang. "Hello," I answered.

"So," said Brit. "Is it okay if I come hang out?"

"Sure," I answered. "I got snacks in the fridge and there's a couple of good possibilities for movies this evening." Totally innocent, I was.

And ten minutes later, Brit was at the door. She walked in, kicked off her shoes and sat in my recliner. "You're in MY chair!" I said.

"Get over it. You just gave it up to your favorite niece."

"You USED to be MY favorite niece. Now you're the annoying niece of my ex-wife and we're not related any more." And I sat on the end of the sofa. We watched football for a few minutes. She got up and went to the bathroom.

Walking back into the room, she grinned. "I thought you'd take your seat back while I was gone."

"Nah ... this is good, too."

"I wanna lay on the sofa." Eyes twinkled.

"Go ahead," I said. "Plenty of room."

She sat down. When she started to lay sideways she said, "It's too short. Can I put my head on your lap?"

I thought, what could it hurt. "Sure. But don't get caught."


"Yeah. Your mom would have a fit if she saw you." Her mom was not one of my fans when I was married to, and subsequently divorced, Brit's aunt.

"She doesn't know I'm here."

"Oh. I kind of figured that."

Brit's head lay down on my left thigh. I put my left arm on the back of the sofa. We watched TV. In a few minutes my arm started tingling, going to sleep from the long time in an unusual position.

"Brit," I said, "you're gonna have to move."

"Why? I'm comfortable."

"Because my arm's going to sleep. I can't keep it on the back of the sofa."

"So, don't keep it on the back of the sofa."

"But I don't have anywhere else to put it. I'd have to rest it on you."

"Ooooooh, you'd HAVE to put your arm on me. Are you, like, disgusted about that?" Sarcasm dripped.

"No, little girl," I said, "I just didn't want you to think I was trying to cop a feel." I lowered my arm and found it rested nicely along her side, my hand at her waist, just above her hip. Soft. Plump. Warm. "Why would I think it was disgusting?"

"'Cuz I'm fat."

"'Scuse me, dear, have you seen my former wife?" Ex-wife was a BBW herself. Our divorce had nothing to do with physical issues. "I'm not a guy who has issues with 'fat'. Let that be somebody else's hangup. It ain't mine."

"Mmm-hmmm." She shut up for a while. My hand didn't stay idle. I started absent-mindedly lightly rubbing her side.

"That feels good."

"What feels good?"

"You touching me like that."

"I'm sorry. I wasn't paying attention." Now I was paying attention. "I'll stop."

"Don't stop, silly," she said. "I said it feels good."


"You could rub my shoulder, too."

I complied. I think I felt her kind of snuggle up tighter against my thigh.

A commercial came on TV and she rolled from her side to her back, looking up at me, angelic face and those cool blue eyes. "You like living by yourself?"

"Yeah, it's okay. I get to do pretty much what I want, when I want. I have the whole house to myself."

"Do you run around nude?"

"What?!?" I was a little taken aback.

"Simple question. You live by yourself. Do you go around nude? You know, like, naked. With NO clothes on?"

It wasn't that simple a question. The complete answer would have been, "Seldom" but I wasn't sure where this was heading, so I shaded the answer just a little. "Yeah, quite a bit. I have to make sure the blinds are closed. But a lot of times after my shower I lounge around and cool off and let my skin breathe."

"I wish I could do that. I love being nude." Brit sighed. "I can't do it at the apartment. Usually they have somebody there, and even if it's just me and my roommates, they make me feel uncomfortable."

"Yeah," I commiserated, "some people get kind of funny about it. I'm lucky."

"An' I sure couldn't do it when I lived at home. I mean, I USED to wait until Mom an' Terry (her step-dad) went out an' I'd get naked and lay around, an' when I heard them pull the car into the garage, I'd close the door to my room an' get dressed."

"At least you got a little chance to be naked."

"But one time they left an' I stripped down an' I was lyin' in the den watching TV and I fell asleep. I woke up when I heard the door open when they were coming in from the garage. They almost caught my naked butt running up the hall to my room." She giggled.

I was letting my mind grasp that round, plump, pink ass disappearing up the hall. I laughed, but I felt a tingling in my pants, too.

The game came back on and Brit turned back over to watch. I let my hand wander over her body a little more freely, avoiding, of course, the rounded shapes of her breasts and the plump softness of her ample ass. A couple of times I kneaded her shoulder and was rewarded by "Mmmmmm."

Commercial came on. She rolled back on her back and looked at me again with those blue eyes. "So," she asked, "If I wasn't here this evening, would you be naked?"

The 100% truthful answer would have been "Probably not." The one I gave was, "Yeah ... It's been a long day. That would have helped me relax and unwind."

"Yeah? Well, I'm not stopping you." Eyes twinkling again.

"Yeah, let's see. You walk in and I take my clothes off, thinking you're going to be like, okay with that..."

"I might not have been before, but you say that's the way you do it. And it's YOUR house." More twinkling eyes and a little quirky smirk.

"Yeah, but I am a good host, and my guest has clothes on. You take YOURS off, I'll take MINE off." I thought I was calling her bluff.

She beat me. "Sounds good to me. Shouldn't we close the blinds?"

"You're serious?" I was incredulous.

"I am if you are." She stood up, reached behind her, and lowered the blinds on the windows behind the sofa.

"Okay, then." I went through the house closing blinds. I returned to her in the living room as she turned the lock on the front door.

"Keeps people from walking in and getting the wrong impression."

"Yeah. I could see how that would happen," I said. "A naked guy and a naked cute young girl. They might just think that something's up."

She fixed her eyes on me. I saw something in them that didn't exactly match her next words. "But all that's going on is two people watching TV. Except they don't have clothes on. Because it feels good to be naked."

"Yeah," I said. I played along. If I misread this, I was going to have one whopper of a case of 'blue balls' tonight when she left. "So, how do you want to do this?"

"Do what?"

"Get naked. You want to go in the bathroom or one of the bedrooms and undress and come back in here, or what?"

She answered by grasping the hem of her sweatshirt and skinning it over her head and off.

"Oh," I said. I removed my own shirt.

She looked at me. "Help me unhook my bra."

"You need help?"

"No, I can undo it by myself. I do it all the time. But since you're here..."

I guessed she'd turn her back to me to present the hooks. I was surprised when she stepped straight forward against my chest. She had her hands on my chest and her face on my shoulder as I reached around and quickly unhooked four hooks. Big girl. Big bra. I continued being helpful by easing the shoulder straps off her shoulders as she stepped back. I was holding her empty bra in my hands as I got my first view of her tits, not really big, but really firm, the nipples pointing up slightly. Pink. And erect.

"Thank you," she said, then she popped the button on the front of her jeans.

I unbuckled my belt and unbuttoned my own jeans and hooked my thumbs in the waistband of my underwear. In one movement I bent over and pushed them down to the floor, stepping out of them as I stood up.

We stood up together. I looked. She looked.

I saw a sweet, young, plump girl, skin unblemished, belly just starting to lap downward above her pubic mound, rolls above both hips, but those titties, man!, they stood up proud.

She saw my dick. "It's HARD! An' where's YOUR HAIR?"

I shaved my pubic hair, a habit encouraged by an earlier, and long gone, girlfriend. "I shave it," I said.


"Feels cooler and cleaner."

"Okay ... but you're HARD!"

"That, little girl, I cannot control. That thing's got a mind of its own, especially in the presence of cute naked women. It'll go down in a minute, as soon as it figures out that we're watching TV."

"Okay," she said, looking at me. Those blue eyes had a new look to them.

Brit laid back down on the sofa. "Ooooooh, this feels SOOOOO good!" She raised her arms in front of her and wiggled and then she surprised me, straightening her legs and spread them wide. Her pussy spread its deep pink lips open, glistening with moisture. She saw me staring.

"I'm sorry," she said. "I didn't mean to flash you. It just feels so good to let it BREATHE."

"I know," I said. "It really does."

"Sit back down. Let's watch that movie."

I sat down. She scooted towards me on the sofa and laid her head on my lap again, shaking it before she settled. Her short brown hair fanned out as she came to rest and some of it dragged across my dick. It WAS getting soft. Now it was hard. We watched the beginning of the movie.

"You stopped touching me," she said. She was right. I hadn't touched her since we got undressed. "I liked you touching me."

"I thought things were different since we're nude. I mean, touching your naked skin is a little bit different."

"Yeah, it's different. It'll probably feel even nicer."

My hand landed on her side. She was right. Her skin had that youthful texture of life. My fingertips drank the sensations. Apparently so did Brit. I heard another "Mmmmmm."

Commercial came on. She rolled on her back. I touched her face with my hand, brushing a stray tress of hair to the side of her face and then stroked her cheek. I got a pleasant smile and a sigh in return. It fled, followed by a little mischievous twinkle. She turned completely over, putting her face only inches from my dick. "I've never seen one shaved before." She paused. "Actually, I haven't seen hardly any."

"Oh, really?" I said.

Returning to lying on her back, her head still on my leg, she said, "Yeah, you probably think a single teenaged girl an' all that, I have a lot of experience. But I really don't."

"You don't?"

"I'm not a virgin, you know, but fat chicks don't exactly get a lot of attention. I'm probably the one they used beer goggles to screw."

"That's stupid. You're cute. You're smart. You're funny. If I was thirty years younger I'd be all after you."

"Yeah, but we KNOW you don't have a problem with fat chicks. I mean, Aunt Bev is big."

"Maybe so. Maybe so. But it's still stupid, young guys, I mean. One day you'll find somebody that sees things the way I see them."

"I hope so," she said.

I caressed her face again and she held my hand against her cheek for a brief second. The movie came back on. She turned. I thought she was going back onto her side to watch the movie, but she rolled a little further and looked at my dick again.

"Stop that!" I said, "We're supposed to be laying here watching TV just like we had clothes on."

Giggle. "Maybe I would have looked at your crotch with your clothes on. Besides, I figured it would just be another hairy dick. I didn't think YOU'D shave it."

"Yeah, that's me. Old fuddy-duddy."

She returned to her side to watch TV. We were playing the game out. The movie had a soft-porn sex scene. As she watched it, I noticed movement. She rubbed her thighs together and briefly pushed her fingers in between her legs then withdrew them.

Commercial again. "Whew!" she said. "Looked like they were having fun."

"Yeah," I said. I feigned a little cramp and while massaging my thigh under her head, I gave my balls and dick a relief stroke.

"I've never done that," she said.

"Made love? I thought you said you weren't a virgin."

"I've had sex. I won't call that making love. But I was talking about that oral stuff."

"Wow," I said. "I thought that was common today."

"It is," Brit said. "All my girlfriends do it. I just haven't."


"Yeah. I mean, a couple of times a guy tried to get me to suck it, but it smelled like sweat an' pee an' all that hair an' I just wouldn't. So I haven't. Yet."

I caught the "yet" part. "You shouldn't be forced to do something you don't WANT to do," I said. I was letting the game play out.

"And nobody's ever done anything to me down there with their mouth."


"Yeah, I guess I'm just a sort of "get your rocks off and leave" girl. And I don't DO that. Not any more. Three or four times was enough. And nobody ever acted like they wanted to go down there an' eat me."

"You just haven't been going with the right guy."

"I haven't been 'going' with any guy." But I know something." Her eyes twinkled.

"What do you know?" I asked.

"I know that YOU like oral sex."

"How do you know that?"

"First, because you're a guy, an' most guys like it." She smiled. "And, I heard it from your ex-wife."

I was bemused. "So," I said, "she just pops up and says, "Brit, your ex-uncle Bob likes oral sex"?"

"No, silly," she laughed. "She told my mom when they were talking about your divorce. They didn't know I was close enough to listen."

"Your aunt wasn't a big fan of oral sex," I said. "I was surprised. I thought I was pretty good at giving it, and I certainly enjoyed getting it. But she didn't like doing that much at all."

She ignored the movie. I roamed my hands over her body, avoiding still her titties, which were practically begging to be kneaded, and that pubic mound, covered with sparse, straight brown hair. She rubbed her thighs together again. "So what's the deal? You think it's that special?"

"It can be," I said, surprised I was having this conversation with a naked nineteen year old. "Lots of people really like it. I mean, face it, you take it away, and there's nothing for a guy to do to a girl down there but fingers and a dick. And for a girl, it's a hand or a pussy. Unless you're going to resort to artificial stuff, toys and stuff."

"You have a point," she said.

"No, actually, it's kind of rounded."

It took a second for that to sink in, then "Bob!" delightful feigned outrage. "You made a sex joke. To your teenaged niece!"

"I made a sex joke to a sweet naked nineteen year old cutie. Sorry."

"Hmmmph!" she faked. "So you think it adds something? Oral sex, I mean?"

"Yeah. Because there's kissing, you know, on the mouth and neck and chest, nipples, like that..."

This got me another wiggle and her hand briefly touched mine, then pinched her right nipple.

"And then if you add oral, then you have a whole new set of possibilities. A guy can pleasure a girl with his mouth. I think it's the most intimate thing a guy and a girl can do. It's great. And it goes so many ways, like a playful kiss, or foreplay before real intercourse or it can be the main event if the girl can climax that way."

Brit licked her lips while looking at me. "But what does THAT do for the guy?"

"I don't know about other guys, but for me, I really LIKE to use my mouth on a girl. I love the taste and the texture and the smell, and I like it when everything is going right and she gets really juicy and her hips get wiggly ... and she comes."

And this talking, too, was "oral sex". My Brit was definitely getting excited. I caressed her face again.

"And when the girl does it to a guy?"

"Pretty much the same thing. Between lovers, a quick suck on a guy's dick is a big step past a kiss on the "I love you" scale. I like lips and teeth and suction and licking, and even though I usually don't need foreplay for myself, I enjoy it when a girl wants to suck on me, and yes, it is quite satisfactory as a main event."

"And your ex-wife said it would be a cold day in hell before a guy came in her mouth."

"I think those were her exact words to me once," I said. "But it doesn't have to come in your mouth. Oops, in the girl's mouth." (Freudian slip, there.) "Some couples never go that far. To them, it's just a loving part of foreplay. Other girls sometimes suck until it gets close and their partner warns them so they can get it out of their mouths and finish with a hand or whatever."

"You make it sound like it makes sense."

"I think so. What a wonderful way to spend a lazy afternoon, a couple just lounging around in bed, playing, teasing, sucking, licking each other..."

"Stop it!" Brit exclaimed. "I'm getting all gooshy!"


"Yeah. Like WET! And you know where."

"Oh, yeah. I remember. You showed it to me earlier."

"Did it look normal?"

"Yeah. And delicious." That hand that had been idly roaming around, ignoring her titties? It found her titties. I caressed the beautifully curved underside of one, feeling the young breast in my hand. I touched her nipple with my thumb.

"Gahhhhh! Bob!"

"I'm sorry, Brit," I said, feigning remorse. "I kind of lost track."

"Don't be sorry. Touch 'em. Rub 'em."

I did. Her breathing evened out.

"Bob," she said.

"Not 'Uncle Bob'?" I interrupted.

"Nuh-uhh," she sighed. "I'm not needing an uncle right now."

"Uh, okay then..."

"Can we play around?"

"Play around, like in doing stuff?"

"Yeah, like you were talking about, except it's not the afternoon..."

"I guess we could, but you have to kiss me first."

She opened her eyes to look at me. "Kiss you?"



"Because I don't ever play with little girls unless I kiss them first."

She sprang out of her supine position and fastened her face to mine. The first kiss was almost tentative, but the second wasn't. Our tongues tangled in improbable and very pleasant knots. "Mmmmmm," she said. "Am I too heavy to get on your lap?"

"No, my dear, you are not."

She squealed and straddled me, kissing. I slid down a little under her and felt the heat of her wet pussy on my dick as her hips writhed against me. She'd break her kisses and look at me with the biggest, happiest grin. And kept moving those hips. My dick was hard and it was working its way around between her pussy lips. And she knew it. And kept moving. Searching. And found what she was looking for. My dick slid deliciously into a hot, tight, teen pussy. She seated it with a couple of thrusts.

She sat back with her hands on my shoulders and grinned. "Well, Bob, you're fucking me."

"Yes, Britney, it does appear that way." I thrust upward into her. "Mmmmmmm. Yep. That's definitely fucking."

Her eyes twinkled. "My mom would be sooooo proud..."

"Your mom and your aunt would shit a brick."

She thought for a second. "Oh," she said. "You might not want to do me after your dick has been in me."

"Oh, you're so wrong, baby."

She stroked me a couple more times. "Don't you come yet. I have plans." Kiss. And then she got off me and pulled my hand. "Come on! Bed!" And she led me to the bedroom. I tossed the covers off the bed. We both crawled in and tied together in a passionate embrace, our mouths hungering for each other. Our hands explored almost frantically.

Finally I said, "I've got to get to those nipples." I slid down just a bit and turned my head down, lavishing kisses on magnificent breasts.

"Mmmm.Ohhhhh. Bob!" Her hands ran over my head, guiding me. "Suck! Please!"

I did. Then I tried little bites. That, to Britney apparently, was a good thing. "Oh, yeah. Hard!" As hard as I dared. Then "Now! This one!" I didn't want that one to feel neglected. Finally I worked my way to the center of her soft, quivering belly, finding more territory for my tongue to explore. She liked that. But I was hungry for more.

I kissed down her belly to that delightful muffin of a pubic mound and pushed my lips around in her pubic hair. "Mmmmm. So wonderful!"

"You should feel it from this side," Brit hissed between clenched teeth.

I moved around to sink between those lush thighs she spread for me. Her pussy lips were soft and pink and spreading slightly, moisture glinting inside and out. I planted a kiss, my lips against hers.

"Ahhhhhhh," she moaned.

I kissed up and down both of her labia, tasting, sucking her delicious juices off them. She writhed. My tongue came out as my mouth was near the very bottom of her pussy. I placed it just inside those lips and licked a shallow lick from bottom to top. She went past writhing. She quivered.

"Unnnnhhhhh! Mmmm! Ahhhhh!"

My next lick was with my tongue as deep as I could get it. I lapped what seemed like spoonfuls of delicious juice. I stuck my tongue into her sweet hole, still roiled from our previous penetration. And I moved up and gave her clit a light lick. I mean, some women like it light. Some like it heavy. Some don't want direct contact at all. Brit told me what she liked, as in "There! Right there! Hard!"

I did hard. I would lick several strokes then return to the bottom of her pussy and lick up, her juices my reward for pleasuring her with my tongue. Then she spread her lips with her fingers, revealing her clit, pink, erect, the head peeking out from under its hood, expectant. I wrapped it in my lips and sucked it into my mouth and my tongue started working on the little pea-like head. Those fingers that were spreading her pussy open were now grabbing the hair on my head, forcing me face-first into the current center of her world.

"Bobbbb! Yeah! Do it! Like THAT! Oh, Bob! Ggggnnnnhhhh! I'm. Cominggggg!" And my Brit came. I rode with her, slowing my attacks on her clit as she ended her first climax. I kept gentle suction on her clit until her breathing steadied, then I tentatively licked the little pink pea poking between my lips. This could have gone either way.

This is the way it actually did go: "Oh! Bob! Not. Another. One! Yessss."

I resumed my tongue's assault on her clitty. Hands were on the back of my head again. More orgasm. More vocal. "Oooohhhhh, Bobbbbb! Baby! Eeeennnggghhhh! Huhhhh! Yeaaahhhhh! Commmmmmming!"

This time I let go of her clit and used my tongue to sop up the juice from two orgasms. Delicious, was plump Britney. With a mouth full of juice, I moved back up to that perky little clit and tentatively licked it again.

"Ohhhhhh, Bob! Please. One more." Her voice quivered, almost tearful. And I gave her one more.

Following the last one, she pulled me up to allow herself to crawl into my arms. I waited for her to initiate kisses, seeing as how my face was sticky with her own juices. That did not dissuade her. She kissed me, little kisses all over my face, her tongue tasting her own juice, then our mouths locked together. Our lips didn't part for minutes.

When they did, "Hmmm. I taste pretty good. You're lucky to eat me!" She purred.

I smiled. "Yes, you do. And yes I am. Very lucky."

Our lips met again. "Bob, that was the most awesome thing that has ever happened to me. No guy has ever made me come. Never."


"Never. And I do it myself and it's like mine being a candle with yours being the sun! Really!"

"Why, thank you, Brit. I very much enjoyed it myself. And it's ten times better when I see you enjoying it."


"Yes, sweetness?"

"Am I too heavy to lay on top of you?"

"No. Not even close. Why?"

"I think I want to lay on top of you. I don't know why. Just want to."

I kissed her and rolled onto my back with my arms around her, pulling her onto me. I looked up into brilliant blue eyes and ruby lips and a smile that would melt a glacier.

"There!" she said. "It's like you're MINE! I'm possessing you!" She could feel my dick hard between us. "Ooooo," she squealed, "I found something." Her hand slid between us and her fingers wrapped around my dick.

"Finders keepers, baby. You find it, it's yours."

I was rewarded by a giggle and she sat up astride me. I looked at her soft round body and those magnificent titties jutting out and that face that looked like a horny, mischievous angel. "I guess I have to find a place to keep it, then," she giggled. Her hips rose and her hand guided my dick back into her pussy.

"That's an excellent place to keep it, Brit! You're perfect!"

"Mmmmm" escaped from my Brit's mouth as she rocked back and forth, eyes closed. Then, apparently, she remembered something. "Wait!" she said.

"B-but,"I stammered, "I was REALLY enjoying it there."

"Yeah, but it's not about you. Today's BRIT's day for new things. And I want to try something else for the first time."

"You mean?"

"Bob, I am going to suck you," she announced matter-of-factly, sliding off my dick then down and off my legs. I spread my legs and she was at face level to the dick she'd only played with briefly before. "It's a good thing I taste good. You have Britney juice all over down here." She stroked me with her hand and was rewarded with a huge drop, no, a flow of pre-cum. "Hmmm! You're all leaky!" A fingertip dipped into the juice and went immediately to her mouth. "Mmmmmm! Bobby juice is good too!"

She looked directly at me, her face directly over my dick. "Now watch. You're getting ready to see Britney suck her very first dick!"

I watched. Her brown hair bounced as her head bent down. I felt a kiss on the head of my dick, a pause, then mind-blowing warm wetness and suction as she took me into her mouth. Her lips swirled with her tongue. "mmmmmmm, Brit! You say you've never done this before?"


"Come on. Where'd you get that move?"

"Talking to friends. Besides, it seemed like the way to do things." Head bobbed back down. More twisting, sucking, tonguing. She pulled back, retaining the head in her mouth and her hand jacked my shaft. "Like this?" she asked.

"Oh god yes, just like that."

She toyed with my balls with her fingers. "I like THESE, too." Lips touched my scrotum, sucking skin between her teeth. Nibbles. Mouth open wide. I expected pain from too much suction. I got pleasure as she gently pulled a ball into her mouth and washed it with her tongue.

"Hailey told me that her boyfriend likes that, but to be careful. Was it good?"


"Too hard? Too soft?"

"Just exactly right."

She redirected her attentions to my dick. I could feel surgings inside. "Brit," I said, "I'll tell you when I'm getting ready to come so you can get it out of your mouth."

She paused, still jacking my dick with her hand, and looked at me quizzically. "And exactly why would I want to do that?"

"Baby. You never did this before. And you've had me excited for hours. It's gonna be a flood."

"So flood me. I need to do this." Head down. Suck. Swirl. Jack. In perfect timing.

I was so close. I put my hand on her head, not to hold her, but to just touch this lovely creature that was giving me so much indescribable pleasure. "Mmmmm, Brit! I'm close!"

"Come for me, baby!" Suck. Slurp. Jack.

"Oh. Oh. Ohgodogodohgod. Here it comessssss!" The first surge hit her mouth and I heard "Mmmmphh!" as she swallowed. The second surge. The third. She recognized the frequency of my spasms and timed her sucking and stroking to it, milking me. Finally the flow stopped. Brit didn't. She sucked me gently as I softened in her mouth, finally releasing me.

"Ohhhhh, my baby Brit. God! Never had one like this. Never."

"I did good?"

"You did very good. So, how was your first blowjob?"

She grinned. "Oh, so it was a 'blowjob' to you? I was making love to you with my mouth."

I pulled her to me and kissed her, noting the tastes in her mouth. "Ah," I said, "that's the difference. But you have to love somebody to make love."

She snuggled down into my arms, purring. "So? If my mom and your ex-wife would shit bricks if they knew we were fucking, how do you think they're gonna feel when I move in with you?"

Chapter 2 ยป

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