Man, That Was Some Rabbit Hole!
Chapter 1

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Western Sex Story: Chapter 1 - This is a time-travel story set in the very old West. There are no six-shooters or rifles. Rather, it is the story of how a college student manages to survive and make his life better, as well as that of his friends. What would you do if you were plopped down in front of some very hostile Indians who were only interested in seeing what your insides looked like? Luckily, our hero was able to survive those first 15 or so minutes. Could you do as well?

Caution: This Western Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa   Consensual   Science Fiction   Time Travel   Historical   Western   Polygamy/Polyamory   Interracial   Violent   Science fiction sex story, sci-fi story, science-fiction Adult story, sci-fi historical story, sci-fi western story

God Damn! That hurt! Here I was out running my laps to stay in shape when the section of track right in front of me disappeared, and I fell into that unbelievable hole. I don't know how long I fell, but I did keep banging off of one side or the other of the hole as I dropped. There was nothing to see because of the total blackness, but finally I did hit bottom with a resounding crash. When I came to, I was naked as a jay-bird, and lying in some tall grass. I had no idea where I was, but I sure as hell "wasn't in Kansas anymore!"

My first recollection of my new life was some man kicking me in the ribs. "Hey, knock it off! Can't you see I'm dizzy? Let me get my head on straight, dammit!" I guess I should give a little background on myself to explain what I knew of what was going on. My name is Jess Douglas, and I'm just past my 23rd birthday. I'm 6'-3" tall and weigh 243 pounds, and that ain't fat, it's muscle. With my dark brown hair, green eyes, and unblemished face, I do attract a lot of attention from the ladies. I was going to college by means of a football scholarship as a running back, and a definite pro prospect as a high draft choice.

My main hobby was MMA (Mixed Martial Arts), so I was a very good fighter. In fact, I was in training for the amateur championship of North America when I fell through that damned hole. That hobby was a life saver right then! The guy who had kicked me was holding a club, and he drew it back like he was going to take a swing at my head.

Hell, I guess my reflexes as an athlete and fighter took over right then. I didn't give the matter any thought as I rolled as hard as I could into the leg he was bracing with as he started his swing. I heard a SNAP and a scream of pain as the bastard fell to the ground. It sounded like I was lucky enough to tear a ligament in his knee as it twisted in a direction it definitely did not want to go.

I kept rolling and wound up on my feet. I looked around and got the second shock of my life! I was facing two Indians on horseback, and both of them were holding lances like they were just aching to use them. One of them said something to the other one that I didn't catch, but I sure as hell saw what he had in mind.

His horse jumped forward toward me and he aimed his lance at my gut. Somehow, I didn't think that this was the local form of a friendly greeting, so I quickly assumed a fighting stance. Obviously, with him on a horse and me on my own two feet, there was no way I was going to outrun him. It only took a couple of seconds for him to reach me, but I think that he was not taking me seriously, since I was naked and obviously unarmed.

This gave me the opening I needed. As the horse charged, I dashed across in front of it, waving my arms. The horse was as startled as the man, and it swerved to escape this totally unexpected mad thing headed for its head. The man on its back was holding on by his knees and without stirrups, so the suddenly swerving horse threw him to the ground. He was lying on his back, stunned, and that gave me my chance.

My first thought had been that I was on a movie set, but the swinging of the club had disabused me of that notion. Now, it looked like I was in some unknown situation fighting for my life. Shit, they attacked me, so I figured that I was within my rights in defending myself with whatever deadly force I had at my disposal. With that thought in mind, I ran to the Indian lying on the ground and jumped on his throat so that my heal impacted his wind pipe with all of the force that I could muster. The upshot was that he had a crushed wind pipe and was no longer in the fight.

That left one mounted man who was armed with his own lance. At that moment, the mounted man decided to charge me. Let me tell you, I was so juiced up with adrenalin at that moment that I felt like Superman. His horse came charging at me, and the man looked like he expected me to pull the same stunt at him as I had just used against his friend. Well, I'm not that dumb!

I jumped the other way and let him pass me harmlessly on my right hand side. I knew that I was in trouble, but a plan was already forming in my head as I ran for the club my first man had tried to use on me. I picked it up and saw that it was made of a stone head fastened with leather bindings to a handle about two feet long. Well, somebody knew how to make a damned good fighting club!

I was a master of fighting with a club, so I felt comfortable for the first time since falling through that damned hole. Of course, that lance could easily trump my club if I let my concentration slip. I hated to do it, but my first job was to get rid of that horse. It simply was a case of that horse had to die if I was going to live!

In my experience, a horse has five vulnerable points to a club: his head and his four legs. Well, the head was too chancy, so I decided to go for a leg. The guy on the horse got his mount turned around and charged at me again. This time, I let him come at my right side because I was right handed, like him. I could tell that he was thoroughly confused because I just stood there as he charged. He must have figured that I had some plan in mind, but he couldn't figure out what it was.

As he approached me with his lance extended toward my gut, I raised the club and used its handle to sweep aside the lance. Damn, that was close! The point grazed my belly as it went by, but I ignored the minor pain. I was concentrating on getting my club into position to smash the horse's hind leg as it swept past.

I put all of the strength I had, and that was considerable, in striking the horse's leg with the stone head of my club. OK, I admit that I was lucky, but I caught the horse just as he put weight on the leg, and that locked it into place for my blow.

The leg bone shattered and the horse screamed in pain as it fell to the ground. The rider was caught completely by surprise and had no time to react. He went skidding along the ground, trapped under the horse. From the looks of his body, I had to assume that his back was broken in two places, and his neck was shattered. Anyway, I didn't take any chances and ran up to slit his throat with his own belt knife. I did the same for the horse with the same knife.

To be on the safe side, I also cut the throat of the man with the broken knee. I was looking around for more enemies when I heard a woman call for help. I trotted over to her, and that was when I was really conscious of being naked—my cock and balls were flopping around painfully as I ran. I did slow down some to take away the worst of the discomfort, but I continued to hurry through the tall grass toward where the cry for help came from.

When I got close to her so that she could see the details of my body, she gasped and asked, "Are you a god or a demon!?! I have never seen anybody like you."

"No, I am neither one. I'm just a man from a different place than here. What can I do to help you?"

"Those accursed Comanches have killed my man, and they have left me alone in the world. I am young and strong. Can you use a woman to cook your food and warm your bed?"

Now, that question was a surprise! And the language she used was also a surprise. I had been majoring in government studies and taking a minor in foreign languages; thus, I had no problem in following her Spanish. Her accent was nothing that I was used to, but it was easy to understand.

"Obviously, you are not a Comanche, but what are you. I am woefully ignorant of local conditions."

"I am Mescalero Apache. My man and I were headed for the tribal meeting when we were attacked by the Comanches. Where are you going? I will go with you anywhere you want, but we could continue to the tribal meeting if you want to go there."

"That's good enough for me. I don't know how to get to my home, so I will have to find a new one. Yours sounds good to me. But, before we go, I need some clothes. This being naked is uncomfortable. Gather up your stuff and then come help me see what we can take from the dead men."

The first thing I did upon returning to the site of my fight was to find something for a loin cloth. The weather was too hot for more clothes than that. Fortunately, I had a full sun tan dark enough to protect me from the worst of the sun. I was going to burn, but I hoped that it would not be too bad.

One of the dead men had died so quickly that he did not dump his shit and piss as most humans would do when they died, so I found a usable loin cloth. What I really wanted was a hat, but I was out of luck on that. I did tear up a piece of cloth and use that to cover my head to protect it from the sun.

The woman showed up about then and we exchanged names. She had trouble pronouncing my first name, so I told her to call me Douglas. That she could handle. Her name gave me the same kind of trouble, so I wound up calling her Dove.

Dove insisted that I take their scalps, so I did to shut her up.

Dove could see that my skin was already turning red, so she said, "Douglas, I am a medicine woman, and I have some ointment that can protect your skin against the sun. Let me apply it, and your skin will not burn so easily." You can bet that I was in favor of that, so I had her coat me all over. I even took off the loin cloth so that she could apply it to my crotch. She got a great laugh as she watched my cock grow as she applied the ointment to it; however, she was startled when it grew to a full seven inches by two inches. "Douglas, you are either a god or a demon with a tool like that! I have never seen one so big. Are you sure that it will fit inside me?" The latter was said with a laugh, as she knew it would, and she was looking forward to trying it out.

We took the weapons from the dead Comanches, and we managed to get some other useful items, including some jerky and pemmican. Dove warned me not to take their water bottles, since they might cause us some sickness.

There were two horses still alive, so I figured that we both could ride. While in high school, I had spent a summer working at a dude ranch, so I could ride very well, even bareback; therefore, I figured that I could handle the Indian horses without any trouble. However, Dove didn't want to mount the other horse. "Women don't ride horses!" was her firm statement, and I could not change her mind. However, she was not at all reluctant to load the horse with our goods and lead it as she walked.

We had a long argument, and the result was that she got her way. Isn't it always that way with women? She wanted me to ride, as that was what men did, but she was dead set against getting on a horse, so I rode and she walked. I was amazed at her strength and stamina. She could out walk that horse, hands down! The only times we stopped was to rest the horses, to shit and piss, and for Dove to fix food for our meals. She wouldn't let me help her on that. She was adamant over what was women's work.

That night, Dove erected a small shelter from some lengths of wood she had with her and from long stalks of grass that she cut. Essentially, it was a lean-to, but it was certainly an adequate shelter as long as we didn't have a thunderstorm.

Dove pulled me into the shelter and had us both naked in the blink of an eye. All I was wearing was the loincloth and moccasins. She'd had a kind of wrap-around skirt with nothing under it, along with moccasins. That woman was true to her word when she had said earlier that she was in a hurry to try out my cock. She got on her hands and knees, and I could see liquid dribbling out of her pussy slit.

Well, doggie position was not my favorite, but I was willing to go along with Dove if that was what she wanted. It was easy to see that she had a surplus of lubricant, so I wondered just how long she had been planning this. Obviously, this fuck was not a spur of the moment thing as far as she was concerned. I didn't mind because sex was one of my favorite things, even ahead of MMA.

I moved up behind her and rubbed my cock against her pussy slit to get it well covered with lube. I figured that I might need it if I had the biggest cock that she had ever experienced. I almost laughed as Dove made impatient noises right up until I pushed my cock head against her pussy opening. Yep, she was tight. I slowly pushed my cock into her cunt as I supported myself with my knees. I had my hands on her back at her waist for balance.

Once I got past that ring of muscle, I seemed to slip in like a skate on ice. I must have been in about an inch when Dove lost patience with me completely and jammed herself back against my groin. The sudden push nearly knocked me over because I was caught by surprise. However, I thought, if that's the way she wants it, that's the way she'll get it. Without further ado, I began to stroke back and forth into her cunt as hard and as fast as I could pound.

My main objections to this position was that I could not bang with my pubic bone against the woman's clit, and I am so tall that I find it difficult to put the proper pressure on her G-spot. Nevertheless, Dove was certainly enjoying the pounding that I was giving her, and, once I got my rhythm established, I was able to reach around and finger her clit.

Dove was moaning in appreciation as soon as I started to pound her cunt, but she exploded with her first orgasm when I touched her clit. I rubbed around it in small circles with my finger as I pounded her through the orgasm, but I was not finished. I still had my own cum to blow, and I was in no hurry to do that.

Dove had two more monster orgasms before I finally hit mine. Actually, it was a case of me not being able to hold back any longer. When she came that third time, it was just too much for me, and I let go with blast after blast of jizz. I was blown out after that, but I managed to roll off of Dove's ass and back before I collapsed completely. I swear, I think that I was asleep before I hit the ground!

I'm sure that Dove collapsed when I did, based on what she had to say the next morning. I do know that she had a monster smile on her face that lasted the whole day!

She had some breakfast fixed for us in no time and had the camp struck just minutes after we finished eating. We were on our way shortly after the sun came up, and we continued our trek with Dove pointing out the way, though she insisted that I stay ahead of her. Why? Because that's what men did!

Dove did expect me to hunt, but I was not very successful at that. I simply did not have the lifetime of skills needed to hunt successfully with a lance from horseback. Therefore, before we got hungry, we paused long enough for me to make an atlatl and some darts.

Of course, I had never used an atlatl in my MMA activities, but I had gotten interested in all types of weapons, so I had learned to use one. Dove had enough metal for me to shape four points for the darts. I still needed fletching, but I used some frayed wood as drag stabilizers until I could get some feathers. Once I had the atlatl and darts, my hunting prowess jumped to the acceptable level, and I was able to keep us supplied with meat for the rest of our trip. At one point, I actually killed a small buffalo, and Dove was impressed. My head did swell a little at that point.

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